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Harry Potter 2 wonderful.

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Hey, I just got back from Harry Potter: Chamber of secrets and I just gotta say WOW. Most of my problems with the first film were solved in the second one. First off I felt the kid who played Harry improved his acting ten fold. Not quite Shakespeare material yet, but the boy shows promise. Hermione and Ron improved too. The pacing of this movie was amazingly better than the first one. The Sorcerers Stone had so much exposition that the movie couldn’t handle it. Meanwhile the second book which is my least favorite transferred quite nicely to the screen. Pacing and acting set aside the action was greater in this movie. This meant more fun for the teenager and more crying for the little ones. I suggest you see it at a time when you won’t be disturbed by crying or little kids talking and screaming. The screenplay was better too. There were fewer lines which felt forced and out of character. Also Hagrid has some funny lines again.

All over Id give it my sincere stamp of approval, two thumbs up, and four stars.

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