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Harvesting the Hurricane

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Former Republican national committee chairman Ed Gillespie declared on CBS’s Face the Nation that there is a “growing sense that this president may be in over his head” with voters, especially the independent voters Obama clearly favors while kicking his “professional left” f*n’ r*t*rd base to the curb.

Sending clueless advisors Robert Gibbs and David Axelrod to appear respectively on Meet the Press and This Week proves this. Their attempt to convince main street voters that “Obama still has your interests at heart” when it’s so clear that we don’t mean a thing to him (except as re-election votes) is failing miserably. Commenter “molliem” said it best on Michael Moore’s site: “I feel we’re being ignored. We know we are paying for the austerity measure … we also know the wealthy are not giving up anything. You can’t vote for someone who ignores you.”

San Francisco Attorney Stephen Kaus wrote in Huffington Post, “I think this is a big reason why Obama’s disapproval rating is 71 percent according to CBS News.” I agree. Workers are increasingly left out of sharing in what economic benefits exist. Almost 15 percent of the population is eligible for food stamps even though they work at least part-time (see especially: Walmart associates).

The Obama administration is pushing a new initiative intended to improve the employment prospects of the unemployed by having the government pay them $240 a month to work for some company for free. Assuming that $240 subsidy didn’t go for frivolous things like rent and transportation, that amount would daily, for 30 days, give such a person just enough for two hamburgers and drinks to live on, with enough remaining to maybe buy a third meal two days of that month at least until the subsidy period ends. Then they can watch some other person take their government-paid-welfare-for-employers spot instead of being offered a paying job. Wouldn’t be prudent to hire someone when the “gubmint” will give you workers for free!

Obama isn’t helping himself one bit with this highly touted labor initiative. Hey, Barry! Why don’t you just round up all of the 14 million unemployed and ship them to Arizona, Alabama, and Georgia? They could, under your subsidy proposal, replace the migrant workers who fled those states right before the harvest because of the draconian laws which were passed in those states and aimed expressly at them! But before you do, study up on the results delivered by the Soviet Five-year Plans involving shipping city folk to the fields, and the Chinese Cultural Revolution, which thought shipping college professors to the paddies to harvest rice was a great idea. Learn from someone else’s mistakes if you won’t learn from your own!

Obama has become so toxic to the welfare of the American people that he has engendered some to query “What won’t he sell out on?” and whether or not “he’s corrupt“.

Because we know, especially after the earthquake centered in Eric Cantor’s district this week, that the welfare of the people is secondary to the Republican Party’s obsessive defense of the wealthy not paying taxes (even if that means the poor pay more), the non-“Tea Bagger” American voters aren’t likely to support one of the GOP candidates easily. Not even Rick “Parry”! Even with all of the failures produced by the Obama administration, the best the Republicans are able to do if the presidential election were to be held today is essentially tie Obama.

They could win soon if Obama manages to lose the labor vote. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka is on record as promoting a change in the way organized labor participates in politics, changing its focus from boosting the electoral prospect of favored candidates to one which displays “total fidelity towards America’s working people, both union and non-union”. Trumka’s been very critical of Obama’s economic policies lately, even accusing Obama of being “aligned with the Tea Party“.

Know one thing about this idea of yours, Dickie. We have heard plenty of talk over the last three and a half years from Obama. We got nothing beneficial done from those words. Produce, or destroy the labor organization you still have. If you think I’m not serious, check out what Obama has done in just three years to the Democratic Party. You have done as much damage to labor in that period as Obama has to his party. The cracks of your failures are as evident as those on the Washington Monument.

Because of Obama’s failures, and the obvious unsuitability of the announced Republican candidates to many voters, political strategist Matthew Dowd sees a pending political earthquake involving the emergence of a third party candidate. It could explain why Jon Huntsman has been doing and saying such un-Republican things lately. Could he be angling to be that third party candidate? I watch what will happen now that Huntsman, Johnson, and Roemer have taken positions that don’t align with the “Tea Baggers” or the GOP’s Xtian zombies (I won’t insult real Christians by equating the likes of Michele Bachmann’s dominionist followers to them).

A successful third party bid  is very possible, because the nation is evidently ready for change. This was just demonstrated by the recent JP Morgan Chase report denouncing the political Zero Neros of Neo-Rome for fiddling while the economy burns. Several GOP luminaries (including Florida’s Marco Rubio) have since begun talking about “repairing the infrastructure” while running away as hard as they can from saying anything hinting at “creating jobs” to do so. This is progress, for just three months ago, even such a proposal would be denounced by the Republicans due to the expense. Now they are trying to wrestle it away from Obama before he can hand it over to them in the spirit of blind bipartisanship!

If Obama had any balls, he could have been JP Morgan Chase, going to the American people immediately upon taking office, with Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress, and make the case Morgan did. But because he doesn’t have any balls, he surrendered even before being inaugurated. I won’t rehash what happened next, for the un- and underemployed of our nation already know the pain. They need relief. Given a choice that will do something for them, they will so vote. There is no sign that choice will be Obama.

Anyway you want to look at the 2012 election, historic things are going to happen. The best we can hope for is far less likely to happen than the worst we can imagine. And the longer the pre-primary season proceeds, the less Hope I can Audaciously express. Heck of a job, Barry!

Now watch this hurricane drive Obama into Katrina territory. He’s already shaken off his foundation.

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