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Hasselhoff and Ice-T?

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This scary news from CMU:

Sitting somewhere on the dividing lines between interesting, amusing and worrying, word is Ice-T is set to produce a hip hop inspired album for Mr David Hasselhoff.

The Knight Rider / Baywatch man is, as we all surely know, something of a rock star in Germany. But reports suggest he is planning on going a little hip hop on his next release and Ice-T, a friend and neighbour of the actor, is on board to produce.

According to the Sun, Ice-T told reporters: “The man is a legend. And we are going to show a whole new side of him. He’s gonna come out as Hassle The Hoff – I promise you. The Hoff will surprise people with his rap skills and humour.”

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  • JumpBoxTV Signs Robert Evans, Ice-T and Mike Richards

    (I-Newswire) – ( Los Angeles, CA ) – February 17, 2006 JumpBoxTV Networks, the newest content provider on the Web, today announced it has signed Robert Evans, Ice-T, and Mike Richards to star in three original Web series created and produced by the company.

    Jumpboxtv.com, which also launches its “Line-Up” site today, will debut with promos of these programs, another original content show, and an exclusive unseen interview with the stars and director of Will & Grace as a salute to the show’s final season before fully
    launching later this month.

    The programs have been created to vigorously compete for eyeballs seeking digital online and wireless content and are currently exclusive to jumpboxtv.com.

    The shows include:

    1. Ask Bob: The Book of Evanisms: Hollywood bad boy Producer Robert Evans gives on camera life advice to specific questions posed from passersby on the street.

    2. The Cyber Judge: Ice-T takes the bench as the world’s first Cyber Judge mediating disputes sent to him via web-cam.

    3. Collision: More in the line of a traditional Hollywood affairs show, Collision is a celebrity interview show hosted by Mike Richards ( Beauty and the Geek 2 – WB ) and Daya Vaidya.

    4. 5th Element: Not to be outdone by online giants MTV and Yahoo Music, JumpBoxTV’s music video series, 5th Element, is hosted by mix-tape guru DJ Warrior and recording artist Tiffany Villarreal.

    With the competition heating up in the digital content world, former CEO J. Walter Thompson West and JumpBoxTV interim Chairman Peter Stranger exclaims, “We’re lucky to have Bob Evans, not only because he’s iconic and compelling, but because he is always engaging”

    TV director and JumpBoxTV COO, Oz Scott believes television will continually involve the Web and other wireless platforms. “I see it as Tech companies having put the cart before the horse. Now, the viewers are here and technology makes it feasible. It is time for all professional content producers and talent to focus on the inevitable. Ice-T pulls it off every week (now every day) for Dick Wolf and NBC, so he’s sure to pull it off for us in this space, too.”

    Founder and CEO Andre Jetmir puts a practical spin on digital television. “Convenience is key but it’s not king. Content is king and great content rules. The very concept behind TiVo is convenience but it wouldn’t work unless there were shows the audience wanted to record. On the content side, the difference between HBO and other cable networks is not that HBO has a bigger satellite or a fancier logo. It is that HBO has the Sopranos and Deadwood. We’re a content company heavily supported by technology, not the other way around. It is crucial our programming be competitive and that’s what we have with this lineup.”

    When asked to compare digital Web viewers to those glued to the TV, former Jennifer Lopez film partner Julio Caro says the difference is very little. He explains, “There are two primary forms of content – information and entertainment. It must be either informative or entertaining, but both must be good.” Julio Caro entered into a two-year development deal with JumpBoxTV.

    About JumpBoxTV Networks:
    Jumpboxtv.com ( JBTV ) delivers free advertising driven programming to everyone on the planet with a high-speed Internet connection or other high-speed wireless device ( cell phones, PDAs, etc. ) Unlike traditional broadcast companies, JumpBoxTV is not constricted by regional or national boundaries. Currently, most of the programming is geared towards English speaking viewers with Spanish language programming to be an active part of the development slate. Programming length varies from show to show but is typically between 15 and 22 minutes. JBTV will begin serving shorter clips over cellular phones,
    PDAs and other wireless devices in the Fall of 2006. For more information, visit http://www.jumpboxtv.com.


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    “Life Outside The Box”