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Harry Potter Prequel? James Potter and the Elder’s Crossing

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Harry Potter is universally loved. I’ve come across a few that dislike the series for whatever reason and a few who have never read the books, but for those of us that loved the books we didn’t want the series to end with Deathly Hallows.

Maybe it doesn’t have to. J.K. Rowling has already said that there is the possibility of a Harry Potter encyclopedia. So in a sense the rumor of an 8th book makes sense.  But what I’m talking about isn’t an encyclopedia. Rumors have been flying over the net about a Harry Potter prequel by the name of James Potter and the Elder’s Crossing.

Have you seen the James Potter and the Elder's Hall site? It has a huge counter, just like the ones we’ve seen counting down the book release dates for previous volumes. It also has little icons that you click on and it asks for passwords. Another that you click on and you send someone your e-mail and they send you a password. At the bottom in small official type it says “Harry Potter, James Potter and all associated logos and content are copyright J.K. Rowling, Warner Bros. and associated publishers.” 

So if this is a fake site why hasn’t it been shut down yet? Why hasn’t Ms. Rowling stepped up and demanded that it be shut down? Or Warner Brothers for that matter? You would think that they would have a problem with their name being on something if it didn’t belong to them. According to HPANA the site is not connected in any offical way to the series.

I’m a huge fan of Harry. It is a fantastic series and I wouldn’t be sorry to see it continue in some way, whether it is in prequel tales with Harry’s father James or Harry’s children continuing the story; I would love to read more. But I just don’t think this is it. Don’t you think that J.K. Rowling would have told us if it were? I just can’t imagine that the woman who gave us hints about her novels along the way would keep us in the dark about an 8th book.  

But who knows? I’m watching that counter and if I have to eat my words, so be it. At least if I’m wrong we have another Potter adventure to look forward to.

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  • Andres

    There would be no point to any further stories in that universe if they were not written by Rowling herself. No 2nd author has ever done justice to another author’s work. You cannot recreate an entire mind, and that’s what it would take.

    What makes Harry Potter special is J.K. Rowling’s unique ideas, style, and insights. HP stories by anyone else would just be soulless pastiches that would merely go through the motions and rehearse the trappings without offering us the spirit which is what made Harry Potter so wonderful. Yes there are plenty of people who wouldn’t notice the difference, but I hope J.K. protects the integrity of her work and doesn’t allow it to be diluted by that sort of thing.

  • I totally agree. I think that any book not written by J.K. Rowling, no matter who writes it, would only come across as fan fiction. Which there is already a ton of. I’m curious to see what this site is all about though.

  • Kidston

    James Potter and the Hall of Elders’ Crossing is writen by G. Norman Lippert and it is authorized by J.K. Rowling. It is about Harry and Ginny Potter’s (the former Ginny Weasly) oldest son, James Potter.
    Lippet has an 8 year old son who was a Harry Potter fan and was devestated when the series ended, so Lippet decided to write a book for his son about James’s adventures in his first year (it is unknown wether or not he will write more books). When fans found out about a James Potter book they went crazy and convinced Lippet to ask Rowling about putting up a website to put his book for anyone to look at. J.K. Rowling agreed and Lippet does not make any profits on his story.

  • Jarrod Stepfeild

    i think the best part about mrs rolling is that shell let others take off on their own writing carers using her books as s starting point.

  • I am the author of the aforementioned tale (James Potter and the Hall of Elders’ Crossing) and I was as surprised as anyone at the massive response this story received. While some details of the above synopsis regarding my motivations for writing the story are incorrect, it is mostly accurate. I wrote the story for my son (and his younger sister), as well as for my wife and myself, since we were quite saddened to see Ms. Rowling’s wonderful series come to an end.

    The amusing thing about many of the above comments is that I agree with them entirely. Even now, I am woefully skeptical of any other writer’s ability to faithfully represent Ms. Rowling’s delightful universe – including myself. My story began merely as a writing exercise meant to deal with my own Post Potter Depression. Amazingly, however, a lot of people have enjoyed my take on the “Potterverse” (nearly a million downloads at last count). So much so, in fact, that there has been a rather phenomenal demand for a sequel, which I have decided to write.

    I completely understand the doubt of those who feel no one but Ms. Rowling can write a true Harry Potter book. Mine are not true Harry Potter books, but I enjoy them, and a lot of others seem to as well. Who’d have thought?

    But I do find the discussion here very interesting. In an effort to keep it going: have any of you read a Harry Potter fanfiction? And if so, did it irritate you, or amuse you, or entertain you? Specifically (of course) have any of you read JPHEC? I am always interested in critical feedback.

    And yes, this really is G. Norman Lippert. You can email me at george-at-speedbumpstudios-dot-com for confirmation, as long as you aren’t outright rude about it. But no one on this blog would ever be rude, would they? (grin)

  • Kate

    I went on that ‘James Potter and the Elder’s Hall’ & if you click on ‘find out more’, it actually says on the bottom of the screen that it’s just ‘related art’, and isn’t in any way related to JK Rowling’s books. Sadly 🙁

  • PBlacksoul

    I’ve read in this site that JK is thinking about writing the 8th book, it is not a rumor, it’s jk rowling words

  • nmitz

    I read the sequel called “James Potter and the Hall of Elders Crossing” and, I almost hate to admit it, I enjoyed it as much as much as I enjoyed any of the original stories by JKR. I am looking extremely forward to the next book as well. There’s a new trailer for it at the website, gatekeeperscurse.com

  • Maggie

    I love Harry Potter so much!! I’m a die hard fan!! I was so excited when I heard about the prequel but devastated when JK Rolling was discontinuing work on it. Does anyone know what Lippet’s site for James’ adventures is??? Sad that I don’t already know it…

  • linda

    No matter who writes the book , if it is nice , tense and magical as the other ones then i rate it the same as the others 11/10 . I love Harry potter’s series and about a year ago i didn’t even knew the authors name so for me it doesn’t really matter.

  • Jen

    its obvious that this is not a book that j.k. Rowling would have wrote. if you download the book, look at the cover. and look at the author. “G. Norman Lippert” and under that, “Based upon the characters and worlds of J.K. Rowling” that makes it pretty much short and to the point. Jo did NOT write this book.

  • Wendi

    Are there going to make a book of James Potter and the Elder’s Crossing? If there are when will it will come out

  • Monica

    I heard rumors online about the eighth “Harry Potter” book coming out and I decided to look up more info and this is what I found. I myself would actually like to read this book, does anyone have any information where I can purchase a copy?

  • John B.

    To all readers,

    Erm…I loathe it. I hate how Americanised it is. Face it America, it is NOT your creation. Can Mr. Lippert capture the essence of Jo Rowling’s brainchild? The answer; he can’t. He is clearly way off the merk in his comprehending of the world, the characters and the general environment. He is not nearly as good a writer a Jo Rowling. Just leave the creation alone. Respect it, yes do. Celebrate it, why not? Praise it, I do. Leave it alone, move on and spend time exercising that which has become a vestigial feature in so many, imagination. Create your own ideas, do not mangle someone else’s in some pathetic attempt to earn a few “bucks”. Stop trying to capitalise on every little thing America. Look at Emerson Spartz and co., The Wyrd Sisters, Nancy Stouffer and RDR Books (there are many more) all trying to make money on her ideas. Now this! What is wrong with the world?! It disgusts me. Clearly creativity is limiting in this world today.

    Yours etc.

    John B

    PS: Wizard Rock (or Wrock) is a pile of shite…

  • Boy oh boy, what happened to “personal attacks are not allowed”? (crooked grin)

    This is G. Norman Lippert again, and John B. is certainly entitled to his very passionate opinion. I wonder if he has considered, however, that every vampire story ever written is, essentially, Dracula fan-fiction? Much like the work of Mr. Stoker, Ms. Rowling’s creation is more than a story; it is almost an entirely new genre, with loads of room for any number of stories to live in. If it isn’t creative to expand on someone else’s ideas or concepts, I daresay virtually no one would be able to write anything at all.

    I am amused that “G. Norman Lippert” and “America” are apparently synonymous, but as for “earning a few bucks”, I’m not clear how John B. believes I’ve made any money from a freely distributed story. In fact, I haven’t even hosted any advertising on the websites, despite the fact that it probably would’ve been rather lucrative. Why? Because this is all just for the love of Ms. Rowling’s world and the ongoing story. You can hate my story, but at least don’t lump me in with the Vander Arks of the world.

    Egad. So very cynical! (chiding smile)

  • Kelsey

    Right – do a tiny bit of research. Even just something as fast and easy as Wikipedia will tell you that the online fanfiction novel is free and A-Okay with J.K. Rowling. And Americanized? What, so everything written by an American person is Americanized? Way to be, with generalizations. And no, I’m NOT patriotic – I’m not even particularly happy with the attitude of many people in this country (that I’ve run into) with regards to certain things. I just don’t like stereotypes.

  • Nat burly

    i am a fond reader of the books since i could understand the meanings of the words. all the seven books are amazing and i believe that a spin off sequel by any other than jkr is not right i believe that her creation should be left alone. yes i was absouloutely devastated when i was told the seventh book was to be the final. but i dont think that there should be another by a different author and post messages if you think im wrong.

  • Smokedog83

    All the fan fiction of the Harry Potter series i read up to Hall of Elders Crossing were horrible, but Lippert’s book is actually good, how many of you that criticized it have actually read it. You really should give it a chance.

  • Rachel

    I was very reluctant to read this story, but after the first few chapters I was completely hooked. It’s true that most other Harry Potter fan fiction is rot, but the James Potter story is extremely good, partly because it is so close to the way Jo writes and partly because of the ways that it is entirely different. More like this would be welcome.

  • Mr. Lippert,

    I am unsure if you will ever read this forum again, but in hopes that you do I have many compliments and a small snag I would like to point out if this is alright?

    In assumption that you would not mind I will continue, compliments first. I thoroughly enjoy your book, and in response to the critics out there, including yourself *smiles slightly*, I would just like to state that I believe your book to be so great because you are not Ms. Rowling. I am a great fan of her work, her work being Harry Potters thought and voice. Her work however is not James Potter. Indeed ye granted she created the character, but I believe she would have made him far too much like Harry, if any of His offspring she should write of Albus and Lilly, the ones most like their parents. I believe you bring new thought and personality to James, which he needs. I am now on chapter twelve titled “visum ineptio”, and I must say with the greatest sincerity that I am just as excited as I was with the discovering of Quirrels betrayal at the end of the philosophers/sorcerers stone.

    Now for my snag, it is not so much literary, as literally related to your work. It is, in effect, the image of your character James. From what You have wrote/said/typed ..etc.. you are tying your best to continue with Rowling’s original ideas, so I just wish to point out to you that your drawing in chapter eleven “the three relics” you depict James as a miniature , in appearance, of Harry Potter. The problem, more of apologetic annoyance, for me in this is that Albus Severus Potter was supposed to be the only child that looked exactly like harry and has Lillys eyes.

    Sorry if this is rude, I did not mean it in such a way.


    Scorpius Malfoy starts at hogwarts the same time as Albus, do you plan on using this character as a counter-player to the potter family in the next book. If at all? I understand if you can not answer, but I would be immensly pleased if you could (preferably at my myspace site – my email will be on there. (my link) thank you

  • potterfan

    There is a thing called fanfic, you know. THere are thousands of HP prequels online. Everone writes them, it’s No Big Deal. Go to Fanfiction.net of Fictionalley. There are plenty of novel-length fanfictions.
    Prequels are prequeks. Fanfic is fanfic. Mr. Lipert is perfectly allowed and entitled to do what he’s doing. Millions of fans have.

  • potterfan

    Sorry, I meant “or fictionalley” on the second line.

  • Luke A

    I have finished reading JP1 and Mr Lippert has nearly finished posting JP2 and I thoroughly enjoy both stories.

    Many people have said that because its not JK Rowling its not good I am yet to say that in my opinion it is the story that makes the book as good as it is not the author.

    And as for the American Twist, it was nice after 7 years of British and as an Australian thats a good thing.

    So keep up the good work Mr Lippert.

    Luke A

    PS I am a member of Grotto Keep, Look Out for me I’m remus_lupin_2

  • G. Norman…

    While I am just starting to read your versions, I would like to say that I am taking some credit considering you were in my Creative Writing Class all those years ago…

    Great Read…keep it going…Long Live James.

  • jay anthony

    heLLo Mr. G. Norman Lippert!

    I’m a 10 yrs old kid from the Philippines and I love to read the harry potter books. Im really sad right now because I dont know where to find your own version. Hope that you’ll send me a copy in my email address.


    Please mister.

    I really dont have any PDF adaptor thing in my computer. Hope you’ll send me a copy that can adapt to any MS word. Thank You!

    ( just taking chance if he will see this site again )

  • ALex

    J.K. Rowling …. i dont know …. her books are too stupid after reading them a lot of times i realise that … the more i read them the more mistakes i find.. i would like to read this guys book … who knows maybe better than this crazy Bi…t….ch

  • to say that “no 2nd author has ever done the original justice” is just absurd. Think about “Star Wars” sure it was originally wrote for the screen but, it also has been adapted into book form by MANY great writers, who in many cases have done more with the characters than George Lucas himself. Or what about Tolkien ? His son finished his last book for him posthumously. I think allowing others to write official stories for the Potter Universe makes sense given that both Rowling and W.B. want harry potter to last for future generations, plus if the demand lasts, she’s only going to be around for so long (hopefully a long time 🙂