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Has Iraq Gone Down The Drain?

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I guess it’s reasonably clear the U.S. hasn’t “won” in Iraq.  But how do we know whether we’ve lost? 

A burning question – and it’s keeping the pundits awake at night. A. Alexander of the Progressive Daily Beacon, for instance, is asking How Do You Know You've Lost a War? The argument is carried one step further by Bruce Ackerman, a professor of law and political science at Yale University, who feels "we're at a moment where I think the disasters of the Bush administration's domestic and foreign policies are being appreciated."

And yet, one of those who still swills the GOP Victory Vintage, Chicago Sun-Times Columnist Mark Steyn, still holds to the bold assertion that [Democratic leaders plan] "to deny the president the possibility of victory while making sure Democrats don't have to share the blame for the defeat."

Considering how poorly things are going for the Senate Democrats, however, I wouldn't be too divisive if I were Mr. Steyn. It falls to blogger Ron Fullwood of opednews.com to rise to the defense of the Congressional Majority: "Nothing could be more offensive than sing-song attacks on the integrity of those who have advocated against Bush… Their argument is nothing more than a cheap political trick designed to allow Bush to continue sending more of our soldiers into his Iraq quagmire."

But then, what is one to do to restore a sense of reality in our nation when confronted with those whose belief that the sun revolves around Earth keeps them from admitting that they just might be wrong about Iraq, among far too many other things?

Glenn Smith attempts to tackle this poser in a post at burntorangereport.com, coming up with "GOP interests revolve around the pocketbooks of its wealthy contributors. [S]pend the money on those with more visible signs of God's Blessing. The Elect. The ones with the money."

Sure – that would make it much more likely that the next Tim McVeigh will have nothing to lose to "shake the foundations in the short term of society's belief that the government can protect the United States," as related by Kirk Yeager, the forensic scientist who heads the explosives unit at the FBI's laboratory in Quantico, Va.

I ask again, what's an American Patriot to do?

Maybe we should to ask for assistance and information from those who lost a war in that region, as McClatchy Newspaper Reporter Matthew Schofield did of Capt. Vladimir Vshivtsev, a veteran of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. "They're fighting the same war again," he said. "Sure, the political stuff is different, but the military result is going to be the same: failure."

The head of the Soviet 40th army tasked with the Afghanistan Campaign, Gen. Victor Yermakov, offered Schofield some very poignant advice: "All the future holds for American forces there are dead soldiers, and they will die for nothing," he said. "There is nothing positive to be accomplished in Iraq. My advice is simple: Leave. Leave now."

One has to wonder who is on whose side in Iraq today, especially when, as McClatchy's Tom Lasseter reports, "the line between militia members and Iraqi security troops … is so thin that it at times doesn't exist."

That isn't all that "doesn't exist". The Bush administration claims of Iranian interference with the foul and uncivil cesspool that was once one of the most progressive (if repressive) nations in the region have yet to pan out into something believable, yet this same administration fails to admit to the exposed fact that the Saudis are in it up to their armaments.

But wait! That's not all!

For all of the blather about cutting off funds for terrorism raised by groups such as charitable organizational fronts for Al Qaeda, should they not as well be shutting down the fundraising efforts of the Republican Party? A donor to the Republican Party from Ardsley, N.Y. is under indictment in Manhattan for, among other activities, attempting to ship night vision goggles to a terrorist training camp in Afghanistan.

My belief in the protective abilities of the Bush administration is already shaken – and my opposition to their further action is seriously stirred. We need those whose intentions are to save the Republic to rise in its defense against the Republicans as soon as possible, before they do something we will all regret.

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  • ProfEssays

    American Patriot should join the army and go to Iraq.

  • Sisyphus

    “American Patriot should join the army and go to Iraq.”

    How does this help America? The war in Iraq has done more harm than good for the U.S. IMO, becoming a pawn in Bush’s folly is, well, folly. And a tragic one.

  • Hey, hey, USA
    How many kids did we let Iraq kill today?

  • Arch Conservative

    Say what you will about Bush but there is one thing that stands out between him and Clinton.

    Under Bush we have not had another attack since 911.

    Under Clinton we had numerous attacks after the 93WTC bombings.

  • zingzing

    on american soil, archie, or on military/government operations?

    in which case… and if we are fighting terrorism…

  • Mohjho

    “Say what you will about Bush”, its still all his fault; he is our commander in chief, the decider, the buck stops with him and no one else.

    Bush started an unnecessary war and cant finish it. Anything else is an excuse and nothing more.

  • Arch,
    Sorry, but you’re just like Cheney, et al; we’re talking about IRAQ, and you keep trying to switch the topic to 9/11.
    Here’s a challenge for you or anyone–the administration included–who wants to “educate” us about the Bush accomplishments in Iraq: run a daily scorecard for us. On one side, list the day’s total of American dead and wounded, the Iraqis killed, the value of property lost there, and the dollar cost of the war to America. On the other side, list the gains in territory controlled, terrorists killed or captured, improvements in Iraqi infrastructure and tangible quality of life gains there. Do it each and every day for several weeks and then use the results to show us that what we’ve gained and accomplished is worth what it has cost( and remember we’re talking about the fighting in Iraq in 2007).

  • Arch Conservative

    You were talking about Iraq, I was talking about the amount of attacks we have had under the last two administrations.

  • Lumpy

    Man. Where are the bloggers with the stones and the brains to do some research and not just repeat talking points and quote the media?

    Al qaeda and the sadrists are done. 3/4 of the country is in the midst of a raging civil peace. But a few incidents of violence in baghdad and najaf, the only unpacified cities, and the media gets to keep hope alive for their warped vision of US failure. And u people lap it up. Crazy