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Hates His Job – Saturn Transit: Astrology-based Advice

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saturnHi Elsa,

I’ve just accepted a promotion at work. But I don’t really like my job any more. I had my own company once, and loved it. To be honest, I haven’t been happy in any job where I haven’t been my own boss

Am I destined to work for others until I retire?

An Employee

Dear Employee,

Astrology doesn’t work like that. You have free will. Sure, you definitely have the chart of someone who wants to be the boss. But what you do about that is up to you.

Are you capable of supervising others? Absolutely! But the fact is, not everyone reaches their potential. The people who do achieve bust their ass to do so… and I’ll include myself as an example.

See, I wrote a book and I think it’s pretty damned good. But I’m in my forties. Do you know how old I was the first time someone told me, “you should write a book”? I was twenty-one. And over the course of the next twenty years, 100 people told me the same. At least!

And you know what my chart says? It says I’m a storyteller. It says I’m a prolific writer with the potential to publish… but did I write a book? Obviously not. I didn’t want to write a book. I wanted to do other things.

Now I’m like everyone else on this planet. I do whatever I want. “I not going to write a book,” I said. “To hell with that! There are enough crappy books out there,” I said while tossing my head back, laughing out loud.

But then guess what happened? I decided I wanted to write a book! And you know what? It almost killed me! It was harrrrrrrrrrrrd! And this is where you are right now.

You are not “destined” to do one thing or the other. You have certain skills and abilities. You have various weaknesses. You’re a born leader, with the aptitude to be the boss. But it won’t happen if you don’t do the work – and on this front, astrology can assist.

It’s during Saturn transits that people clutch it up. If they’re smart, they get their ass in gear and start to do the work. Guess what you’re having?

Riiiight. A Saturn transit. And you see the mountain, right? So you may as well start climbing, because you already know, nothing else will satisfy.

Good luck
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