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There are some instruments which get in the way of appreciating the music. Some for the way they sound, like the banjo (and other associations), others for the stereotypes about the type of music they make like the accordion, and others because they are just plain goofy. Like the harp.

Woody Allen had the gag in Take the Money and Run about playing cello in the high-school marching band. For the harp, it is all about Harpo Marx. Joanna Jordan plays the harp and she gets the Harpo routine out of the way.

Musically her stuff is good a blend of pop, jazz and light classics. But visually, all you can think is “she’s playing a harp!” and make a muntz. And that is really distracting such as during her video clip playing “Riders on the Storm”.

I also find it funny that she has a picture of herself playing with Jeff Healey. He’s not laughing.

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  • The Theory

    me, I like the banjo. Bluegrass wouldn’t be bluegrass without it.


  • Chubby Pecker

    Ban Jovi, hear the difference one vowel makes!