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Harvard’s Economic Class and the Indian Crisis

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In July 2011 Subramaniam Swami wrote a DIY article on how to wipe out Islamic terror. Not  surprisingly, this Harvard teacher’s ideas didn’t make it to the Wiki-how or e-how pages. Swami is a highly educated, infamous meddler in Indian politics. Of course he’s a politician himself. The kind of slandering and rabble rousing that he is involved in is downright shocking.

It is not difficult to understand why most politicians want to wrongly influence the citizens of the vastly diverse nation of India and humbug them into fanaticism: elections. Swami made a statement in 1979 in which he said “I have a feeling of destiny. I know in ten years time I will be prime minister.” Well 1989 passed, so did 1999. It sure must have been uneasy for the Harvard Swami to sit through all the years of delay of his prophesy.

It is the volatile young, impressionable minds that turn sycophantic at his acrid mudslinging at almost anyone. Swami adorns the “I don’t care” band on his head which many, mostly the young, find rather appealing. It is easy to see this in their aspersion filled comments and rubbish statements aimed at questioning Swami. Swami openly lambastes secularism and secularists. He can charm, especially the non-critical mind. However one must not forget that many dictators in history have been charming, gaining widespread public support by practicing propaganda politics in the beginning. If one checks his articles, speeches or even his twitter page, any sane person would just come to one conclusion: he is a demagogue.

Although I don’t see him becoming a dictator in the foreseeable future, he does seem to have the skill to taint the slightly non-secular mind. His words might appeal to many, but please for the sake of the nation’s sanity, do take time to think about his motives as well; here’s a man trying to attain his unfulfilled goal of decades and prove his statement of 1979. He’s hell-bent on polarizing the nation. Swami’s egotism will burn the delicate social fabric of India that gets smoldered here and there every now and then anyway.

Last but not least, just because this article questions Swami’s intention, does not mean that it automatically condones terrorism in India, Islamic or otherwise. Neither does it mean to bury the plight of many of our citizen due to its effects. It is the need of the hour that all religions, castes and creeds of India unite and thwart any attempt at terrorism and also anti-secularism. It is time show respect to each other’s religions and cultures and live in peace and brotherhood, as we were always meant to.

It is time to unite, not divide.

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