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Hassan Attack Could Have Easily Been Avoided

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The primary responsibility of government is to protect its citizens from internal and external threats. Last week, that basic trust was shattered with the attack by Major Hassan on his comrades in arms at Fort Hood. Many ask the question, “How could this tragedy happen?” Easy, government, especially big ones, are inefficient, incompetent, and essentially answerable to no one. Look at the record. Washington has let us down on everything it has ever promised: affordable healthcare for the elderly and poor, eradication of poverty, excellence in education, a money supply that guarantees stable prices, care for our veterans. The list of federal government failures goes on and on. Now, we have the Fort Hood tragedy. Of course, they will spend millions on the investigation and no one will be held accountable because government works very differently than the real world.

What Americans should really be questioning is not how the federal government could allow a “terrorist” to infiltrate the ranks of our military and commit such a heinous act, instead Americans should ask the question of themselves: how could we allow our government to put us in this position in the first place? We need to question the actions of our government like never before and hopefully come to the reasonable conclusion that our government in Washington is more responsible for our vulnerability to terrorism than the terrorists. Put another away, if we have any hope of living in relative safety Washington must change.

Let’s begin by setting the record straight: terrorists hate the United States not because we are free or capitalist, like the pundits and politicians would have us believe, but because the United States has done the Arab world wrong. Qatar, my country of current residence, is an incredibly wealthy country because of its primarily free market economy which allows Qatari citizens to reap the benefits of oil, natural gas, and private ownership of the means of production. Under the above logic, terrorists should be blowing up this place into small pieces. They are not. On the other hand, Qatar is also not involved in occupying any other country’s territory in the Middle East. It is not responsible for propping up corrupt dictators because it serves its own interests. Qatar is not trying to force its way of life and its system of government on anyone. The Emir is fulfilling his solemn responsibility as leader of the country to keep his citizens safe from external attack.

On the other hand, Americans are “free” but their government in the last twenty years has occupied Middle East territory by invasion and the enforcement of a no-fly zone. The U.S. government has propped up with financial and military aid corrupt dictators in Iraq (let’s not forget Saddam Hussein), Pakistan, Egypt, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia. For God’s sakes Saudi Arabia still cuts off hands for stealing and stones women for adultery. Washington is currently in the process of attempting to force our system of republicanism on two countries that have as much chance of success with it as we would have with monarchy. In the process of our meddling, literally millions of Middle Easterners have been killed, tortured, imprisoned, and maimed. All of this was done in the cause of our national interests.

And absent from all of the meddling mentioned above is our unflinching support of Israel to the detriment of the Palestinians. We supported Israeli atrocities in Gaza directly with financial aid and indirectly with our no vote on the resolution condemning Israel at the United Nations.

These actions of our government are what make us less safe and more vulnerable to terrorist attack. Now, I know that Qataris are fellow Muslims and therefore somewhat shielded from the wrath of their brethren. But, what about free and capitalist countries like Luxembourg and Switzerland? They are closer to the Middle East but significantly less vulnerable to attack. No, the difference is that these countries mind their own business and consequently have not made the same enemies that we have.

We would not like it if NATO sent troops onto Texas soil to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the United States. We would balk at the idea of moving Iowans off their farmland and offering it to any Israelis who would be interested in relocating. We would not stand by idly while a coalition of Middle Eastern countries invaded the U.S. because they perceived our country as being a part of some “axis” of evil” antithetical to their national interests – set up a Green Zone in D.C. and force upon us a structure of government – say monarchy, that is so foreign to us it isn’t even funny.

The point is that we would respond to a call to arms if any of these scenarios had any possibility of happening. So why are we surprised when others respond to a call to arms against the U.S. when we do these things to them? Look in the mirror America. We will not be truly safe until you do.

For good or bad, one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. The Irish Republican Army fought for years to free Northern Ireland from British control. The minutemen fought a guerilla war for our independence. Don’t we wish the Zimbabweans or Cubans or Venezuelans would rise up and overthrow their respective dictators? There are two sides to every issue. Our country is facing an onslaught of violence because of its government’s actions.

In 1802 Thomas Jefferson explained his foreign policy goals to Rufus King:

"We wish to cultivate peace and friendship with all nations, believing that course most conducive to the welfare of our own. It is natural that these friendships should bear some proportion to the common interests of the parties."

We have strayed far from the wisdom of Jefferson. Yes, Major Hassan’s act was despicable. He should be brought to justice. He should be executed if found guilty. But, instead of strengthening our resolve to continue the fight against terrorism because of this incident like our politicians and military leaders are apt to do we must reconsider our countries actions toward others and hopefully prevent the next barbarous attack on our countrymen.

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  • Arch Conservative

    “Let’s begin by setting the record straight: terrorists hate the United States not because we are free or capitalist, like the pundits and politicians would have us believe, but because the United States has done the Arab world wrong.”

    How do you explain their love for Arafat then? Ararafat was a billionare who lived a lavish life while most palestinians lead lifes of poverty. Yet he didn’t really do anything to help improve the life of the Palestinians unles you count fomenting rabid hatred of Israel as making their lives better.

    Here in the USA where political correctness rules the day we go out of our way not to offend Muslims, (bashing Christianity 24-7 seems to be in vogue though) as each time someone discusses the threat of radical Islam they feel it necessary to preface their remarks with “now I know not all muslims are terrorists.”

    It was political correctness that was partly to blame for the dead soldiers at Fort Hood.

    If it’s strictly US foreign policy that motivates radical Islam then how does one explain incidents in France, the UK, Bali, Australia and a host of other nations?

    That’s because Islamic terrorism is spawned from a radical religious worldview and not from opposition to US policy.

    Has anyone noticed that even though there is a large muslim population in China, for the most part none of those muslims have become radicalized to the point where they’ve felt it necessary to commit terrorist attacks? Say what you will about China but we all know they wouldn’t stand for that allah akbar crap. The first time any islamist pulled some shit like that any other muslims considering would get a healthy does of “homey don’t play” that as China would show the rest of thwe world how radical Islam should be dealt with.

    But here in the US we’d rather blame ourselves and tiptoe around the extremists in our midst rather than being labelled politically incorrect.

  • Kenn Jacobine


    I thought I was being unpolitically correct for criticizing U.S foreign policy. Ron Paul did the same thing in the last presidential campaign and was called unAmerican.

    Arafat supports my argument. Arabs don’t care if someone is rich they want to be rich also. It is perception that counts. Even though Arafat did little for his people he still bad mouthed Israel and was viewed as a victim of the Israeli war machine. We are in bed with Israel because of the Jewish vote and financial support of campaigns in the U.S. The militants see no other way to combat this but through terrorism. You know what it is reasonable to understand.

    “If it’s strictly US foreign policy that motivates radical Islam then how does one explain incidents in France, the UK, Bali, Australia….?”

    All are allies of the U.S. and have been willing accomplices in our adventures in the Middle East. Bali is where large amounts of Aussies vacation.

    U.S. policy should be neutral towards all of the conflicts in the M.E. If our government was really interested in peace and protecting our national interests it wouldn’t be picking fights with people that have oil and the ability to commit acts of terror.

  • I don’t know if you’ve noticed, Kenn, but the American government has been hustling shit for Arab dictators, and then for the so-called “Palestinians”, for several decades, constantly bullying the government here to leave OUR land, land we conquered because the Arab bastards attacked. In the case of Judea and Samaria, the Israeli government practically begged Hussein not to attasck in June 1967. He decided to, and got his little butt kicked – royally, the way it should have been. Today, overlooking Pisgát Ze’év in northern Jerusalem is an unfinished palace Hussein was building for himself as “king of the ‘Palestinians'”. A reminder of what happens when you make bad political judgments.

    When your (American) government stops carting shit around for the Wahhabis and kicks their butts out, freezing all their assets, and closing down all their fronts, and executing in short order all of their terrorists, you will cease to have Wahhabi terror in America.

    When your government stops enabling the Arab bastards who ruin life for Arab civilians in the Land of Israel and encourages our government to kill the bastards off, from Abu Mazen to the little shit bastards who eat food in our jails and throw rocks trying to kill my neighbors (that’s called attempted murder, Kenn), the Arabs who live here will figure out that “jihad” does not mean killing off Jews in the Land of Israel, the land given by G-d/Allah to us in perpetuity.

    Get the hell out of our part of the world, and let us deal with the Arabs or Persians ourselves. Watch how fast peace comes!!

  • Kenn Jacobine


    America should be neutral in these affairs. Involvement only gets us in trouble. In my view, the whole world should just pull out of the Middle East conflict and let you all battle it out – last one standing wins. Sorry, but anything less than neutral by my government makes me and my family less safe. It will never happen because American leaders have too much machismo.

  • Baronius

    “For good or bad, one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter….The minutemen fought a guerilla war for our independence….There are two sides to every issue.”

    FACT: George Washington once decapitated a British reporter.

    FACT: Thomas Paine killed thirteen unarmed British soldiers in their barracks while screaming “Liberty or Death”.

    FACT: Corwallis retreated from his New Jersey camp under the heavy fire of mentally retarded children being shot from cannons into the encampment.

    FACT: Paul Revere held two British regiments at bay for twelve hours with his sharpshooting skills from the Old North Church tower. When the British shot back, they were denounced for attacking an Anglican shrine.

    FACT: Benjamin Franklin often crushed Canadians to death by running them through his printing press.

    For more information about these or other historical figures, consult your local library.

  • Lets try that again: This is something I picked up elsewhere on the “blessed of Hussein”. Thought you could all use the laughs.

    a little humor from a real dictator
    Gaius Julius Caesar-

    Yo mortal, how you livin’? It’s your old pal JC, a/k/a Juicy Julius, a/k/a Flavius Flav. What’s it been — two, three millenniums?

    Yeah, longtimes. After that Forum dagger drive by by that punkass Brutus and his crew, The Juice has been keepin’ on the downlow. Much respect to my homeboy Octavius for the deification. Being a straight up immortal up here at the Pantheon is great and all, but believe the Juice when he tells you that clubbin’ with the gods ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. .. And don’t get me started on Mercury and Saturn. Them pole smokers think they’re all that, just ’cause they got a couple crappy cars and planets named after them.
    Always up in my face, like, “Yo Lil’ Caesar! We got a $2 coupon for a medium pepperoni and mushroom.” Then I’m like,
    “Up your ghetto planets holmes, the Juice got a casino named Caesars in Vegas.”

    Anyhow, every since we got wifi at the Pantheon, I’ve been spending a lot more time online checking’ out the dilly back in the mortal ‘hood. Thats when I read about this choad praetor Rocco Landesman, saying that your new impersonator Obama is “the most powerful writer since Julius Caesar.” At first I was LMFAO because, let’s face it, the Juice didn’t waste his prime warrior time word processing a bunch of papyrus scrolls. Word cuz, where I come from that kind of bullshiite is for light-in-the-sandals scribefags like Livy and Plutarch. So I guess it was like hearing “Obama is the greatest chariot mechanic since Julius Erving.” But then I think about it, and I’m like, WTH? Obama’s palace lick is comparing him to me? Srsly?

    Agrippa, please — act like you know. Skinny fool stages his own tribute in front of some brokeass styrofoam Roman columns, lines up some chump posse of media hagiographers and art school twats, and now y’all are like he’s some OG mac daddy Julio-Claudian baller.

    Well, the Juice is here to say there ain’t no half steppin’ in the SPQR. And before Obamacus starts wearin’ the old school coliseum laurel bling, punk needs to stop frontin’ and step up his emperor game.

    I mean, crap son, let’s look at foreign policy. Back when the Juice was doin’ his thang, them gutta thugs up in Gaul and Iberia knew better than disrespect Rome. ‘Cause they knew the Juice had him a strong pimp hand, and he was liable to bring up his legions to go pop a pilium in their butts.

    This Obamacus clown? No time to talk to his own Centurion General, that fool too busy ridin’ his chariot all over Europa and Asia Minor oratin’ laments about his own damn empire.
    Sorry this, sorry that, open hand, please accept this reset button. Yeah, like that kind of bullshiite is gonna calm those Parthians and Vandals and Barbarians down.
    And what exactly does he get for it? A couple 10 denarius “peace” medallions from the Goths and Gauls.
    Back in the day those Gauls had some straight up warrior badasses like Vercingetorix and Ambiorix, but apparently somewhere over the last 2,000 years they turned into the biggest bunch of Eurohomos since the Athenians. Yo, you Gauls think Obama is sorry?
    The Juice is sorry he ever introduced you A-holes to public baths.

    So the other demi-gods are like, “yeah, Juice, but at least Obamacus knows how to handle his bidness back at home.” No doubt the brother would rather lay down the slapahoe against his domestic haters, but even then he’s just a punkass Roman wannabe.

    Take this Fox News / radio orators thing. Plebeian serve him some straight up insolent hatemonger, and what does Obamacus do?
    Sends out his Praetorian guards to whine like wussies and rattle their fasces.
    Yo Obamacus, Rome up yours! If you knew the first thing about handlin’ your SPQR-style, you’d be turning Capitol Hill into Crucifixion Hill.
    Glennus Beckus? Boom! Up on the cross, Witch!

    Rushus Limbavus? Boom! You been served.
    send the survivors a bill for the nails.

    Believe the Juice, if you want to consolidate power and keep it real with your base, start lining that Washington Mall with Fox talking heads.
    Up on pikes.

    Same thing with this tax party rebellion. Back in the BC, a mack dictator like the Caesar didn’t put up with that open rebellion crap. Come on player, get your game on! Confiscate that damn football stadium you got sitting over across the Potomac, and get yourself a couple barge loads of pit lions from the Ethiopians. Let’s see how those taxbaggers enjoy being the halftime entertainment at the Redskins-Giants game. LMAO Bitches,
    thumbs down.
    And believe me, nothing boosts a leaders public approval rating like turning the opposition into lion sausages.
    Your loyal plebes will love it, and after the games you can hand out free bread.
    And health care.

  • Baronius

    Ruvy, how many times do we have to go over this “Blessed of Hussein” thing? It’s nonsense and you know it.

  • Some people just don’t see your humor, Ruvy!

  • Baronius,

    What you fail to realize is that using this term is not a term of condemnation – whereas calling Obama what I actually think of him – cowardly scum, white elitist piece of shit, liar, cheat, thief, etc. are all terms of condemnation. Now which of the above would you prefer I call your incompetent of a president?

  • Baronius

    I prefer President or incompetent, but that’s not the point. The point is that you’re translating the first word of his name and adding an “of” that doesn’t belong there. As I understand it, the name David means “blessed” in Hebrew, or is at least derived from the Hebrew word for blessed. But you don’t call Dave Nalle “the Blessed of Nalle”. What are you implying by calling Obama “the Blessed of Hussein”? You’ve got to mean something by it, or you wouldn’t have repeated it dozens of times over more than a year.

  • But you don’t call Dave Nalle “the Blessed of Nalle”. What are you implying by calling Obama “the Blessed of Hussein”?

    Has it ever dawned on you that I know something about how Semitic languages work? Names in Semitic languages are statements. My own, Reu-ven means “look everybody! a son!

    In Semitic languages, the word “of” is usually assumed in a verbal phrase. In the verbal phrase “Barak Hussein” the word Barak means “blessed” – Hussein is the name as well, so we have “blessed of Hussein.”

    This is how Semitic languages work. I know this because the basic grammatical rules hold for all Semitic languages. The same rules that hold for Hebrew hold for Aramaic and Arabic, as well as Syriac, Amharic, and ancient Assyrian. There are differences – in vocabulary, in how plurals are made, in usage, in nuance and in the case of Arabic, the number of “binyaním” verbal structures, in the language. Arabic is a better language for diplomacy than Hebrew as it gives more opportunity for nuanced phrasing. This is because it has more of the “binyaním” than Hebrew does.

    Now stop whining. I didn’t call Obama “shit-head”, which is what I prefer to call him.

  • zingzing

    blessed of the good, handsome one who was born into a family with a great-grandfather with a slightly bent arm? something like that anyway. like they did with prince, let’s just call him “botghowwbiafwaggwasba.”

  • Baronius

    Sure, Ruvy. Then why don’t you talk about Princess Palin, G-d has given McCain, and Added Biden? A couple of those actually fit better than Blessed of Hussein Bentarm.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Griping about names is dumb.

    Why? There was a guy I knew back in the Navy, and while I’d heard this as a joke before, this was no joke because I saw his ID card and his service record. His name was Harry B. Boner. Good guy – just had the bad luck to have bikers for parents.

    But his wasn’t the worst.

    There was a girl I knew – her name was Penny Economy…and yes, I verified that one too.

    But the stupidest thing I ever saw was something my wife’s ex-boyfriend did. It seems he was heartbroken when the girl who would someday be my wife left him, so he married on the rebound. Unbeknownst to his wife, he named their first son with a combination of his name…and my wife’s name!

    So you can just imagine the hell he’s been through ever since (because there’s no divorce in the PI) because she inadvertently found out when the boy was 11…because every time she calls her son’s name, she’s reminded of her husband’s ex-girlfriend.

    Whoooooo…now that was the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of any guy doing – ever!

  • The stupidest thing I ever heard a guy doing is what George H.W. Bush did to Babs the night W. was conceived. That was one night when Daddy Bush should have done what we should do in the Middle East — PULL OUT!

  • If you’re going to talk about stupid names, there is the founder of a credit union in Minnesota – Gordon Schmuck. That was his real name.

    And Baronius, I leave you to talk about Princess Palin – that’s coming in a few moons. As for “G-d gave” McCain, I guess we should remember that G-d takes away, too.

    That last dude you were talking about. Could it be that his Bent-arm comes with the middle finger sticking up at you all? Sure seems so! And when he is done with you, you will all be intimately familiar with Penny Economy, and you will be unable to find any Boners, Harry or otherwise….

  • zingzing

    well, in all fairness, ruvy, the bent arm belongs to his great-grandfather, and if you’ve seen it, i can only assume you were munging.