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Harper’s Island: Who’s the Killer?

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I am a Harper's Island junkie. I read the message boards, watch the episodes online Thursday nights when Canada gets the show (US airs it on Saturday), and follow all the actors and producers on Twitter. I just love the show. Eleven episodes have aired and only two are left. US gets the final episodes July 11 while they air in Canada on July 9.

Like most "Harpies," I've been guessing who the killer is since episode one. I've always wondered whether it was the Sheriff (Jim Beaver) or Jimmy (CJ Thomason) or Beth (Amber Borycki) or Nikki (Ali Liebert). Now that all of these people are dead, with the exception of Jimmy, I have my final guess: the groom, Henry (Christopher Gorham). A poll at CBS.com says 40% (at the time I'm writing this) of the people agree with me. I did most of my brainstorming with people on the CBS, IMDb, and Harper's Globe boards. Everyone there has their own opinion, but the people on the Henry bandwagon make most sense to me.

There aren't that many choices. After episode 11, we are left with Henry (Christopher Gorham), Abby, Henry's best friend (Elaine Cassidy), Trish, the bride (Katie Cassidy), Sully, the cocky jerk best man that I somehow love (Matt Barr), Shea, Trish's sister (Gina Holden), Danny, a groomsman (Brandon Jay McLaren), Madison, the flower girl and creepy 9-year-old (Cassandra Sawtell), and Jimmy, Abby's love interest and a fisherman (CJ Thomason).

There's also a second killer who was revealed after episode 10 — John Wakefield (played by Callum Keith Rennie). According to producer Karim Zreik, he isn't the main killer. The main killer is someone I mentioned in the preceding paragraph. John Wakefield killed a lot of people in episode 11 — Nikki (Ali Liebert), Shane (Ben Cotton), Cal (Adam Campbell), and Chloe (Cameron Richardson). He also killed Abby's mother seven years ago. Abby's mother and he had a child. At this time, we do not know the identity of the child, but it is speculated that the main killer and the child are the same person.

So why Henry? He seems to make the most sense to me. Any alibis he may have had are thrown out the window, because any of the victims could have been killed by John Wakefield. Going with the idea that Henry is the son, it would explain why he and Abby never hooked up even though they are close. He is always protecting Abby, not Trish. There's something weird about Abby and Henry's friendship. The killings are "all about Abby" according to victim J.D. (Dean Chekvala) and Henry is all about Abby. Her opinion is always first. He defends her more than anyone else (he got in a fist fight with Shane over her) and seems most concerned for her safety. He always travels with her. He never separates.

Continuing with the kid theory, in episode 11, Henry kept insisting that Abby shouldn't kill John Wakefield. Once again, Henry stays with Abby, not Trish. Of course, the kid isn't necessarily the killer.

Many of the people are killed with fishing equipment. Reverend Fain is found on a fishing wire. Trish's dad and Shea's cheating husband Richard (David Lewis) were both killed with whaling equipment, which is similar. Guess who is a really good fisherman? Henry. He won a fishing competition as a kid. Of course, so is Jimmy. He is a fisherman, after all.Henry is familiar with guns, as is evident when he enters a shooting competition to prove himself to Trish's family. Trish's dad (Richard Burgi) never trusted Henry.

Henry is definitely the leader of the group. He always decides who goes where and what to do. (Hey, guys, we need to stay on the island, so we can find Madison. Who cares if there's a killer? I'm safe.) Later in the series, Henry tells Jimmy to get his boat ready, so they can leave the island. Two seconds later, the boat explodes (episode 10).

After his brother J.D. dies in episode 8, Henry is seen with blood on his hands with no explanation. He is also responsible for J.D. going to jail. J.D. found a dead body (Uncle Marty, played by Harry Hamlin) and shows it to Henry and Abby. Later, the Sheriff finds Uncle Marty's phone in J.D.'s bag, so he looks like the killer. Henry lets the Sheriff drag J.D. to jail. Did Henry really believe that his brother committed these crimes? Either the writers are doing a good job setting Henry up or he is the killer. And considering it seems like after episode 11 they want us to believe Jimmy's the killer, I'm going to say Henry is not a red herring.

Henry finds Richard harpooned to a tree. How did he know where Richard was? The island is big and he just "happened" to run into him?

And let's remember who decided to have the wedding on Harper's Island? Henry. Who invited all of those people to the wedding on Harper's Island? Henry. Henry also grew up in the same city as John Wakefield (according to records on Harper's Globe,the official companion site to the TV show).

A possible motive is that Henry wants the Wellington fortune. He is the "pauper" marrying the princess. If he kills all the Wellingtons, he gets the fortune, right?

There's only one problem with Henry being the killer: the one third rule. Supposedly, one third of the people are supposed to be shocked by the killer. One third are supposed say, "I KNEW IT." And  one third are supposed to say, "Who is that?" Besides Abby, Henry is the main character on the show. The one third rule would make more sense if the killer was Shea or Danny.

Of course, CBS's tag line was "13 weeks, 25 suspects, 1 killer." Instead it was two killers, but only one was one of the 25 suspects, so who knows if the rule is actually true or misleading?

I can't wait until the finale. I actually like Henry, so I'm hoping it's not him, but I have a feeling it is. I have invested hours in this show and I can't wait to see if Henry does turn out to be the killer.

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  • katie

    i am only 10 and i watch it

  • Well I now remember why I dont normally watch a mini series . Almost didnt watch the last hour but since I had it on the dvr I did and well I will not watch another mini series so thanks CBS.

  • person

    and henry killed his almost wife guess what i am only 11 years old and i am watching this show it is interesting

  • person

    well guess what it is heanry

  • Tom

    I personally hope it is not Henry although all rationality would lead one to believe it is him. I was personally hoping for Danny.

  • Hooked Harpie

    I began to think it might be Henry after Abby found JD and Henry had blood all over himself. If you look real close at the hands of the person who shoots the State Police, they look like Henry’s hands.

    I don’t believe it is Jimmy because Abby’s dad told her to stay Jimmy. He loves you. I do believe that Jimmy was helping the Sherriff track down Wakefield and he knew Wakefield was alive.