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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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I read this a while ago, but, like most books, I forgot to write about it. So here goes, a day late and a dollar short.

This wasn’t nearly as good as the Potter books that preceded it, but it did contain some interesting elements. First, Harry starts to really come to terms with his own power and sense of martyrdom. Of course, though most of the book he fails to really understand that this is a plot point. Second, most of his friends and enemies understand this much earlier than he does.

The book definitely manages to sustain suspense, I really wanted to keep reading it as it went on to find out what happened. But the ending was a disappointment. It finishes with a lot of talking, fifty pages after the last action. I hate books that fail to folllow the first rule of fiction: show, don’t tell. But I was so interested in what was being told that I barely noticed, except that I knew I’d want to review the book later.

Potter showing his teenagerhood was the most interesting portion, though. He rebels against authority, with the help of his friends (to the point of all of them trying to kill an authority figure). He finds girls confusing and titillating. He’s a normal teenager, except that he doesn’t do any drugs.

If you’ve read all the Potter books, then I recommend this one. Otherwise, start with the earlier books first.

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