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Has Bush started to color his hair?

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He’s on Fox and CNN right now, speaking on making the Patriot Act permanent, and I’ll swear his hair is browner than it was in his press conference.

So “does he or doesn’t he”?

Or is it just the color balance in the cameras being used today?

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  • Eric Olsen

    This would not be unprecedented.

  • Shark

    I noticed it too.

    New show pitched to FOX:

    “Queer Eye for the Criminal President”

  • Don’t you mean the alleged criminal?

  • Besides the apparently-dyed hair, Bush had smooth, tanned skin today, too.

    I found it amusing in light of the recent statements by right-wingies about Kerry:

    "Go back to Boston for your hair dye and Botox treatment because, John Kerry, you will never be the candidate of the NRA," [executive director for the NRA Institute for Legislative Action] Cox said.

    I guess this one is a draw.

  • Doc

    Or remember how much in a tizzy the admin and the conservative echo chamber got at the BBC for broadcasting the feed from before a Bush oval office talk where George was getting his hair all teased and coifed for the cameras?

    I’d expect no less for the the former male cheerleader.

  • JR