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Harley Davidson – How Do I Hate Thee

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We in the D.C. area just go treated to another tiresome rolling Geritol commercial. Thousands of RUBs [Rich Urban Bikers] came to the area on their Harley Davidson motorcycles, polluting the area with the sounds of troubled G.I. tracts.

Here’s why I hate Harleys and the dweebs who ride them:

1. For encouraging dentists to wear leather.

2. For giving away a case of DentuCreme with every new hog.

3. For disenfranchising real tough guys. The true scum and lowlifes that made Harley fearsome either can’t afford them or are ashamed to ride them. [Maybe they can become part of a protected class.]

4. For their thumping pipes, which serve no function, except to disrupt the peace.

5. For riding two abreast, because they have no balls.

6. For diluting an authentic piece of Americana.

7. For the fat asses I see spilling over the ever wider seats.

8. For the stupid looks on their faces when they drive down the street. Look at me, I’m cool!

9. For their endless, and now meaningless, displays of flag waving patriotism. It is a soulless piece of the branding effort.

10. For how shiny and endlessly chromed out their their bikes are — another sign they are just part of a laundry list of toys — and not an intrinsic part of their lifestyle.

11. For the wimps from Ohio and North Carolina who drive them here on trailers — pulled behind minivans!

Harley has become a joke.

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About Frank Giovinazzi

  • Fred

    I think the writer is being a dick…..or maybe wants to suck one…..real bikers don’t give a fuck what this queer thinks…..

  • Michael Moore

    Deal with it Bitch. Fucking Dem Baby.

  • Ackley Smithpm

    Good stuff , Thanks for sharing.

    harley starter replacement

  • Foot Clan OG

    This article and many of the opinions expressed here simply rely on goofy generalizations and stereotypes. Every single scene has douche bags and undesirables, but frankly I don’t care if a dentist wants to have his fun. Let a rich kid live out his badass fantasy. Loud pipes are music to my ears the real obnoxious noise comes from your the hole in your faces and the words you type.

  • Trevor Bredereck

    i love all makes and models years and styles. i have noticed alot of newer harley riders talking smack about jap bikes as if they never EVER buy anything from Japan. and then i see them on there I phone or Android. listing to there kenwood system on there FUEL injected Computer controled harley. note. all computer internal parts are made in japan. the Dynojet’s power commander JAPAN. THE Dyno you tune your bikes yo to make HP AT SHOP JAPAN. oh and the leather is,from s.america and the all the computer it takes to assemble and run the harley manufacturer plant all come from Japan. Remember i own a harley and a few other models. i just notice this when i ride… and yes there are some real nice people to.

  • Snake

    Real old school bikers don’t want to ride these new half jap Harleys. In fact, we didn’t buy NEW bikes. We built our bikes and made them our own. We knew every nut and bolt on our bikes. That’s why The old Harleys run for more than 100 years and still run. Personally I don’t care much for bikes made after panheads. Too much plastic and fiberglass. You want to ride an import? Fine, I don’t give a shit. Buy the crap from countries that shit on us, if that’s how you feel. I served my country to preserve our rights so any asshole can buy whatever crap they want. So go ahead and support those people who would take what you got if they got the chance. This country’s modern government supports morons just like you anyway.

    • discus

      you should seek help

    • Shagnasty

      Hateful Prejudice!!

  • vlad

    I love old Harleys you are rit about todays biker scene its fuckin ridiculous the doo rags and tassles and tattoos can get down right tiresome.i loved evil kneivel the way he wouldn’t associate himself and his Harley with the biker scene.you must have heard the joke about what the difference is between a vacuum cleaner and a Harley Davidson…….the location of the dirtbag.its just another American icon that’s been made into a mockery for profits and tshirt sales.plus lets face it these places don’t hire the top motorcycle engineers ,they have their own shops,the goofs that tend to work for big companes are college boys and weekend warriors.they should copy some of those new moto guzzi bikes,just copy them and put a Harley emblem on them ,but they need a big change.

  • Dr Why

    The Harley motorcycle has always been an icon of malevolence, and malevolence has become chic. That’s my objection. The chic malevolence.

  • Paul Shibata-Finn

    the real real reason is that your just a fucken PUSSY

  • dork bain

    This guy named Dwayne Juneau on facebook has this song on there about white vs black,…good stuff

    • vladtheimpaler

      no wonder they call you dork,wtf are you talking about

  • harleyFAGS

    Yeah Fuck harleys. Usually the riders are low class folks who feel that they are sticking it to the man; trying to justify the fact that they are the cool ones even though they didn’t really amount to much in life. Somehow you are in some way different from everyone else. Heres the thing. Respect the road and the sound waves folks. When you get your clan of friends to come blasting though major cities, you are being very disrespectful to those who live there. How about I come by your trailer park and blast through there 24-7. I’m sure at somepoint you would become annoyed by that. We already hear enough noise the way it is. I really hope that we start fining folks like NYC has started to do for their excessively loud ass vehicles. Hell China has been doing this for years and IS the reason why harley cannot sell their shitty bikes there. But Chinese likely think that Harleys are shitty western culture bikes anyhow. The the point is BE RESPECTFUL to your neighbor and if your damn bike or any vehicle for that matter is so fucking loud that it can break windows, then stay the fuck out of our major cities dicks!

    • harleyFAGS

      Oh and just to be clear. I have owned tons of bikes in my past including a harley. Guess where I rode them. In The Fucking Country where they belong and no one else has to put up with hearing you.

    • Abel Ramirez

      Whatever whiner. Go play with your gauging & your rectum. You sound like a total fucking Douche Bag Boy.

    • vladtheimpaler

      who gives a fuck about china you little yellow bugeater,im not even one of those guys and you pissed me off you little faggot.you gotta earn respect ,it isn’t given libtard.chinks can only handle mopeds.

  • Monkeyvibes

    And yet all these Harley Hater comments are from those who dont have a Harley…..go figure. You cant judge what you dont have . And everyone I have ever met that had a Harley wouldnt trade it for anything Japanese , German or British built . Harley Davidsons when correctly maintained are every bit as reliable as a German or Japanese bike . Ive owned all kinds of bikes and hands down the Harley Davidsons are superior and heres why…..
    1# Resale Value
    2# Superior Styling
    3# Torque production and peak at a low RPM
    5# Harley Davidsons are Iconic for multiple reasons . Simplicity of the pushrod V Twin and their legendary performance .
    6# Bikes like the silent grey fellow, the WWII WLA’s to more recently the FXRs
    7# They are Built For American Men and Women with a sense of duty and honor . NOT FOR THE CRYBABIES AND MANICURED PANZIES . People who talk the talk but cant walk the walk are on Jap and jerry bikes with mousse in their hair and sticks in their A.. ! So Its awesome you pecker puffin pussies dont like them

    • Dr Why

      My brother rented a Harley once, and the thing that he found most notable about it was how easy it was to operate. The Harley mania is as stupid as any public mania, and worse because it’s so pretentious.

    • Shagnasty

      Correctly maintained is the key phrase there. If you don’t wrench on a Harley you won’t be riding it for long. Been a bike service tech over 30 years now and the maintenance on most Jap bikes is relatively inexpensive and for most, much farther between service intervals than Harley. Its not just the bike payment for the Harley. The maintenance cost to keep a Harley on the road for the same amount of miles of riding per year as a Jap bike is 2 to 3 times the amount of money. And the service intervals come much sooner!!

  • Gui-Hu Fookd Yoormum

    Hands down the worst bike money can buy… Talk about a false sense of superiority…
    And I’m not even sure if the bikes or the riders are worse these days!!!
    If you buy a new Harley and it’s your first one, ride it off a cliff please, you’re a douche buying into a douche image. Seriously, you might as well buy a vape and a hoverboard just to complete said douchebag image.

    • vladtheimpaler

      I suppose you drive a camry right sellout?youre the douchebag faggot.fuckin colored asshole.

      • Gui-Hu Fookd Yoormum

        Am I supposed to feel bad for not wanting to overpay for a shaky POS? I ride a BMW you stupid cockbreathed assclown, have fun trying to look badass all the time, nobody buys it

  • Love my vtx 18oo c . And the sound is sweet, even in the presence of a Harley. A real man’s bike instead of a parade or gang favorite.

  • Popatop

    I’ll just keep riding my ol CB750.

  • Charles Ulysses Farley

    Hey, Frank the author was breastfed until he was 12, so please try to understand his anti-Harley, whining bullshit! 🙂

  • wngdweeler

    Harley Davidson led me to Victory.

  • Yepperz

    Wow…. The rants on here about HD are amazing. I get what you’re saying, regarding the arrogant posers that ride HD’s, but you gotta hand it to HD for brilliant marketing on their part! A company will do whatever it can to survive, so you can’t blame them for that. As for me, I’ve been riding since I was 13 and I’m 50 now, and most of that time were on HD’s. I own 2 antique HD’s and working on a 3rd. I was part of an infamous club when I was a kid, and you would know who they are, but fortunately I got smart and left before it was too late for me. So, I’ve seen the REAL 1% side of the lifestyle (and most of the so called 1% these days are nothing like it was back in the old days), and most of the riders out there are indeed posers. I am NOT one of them, but I am proud to be a Harley owner, and proud of their company, so if I can help them advertise then I will do so. But, most of the time I just where whatever I’ve got on at the time and ride. Now, to those of you who do not ride or never have, understand that there are some things with the gear that are necessary – Jeans, chain wallet, leather jackets, etc. These things are for protection mostly. If you ever ride a HD with shorts on… you’ll do that ONE TIME and you’ll have a nice scar burned into your right leg for the rest of your life to remind you of that stupidity. So, Jeans are important.

    And yes, loud pipes DO save lives! Saved mine several times in fact, but I agree that some people take it to the extremes… like everything else. I on the other hand do not try to be obnoxous and will idle down if I’m in a quite area etc. And BTW – If you see us looking around at you, don’t think that we’re trying to see who’s watching us like we’re bad A’s or something. We’re looking for the idiots in cars that do NOT see us! Get it? We need to make sure that you DO see us so you don’t run us over! Trust me, your insurance company is going to LOVE you if you do that… and you might even get a trip to the slammer… just sayin’. So, just remember that we MUST make sure that you see us and whatever that takes, we’ll do it. It’s not arrogance, it’s safety… because people in cars are blind or txt’ing most of the time. Pay attention! Don’t TXT while driving! You’ll save your life as well as others, and it might keep you from getting your A kicked too 😉

    • Dean Barker

      Well said.

      people forget (the Harley haters mostly) that harley are up against the jap and Italian bikes that are pretty much superior in every way, and Harley are still around. from where Im from Harley’s are expensive, but its more about the lifestyle and the brotherhood. Is there anything better than the sound of 20 harleys riding together. nope.

    • Dr Why

      The lives that want to be saved by loud pipes are lives that should not be saved.

  • Greg Geitner

    15 grand and 15 miles dont make you a biker. been riding before the credit card cellphone riders existed. im old school. chrome dont get ya home. i ride a 57 fl. no wrench, no ride.

  • Mark Hudson

    What is Frank Giovinazzi is trying to say is…..Some HarleyRider came to town and poled my wife! She finally had a real man and now calls me a wimp and laughs at my little Penis. I had her convinced they were all 2″ long but now she knows the truth…I hate you sorry bastards! and you didnt even have the common courtesy to let me blow any of you while you were here.

    • Gui-Hu Fookd Yoormum

      – Dentist acting tough on the internet… Thanks again Harley!

      • vlad

        fuck off troll

  • Mark Hertel

    What the heck is wrong with you people that want to run Harley riders over or start judging them just because they ride a Harley. I have had all 4 Japanese makes over the last 27 years from v-twins to in-line 4’s etc… My last bike was a 2012 Kawasaki Concours. It was a nice bike and arguably better build than my Harley. It’s smoother for sure. The issue is that my hip, foot, and right hand fall asleep on it after not to long a ride, and I do not need to go from 0 to 60 in 2.91 seconds anymore. I guess I am getting old!! I chose the Harley because it is comfortable and has the features I like. It has nothing to do with wanting to be “bad” or watching to many biker movies etc…After the research and a test drives I decided to take a chance on the Harley. Both the Honda Gold Wing and the BMW tourer were more expensive and the BMW has more issues that the Harley’s and a smaller support system here in the States. So now that I ride a Harley I am some sort of fag biker wannabe? I don’t buy it, and I certainly won’t be driving around trying to pick off bikers that are not on Harley’s. Take a good look in the mirror folks, some of you are just completely out of touch with reality or are just simple.

  • al

    I live where many of the local and touring groups ride to stand around and chain smoke in hushed tones. Conversely they are sometimes praying in parking lots, what a way to fuck up a weekend ride. Did not know that HD made Christian crosses, bet the Hell’s Angels are laughing themselves to death. About the clothes they costume around in, a look between Freddy Mercury and the Pirates of Penzance, yes very macho!!! Give them a fencing sword and they could do Errol Flynn remakes, phonies

    • oops77541

      “a look between Freddy Mercury and the Pirates of Penzance” LOL! That’s funny, and absolutely true.

      The reason I don’t ride ride a Harley, and I been riding forty some years, is because I just can’t be around grown men who put on all those ridiculous clothes and patches and headbands and chains and crap every time they get on their bikes. I knew one fella, he was President / CEO of some factory, he wouldn’t shave on Fridays because he was gonna ride his Harley on Saturday and he wanted to look like a real biker.
      Harleys are nice bikes. But these days Harley ain’t got nothing over any
      of the other bikes whether you’re talking performance, technical
      innovation, design, style, durability or even the cool factor. I just don’t understand why you have to cut the sleeves off your jackets to ride them.

  • free spirit

    saw this and started readingcould not understand the comments made against Harley Harley ridersI bought a Harley last year Heritage Softail Classiccovered in Chrome and I love it did some high performance mods and I love itperformance mods made it sound awesome and I love itnow I can’t wait to get out and ride my bike my suggestions to those on here who seem to hate you need to go out and find something to do get a hobby like I didit hopefully you’ll love it I also don’t understand the comments about the loud pipes I did purchase mine our performance and I wanted to be heard for those of you who say the louder pipes are useless remember sound has been used on police cars ambulances and fire trucks I assume it so if you don’t see them you hear themhope everyone find something better to do then to hate something life is find something you love and do it as much as you can because now I have a hobby I love so does my wife and I’m not going to let somebody else make a decision for me so when I ride by with that smile on my face and here standing there scowling it all mad I’ll just be waiting to see what’s over the next hill are around the next turn and the truth is I’m going to be loving it

    • Rocky Relationship

      Emergency Vehicles project sound forward to alert vehicles of their presence, not behind, which is what loud pipes do. If loud exhausts really did save lives then everyone would have them and we’d all live forever. This, of course, is nonsense. There is no empirical evidence that loud pipes save lives, only anecdotes from noisy, obnoxious turds seeking to rationalize their own immaturity and disrespect for everybody elses right to enjoy peace and quiet.

    • Doug

      For God’s sake man, ever hear of punctuation ?

  • Sid Vranes

    Dude real bikers ride they don’t blog

  • deacon frost

    Difference between a hovver vacuum cleaner and a harley. On the harley the dirt-bag is on the outside.

    • Jay Stern

      The opposite of a BMW or Volvo driver.

    • Greg Geitner


  • chuck carl

    Yah I remember when real bad asses rode Harleys meth heads antisociety criminals and most are probably in prison I think the 80s was about the end of the scum bag on a Harley know there all posers, LOL know the crotch rocket guys are the true bikers, funny how things change.

    • Mark Hudson

      Yeah Those Meth Heads were just Great Guys weren’t they? LMAO go smoke a pipe or two dipshit

  • Mabel Margaret

    Thank you for this post!

    harley starters

  • Bill

    Time to start playing bumper cars with them…

    • Mark Hudson

      Until one beats the shit outta ya then you will cry “Occifer I was just mindin my own buisness” LMAO

  • Shiz

    Outlaw the bikes that are too loud. Police are too afraid to pull them over just like they don’t pull over the low rider civics and raised 4×4 trucks that have modified mufflers. The cops are just flat out afraid of them so apparently the intimidation factor of a crappy muffler is working. Sad really.

  • Eric

    I absolutely without hesitation HATE Harleys and their arrogant, fat-assed drivers! I live in one of the most pristine parts of this great country, SW Wisconsin, and it is always so nice to have a gaggle of those idiots come rumbling by, rolling 20, 30, 40 bikes deep, not allowing anyone to pull in their drives or enter the road! Try that with a fleet of cars and we’d be locked up! And about those goddam pipes… the new highway is about 5 miles from me, and you can still hear those douche-bags putting up the road! My brother-in-law, a typical fat, arrogant, leather-fringy wearing cool guy claims “loud pipes saves lives”… bullshit! when you want someone to hear you, do you walk up to them then turn around and yell? NO!!! Overgrown children! The really sickening thing is in this area we have a lot of… shall we say… unintelligent underachievers… hillbillies on welfare… but! they can still mount their hogsters and pollute the air with the open, cat-free exhaust and loud pipes to get a fresh carton of smokes and their Busch light! Try taking a nice, peaceful convertible ride around here! JOKE! I swear the speedometers on those pieces of shit are set 5 MPH slower than cars! Also, you don’t really realize why you’re getting edgy while driving behind one of them… until you realize that, even with the wind noise and the radio playing a nice song, you still hear that ridiculous exhaust bangin’ away in front of you! I have a little sports car… if I ran open exhaust on it… BUSTED! But not those shitbag Harleys! Oooohhhhh! Made in Wisconsin! Who gives a shit! I’ll take a Ducati or BMW of one of those noiseboxes any day, and look even cooler with my color matching leathers and a nice, shiny, RESPECTFUL bike! One last rant… I am a FIRM believer in banning all vehicles (especially Harleys!) from all county, state, and especially National parks! Ever try to enjoy the Black Hills this time of year! Waste of time, nothing but irritation due to the lack of intelligence and respect those asshole have for others! I have a heart-wrenching story about Devil’s Tower and a fuck-head on a Harley… but that’s for another time… I HATE HARLEYS!!!

    • Rob Knaggs

      …So you’re not too fond of Harleys then?

    • A.J.

      Its Fucktards like you that make me love my Harley even more!!!

    • DT

      Owww poor baby! Someone cant enjoy his sunday drive in his gay little miata. Of course you would rather ride a Ducati, you do seem like a whitey tidi wearing douchebag.

    • Sid Vranes

      Dude, why you talk trash?

    • Larry

      Someone needs either a nap or an ass kicking!

      • Charles Ulysses Farley

        I say both!

    • Mark Hudson

      No….You hate real men. Say it correctly. You are a pussy and you cry on message boards because your too pussy to tell them to there face.

    • Philip McAfee

      Eric, Go fuck yourself. You must be gay so you can go home and smoke your roommate.

    • monkeyvibes

      I spent most of my early adulthood as a member of a famous group of badasses . We wore the same kinda clothes and gear not so we could all look like bad ass but for purpose and the benefits offered by them. We rode around on the same rides and did the same things and went to the same places together day in and day out . We whipped ass on anyone not that opposed us who had the guts to stand up to us. But I am proud to be a US ARMY Combat Veteran and Owner and Rider of a American made Harley Davidson and not a Jap or German built piece of crap . One only has to know history to know what te better bike is. One built by a Nation of Men willing to save the world even if it costs them their lives. Or a bike built by a nation of murderers and rapists like the German and Japanese . Kiss my Red White & Blue ass if you cant have some pride in our country , but do it as you board a plane to somewhere else Harley is #1

      • r reading

        monkeyvibes…..u can EASE OFF a little, LOL. We get it : U have an HD and are proud of it—-and u should be. U should not, however, be proud of ridiculing those of us riding other brands, period. I am a US citizen and teacher living and working in Thailand, as jobs r not common in the US right now. I believe in self-support, so i am over here at work for the time being, and guess what ? Everyone here rides either Honda , Kawie, Yamaha or Ducati…..Why ? They r reliable, fast and quite familiar to the Asian mechanics. Asian riders r very good, from a very young age, and they can outride most fat-ass Americans on any road, any day of the week. Riding conditions in most areas of Thailand are quite dangerous and would drive away many US riders very quickly, or kill them.
        This is why the locals ride the bikes they do, and i follow their lead, ’cause they are SKILLED and EXPERIENCED—–not because i hate HD.
        Point being, i say enjoy your HD and i will enjoy my CBR and we will both enjoy the open road over good beers, and not argue about bike brands…..

  • Craig

    Yup. I am 62, got my drivers license and motorcycle endorsement in 1968. Been riding 45 years, 7 of those racing AMA/WERA roadracing. Been all over the U.S. and Canada. I haven’t ridden my bike in two years because of all the loud piped, testosterone challenged wimps riding Harleys today. Ever notice, their bikes are defective and don’t idle, so they have to constantly blip the throttle. Ever notice, as they approach you, they take their left hand off the bar and look right at you making sure you see how tough they are. I followed one with a t-shirt reading “caution; does not play well with others”. He almost hit the car in front of him because he was so busy looking at people looking at him AND…he only used the rear brake. So, the guy was a pussy and a noob. The HUGE fat old pigs in hawaiian shirts, shorts and hushpuppies riding Harleys is enough to make you go blind. I remember when I could ride all day and never see another scoot. Motorcycling was a way of life, now it is a RUB or wanna-be tough-guy. Most of these wimps never get out of town. They think a “trip” is riding to the adjacent town. Yup, I think it is time for me to sell my bike. I do not want to be associated the these new wimp Harley riders. Harley-Davidson has sold out to branding and a credit card.

    • Darnyankee

      For 62 you whine like a 15 yr old call of duty playing …. Well you get the point. Lmao

      • Wannabebikers Suck

        I worked at a dealership for over ten years. I am a patch holder and officer in one of the oldest clubs in the nation. I ride a kick only Harley. That said, I am embarrassed by the fat wannabe idiots with their dealership shirts. Who else can convince some idiot to pay $30.00 for the honor of promoting their business. We used to laugh and wonder if they had to figure out which overpriced piece of fabric to wear on their weekly pilgrimage to the store. And it has been proven many times that Loud Pipes dont save lives. They piss off neighbors. I began riding in 1982 and wish these idiots would go back to golf, or boating. Dealerships are taught to pander to this “need to belong” by the motorcompany. “Welcome to the family,” or “how are you brother/sister?” The vice president of marketing for the mothership admitted that without “Easyrider” and the Hells Angels, they would have gone out of business. When asked why they whore out our lifestyle the response was pure corporate bullshit. “We market our product to the current demographic trends and what they expect from our product.” I am so glad I am done with all of that bullshit. Now I can ride and ignore the majority of harley owners. I dont have to be nice because it could effect my job. By the way, at most dealerships, the initials HOG dont mean Harley Owners Group. They stand for Homos On the Go. And for proof that i am not some 16 yr. old, the point gap for a 1972 shovel is .022 and a matchbook works wonders to set it.

        • deacon frost

          Miss the days with a kick starter. It was a bonding experience with you and your bike (sometimes bad sometimes good)

          • Jim Spencer

            I gotta say guys I ride ,and ride a f6b.I really like harleys ,shoot I like most bikes cause I’m a motorcyclist.however,I don’t get many harley riders.they wear same brand promoting shirts etc.and they do seem to look down on anything but harley.many don’t even ride that much.and the brand u ride don’t make u tough or rebel.kinda funny when u think about it.of course I know dudes who ride harley and are the real deal.think of it this way,aren’t u glad not everyone rides or wears only harley stuff.by the way am thinking of adding the breakout to my collection.I am pretty much a lone wolf rider cause well,I ride alot an don’t do clubs an all that.ride safe people good luck

        • Make believe biker

          I just wanted to add that the “lets all be Rebels by wearing the same shirt, drive the same bike and wear parrots and eye patches” makes me laugh! I have owned lots of bikes and even a couple Harley’s . Harley’s are for conformists who don’t have the guts to go their own way. Being unique means NOT following the crowd. Harley owners don’t get it. They think “custom foot pegs ” makes them unique . Be proud , you make believe bikers and be cool in a crowd of cookie cutter losers just like yourself.

        • Doodle

          1) Point gap info easily found on google. 2) why you hate people who wanna ride? You have some issues, you act like you should be the only one who deserves the joy and freedom of riding because you have a patch? Ive been riding just as long, and the reason I have a Harley is because all Ive owned were sh!t bikes and someone felt sorry for me and gave me a deal. Its a great bike, other than the general maintenance, shes a keeper. I wear leather because Ive already had a piss head jump in my oncoming lane and take me out. so if that makes me a wanna be cool guy then ya Im cool. I dont ride without leather, even in 35 degree Celsius weather, I am nice, and I am nice to guys and girls who ride Rockets, cruisers, even scooters. I dont judge because I am each and everyone of those people every time I ride. So to you and to the guy who started this thread, I suggest some deep soul searching, because if something so simple as a Harley rider gets you all jerked outta joint, I could`nt begin to think what a mini van driving soccer mom does to you. Find your own happiness, who cares about what everyone else does, that`s just lame sh!t, ride, smile, live free and enjoy that freedom with everyone even the chicks with the big big titties. Imagine if you were sayin all this and some chick with big big titties heard you? Sh!t, that would suck.

    • Jay Stern

      Guest. You are one grumpy SOB. You obviously forgot how people are different and that you are the one who now can’t stand things loud, obnoxious or different, as I am sure you were just like this to the “older generation” years ago. Sorry you lost touch with reality. Hope you enjoy waiting for your grave, as you have one foot in it already.
      Signed, a Street Glide owner who loves the bike, ride, freedom and noise.

    • Jeff

      You need to sell your bike. You’re a crying little bitch that most likely lied about everything you just wrote…

  • Rodwrencher

    My bike is better than yours because I ride this or that kind of bike. Any bike of any brand can give you trouble. I could say that goldwings are junk because mine spun a bearing, nevermind the fact that it was twenty yrs old with 50k on it. Or I could say magnas are shit because the shaft drive locked up on the one I owned, nevermind that it was a salvaged bike fixer upper with 38k I bought for 300 dollars. My Intruder never gave me any problems yet so that means Suzuki must make the best “gawdahm moter sickel in the whirl” Nevermind that its 5 yrs old with only 12k on it. I don’t care what you buy or how much you spend, they all wear out with yrs and miles. If it has tires or tits its going to give you problems someday. I don’t give a damn what you ride, the important thing is that you ride something and enjoy the wind in your hair. If you ever get to colorado hit me up and we can go for a cruise.
    BTW Balerick42 I have been following your posts for several years now, and by now I’m sure everybody gets your point on every bike you’ve owned and that the Harleys have been your most reliable ride. That is awesome. I’m glad you enjoy your H-D, but you sound like a damned broken record. Just Saying

  • balerick42

    Well, I see the same top level thoughtful comments are still being posted on this thread *sarcasm*. Guess the crap posts are appropriate though. They go along with the crap article. Truth is what brand of motorcycle you ride is just a personal preference, like which car you drive, what toothpaste you use, what brand of underwear you wear, what type of woman you prefer….. personal opinion. I have ridden for over 30 years, owned half a dozen Harleys along with a bunch of Jap bikes. Never had a single problem with any Harley. Had stator and carb problems with the Goldwing, electrical issues with a Yamaha, engine issues (multiple) with a suzuki. But again, ride whatever type trips your trigger, whether its a bike, or a woman….

  • Skizzy

    Harleys suck ass, as do all their owners, for the same price you could drive a top flight european bike like a BMW, which is way better built, as are every japanese bike at half the price. I’m American and hate Harleys and the idiots that ride them. Just about any bike is better then a Harley, and you don’t have to act like a douche, when you drive them.

  • Josie

    Fine article but I don’t know that I agree. But then, folks consider me difficult at the best of times! Appreciate it.

  • Rob

    Never had any desire to own a bike that breaks down more than any other make on the market and to be the most expensive!
    Surely, the performance of their motors are sub par in comparison to any metric motor.
    I honestly never seen a Harley model that intrigued me in style or looks old or new.
    Folks, don’t be steered by the popularity of the name or logo branding. Most things made in the USA are junk simply because we are a lazy ass people in this country and don’t have the level of pride taken in our jobs like the Japanese people.
    You will be so much more happier of a rider on a Suzuki or Honda in my opinion are the best bikes on the road today. Cruiser or sport.

  • Terry

    Harley riders = big little boy throwing a tantrum.

  • Your Mom

    Are Harleys old? No. They have:
    EFI, ABS, computer-managed rear cyllinder control, throttle-by-wire, and a host of other very modern innovations.
    Are Harleys slow? No. You can go from 0-60 on a 800-lb Road King in about 4 seconds (stock). You can get the big, heavy, bulky Road King up to 120, which is plenty fast enough to get you killed.
    Are Harleys maneuverable? Yes.
    You can have a great time in the twisties at Deals Gap and get through there in respectable time.
    Look at Ride Like a Pro vids and see how great they are to maneuver.
    Are they expensive? Yes.
    Why? Because Americans are the principle people behind their production. This means H-D has to pay American wages, benefits, and health care. Plus, the workers are Union, which means H-D has to pay more. You want American made? Pay for it. You want Americans to have jobs? Buy stuff that is made here, pay more, and quit your bitching, you hypocrite!
    Are they a sport bike? No.
    They are not designed to be that. They are for touring and cruising, not racing. Duh.
    Can you go off-road on a Hayabusa? No. Do you fault it for this inability? No. It is not built for that. Duh.
    It’s like saying submarines suck because they can’t fly!
    If you are in the antiharley or antisportbike or antijapanese or antiamerican crowd, then you are the same as our chimp cousins.
    Oook Oook. You different from me. Me hate you. Here, me fling poop at you!

  • Scott 1967

    Harleys are for men.

    Everything else is just kids toys.

  • Snitter

    Ice Cream is good,…

    Harley =- Badass

    Honda = imitation wannabe harley

  • Super Dave

    Crotch rockets are SOOOOOOOOO friggin gayyyyyyyy!!!

    Obama sucks too.

  • Dr Evil

    Harley is Great everyone else can die.

  • MaddMark


    Oh, and my 06 Dyna Wide Glide !!!

  • MaddMark

    Can we have ice cream now ?

  • dave

    I’ll keep my branded over a hawg anyday

  • Hollis Kline

    I’d say resentments and judgements are a spiritual malady you might want to deal with if you ever desire any kind of spiritual growth this lifetime.
    Rev Biker Harley Streetglide with a 100,000 miles on it

  • Ed

    Well, I love this initial post. He’s speaking truth. That being said…I own a 1999 Fatboy.
    Let’s be real. All you punks threatening to kick ass or whatever are a joke. Maybe you can kick ass, but you’re still a joke because you’re an idiot. A real fighter keeps his mouth shut and waits. You want to mess with me? ok. The minute you get into my space I will kick, bite, scratch, pick up whatever is heavy and attempt to send you to the hospital or grave.
    HD mototrcycles are NOT what they were in terms of style, riders, etc. They have become a status symbol since the late 80s -90s when the .commers started making real money and basically made HD a corporate joke. Go to a Harley store and try to buy regular gloves or a helmet. 3-4x the price of a equal item and not only that, but 9x out of 10, they are sub-par.
    HDs are an “American” name, but not for what they originally represented but for thier “status”. HDs are not the best bikes around..period. If you think so you are a brainwashed fool. BUT they are the “coolest” ONLY because of name. That’s just how it is. You can have a 30K custom Yahmaha, but when telling someone of your bike, it wont mean crap compared to saying “I have a Harley” even if it is a girley Sportster. This is the age of meaningless crap. Dont fool yourself into thinking you are above it. The 50s to 70s are over and anything else is a wannabe.

  • Honda Harry

    One of the best articles on Harleys

  • jim putnam

    the people said way long ago it matters not what you ride as long as you ride. Get along you fuckers, i have frends that ride HD. and suzuki and kawasy,s get a grip and have fun

  • anonymous

    Harleys are nice bikes and worth the price. If you dont get it, oh well the fake jap v-twins are for you fellas who cant afford the real thing. Theres a saying that its different on a Harley and well, it is. If you can get over your hate and test drive one you will see for yourself. P.S. If you want one and dont want to lay out fifteen or so grand, there are plenty of used ones around with low miles for fairer prices so quit whining about price. The Jap v- twin was made for cheapskates which means there are people who want Harley style bikes but are cheap, same as cheap living trailer folk.

  • Jeff

    Just laying down to sleep with my wife and some jackass Harley came ripping up the street. I am patriotic and buy American whenever possible but hate the obnoxious POS Harley sound. Get a life and quit disturbing mine. BTW I ride 13k miles a year on another brand. A much quieter brand. I might like Harleys if they didn’t have the stupid macho image attached to them.

  • CBR Rider

    Best uses for a Hardley Ridable is leave it in the shed, use it to get to court and back, visit your drug dealing pimp thug friends in jail, or take fat goons to alcohol fueled events.

  • Gina

    All of us moto-girls are laughing at you boys and your dick measuring contests…

  • RICH

    Its Not the Harley that bothers me it,s Most of the peolpe that ride them. They actually believe That it is the best bike, What that is based on Sales reliability,Technology,Resale,Race preformance oh yes they dont compete in Moto Gp American riders have to ride Imports to compete in Racingi dont know , But as an American i am free to choose what i want to buy because thats what america is freedom,Harley has become an image sold to unsuspecting consumers,Harley is decades behind in technology engine wise suspension the whole thing,As far as america competeing Moto Gp Well not gonna be Harley. Heres another thing i aint afraid to dance with any harley rider

  • JRB

    But I could never own one,
    if it wasn’t for the fact that almost everbody hates you,and your regarded as bad boy wannabee, or what we call here in ozz a weekend warrior, I would rather own motorcycle that still has some respect, and quality, and not associated with some idiotic attitude, my pick would be a triumph or bmw, just leave the harleys to the masturbaters that ride them..

  • someone

    seriously i would be completely okay with bike riders if they DIDNT MAKE THEIR RIDES SO DAMN LOUD its not for safety thats bullshit, its because they want attention, i have a neighbor with a harley and every night he revs his engine like a total fag, for those harley riders who are considerate of others, thankyou, for the true fags wearing nazi looking helmets with horns and metal studs with their asses falling off both sides of the seat, grow up please

  • Giles Farmer

    Andy at number 5.

    I like the “riding and donating”” remark. Donating what? Organs?

    Harley culture is just plain stoopid, with their arse-hanging-out-leather chaps, fingerless gloves, flimsy leather waistcoats, live to ride eagle tattoos, pointless little helmets, facial hair, overweight scoots with too high bars, forward controls so high they may as well be a hand shift, Maltese crosses and cobwebby designs, semi naked babes painted onto the tank…..all looking as if the bike was designed by a 12 year old boy.
    Bros riding round town, sneaking a sideways glance at themselves in a shop window.


  • Bodford

    I couldn’t agree more. I ride a motorcycle for my commuter. I ride in all weather. My motorcycle is a way of life for me. Sometimes I spend days at a time getting lost on backroads, where I live that’s easy to do. When spring rolls around my KLR is covered in road salt and mud while all the Harleys I see have a nice coat of storage dust. If you really want to piss off a Harley rider, ask them how it goes in the mud? As for loud mufflers, they are utterly useless. No amount of crap on your bike will save you from a stupid cager, that’s just the way it is. I saw the comment about the 6,000$ Harley, that maybe but be honest with yourself what do parts cost? What is the engine life expectancy. The life expectance on my bike well maintained is 80,000 the average life of a Harley is 40,000. Try cranking that beast in negative 2 degrees F. I can rebuild my engine for damn cheap. Lets face the US Marine corp didn’t pick an Ultraglide for their motorcycle, they did pick a KLR. Cruisers are for pansy riders that aren’t commited. I put my money where my mouth is too, I live in Burnsville NC just ask anyone where to find the red KLR. They’ll point you to me. 🙂

  • biker

    When you buy a Harley, you’re buying an image not a high performance machine that wins any races. It’s not Harleys that are winning any races. That is simple fact. It’s all about branding with a Harley. Its all about proving how American you are by going with a Harley. That in of itself is stupid because if you’re web browsing now, the computer you are using is made in some Asian country, and if you own an automobile, it’s absolutely certain even if it’s a Ford, Dodge, or any other originally American car, that the parts are a mix and match of foreign-made parts, i.e. a 2005 Dodge Stratus uses the same engine as the Mitsubishi engine used in the 2005 Eclipse. The trash can that you have by Rubbermade is made in China. The plastic container used to hold left-overs is made in China. The pencil that you have is made in China. Most every damn thing in your house is probably made not in America. So if you buy into the I buy Harley because it’s American, then you are a hypocrite. Harley is actually great business smarts, and the CEO knew how to sell branding when the company was about to go under when he turned it around. In reality, the engineers of foreign makers are far superior for motorcycles. In America, we make better fighter jets, submarines, ships, but for motorcycles, foreign makers are simply better and have put more R & D into it. Engineers learn from racing and rider feedback, and Harleys aren’t the ones that are winning.

  • q

    I belong to an mc, few bikers ride harleys anymore. Most ride bikes with better engineering. Even sonny barber traded in the Harley, and called them junk in his book.

  • don’t get it

    i rode hondas for 20 years and stopped riding mcs 10 years ago. but i have friends who ride and i am considering a come back. i have been asking questions, and researching harleys and found this website forum. wow, the strong feelings about harleys both ways. what ever happened to live and let live, or in this case ride and let ride? anyway its all good info in my research. i am looking at a harley and if i take the plunge again it will be a harley. i loved my hondas, never a problem. i drive honda cars and love them. its harley time.

  • balerick42

    I see nothing wrong with the Harley Owners Group. Big deal, you are required to own a harley to be a member, no different than having to own a Mustang to be in a Mustang Club, or a Corvette to be, etc. etc. etc. Get over yourselves. I’ve owned several brands of motorcycles over 30 years of riding, including 4 Harleys. I have not had any trouble with the Harleys I have owned, but did with the Goldwing (stator and fuel pump) and the Yamahas (multiple carbs). I like Harleys, and I like Hondas (cruisers). I have no use for sportbikes, Yamahas, Kawasakis, or Suzukis, but to each his own.

  • steve

    ’85 goldwing, 2 xs1100’s, buell & vstar.lotta new riders out there, don,t wave, playin the part.Just enjoy riding, I do, october , & I,m stll ridin.I,d like to have a Harley.

  • Fuckharleys

    rattling overpriced oil leaking pieces of shit

  • topcraig

    Hi JC, you must be a really cool guy, nice to see you here on a blog intended to flame a part of the population so different from yourself. Harley Davidson is a lifestyle choice, nothing to do with biker gangs or being cool. I have ridden Harleys since I was 18 years old. I bought my first one while a Marine overseas; had it delivered to my hometown Harley dealer. Now I am in my fifties and I hang with all the other Harley enthusiasts as we go on organized rides and functions. We even have a regular Saturday meeting at the dealership with a BBQ and a live band. We choose to enjoy ourselves and socialize and live our lives on our terms. It is very different than your lifestyle choice of sitting at a computer, popping zits, relentlessly criticizing everyone, and constantly masturbating to pictures of guys riding crotch rockets……

  • JC

    Harley Riders dress like they just left a gay bar. Or is it people at a gay bar dress like Harley riders? Either way, they all look like ass pirates.

  • Truth

    *Just FYI to let most of you know- people my age 25-30 think you are ALL fags.. just saying. You ride a big bike.So what. You’re middle-aged has-been’s that are going through midlife crisis and have an ego problem. (See also-Cops)

  • Honda Rider

    Harley riders are like a bunch of high school girls who won’t be your friend if you don’t own the right brand of over-prices sneakers.

  • Tough Guy

    Harley riders are such tough guys. Look at all the tough guys here, being tough on the internet. So tough.

    Harleys are to guys what fake tits are to chicks. “Hey, look at me! Attention please! Just LOOK!”

  • CBR Rider

    The biker gangs and gangs are not that tough either in that they will usually not fight one on one. It’s usually 10 of them jumping on one guy who isn’t in the gang and the fight is over something that the gang probably started in the first place.

  • CBR Rider

    The motorcycle Eric Buell built since he left Harley Davidson, the EBR 1190, is bad ass! The bike both looks the part and is the part. The BS he had to put up with under Harley Davidson produced mediocre bikes due to Harley Davidson’s insistence that they use Harley Davidson motors. Or if the bikes were decent such as the Buell 1125 then it was the butt ugliest bike you had ever seen because of Harley Davidson’s FEAR or LAZINESS of competing with the Japanese, Germans, and Italians.

  • haha

    Another thing about these supposed tough bikers….they’re really super freaking sensitive pussies! Everyone I know with a short fuse who will fight over a small (real or imagined) slight or a cross word or to…is emotionally hobbled and actually crazy sensitive. That’s why many of them use emotion blunting drugs as well. It’s strange that the actual tough guys who will not risk jail or maiming someone over a person saying “kiss my ass” to them or seen as pussies.

    Before bikers leave the house how long do you think it takes them to pick out all the little wristbands and things they will wear for the day? So sad….

  • haha

    Hmm..thought of another group of pseudo-hard asses with a hard on for fashion: the tacticool/militia types. You know the ones that have never been in harms way but have tons of military clothing and arms. They actually like to wear bracelets now made out of paracord LMAO!

  • haha

    I’m not doubting that a lot of real bikers are tough guys. But it always seems odd how many supposed tough guys seem so fashion conscious. All the various leather and different necklaces and wristbands and insignias. You’d think a real hard ass would prefer to wear simple clothing they didn’t put much thought into. Just seems vain and kinda girly.

  • F_your_HD_cult

    I don’t know if it’s that they are fågs, or if it’s just that Harley riders are very easily sold to. First and foremost, Harley has convinced their sheep that their bikes are American, although about half of the bike is foreign. Kawasaki is assembled in Nebraska and Honda is assembled in Ohio, all by American workers. So what’s the difference? A lazy-ass American union.

    Harley has become expert at extracting every last cent from their devotés. Whether it’s a $500 HD jacket, $250, boots, $60 t-shirts, or $2,000 in HD tattoos, Harley riders cling to and donate to their cult like Scientologists.

    So go ahead and spend every last dime of your retirement money or your doctor/lawyer salary on “sweet, trendy Harley gear”. Your sticker price was twice that of my Vulcan. You also pay twice in tax, insurance, accessories, parts, etc. than I do. And all for a shittier bike. Who’s the retard?

  • Dude

    Import vs Domestic, Hightech vs Lowtech, price vs value. Sounds like a very old argument/debate. No I am not a RUB, just a blue collar guy trying to enjoy life – but do have a combined (I’m married) income that would rival any RUB. Born in the USA and proud of it – a minority at that, when asked my nationality? AMERICAN. I started out on 2 wheels at twelve riding a Taco 22 with a 3.5 Briggs and Stratton, graduated to a Honda trail 50,70. From their Kawasaki 75 and then to a Yamaha 80. Progessed up to a Honda CB750 four and then to a Kawasaki Z900. Took a break for many years and got into mountain biking (no motor). Few years ago got into dirt riding and got a Kawi KX 250, was a pain trailering it all the time just to go the local off road park. Started looking at some sportbikes and yes they are kick ass! Hightech, lightweight, fast, cost efficient, good looking. But the reality of is I am 54 now and how would I look on sportbike? So I looked at some Harley’s, and yes they are somewhat expensive and less performance oriented. I have the need for speed but have to admit that riding ANY bike over 120mph is scary. I opted to buy a Harley Sportster Forty-eight which for this point in my life fit my stature/age and I enjoy it. I hate big dressers/bagger by the way… So I have no brand loyalty… To me it is not the type of bike it is, that is not why I ride – I ride for the enjoyment it gives and well as the rush and being on the edge, I feel alive. I ride, for myself and no one else. And all bikes do have their inherent problems and short comings What is the big deal on who rides what? Okay your dick is bigger than mine, your pussy cost more, so what.

  • Dude

    Import vs Domestic, Hightech vs Lowtech, price vs value. Sounds like a very old argument/debate. No I am not a RUB, just a blue collar guy trying to enjoy life – but do have a combined (I’m married) income that would rival any RUB. Born in the USA and proud of it – a minority at that, when asked my nationality? AMERICAN. I started out on 2 wheels at twelve riding a Taco 22 with a 3.5 Briggs and Stratton, graduated to a Honda trail 50,70. From their Kawasaki 75 and then to a Yamaha 80. Progessed up to a Honda CB750 four and then to a Kawasaki Z900. Took a break for many years and got into mountain biking (no motor). Few years ago go into dirt riding and got a Kawi KX 250, was a pain trailering it all the time just to go the local off road park. Started looking at some sportbikes and yes they are kick ass! Hightech, lightweight, fast, cost efficient, good looking. But the reality of is I am 54 now and how would I look on sportbike? So I looked at some Harley’s, and yes they are somewhat expensive and less performance oriented. I opted to buy a Harley Sportster Forty-eight which for this point in my life fit my stature and age and I enjoy it. I hate bit dressers/bagger by the way… So I have no brand loyalty… To me it is not the type of bike it is, that is not why I ride – I ride for the enjoyment it gives and well as the rush and being on the edge, I feel alive. Thats why I ride, for myself and no one else. And all bikes to have their inherent problems and short comings What is the big deal on who rides what? Okay your dick is bigger than mine, your pussy cost more, so what.

  • jhonny

    I like very much harley bikes, I pick my 48 day ago, my second HD, but I really dont like encounters, and the leather pants bad guy dressup bullshit they sale and those many add on parts with logos everywere.
    I guess many people find a personality in HD if they lack of one…
    Im 35 years old, c diver, like family, friends, my girl, and that nice bike, wear sport normal clothes, jean, polo, sweater

  • ricardo

    hey d jenninngs what r you referring to?

  • ricardo

    but maybe i should add something to that, i have just finished a few repairs to a friends soft-tail and ofcourse test rode it a few times and ive ridden and fixed bikes since i was a kid and sure the harley is very heavy and primitive in design but so is the whole guzzi range but they too have there pros and cons as do all makes,jap,euro,british,american and so on!
    i love them all and will never feel embarrased on any bike and that comes with riding experience on all surfaces which in the end determines the important difference.happy riding to all!

  • ricardo

    its all good

  • pj

    anybody can ride just like anybody can drive a car. tuff will always be defined by an individual not a motorcycle

  • Proud Harley Owner/Rider

    Harleys sell more new and used bikes to people from age 18 to age 34 than any other motorcycle manufacturer — and that’s for all size bikes. Harley still leads in sales to people in the older brackets as well.
    Suck it, nimrods.

  • balerick42

    snow after snow here in the Midwest. Hope Spring comes early!

  • Steve

    I’ve been thinkin about gettin a Harley. I just can’t seem to find a car that suits me. Also thanks to the awesome rush I’ve gotten just from ridin a bike real fast (usually down a hill). I never really take notice to the noise it makes, just the way it looks is enough to make it cool as hell. I don’t like these new “crotch rockets” that much. Probably because of the noise (contradicting a little), and the squashed up and hunched over position you usually have to be in. I also guess I’d want one for the sense of freedom, which is what the real bikers usually want. A way to melt the stress away from their life. Then there are the ass holes goin through a midlife crisis and the attention whores with micro-penises. Those are the guys that you must be complaining about. They try to make their bikes as loud and obnoxious as possible, giving real bikers a bad name. It’s shameful really

  • South African biker

    Hay guys lets face it for me it all depends on the individual. I bet a Hells Angel here in Johannesburg does not give a shit what people think of him as he rides his unwashed, stripped, matt black hog… You will know yourself if you are a poser or a biker and or motorcyclist enjoying a hog. The bike does not matter, its the riders heart and attitude that makes a bike…Thing is I have ridden Ducati Monsters for ten years every day of my life and I cant wait to add a stripped Hog to my garage…In the spirit of the hippie 60’s I will ride that Hog flat out every day for years. If folks laugh at me in the traffic then thats their issue. Yes they are slow and vibrate but thats the attraction.If your steat is a Rice Rocket then big up and enjoy it. Bikers are the biggest bitches in the world. Better two wheels than a cage! Peace brothers

  • The mild ones

    Has to agree. HD sucks! Wanna good bike. Try a victory.

  • Hardley “runs” davidson

    HD= overpriced lump of overheating iron. Damn, they can’t even claim to be American bikes anymore. Has HD ever heard of a liquid cooled engine? Oh yea, the “BMW” v-rod. What was I thinking? Now maybe your HD t-shirts and hats can be made in India…along side your bike. Hahahaha. I better stop laughing. This is sad!

  • Ace

    Hate to say it. Just got back into riding again after a few years and HD did not impress me. I love the look of the overpriced HD line, but in the end I paid cash for a better built and better looking bike. I got a honda fury. I also paid a fraction of the Harley price. Not a HD hater…just making a better choice for a better bike.

  • Metricman

    At long last Harley davidson is finally showing their true colors. HD bikes are some of the most poorly built bikes in the world. Come on…. A non liquid cooled v-twin! Even Honda motors has tried to help them. Now Honda has the best built cruiser line in the world. Btw…HD is now building in India. Not to worry…..their apparal is still made in china. American made…..hahaha! And to anyone who says the metrics are trying to copy HD. Keep dreaming. HD didn’t invent the v-twin. Don’t hate the bike….hate the dumb riders.

  • derp

    You know, Harley or not, most motorcycles are obnoxiously loud – I can’t tell you how often, whether in the middle of the day or the middle of the night, the silence is raped and shat all over by some inadequate, posturing half-brain who has to draw attention to himself by violating the soundspace of entire neighborhoods. “Hey, hey – you guys – EVERYONE, look at me! VROOM, VROOM! I’m cool now, right?” Get over your dicks.

    REAL MEN RIDE BICYCLES – you know, they require strength, endurance, willpower, commitment, are silent, and don’t shit all over everyone’s day; motorcycles require a tank of gas and the turn of a wrist.

  • Proud Harley Owner/Rider

    Harleys are wonderful! They ride great, feel light and nimble, accelerate well, turn on a dime, run well, and they look and sound amazing! I also love the cameraderie of the Harley Owner’s Group. Lots of riding opportunities, and plenty of friends to make along the way. Yeah, Harleys are wonderful!
    (Not saying anything bad about other brands.)

  • balerick42

    I have ridden for over 30 years. In that time I have owned several brands of bikes, including at least 3 harleys, 2 kawasakis, 3 Yamahas, 3 Hondas, and a Suzuki. I currently own a 2007 Harley Softail Custom and an 03 Honda Shadow Spirit 750. I have NEVER had a mechanical problem with any Harley I have owned. I cannot say the same about the other brands, be it the stator and starter in the Goldwing, wiring problems with the Suzuki or the carbs in the Yamaha. My Honda has a good engine, but feels cheap. It is fun to ride anyway, as it reminds me of the old rat bikes. My Softail is the best bike I have ever owned. I will never be without a Harley again as long as I continue having the good experience of ownership I’ve had. I ride it because I like it. I don’t give a shit what others think, one way or the other.

  • 77 yamie

    harleys are overpriced unnreliable rattletrap pieces of crap. the only reason anyone would buy one is for the “badass” image. my 77 tripple is a better bike than any bike harley ever built.if one wants to stand out and be an individual he has to ride something other than a harley or the look alikes bottom line. hells angels and other 1% ers are used to making bad decisions in life, so riding a harley seems natural to them.
    you so called rebels are just sheep being led by the marketing hype. [Edited]

  • CBR Rider

    Amen, JC!

  • JC

    Harleys have a lot of Japanese parts on them. FACT! The Japanese parts are the only things holding those “American Made” pieces of crap together.

  • Maikeli7

    @ Tenngirl:
    Well said!

  • tenngirl

    I am a new lady rider. Just got a Harley Davidson Sportster 1200C. I love it. I wave at fellow bikers, I don’t care if they are on a fully dressed hog or a sport bike, they are fellow bikers. Now if you don’t wave back because I am on a Harley and you are on a Honda, then that’s your hang up. The very first job I ever had at 17 was working in a Honda, Yamaha dealership. I have always loved motorcycles, no matter what kind. Just know if you happen to be crusing through Tennesse and you happen to have roadside trouble, if I see you, I am going to stop and help you. Don’t care what you are riding. Peace brothers and sisters.

  • Get Real

    It’s always funny to see guys like “Gerry Skids” act tough online. Last time I checked tattoos didn’t give you super powers. Only a small percentage of tattood losers are tough, and it’s probably a smaller percentage than what you’d find in the general population. Usually it’s just attempted camouflage for scared little punks who want to look “tough”. Hmmm, kinda reminds you of the average Harley guy that’s typically 20 to 30 years past his prime. LOL

  • Mack

    Yes harleys suck let me show you how tough I am I wear a little bowl on my head and let cigarette ashes hit me in the face stupid idiots

  • jay

    BOB you doth protest to much, Harleys are shoddy, I should know I have had plenty

  • Tiro

    Harley guys thing they mad tough and shit.
    One of them got his ass handed to him right here in Cambridge MA, by a 20 year old kid for throwing gum at him at the lights because he thought he was the shit. the harley dude was about 250lb big guy got fucked up by a 180lb baddd. Alot of people witness it and were shocked they not as tough as they look. those harley wimps better watch out who they fuck around with old farts. Respect to the cool ones who wave at you when you ride by.

  • dennis lundquist

    Had two older full dress harleys. Both were stolen! When they
    went away. most of the real fun of motorcycling went with them.
    Your right, Harleys are way to expensive but so are the others.
    Couldn’t afford these prices so I bought used japenese. Good machines but exceedingly boaring to ride!
    Harleys=good times.
    Japenese including goldwing which I have owned for thirty years,= very good machinery but almost complete bordom when
    compared to a harley. Harleys are fun, that’s there thing!

  • kawasaki 636

    All the anger over the brand of bike really confuses me. I am one of those young (21) guys who rides sport bikes I ride in stunt shows with my cbr and use my kawasaki for track days and for any riding on public streets. I find it interesting that some of the coolest bikers i’ve ever met are the guys on harleys who look like they bought a bike in 1960 and havnt gotten off of it since. The way they can talk about bikes and bike trips etc with anyone regardless of what they ride makes me respect them. Its sad that people out on bikes with such a big chip on their shoulder about who is riding what usually are some doctor who puts his leathers on and gets on his harley on the weekend and thinks hes some big badass. Or the guy on his sport bike who thinks he’s the shit because he just learned how to do a power stand. Both have two things in common. 1. neither can usually ride a motorcycle for shit 2. Both are ruining the motorcycle community.

  • bad motherf****er

    joe canadian, quiet down or the U.S.A will wipe your piss ant country off the globe! You should be kissing our hairy ass, your simple country wouldbehistory if we didnt take pity on you!!

  • bad motherf****er

    If you HARLEY OWNERS THINK THAT YOUR OLD SCHOOL SHITBOX IS MADE OF ALL AMERICAN PARTS, YOUR ARE AS STUPID AS YOU LOOK RIDIN IT!!! Talk about a overpriced,underpowered,poor excuse for a motorcycle!! The crome and the loud pipes are proof that its just a paper tiger. Remember,”you can put crome on a turd,” but its still a piece off SHIT !!

  • John Wilson

    The days of the loud moto exhaust are over. Everyone I know is upset at the intrusive noise. It’s surprising that the loud “blat-blat” is still fashionable among bikers after all these years.

  • Big PeePee

    The only people who bitch, whine and complain about Harley’s are people who wish they had one themselves, but are too scared to ride one. Like the original poster. Harely’s were not made to be a “rebel’s” bike. They were made for the everyday man to enjoy. Get your history straight. And for the love of god, stop whining. You couldn’t handle yourself on a Harley or in a bar, that’s why you don’t ride one. Remember who bombed Pearl Harbor.

  • Ed is stoopid

    Ed, I feel sorry for you. “Denigrates”? No: Degenerates. “You would know a good bike. . .”? No: You wouldn’t.
    If you are going to insult someone’s intelligence, you have to have some yourself first.
    Go back to school, you vulgar, half-witted oaf.

  • maikeli7

    Just because I put Dr. Scholl’s in my shoes, this does not mean I am trying to make them into marathon sneakers. H-D riders are like everyone else, wanting to get more from what they already have. Suping up one’s ride has nothing to do with wanting to turn it into something it is not. Harley riders don’t want to make their bikes into sportbikes. I have never seen even one case where I Harley rider put big ol’ plastic outer shells on his bike and rigged it to be liquid-cooled. It doesn’t happen because Harley riders are not looking to emulate sportbikes.
    As with any group, you will find a diversity in what they choose to ride. Older riders are no different. There is also a sizeable segment of younger riders who are getting into Harleys now. My own brother, a 30-year-old quasi-hippe living on Oahu, Hawaii, just bought a Sportster after years of riding sportbikes and a metric cruiser. He says that by far, his lowly Sportster is his favorite. Must be something to that big, old, fat, lumbering, leaking, piece of junk HOG!
    Comparing metric cruisers to Harleys is appropriate, but not comparing Harleys with sportbikes. They are made for different purposes.
    As for those of you who love to despise Harleys, I actually derive a sick sort of pleasure from my choice of ride in knowing that it irks you to see me and other Harley riders out on the road.
    You may despise my choice of ride all you wish; you may pray for the MoCo to go teets-up; you may even turn your full-face-helmetted nose up at me as I throw you a convivial wave, but I’ll still be out there on my Road King Classic, enjoying myself capitally, and snickering all the while at the ridiculouness of the Harley haters.
    Stay safe out there, fellow riders!

  • CBR Rider

    It is valid to compare sport bikes to Harley Davidsons for a few reasons. One reason is that Harley Davidson owners have shown an interest in high performance by regularly souping up their motorcycles. The first thing a lot of Harley Davidson owners do is upgrade the performance of their bikes with Screaming Eagle exhausts, jet kits, and air filters. They also install high performance pistons, cams, and rods to name just a few more performance upgrades.

    Second, there is a large group of sport bike riders in the 40 to 55 year old age range which is the same age range as many Harley Davidson owners. I say again there are many sport bike riders in the 40 to 55 year old age range. Japanese motorcycle manufacturers were surprised that this age group did not switch over to cruisers as the manufacturers expected they would. Apparently, there are more then a few riders in this age group as Kawasaki has responded by offering the Z1 which is a high performance motorcycle with an upright riding position that might appeal to this group instead.

    Another reason to compare sport bikes to Harley Davidsons is when comparing one manufacturer to another. The comparison is fair when one company offers a bike that Harley Davidson cannot or will not offer.

  • BikeSnobsAreFools

    Just read that the newest Honda VFR 1200 is retailing for $15,000 – at least. A Road King from Harley costs just about the same. There goes any argument about one being cheaper than the other!

  • not harley

    I have to agree the Harleys have gone down hell in the last years. I’ll take a Victory or a chopper and they are built better. Harley Davidson charges a 100.00 for a shirt made from China that cost 10.00 to make. I do not promote Harleys at all and they are just like a dog both love to ride in the back of a truck.

  • balerick42

    Entry #2154 was very interesting and made some good points. I don’t have a problem with different bike preferences. My problem has always been more with the dangerouos rider, be it the young punk kid who feels it necessary to get on a sportbike and do 140 on a public highway, or a middle-age guy who rides his harley from bar to bar on a poker run getting more and more sloshed as he goes. DUI laws should be enforced with real jail time, and reckless riding laws should be strenghtened to include mandatory jail time for excessive speed. Throw in mandatory completion of a mandatory motorcycle safety course for ALL new riders prior to licensing, and mandatory completion of an advanced rider’s course for experienced riders the next time their license is due for renewal, regardless of how long they have been riding. While we are at it require higher levels of medical insurance coverage for all riders, so that if they are in an accident, insurance will pay for potential longterm care, not the taxpayer.

  • Engineering is to a purpose, and whether or not the design adequately performs to the standards of the design determines the judgement as to the quality of the engineering. H-D’s are designed for the cruiser rider, not to win races. They are designed to look like vintage 50’s machines, but they have all the modern performance enhancements that ensure quality and durability. The purpose of the design specs is to appeal to people who want the nostalgic look, moderate performance, comfort (depending on the model), and a feeling of connection with the “classic” days of motorcycling. Thus, H-D’s are very well engineered machines, meeting the desired performance marks for its target market. Their success over the years bears out this truth. But when measured against criteria for which the H-D was not meant, the comparison is unfair from the outset. Would you belittle hiking boots because you cannot run a marathon in them? Hiking boots are not made for that type of performance. Comparing a sport/superbike to a Harley is the same type of comparison between a running shoe and hiking boots. Apples to oranges.
    To scoff at Harleys as inferior is akin to scoffing at boots as being inferior to running shoes. Its simply ridiculous.

  • marc

    H-D = made by riders(should be dentists)
    IMPORTS = mde by A+ mechanical engineers
    the result, you can imagine lol.
    I can’t deny, H-D are the most beautiful bikes in world, the design, the style, great.
    But as an engineer I know H-D engineering is a complete JOKE.

  • CBR Rider said: “Hey Moose! Hiya Moose! Hello Moose! Moose, hey! Moose, hello! Moose, hiya!…..Laugh Out Loud!”
    –This serves no purpose other than to make fun. This is what twelve year-olds do. This is not argumentation, is not based on fact, and is hence irrelevant. I mention it to point out the fact that this web site is more about monkey-like dung-slinging than anything close to a reasoned discussion about the merits of different types of motorcycle. Essentially: grow up.

    CBR Rider also said: “I have never suggested, celebrated, inflicted or supported violence on anyone for disagreeing with me. That would be acting like an ape.”
    –But making fun of the person you disagree with is very childish nonetheless.

    CBR Rider goes on: “With the Fuel Injection, Brembo brakes(not all models), trip meters, etc. the bikes are still slow, have barely adequate brakes, vibrate, and take some effort to turn. Now I will admit the quality has improved. Bottom line is if you put a trip meter or cruise control on a Ford Model T it is still a Ford Model T. It is still going to vibrate like heck, go slow, and have a not handle that well.”
    — The brakes are among the best in the world, so I don’t know how you can say they don’t work well. Perhaps you have not ridden one, or perhaps you have not read any reviews on them. As well, what is optional on today’s models is standard equipment on tomorrow’s models. An example of this is EFI. Was optional on H-D’s, is now standard. Many “more modern” sportbikes and other non-Harleys are still using carbeurators, an antiquated technology abandoned by cars years ago.
    Truth be told, motorcycles have changed very little over the years, unlike cars. Motorcycle tech is essentially the model T with fancy mods. That includes the Honda CBR. I asked the Honda dealer if the CBR has cruise control for long-haul riding, and guess what. It doesn’t. My H-D does. Electronic too. Not a throttle lock. Your argument is again, ad hominim, a personal attack not based on fact, but on generalizations unsubstantiated by data or any reality whatsoever.

    CBR Rider continues with this:
    “Maikeli7, despite your support for Moose (Hey Moose), where he is planting a seed for the ignorant(by giving them an idea) to be unreserved against those that disagree with him, I give props to you for having a variety of bikes on your link. You have Harleys, Hondas, and all..

    Still not very big of you and Moose though.”
    —Perhaps you didn’t read my post. The post where I said: “. . .
    to lump me into a stereotype is not only inaccurate, it also serves no purpose except to hate. At this point, I think we all would be better served working together as fellow motorcycle riders than we would be casting useless and meaningless aspersions at one another like so many apes slinging dung at one another.”
    How you could see this as supporting a pro-violence view is beyond me. Again, you resort to simplistic, non-factual argumentation, instead resorting to the straw-man argument, where you argue against something I didn’t say or even imply. To wit: Argue facts, stats, and specs, and stop making fun of those you differ with. And while you are at it, argue against things I have actually said, not things you think I said.
    And by the way, to all you non-H-D folks, I’d wave at you, smile, enjoy watching your bike go into warp drive to “put me in my place” and then I’d proceed merrily on my way, on my own ride, for my own reasons, not judging you for your choice, not lumping you into stereotypes, and not hating. Ride safe, everyone.

  • Gerry Skids

    Tattoos and other types of body art have been around longer then Christ. Most of the bikers your talking to were getting tattoos long before tattoos were a part of American pop culture. Most people are cowards and would never talk shit to someones face who had tattoos and if a Yurmom type of bitch got drunk enough to have the courage to spew something ignorant and overly simplistic to me, I promise you, unless you had a gun you’d never do it again. But maybe you like the idea of taking your teeth out at night before bed and want them all beat out of your skull by my tattooed fists. Go ahead, I dare you, go call someone with tattoos a sucker and don’t do it with all your gay, prep queer, yuppie clone, dime a dozen, tool friends backing you up, be a man and talk shit one on one. My uncle was a Hells Angel, had tats and did a 9 year stretch in San Quentin and I grew up around tattooed bikers and the only place a bitch like Yurmom would ever talk shit would be online. Besides, who gives a fuck about what people ride and don’t ride or what they look like, if it doesn’t hurt others, mind your own fucking business you miserable douche bags

  • Aussie Jeff

    Each to their own I suppose. Can’t speak for anywhere else, but here in Australia Harley owners are an arrogant bunch who think they are a breed apart. No friendly biker waves from them.
    What really intrigues me though is why a country that can put human beings into space and can build ultra high-tech planes like the F22A and B2 Stealth Bomber can’t put together a decent modern motorcycle. A new American motorcycle, the Victory, was recently launched. And what was it? Another v-twin cruiser! ??? Buell…the same.
    TBH I don’t think the “legend” is doing America any favours. Just think what might have been if the “legend” had been junked years ago. An ultra-modern high-tech world-beating motorcycle industry perhaps?
    Harley: the triumph of image over substance.

  • metric guy

    i was at a red light on my yamaha. a dumb ass flag waving, patch wearing, douchebag pulled up on his ridiculously loud harley. i gave him the friendly motorcycle wave. he returned it but you could tell he didn’t want to. then his mirror fell right off. so fucking funny. the look on his face was priceless. it’s hard to look tough when you have to pick up pieces of your twenty thousand dollar motorcycle just because they fall off from the vibration. i took one for a test ride awhile back and it felt like it was going to fall apart!

  • rodwrencher

    hawlee davisuns is the best gawdahm motor sickel in the wurl

  • CBR Rider

    Maikeli7, despite your support for Moose (Hey Moose), where he is planting a seed for the ignorant(by giving them an idea) to be unreserved against those that disagree with him, I give props to you for having a variety of bikes on your link. You have Harleys, Hondas, and all..

    Still not very big of you and Moose though.

  • CBR Rider

    Hey Moose! Hiya Moose! Hello Moose! Moose, hey! Moose, hello! Moose, hiya!…..Laugh Out Loud!

    I have never suggested, celebrated, inflicted or supported violence on anyone for disagreeing with me. That would be acting like an ape.

    With the Fuel Injection, Brembo brakes(not all models), trip meters, etc. the bikes are still slow, have barely adequate brakes, vibrate, and take some effort to turn. Now I will admit the quality has improved. Bottom line is if you put a trip meter or cruise control on a Ford Model T it is still a Ford Model T. It is still going to vibrate like heck, go slow, and have a not handle that well.

  • Addendum:
    In reading some other comments, I wanted to add the following: First, Hey Moose!
    “Vibration:” My Road King vibrates a bit, but that does not bother me in the least. My hands never go numb, nor do I feel any teeth rattling. It is a pleasant rattle at most. I wouldn’t change it if I could!
    “Image:” I care nothing for my image. I wear what I want, when I want (within legal limits), and I don’t waste thought on how I might be perceived. I’m past caring about such shallow things.
    “Loud Pipes:” My pipes are louder than stock, but not too loud. I don’t believe that loud pipes save lives – at least, not for cases where an oncoming car might turn left in front of the motorcyclist. Loud pipe sound travels behind the bike mostly, so on-coming cars with their modern sound-proofing won’t hear you anyway. And another thing, sportbike riders are just as guilty of loud-pipe violations as Harley riders, though they may be in lesser numbers. The point is, the desire to be loud and disruptive is not only endemic to Harley riders. I have louder-than-stock pipes, but not so loud they annoy or disrupt the peace. I like how they sound, and the itty bit of performance upgrade was noticeable enough for me.
    “Uncomfortable riding position:” I have no real problems with my riding position. I can ride for 8 hours at a whack and not even notice. I’ve ridden sport bikes and been uncomfortable very quickly. Each person has his/her own taste in this department. No riding position is perfect in terms of comfort.
    “Boring:” This is a subjective assessment. I need not go from zero to 80 in 3 seconds to have fun, nor do I need to carve a 15-mph twisty at 80 to 200 mph. I enjoy my own rate of travel and my own degree of twisty carving.
    “Modern?:” Again, The newest models have ABS nonlinked Brembo brakes, Fuel Injection, Throttle-By-Wire, Cruise Control, Six-Gallon fuel tanks, adjustable suspension, computer trip meters and fuel estimators, etc. Sound modern to you? Does to me.
    So, as I said earlier, why don’t you spend less time hating Harleys and more time just enjoying whatever you ride?

  • For those of you who are anti-Harley, I’d like to make some counter-points. First is price. I didn’t pay $40,000 for my 2005 Harley-Davidson Road King Classic. I paid $16,000. Second, for the “Rich” part, I am solidly middle class, working as an English teacher at a community college. “Urban?” I live in a rural area where I see farms and cows and horses daily on my ride in to work on my H-D. “Old?” I got my bike when I was 35, four years ago. “Leaky?” My H-D has never leaked in the 26,000 miles I have ridden it. “Breakdowns?” I have never had one, ever. Not even a light bulb. “Antiquated?” H-D’s have ABS, are fuel injected, have throttle-by-wire, and a host of other modern advancements that today’s bikes are heir to. Now, I may not be a bad-ass, and I may not ride as much as some, but to lump me into a stereotype is not only inaccurate, it also serves no purpose except to hate. At this point, I think we all would be better served working together as fellow motorcycle riders than we would be casting useless and meaningless aspersions at one another like so many apes slinging dung at one another. Our enemies are: ignorance about motorcycles and riders, and the cagers who possess this ignorance and make up the majority of the driving and voting public. Cool or not, young or old, rich or poor, ignorant or well-educated, we all share the road on two or three wheels, so we all would be better served by standing together.
    At least, that’s what I think.
    Stay safe out there, y’all.

  • CBR Rider

    I believe that Harley Davidson has the most loyal fan base of any of the motorcycle manufacturers. I wouldn’t mouth off to any of them. Not even to the geeky yuppies because for some unexplained reason some are trying to act like the seriously real deal outlaw clubs who are no joke! The one thing Harley Davidson did give its customers for awhile was a high resale value. I believe those days are over. That said, if Harley Davidson gave it’s customers more then paint jobs, $700 decals, and anniversary badges then at least Harley Davidson fans could say that the loyalty and love they have for Harley Davidson is returned by Harley Davidson.

  • Moose3971

    Now I beleive that all should be allowed to have their opinion, after all this is America, so you are protected by the constitution like we all are. However, I ride a Harley Davidson, and I am not made of money. So say what you will about The Harley Davidson, it is your right, but as for me, I am going to keep riding mine, and enjoy it as well. So just because you may not be able to ride one, don’t hate those who can. I would watch what you say though even if it is your right, because there are some out there who are not as reserved as I am.

  • CBR Rider

    Harley Davidson ought to be paying the various outlaw bikers who choose to exclusively ride a Harley Davidson royalties. Either that or earn their own bad ass image.

    Here are a few ideas where Harley Davidson could earn their own bad ass image:

    -Eliminate ALL vibrations in the Ultra Glide. The bike is suppose to be the ultimate in comfort and should therefore be totally vibration free.

    -STOP racing your 1200cc bikes with the 600cc bikes. It looks bad! Especially with the Rotax powered Buell. That bike was much closer in power to the 1000cc bikes than it was to the 600s. It looks cowardly.

    -Put better brakes on the Harley Dynasaur(to name just one).

    -Make Screaming Eagle edition performance standard fare and charge a standard price. That would eliminate numerous “under powered” ratings on various models when compared to other bikes.

    -Build a corner carving bike. The bike doesn’t have to be a sport bike. The bike can have a standard riding position but it should have a powerful motor, adjustable suspension, stable frame, and sticky brakes. 500,000 sport bikes are sold world wide each year. Not as much as cruisers but still a very significant number.

    -Do not be afraid to compete head on with the Japanese. Being afraid says COWARD in capital letters. I recently read an article wear Eric Buell wanted to build a full fairing sport bike but Harley Davidson said no because they didn’t want to compete head on with the Japanese. Like it or not if you’re going to build a sport bike that is what sport bikers like..full fairings. Listen to the customer.

    -Speed up your development cycle. Japanese sport bikes get redesigned about every two years, more so then any other type, resulting in a totally new bike(new frame, motor, suspension, etc.) The Harley Davidson Ultra Glide got a new frame last year for the first time in 30 years!! It’s not like the frame wasn’t needed. The new frame eliminates wobbles going through turns.

    -Use your marketing prowess to eliminate some of the closed mindedness toward other bikers instead of embracing it. This would help your own Harley Davidson fan base embrace the VROD better and maybe be more acceptable of any other water cooled model you may develop and introduce in the future. It would also strengthen the motorcycle fan base which is VERY important. This would help us get clout to get legislation that would help our cause.

    If Harley Davidson tackles any one or more of these ideas then they would earn their own bad ass reputation instead of mooching off of the various outlaw clubs.

  • japanese bike owner

    Harley Davidson “bikes” are shit.
    I don’t understand the dumbfucks who ride them.

  • busted peace

    i agree, the true badasses that gave harley its image can either not afford them are are embarased to ride them. fuk harley.

  • CBR Rider

    Someone recently asked one of the motorcycle mags, Cycle World or Sport Rider, how many miles can be expected out of a sport bike. I don’t remember what the answer was but it was far more then the amount of miles currently on my bike.

    My bike has an inline 4 and has 55,000 miles on it. I bought it 2 years old in 2000 with 7,500 miles on it. It still runs strong. The only motor work I’ve had was a valve adjustment at 30,000 miles. The mechanic said 2 valves were out of spec by a small margin.

  • balerick42

    CBR, My youngest brother loves his sportbike. He has an 01 Suzuki 1000. He is a bike mechanic on the side, so built it cheap from two wrecked bikes. I wonder how many miles those sportbikes can get, for longevity. I remember the Yamaha and Honda I had in the 80’s developed internal engine problems between 35k and 45K, also knew several people who had the same problem. I know Honda makes a good V-Twin engine now, but wonder about the other engines.

  • CBR Rider

    Sport bikes have very precise handling that takes more skill to ride then most other motorcycle types. Once acclimated to them though I think they are a blast to ride. They change direction very easily. The sticky brakes are a fun and of course there is punch from the motor when you want it. Sport bikes are not as comfortable as cruisers but cruisers are not as precise or nimble as sport bikes. I leaned a cruiser into a turn and almost immediately scraped the floor boards with barely any lean. To each his own.

  • balerick42

    bought a second bike the other day, an 03 Honda Shadow Spirit 750. Some guy needed to sell it to have enough cash to close on his house. I only gave 2k for it. Pretty nice bike. Gonna use it to ride back and forth to work and the GF wants to learn how to ride. She is a short little blond, so it fits her about as well as any bike can. Sits super low considering it is a stock bike. Life is good!

  • balerick42

    Post 2129 is full of mostly opinion, which of course, you are entitled too. One major point I disagree with is the supposed uncomfortable riding position of Harleys. I’ve riden sportbikes, which, to me, is extremely uncomfortable on any but a crosstown ride. My Softail Custom has forward control and an after-market seat and is very comfortable. I have owned three Harleys (along with several other makes over 30+ years) and have NEVER had a mechanical issue with any of the Harleys. I can’t say the same about the other makes, including electrical problems in the Goldwing and carb problems in a Yamaha. Lastly, mixing a 140 HP sportbike and a young punk kid are like mixing gasoline and fire…not a good idea(granted, mixing a Harley and a 50 year-old who has never been on a bike is not a good idea either!).

  • Yogin

    Here’s another point. When I bought my wife a stock softail deluxe in the lower 48 and rode it up to Alaska, I ran across a good number of other bikers in their usual biker wear. Note: I had shaved my usual beard for a change and being in my 50’s, I have the good fortune to look much younger shaven. Many of those bikers had their comments to make in whispers, and one even had the gall to say he was once like me. Well, after I’m back home and wife doesn’t like the bike, so I custom it to my taste, my beards grown back and I look a little more like the ex vietnam era vet thats been ridin since 1973, some of those same bikers suddenly want to be my buddy. Same man was on both bikes. Point is, don’t be so quick to judge those so called RUBS, etc. Many of them have paid their dues in blood and if they want to ride around in a neon f—in light up suit, I say they can ride whatever the hell they please and I salute them. It not by coincidence the ones with a whole lot to say are always younger than the ones they are saying it about. Try talk to some of those so called RUBs and maybe learn something

  • Yogin

    Point of note, when my buddy went down on his harley a few years ago after a d.u.i. ran him off the road and fled, it was a Hayabusa, Ninja and some other so called jap bike rider that stopped and did all they could to save his life. To this day he feels as do I, that what you ride is your own personal choice because it has nothing to do with the bike, its who’s on the bike.

  • Yogin

    Whoa fellas, Harleys may be a little over priced but JUST a little. But then they do need to make a profit damn it. The shit ain’t supposed to be free. The reason they look more and more expensive is also due to the fact that incomes don not grow as fast as inflation and the devaluation of the dollar makes it even worse because it takes more dollars to buy the same thing. I say if you are offended by RUBS or any other bunch of names I can think of for riders who don’t conform to someone elses views of what a BIKER should be, then you sort of missed the point yourself.

  • nessman

    what ever become of spunky i wonder? He used to write some really interesting posts.

  • a rider

    I currently own 4 bikes. Each of them serves a purpose (dirt, race bike for track riding, sport bike on the street, and touring/long distance bike). If Harley ever made a motorcycle that was actually anywhere near modern I would consider buying one if it was better than one of my current bikes. They tried with Buell but couldn’t quite pull it off (it took them twice as many CC’s to be competitive though).

    Most of the Harley riders I know seem more interested in their image than really riding.

    Loud pipes don’t save lives – they just make the rider a selfish idiot.

    Vibrations on a bike might interest a lady, but it doesn’t get me off.

    While I ride 25K+ miles a year on motorcycles, I guess I’m not a ‘real biker’ as I don’t buy into the Harley marketing bull.

    Yes I’ve riden Harleys. Actually like some of them – but not enough to buy one as it just doesn’t suit my riding style. Way too boring and doesn’t handle like a motorcycle should in the twisties.

    If you want a 850lb+ motorcycle with 60 horsepower (or beefed up and undependable 105hp), aircooling, uncomfortable riding position, vibrations, loud pipes, etc. but cool looking shirts, buy a Harley or imitator model (just can’t do much with that motor design no matter who makes it). If you want a 450lb bike with 140hp, water cooling, more comfort (yep – straight up and down puts too much weight on your lower back), no vibrations, quiet, etc – buy any other make.

  • balerick42

    51 here this weekend……..Spring is coming!

  • Mr. D

    How is it wrong to ride a Harley Davidson if that’s what you want to ride? I’ve had japanese bikes before that just didn’t fit and ride like a Harley. I can’t put my finger on what it was…. maybe it is the feedback you get from unbalanced V Twin, maybe it’s that in conjunction with the rumble of the exhaust, maybe it’s the actual riding position, maybe it’s the look and feel of the heavy metal and deep chrome…. I don’t know, but I know since I was a little kid it was what I wanted and I’ll always ride Harleys. Not fast by any means and don’t handle the greatest but there’s something familiar and comfortable about them that japanese bikes just can’t seem to nail down, not that they don’t try because obviously they’ve made every attempt to imitate the HD for years. I think most of the bashers on this site are people that have never ridden one for whatever reason. If that’s the case you really need to audition one for a few days before you can make assumptions about the bike or the people who ride them. It might be a big eye opener for you.

  • harly no go

    Harlys is a has been . The more people see the weekend warrior ,leather and loud pipes the more they will laugh at you. I have to admit I will be sad when I cant see a harly on the road ,it always makes me laugh, good road intertainment. Most of the guys that ride them are trying to be cool lmao,but end up crashing there bikes at least once. Girls just love a hog on a hog lmao not!

  • Herb

    Those who say a Harley will rattle your teeth out obviously never rode a Harley. At 2k it’s smooth as silk. I am wondering how “riding two abreast” constitutes having no balls…try it sometime, especially with a semi in the oncoming lane. I owned a 07 Goldwing, but it wasn’t for me. I traded up to an 08 Ultra Classic and found the saying “If I have to explain it, you wouldn’t understand” to be true. Get a life and ride. It one of our last freedoms. Seems these stupid articles are placed on line just to stir the pot.

  • Jon

    Harley Davidson bikes look like someone made them from junkyard parts where sportbikes are true pieces of art. Screw anyone who thinks a Harley is better than a sportbike.

  • rocky

    Bikes, trucks, cars, beer, just about everything, people will think that theirs is the best and will find something to dog others about. No matter what it is, it will have pros and cons so buy what you like. Just remember who ever dies with the most toys wins!

  • balerick42

    Obama needs to get a bike…….

  • balerick42

    Winter sucks, I miss living in the South where I could ride all year round……it is like the world dies for 3 months up here.

  • Truth

    Hardley Able’sons are for pussies and posers who need to buy an image rather than earn it!

    Rubber side down!

  • Dyna Rider

    I’ve had Hondas. I’ve had Yamahas. I’ve had Kawasakis. Always sold them looking for something better.
    When I bought my Harley, I discovered what I had been missing.
    Harleys are better finished, more reliable and feel more solid than any of those bikes.
    Contrary to uneducated opinion, the quality control for Harley Davidson is tops in the industry. Better than Yamaha and better than Honda. Including the Gold Wing.

    I’m sorry you haters don’t have the sack to ride one, but not everyone is meant to have a Harley.

    Jealousy’s a bitch.

    Accept it.

  • VMAX Rider

    And here

  • VMAX Rider

    Good reading for Hardly Driveableson fans here

  • CBR Rider

    This Ayn Rand article is well written!

  • DICK

    Harley is at the top of the food chain in the MC world whether you like it or not.
    Some bikers are pricks, some are not. Never know which kind you’re dealing with until the fists start flying.

  • Not really

    Ya know, for all the people that say “Harley riders have an attitude”, I have never personally met a person on a Harley who treated me badly. I like Harleys and whenever I see a nice one, one where the owner obviously did something besides drive it off the showroom floor, I compliment the owner on the nice bike and they are always receptive, talkative, nice people.
    Golden rule applies to all…. even Harley riders.

  • Keith Stark

    You know, I personally don’t care what someone chooses to ride, as nothing is one size fits all. Both sport bikes and Harleys have their share of idiots with loud exhausts that need to rev at every light. I personally like a quiet bike. Over 20 years of riding, and my fair share of cagers not paying attention, yet I’ve never felt that extra noise was needed to keep me safe. Wearing a helmet & the rest of your gear, installing a decent horn, and driving defensively is far more effective.

    The Harley hate you hear from some people comes from the attitude of some of the Harley riders. Those that metric bash, claim their bike is the only “real motorcycle”, try to act like tough guys, or think they’re cool when they annoy people with loud pipes, is what ****s everything up for the rest of the riders.

  • balerick42

    40 degrees here and been raining solid for two days, more on the way until Thursday. Is the riding season over? I ride as long as it is over 40 degrees and sunny.

  • Roadgoat sucks

    You need a smack in the mouth.

  • RoadGoat

    Only thing I want Harley people to do is move their underpowered sorry asses into the right hand lane so I can get on down the hiway. I do not ride motorcycles to go slow. If you are so into cruising, buy a Buick.

  • Jade

    I agree with Alex, what’s up with the Harley clan thinking they own the place? We are all supposed to be ‘equals’ out there – watching out for the dead possum around corner #3. I have an aunt that was driven OFF the road by other Harley guys, just because she was a female on a Harley. Seriously – my 55 year old 135 lb aunt wasn’t that big of a threat to you sh*theads was she? Needless to say the Harley cost more to repair, than the cost of a brand spankin’ new Goldwing. I like the way Harley’s look and sound, but, the people that ride them have turned me off completely. Also you are supposed to RIDE to bikefest, etc.. Not trailer your pretty-boy bike, and new James Dean Halloween costume. The damn Harleys only run now, ’cause they went just about bankrupt, then got re-designed by the Japanese anyway.


    HaHa! No doubt! I hate when some yup rolls by on his screamin’ eagle harley trying to be tough when you know he’s posin’. I see middle age guys wearing harley clothes in bars trying so god damn hard to be cool that I wanna walk up and slap that stupid ass look off their face and tell em’ to go home to their perfect little suburban home and mow there yard and sit on their deck with their fat ass pathetic wives.
    I like Harleys. I hate mid life crisis wannabe posers. If you bought your jacket, boots, bandana and bike on the same day you’re a loser! If you wear a helmet in a state where you don’t have to and you ride a Harley, you’re a fucking wannabe poser.

  • mistermeanor

    The best thing about HD is you can work on them yourself and not get raked over the coals like you do at a honda/kawa/yama dealer if you have the mechancial knowledge. That and face it, they look much cooler than any japanese cruiser… thats why when someone finally sells their ricer they try to add desciptors such as “Looks like a Harley” or “Harley looks at half the cost”. Sorry ricer owners…. it don’t look like a Harley or sound like a Harley. You got ripped off and that’s why your selling your bike.
    As far as yuppie bikers go. I laugh whenever I see them. Honestly. You stand out like a sore thumb. If you own a $30K+ car a $300K+ house and ride to Starbucks to look cool and play badass for your friends and neighbors, wear your new Harley jacket to the bar and think your tough, especially when you’re not and never will be… YOU are a POSER and a joke.

  • balerick42

    I disagree with Alex, I’ve owned 3 harleys and have not had a single problem with any of them. I put over 13K miles on the 05 Sportster I had in a year without a single problem. I like them because they are relatively simple machines, are easy to ride, look good, and are alot of fun. If you don’t like them, fine, ride something else. Makes no difference to me. BTW, my 07 Softail Custom placed second in the Custom Motorcycle category at the car show here early this month.

  • Alex

    Harleys are pieces of crap from day one. They drip oil before you even fire the engine up the first time. Then the people that ride them are total pieces of crap too. I have ridden for a long time, and I’ve seen how the Harley guys act, they are the only ones on the road that don’t wave, or talk at a red light, because they are waaaay to tough! Wow, so you are a moron and got a 30,000 dollar piece of crap that needs to be refueled every 125 miles. I’m so jealous. Oh is it raining or cold out? Aww, poor pansy Harley rider, you don’t want that piece of shit rusting more than it was on day one do ya? Yeah, you are way cooler and better than I am on my Honda, why would you stoop down to me and wave or be courteous to me since I’m on two wheels also. Naaahh.. Just some dumb yuppie that now has a 30K dollar lump of turd in his garage next to the minivan. Aww, cute motorcycle gang too! Looks like you could make an awesome YMCA video together just before your gay-parade that you trailer-ed your bike out to. Yeah, Harley’s and the people that ride them, are shit. If you are an actual nice “real” rider, that owns a Harley, trade it in, and get something reliable, then pay off some of your house note too.

  • Jordan

    Thats Crown Royal dude!

  • Sam

    9 out of 10 people who ride a harley couldn’t pick that thing back up! And don’t tell me “well I’m a good rider, my bike will never fall over.” Because thats why they call them accidents! Harleys are slow, they don’t brake well and don’t handle well, So why do people buy them if its not for the image?


    What???I thought canada was part of the USA.

  • CBR Rider

    One thing the Canadians nailed is whiskey. Royal Crown whiskey is one very good smooth whiskey!

  • CBR Rider

    I have been to Canada a few times, on both coasts, and have always liked it. I liked the UK and Spain as well to name just a few. I like my good ole USA also. I have met some very cool people in USA in the suburbs, inner cities, and in farm land!! I’ve had friends and family who’ve visited Africa, Australia, and China and said they had a darn good time there. Different cultures are cool…..different manners, customs, and foods.

    Steak and french fries are my favorite meal but it doesn’t mean I want to eat it everyday.

  • STM

    No, sorry Joe, make that second best. Mate, Australia is best.

  • Joe Canadian

    At least we can all agree on one thing…CANADA IS THE BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! You stupid Americans are fighting our wars for us and we can just sit back and laugh at you guys getting your butts kicked overseas. We’re the ones riding the Harleys…you guys are stuck in ya’ll-ville without medicare.

  • Dr Evil

    Harley is the best ! All others are for homosexual type city boys and such.

  • CBR Rider

    To all of the so called Harley Davidson victims in here who think they are picked on get real! Harley Davidson could not make a water cooled engine if they wanted to due to the closed mindedness of the majority of Harley Davidson owners. You have Harley riders who say things such as “If Harley ever makes a water cooled bike I’ll never buy another one.” It shouldn’t make a difference if Harley made another bike with a different engine so long as there was an air cooled bike for those that want it. But no, that is just how narrow minded Harley owners are.

    Proof of the fact that its the Harley owners that need to learn to “just ride” is the fact that Harley Davidson can offer no other motor without alienating current Harley owners. Why in the heck should it matter if a company makes more then one motor? That is extreme close mindedness!

    This country(USA) is in a big economic mess partly because everyone(GM executives and all presidents DEM and REP since Reagan) ignored the fact that Japan was building what people wanted as opposed to General Motors building people what GM wanted. So now you have Harley Davidson building what they want and telling the people what they want. I see no difference in them and GM. Harley Davidson is NOT helping the USA in two ways.
    1. They are creating narrow minded people through their marketing. They have some Harley Davidson owners thinking there is something special and American about an outdated 45 degree vtwin and therefore Harley customers oppose anything else. We need to progress to maintain our high standard of living that we have in this country. Build another engine dammit!

    2. They are telling the people what they want instead of listening to the people and building what the people want. Not all Americans want a 45 degree air cooled vtwin! Marketing is good but marketing is short term. Listen to the people.

    I’ve been around the world to many different countries. America IS the land of milk and honey. I would love to maintain my current high standard of living. Harley Davidson is not helping the long term future of this country.

  • Steve

    Loud pipes let me know who to cut off in traffic. Enjoy your stained shorts Harley tards!

  • dj

    Funny there’s so much harley slammin’ here. Some of us grew up on them. My dad rode back when it was only an outlaw thing and long before yuppies bought them. As a kid I loved that bike as much as he did and knew I wanted one someday. I’m 38 now and to celebrate my last child support payment and finishing an electronics degree, I bought one. Now I don’t know if I could be considered a RUB. I rent an apartment and my bike is worth 3 times what my car is. I have no 401K or investments. I make enough to have bought a 3 year old Wide Glide that I love to ride. I wear a leather jacket and have since I was 15. I wear boots at work and riding because they serve their function for both.
    Blue collar and damn proud of it. I don’t need to pose because I AM A HARLEY RIDER.
    I don’t need a MC because I know who and what I am. And that’s all that counts when it comes to anything in life.

  • balerick42

    I like ancient machines…reminds me……of me! LOL!

  • balerick42

    Thanks CBR, and yes I agree with you about the drunks. Why anyone would be so stupid to drink and ride is beyond me. Riding is already inherently dangerous, let alone when you start mixing in alcohol which messes with your abilities to control. That was one big reason why I stopped attending most poker runs years ago. So many of them are just excuses to ride from one bar to another. We had another rider killed in this area by a deer this weekend. He was 60. Ride safe all.

  • kingg711

    exactly Frank – I ride an HD and I am embarrassed. Whats worse is how they constantly rev their engines to make noise. I guess it boosts their machoism. Do they rev their cars like that when driving?

  • jaydee

    OK here is the latest Harley rider attitude and it is common because I have had more than one report and a personal experience. The knuckle draggers will attempt to discourage or even prevent other riders from passing the Harley parade which is always too slow. These clowns are riding a beginner motorcycle and they have an attitude that can be cut with a knife. I am not indicting all of them but the stereotype is very true to form. I patrolled LA’s freeways on a HD in the 60-70’s and these idiots try to pretend they are hot shot riders on their underpowerd overweight too loud ancient machines. I don’t care what people spend their money on but I resent their attitude and I don’t understand why these people think they are such bad asses.

  • CBR Rider

    Good luck on the police academy training. I hope it works out for you. I’ll bet you a dollar that your biggest problems are going to be drunks. 33% of people in jail were drunk at the time they did the actual crime that landed them in jail…Drunks kill more people than all other criminal homicides added up together…..drunks kill as many people each year as the terrorists did when they bombed the NY trade center. Speeders are dangerous too. But when you arrest a speeder compared to a drunk the drunk will more likely curse you, spit at you, swing at you….the speeder, most likely being a young kid, on the other hand will probably be an emotional wreck…lol.

    A few months ago there was an article here in Ohio that said that motorcycle deaths were rising faster than other vehicle deaths and they attributed the rise to a 40% increase in drinking and riding.

  • dave

    I own one and i agree… for the most part!

  • ya



    Ya know, RAAAAGAHH, you have the ever-common problem of believing your own press.

    Sorry, but owning that sometimes-rolling irrigation pump DOES NOT make you hardcore or desirable. (Most chicks would only be around you because they think you have enough money to BUY them, since you blew that much on a hardley.) Also, no one is knocking harles down but harles. They won’t change, due to MARKETING, and, therefore, will never be worth anything other than bling points. It is an accessory for white gangsta wannabes.

    I’m up to 1500cc’s, but I also ride all the time. So obviously, I DON’T ride a hardley. That’s why I ride a Gold Wing.

    By the way, sport, the Gold Wing has more American-MADE parts in it, than your so-called made-in-america male vibrator. Take that and sit and spin.

  • balerick42

    Traded the 06 Superglide in on an 07 Softail Custom with a custom paint job. I figured I’d reward myself for a job well done. I’ve managed to get promotions that have caused my income to rise 28 percent in the last year, plus I’m working on retiring again, looking forward to a second pension by the time I am 55. People might bitch, but I figure a person should do what makes them happy as long as it doesn’t hurt others. My new to me Harley makes me very happy, even after riding bikes for 30 years. Sometimes I think motorcycles are better than women.

  • Jim

    The 2009 Harley 96 twin cam runs super lean and and super hot and produces 400 degree oven temperature heat. The bike is uncomfortable to ride and the extreme heat from this engine is a health and safety hazzard to the rider.

  • nhbiker

    The only joke is the asswipe that wrote this that is too much of a pussy to ride a Harley.

  • CBR Rider

    The blog had to be stuck on my worst series of posts for a few days.

  • CBR Rider

    The blog works again!

  • CBR Rider

    If I could erase that series of post between Bad Joe, Tipple, and myself I would.

  • fdr


  • Spunky

    Damn don’t stop blogging now. It was 88 degrees today in NE Ohio. Lot’s of bikes out. Peace ya’ll.


  • Spunky

    Dude the economy in NE Ohio is really bad too dude. 4 adults living here, one still has a job, with screwed up hours, and only because she cannot be replaced right now. Around here either rubber company or other it goes with the auto industry. We make parts for them, in metal, rubber, plastic, or even electronics, bulbs, tires, or wiring. Many of my good friends work directly for the auto industry. When they are slow so are all of the businesses in local communities, if they can even stay alive. The rest of my friends are in construction, not too much demand for new construction, or even remodeling right now. My cage is gone, my bike is next.

    I’m done riding for a year or two anyway. Bad injury. Peace my bro. Ride for us who can’t right now.


  • rodwrencher

    fuck the economy is getting real fucking bad. shit at my work they have laid off 25 people since january. i used to hate my job, i still do but i thank the man above everyday that i still have it even though they have cut our hours and took away our rig revenue bonus. i can only hope that i get to keep job. fuck man this shit is ridiculous, this recession has to end soon i hope. ride safe my brothers and ride some extra miles for me, for i may sell by bike here before long.

  • Spunky

    I love loved my Harleys, loved a few of my replicas, every bike is built for a certain demographic, or use. Don’t get shitty on me cause I hove H-D’s, but I bought mine when I had the money to buy whatever. My Suzuki is clean, it just needs a little carb work. I’m the one that is beat up and broke down. Your theory out he window. I let my bike get that way because of my medical cost. I’m not going anti any bike. Just the facts man.

    Bad Company, Simple man – Freedom is the only thing that means a damn to me.

    Peace, Spunk

  • Jordan

    Holly shit this gotta be the longest blog ever I haven’t been here for like a year. Still going strong… thinkin bout trading in my sporty for 1 of the new 1200xr sportys. Took one for a test ride and I think I creamed my pants. Very happy to see it in North America especially Canada wasn’t sure if it was gonna make it.

  • Mr. Hood

    WTF What is wrong with people having some fun? Just because somebody has made something of them selfs you dont like them. You chose to be lazy [personal attack deleted]. And regardless of what your teachers told you not everyone is speacial.Some people are meant to be waiters and bag boys. And the japs saw this as a way to sell cheap crappy transportation. In two years your jap junk is worth nothing and ragged out. When you ride next time see how many old Harley are on the road? Many I have friends with bikes from the fortys fiftys and sixtys.Kick start bikes. I have never seen a crotch rocket more than five or six years old and all of them are beat to shit.And the stats prove this. There are more old Harley on the road than any other bike. And that being said is it anybodys right to decide what another might prefer. Not all ofus feel the need to go 150 mph or do wheelys or stoppies. You rag on the Rubs for being show offs. What the hell do you call stunting on a rice burner. By the way in ten years my bike will still be worth 10 grand in ten years the rice burner will have been in the bone yard for five years. And you will be wiser and riding a Harley and loving it. My bet is you havent ever been on one. Go to your local dealership and test drine one. My bike rides as smooth as a caddy. 2008 FLSTSB blackedout very little chrome 1584 cc of pure american horse power. Have had it up to 120 was plenty fast enough for me.

  • Balerick42

    Nessman, Already sold all three bikes last fall, all on Ebay. The 81 Yamaha Seca 750 went to a guy from Arkansas for 2100, the 85 Goldwing to a guy from Iowa for 3450, and the 05 Sportster to a guy in Ohio for 5 grand. Spunky, The weather here has sucked for two weeks. 30 mph winds every crappy day.

  • Spunky

    Balerick, don’t arrest for saying what the f@#$# was that nice NE Ohio weather for now that it is windy, and cold as a a turd on the South pole. I guess we had to put a good show on for the rest of you all for the Rock and Roll Hall of fame finally having events were they belong. But the 60 degree highs and sun turned to wind, rain, and cold. That will bring them back home more often. LOL. Metallica came from LA, they probally never left the hotel room. And to top it off off the CAV’s got their ass kicked. Gotta luv Cleveland.
    Out! Spunky.

  • nessman

    how much you axin’ for dat 750 seca, Balerick42? i bin needin a scoot for a wile now and i buy dat motha fucka frum ya if ya aint axin too much. ya no whut i sain brotha?

  • Balerick42

    Well, It is a little strange being down to only one bike now. With Spring being here I am looking forward to riding. My brother-in-law and nephew both recently got bikes (a 1200 Sportster and a Suzuki cruiser respectively), so I am also looking forward to riding with them. Unfortunately most of my weekends are going to be busy this Summer, at least on Saturdays. I am attending the Police Academy through October. One benefit of that is I will be able to get around the no concealed weapons law in Illinois. Sworn police officers can carry in this state, even when off-duty. If any of you regulars are interested I posted videos of my three bikes (sold them ALL late last Summer to buy an 06 Superglide). Just go to Youtube and do a search for balerick42. I have the 05 Sportster Custom, the 85 Goldwing, and the 81 Yamaha Seca 750 videos up. As soon as I get a nice day I’ll post a video of my Superglide. Be safe and enjoy the road!

  • Spunky

    In order:

    CBR just watched bike races (drag races) there was a bit of discussion talking about HD (Buell) being allowed 4 valves per cylinder, none were really bitching. Most interviewed said in the first year of the motor the didn’t care … it was normal and was expected. Same time Suzuki’s still ate up the track.

    Stan Jose Steve – good point I think that was expressed here before. Thanks for reminding us. It’s not too often a 1% club accepts all rides. Yet I do know a couple locally that do, even one or two allows membership over a certain engine size. Some that by-laws require an HD for membership are very open to other brands, and even friends or hang-arounds that are cool. Besides helping brother on the road. That is normal for me. I might see your patch, but I’m gonna let you use my phone, drive you to the gas station, help as I can.

    Venom – I’ve happy you are proud to be a rider. However, I down know who is the pussy you refer to or the “gay club” you talk about? Maybe some riders had enough hurt and injuries to avoid riding the way you do? If that’s what you mean I’m sure these pussies would like to discuss your issues with them face to face.

    Many of us don’t care what 100KM means nor have a conversion number handy. Either way you ride a sport bike (assuming). And I guess you (along with many on this post) don’t realize a rider is a rider, and an asshole is an asshole. Also, staying out of blind spots doesn’t prevent you from you T-boning a cager that doesn’t see you and pulls in front of you. But then again assuming you’re such a bad ass, I’m sure that will not hurt you you at all!

    I’m also gonna guess from you post you are from Canada. Is that a state of the USA or a territory? LOL. Some say a real Country but hard to believe sometimes? Saw a recent poll broadcast on network TV, Canada the biggest pussies besides France. I welcome you to any of or motorcycle hangouts (open bars) around North Ohio. I’ll bet you do not express that pussy name or your anti-cruiser or anti-HD opinions there. Sport Bikes are great, calling everyone a pussy is not. I’m not hard to find if you want to talk to me directly talk or visit me.

    I’ve been to canada once, I missed the last exit in the D “Detroit” years back had to turn around near Windsor to get back to where I was going in Detroit area to find my way back to Wixom MI. Hell I”m from Cleveland area, only stayed in Detroit for a short time and some visits. If you wanna come talk you opion in NYC we might be able to arrage that also. If there are cool to have me stay there, I have the $$ and the open time. My friend in NYC has BMW’s and and HD still. I no longer have an HD, ride a Suzuki. Is that to biased for you.

    CBR – Had a couple days in the high 50’s to over 60 degrees in last two days. Flowers are budding in my front yard. Yet the news forecast is was a rare thing we will be dropping back down in the 30’s with rain and possibly snow.

    Spunky K

  • Venom01

    BTW harleys are ASSEMBLED in the U.S.A. When parts come in there a nice little made in malaysia on the box. And I PREFER a bike that preforms at over 100km deep in a corner with my kneedown than one that i have to change my freaking pipes to get noticed weather people want to notice me or not. And don’t give me that safety shit, how about not riding in peoples blind spots. hows that for safety? Lok long and short you wanted into the gay club or you dont know motorcycles……or your…..well a pussy. Thats right fuck you pussy. hae fun going in a LOUD straight line. Thats about the only straight thing about you fucking harley lifestyle. I swear I’ve seen guys that would fit right in with your crowd kicking it up on church street in Toronto here.

  • JUS Ride Idiots!

    San Jose STEVE
    1% “Home of the C4 CREW”

  • Spunky

    CBR, I get what you are saying. However, I know very little about bike racing. To be honest I’ve watched some racing at Mid-Ohio at the track a couple times when down there for other events, on TV a few times. But don’t follow it closely. I do think a handicap, like racing a a 1000cc plus bike race with the 600’s is wrong. Where in the hell is American Technology anymore?

    I know the economy sucks. Yet that track should be the place to help do some R&D. My stock V-twin Suzuki cruiser will eat up a bigger stock HD cruiser, until a point. I knew that when I bought it, and everytime I’ve raced a Harley. I still love Harley’s, every I like to ride. When it comes to organized competion your point is valid.

    Weather here is odd right now. It was nealy 60 degrees here and below 30 just a few miles north. Basically if 30 degrees or highs 50’s it’s been raining here. Ice pack is gone, but the roads are flooded. Everything is flooded. The wind kicks up for a while then, little wind for awhile.

    Well, atleast spring seems to be coming … someday soon. Watch for gravel ond crap on the road if you live up north, and down forget to watch for cagers, they have forgot about us.

  • CBR Rider

    Oh, I forgot….the forecast…….21 degrees and windy.

  • CBR Rider

    Earlier today I watched the first race of World Super Bike (WSB). What I noticed is that BMW is racing in that series for the first time ever. BMW finished a respectable 8th place in the 1000cc class! Aprilia has also entered WSB after a 6 year break and finished 11th in the same class.

    Now to Buell. They have their all new “liquid cooled” 1125r! Congratulations(Seriously, I think it is a step in the right direction)! However, Buell has convinced the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) to let the new bike race with the 600s….???!!!! What the heck??!!

    Aprilia and BMW had the guts to go toe to toe with the Italians and the Japanese. You would think that with the new liquid cooled Buell that they would have finally stepped up to the plate and raced with the 1000cc bikes, toe to toe. But Buell is owned by Harley Davidson.

    Is there one race where Harley Davidson isn’t given some kind of rules advantage?

    Don’t hate the player, hate the game!
    Japanese sport bikes rule!!!!

  • Spunky

    Wow, I saw 40-50 degrees, snow melting a few patches of grass, and major flooding. I’d rather it stay below feezing, since it will be back there in a day or two. And even by then the big snowbanks are still there blocking our view. Now we’ll have dirty snow, flooding, a lot of ice everywhere, frozen again. I love the North Coast, but when I can affort it I’m going south to a helmet free state with a strong MRO. If there are any?

  • Spunky

    For anyone actually interested in MRO’s I have now confirmed that the state MRO called ABATE CMRO has joined as one united group with ABATE of Ohio, Inc. Also ABATE of Ohio’s State Office has moved, update your your information if you have any interest or dealings with Ohio Motorcycle Rights Organizations. If you are a club member that deals with ABATE of Ohio or CMRO please let your club officers know. The same if you are a member of another MRO, anywhere … please contact an officer to let them know of the change. You can find the information … new address, and a new Region map on the ABATE of Ohio website. Search for it or go to http://www.abate.com/

  • Balerick42

    50’s with rain maybe later this week according to the weatherman…Pensacola is in the 60’s now….

  • Spunky

    Oh, it was only some ice, 7-12 inches of snow, then a crust of ice on top. Of course that on top of the existing snow in the yard, unplowed areas and such.


  • Spunky

    Who in the hell is buying non-American cars enough to close some, and almost close the American car companies around where I live, leaving many friends unemployed? My family (I mean the ones living in the same home) one replaced a 1994 Ford car with an ’09 Chevy, One replaced a big 1999 Ford with an ’08 Ford Car, then bought a ’09 Chevy truck, One bought a 2008 Jeep. My neighbor just bought a new Chevy SUV and a Ford truck. I look around the neighborhood and see mostly new American vehicles. Who is buying the Jap Crap, California?

    And none of us are rich, just getting by. And I’ve seen more family, neighbors, and friends replace older vehicles with new ones in the last two years than ever at one time, all American?

    Big snow storm is here. Yeah, another one! I thought there was a global warming thing going on? If so if hasonly effected the North Coast with worse winter weather than we have seen in a long, long time.

  • Spunky

    Damn, I know its cold and snow or ice in most northern areas. So what not take a few minutes from shoveling snow and drop a post. Hey I plowed the drive with a Suzuki, not a H-D, is that OK? LOL. I wonder if Harley will ever build a 4 wheeler. I had the golf carts, they are fine. However not real great offroad? I know they will not go back to off-road bikes. They could never catch up! In my opinion. There piece of the market is strong, but will not last forever.

    Anyway, two days peaked a bit above 32 degrees (freezing). Almost feels like spring time compared to the past below zero temps we have had. But not enought to melt the foot of snow off the ground.

    It’s got a nice crust on it, a 1/4 mile walk kicked my ass.

    Anyway, I’m out. I’ve got big issues at my home to deal with.


  • Spunky

    nessman, roads are still shit and still have blowing snow. But the temp. is supposed to get around 30 tomorrow. Might even get to above freezing in some areas (that’s 32 degrees to those who don’t know). Still too bad of road conditions to ride, but after 15 below zero, I think I’ll go outside a bit more. LOL.

    Wind-chill is what gets me even at 40-50 degrees. On one of my old “biker” websites (gone) it was nice because you could type in you local temp. and a speed of travel, it would tell you the wind chill factor. I’ve searched since but never found the math behind that??

  • nessman

    upper fifties here today. not bad considering it was only 15 yesterday with snow the day before. good day for a cruise around town at posted speed limits 25mph. pretty brisk on the highway though. had fun for about 30 min today cruising around town.

  • Spunky

    We’re also around 10-15 degrees belows zero. Ice under blowing snow. No one is riding here.

  • Balerick42

    friggin’ 10 below with 35 mph winds……….

  • Spunky

    Snowing now, it will not stop!

  • Spunky

    Brady, that might catch on someday soon. But not in the North Coast right now. 20 degress below freezing with ice covered roads, and snow, were almost stuck at home in 4WD cages. THanks for the comment man. Peace.

  • Brady

    General comment – If its got two wheels and a motor, that should be what matters. Get out there in the wind and sun and have fun on your Honda or your Harley…

  • Balerick42

    Spunky, Long term weather next week has lows around 5 above, so brace yourself. Mostly just had ice and freezing rain here lately too, not much snow. In Hawaii it was about 80 to 85 year round….. Is Spring here yet? I will be a snowbird after retirement. The day after Christmas I will be outta here and down South until April. Spring, Summer and Fall is nice in this area of West-Central Illinois with all the fishing and hunting, etc. I’ve got a cabin on stilts down at the River, but Winters are too brutal for me.

  • Spunky

    Balerick, nice to see you back. Are you gonna quit sending your shitty weather this way. Actually most of now is coming across the lakes, so I can’t blame it on you. LOL. Not a lot of snow fall lately. Mostly freezing rain and a few inches of blowing snow.

    I only name my bikes after I’ve had them for awhile. My current bike had a name until she starting giving me some issues. Now I just call her bitch. Peace man. Kev

  • Balerick42

    Man I miss Pensacola, Florida and Hawaii this time of year….25 and 30 mph winds today…only 3 more months of Winter…..I lived in the South and Hawaii for 20 years. Been back here….this will be my 10th Winter…still don’t like it. I could ride all year round down there.

  • Balerick42

    Answer to Jordan’s post 2034……..cause I’m hibernating (it being Winter). Finally put the StaBil in the tank, the trickle charger on, and covered it up. I did get to ride two days the week of Christmas here in Illinois. It was 50 for a high those days.

  • balerick42

    I called my Sportster “Trixie”. haven’t named my Superglide. One reason a Harley is better than a woman is that you’re in control of who else rides it…..a woman, well, not so much.

  • Spunky

    Aussie, I’ll give you that. In part Harley is in part an image and great marketing has helped them. However, how many people get Honda tattoos? How many people (including non-riders) stop at a Yamaha shop while traveling to pick up a T-shirt? I have some, but have never worn a Harley patch on my vest. I had a Haley pin that I lost a month or so after I put it on, maybe 14 years ago. Some people do buy an H-D just for image. Most often it’s not hard to figure out which ones they are. They fit into the “biker” groups much less than me on my Suzuki. Not because of what they ride, but because it becomes obvious to many they are there just trying to be cool. Isn’t that why Haley has the HOG club, not putting them down too much. But many are just members because they bought a new H-D. I know some that are real riders, but those few are normally involved in other groups or group activities.

    I don’t care if people don’t want me to ride with their Harley’s since I’ve been riding only a Suzuki for many years now. Like I’ve said before, people that have met me or know me a bit don’t care and most groups I’ve been around made exceptions. It’s not the ride as much as it is the rider. My image should not defined by what I choose to ride. Harley makes a few bikes for only a few types of riding. My Suzuki is not a touring bike or a “sport bike” it is just a v-twin cruiser. I don’t expect it to do more than what it was designed to do. The same deal with Harley-Davidson. If you want a cruiser buy one, a touring bike buy one. If you want to do wheelies at 140 MPH on public roads buy a Jap sport bike that can do that. I’m not really going to discriminate against any bike in general, but I often will certain riders. If I find a pre-fuel injected Harley at the right price I’ll buy it.

    And by-the-why I like older Ford Trucks. In fact, I’m looking for one to replace my much newer, better handing vehicle. Or even a 70’s – 80’s RWD Ford or even a GM car. Not because I don’t like technology and improvements, because that is my choice and I’ll make those improvements I want to.

    Peace man.


    Lets face it,most people ride Harleys these days for the image more than the ride itself.Having ridden tons of bikes,why would anyone buy one other than trying to increase the size of the ego.I use to own two but are long gone,Too expensive for what they are,noisy and handle worse than my 1980 F100.Im not a huge fan of my English cousins but Triumphs have come a long way,the ride and build quality when i tested them put a big smile on my face.And at half the price of a Harley without the stigma of “look at me ,Im a wanker”.I have to say,Well done to Harley for there marketing to get into the more mainstream market,thats whats kept them successfull.

  • Spunky

    Oh hell, while I’m online. Back to the beginning of this post. Frank, when are you gonna go to the run to DC or Run to the Wall and express your opinions their? That would be interesting to hear how those goes if you said the same things to people there?

    Dude, maybe you should move to Myrtle Beach, SC. They are still trying to kill the annual bike event and not having been there in a few years, I heard it is working pretty good. However, the city now put in a new helmet law (inconsistent with the State law) and a few other laws.

    So, I leave that as a warning for riders going down this in ’09 also. Check the Myrtle Beach City laws this year also. I was told in basic terms by a SC MRO that MB wants to be like more of a retirement community, rather than a vacation spot for all. I know I will not travel their again until I can ride free again. I gotta contact the chamber of commerce and explain why they no longer need to sent me a couple big packages a year. I’m not going there for a weekend, and changed plans on where I might move in future years. Maybe south, but not to an anti-motorcyclist state or city. Anyway, until ABATE of SC and ABATE of Horry County gets this though the courts if you ride and believe in freedom of choice, don’t give them your money. They will feel it when they don’t get the millions from bike week. Just a note, go ride if you can.

  • Spunky

    Just curious? How many of you guys name your bikes? How many have female names or refer to your bike as her or she? How about you female riders? Do you name your bikes, and in male names, or refer to your ride as him or her? Like I said just curious.

    Peace, Ride…

  • Spunky

    Hey Peter, that sounded like an intelligent comment. However, it was directed toward whom, or what post? If toward me, I don’t have a damn thing against Harleys, most likely will be my next bike purchase. Yeah, most likely will get another H-D, but somehow that seems like a choice that I should make. As stated, I ride what I choose, and who I ride with. If they are too narrow minded, than I rather not ride with them anyway. At least my bike was built in the USA with mostly USA made parts. Get H-D to quit outsourcing parts from other countries and I’ll support you a little more on choice, not attitude. When I see Harley parts made in China, Mexico, etc., I just sit and wonder. I’m all for free trade, but that shit is not FREE trade. Anyway dude, I don’t care what say. I love Harleys also, but a Brother in the wind, is a Brother in the wind. Period! Oh hell, I’ll never get you to realize that concept anyway. If your Bro jumped on a Ninja and died would he still be your brother … your lost brother?

  • peteharley

    I’m sorry for you… and your jap bike/benders… keep watching the parade from the balcony of envy…

  • Spunky

    Page Done. See your local MRO or SMRO.

  • Spunky

    Hey, I think Harry kinda gets it.

  • I don’t care what you ride, just ride. It’s not about look how much testosterone I can pump through my veins (either to beat you up, or do wheelies at 125 MPH). It’s not about “I’m better than you because I ride a Blah Blah Blah”. Your better than me only if your character is better than mine (and I don’t mean Yosemite Sam).
    Be a reasonably good citizen, do some good (Toy runs, etc.) and enjoy the brotherhood of the motorcycle whatever you ride…

  • Spunky

    Jorgan. I am Kev, I changed my name as to not involve the MRO group that was part of my local bar nickname. So I went with an older name given to me my a group of my friends that those still alive and in contact with me still call me, Spunky. I got that because I was a bit crazy in my youth, but mostly because I never backed down from the biggest dudes that wanted to fight me. If I didn’t have a Bro that was well known to kick ass, or friends knowing what was going on in those nasty bars, or talk myself out of a situation it was time to fight back! I do used to avoid fights, but when they happen you gotta fight back. I was skinny dude and a bit short, and some of my group of friends saw me having to hop into the air to hit the big dude in the face, to drop him down. I got the name Spunky after that, and a few other things. Anyone that read the posts could figure out who I am even with the change in name, I think I made that somewhat clear in my posts.

    I have been posting and checking. I even tried to sir shit up a bit trying to get a response. I said long ago I would kill this page, because of all the bullshit. However, I kinda miss it. I mean damn it’s winter now. Half of you are not riding again until spring. You all should know I’ll piss on HD riders the same as I do Sportbike riders, if they are assholes. CBR, were did you go dude, Balerick I know you planned to move but can’t you keep your Internet connection, Matt stay in Boston or wherever you feel like is close to all the British type pussies. LOL. I say WTF too, I have invited you all to stop here on your travels, a place to camp tent provided and meals, with a ride and a dinner and drink. I’d still like to meet you all if your still alive. Might still be able to give ya a place to camp, and supply the camp equipment, and some food. But the drink and dinner are on you now. One line name the tune and band … is their anybody out there?

    Peace. Ride Free. FTW!

  • jordan weatherby

    why isn’t anyone posting anything here lately.
    cbr rider, balerick42, matt, mesoglea kev wtf guys?

  • UwishUhad1

    Since I bought this Harley I have had an incredible amount of hot women wanting a ride. Should have bought one years ago:)

  • Spunky

    Post # 2029 was just an attempt to get a response, from someone. Not my real views at all. However, it is the view of many cagers and some of our government reps. Ted Nugent and Sen. Ben “whitehourse” campbell for President 2012 (spelling not checked).

  • Spunky

    I typed 4 inces of snow, covering ice… just keyboard, that happens. Ride while you still can.

  • Spunky

    I guess this page really is dead, it’s winter 4 snow covering ive and sleet. Peace out. FTW

  • Spunky

    Sportbikes suck, Harelys suck, all bikes suck a big juicky one. You biker trash need to get in a safe car. And if you see a bike in your way run the fucking lowlife over. It’s just biker trash, no one will really care. Or will they? Humm. Shit I dunno.

  • Spunky

    OK so know we’ll have a President who disagrees with Amendment 2, 4, 9, and 10. And has openly expresses so, while also saying he supports the Bill of Rights???? What the hell dude. Do you or don’t you? I’m my small town that have never seen a turnout like this. An hour to 2 hour wait to vote in a rural town when in the past had been maybe 15 people in line at most when busy. Normally just 3 or 4 voting while you bullshit with the old poll workers you’ve know for 30 years. This year people walking with canes, people like me, who can’t stand for more than 30 minutes without sitting down because a broken back. Nothing to drink, no water. Can’t go to the restroom. Many were just not able to handle the wait and had to leave. Some left because the had to work. The kids didn’t, they don’t work.

    My back is still messed up bad and my ride is broke down. I hitched a ride 4 miles to my poll place (which used to be with in easy walking distance 1 block away). I got lucky with a ride because no way I could have walked it all. I got there at the slowest time they had all day. I was surrounded by punk ass kids that never voter before, did not know where to vote or how to vote. Didn’t know the issues or even the candidates except the Presidential. Openly exchanging views while right besides the people voting.

    I heard now vote for ******* he is the democrat, do I have to vote on every issue I don’t know what they are, do I have to vote for a person in each office. Response, just vote Democrat on everyone.

    That kind of talk has always been taboo, if even legal, until this year. Those questions if not already known by an ignorant young asshole that never voted in his life, should be answered by a poll worker. Not talked about by people 5 back in line from them.

    I’m pissed, no one helped the old and disabled people standing in line for 2 hours. Bring a few chairs out, they had them, the did that In Cleveland. Get some bottles of water and some cups and give people some water. Allow a person to get out of line to use the restroom and hold their place. Don’t allow the open conversation of ignorant first time voters in the room.

    I’m not pissed we have the first black man for president, I’m pissed we got the wrong one. So I accept it and with an entire democratic house and senate, we could loose all of our personal freedoms and States rights. I accept the one we work with we have now. I wanted a black president, infact, one black well respected person who was asked and never would run for president or vice-president. My only concern was that a racist would assinate him, a respected military General. I’m pissed because of the campaign tactics, like Democrats vote on Tues. and Republicans vote on Weds. rumors put out alone with many more. I’m pissed because of the stupidity of the youth that voted him in. They didn’t know issues, it was just the cool thing to do.

    Yes, this effects Motorcycle Rights and Issues more than any of you can realize. If everything turns out great, than forgive me for being wrong. But either way what ever happens, this time we can blame on the uneducated youth of America.

    Fuck Ohio, I’m only here now for a few true friends (I’ve weeded them out) and a few family members. When they are gone so am I. South Carolina it 20 years later but here I come, someday soon.


  • Spunky

    I often wear patches to local stores, even the post office, I always open doors for people with boxes or such, or those even close to coming in. Same as in stores, even a gas station. I often get a odd look and a thank you so much! Non riders remember those small acts. In in the letter in my local paper about the bikers stoping to help some older ladies. They said in the letter they were first scared to open the window or door to him. But were so impressed by all of his help they changed their view of bikers completely. That was one guy who happed to be on a bike and helped someone. Let’s all try it.


  • Spunky

    Let’s get all these dangerous machines off the road, we can’t see them end up killing the dumb asses. But who cares, we all know bikers are scum and give nothing back to society. Those punks on the “Crotch rockets” or those worthless Harley riding shit should get run over and removed from society. How I am I to blame if I can’t see the asshole and pulled out and he hits me. His life is worth less than my Dogs. No one should give him insurance for that thing.

    That is what the non-riding public think about us. And they have the votes to remove us from the road … all riders all brands. How do we respond here fighting eachother. How should we respond, joining a State Motorcycle Rights Organization (such as ABATE or SMRO of your state), and a Nation one as well (like the MRF). Act respectable in public, above respectable, helpful when riding or wearing motorcycle related clothes or patches, stop to try to help cagers broke down. Hold the door open in a store for people close by, go to some charity events and tell your non-riding friends about it the great work riders did. Check out you local MRO’s voting guide, and vote. Don’t be an ass, show unity of all riders on the road you pass, stop to try to help them also, regardless of style or brand. Walk away from fools that don’t follow this idea, if you can. Don’t drink too much and ride, bikers are targeted, and that only goes into the stats against us all. Respect most all traffic laws. If you have to play a bit do it in the right area or a closed course, not on a public road for all to see. I’m not saying not to stand up for yourself if you need to, or be a pussy. Be a gentleman well above what the public is used to by the general population. That sticks in their mind, those bike riders are so kind. Think about it! If we don’t all do something are right to ride will be reduced more and more until we can’t. I’m not screwing with you it is happening on a nation level, and in most places a state level and most riders don’t have a clue. Get involved and when out show the public we are better, and more polite and helpful than the general public. I actually saw I letter in my local newspaper. Older ladies broke down, no one stopped to help but a bearded long hair biker. It meant so much to them they wrote a letter to the local paper. Think about your riding future, and I know most of you have it in you to give a few minutes here and there or just be kind in public, a little more kind then the general public is. Right?

    Ride on!

  • Spunky

    Yeah, don’t have those electric gloves man. Or enough clothes to get though winter here. And I don’t care how much you bundle up that doesn’t free the road up of ice patches and loose gravel, etc., even on the warmest winter days. That’s how I broke my arm really bad way back when 17, one spot of ice on a curve on a sunny day with clear dry roads everywhere else. Went down on pavement another time, I’m not caring to go down again, my body has been through enough. Right now, it’s warm enough again for short rides, lows in the 30’s to a couple highs in the upper 50’s on a few rare days, but it will be dropping daytime temps. again tomorrow. We often go months without the roads even being snow free. Don’t have a heated garage anymore. A 40 x 40 with high roof and no insulation I can’t afford to keep heated. So I learned to put in good fuel stabilizer, keep the battery charged, and start it once in a while. Sometimes when 10-20 below zero, have to start the torpedo heater for a few toward it to get it started. Anyone that is riding in the northern areas, just watch those wet leaves, they can be almost as slick as ice. I keep year around insurance, because of fall warm streaks, and early spring warm days (after a rain that washes a lot of junk off the roads). Those are nice, I just know I have to remember most stops or intersections are still covered in small gavel and crap. Even with a good stop, you can put your foot down and lose traction. Opp’s dropped my ride! Those dates defined 6 months insurance don’t work great, besides my insurance cost about the same as my plates. Have fun, and ride while you can. tomorrow I’m putting in the fuel stabilizer, and draining the crap out of the carbs. If warm enough, a quick wash and wax coat.

    As for the other issue, not scared just very concerned. But not one President is going to change that, they just have “plans.” No plans works without congress and senate. And it will take more than one term, or even two for any policy to start to work. Notice in the last debate they both said about 10 years for energy? Me, I study and research all that on politics as a Motorcycle rights activist, and I notice when one candidate says he doesn’t support states rights, then in the same comment lies to say he supports the Bill of Rights. Well, that presidential candidate that we already know does not support the 2nd Amendment, said in the last debate he doesn’t support the 9th, or 10th amendment. I call that contradiction, really a lie. Either way, they made it a racial thing in Ohio now. You’re that cracker white devil if you support the other party. Well, sorry to say I’m not. I voted for a black man for Governor, I hoped a certain black man, with much military and political experience, well qualified for President or vice-president again was asked and again said he would not run. I would have voted for him.

    Do I dislike black people? Yeah, some! The Crack head thieves, gang bangers with no regard for life that will shoot you for no reason. The same as I dislike the white trash crack heads thieves, gang bangers with the same attitude.

    It was white gang punks that told me not no wear my Red rag when riding in a local city, because it was blue and black territory, and I might get shot riding back home. I asked them what bike club their group might be friendliest too, and what their colors were? They had no clue. I had to educate them on that, and that most bikers ride without a group. And those that are in a biker “gang” have their own colors on their backs, not a rag on the head. I also had to show them something then explain many bikers in this area to not like being shot and well … you all understand. I’m not 40 yet, but still got to educate the youth.

    I look, rambling on again. Just Ride. FTW.

  • shaftee

    Short trips, 10-20 miles with 35-40 is fine as long as you have a full face and heated gloves. Being scared doesn’t fix a damn thing. Don’t worry about those things that you can not control, ride on. What’s up with winterizing and stuff? I don’t get it I guess. As long as I can run her round the block I keep it runnin all year long…

  • nessman

    It is starting to cool off outside. It gets down to the thirties at night. It is usually still warm during the day here this time of year. But today i think it only got to around sixty degrees, and the air was damp. Not a good day to ride. I may as well face reality and face the cold hard truth that good riding weather is over(at least for me)here in a few weeks, and sadly get the old steed winterized and stable it in the garage until next spring. Damn i can’t wait until spring. Maybe i should look for work in arizona and talk the fam into moving down there where it is still nice (almost unbearably hot for me, almost 95 there still. it stays reasonably nice down there all winter. Maybe thats where a big puss like me needs to go in the winter. Yeah i said it i hate cold weather. Peace to all my fellow riders out there. Hopefully the weather is still nice where ya’ll are livin’ and you can get some more miles in this year.

    P.S. I’m ain’t even gonna lie ya’ll i’m skeered shitless about the economy. Anybuddee who ain’t iz a durned fuhl. If ya ain’t ya dam shur shood bee.

  • Spunky

    We’re down into the 30’s and rain now. Forcast said we will get back up in the 60’s. Dame shame my ride is down. ‘Cause I just wanna ride.

    Ride while you still can! FTW!

  • Spunky K

    Wow, we are only dropping to mid 40 degrees and yet just found out the furnace doesn’t work anymore. Nice huh? Send the rest of that cold shit north, not east. I wanna go to a bike party Sunday. I never recall a year it was less than 65 degrees. Most years we had summer like days for that event for the last 12 years as I can recall. News said 72 degrees for the 5th yesterday, today they said 66 and clear. Tomorrow nights so 32 and freezing rain for the 5th.

    That’s why I hate making plans and taking vacation in advance, but some big events you have to. Chill on Balerick, and if you hit 70 degrees or more go ahead and send that east.


  • balerick42

    Winter is coming. I could feel it this morning riding to work 30 miles at 70 mph in 38 degree weather.

  • Spunky K

    Rodwrencher, I guess … stupid drinks and writes. Like stupid used to drink and ride.

    You get paid for knowledge and skill, and most of the time the skill involves speed. Well, been there done that both in an office or field (and factory) jobs. Was the not the fastest Designer in the my company but close to the best, yet I was the faster Draftsman. More than once we had people lay down money and bet, on an equal number of equivalent new drawings given by my supervisors. I always won. And had a few competitions with me against the faster on the computer. Same outcome, I won. In the field not always the quickest, but was still learning all the machines and half was hard labor, not the best, certainly not the worst. Factory, was damn near the best that were fast, the fasted ones let to many bad products go buy, I was on the same line with them many times and saw it. When we broke a record there we got a place on the wall, and a few bucks bonus, and a special T-shirt (Wow!). I did on many machines, quite a few times, then broke my own records. I just think if your going a job no matter the pay, do your job to the best you can … without getting any serious injuries.

    No never worked in oil field, have old friends the used to work with natural gas, but not oil as far as I know. I don’t think we have many oil wells on the North Coast. Just many thousands of natural gas wells.


  • rodwrencher

    does anyone else that visits this post regularly work in the oil field or have any friends/ family that do?

  • rodwrencher

    i love riding motorcycles i used to love my job also but shit,i’ve worked in the oil and gas industry for 13 yrs, i currently work on a service rig, or pulling unit if you prefer. I’m about to get out of it though. i’m tired of working with the stupid worm dick mother fuckers that my company hires. hey we were all inexperienced at one point. but these people will not hustle, take there old sweet ass time to do a simple task. most of these idiots have the philosophy “calm down, we get paid by the hour”. Fuck that shit. most of these newbies will take a simple 5 minute job and make a goddam twenty minute event of it. when i started out as a worm, if you worked at your own pace, you were warned once to pick it up. In short, you could either bust ass and put out a little effort or get your ass down the road. My pusher showed me a stack of applications in his desk that was two inches thick. he said you can either stop “puttin’ on and start puttin’ out. or go get another fucking job you worthless piece of shit. i was eighteen at the time and wanted to prove to my peers that i could do this job so i got on the stick and picked up the pace. but since then i’ve took a job in another state where it is hard to find hands period. so people know they can come to work and put out about 50 percent and not get fired. most of the people my supervisor hires are just here for a paycheck. fuck that shit. this is a small area so everyone knows everyone else. I want to make a good name for myself, and be known as a “go gettin’ mother fucker”. i had a incident here recently where i had enough of one of the hands’ “i don’t care attitude” and simply asked him to pick it up a little bit. i went and complained to the pusher that i was trying to ram and cram too much, and that he was working as quickly as he could, without getting himself hurt.(bear in mind that this guy is in his mid twenties with 4 yrs rig experience) the pusher told be to slow down and be safe. i just about told them both to fuck off and quit right then and there. safety is a good thing. i’ve never argued with safety and never will. i will always try to work well within the safety guidelines. but it makes it pretty easy, to use safety as an excuse to work slowly and do a half assed job just because you are fucking lazy and can’t do a real mans job. goddamit, when you are getting paid 16 dollars an hour and are not working any harder than the guy at the supermarket carrying groceries for minimum wage then you need to be fired. at least the carryout boy hustles sometimes. that is more than i can say for most of these sorry pieces of shit that i work with.

  • balerick42

    Sold my Sportster today…….sad to see her go, but I did not need three bikes. The goldwing was sold earlier in the month. Down to just my 06 Superglide now…..We’ve had beautiful weather for about a week now….

  • rodwrencher

    stupid is as stupid does i guess!

  • Spunky K

    That last post just looked pretty stupid for half of it when I looked it over real quick. Sorry to be a dick, but, I guess sometimes you’ll have that shit.

  • Spunky K

    your not a pussy, up here on the North Coast or in the Midwest pretty much everyone should know it gets a point to where it’s too damned cold to even think about riding. I don’t care what your limit it. When you get to 50 degrees or below, you gotta figure the wind chill factor and your speed and length of the ride. I almost lost my right hand because riding with my former Road Captain, mapping out a 100 mile run and it dropped to below 45 degrees (I already broke my wrist and that arm twice, fingers or knuckles all busted up and healed, they call them boxer fractures), so my hand was already low blood movement and more open to vibration and going numb and/or cold. He was on a dressers and put a sweatshirt and vest on, I was on a cruiser with no windshield and put a heavy leather on, but that didn’t help my hands. I had frost bite, they fixed me enough, but don’t ever fuck around with the Frost, we, I mean, it can kill ya like right now or even later.

    Besides the snow, ice, and all of that. You cannot ride in those conditions. You, my Bros from down south, I’ve been down there on a cold front with some freezing rain or like 1/8 ince of snow, you guy shut down every thing, it was like the end of life, and ya’ll can’t even drive a car on what is nothing to us. Some ice, some snow? Yeah, we can’t ride a bike in the shit. But we sure can drive in that ice often covered with two feet of snow and freezing rain. It’s called anywhere from mid fall, most all of winter, and early spring, you never know if you take the hotrod ouit or the bike? Except winter of course, just park them.

    When my Sister moved down south for so many years, and many years later when my Dad moved more south … kinda state by state, until he was in GA. They both told me the stories like at 50 degrees people all bundled up in big winter coats and hats and shit like it was a joke, and all that crap scarves and gloves like they were in Alaska. They (my family) walked around in T-shirts and short pants, and people thought they were insane. Hell, I had a gathering the other night of my neighbors for a fire and some music. Four of 5 dudes were wearing shorts, in a T-shirt, and yes it was below 50 degrees. As Metallica said, so fucking what!!!! Don’t dog us for a shorter and odd riding season, I won’t dog you guys down south for getting chilled way to much for no reason, or not knowing how to drive on anything except dry roads. We’ll warm back up, it always does and get some riding in and a group I’m involved with had 2 more events locally. I’m a self proclaimed redneck (with some of my friends have issue with term, but think no bad about because). I’m as redneck hillbilly as you can get this far north … well not really some of my friends are more redneck.

    And well I’m still feeling some Frost (Black people, as I was told by a few of my black friends, preferred to be called black). And I’m not stupid I still get around a bit. They, I guess I mean the “African Americans” I know most all have a negative view of the term redneck, I gave everyone much time for input before I registered the term Rustbelt Redneck ® 1997. I did so because of all the farms seeing off to housing developments. Some of us are still old school country, ride you off road vehicles down the road a mile or two to visit a friend. I do still. Have a bon fire on a Saturday night, so long as you invite all the neighbors that you might bother, and let them know they are welcome. Always do, always have…. and some loud late parties. But when you know you neighbors for 30 years it’s cool.

    My other home (well we’ll just my other legal home) no real neighbors, except my Wife’s Grandma across the street. Target practice ever few days, Loud parties whenever they happened, not really planned. When I unloaded my Intrateck and all 30 rounds into the Ford truck my Bro gave me (for a loan 10 years and never repaid). Hell it was newyears at midnight, a Bro called me, I said hold on a second, then I put all 30 rounds in a 8 inch circle on the bed of the truck not to damage anything but metal on the truck bed.

    I’m long and rambling, not because I sat down and thought it out at all, just because I finally got a chance to get online with all the crazy shit going on right now.

    I can’t tell you about coming home from the bar years ago and having a tech 9 under the seat of my Mustang, and my wife bitching kill those cats (there was about 17 inbred that all looked the same, sick and nasty to have around). I said I would not do it. I don’t want to tell it because what happened is very illegal here. But I’m clean with the ATF when they visit me so I go on. I didn’t want to be involved, but you know a wife can make you do things. So we came home from the biker bar she had a tech 9 under driver seat. Told me to kill all of those sick cats, when we pulled in and the headlights hit the wood pile, I think they are were there looking up. Somebody used all 30 rounds pretty damn good, before pulling out her 25 auto or using out S&W 9mm also in our car. It wasn’t me to carry those, I give or take an ass whipping. I know pain and all that follow. I just say someone but used 30 rounds and got 16 of them. We had a biker dude well call Leo working out of our garage for a while working on HD a bit most most custom paint. House alarm went off like 5 hours earlier. Was shut off my Mother-in-law shut it off and the rest of and we never knew it went off, later was bring more of our shit over got out the car and some asshole comes around the corner with a gun wearing a black T-shirt and jeans. I was strapped with a 9mm with 15 rounds of hollow points, Leo came out of the garage with a . 357 aimed at his head. No Cross fire, but we had no clue who the asshole that sneaked in the back yard was. Leo was closer to shooting him than me. I mean Damn he never Said I’m a Cop, he parked down the road and wearing street clothes almost died and put one of us in prison for life, he just looked like almost everyone, jeans and a black shirt with a gun.

    BTW- with the order to do killing cats one thing was requested, to dispose of them properly in the morning, that was all done but one cat was left. Someone shot the last nasty sick cat with a 9mm loaded with hollow points close up, while 3 others watched. It just ran away, no blood, nothing. I gotta get done right now, my family’s life is insane right now.

    Yes, even more than the past I tell stories about, My family needs help and gotta find ways I can help. Peace! Out! FTW

  • nessman

    I spun a crank bearing in my goldwing earlier this year. Seems how Honda only only made the 1100 box 4 engine for three years, parts are expensive and hard to find. In short, the repairs would cost more than the machine is worth. I sold the v-max last year, honestly it was just too much bike for me. So i haven’t ridden in over 6 months. This guy from work has a 85 yamaha 1100 v-twin yamaha for sale. He let me ride it last spring, and considered selling it to me for fifteen hundred dollars. But then as the weather warmed he decided against selling it.
    Six months later, my phone rang this morning, and guess who. He said he just purchased a boat and was in a bit of a financial bind, and was in dire need of some cash. He priced the bike to me for one thousand dollars. I haven’t been so excited in years. The machine is very nice for its age and only has 15,000 miles on it. He has documents and receipts from the local motorcycle shop of all scheduled maintenance for the past fifteen years. The bike has really been taken care of and looks and runs great. Well, hell unfortunately we only have another good month of good riding weather here in Colorado(yeah I’m a pussy and don’t ride if its below 45 degrees,). But i will enjoy the shit out of what’s left of this riding season. And next year I will more than make up for miles i did not get to ride this year. Well its 75 out right now and and chance of precipitation, so what the hell am i doing here on this computer. I got to go. Meanwhile everyone ride safe and have fun.

  • Spunky K

    In post #2009 I hit a key that sent it before I had read what I just typed or edited. It was not supposed to be posted yet. I did not realize that was sent out until I wrote the following, which was supposed to be post #2009. Not that it makes a big difference but this was the text I still had wrote to be posted. I only send this because I wish my damned elbow would quit hitting whatever key that is over there on the right side of my keyboard, way to the right of the normal keyboard. It’s all arrows, sound, numbers and shit that I don’t use except to open the disc drive?

    It may not be the best in technology, and not viewed my most the way I do. I love almost all bikes, so don’t bitch at me for still loving the 45 v-twin. Maybe it’s my past, my youth, or still just love the sound (if tuned right). Sorry to those with strait pipes or loud pipes, I wouldn’t care too much if I could hear on the phone, hear the TV show, have a conversation, or talk on the phone, and they are not just making noise to wake me or my family up. Living on this road with so much heavy bike traffic, is sometimes like back when I lived next to the very active railroad tracks. I still love to see bikes and hear them, but not so much anymore, unless I’m outside of the house.

    I gotta refine that part… Many screaming loud sportbikes wake me up or annoy me also. So do Semi Trucks, on probably the only 2 bad bumps in 10 miles of road. I don’t mind either sportbikes or loud V-twins, except when they just “get on it” which seems popular in this section of the road. It bothers me. Not only because it is too damned loud, but because my family members pull in and out of our driveway at all hours, I don’t want to see a rider die in front of me again, nor have a family member injured or killed in that process. I certainly don’t want a family member to be involved in that, or even see it, and definitely not pulling out and not knowing a bike is coming over the hill at 100 MPH. Most think they just got open road there, but they can’t see the new high traffic side roads (into the big developments behind the houses near the street) even though there are 25 or more driveways or so now in that 1/8 mile section also. Seeing farms and livestock is probably the reason many riders open up here, yet farms are spaced out and narrow on the road side now, only deep and bigger in the in the back. If you see a barn or a cow doesn’t mean crank it up quite yet. You gotta know you are bothering the people that vote on motorcycle issues, if the home is close to the road (I will still vote for MC rights, but my family and neighbors won’t). You gotta know you are in serious danger with people who are pulling out of side roads or even driveways. Save it for a more open road, they are still out there.

    In the past 5 years it’s been too crazy here, I see more crashes, both cagers and bikes, in one year than most people see in a decade. I keep a first aid kit, road flares, flashlight, and a fire extinguisher near the door. I check before I help now because, one dude last year leaving the wonderful tavern around the corner, about a half mile down a side street, forgot he had to stop where the road ended and crashed his pickup into some tree’s (they have taken so many hits I can’t believe most of those trees are still alive). I got my flashlight and my first aid kit and started to walk over. I then found out he fled on foot and was carrying a shotgun, I grabbed my Tech 9 and watched from inside until the police found him. Then went out to help with traffic control (only because I was awake, had a reflective vest, and had nothing else to do but assist) for the hour it took them to pull that truck out. A friend of mind crashed his Harley in the same place a few years back because he was too drunk to realize the road ended quicker at high speed. So what did the bar do, bought him a new $200 leather Dale Jr. NASCAR jacket, because they cut his up when he crashed????

    No houses around and you know the road enough, open area with no crossroads, crank it up and there have some fun at your own damned risk if you choose, with your strait pipes or screaming sportbikes. But still remember, it is never “completely” at your own risk on any public streets. Others always can and might just be there where you don’t expect them. I know it’s fun, I’ve done it too both sober and while drinking. I can’t condemn a person for doing things I did, maybe I’m just older, or once in a while sober, but I think about others now, and also about loosing a leg, arm, or never being able to walk again. Call me a pussy or whatever, but I’m still here to smoke and drink a little bud this morning. Just think a little bit about others before you crank it up. Peace. Just Ride!

  • Spunky K

    Balerick, I try not to go to Walmart, but they shut down so many others that you almost have to anymore. I can find a Walmart in 3 directions within 7 miles. Other stores, much fewer now, and much longer distance for most (local small stores are most dead). I do watch what I buy, and where manufactured. Yeah, I don’t see many American products on the market anymore, including a lot of food products? I have never knowingly bought a Chinese product, but I’m pretty sure they might list most of their exports that the sell under the name of a Country that they have influence or control over. But, if I need shit paper dude, and I can only find some from China, I think I’d buy it. Basic necessities only, not perks, or any items I really have a choice on, or days to consider.

    Just Ride!

  • Spunky K

    “It may not be the best in technology, and not viewed my most the way I do. I love almost all bikes, so don’t bitch at me for still loving the 45 v-twin. Maybe it’s my past, my youth, or still just love the sound (if tuned right and not strait pipes). Sorry to those with strait pipes, I wouldn’t care if I could hear on the phone, hear the TV show, have a conversation, or talk on the phone, and not just making noise to wake me or my family up. Living on this road with so much bike traffic, is sometimes like back when I lived next to the very active railroad tracks. I still love to see bikes and hear them, but not anymore unless I’m outside of the house.”

    I gotta refine that part… Many screaming loud sportbikes wake me up or annoy me also. I don’t mind either sportbikes or loud V-twins, except when the just “get on it” which this seems to be a section of the road they most do. It bothers me. Not only because it is too damned loud, but because my family members pull in and out of our driveway at all hours, I don’t want to see a rider die in front of me again, nor have a family member injured or killed in that process. Most thing they just got to open road, but they can seethe new roads (developments) even though there are 20 driveways now in 1/8 mile. Seeing farms and livestock is probably the reason, yet farms are spaced out and narrow on the road side now, only deep in the back.

    No houses near the road, and you know the road enough, open area, crank it up and there have some fun at your risk if you choose, with your strait pipes or screaming sportbike. But still remember it is never completely at your one risk on public streets. Peace

  • Spunky K

    CBR, I was referring to an American company using an American R&D company to study the idea, then if the outcome seemed plausible, the Company itself could use the info. and designs learned from the contracted firm to continue to develop and then produce the product. I have signed contracts with R&D firms so they are few things I can even tell you about the jobs, process, or products that I worked on. Basically I was talking about any company that was interested in the concept, could start the project that way if they did not have experience in that area. Of course the final designs should be their own on their R&D employees. I have signed confidentially agreements with most US tire manufactures, even though I also worked for most competitors also. Signed contracts with many other companies of all types. Some layouts, process, or equipment I designed from start to finish. Some I just designed a piece, not knowing the final product, just the function it had to perform. But I certainly would not give or sell that information and risk being sued for millions or billions of dollars and locked up for many years for that.

    The R&D companies and the people who work there have even stronger contracts than I did. I had to have a security badge even to get into Goodyear Tech. Center. They had armed guards, and atleast back then it was not just side arms. Dupont, never made me sign anything, but I can’t even recall what designs I did for them (for NASCAR fans I still think Gordan is an ass, but a little less since my two favorite drivers 48 & 88 are his teammates, for those that don’t have a clue, is sponsor is Dupont). Firestone, I designed a whole new tire building machine for huge “earth moving machine” tires for them, never signed a thing. BF Goodrich, signed an agreement for any little piece of crap I ever saw. Goodyear Aerospace, later sold to Loral, you better believe they both had a contact with me. Dozens of other companies that were regular customers of that engineering firm. But the R&D company I worked for I can tell you what I designed, a process and equipment for them to test electo-chemical polishing on hundreds of very small metal objects. It was various acids and only a few metals or polymers could be used. My designs were great and I’m very proud, but can’t tell much more than that, or the company it was for. I can sell the have a factory local to me.

    I think anyone selling innovations, it has to be way higher up that the designers, or a R&D company, and high up in the company producing the actual product, like management or even CEO’s.

    Copying by others will happen anyway. You can’t avoid that. In the U.S. you have to do reverse engineering to be legal. Like Windows was reverse designed after the first decent Mac OS. In China they can do whatever the fuck they want. Yet, I think we have little concern, before any American owned company will even think about putting funds into this concept, I’m sure Japan already has started.

    It may not be the best in technology, and not viewed my most the way I do. I love almost all bikes, so don’t bitch at me for still loving the 45 v-twin. Maybe it’s my past, my youth, or still just love the sound (if tuned right and not strait pipes). Sorry to those with strait pipes, I wouldn’t care if I could hear on the phone, hear the TV show, have a conversation, or talk on the phone, and not just making noise to wake me or my family up. Living on this road with so much bike traffic, is sometimes like back when I lived next to the very active railroad tracks. I still love to see bikes and hear them, but not anymore unless I’m outside of the house. Maybe I can move to another back road until it becomes an expressway too. LOL.

    Cuba would love any newer vehicles, they mostly drive old 50-60 American vehicles that are so messed up from rigging them to keep them running, that many American’s might want the body to restore an old car, but nothing else. Pretty sure China might send them some of their bikes.

    Keeping up with the Corvette. LOL. That’s crazy. A new Shelby 500 GT will eat a Corvette, and have extra seating to view it (yes you can buy them or order them from a dealership). The extra price might be similar to a stock Vet (have not checked), but from the corvettes I’ve been in, I was uncomfortable cramped and I felt too big… An I’m a pretty little dude. And my 302 Mustang used to eat those 350 Vets, looked at them in the rear view mirror. A built 427 Vet did smoke me once, my mistake thought it was a built 350.

    I was not even referring to H-D. But your last part of you post, I can see your point. American Companies need a reason to improve products. And from there work on pay for labor as per performance, and supervisors, management, and even those higher up as well. However, I have many friends that work labor for Ford, Chrysler, and GM. They (well some of them) bust ass, but just because the product is inferior in design, should they suffer. Well, they are already anyway.

    Just Ride!

  • balerick42

    Spunky, You better stay away from Wal-mart then. CBR, Harley will not change until they are forced to by market conditions. They still have enough of the Baby Boomers buying their bikes. I like both my Harleys just as they are. That does not mean I don’t support your post, because I do. I just think another company will have to pick it up. Maybe Victory’s parent company.

  • CBR Rider

    How about dealing with the Chinese head on? How about using America’s main strength?

    There are two scenarios I see concerning us(America) and the Chinese.
    1. We embrace the idea in post #1700 and experiment and use “innovation” which is our main strength and we come out with a better product. In short we step up to the challenge. Copying has its advantages such as using other peoples research and development to make your own product with out having to spend your own risk, time and money on R&D. However copying has its disadvantages such as not learning to develop your own stuff and therefore being dependent and constantly behind others in this area. Part of our problem is we sell our innovation to others(Japan), without even being pressured, out of greed and short term interests. We’ll learn the hard way to keep our innovation to ourselves.

    2. We continue to put anniversary badges, special paint jobs, forever cling to the 45 degree v-twin as being the only meaningful power plant(as post #1705 and countless Harley Davidson fans have suggested).

    How about shipping Harley Davidson to Cuba? They could have went to Chevy, who happens to be keeping up with the world with their Corvette, for help with their VROD.

    I say again though, Harley Davidson will not improve through the goodness of their hearts…no one will actually.
    Buying the competitions products helps the USA. Because USA companies will say “God Damn, I have to eat. I’d better build some better shit rather than count on people buying my inferior product for me to survive. I’d better invest in my workers instead of laying off workers and making workers take pay cuts. I’d better pay my managers with according to how well they produce instead of pay raises even when they fail.”

  • Spunky K

    If any American intentally buys a Chinese product, we should ship them to Cuba.

  • RTS-Spunky

    CBR and Balerick, I supported post #1700 way back when I read it, and posted such the next day. Why not look into it and see what we can develop? I have, when a mechanical designer worked indirectly for a research company. An American manufacture doesn’t even have to do it themselves, just give the basic concept to such a company and fund the project to see how what results the come up with. If it seems to be an idea that work well, they can develop the engines from there. Also maybe companies that already produce diesel engines might consider putting a few bucks into their own research to develop an engine for modern street bike use. If they can do it in cars, why not bikes? They also might consider looking into using natural gas in smaller engines. Where I live we have small natural gas wells everywhere. Looking like big grasshoppers on farms, and even fenced on in fenced off in housing developments now. Most are inactive in the last 10-15 years because we have enough gas already. They did not need all of them pumping, and that put many of my friends out of business that worked for the gas companies.

    Anyway you know I always have a barely related story. My deceased Brother rented an old farm house, a few miles from me. His boss, the land owner had a gas well on one of his properties, he also owned part of the lake, or I actually think more likely property around the lake that a local City owned as part of their water supply (even though not used) but other water that is sucked from the all the ponds, lakes and other water supply in our township by the City in another Township, then treated and piped back and sold back to our Township, then they sell to us that are on the on the water line (of course they force any water wells shut and condemned if you have “city water”). However, the old farm house he rented had free gas and free water. He just had to pay pretty cheap rent, and electric. Free water and gas. Yet, the water heater went bad, found out it was electric, thought that was ignorant … with free gas? Even more stupid landlord only wanted to replace it with electric? Come on dude you have free city water and natural gas? By the way it was a station in our little Township that shut down power to half of the East Coast and NY a few years ago. I got lucky because it was hot, I was in serious pain and I just got out of surgery, we were on the one line around here that didn’t get shut down in my area while most everyone I knew around here and most of OH, most of PA, NY and more baked in the heat. I was in cool air watching the news about all of that, while dozing in and out on some vicodine, codeine mix drink, and some other narcotic pills. OK, that was my ramble.

    But, I still am curious why diesel fuel is now so much more expensive than gasoline? It has always been cheaper. And it is basically a byproduct of refining gasoline as far as I understand.

    OK, later all.
    Spunky K

  • balerick42

    The local Yamaha dealer has started selling Chinese bikes this summer from a company called Q-Link. They sell scooters, street bikes, 4X4’s and dirt bikes. The local dealer sells so many of the Q-Link Legends (looks like a mini Fatboy) that he can’t keep any in stock. It is a 250CC built from the plans of a Honda 250, but has upgraded looks and extras. He says he doesn’t even have time to get them out of the crate. The Legend sells for $2499 and has a two year warranty. The Chinese are going to beat the Japanese at their own game.

  • balerick42

    I support post #1700 also. Anything that would make transportation more economical would have a place in today’s market.

  • CBR Rider

    I thought post #1700 was a darn good post. It listed a lot of good reasons to look into a diesel powered motorcycle such as high torque, good gas milage and reliability.

    I think an American manufacturer should look into this. Not just because other notable European car makers have already started experimenting with it, making diesel race cars and sports cars, but for the good reasons listed in post #1700.

    I cannot understand why someone would say post #1700 is “the most ignorantist thing I’ve ever heard of in my life” as they did in post #1705.
    Is it because the writer of post #1705 is a fan of the most under qualifed bike made(whether quality has improved or not Harley Davidson are still near the bottom compared to everyone else)??

  • RTS-Spunky

    I’m switched names and more at this point. 8:40AM. peace!

  • A-KEV

    I think way too damned much when I get, really, really tired, and ramble too much. I will not talk politics to you here, on this site. Unless just to clarify a statement made, if really needed. I’m not a racist, just concerned about what might happen to our that Country we all love, or all should love, while thinking the negative on both sides, thinking too much. Remember, even Reagan was shot by an asshole! Never knew the real reason?

    I’m a damned Hillbilly and a Redneck but would not shoot a man of any race, or any person for a statement or to make a point. I will only kill another to protect myself, my family, my dog, my bike, a real friend, or a neighbor, or just maybe revenge on something done toward us! So off the subject forever. I also wanted to note that I no longer claim officational association with any group, club, or association at all, even those I might still have a non-expired membership with for this year or the or next year.

    We will just say I’m too tired to keep doing what I was doing. Had to find a new way and be able to sleep better soon. My screen name will now change RTS-Spunky. I’m gonna leave on a good thought anyway. Good music.

    I want to think about what Joe Satriani wrote about and song many years ago:

    RIDE: (forced to remove a link to the song)

    I know some people like to take life easy,
    That’s not my style.
    I’m not the type to let this life tease me,
    I’m gonna make it wild.

    I just wanna ride,
    Get on my bike and ride.

    Some people think you’ve got to like your life one way,
    I disagree.
    I’m not gonna pay attention to them anyway,
    It’s got nothing, nothing to do with me.

    Life is so short, we’ve got
    No time to waste at all.


    I just wanna ride,
    Get on my bike and ride.
    I just wanna ride,
    Get on my bike and ride.

    I see the road, as it opens up before me,
    I feel the heat.
    I’m gonna go where I want, when I want to.
    I’ve got to be free.


    Feels so right…
    Feels so right.

    OK, I’ll was going to leave with the the best link i’ve found for group ring info. and hand signals than I’ve ran across. for most all riding. But I was forced to remove it also. If not using hand signals you might get hit in the ass with 2 bikes like I did by by a couple of my bro’s. I thank the whatever group posted it it was like Ohio X something Motorcycles Group. It is much better than my similar page on my old Website from many years ago, it is no longer there. That’s funny, everything’s getting pretty funny now! Wow! I gotta go B-cause life is so short, got no time to waste…

    LIVE FREE! RTS-Spunky

  • A-KEV

    Post #1996, I meant tell The Feds to shove that legislation, or if it becomes law, up THEIR ass, not OUR ass. That they are ready planning to do. LOL. A few other typo’s in there but easy to figure out. Never wanted to be quoted as saying that one!

    The Feds can take almost every law and give it back to the states … I did not say ALL, but most of the B.S. they passed by “bulling the States” that should be left to the States. Gun Control way back to Seat Belt Laws. Did we get a vote on those? No!

    Now the issues like my State putting so many small taverns out of business (leaving many of my friends bankrupt with no savings or retirement as all of their money was invested in the bar) with the antismoking law. That was the idiots in Ohio, who can’t read the text on the screen while voting between two different proposed laws. I heard many of them asking eachother, with one still allows smoking in bars and clubs? I though to myself … my Dad, my Stepfather, nor my Grandfathers had more than a 8th or 9th grade education at most, but can read and understand that? Damn it is print in front of you people, if you can’t see it or read it press the button to make it bigger, or ask for help. Then will do that and read it to you. So now, all that voted wrong want a re-vote, too late, the small bar owners are gone out of business forever, many clubs like the local American Legion sold the property too.

    I know I’m rambling on to another subject, but if people are too dumb to vote anymore, can’t we just give enough people out to poll them. Kinda like I did in 2000 working for the United States Dept. of Commerce, Dept. of the Census. Not a fun job, certainly not safe, but got the job done without getting killed, or having to kill someone. Or even calling in the law. Just finished that bad neighborhood with a report of dude is very violent and is likely to kill you, on the homes with no contact. Up to my supervisor then.

    Hey, I rambled on again. But some people can’t understand legal text. I was the first to go to collage, and first to get two degrees and multiple other certificates of other education, I know some of that crap I can’t understand it after two pages. But I watch the local and Nat’l news, I know what is going on. I read on the Internet and dismiss most of that like I would a bar rumor or political commercial. Unless real facts, statements not taken out of context. Most people my age do not watch the news anymore. Many don’t read newspapers, the news is what they get from online, if they are looking for it. Otherwise Campaign commercials during their TV program is their only opinion. If we had Ronald Reagan running as a Democrat now and focus the a serious campaign of commercials on the 18 to late-30’s crowd. He would probably win. Am I really concerned about who is President? No. Do I have my Mind made up? Yes. Do I have an issue with people knowing who they are voting for … obviously so. Do not think Ohio Citizens are just stupid, it is known and shown that Ohio is a cross section of the United Stated and represents itself as such. Our dumb asses here are the same you have on both coasts, middle America, and the South … that’s were we came from, all of the Nation. And probably will decide the election again. Just hopefully Cuyahoga County does make us wait for days this time.

    All I can say is since I’ve been alive republicans have generally supported States Rights to a degree, often support gun rights, and personal freedoms. Against abortion, except some in limited situations. Of course all of that varies with the individual.

    Democrats support those of us who get really sick or injured bad (like me) and really need the help we deserve! Not as protective of State Rights or individual freedoms, but some of that often varies from one democrat to another with the individual. Normally don’t support abortion, unless in limited situations.

    I’ve supported both on a local level and have done a good job at choosing 90% of the time.

    I know most of this will be edited out but I help by blocking some things or all since political. I’d be independent but couldn’t vote half the time some I’m a registered ****** but most often vote ******? I think since I’ve been paying attention the two best presidents where Jimmy Carter, because he didn’t do a damn thing, was just there (and he’s got a nice little place to stop between here and SC). And of course Ronald Reagan, He was a bad ass and didn’t give a fuck, He scarred Russia, Korea, and I’m pretty sure every county in the World for 8 years. But in all of time it has be Roosevelt and Roosevelt. I’m not trying to start or want a political conversation. I’m saying the 40 and younger group are (in general) not able to read the legal text to vote properly, and often have no info. except paid commercials. I’m gonna vote for who I choose and not tell you. But one bad predication, Oboma will win, some fool will kill him out of racial hatred, a new civil war or race war will destroy our County. God, please let me be wrong. Too many idiots out there. No one will win, we all will lose. Except the terrorists and China.

    Just Ride, Ride Free. FTW.

  • Steven

    you cant really say harleys are made in america anymore,,,sadly they have been using some parts made in asian countries like korea and many union workers here had to give up their harleys or lose their jobs because of it,,,sad to see harley go that way but its the price you pay sometimes,,,even gods can fall from grace (metaphor),,,i was lucky with buying my bike as the guy allowed me to make payments on it till it was paid off,,,got a second job and busted my ass and had it paid off in 6 months,,,its a 76 shovel fx rebuilt to brand new by harley and harley certified mechanics and only 37 miles on it when i got it,,,everyone has to find that one thing in life that makes their day worth it wether it be collecting stamps or baking cakes, everyone has to have that 1 thing to keep them sane in this world,,,for me its the ride home from work on my bike or just hearing it crank up when i kick it,,,when im able to get some time off work im going to head out to a few of the bike gatherings and hopefully make a few friends in the process,,,hope to see some of you there



    Patrick, I only wish I had the funds for such expensive bikes, and a big ass garage to store my rides. I’m gonna win the Lottery this week. LOL.

    CBR, you just helped explained the graduated bike plan we will have coming soon by then “On the other hand, my first bike was a CBR 600f2” I talked to my buddy a few days ago, his wife is learning to ride on a bike over 1000 cc’s on back roads first. I asked him if she should learn on a smaller bike. My Bud said no way, when she gets to a bigger bike she won’t be safe on it … let her learn on a bigger bike. I get his view point and can agree with his view to a degree. He Cant buy a bigger bike from and know it. A 250cc to a real bike big enough for her in stages would cost soooo much and take forever. I know her and she will not crack it open and kill herself. And who has the money for training bikes and upping an engine size every couple years? Tell the Fed. Govt. to shove that law up our ass. It is insane and only meant to get more motorcycles off the road. Did any of you know about that legislation?
    Peace. FTW.

  • Patrick Henry

    One rides the bike that he or she likes and can afford to buy. Some of us can’t afford what we would like to ride so we make compromises and ride what we’re able to pay for…but none of us should denigrate another’s motorcycle just because we don’t have the disposable income to pay for it ourselves.

    We should be happy that people can ride the bikes they dream of owning. I own an MV Augusta. Do you “Harley Haters” hate me because you can’t afford MY MOTORCYCLE TOO?

    What about the new $35,000 2009 Indidans, which like Harleys, are made in America as well? Do you hate them too? I think you should all be proud of whatever you ride and keep your “motorcycle envy” to yourselves.


    Steven, I mentioned Lawyers and Doctors in my last post, because I know some who are involved in ABATE and often attend that event. Most are your average people from all walks of life, occupations, income, life styles, brands, and types of bikes. I mentioned MC Club members because some are members of ABATE, others are not but usually come out.

    I think you meant sport bikes, rather than street bikes. Thanks for your comments. I understand what you mean. Ride on!

    For anyone coming to the Hog Roast I mentioned in post #1992 if you need a Hotel or Motel for Sunday night there are plenty in near by cities in most all directions. Kent, Akron, Aurora, Warren, or most cities to the north-west going toward Cleveland. To drop a tent just ask around while there, I’m sure a brother or sister might let you use their property if you treat them with respect. Ride Free! FTW.

  • Steven

    i ride harleys cause its what i like,,,im no dentist or doctor,,,im just a lowley warehouse worker whos earliest and fondest memories were of riding on my dads 56 panhead with him up and down the road,,ive tried street bikes and others and they honestly never felt quite right and the feet under my ass position of riding just wasnt good for me,,to each his own taste for whatever reason, if you love bikes then ride what you love, wether its a fast as hell crotchrocket or a ground pounding cruiser,,for me its about keeping a fond memory alive and doing what feels right inside


    Before we wrap up summer here in NE Ohio we have one last ABATE Party in this area. Region Zero’s 16th Annual Hog Roast & Swap Meet at Carlton’s H-D in Mantua, OH on Sunday, Oct. 5, 2008. Everyone welcome! Noon to ?. Food at 2 PM, Bike Show, Live Music, & Vendors. Carlton’s H-D has a website for location or travel links to them. ABATE of Ohio’s website has a flyer with more info. and contacts for general info. and a contact for vendors. Both websites can be found with a quick search. Or just remember http://www.ABATE.com and look under Events, then Oct. to find the flyer. Come mingle with bikers of all walks of life from Eastern, OH and Western, PA, and beyond. Ride up or even drive up. Bring the wife and kids if you want. You don’t have to 18 to attend this one.

    I hope to show all riders and motorcycle enthusiast that we have little brand discrimination or people discrimination here. Lawyers, Doctors, some MC Club members, just regular riding public of all brands, and some non-riders that just like motorcycles. Treat others with the respect you would want, and you will get that respect back from almost everyone. I’ve taken many non-riding friends there over the years and all had a great time (even though I made them work the event.) LOL. I hope to be there if in decent health and feeling up to it that day, so ask an “old time” Officer or possibly an ABATE member for me if you want too meet me (many newer Officers do not know me by face, some have never met me in person). You might also find the vendors Cycle Leather, or Yukon Jack and his employees (Bill Bobbs or Susan) might know me. Cycle Source Magazine if there, a lady named Bobbi, or dudes Wild Man, Buffalo Bill, Chris might know if I run into them. ABATE people Hairy George, Deeter, Reyn, Winger, T.J., Willie, Bummer, Angie, or my sister Tiger are most likely to know where I am if they see me. Come up if you can, hopefully we can show you that bikers care about bikers … with only little issues about what you ride. Don’t think anyone will really dog on your ride unless you do theirs, or are just an ass to them. If your coming for a long distance let me know and I will help find a place to stay overnight, or even a place to drop a tent if you give me enough time.

    Ride Free! Peace. FTW!

  • balerick42

    Good posts Kevin and CBR………can’t believe Summer is almost over already, but we have a nice ride planned along the river up to Galena, IL in October. My daughter is gonna ride with me. She’s 19, good girl, although a little wild sometimes. She works for the sheriff’s department and is going to school to get a degree in criminal justice. I’m still getting used to the Superglide. It is a much different feel than the Sporty or the Goldwing. Love the 6 speed tranny. Ride safe guys. I’m on the road tomorrow afternoon headed to St. Louis to attend a Martina McBride concert. Got invited by a very nice, pretty 120lb brunette named Colleen. Should be interesting! Life is GOOD.


    I’ll end that sentence from yesterday…before I run out of text.

    Maybe it’s my computer, or my Internet Provider? However, it only seems to happen on this site.

    Almost all old trucks and cars are cool to me. Every vehicle I bought, except a few out of necessity (needed a vehicle I could afford now) were cool. Well, I’d expand my views. But tried that yesterday and took me hours to get the posts I have up on here. I was cool to others (in the popular crowd) in the City elementary school I was in. When we moved to this rural community about 7 miles south, I was quite the opposite in school. They even made fun of my little leather jacket (my Dad was a biker). LOL. Only a few in the cool group ever were friends of mine. They made me believe the bullshit and I bought into it, until High School. I decided not to try to fit in, to be myself and dress and act like I wanted. When I thought I was cool it seemed others began to also. I went to a vocational school my Junior and Senior years. I was cool to most of my classmates and they expressed that, especially the girls. I went from the leader of the nerds, to leader of the cool crowd. How? Because I quit letting them make me believe such, became my own self, I knew I was “cool” and they followed. Either way I was a leader. Of the geeks, or of the cool. I guess that is why I can be an asshole sometimes, but still redeem myself much of the time, that or the work I do offsets that. I was a leader at many of my jobs, I was a leader in my volunteer work, I was a leader in my MRO work and the many offices I held. Until I lost confidence in myself, because of my injuries. I lost focus and many people lost confidence in me.

    You gotta believe in yourself. If you love your ride and think it is cool … it is! Don’t worry about the other opinions, trust in what you believe, and if you feel like it, express your opinions to others that do not agree. Of course if you really are an asshole others will not think anything beyond that. But you can still think you are cool! I’m sure a couple people think such about me, but so many more know me enough I’m only a part time asshole. Everyone one is an idiot or ass sometime! The point is, well you should have got it by now.

    Wow it looks like it took all my rambling text now?

    Just Ride. Ride with your head up. FTW.


    …when I get shut off. Without the examples or details. I agree Balerick. Cool is really a matter of opinion. If you think your ride is cool then it is. If you hold your head high many others that might not otherwise find your ride cool will. Well, I’m probably about out of text again. So all that really matters is that I think my ride is cool, every ride I had was cool. Screw you if don’t agree. So I better get off here befo

  • CBR Rider

    I agree what is cool is opinion. Sometime a lot of people’s opinion on what is cool is similar. Sometime I am with the majority crowd and other times I’m not.

    I think speed, technology and being unique are a few popular cool traits. You cruising around your 51 pickup in 2008 is unique since not many people cruising around in one. Technology is usually cool with a lot of people too. A lot of times I’ll hear old people brag on something they’ve owned for many years and the fact it still works. They are proud of the reliable technology. People brag on having the latest high definition televisions, GPS, and ipods to name a few. If a nation came up with a cool technology that nation is usually pretty proud. That new fighter we have, the F22 raptor, the first plane to achieve super sonic speeds without the use of after burners(fast), stealthy on the radar, and highly manueverable, I know I felt excited when I heard about it and I am also proud that we(USA) produce it.

    Of course the list is never ending and what may be cool to one may not be cool to another.


    Balerick, I tried to comment on this with some more decription and opinions, but this site no longer allows me but a few lines and no URL. I planned to stop using the URL anyway. However I had a few things to say. I’ll keep it short because soon is whe

  • balerick42

    I guess a person can TRY to compare just about anything with anything, after all, NASCAR cars and baby strollers both have four wheels, a chihuahua and an elephant both have four feet, Jupiter and Mercury are both planets, and cruisers and sportbikes both have two wheels. Cool is definitely a matter of opinion. My favorite plane of all time is not the Blackbird, not a jet at all, but a P-38 Lightning, (although the P-40’s were cool too).
    I think my 51 Chevy pickup is cool with its straight 6 motor, 3 speed on the column, and vacuum windshield wipers. I’ve had the truck for 30 years. I’ve had a corvette. It was essentially fiberglass surrounding a bunch of crap. In my truck you shift into high gear at about 35, but man it is cool tooling around in a truck manufactured when Hank Williams was singing on the Grand Ole Opry, so I guess cool really must be just a matter of opinion.


    CBR, she doesn’t give you a list before she leaves? LOL. Impressive! I’m pretty new to this buzzed in the morning thing. Well, not new, but been quite a while. Back in my major “party days” it was usually an all night thing and crash out in the morning. Then sleep until noon or later and start again when you woke up. I think I did the morning thing the most back in the days with my ex-wife, during the time we were both were not working or on a weekend. Got buzzed in the morning and had fun. Yes, even jumped on the bike and rode sometimes, sometimes just went to the local biker bar with some friends. Not something I’d want to try today, or am saying I’m proud of, but fond memories as my my wife is long gone, and so are most of my friends we used to party with back then. We had fun and luckily nobody got injured or died, well atleast not back then. FTW.

  • CBR Rider

    I’ve had the wife call me at 10 a.m., especially when she’s out of town and I have the house to myself and it’s nice and quiet, and she’ll ask me what I’m doing and I’ll reply something like, “Drinking jack and coke, watching a movie, and eating popcorn with the dog.” It is nice getting buzzed early. I’ll do that every blue moon like on vacations and when I don’t have a honey dew list(meaning she’s out of town).


    CBR, I gotta agree man. When I rode an HD I think I did kinda look down on every other bikes, even though I grew up on ALL bikes and rode with them … and today ride a metric cruiser. I’m trying to recall the mindset I had then, I wasn’t a dick to others but did feel I was superior I think to a certain degree. Or maybe it was my job when all my peers were working shit jobs. I had my Harley and I guess I agreed to the advertisement, It’s an attitude!

    5 years just seems too long too me. I mean, a 10, 20 , even a 30 year rider can say you don’t know close to what I do about riding and be correct. You continue to learn as you live and ride. Who to determine how many years. Two sounds much better than 5, if you ride a lot you have learned a lot of skills in two years. There is no perfect solution. No right age, or years of riding that can tell of a persons riding skills. We need mandatory rider training in ALL states for new riders, and an age limit on total free riding. An outlook most of my MRO friends will be upset that I wrote. However, I believe after that period we should all have the choice to ride free! Ride free and most often hurt or killed by a cager on a cell phone. Public awareness, you can’t do it enough, or too much. When I was a Coordinator we did a great job at public awareness. I had the cost covered on my programs, we only lack the manpower to do that today.

    Sorry, it’s Mustangs and fast Fords for me all my life. It do get the muscle car thing, but I gotta love the 289 as much as the 429 Boss. But understand what you say. I had two beat up Ford trucks. One a 460 and one a 390 … but you’ll never see that on a video game for bad ass strait power.

    The legislation for the “displacement law” is total bullshit to me. It’s just another attempt for the Fed’s to try to get bikes off the road.

    I gotta say now my friend that rides a Ducati, she is an instructor for the Motorcycle Rider Course, and hot as hell.

    With a background of off road machines, I used to crash once a week when young, and recover quickly. On road, I only dropped bikes a few times when riding into a wet grass on a long night of party. My only big crash was a cold night stopping at a store, worker said Kevin I’ll buy your coffee, while you warm up bro. A truck skipped out on paying for gas, so some of us went to catch a plate and follow. Another truck ran a red light and I crashed very hard to avoid him. The people I had help me pick up bike and look at my wounds were friends then. One dude is now is the local Police Officer now, he helped me push my bike in the back, before I got home and said please take me to the hospital, ER. $4800 of damage to my ride. ??? Unknown cost of damage to my body cost. Young and dumb and still had insurance.

    RodW (post 1489), drunk in the morning. Been there too many times. I’ll tell you what, is just sweet. Drinking just enough while smoking the bud. We can cruise all day with a blunt, tunes pumpin’ on a great system and looking for sweet bikes. You can’t be any higher on life right now and still but some base tines to throw to out for the neighbors. LOL. Dude I’ve been so very stoned for 3 days with little sleep. I’m getting a whole new concept on life.

    OK, My personal views are not those of ABATE or any other organization that I might me a member of. Gotta go, Yuckin’ Fuppies. FTW.

  • CBR Rider

    When it comes to “cool” EVERYTHING is comparable. You can compare a Corvair to a Corvette when talking about cool. The Corvette would score more cool points then the Corvair for it’s reliability since the Corvair had a bad reputation for reliability and the Corvette would definately score lots of cool points for it’s power or attitude. The Corvair would score a FEW cool points with its mpg compared to the Corvette especially with today’s high priced gas. Cool is about attitude and holding your own. If there was a Goldwing with a hidden nitrous oxide bottle then that would rank as very cool in a lot of people’s eyes. The GoldWing still would be cool in some peoples eyes without the nitrous because it more then holds it own in the comfort department and being a very smooth ride. Speed always has been and probably always will be cool. Remember all of the muscle cars of the past(Hemi, Corvette, Boss Mustang, AC Cobra, Porsche, Ferrari, etc.)? How about jet airplanes as opposed to propeller? They’re all cool because they’re fast. I’m not saying speed is the only thing to judge by but I’m saying everything is comparable against one another. The bikes made the video games just like NASCAR made the video games. The games didn’t make NASCAR or sport bikes cool. The sport bikes sold themselves as cool just like the Goldwing does for it’s comfort. If someone put a Goldwing video game out there I doubt it would do much good with anyone. One doesn’t have to taste 20,000 lbs. of apples to figure out what the majority of apples taste like. No, I do not know MOST Harley Davidson riders. Just like I don’t know most Harley Davidson riders NO ONE knows most Harley Davidson riders therefore no one can say most Harley Davidson riders are average people either. Just like you haven’t been insulted by Harley Davidson riders much, you, like I, do not know most Harley Davidson riders. To be technically correct most Harley Davidson riders I have met have attitudes or at least more so then riders of other makes and models. Either the Harley Davidson marketing machine or the sour attitudes of some of it’s fans, harm is being done to the biker world.

    I agree with most of your post. I also think rider training is a great idea. I don’t know how many riders I have talked to who have never heard of counter steering or blinking the rear brake light to help others see you better when you come to a stop. Also, in a lot of countries drivers are also educated about watching out for motorcycles especially since most car/motorcycle crashes are the car’s fault. Concerning the 5 year helmet law my thought was that a lot of people, especially up North, only ride their bikes for 1000 or 2000 miles a year. 5 years would ensure a chance for that rider to have encountered a lot of different weather and riding scenarios. When I was going to school after work I wouldn’t get much riding in myself. I’d barely get 3000 miles if I was lucky. If not 5 years maybe 2, that’s at least twice of what is out there now. I’m in the middle with the displacement law. Like you said, unless you’re rich it’s hard to buy even more than one bike let alone 2 or 3. On the other hand, my first bike was a CBR 600f2 which was blistering fast enough! One day I was on a straight road with a turn at the end all by myself. I opened the bike up with the thought of slowing down in time for the turn. I barely made the turn with out wrecking. Fact was, I hadn’t yet developed enough riding skills. If I was on a more powerful bike maybe or maybe not I would have crashed. Fortunately, I am a fast learner and quickly figured out I needed more riding practice. And to this day, knock on wood, I am still accident free after I’ve put 40,000 miles on my current bike and at least 7,500 on my previous. Therefore, except for the ONE careless speed miscalculation I could have learned on a bigger bike and saved money. Also maybe a rider training course and testimony from an experienced instructor would have provided me with more skills and knowledge to have avoided the situation.

  • CBR, some states do have a helmet law for younger riders or new riders, but not for more experienced adult. I think that can be both a good thing, but in many ways be an intrusion into our personal rights. Way back when I got my Ohio MC license, it was 18 years old and over, or one year of riding experience before you could dump you helmet. The probationary MC endorsement required one year of experience to ride expressways, or carry a passenger. Until your got your full endorsement it was secondary roads only all riders, regardless of age. I do believe Ohio transfers MC endorsements from other states. However some states don’t, my dad was like 50 had a MC endorsement since when Ohio started requiring one, moved to NC, and they would not transfer his that or his CDL.

    The rider training was brought into existence here by Motorcycle Rights Organizations. It is one of the best tools we have besides education and awareness programs to cagers. Mandatory training courses seem like a good to me.

    I personally don’t see a big problem with a helmet law for underage or inexperienced riders. Five years sounds a bit extreme.

    But the graduated system for engine displacement I am totally against in the way it has been proposed. I went from a 250, to a 400, to 1200, to an 800. I could run all past the limits of being safe and easily could have died in my crashes. The thing is I was lucky to have had a great job and had the money to buy what I wanted back then. But before then I understand you buy the bike that you find that you can afford. And under the current proposed legislation you would have to buy a new bike every couple years. There are better alternatives.

    Most of the bikers I run across are pretty cool about foreign bikes. Maybe 1 in 10 HD riders are real assholes about it. Example the Club I was a hang around with, some didn’t want me parking with them. As friends with the President, SGT at arm, and older members they made the few who had an issue shut up and told be to bring my bike up with theirs so they could watch it.

    On the other hand I was wearing my vest at my local bar side street bar our here in the middle of nowhere (I’m not in a club just MRO’s). I saw a sweet HD cruiser when I rolled in. I saw two dudes in vest at the end of the bar that 1%’ers but I know so many and deal with them all so much didn’t think nothing about it. I was two empty bar stools away. I waited until they were not talking to eachother and asked if one of them owned the HD I thought was fine. Dude said yeah that’s mine, why. I just said I thought it was a sweet ride, nice work. I got the fuck you attitude after that, by looks and such I knew they wanted no conversation with me. They left before me and am sure they then saw my ride and my license plate and then probably thought I was too hard on that guy. I know most 1% club members in my area are not that way. I am buddies with many of the, along with riders from all groups or no group. I respect all riders and hope the same in return. I hate it when it doesn’t go that way, but realize there are asshole in every crowd. Well, I gotta go I’m getting called off here. Live Free, Ride and let Ride. It’s about the ride not the brand. Later. FTW.

  • balerick42

    yes, I agree….to ride is so very very cool.

  • balerick42

    In reality comparing sportbikes to Harleys is like comparing apples to oranges. They are not the same at all. I can see comparisons between cruisers of other makes and Harleys as being legitimate. I agree that sportbike riders get compliments on their bikes too. My brother gets them on his 01 Suzuki 1000. Young kids play the video games of the sportbikes racing, so it’s natural when they see a real one they would think it was cool. Problem is when they get a real one they forget that if they crash, it’s not just pressing the restart button to get back on the road. I would disagree with your idea of “most” Harley riders being insulting towards non-harley riders. That has not been my experience since the 80’s. That comment is just an uninformed opinion on your part, as you could not possibly know “most” Harley riders personally. I have not gotten insulted while on my non-harley bikes since the 1980’s (yes it was bad back then). Most people who I talk to while on my Goldwing talk about what nice reliable bikes they are, and how their Dad had one, or they had one, etc. The Yamaha Seca 750 that’s been restored, well, I have people coming up to me wanting to know what kind of bike it is, how nice it looks for 27 years old, etc. I won’t say that some Harley riders aren’t asses….but to say “most” are just isn’t true, at least the ones I know aren’t. They are just everyday people, about as far from one percenters as you can get. One thing that is a little funny, going back to the original post on this thread. One of the members of the local HOG group here really is a dentist…who wears leather….and has an ever spreading big butt…, but hey, he’s a great guy….to each his own.

  • CBR Rider

    To keep it real I’ve had friends who’ve complimented my bike and then also point at a Harley Davidson in the lot and say they also thought that the Harley Davidson also looked cool as well.

  • CBR Rider

    Sorry for the rambling but apparently we all, Harley Davidson and sport bikes, get our props…….to ride is cool!

  • CBR Rider

    Those Harley Davidson riders that accept other bikers on bikes other than Harley Davidson is the exception rather than the rule. I say again, it is the exception rather than the rule. Those that care less of what other people ride are more mature and represent their brand and bikers well. If the guy in the Harley gear was doing nothing but cruising down the road there wouldn’t be a problem. However the Harley guy is doing a bit more than that, he’s arrogant towards bikers of other makes, he’s sucked up into a marketing scheme instead of the product which hurts product improvement and he’s determined to see a Harley Davidson win at any expense other than Harley Davidson rolling up their sleeves and doing it on their own threatening other makers to adopt marketing rather then product development as being the most important. I’m not saying EVERY Harley Davidson rider is arrogant but rather MOST are arrogant or at least more so then riders of other bikes. It’s always been that way. I remember back when they use to burn foreign bikes. Things have improved but there is still room for improvement. For those that still resort to singling out other riders on different bikes as inferior, what else would you call it but cowardice? They do it because they have a lot of buddies backing them up and they fear they don’t add up.

    Yes, young riders on anything powerful are a danger to themselves and others. And yes, they also do harm to bikers as does the Harley Davidson culture we’re talking about. A mandatory riding class with the purchase of a new bike, helmet laws for the first 5 riding years maybe, and an engine displacement limit according to age are a few possible solutions I think may work.

    We sport bike riders get our share of complimentary looks and praise. I can’t remember how many thumbs up I’ve gotten from kids as I rode by.

    I remember one lady walking with her son says to me, “My son likes your bike”. At the same time her son was smiling and nodding “yep”.

    The little kid that rolled down his moms car window while his mom was in the store to say, “Hey man, nice Honda!” He got in trouble for that as the kid was only five and what he did was dangerous. I agree with with his mom, safety first. I still enjoyed the compliment.

    There have been numerous teen agers who roll there window down and told me “sweet” or giving me the head bangers pinkie and index finger sign.

    There was a lady at work that found out I rode motorcycles and she asked me which one in the lot was mine and I told her the red one and she said, “The red one?! Oooooooooo!”

    There was another lady that asked me “Is that your red motorcycle in the parking lot?……The cool one, is that yours?”

    There were these two guys that saw me walking out side with my helmet in my hand and they asked me if I rode and which bike in the lot was mine and I told them “The red one”. They replied, “Dog, we were just talking about that bike! That bike is phat!”

    I’m going to condense this next story, but a couple of friends approached me and said, “You passed me on the way to work this morning and that bike sounded sooooooooo sweet!”

    I’m cutting it off here because this could go on further. I frequently tell my wife that she is married to “a god danged rock star”. I tell her that I have a fan club!….and it’s true. She says that its the bike more so then me….oh well!

  • Poon64


    I’m with you man!

    This kind of power in the hands of young people is a formula for disaster.

    I see plenty of sportbikers poppin wheelies in
    places where there are kids playing.

    One day i was at a red light and i glanced over to my right and saw a kid under 10- yrs. of age looking at me and he was pretending to play the drums. I know my engine has always been music to my ear’s but this kid took it to a new level!
    His parents looked at me with that smile i’m sure you know the smile i’m talking about.

    I doubt sport bikers undersatnd this part of Harley-Davidson culture!

    RTL LTR!

  • balerick42

    I had a nice ride from Alabama back to Illinois on my new Superglide. The Kentucky Lakes were great, hadn’t been through there in about 11 years. The Superglide did well, very comfortable, and putted right along on the interstate thanks to the 6th gear. I’m very happy so far with my “inferior product”. Beats the hell out of that Yamaha V-Star I test rode last year. That thing felt cheap made and rattled and vibrated more than my Sportster at 55 mph. The salesman told me it was the tires…..yea….ok, right.

  • balerick42

    CBR wrote,
    “This part of American culture is having negative affects on America and the biking world.”
    Sorry, but I think you’re wrong. The most negative effects on America and the biking world for years now are being committed everyday by your fellow sportbikers with their common recklessness (a part of the sport bike culture), not by some guy in Harley gear cruising down the road. Sportbikes as they are built now have no place on the highway. No machine capable of 160 mph or better has any place on public highways, especially in the hands of the average 18-25 year-old guy. As far as getting along with non-Harley riders, I do that everyday. Just last night I rode with my brother (01 Suzuki 1000 sportbike), and two others guys on Suzuki and Honda cruisers. Your use of the word coward is extreme, to say the least.

  • Poon64


    Have you been to a Sucker Punch Sally’s shop?
    I think they have a shop in Ohio.

    I don’t have one by me but this just might be
    a future ride!

    Peace & Respect!

    RTL LTR!

  • Steve, I like your attitude towards other riders. It is the Suzuki M109 I was talking about, it is pretty sweet. My Bro had me check it out because he is planning to buy a new bike in the next year. He said he can’t choose between a Harley or the Suzuki M109 and wanted my advice. He is done with sport bikes and wants a cruiser now for his street bike. I got him some info. on the M109 and some Harelys, and wanted to nudge him towards a Harley at first. Even though I no longer ride a Harley, just a Suzuki cruiser. So, I decided that I’m not going to push him either way. Anyway, I think he really has already made up his mind. Whatever he buys, it know it won’t be stock for long. I mean my Bro even changes the exhaust system, tires, etc., on his vehicles every two years to pass inspection, then changes them back. All his 4 wheelers and dirt bikes are built up and strong. In fact, I gotta get off here he balance my check book because I gotta rolled his 4 wheeler and am going to go buy the parts and repair it today.

    I dunno how much hillbilly you see in NJ, but this just makes me look like redneck biker trash, but I don’t really care. I’m in shorts, no shirt, no shoes as I just walked to my neighbors for a second to see what was up, then we started drinking a couple beers with a few friends that stopped by, and a few other neighbors that walked over and joined in. I got on the 4-wheeler no shoes, shorts, no shirt, no helmet riding through my back yard, and another neighbors dirt piles that were dumped off for fill that we had been riding over for weeks. I was just crawling over them, not jumping or anything, dirt gave out and fell on the right side front wheel and I rolled right in front of damn near half of everyone I know in the neighborhood. Was a little embarrassing, didn’t feel great, and even though my bud say’s not too, I gotta spend some bucks to buy they parts and go fix it. I know I’m rambling on again, but no one cannot say I’m not honest. I guess I can kinda see why all the new residents that live in housing developments (that used to be farms or forest) have a hard time to tolerate us that grew up here. LOL.

    Ride Free. FTW.

  • rptorman

    I think your all FULL OF SHIT and don’t have a clue!

  • Chef

    From the original post:
    “Here’s why I hate Harleys and the dweebs who ride them: …
    8. For the stupid looks on their faces when they drive down the street. Look at me, I’m cool!”

    My question to you is…
    What are you trying to say other than “Look at me, I bash Harleys, I’m cool!”

  • CBR Rider

    donny jf in post #1960 said “If i have a bad day at work and i get home and ride for a few hours then a few hours earlier never even existed.”

    Dude, that echoes my thoughts 100%.

    I just created a myspace profile that shows how this sport biker likes to ride. Check out these pics I’ve taken over the years.

  • Doc

    Today, I waved to a fella on a electric scooter. Why, because this blog straightened out my Haley Ass. But one thing you cant change is this fact, your woman wants to jump off the back of your ricer and jump on the back of mine.

    Lick tip.

  • Yes Suzuki makes a nice cruiser and the Honda certainly are a good deal for the money. Heck the Victory’s are nice too. And I’m not against sportier bikes – I’m gonna buy a Monster or Thruxton or a Speed Triple soon. They just got my back up dissin Harley’s. They’re just great. There is no place I would have rather been than my Harley crusing thru great Western NJ roads. They don’t make you go huge fast, they just are just right – they clear your mind. I think the exhaust has an intoxicating effect, the uneven firing. If I didn’t have the money for a hog I’d buy a Suzuki M109 (I think that’s what you were talking about) or a Honda or a Star (Yamaha). Heck, I’d even ride a Nighthawk or a sport bike to stay on two wheels. I feel much the other way from many – if you’re on two wheels, you get it. You got 10 times more balls than cagers. Your choice of ride is your choice of ride. I get why sport bikes are popular. If you don’t get why Harley’s are popular, you don’t get it. Don’t diss others – cause it’s awesome.

  • HDWG

    All I have to say is……..suck my dick:) See ya on the road.

  • DonnyJF, it’s not a marketing scam, it’s just a great advertising plan. I have a degree in Commercial Art, and one in Fine Art in Graphic Design (both involve and are for advertising) I know a bit about advertising. Don’t mess with a system that is working. I also was taught never use sex to sell, after collage I learned to change that to never use sex to sell … unless it works! And if you’ve read my posts you know I don’t care what you ride, or if your 68 triumph leaks oil, so long as it’s not leaking into my water supply, or the watershed that supplies it. Carry some kitty litter to soak that shit up man. And yes, most riders I know of all ages, even those how ride them, call sport bikes crotch rockets still? We aint California, or want to be, It’s Ohio the 2nd biggest state for motorcycles last I heard.

    Steve, I don’t ride a Harley now, but I do get it! I love cruisers (so gotta agree there) but dude Suzuki makes a model (not what I own) that sounds like a strong built up HD, only better. I know it’s not stock, but most great sounding powerful HD’s are not either. Never want to put down Harleys, but that bitch was once bad ass cruiser. There is a video of it, if I find it I’ll post the Internet address here if they let me.

    Dear “me,” there are probably gay people that have posted on this site in the last 5 years. Are you afraid a group of gay bikers will attack and butt rape you? Get over it or buy a gun, just in case. LOL.

    I’m starting to think the whole biker World is now all fucked up? Or is it just me? Am I living a fantasy were I’m the only one that is thinking halfway normal anymore? Are the things I have lived, seen, and know all illusions?

    Damn people grow up and support your fellow riders, even if they are Yuppies, Fags, Assholes or don’t ride the brand and style of bike you wish they did. Does it really matter who helps you out when you are in a jam and need some assistance? No, it doesn’t, return the favor to all other riders. Just show some damn respect!!!

    Ride Free! FTW!

  • mark

    I am going to quote user “monster”
    “”The new modern sport bikes really are cheap plastic toys. How many OLD sport bikes do you see these days? not many huh? Thats because they are built to be disposable. Harleys are built to last several lifetimes. Quit kidding yourselves, you know deep down, that Harleys are far superior in every aspect.””

    Yes, I ride a Harley, Yes I am a biker, No I am not a RUB, I work 5 days a week making around 50k a year, I live in a trailer park, But I bought the most expensive Harley on the showroom floor (FXDSE), Yes, it will kick the SHIT out of a good many of them RICE BURNERS, Yes I have proved it many times so far, Yes, I will continue to do so, and after I out run your slow ass, I will stop and wait on you so I can kick your ass.

  • Mickey

    shame you feel this way. glad to hear that most people that are secure in life dont have to act so childish as to start a pissing contest with others to make them feel better about them selves.
    Grow up [personal attack deleted].

  • Steve (nine11c2)

    I just came back from a 150 mile ride on my softail. Its very simple. If you don’t ride (or more specifically) ride a Harley, you just don’t get it.

    It’s the sportbike crew that have to show off and have macho issues. A Harley cruiser is the most relaxing place on the earth. The feeling and the sound are just right. If you don’t do it, don’t criticise cause it’s like criticising sex before you try it. Actually, maybe sex blows for you girls too…

  • donnyJf

    i cant believe this was orig posted in 03. Anyhow, wow. I really hope it doesnt really matter that much. everyone knows of marketing scams its not like its a secret. so why are some people so angry? loud pipes? the people who ride them? leaky oil? man i gotta 68 triumph that leaks like its been stabbed, but what does it matter any how? Ive ridden all types of bikes and they are all fun race bikes cruisers dirt bikes they’re all fun. If i have a bad day at work and i get home and ride for a few hours then a few hours earlier never even existed. like the brit said we all need to stick together. crotch rockets? seriously? Are we in the 80s here bro? who even calls bikes crotch rockets anymore.

    sorry fallin asleep, bikes in pieces in my warehouse and im rambling

    be safe, have fun and live forever on 2 wheels

  • Damn, sorry I wrote so much. I’m home alone, all my local Bro’s are on vacation. Board and sipping on a couple beers. LOL. ABATE Kev

  • Poon, I believe F.T.W. actually came out of the Vietnam war, then into the biker culture with the veterans coming home. I know a lot of MC clubs get offended by a lot of things. I am friends with a few club members, from many different clubs. So, I have a pretty good grip on what offends which clubs from different parts of my area, as most in my area fall under one of the big 3 clubs in my region, or the smaller sometimes called “support clubs.” I’m not even close to a yuckin’ fuppie! I grew up around bikes and bikers, even though I’m no longer in, or directly associated with a club. My association ends at friendship, and sometimes helping put on an event for a charity that is worth helping. I grew up with the old time bikers and as many of them died off, I lose Brothers, and my vest could never hold all the memorial patches. They mostly accepted me for me, not the Honda I rode back then, before I had my Harley. Anyway, I’m rambling on again, you know what I mean. I had a girlfriend that lived in Brooklyn, that rode all the time and was a motorcycle journalist, editor, writer… I won’t give a name out of respect for her, but if you ever read Thunder Press East quite a few years back, or some more recent biker rags in the area, you might know who I am talking about. If I came to NYC I’d have to stay at her place, and need her to help me to find my way around a little. I get lost in NYC. It’s hard to do when you live in the “country.” I can find my way around Akron, Youngstown can be a little hard, Cleveland I visit so little I can end up lost in the worst parts of the city, same with Detroit, MI. For the record I’m only currently a member of ABATE of Ohio, Inc. (15 years) , the MRF, and the AMA (which all old bikers can dispute about). My Susuki (HD replica) needs repaired, plus I have fractures in my back, so while getting my bike fixed I plan to customize a little. So no, I am not riding much. Not riding my bike at all. It’s a great bike, but if you have never seen a frame built around an engine, that you have to take half apart to work on? Look at the 90’s era Suzuki Intruder.

    Peace man. FTW.

    CBR, I understand your points and you may be correct in some ways. Harley continues to improve, slowly, but they continue. I could work on an HD better than most metric cruiser until they went fuel injection and more electronics. But I told everyone this is what would happen, it’s part of both the anti-tampering legislation, and the end of bike life legislation. I can see your free advertising opinion, and agree to certain degree I am part of that. But what does bother me is the arrogance and disrespect toward all other brands. I saw a little of that in the very early 90’s … but most riders seem to have respect toward each other and ride together in the mid-90’s until the mid 2000’s. Most I see is from clubs, yuppies with a new HD, and the few young people who bought an HD rather than a sport bike, like most younger people do as far as I have seen. Was that just a thing in my area, the respect for all riders, or a bigger thing?

    I have HD steel toed boots that my company paid for, the other boots they had on the truck that day did not up to the quality of Rocky or a few other brands, which many of us had and wanted and used for years … mine lasted 3 years of abuse. The Harley boots was a matter of quality, chosen my many who never even have been on a bike. The shirts, something I started at about age 18, just a good way to document my travels, have a cool design on a shirt, and in a way express I was in the Biker Community. I guess you are right, everyone like me who wears them puts some advertising in a persons head. Even though I wear them on a Suzuki, Honda, or Yamaha lately. Brand discrimination goes against everything my organization is about. If someone who is an officer or such does, they will be talked to, or thrown out. But I gotta admit Harley has a wonderful marketing program. But to me, it’s up to the riders to realize that we all ride the same roads, have bad stereotypes still, and all die in similar ways on the road. We need to all be brothers of the road again. Only education or a lot of experience can really help that. I guess I need to get back in office in OH to help that. Many of my officers rode Metric, many wore helmets … showing the myth of ABATE what is not true. We are here to unite and protect the rights of all riders. F’N period.

    Peace! FTW. ABATE Kev (forgive my gamma and spelling).

  • The Harley Davidson is now a cult of everything they have to offer.

  • Poon64

    CBR Rider,

    HARLEY-DAVIDSON HISTORY, PRIDE and SPIRIT say much more than you addressed.

    1- The Evo engine is an improvement.

    2- Synthetic oil is another improvement.

    H-D has been around all these decades partly because it continues to improve!

    How many other companies have survived the hardships that H-D has endured?

    If other manufactures have what it takes then they have nothing to worry about.
    Image is not attitude and i think the public is well aware of this.

    There will always be 2 templates that started it all H-D and Indian MC.


  • CBR Rider

    I’m not going to hate a brand of motorcycle because I don’t own one either. We agree there. I won’t like a brand of motorcycle based on other reasons though such as lobbying for tarrifs on other motorcycles without trying to improve your own brand, trying to sell an inferior bike at too high a price when there are better bikes available at lower prices. I can’t blame Harley Davidson for wanting people to wear a lot of their gear as it is free advertisement for them. A question that comes to mind though “is the culture of people wearing Harley Davidson gear doing damage to the biker world in a number of ways?”

    First, as I’ve said before Harley Davidson likely won’t improve their products much if people are going to buy their motorcycles no matter what. Why waste money on R & D when you have people thinking they are already happy with your product?
    Second, with so many Harley Davidson fans out there due to the Harley culture buying their t-shirts, hats, boots, etc. it has affected other organizations not associated with Harley Davidson such as the National Hot Rod Association. The demand to see Harley Davidson win a race has become so great that the NHRA changed the rules so much so that even a Buell motorcycle can beat a Suzuki Hayabusa which is the fastest street bike produced. This is not fair to manufacturers who are truly dedicated to improving their motorcycles and therefore making everyone’s riding experience all the more enjoyable.
    Third, is this “nostalgia” or american culture producing the arrogance and rudeness of so many Harley Davidson bikers? It seems kind of like a giant gang or mob rule both of which are cowardly.

    This part of American culture is having negative affects on America and the biking world.

  • Poon64


    F.T.W to me has only one meaning and only one state of mind. Many of my brothers get offended when geek yuppy assholes use this decades old CLUB TERM. For the record, my piece of mind and FYI (For Your Information) i ride 340 days a year. My HARLEY-DAVIDSON 1 SEATER which is my prefered meen’s of transportation gets me through all 4 season’s. I only go on long distance rides when it benefits CANCER RESEARCH and other realted research. I would’nt mind sleeping under the stars more often but life happens!

    LTR RTL!


    BROOKLYN’S CONEY ISLAND NATHANS IS WHERE I’M AT. Come down have a dog show me your HARLEY REPLICA and meet some of the fellas.


  • Sorry Poon, those kinda escaped me. Another brain fart. Comes with the sleep disorder and sleep apnea I guess. I even looked it up later and found nothing that seemed relevant. May be I need a long ride in the rain to give me a good nights sleep. LOL. Thanks for the education. FTW can also mean Forever Two Wheels, beside the other meanings you might know or can find. Some sites do not list that version. I’m not real hard to find in N.E. Ohio if you try. Later Man. FTW.

  • Poon64

    RTL LTR: meens Live to Ride Ride to Live.

    I think most would know what this meant.

    Just like HAF FHA! Hope to see you one day!

  • Poon, I’m thinking that you don’t ride much? What the F… was I thinking? You should have been thinking about going on a nice ride. And crawing in bed with your lady when you got to your desination. And after she got a little wet from the ride, and vibations from the p-pad for a hundred miles or more, got her WET. I think she would peal off those clothes and wanna warm up the rest of her body also in bed with you pretty quickly.

    I wasn’t talking about planning to take a ride in bad weather! Do you even ride man? Talking about getting caught in unexpected weather on a trip or even a day ride. That must never happen where you live, or you don’t take trips. I don’t undertand you RTL LTR internet lingo, or whatever it is? I guess I’ll try to look it up. My LAGNAF might confuse people but I think FTW (has 3 meaning) can be easy to find … and most bikers know what it means in atleast one way. Have a good day man. FTW.

  • Poon64

    In a year from that time i will only think what the F… was i thinking when i could have just stayed home in bed with the lady!

    RTL LTR!

  • What do you mean Poon? “Only if it’s not raining of course” ?

    That is part of the experience. Without a windshield or face protection, not dressed for rain. 100 miles or more from your desination but have to get there. Big cold rain drops stinging your face, hands, etc. Soon you just get a little numb and cold. The road is oilly and you gotta watch those flooded areas and gravel and mud washed on the roadway. You take a couple stops under a bridge or at a gas station to get some feeling back in your body, maybe a cup of coffee, then you roll on again. When you finally get there the stinging wears you start to warm up and you know you’ve been on a ride. You get out of your cold clothes and end your night with a couple beers or shots, maybe a warm meal. Warn out and ready for a good nights sleep. It might not be the funnest ride you have had, but a ride you will remember. When you look back in a year you want think, what a horrible evening. You’ll just think what a ride that was … an experience! FTW

  • Poon64

    Way to much reading

    Way to much blogging

    Get off that chair and take a ride!

    Only if it’s not raining of course!

    Safety first right?

  • I no longer own a Harley, just a replica as some say. However, I have a denim Harley flag vest that people love, gloves, bandanas, and Harley shirts. I’m not gonna hate a brand of motorcycle just because I don’t own one at this time. Hell, I may never own one again, and as Balerick said it’s part of American culture. I’ve collected H-D gear and items since I started riding legally on the street with a Honda well over 20 years ago. I’ve rode them all, owned many. But when I go for a trip, I try to find the local H-D dealer to buy a shirt. How many metric dealerships offer shirts that looks great and documents the dealership and location? Nostalgia, you have something you can wear to say were you rode to and people know you must be a rider, or bike enthusiast. It’s not horrible to have an H-D shirt riding a Suzuki, or a Suzuki shirt riding a Yamaha. What about OCC or West Coast Chopper Shirts? I gave my buddy a brand new West Coast Choppers shirt that a family member gave me, because I am not fond of them and didn’t think I’d wear it, he loved it and had a bunch of other WCC gear. Great, he can enjoy it! Me as a younger guy (38 as of today) I buy Haley shirts from dealerships in my travels, my family also buys them for sometimes in their travels. And I will wear them on my Suzuki, or any bike I choose to ride. If it gets taken as a wanna be, they are mistaken, as I am more like a been there, done that, owned that rode that. I love motorcycles in general. I display all as a real rider who doesn’t care what you ride would. And as an injured biker, I really don’t care what you ride, just ride free while you can, you will regret it if you are unable to go Forever two wheels. Haley gear is still collectable to a certain point. But for God’s sake don’t buy crap like H-D beef Jerky, or coffee, that’s just insane people.

    It’s not the Bike my brothers and Sisters of the Road, it’s the Ride and the other People who realize the same that you meet in the Ride!
    Ride Safe and Ride Free.

  • balerick42

    CBR, Buying the Harley stuff justs go with the territory. It’s the nostalgia angle. Harley has long been a part of American culture. If it makes him happy to wear the harley stuff, so be it. I usually buy a t-shirt from the HD dealerships I visit. I’m looking forward to a trip coming up this week, kind of a mini vacation. A guy made me an offer I couldn’t refuse on my 81 Yamaha Seca 750. He gave me several hundred dollars more than I had in it, so I’m taking the step up to a bigger Harley. I found an 06 Superglide with some extras on it that I got pretty cheap($8,100). Flying down to Huntsville, AL to get it, riding back through Nashville and the Kentucky Lakes. Looks like it should be a nice ride. Haven’t been that way for about 12 years or so. I’m debating whether to keep my Sportster and Goldwing or not. They are both good bikes for what they are. I love the gas mileage with the Sporty and the ride of the Goldwing. Three bikes for one guy seems a waste though. Life is GOOD!

  • CBR Rider

    What’s up with this Harley Davidson pride? I know a guy who’s previous bike was a Kawasaki that he owned a number of years ago. He bought his first Harley Davidson recently and immediately he’s wearing every type of Harley Davidson gear imaginable. He’s wearing a number of hats, leather jackets, button up collared shirts(the kind you wear ties with), polo shirts, t-shirts, etc. How can he be so proud of the performance of the bike and brand from a week’s ride? This sounds like he bought his way into a country club.


    I ride a Suzuki Boulevard vl 1500. I ride with buddies that have Harleys, Yamahas, kawasakis, and Hondas. Its all about preferance. What bike you have makes you no better than me or me no better than you. Its all about “the ride.”not what you ride. I ride rain or shine night or day.as much as I possibly can. My bikes not for bragging rights. it cause I love to ride on two wheels. I love the buy american not Jap thing. thats probably wrote by the the guy who doesn’t put up an american flag on holidays or if he does it probably was made in china.

  • ROB


  • Balerick, are you still alive man?

  • Oh yeah, I forgot. The offer is still open from last year to stop and visit me. Thing is, my bike is still down and can’t find the money (some unexpected things came up) to fix it yet, to show you the best hidden good rides around N.E. Ohio. The 40 foot camping trailer is sold. House is too full already. I could set ya up a great big ass tent of mine (with a screen porch) by the fire in the back yard. Drink some beers with ya, feed ya, bullshit and all. Maybe even do some 4 wheeling or dirt bike with my neighbor. But if you wanna visit this summer, I gotta kick ya out at night with the dog. LOL. Maybe next summer will be better. However you are still welcome, and you know ways to find out how to get a hold of me if ya want. I’m out. FTW.

  • Balerick, isn’t the AMA Motorcycle Museum near central Ohio? Damn, I am a 14 year member of that organization and can’t recall the location off hand. No material handy to help me out. Pretty sure it’s down near Columbus. I’ve been to the AMA headquarters, many AMA and ABATE seminars down there. That could be a very scenic route also, if you go though the Mohican area, and the Hocking Hills area and take secondary roads in those areas. Best time might be the AMA Vintage Days held at Mid Ohio Raceway, for a weekend visit. Just a thought. I’ll send ya a map if you want to come east some time this summer. Ride Safe, Ride Free! FTW.

  • Seth

    sounds like fun Balerick,..I’m jealous….. 🙂

  • balerick42

    Got my Sporty in the shop for its 10K mile maintenance, plus a new front tire. getting it ready to ride to Sturgis and Mt. Rushmore. Lots of rain here this Spring and Summer, about 5 inches in the last 24 hours or so. So much for a drought! Nice ride coming up soon to Iowa to the American Motorcycle Museum, with some other members of the HOG chapter. I’ll trade up eventually probably, but right now I’m in love with the Sportster. Got nothing bad to say for my old Goldwing other than, being the first full dress bike I’ve had I learned that it is not the bike to ride on a hot day, the engine heat sucks when combined with no wind. Hope you all are having a great and safe Summer riding. The river is finally receding here, so some of the scenic river roads are opening back up. Do any of you old Harley riders out there have any suggestions on sites to see in the Sturgis/Mt. Rushmore area. This will be my first trip. With so many years in the military I just haven’t had much chance to get up to that area.

  • I’ve been to many poker runs and events also. But maybe only 100 or so (helping or involved in most of them). So I have no clue about what’s going on out there? LOL.

    Ride Free

  • LMAO,……couldn’t resist huh Rahlow! lmfao

    damn crotch rocketeers…… :O 🙂

  • LadyBiker

    Man not all riders are into the bad ass biker typeing.Most are just hard working people that enjoy throwing their leg over that hog and feeling the wind in their face as they ride the open roads their tax dollars pay for.
    Most bikers I know help people anyway they can,have been in several poker runs and other events bikers do to help others.So now just what have you ever done to help someone other than yourself,or are you too wrapped up in hate for your lifeyou can’t find time to see others need and give a helping hand?

  • hahaha Jealousy is an ugly damn thing as evidenced here. Glad someone directed me here to learn so much about my Harley ridin’ self! hahaha Gahdang so much hate!
    I could give a rats pa-toot what someone rides, but I sure as heck care about the Folks I would or would be ridin with, harboring so much hate, spreading so many dang lies about my choice of Scoots etc.
    Any someone also said BWB was full of so called badasses, they need to coem to this place and see all the Internet asswhippins being handed out! hahahahhaha

  • SEth

    LMAO,.this is stupid!!!!

  • Jules, I don’t see who you are writing about? Unless it’s just in general? I’ve written close to the same words as you, many times. Exceptions are: I’m on the fence about the loud pipe issue, as long as they sound good. People living in America should speak some English, long time residents sound know it well. New riders are better off getting some experience from people who have rode longer, not to pick up bad habits hopefully, but to learn things they don’t teach you while getting a motorcycle license. And I have opinions that I share, yet have left enough info. for anyone to find me pretty easily down to my home address.

    My real Sister is a Biker at heart, but was always a passenger in the past. Plans on getting a bike and learning to ride. She is pretty mellow, and can take a lot of crap. But if you pick on her too much, push her too far, she will snap and can kick 90% of guys asses out there.

    My “Biker Sister of 14 years” is like blood and considered a family member. She rides, and is small but the same thing goes with her.

    It must be a family thing. LOL.

    I’ve been judged my short hair, long hair, wearing dress clothes to work, wearing dirty Jeans and boots to work, type of bike, size of bike, being friends with “tough guys”, being freinds with a gay guy, dating older women, dating younger women, drinking, not drinking, getting married, getting divorced, getting injured at work, riding a bike, wearing a vest, having a tattoo, wearing a earring, removing my earring, not wearing a helmet, wearing a helmet, because people didn’t like a family member or friend of mine that they worked with, and a few unknown reasons.

    Two people I knew didn’t like me, it came down to this after a meeting and conversation about why set up by a mutual friend. No reason, you never did anything to me, nothing about you bugs me. I really have no reason, but, I just don’t like you. We just left it as that. People will always judge others for any reason. But Bikers need to keep judgements in check and realize we all are Riders. FTW

  • Jules

    I don’t see the point of what you wrote.Not liking motorcycles because of noise or pollution I can understand but your views on who rides them are a little distorted.I have run across people before who judged me and didn’t even know the slightest thing about me.I found they were weak people ,powerless.Mostly unhappy with their lot in life.The only way they could garner attention was to lash out at others who are ussually miles away.Weak spinless people do that.They project their weaknessses like having no balls on to others and then join with others laughing and mocking them.It’s pretty sad because they are really ridiculing what they don’t like about themselves.Pretty pathetic isn’t it? Do you know anyone like that?Does that remind you of anyone?I think it should.Someone you might see every morning.Cowardly is another trait of these types of people and now I’m sure ignorace is another.I challenge you to tell me of another group that treat each other with genuine respect as bikers do.Regardless of what color your skin is, what language you speak, what your economic situation, what your sexual preference is a biker is a biker and will always give a helping hand to another biker. Weather he’s hard core or a dentist,a biker is a biker.I know some granny bikers who I’m sure have much more balls than any spinless coward who hides behind a keypad and lashes out at people…. One more thing males who fit in this group ussually have a teeny tiny pecker just a liitle spec of a thing..

  • Sparkerton Marky magpie

    Harleys are the “Real Deal”

    all else is just imitations.

    why do you think all the metric companies try to make their biker LOOK like Harleys,…and SOUND like Harleys. Jesus guys ,..get a clue.

  • Brothers and Sisters in the wind. A concept few on this site can grasp. Let us all try to get it, the future of motorcycling depends on us being somewhat united.

    By the way, I wave to all riders going slow enough to see me. Yes, I sometimes do it from my cage or from my front yard. Many Truckers are riders and that is why they wave from the cab. If I pass a sport bike I wave, often they don’t wave back when riding a cruiser. That’s OK, I gave my option of brotherhood to them. If any rider don’t except it, that’s an issue they have. HD, Cruiser, touring bike, sport bike, I don’t care. We need less separation of brand and style, and more brotherhood. We share the same roads, same wind, same uneducated cagers killing us, and the same stupid laws to get us all of the road. The 60’s are coming back in the way we all need to put up a united front and look out for each other. If you don’t believe me, you will in recall I told you so, in a few years. Respect your Brothers in the wind, educate the young or new riders, damn just do your part to help keep freedom of the road a real thing. I’m dead tired and out. FTW.

  • Brad in Idaho

    it saddens me to see every one fighting and name calling. to use a fomous quote ” why cant we all just get along ” I’ve been ridding motorcycles since I was five years old. i ride because i like the feel of the wind in my face and the since of control of my own destiney i feel every time i’m on the bike I’ 43 now.
    I love all motorcycles trail , sport , touring, and crusiers. I have owned them all over the years and let me say that the metric bikes were all very good bikes and still are. I’ve had all the jap bikes and have to say they were very good dependable bikes. I even owned a Indian at one time. but I have to be honest when ever a harley went buy it made me take a second look and dream that some day i would own a harley.
    It’s true harleys are expensive, yes they have had a reputation for leaking oil, and yes i’ve been known to say if your going to own a harley you’d better be a mecanic, but harley has learned from its mistakes. they realized they could’nt live off of the past for ever, they have very reliable machines mine is 8 years old and runs fantastic. and its everything i always dreamed it would be. Just before i bought it i had a crotchrocket and befor that a suzuki touring bike,. they were great but once I had my own harley I new what every other harley owner knows its like a extension of your body. life just would’nt be the same with out it.
    Now in closing heres somthing for all motorcycles riders to think on. When i owned a metric cruiser only people on metric bikes would wave or recognize me, when on my crotchrocket only people on crotchrockts would wave, when on touring bikes only touring bikes would wave. now heres the funnything when i’m on my harley they all wave at me even truckers and people in cars. I cant explain this can you ??? ah the plot thickens. happy riddin what ever you ride just remember we’re all brothers.

  • Jr.,
    If you are refeering to me because I’m the only one who notes that I’m from Ohio very often on this site, I’m not a “badass” or ever claimed to be. But I’ve been around the block a few times and not a pussy either. Yeah, I no longer own a Harely, but might someday again depending on my health and $$$ issues, or might put money in to my Jap Cruiser. I have home-made tattoos. Someday … I just might shave my head? To me “wanna-be’s” are as important as “hard core” bikers I give them as much attention in most cases.

    At one time everyone was a wanna-be. I have a goatee. And I’m really sorry if you were not refeering to me! Noise pollution? I got hot rods cars around here the tune up at all hours, and run them by all day and night. I’ve done it in the past with my cars many years back, and loud music at night. I’m more respectful now at an older age I guess, but I know them, and I’m not gonna call the law. Not like my neighbor (now moved) did with me and my Mustang many years ago. The appology in the driveway before hand, wasn’t enought for him. Too bad the police couldn’t find me in my own yard, as it was hot and I slept outdoors? Not saying much really but loud pipes can annoy you, they sometimes do me on cars and bikes. I like louder than stock pipes, but now extreme loud. I’d never run strait pipes, custom and louder yes. Too loud I don’t care to hear it or do it but I’ll let it go for now.

    Ohio, The Heart of it All! LOL!But check us out in number of registered riders. Rise Safe and Ride Free. FTW.

    My views or comments and mine, not those of any, club, group, or organization I might be associated or involvelved with.

    OK, I’m out for a week or two… later.

  • Jr

    This is spot on. Around here in Ohio to become a so called bad ass this is what you got to do.

    1. Buy an obnoxiously loud Harley. NOISE POLLUTION.

    2. Shave your head

    3. Get some really bad tattoos

    4. Have some kind of metal hanging from you face.

    5. Grow a goatee.

    Man i thought it ws just myself and a group of friends who are digusted by all of this. I feel better after reading this. So they must all have that scowl look on there face when they pass you that screams “look ….i’m a bad ass”. Sorry to me your a wanna-be. And look that noise pollution is ridiculous. If my car was that loud, i would be fined. Right ??!!!! f’OFF.. Harley Davidson.

  • JP

    Not sure how I found this post but what a hoot. Ive been riding since 8 years old. Born 1956. Hondas in the 60’s. Yamaha’s in the 70’s. Dirt bikes for many years. 3 wheelers. Have had several street JAP bikes, they were ok. Broke enough bones by my late 30’s. No more dirt bikes. Got away from bikes for a while. Back in those days the foriegn made goods werent bankrupting our middle class yet. In the 90’s decided I had to have another bike. An American Bike. Bought my first Harley FLHT in 1997 new. Dyna Low Rider in 1998 new. Both have been bullet proof needing only normal maint. My Glide just had a ignition module go out(made in japan stamped on the part). First break down in 11 years. I took the opertunity to up grade some things while I was doing the ignition work,top end gaskets, hot cam, exhaust(loud), single fire Accel American Programable Ignition, repair some frame rust I found after tear down. Harleys are living American History. Thats just a fact. Some people seem pissed that their Hondas are just Hondas. Sorry for ya. They are well built and dependable bikes. Note of interest, All Jap bike companys make a V Twin. Why. Their resale suks too. I mean its alright with me but if Harleys suck so bad why are they all copying it. The new American ride the Victory V Twin is another nice ride. They are doing pretty well. Very dependable. I have friend with one thats 6 years old doing well. It hurts to see so many Americans running each other down. Whats the point. I drive and ride as American as I can in todays world. Just me. I want to support American workers with Good paying jobs that have benefits the best way I can. Whats left of them. In the long run its best for us all to support one another. If you who choose to ride foriegn bikes can sleep ok have at it. Its America after all. We are so devided anymore in the good old USA Im not sure that any of this shit will matter in a few years any damn way. I acknowledge all bikers on the rd. I dont care if its Harley or not in that sence. Biking is about being free to injoy the road on 2 wheels. Im as at home in a Daytona Bike week bar full of who ever as going in a local Honda shop to have a tire mounted cause they have the best tire machine around. There are plenty of Jap bikes at Bike week. There may be a couple bars in Daytona I would recommend avoiding after dark for you rice burners but thats just good common sense.
    My next bike Im building from scratch. It wont have Jap parts on it or say Harley anywhere either, but thats just me. 120 cu in V Twin tire smoking monster.

  • Stupid Crotch Rockets

    Metrics are lame. Crotch rockets are stupid .

    freakin wannabe bikers.

  • Mike you are correct, I was highly involved with not only ABATE, MRF, and other MRO’s. I also used to keep in good contact with MAG and FEMA officers from across the big pond. Met many of them in person at seminars in the USA. Great people. I lost contact with most but still try to keep a watch on State, National, and Overseas legilation. Take care man and thanks for your input.
    Just Ride!!

  • MyAbusa,
    I need to say thanks for your kind words. I must say it is my Grandfather I have been very close to. My Dad passed away about a year and a half ago after over a year of ups and downs. My Mother, Stepfather, and myself have serious health issues. Some that with today’s technology cannot be fixed or cured.

    As for me if you look like biker trash or a RUB, I don’t care what you ride. To me it’s all about riding, we all were once new riders. I may have some connections now, but that is not the issue. The issue is we all ride the same streets and in most cases die the same ways … if we get injured or die on a bike. If I take a new rider “under my wing” I try to make them learn some brotherhood, nomatter brand, style or their looks. Bikers are in general the most caring, sharing, helpful group of people you can find. Yes, you give respect you get respect. Even in a cage or on two wheels, I help my brothers and sisters on any 2 wheel ride. That’s me.

    Maybe it’s because I ride a cruiser, I dunno? But I get more help and respect from H-D riders and often other cruisers. I didn’t mean to piss on any one.

    If I can get myself fixed up enough to ride (and I really need to) be sure I will. And you are correct I really need it. I didn’t mean to offend anyone except asshole who give other riders no respect and those who don’t believe in the brotherhood of the road. FTW.

    Again my views are mine, not of any group, club, or organization I might be involved with. Live Free and Ride Free.

  • As someone who grew up dreaming about Nortons and BSA, I am sitting here in the UK watching the Isle of Man TT races, straight after the Moto GP, wondering when we are going to get to see the next episode of Russell Mitchell, Arlen Ness, Eddie Trotta el al on the next episode of the Biker Build off. and I am thinking to myself, the car drivers have got us right where they want us unless we can stick together as a group, no matter what we ride, and stick up for our right to ride on two wheels. And reading the comments on this blog, which seem so divisive, dispiriting and demoralising, it makes me fear for the future of motorcycle riding. We will be legislated off the road if we do not stick up for ourselves and EACH OTHER.

    I’m not going to say what I ride. It has two wheels and that should be enough for everybody who cares enough about motorcycling to have commented on this article.

    All The Best, and keep riding whatever it is…

  • ABATE Kevin,
    First of all, I’m sorry to hear about your father’s condition & my condolences go out to you & your family in this time of difficulty. I have a daughter with some very serious health issues & know all to well the anguish that goes along with long term hospitalization & uncertain futures.

    As far as “dirty long haired biker trash” goes; I wouldn’t refer to any biker as that unless I got to know them & they proved it to me. Otherwise I would be making an unfounded generalization just as my friend on his Sportster did to me.

    Though I’ve ridden motorcycles since the age of 10 (am now 36) & have owned 12 different bikes, I know nothing of being a “real rider” or having a “rider attitude”. If those terms refer to enjoying the ride, having a passion for ALL motor powered two wheeled vehicles and treating others on the fore mentioned vehicles with courtesy & respect until they give me reason not too then maybe I am a “real rider” with a “rider attitude”. I guess the problem I’m seeing is that there are different definitions for those terms & it’s been my personal experience that most often, those that confront me without provocation & significantly different definitions from mine tend to ride HD.

    Again, this isn’t coming from someone that hates Harleys. I’ve enjoyed hundreds of miles behind the bars of Harleys. It’s just my personal experience.

    Kevin, get that back healed up so you can spend a little RR in the saddle. Sounds like you deserve it.

  • MyAbusa, I’m one of those dirty long haired biker trash (to those that don’t know me) waeing patches that few know what mean what. I love H-D’s but currently have a ‘Zuki. I enjoyed your input alot, but you have know in my area I can ride with the H-D’s but some “are not allowed.” It depends on if you want a superior bike or a superior bike? In other words for those that can’t follow, it’s your damn choice fuck everyone else. Ride what you want or can afford. I’m never gonna put you down if you are a real rider with a rider additude. Screw the rest of you if you can’t get the concept of brotherhood, my bros are life long. They ride what they they ride? And right now my back is so fucked up I can’t ride.

    As a family member is on life support soon to be have to be unplugged. I can barely walk around the hospital from my pain. I wore my patches and I’ll scream it out loud as my last words FTW!!! Forever Two wheels if you believe in forever, or Fuck this World, My Pa’s going from Youngstowns … you know he’s going up too the big man. Because Youngstown, can’t drop much lower. LOL.

    I’m from NE Ohio, so was kinda joking, as my Region is Cleveland, Canton, Akron, Warren, Youngstown, Akron, Akron, Akron, Cleveland and Akron. I’m not bias’ed. LOL. FUCK YOU. FTW!!!!!
    These are my persional views and writings, not those of any group, organization, club, MRO, SMRO. Or any thing else Damn, I’m cooked going to bed might read this blog next week or the week after. Family Shit Going on here.

  • MyAbusa

    Wow, I just finished reading this entire blog (a little at a time for over a week) & It’s amazing the emotions that can be stirred up just by talking about others bikes. Personally, I tend to write off the attacks (“get a real bike”, “jap crap”, “over priced ancient technology”, etc) to nothing but ignorance or misinformation. I’m always fascinated to hear why someone chooses their personal ride providing their explanation doesn’t personally attack my ride. Who knows, we might learn something from each other. The problem is, this common courtesy is often overlooked & I’m greeted with attacks mentioned earlier & typically based on ignorance. The other day I was greeted at a light by a guy on a Sportster with the ever so popular “get a real bike” to which I replied “I believe this is a real bike”. He then went on explain to me that I have to “wrap the crap out of that thing to get any power out of it” & “bottom end torque is where it’s at”. So, I just smiled, closed my helmet shield & waited for the light to change after which, he took off with all he was worth. Soon after, at a normal pace, I went on my merry, just me & my Hayabusa. This guy made an unfounded generalization about my bike because of how it looks. Now, I’m not saying all HD guys are like this but it does seem to be happening more often & all most always these statements are made by guys on Harleys. I would never preach to a total stranger about the inadequacies of their bike & especially if I had NO clue what I was talking about. This guy knows nothing about me or my bike. If asked I could have told him I’ve had some great rides on a sportster & have ridden all sorts of Harleys from full dressers to a supercharged NOS Fat Boy. I guess, in the end it really doesn’t matter and to tell you the truth, I’m kind of glad my bike isn’t that popular. The last thing I want to see is everyone riding the same bike as mine. 🙂

    Remember your gear & enjoy the ride.

  • balerick42

    Well, guys. I did it. I bought a third bike. I found a rebuilt, restored 1981 Yamaha Seca 750, which an 81 Seca 750 just happens to be the first street bike I ever bought brand new. Jeez, it brings back alot of memories of being twenty again. It’s also one of the easiest bikes to ride that I’ve ever had. The shaft drive is very smooth. Only negatives I can say are the upright riding position reminds me that I’m not twenty anymore after about 30 miles, and I’m not used to the engine revving high at highway speeds (about 4k at 60 mph). One other annoying thig is the fancy (for 1981) LCD warning display which goes through checks every time you start the bike, then flashes a warning if something isn’t right. One thing I can say about owning three very different bikes (the Seca, a Sportster, and a Goldwing) is it sure is alot of fun to be able to ride different bikes depending on my mood. Life is good. Gas prices suck. Now I just need to buy one of those new Chinese Johnny Pag Spyder 300 choppers or a Chinese Qlink Legend 250 cruiser….my garage isn’t full yet! Be safe!

  • OK, I guess Joe Satriani isn’t going to play. Mabey my old bud David Allen Coe will, if not scheduled for another event and back around his home town of Akron by then. If you know DAC tell him to call me, I’ll try to contact him as well. In the mean time I gotta get my Band Contacts lists. See ya at my B-day Party.

  • If Joe or BRB isn’t able to play my B-day party. Don’t make me dig in my band files. The pay is nothing. But it’s for me and my brothers and sisters. I gotta pay some security, mailings, a location, rent some shitters. Come on Man it might be my last B-day party. It’s for ABATE Kevin. Any good bands intested in opening or maybe playing? You know how to find me still, if not you gotta learn. FTW.

  • No problem Joe, great song. Are you gonna play my Birthday Party this Summer? Invite only party. What kinda of power you need for a small gathering of 50-100 people. Have your people call my people. Oh shit, I am my people now, call me in the evening or write me man. Gonna have to get a location and a band scheduled soon. I’ll get you a opening band, unless you have one that’s free. We are talking no cost, for me right? Got enough other expences. FTW.

  • Joe Satriani


  • RIDE- Joe Satriani
    I know some people like to take life easy,
    That’s not my style.
    I’m not the type to let this life tease me,
    I’m gonna make it wild.

    I just wanna ride,
    Get on my bike and ride.

    Some people think you’ve got to like your life one way,
    I disagree.
    I’m not gonna pay attention to them anyway,
    It’s got nothing, nothing to do with me.

    Life is so short, we’ve got
    No time to waste at all.


    I just wanna ride,
    Get on my bike and ride.
    I just wanna ride,
    Get on my bike and ride.

    I see the road, as it opens up before me,
    I feel the heat.
    I’m gonna go where I want, when I want to.
    I’ve got to be free.


    Feels so right…
    Feels so right…

    Freedom is not my free. FTW!

  • Great weather in OH. I just want to ride!!!!!

  • ABATE Kevin

    Good job bro. Just go to your local massage parlor and tell them ABATE Kevin said it’s on the house. If they don’t please you, tell them you’ll give them a ride on your Harley.

    Comfortably numb, I try to stay that way to help kill some back pain. Self medicate on top of the pills, it helps a little. Will I ever be able to ride again? Who F’N’ knows? But I really have a HARD ONE right now, that is a hard to find song. Ride by Joe Satriani. My holiday gift to you .

  • Comfortably Numb

    he he where’s my hot oil massage!

    and yes ,..crotch rockets are kind of gay.

  • Is there anybody out there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anybody there?

    Name that song and get a warm oil message with a happy ending at your local asian message place. With the cost covered by, well, by you. Yeah I can’t spell, but my buddy’s cousin didn’t care about none of that last night. I just can’t remember if she was a long haired dude or a chick. LOL. Cum on ya’ll, you know I’m F’N’ around. Tell us you holiday stories and I’ll tell ya the truth. FTW.

  • Steven, who in the hell are you talking too? I’m obviously not following this blog very well.

  • steven

    why do you spend so much time caring what i ride…06 roadking….? youve got lots of fkn time? i’d kick your ass not because of what bike you ride but because of you fkn smart ass mouth!!!!! mistletoad

  • OK Tom, I will agree that most crotch rockets and gays should have rights. Some rights. LOL.

  • mR tOM


  • I grew up around riders and “bikers” and being nearly 38, I didn’t see many “sports bikes” back then. I was into Harleys and cruisers of any brand, that the owner could afford to buy. Alot of Harleys back then. My family was not strictly devoted to H-Ds but it was a preference. I never felt my Dad was less of a man for riding a Yamaha or a Kaw, he paid his dues in Vietnam and here on the street. No one messed with him, wise choice on there part. He wrote what he could afford at the time. I’ve done the same over my lifetime. When I bought an H-D I was also interested in a ‘Zuki GSXR Sportbike, but to me that was more of a toy than something I’d ride often, so kept those funds in savings to buy new auto and my own home. I don’t dismiss the riders of “sportbikes” as all stupid or wrong for their choice. I’m just not happy about the younger group riding those bikes while they still feel invincible. Different rides, different times, but we all were young and dumb at sometime.

    Besides their own injury, deaths, and injury to others is the horrible affect they have on the publics view of riders. Sportbikes are not a bad toy. Sportbikes in the control of young, irresponsible riders is a weapon. Most of us have been there, but not with the power and speed they have available to them now. I can’t bitch, all I can say is rider training and education. In my State I don’t believe in more restrictions than we already have. However, we have to keep rider injuries and deaths down to still receive funds for Rider Training, Education, and Public Awareness (cagers kill a lot more riders than riders kill themselves) so maybe let the police take care of the burdens that hold us back (don’t snitch unless the punks are a bitch, that fuck us all). And work more toward rider training and more into public awareness. Look twice and save a life, Motorcycles are everywhere! When I ran my 2 local counties we did so much into public awareness. Radio, TV, posters, placemats in bars and restaurants, billboards, etc., a lot of time and effort with sponsors fitting most of the cost, only a loan from ABATE and a few dollars here and there, paid back by funds from some of the many functions we held back then when active. I don’t care what you ride, but public awareness helps prevent cages from killing you. You got to drive it into cagers brains, they forget after May (motorcycle awareness month) and we need it all year. Our deaths in my counties dropped on our last campaign, now with a non-active county (I’m retired as I’m ill and injured) deaths are rising fast. If anyone in NE Ohio wants to help awareness in Portage/Summit let me know, while promoting your business let me know. Want to help in NE Ohio in general contact ABATE of Ohio, Region Zero. http://www.abate.com click on Region Zero.

    My views and comments are my own, as a biker and member of ABATE of Ohio, Inc., AMA, MRF. The MRO’s I’m involved with have not approved my comments or opinions, as they are my own.

    Ride Safe and Ride Free. FTW

  • Bobby

    Indeed, Harley Davidson makes a much superior motorcycle. It’s just a matter of what an individual can afford. If a person was able to buy any motorcycle of their choice, certainly they would buy a Harley. I think people go with a crotch rocket since they have to get an inferior machine,..at least they get a fast one! There’s nothing wrong with a crotch rocket,..it’s just that when you buy it,..you should know in advance that’s it’s really just a disposable toy.

  • Stupid Head

    Crotch rockets are GAY!!!!!

  • Balerick42, gas was up to $3.94 a gallon here. I don’t recall what kind of mileage my Mustangs got, I didn’t pay much attention back then. Out of my Mustangs considered 3rd or 4th generation by some people (all considered 3rd generation by me) the ’81 with a carb. iron block, built 302 (yes it was swapped, they didn’t come with a 302) was the worse on gas. Next was one of the ’91 5.0 H.O. likely the GT, it was heavier than the 5.0 LX. The best on gas was the 2.3L 4 cylinder 4 speed I’m sure. Never had a V6, but the strait 6 (200 I think) 4 speed seemed decent on gas, to the best I can recall from back then in the way of my Mustangs. What do you have, a V8? I know my old 460 and 390 Ford Pick-ups sucked the gas down. Hell, step-dad’s Ford F-250 Superduty, Supercab, 4×4 got 12-14 mpg recently. He traded it in on a 4 cylinder Ford Fusion. I want my old Escort back!

    Anyway, what are you riding and what is your mileage? My Suzuki Intruder gets about 35-45 mpg, maybe more. I never really took the time to figure it, I just looked to fill it up around 90-100 miles as I had no gas gauge. I realized soon after I bought it that I had to switch to reserve a few times over 100 miles plus.

    The reasons (besides weather) that I didn’t ride to work more in the past follow. 1— Office Job: I had to change clothes, everyone was out the door at 5:01 so I had to really pay attention to the clock and be ready to ride by then. The cure was for them to give me a key to lock up if not paying attention to the clock or had something to complete quickly. I guess I should have asked? It would have helped in the winter snow storms as well, when we had people waiting in cars and no one to open up. I think I was trusted enough to supervise draftsman and meet with engineers all the time. I should have asked. But to be honest, I loved driving my Mustang with T-tops out in summer, and hearing that V8 rumble. I rode after work. 2— Construction Job: I had too much shit to carry around. I could ride in work clothes but my lunch, gloves, sweatshirts, etc. I had to carry, and for a while a friend with no car. Often no real place to park a bike on an excavation site and not always a truck available to go to the site (I started an hour later on most days). The cure would have been to tell my friend to find another ride, or tell boss I planned to work daily and bring a truck home M-TH (I didn’t do weekends there) or keep one there for me to get to job site, and I’ll ride to work. Never asked? 3— Factory Job: No need to change clothes, I had a locker there. It was just the getting up a half hour earlier, so I can strap my lunch bag on my bike and get ready to ride … rather than just jumping in my car. It was only about a 10 mile ride down the same 2 lane rode I live on. Or 14 mile using the expressway. I rode to work there more than anywhere, but I guess it’s just me being lazy why I didn’t more. Then again, gas prices are not like they are today. OK, I know I’m rambling on again. I’m out! FTW.

  • balerick42

    Guys (and gals), all I can say is I’m glad I’m a rider. Gas went over $3.90 a gallon here this week. I have a 30 mile commute to work one way. If I ride the two lane it takes about 5 minutes longer than the interstate, but at 55 mph I can average up to 60 mpg with the sportster. Instead of 11 or 12 bucks a day with the Mustang, it’s about 4 bucks a day on the Sportster. I put my house up for sale last fall and am moving close to work when it sells. Living far from work has become a luxury for many people. I’m curious as to what mpg you all get on your various bikes. Ride safe!

  • Stupid Dan

    I like cheesecake,……

    but I don’t like plastic motorcycles like crotch-rottens.

  • Poon64,
    I’m taking your side. Get your knees in the breeze, as much as you can now. I’m a living example of how quick you can go from a hard core rider to a injuried/ill person that can barley get in the wind one in a while at age 38. Life goes by too damned quick.

    I said it before and I’ll say it again. Respect gets respect. We don’t need to divide riders anymore, we need to unify as much as we can. RUB’s will become good riders or stay weekend warriors, with help they become better riders and learn the “biker code” when dealing with other riders. Crazy young sport bike riders either die or grow up, some often grow up quicker when having a skilled rider around. I’ve never met a sport bike rider that was 40 over older that rode like some of the 20 year old riders we have concern for. I won’t sign off as the traditional Live to ride, ride to live. Or any of the others we hear. I’ll use my old sign off from my articles and newsletter. FTW.
    Live Free, Ride Free!
    Peace, Love, and Happiness.
    Kevin * *****

  • Poon64

    Dear all,

    Wind is wind now matter what you ride.

    Peace and respect to all who share the road to


  • Tom,
    that’s what I meant by a cruiser, if it be a Japanese or other. Most young sport bike riders I’ve know get tired of them when they grow up in time, or start getting some back pain. I love Harelys, have owned Harleys, but I currently have a Suzuki Intruder and love it as well. One of my best Bros had a Kaw Vulcan, it was a very nice bike. We used to switch and ride each others bikes every now and then. Now he has a big Yamaha cruiser. If I had the money I’d buy another HD, but keep my metric cruiser. Now you contradicted your statements. You said “where i live, you either ride a Harley or a crotch rocket” then said you “own a Kawasaki” which is it? I haven’t owned a Harley in many years, but my family and friends still send me HD dealership shirts from their travels, and I wear them, even on my ‘Zuki. Some of you people are older than me, but you need to grow up. If you want a Harley and have the money get one. If you don’t want one or can’t afford one, ride what you want or can afford. I mean damn, I wanted a Harley when young, could afford one then but was happy with what I had until I had the money to buy something else I wanted. I don’t have the money to buy another new Harley right now. But I’m not going to bitch about it. F’N’ Idiots. FTW.

  • tom

    where i live, you either ride a harley or a crotch rocket…….in both cases, purchased as status symbols with no real true riders. this is why harley sucks…the overzealous small-minded loyalty. most hardcore harley fans havent even ridden a motorcycle. they are fans because they are told to be. most people buy harley for the name, and only espout comments of quality so you dont thnk they are shallow. comments mind you, that were told to them by a real biker who owned a real harley 20 years ago. i myself own a kawasaki vulcan.

  • Terry/Monster, from the intro. to the page you advertise reads:

    “Remember as you explore this place and learn ya way around, this is a place for Bikers, so I better explain what we think a Biker is. A Biker is a person who rides a motorcycle of any name brand for the plain enjoyment of riding. They are the type of folk who earn the respect of other Bikers by showing other Bikers that same respect …

    Here at BWB we stride ourselves as being a place where you can speak your mind without worry of reprisal. But any threats made against a member, or just spewing insults or hatred towards other members for no reason. Will force the Admn at BWB to take action against you.”

    Do you not follow the same when outside your site?

  • Terry or Monster, whichever you prefer today. I don’t know man? My pants don’t drag the ground, and I always wanted a Harley when I was younger … not a sport bike. It seems a lot of younger kids do these days. Kids also do irresponsible things. I used to drag race my Mustang on city streets. When younger my Dad used to drag race with his 57 Chevy, and it nearly cost him his life. Most people start to grow up a lot more in their late 20’s to mid 30’s. If still alive and riders when they grow up some, I imagine by then they will have switched to a cruiser, and by tired of laying on a tank and tripping on their jeans by then. Then again, people figured I’d cut off my long hair, and quit wearing black T-shirts by now. I guess my Mom should have let me grow my long hair before I was 18?

    I had to wear dress clothes in the office at 18, and pull my hair up (for safety) in the shop when 29. But my supervisors never had to tell me to remove the chain from my wallet, or use my first paycheck to buy jeans that covered my ass and didn’t drag the floor. Working hard might fix the younger crowd just a little. I know I never could have got away with long hair in a Engineering Firm if I had not been so talented in machine/machanical design. I know it was discussed but the president (God rest his soul) said “let Kevin wear his hair long, he’s the best young designer/supervisor we’ve ever had” and “the companies Kevin works with all know him by his work and don’t care.” I know there are no exceptions when safety related dress codes in a bigger companies I’ve worked in. You are often checked for steel toe boots, fitting jeans, shirts tucked in, hair up, ear protection, no bling hanging the same as no wedding rings or even religious jewelry necklaces under the shirt, and I had to remove my earring and replace with a stud. Many younger people refused to work under those conditions and just quit in a few days. It not easy to find a job these days.

    I often wonder if that is because so many kids are just handed things. Not like when I was younger and you had to work for it. I worked around my Mom’s house, and my Dad’s house and was given a junk car to start with. You see so many kids with new or almost new clean cars around here now and still in school. I bought my first dirt bikes my money I earned and fixed them up. And my first legal street bike I bought myself. It was a Honda Rebel (cruiser) clean with only 1000 miles on it for $500. It ran great for a small bike, and when I traded it in for a Harley, book value was 3 times what I paid for it. Plus it got me into the local Biker Community more, the few in one MC Club that complained about me riding a Honda with them or parking with them at the clubhouse, were told to shut the fuck up by the President, Sergeant at Arms, and the Road Captain. That’s how I got into riding. Besides my Dad rode, my Uncle rode, my older Step-Brother rode, and I hung around a few bikers in my youth. OK, I’m done rambling on. Point is we all know bikers when we see them, and it’s hard to judge a young person … they might be a real biker inside, they may not. The biggest test on a quick look basis to me is the wave. If they feel like a brother in the wind they will wave back, nomatter the brand. It doesn’t tell much if Harley Biker to Harley wanna be. Oh screw this, I got things to do. FTW

  • Terry

    Those crotch rocket guys look like morons. Why the hell would anyone want to lean over the gas tank like that to ride? It is right up there with those kids that wear their pants hanging around their ankles.

    Oh,..yes,..i ride a Harley,..because I AM A STUD! and yes,..I get laid more than metric pansies!!!

    metrics are junk,..I agree with the others,….how does it feel to take it up the arse when you buy one of those pieces of junk?

    My house= http://www.barbedwirebiker.com <<

  • Monster, If you view sportbikes as cheap toys or if they are just normally beat to death by young riders. All bikes can be disposable if rode hard and put away wet. Harleys are most often owned by riders of an older age group, and therefor, often taken care of better. If I am correct on this issue or not it will not matter when our “friendly” government representatives get the “end of life law” passed, all bikes will be disposable. I love Harelys, but yes they will be included in that law with the “cheap plastic toys” you speak of. Focus your energy a bit more toward protecting our individual freedoms and rights, bikers rights. Have a good day. Ride safe and ride free! FTW.

  • The new modern sportbikes really are cheap plastic toys. How many OLD sportbikes do you see these days? not many huh? Thats because they are built to be disposable. Harleys are built to last several lifetimes. Quit kidding yourselves, you know deep down, that Harleys are far superior in every aspect.

  • I’ve never really had the feel as motorcyclists are a real fragmented group when it comes to motorcycle brand. To some bikers it is a lifestyle, to some a hobby, when you look at the types of riding groups out there you can see a large diversity of interests. The biggest fragmentation seems to be those more educated about motorcycle issues, and those less educated about motorcycle issues, or less concerned about them. The ones who say “oh, that will never happen here” or “that doesn’t effect me, so I don’t care.” It is most divided by younger riders and sport bike riders. I fear many of them think they won’t fit in a MRO because of age or brand.

    I got involved with my local MRO (ABATE) when I was 24. No one cared what I rode or how young I was. I never cared what my officers rode or how old they were, we connected, and we had fun together, and we were concerned about the issues that effected all motorcyclists. I brought fresh ideas to table, and learned older ones that worked. We learned a lot from each other. Any issues we had with each other were personality conflicts and handled within the organization. Our local congressmen came to us to get support. We try to educate bikers, but still provide plenty of social activities. I think what happens to those who join SMROs is they expect to pay their dues and be a bigger part of the social network without giving up an hour here or there to donate some time. I’ve heard people tell me they are not renewing because we “always ask for help”, but at the same time they want an event, ride, party, every summer weekend. To be an officer you have to donate a lot of your time, it’s volunteer work, we don’t get paid. We ask members to volunteer a few hours here or there. If the party is from 7PM until 2AM. Why not offer to help work the door an hour? Weekend party, help work the stage for 2 hours, work a shift of security (you’ll be in contact with experienced security officers if see any problems) for a few hours out of 3 days (I used to fall asleep with my radio on to help if needed) I often worked the night security and sometimes found young, attractive, single, horney women who were bored and wanted to ride me… I mean ride along with me. I can say that was a plus! The majority of members packed up camp and took off Sunday when they woke up. If a few members would stayed and helped clean up a bit, the officers that always do that too, could have gotten home a few hours earlier also. Driving around with me and picking up some bottles and cans at sites that people didn’t clean up, or picking up the trash bags (that we gave them at the gate) and they left for pick up, isn’t really that hard, it just takes a longer with only a few people doing it.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is ABATE/SMRO members pay dues, that almost pay for their mailings but we care about them also. Coming to events pays the cost of the event. If you just want to party and go on rides, that’s fine we are glad you are members. If you come to meetings, we like you better and know who you are at events. If you read some and educate yourself on motorcycle related issues, we are really happy to have you. If you donate a few hours of time here and there we love ya, because that helps keeps us alive to help you as a motorcyclists. Even helping drop off flyers and membership applications on your travels or in your area is great thing to help out. Contact your local State Motorcycle Rights Organization or State ABATE, join up and see where you fit in. It is a group that belongs to all riders. If you have little time to help right now, it’s OK, if you get really involved that is great. The older crew will die (and be missed my hundreds) but we have to continue with fresh blood as long as we still ride bikes on the roads in the USA. Come to an event, you will be welcomed. Forget about what brand you ride, and remember we are all brothers and sisters in the wind. CBR Rider, yes **it happens. FTW.

  • CBR Rider

    I agree that leather and boots offer protection. Admittedly, the older I get the more protective gear I wear. For the past few years I’ve worn a leather jacket in 80+ degree weather and more recently a mesh jacket with armor. I gave up wearing tennis shoes to wear boots which I hope will stay on my feet better if I’m unfortunate to go down with my bike. I’ve heard stories of hospitals spending a week’s time to pull gravel out of peoples flesh where they weren’t wearing protective gear.

    You are also correct in that bikers wore leather before the village people did.

    After hearing people say how “great” they are for riding a certain bike or how the bike other people ride “is inferior” etc. etc. with zero facts to back it up, you fire back something just to try and get under their skin. Admittedly, when that happens you’ve lowered yourself to their level, but it happens.

    After reading some of your(abate Kevin) posts there are lots of issues I was unaware of that we bikers should address together in huge numbers.

    If we can get Harley Davidson owners to stop talking about people who ride different motorcycles it will help to unify bikers so we can address biker issues as a whole instead of as fragmented groups.


    Pro Stock Motorcycle


    Results for Final Round

    MADISON, Ill. – SUMMIT FastNews – Results of final, round 4 eliminations in Pro Stock Motorcycle at the NHRA POWERade Drag Racing Series, 12th annual O’Reilly NHRA Midwest Nationals presented by Castrol:
    W/L Driver R-Time E-Time Speed

    (W) Andrew Hines (Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hines 0.084 6.882 194.13
    (L) Matt Smith (NitroFish/Torco Buell) 0.085 8.098 114.02

    Hines is 12 – 3 against Smith in prior events and Hines is 2 – 0 against Smith in prior final rounds. They left together and Smith had the lead until around 400 feet and then he had problems and sits up on the bike. Hines with another great pass for the win. This makes 16 consecutive passes in the six-second zone for Hines. This is his 15th National event win. Andrew Hines’ incremental times: 60ft-1.074 sec., 330ft-2.863, 660ft-4.392/159.87mph, 1,000ft-5.730

  • I had a bad seizure whipped me out a few weeks ago. Well, I’m recovering and back on the web, this page looks the same. However, I want to comment on idea some people think bikers in leather look gay. The truth is boots and leather are for a riders protection. If you’ve ever hit the pavement you will understand. The leather or denim vest is part heritage/custom it keeps the core of your body warm as temperatures drop and displays patches or “colors” for those that choose too.

    If gay people choose to adopt a theme of dress, it doesn’t make everyone wearing similar gay. Bikers wore leather long before the Village People did! For example, I had a pair of gray swimming shorts many years ago. The had the color of the rainbow around the top in a thin band on the waist. You know the normal spectrum of light used to produce eveyother color in the world. I was never ashamed to wear them, never even thought about it, they looked fine. But they apparently attracted too much unwanted attention if my girl wasn’t right by my side all day. During a discussion with her and some friends we figured out it was that small band of colors attracting gay men to approach me so freely. Dumped the swimming shorts, no more problems. Nothing against gay people doing what they want, I’ll even be friends so long as they know my views and are not flamers. But a strait guy should never have to worry that his attire attracts them like a sign. I’ve already had to deal with gay men that were family of friends, one hit one me constantly, I disassociated with him and heard that he is dead now. Another hit on me while I was having sexual relations with his hot Sister, odd I know but it’s a small town. He finally figured it out, I’m strait and has left me along.


    After repeatedly saying that HD riders are gay, in repsonse to some of the other silly posts, I felt the need to emphasize that I didn’t condone violence against anyone or care to make fun of anyone for no reason.

    For the record, I have a beautiful wife that I’m proud of. I also have a beautiful sport bike, a big rottweiler, and loud stereo that I’m also proud of. What more could a man want?

  • CBR Rider

    Lady MC Tech or CBR Flamer,
    Your posts are similar to Harley Davidson’s approach to making motorcycles. You offer up very little in substance over time. You just copy and paste some Harley Davidson/Buell drag racing news over and over……same ole same ole. For variety, you change your name from AF81188118 to Lady MC Tech to CBR Flamer.

    Harley Davidson offers very little changes in their motorcycles year after year…..same 45 degree v-twin, same frame….same ole same ole every year. For variety, they will come out with an anniversary badge or paint scheme. 2003 was 100th anniversary, 2008 is 105th anniversary, 2007 was sportster 50th anniversary, 2006 is super glide 35th anniversary, etc. etc. These bikes have changed very little over the years in substance except for a different paint scheme and anniversary badge.

    Do you see the resemblance?


    Hines entered race day as the clear favorite in the Pro Stock Motorcycle class after making four 6.9-second runs in qualifying, including the 6.950 that earned him the pole, and he didn’t disappoint. Hines continued his dominance with four more 6.9s, including a 6.946 to defeat Ellis and earn his 14th career victory. Hines also recorded a 6.948 and two more 6.95s in the earlier rounds, in which he bettered Michael Phillips, Matt Guidera, and Craig Treble. His win, combined with the early exits of Guidera and Matt Smith, allowed Hines to leapfrogged them and take over the points lead. He is 25 points ahead of Guidera heading into the St. Louis event next weekend.

    “[My .009] light in the final was a little bit of an accident — I wanted to go teen,” said Hines. “I figured we had to be teen to run with Chip. We kind of threw a tune-up at it we hadn’t put it in it all weekend long, and it definitely performed.

    “Our motorcycle was flawless this weekend. We left the same engine in it all weekend long, and that was the same engine we had in testing on Monday. I can’t say enough about what the guys have done with the engines back at the shop. People were saying that we should have dialed it at a 6.95 on the windscreen with some shoe polish, and it would have run it. It was just going down the track so smooth and so great all weekend. I’ve never had a motorcycle make that many runs in a row that were almost identical.”

    Ellis helped erase the memory of his disappointing loss in the Pomona final in November that prevented him from earning the POWERade world championship when he advanced to the eighth final round of his career. He defeated Junior Pippin and Shawn Gann before getting the nod in the semi’s when Angelle Sampey’s Buell broke on the starting line and was unable to make the run. His 6.943 in the semifinals not only gave him lane choice for the final but also stands as low e.t. for the weekend.


    Anyone that thinks that the modern sports bikes are for “Little Kids” has never really ridden or raced one to the limit. Only the most serious riders need apply. Most cruisers are rated as beginners bikes. If you want to ride, get a Harley. If you really want to ride, get a sportbike and take it to VIR or any other track, crank the throttle, and slam the brakes a few times. Anyone that has raced before will know exactly what I am talking about.

  • Fresh

    Yall Are A Bunch Of CPU Junkies Its Seems Talking BAd About A Company that start the world of motor cycles Harley Davidson Let Me Say This To Yall Newbies Harlsy Tend To Hold There VALUES Well All These Other COmpanys Like Honda And Shit who try to nimick a harley is Simply ignorant those jap companies about went broke so they had to change there ways and the did they built a shadow that almost looks like a harley but it will never sound like a harley for sure

  • matt

    What’s with all this nice talk??? Bikers all smell!!

    AAAh, the joy’s of the bike are mine again, had a bad back for a few months, so I was unable to ride, took the hog in for a post winter service etc….. sooo nice to be back in the saddle!!

  • Sorry, The “biker wall” is on Hopedale American Legion grounds. Not VFW. The Hall is open to visitors of the Wall. Directions are available from the site.

  • CBR Rider, we (ABATE of OH) used to hold the State June Jam (weekend) Party somewhat in that area. Hocking Hills, actually, SE of Columbus by about an hour. Very scenic, nice twisty roads, campgrounds, cabins, some motels around. It’s a great ride if you wanna trip to a nice location to visit and ride around.

    ABATE has moved the State Party since then more east to Hopedale, I think it’s a go for this year. It is the home of the Motorcycle Memorial Wall on VFW grounds. I’ve never been there that I can recall, but certainly will after I get my Dad and Brother’s name on the wall. Check it out it should be ABATE of Ohio’s website http://www.ABATE. com, I think it’s Region 1. Or look at my Region Zero Link above, there is a link on the right site to the “biker wall”.

  • Sorry I missed your Goldwing, you must have never caught up to me and my Suzuki. LOL. I know I was probably in a hotel room, and you likely have a camper on that thing watching your HDTV on Satellite or something. I’ve really got nothing against Goldwings, but doesn’t it at least sometimes feel like your just riding in convertible car? Sometimes?

    Anyway, I tried to post a relevant info. from the MRF regarding the social burden theory. I was not allowed as it contained a website and e-mail. It was noted in the e-mail from the MRF that as copyrighted material I had to include the source if using it. Damned catch 22. Therefor, you can’t read it here. If you wish search for the (MRF) Motorcycle Riders Foundation. And search their site for recent e-mail releases. They might be available there, if not look into your State MRO or ABATE, they may have posted it.

  • Goldwing Rider

    Sorry I didn’t respond to this before, I’ve been out riding for the past few years! Funny thing, I didn’t see any HD folks until I got onto the big flat roads and they fell behind on all the hills. Dudes, you need some power to keep up! All the twisties were great, we really had a good time. Good to get back to DC and listen to all the folks whining…

  • CBR Rider

    The arms go first riding in city traffic. It’s the constant stop and go action that puts the most fatigue in them. On long trips however, it’s the rear end that goes first. Arms and rear are fine in the twisties for two or three hundred miles. I actually ride my bike unlike some posers, sportbike and Harley alike, that only put a few miles on them each year, so therefore I’m a little more conditioned and experienced for the ride. In addition I work out somewhat. I’m not not Arnold Schwarzenegger in his young years with the massive muscle nor am I Arnold Schwarzenegger in his old years and riding a great big bike with inexperience and crashing as he did…(glad Arnold is ok though!)

    Kevin, I almost bumped into you. I’ve been saying for years that I’m going to the Vintage Days at midOhio but I never make it. I have made it to a couple of Super Bike weekends at mid Ohio though.

    There was a time I was riding back from Pittsburgh to Columbus on the expressway after a heavy lunch and a beer and I had to pull over at the rest stop because I was about to fall asleep on the bike.

    While cruising to Tennessee I had a tank bag on the gas tank(lol, where is a tank bag going) and the balance of the bike felt a little off. It was an awkward ride the first few miles as I got use to it. I couldn’t lean the bike as much as I could with out the bag.

    That was interesting info you gave about your back pack experience.

  • My ‘Zuki cruiser has a bit of a rake on the front but a low center of gravity, so handles pretty well on clean twisty roads or State Routes. I did once almost loose it on the expressway going down to AMA Vintage Days at Mid-Ohio Raceway. I was wearing a full face helmet, as I do on expressway trips, yeah no windshield. I had it loaded with a heavy backpack (packed too much clothes I guess) and a heavy rolled up leather (after it got to hot out) strapped high up on the p-pad and back rest. Center of gravity was off and I came to an unexpected turn with the wind against my turn. I was in the outside lane and really had to lean the bike hard into it, as not to go over the hill and off road. Woke me the hell up pretty fast! Pulled off next rest stop and they were giving away free coffee. You know I took a cup and stretched my legs. Like I said, expressways put me to sleep, unless they are heavy traffic then they wear me out from watching out for everyone trying to kill me. However, if you ever get the chance to go to AMA Vintage Days prepare to walk. It would have taken me most of the day just to see the swap meet section, but I had other things to do that weekend. The lady I meet up with, had a press pass also and a few other passes to get us around pretty good. I do think she even rode the H-D instead of those damn BMW’s I don’t care for, should say don’t care to ride.

    BTW-don’t buy Diamond Plate Chaps on E-Bay, they are junk, the sizing chart is way off, and cost more to exchange than worth the cost. Contacts are horrible and they are made of hundreds of small parts stitched together in China. Even cheaper quality than I expected for the price.

  • balerick42

    My Goldwing rides smoother than the sportster, but I prefer the riding position of sportster with it’s forward controls. Best thing about the Goldwing on a longer trip is no wind fatigue. CBR, I would think your arms would get tired before anything else, but I can’t speak from experience. I’ve only ridden my brother’s sportbike for a couple short trips around town. The position was too foreign and uncomfortable to me, but, I suppose a person would get used to any position. I’ve got a small windshield on my sporty, which really helps with the wind. I did not mind not having a windshield when I was younger, but have found that I can ride much further and longer when I have one. I just don’t have the stamina I had in my 20’s. Wanted to ride in today, but heavy rain is forecast for this afternoon 🙁 Temps around 70 though.

  • Columbus is about 2 hours SW below me by expressway. That is I-71 North from Columbus, to I-76 East through Akron. I’m just off I-76 (Exit 38 South – State Route 44). That Expressway trip is pretty boring. I’ve taken it for time but, but cetainly not a scenic route.

    I’d say a twisty state route is gonna wear ya out faster, no matter what you ride. A stait Expressway will wear you out mentally if it doesn’t put you to sleep.

  • CBR Rider

    I’m guessing Kevin is 2 1\2 hours from me…however far Columbus, Ohio is to Kevin. I ride 300 mile rides in a day on any given weekend. I ride twisty two lane country roads way more often than I ride flat, straight highways. The twisty roads are far more physical and sporting with the turns, braking and acceleration. County and State routes are also much more scenic than express ways. A 400 or 500 mile ride on an expressway would be a little tiring but easy. The riding position isn’t that bad to me. On an express way I’ve ridden 300 miles and thought it was easier than I expected. I’m sure a cruiser is more comfortable on the express way and in most general riding. Does anyone know if a cruiser is more comfortable through twisty country roads? Is a cruisers turning through the twisties heavy? I know a guy that owns a Harley Davidson Electra Glide and he told me he that he was very wore out after a cruise through a twisty state route. The state route he was talking about wasn’t that long either. However, for express ways you can’t beat an electra glide or goldwing.

    A meal, beer, and a ride always sounds good.

  • balerick42

    This week has been disappointing. Either too cold at 7 AM to ride, or today, it’s 74 with 45 MPH winds. Myabe I can squeeze in a short ride this evening before dark. We have a Blessing of the Bikes ride scheduled for this Sunday. Should be nice.

  • balerick42

    With my new touring seat I could make it there on the sportster, but CBR is more man than I am if he can ride that sportbike across country! I’m too old to stay in that position for long. LOL 🙂

  • Balerick, when I was a kid and my Dad rode a lot, mostly to work. It was all family and friends when they rode in a group. I don’t recall many, if actually any patches at get togethers. You may recall back in the ’70’s some of the clubs had issues with eachother. He wasn’t afraid of clubs, but just wasn’t involved. I was taught not to be afraid of big hairy bikers with full patches at a young age, they were clubs. I recall a club stopping at our family campground’s clubhouse/store, I did not bother them, as I was taught. Yet, being one of the few kids remaining, because my parents did not pull me out because of fear, many club members came to give me change to play pinball, other games, or buy ice cream. At an older age I started to hang around some MC clubs. I realized most are great people, however in some cases live by a different code, not bad just different. My Dad never joined a club, he only became an ABATE member (ABATE is not a club), he never joined Rolling Thunder like my Sisters, myself, and many Nephews and Nieces did, or even CMA as he was a sober practicing Christian for 10 years or more then. He likely would have joined Patriot Guard Riders or an American Legion Chapter had he lived longer, and bought a new Harley for himself and me. He told me his plans to do such days before his stroke when he was up here in Ohio visiting, and we were looking at bikes in our local H-D dealers. His stroke was the very day he got back to his home in GA, but he had no ID so it was a week before we knew. So, basically all his money went back to BP Oil. We all know how much BP Oil needed the funds that was supposeded to go to him. Assholes!

    We had our first motorcycle deaths in my county last week. Yes, they were wearing helmets and sober. Not the riders fault, it was the other vehicle. Damn, that’s why we need all ABATE/MRO groups to put out pubic awareness the best they can. PSA’s, radio interviews, print, billboards, posters, bumper stickers, lawn signs, and anything we can do to let them know we’re back on the road. Look twice and Save a Life. Motorcycles are Everywhere! That’s why I still say ABATE and/or your local MRO need your help. People just assume we can do it. No, we need your membership, help, donations. We work for the riders, but need riders to help us help you! Can I make it easier to understand?

    BTW-HOG and CMA are groups or organizations similar in ways to ABATE. NOT clubs. You can socialize and don’t have to wear a patch. However, I do wear an ABATE of Ohio, Inc. patch, but also wear an AMA, and MRF patch. If I didn’t I’d still wear patches I want to display, such as my lost bothers and sisters memorial patches, my POW/MIA “BRING THEM HOME OR SEND US BACK,” and my “I’M SICK AND TIRED OF MY BROTHERS AND SISTER DYING TO PRESERVE AMERICANS RIGHT TO DRIVE LIKE ASSHOLES.”

    I gotta get Balerick and CBR Rider to sit down for a meeting, a meal, a ride and then maybe a drink. You both should come visit me this summer. OK?

    As for my future website. It might take longer, looking for a better webpage development program. My old program doesn’t work on new operating system. The new one I got, well I don’t have time to play with the code too much. Besides the topics listed above in post #1863 I also want to include very basic bike maintenance, on road repairs, tips, what to carry with you (like a real basic first kit you can make yourself), basic first aid, winter storage, links to the similar topics. I want you guys, the riders, to tell me which of the topics you want to see, or those I’ve mentioned you don’t care to see. FTW.

  • balerick42

    Hey! This thread is NOT dead! Comments! Maybe people are coming out of hibernation. Wanted to comment on some of the recent posts. Thanks for the info on colors, patches, etc. Kevin. To tell you the truth I have never, in 30 some years of riding, gotten into the club, patches thing. I have nothing against those who do. Most of my riding has always consisted of back and forth to work and rides with friends/co-workers on the weekends. I’ve had a few long distance trips with family (my parents used to be Goldwingers) or coming back to this area on military leave. The first organized clubs I joined were just in the last few years. The HOG group and the CMA group are the most active in this area. I enjoy the social stuff, and have made some really good friends my age or a little older. As far as Joanne’s comments, it’s nice that she understands and accepts her husband’s desire to ride. Joanne, I encourage you to go with your husband, because as Kevin said, it can get very addicting. Hey, it’s even nice to see my BFF Cbr Rider back on. We never seemed to agree, but at least things were lively! The weather this week here is supposed to be pretty fantastic. A little cool this morning, but lots of sunshine and warming up into the 70’s by midweek. With gas continuing to rise I’ll be on the sportster every day I can this year. Be safe out there all. We’ve already had our first serious bike accident back here. His own fault, drunk with a girlfriend on the back, ran into a parked car at night going about 40. Last I heard both were in serious condition. Hope they make it ok. Kevin, Let me know when you get the website up and running. I’m looking forward to it.

  • Joanne, very often people working professional jobs ride and often are involved in clubs. I wore a suit and tie working for an engineering firm, but rode bikes. My doctor and dentist ride Hareys. Some of my university professors rode. A great number of people that I know in the biker community are lawyers, doctors, or other professionals. Many more likely are, but we’ve never discussed work with them. Some I know in MC clubs are professionals. Factory workers, iron workers steel workers, and construction workers are not the only ones out there riding. However, if I had to take a guess, the largest group in my area would be auto workers (or these days I can say some former auto workers) as we have GM, Ford, and Chrysler plants in the area. Second I’d have to guess medical and factory are pretty much tied. You just never know who is riding that you see.

    I’m glad to hear you support your husband. Or at least respect his desire to ride. I’ve always told the girls I dated that they have be able to get along with all, from bankers to bikers. Since I’ve had a street bike not one girl that I dated (or my ex-wife) ever hesitated to jump on the back and go for a ride. It might not be a “mid-life crisis” to your man. It’s addictive to many once they try it. So many times I’ve had girl friends, or just friends that happen to be female, talk me into going for a ride. And sometimes say, lets take the bike instead of a car, when we had plans to go someplace in the summer time. A lady that needs her radio on and air conditioning in a car, all of the time, instead of taking the bike just isn’t for me anyway. Oh, I don’t want to mess up my hair! Ladies, if you trust your mans riding ability, he has a full MC endorsement, ask him to give you a short ride and see if you enjoy it. I’ve rode on the back of woman’s bikes quite a few time. I’ve even rode bitch with guys I know when I needed some wind, but had a hand broken hand. It’s not about the brand of bike, it’s the ride. FTW.

  • I’m sorry, I thought this was freakin’ hilarious. I’m not anti-Harley, in fact, my husband has one, but he doesn’t fit the typical Harley hog rider. He’s not a dentist, but wears a shirt and tie for a living and looks as unlikely a Harley rider as you’d ever see. For one thing, he won his by hitting a progressive slot machine. He likes riding it (on the few days where there’s weather to do so), but it scares the crap out of me.

    But better a Harley than some other mid-life crisis. As long as he isn’t bothering anyone (especially me) I’m all for it.

  • BTW-within a few months I’ll hopefully be working on building up a website again, it’s been many, many years since my big biker site was removed, I only got about 700 hits a day back then. It will be a page focusing on biker related issues, Ohio based but not limited at all to Ohio, and information with good links to relevant biker info. of all kinds. No brand discrimination will be allowed. It will be new software with a big learning curve for me, so I’ll start small. Let me know what you would like to see? I will start by provide things such as info. for group riding. Hand signals, biker bans/boycotts and discrimination, MRF and AMA reports for all states, safety issues, event info., group contacts, etc. FTW.

  • Yeah, I usual say the opposite. It better to ask to be forgiven than ask permission. In some cases I gotta change that. It’s cheaper and less issues if you ask your local COC first. No one in my area cares about a HOG patch, it’s like a toy for children or something. However, they have had issues with other groups I’ve been involved in like Rolling Thunder Ohio and Southern Cruisers Ohio. Not so much the top rocker “group name” or the back patch, but location rockers or a bottom rocker. For example we were asked to move the chapter patches or rockers to the front of the vest. I never wore a southern cruisers patch because I already had a Rolling Thunder back patch, so the SC Akron Chapter patch was not an issue. Front of my vest was AMA, MRF, memorial patches, year pins, and award pins, so I never wore a Rolling Thunder, OH Chapter 1 Cleveland patch, or a RTO Chapter 2 Akron patch. Every area is different, so it’s just best to sent a representative to your local COC meeting. In my area we have the big 3 MC clubs and a large number of smaller MC clubs, RC clubs, Family Clubs. If you attend any biker functions, have any events, or go to any places you might meet bikers I’d rather just know before hand, how to represent my group with any issues. As you all know, I’m from Ohio which is one of the top 3 states in number of registered motorcyclist. And from N.E. Ohio which has the largest population in the state when you consider Akron/Canton, Cleveland, Youngstown areas, therefor likely the biggest biker population. I know a little bit since I’ve been hanging around the motorcycling community most of my life. If your gonna be wearing patches make sure your group knows how to display them. If you want to look like a MC Club, you gotta do it right. Even if your like me with a small ABATE patch on the back and not “flying colors” remove your vest if you go into a tavern or club that says “no colors.” Same deal with a HOG patch, or any other organization with patches. That is out of respect for brothers in a club that have removed theirs. You will get respect and not be asked to leave.
    I have to say again these are my own views and observations, not those of ABATE of Ohio.

  • CBR Rider

    Lol….it’s better to ask permission than ask to be forgiven….that’s funny. I guess some clubs get upset if you wear their colors without permission. Knowing some of the different types of clubs out there I guess there could be trouble with some of them! I agree…..it’s better to ask permission than ask to be forgiven.

  • Well, I guess everyone is riding since there have been no comments in a long time. Except for me and Balerick. Either that or because we know much more than the rest of you, everyone gave up. Either way look me up balerick and send me a direct e-mail. You can find me on the page linked above (not on the officer page) but you can find me on the home page, or links on the memorial page if you’ve paid attention. Ask the Webmaster (T.J.) if all else fails. I’ll leave you all until I have something to say.

    By the way from reading a few older postings. HOG is not really a club, it’s a group formed by Harley as part of it’s marketing. I see that patch as no more than a Harley T-shirt, except I know you recently bought a Harley or are paying dues? And yes if you are wearing a patch and rocker for any group, club, or recreational club it’s just best to get in contact with your local COC or big MC club in your area. I’m not saying this as an ABATE member, but as a rider. In just some cases, it’s better to ask permission than ask to be forgiven. FTW.

    Ride safe and ride free.

  • I did just order a pair of new chaps off of e-bay. Not quite what I wanted, but the price was good and hope they fit well. Every other cost I have to eat, or go shop and see myself to check items out in person.

    I thought it might be you Balerick, that was involved with CMA? A 15 year friend of mine and CMA contact high up in CMA here just moved to southern Ohio. I will miss seeing him and working with him, but he bought a lot of acres and is building a barn with rooms for visitors to stay upstairs. A one day ride and will be able to visit and spend a night or two before coming home or riding on south. One good guy with a great wife, I gotta get better so I can go see them and then a few others I miss in Carolinas and Florida.

    RIDE ON!

  • I’ll check e-bay, but doubt I’ll find a deal like I gave through ABATE of Ohio’s OutSpokin’ Magazine’s classifieds for members. What I didn’t sell or put out at out garage sale last summer, I have given away. Older leather jackets to unused vintage H-D and ABATE T-shirts, vests, motorcycle models, etc., etc. Maybe I’ll get the same returned in a size that fits me.

    I went from 125-135 lbs. of solid muscle to 150-155 lbs. of fat and muscle combined, now I have some storage for days I can’t eat or eat much. I think I look good except that middle age fat band I finally got and my long hair has thinned just a bit more. Gotta work on that fat belt! Maybe the 50% of attractive ladies that said I was too thin can now see I’m not too thin, nor too fat. They can ride me like a Harley. LOL. Thanks for the e-bay tip. I’ll check into it, only bought from there once. I trust bikers much more than the general public.

    Ride Safe and Ride Free!

  • balerick42

    Kevin, I found all I needed on Ebay…..

  • Balerick, I’ll have you know that I’m one hell of a sexy Suzuki rider. Most Harley riders that I know belong in the party pictures in the back pages of Outlaw Biker magazine. OK, I will agree a couple of female H-D riders I know could be easily be shown in Playboy.

    I’m still hibernating myself. We dropped from over 60 degrees to below freezing over night. It seems to be staying in the 30 degree range for a while, with even more rain falling. I guess I’ll wait longer to haul my bike in to be fixed and tuned up. Gotta be sure I got the money to fix it. Clean carbs, find and fix electrical short, and new tires. I’m guessing $1200 – $1500. Patch my new vest (my old vest just doesn’t fit) $75 – $125. New Chaps (sold my almost new chaps for $30) that fit about $150. New leather gloves I’m guessing $35, I had two pairs fingerless and full hand that need replaced. Goggles that fit over prescription glasses but don’t look too dorky? All that and I might only be able to travel very locally. The money and ability to ride all depends on doctors, medications, tests, and medical expenses, and surgery. Yeah, I gained some weight (a serious back injury can do that) and I’m getting old.

    If anyone has some 30-32 waist and 29-30 inseam leather chaps to get rid of (no fringe) please contact me directly. If you can’t find me on the ABATE of OH, Region Zero Website (link above) please ask Webmaster T.J. to help you get in contact with me. Used but decent condition is fine with me.

    Ride Safe and Ride Free!

  • balerick42

    Had our first HOG chapter meeting of the season last night. In order to go on the group ride to the meeting I had to ride the Sportster to work in the morning. The ride at 5:30 was great…sunny and about 55. BUT….the ride 30 miles into work at 7 AM was…how do I say it…friggin’ COLD! 33 degrees. Leathers and longjohns helped, but there’s only so much you can do when it’s that cold. rain today. But it looks like the long range temperature forecast is improving, just alot of rain….lows 60’s for highs. Probably gonna get the Goldwing outta mothballs this weekend, at least hope to. I don’t know Kevin, guess all the Harley haters are still hibernating. My brother ended up getting a regualr titled frame to rebuild his salvage titled sportbike. He’s switching everything over now. He’s also rebuilding and customizing an older model Honda 750 cruiser. If he gets it done we are planning a ride to the Grand Canyon this Summer. Pensacola would be nice right now…..

  • balerick42

    All Suzuki riders are ugly…. Harley riders belong on the cover of GQ….. or Easy Rider…

  • Oh, I guess we gotta start fighting about metric vs. Harley to get anyone else to post again. Balerick you got the H-D I got the ‘Zuki … time to fight about something. LOL.

  • It just quit raining and snowing here. Sun came out today, might stay showing until Sunday. Roads are still horrible, a pot hole can swallow a bike. Cold patch keeps popping out still, real pavement they are hoping for warmer weather and dry days in May.

    Balerick, I’m sorry to hear about your Bro. I wish him the best. Having a large group of riding Bros, I have lost many over the years. Including my best friend, blood brother, and riding friend “Chester” Terry. Also my good friend and Bro “Wiz” he had a heart attack during his sleep while staying at an ABATE friends house, between working one of my events, and us helping another County in the our Region at an event next day. My Bro “Shorty” also died of a heart attack. Out of all lost friends and Brothers, only two actually I can recall died in a bike crash, the same crash, as one was a passenger.

    Anyway, it’s a hard thing to deal with if you are close. Many of my friends were family and also became part of my blood family and the hard core looking bikers were treated like a family members when the visited, even invited to family functions. I don’t wish to see harm to anyone, or to see their friends or Bro’s doing through such. I know it’s not easy.

    Look at our website to see some of my lost Brothers and Sisters that were also ABATE, the few that are listed. click on MEMORIAL PAGE link to see the few that are listed. Order a patch and help someone out.

    Ride Safe, but Ride Free!

  • balerick42

    Rode the Sportster into work, 30 miles today. Sunny and 40 degrees. Not bad, except the parts that weren’t covered in leather are just now thawing out! haha. I’m so ready for the riding season this year. Long winter is close to over. Just found out one of my riding buddies has prostrate cancer. Bad thing for a very good guy. He’s 62, just retired after working all of his life. Shows we need to enjoy Life while we can. The doctors have told him they caught it early and that he should be ok. Still sucks though. Be careful out there all.

  • Ummm, sounds good. I don’t often eat rabbits, and not a huge one. But with the prices of food and gas, I gotta do what I gotta do to get by. Just think of the size of that lucky rabbit foot?

  • balerick42

    He didn’t happen to have any of those Cadbury chocolate eggs did he? You know, the ones on the advertisement with the rabbit clucking like a chicken? Those things are good stuff. I’d fry him if I were you, or if he’s old, fry him then make some gravy in there with the meat. Makes for great gravy, and you can simmer it until tender. We eat all that wild stuff around here. Although some of it you don’t want gravy on.

  • I saw a damn big pink bunny in my back yard. I questioned him why he was trespassing, he said it was because of Easter and offered me some oddly colored eggs. I told him, the huge bunny, that I did not want his eggs. I only eat eggs that I know where they are from and safe, I don’t wanna get sick. He then offered some plastic ones, I don’t eat plastic. He told me he was there giving out colored eggs because it was a Christian Holiday. I said I know, I am a Christian and all about the holiday, but what does he have to do with it. He stuttered and couldn’t explain why he was hiding eggs on my property in the name of Jesus. He got all pissy and threw eggs at me so I shot his ass. Now I got a 6 foot pink bunny in my freezer. I guess I have to BBQ him and have a get together.

  • Still below freezing here. It must still be snowing because I just heard a snow plow go by.

  • balerick42

    Rode the Sportster to work yesterday. Decent day, about 55 degrees and sunny. Glad for the chaps though. This kind of weather makes me not complain about the advantages of a full face helmet…. no “God, I can’t feel my face!” haha Was able to ride around town a little today, but the weather is changing, wind was …gusting to about 30 or so. They say a chance of rain/snow overnight Saturday 🙁

  • Balerick, I know what you are saying. But we’ve probably all heard loud bikes that sound like crap. I never put any on my bike because I needed the carbs drilled, re-jetted, for the after market pipes. Otherwise you can not only end up with a bad sounding bike, but loose performance. A brother of mine had pipes put on his Kaw cruiser (done properly) and they sounded great.

    I know some MROs have different opinions on the issue. At many functions you see a guy with a “loud pipes save lives” patch bull shitting with a brother with a “loud pipes risk rights” patch. In my opinion both are true. If a cager hears you he/she just might then notice you before pulling in front of you. On the other hand if your loud pipes annoy enough people it gives bikers a bad image to the non-riding public. I stay out of that debate, except to say I’d rather hear a good sounding bike.

  • balerick42

    I’ve never removed the baffles on any bike I’ve ever owned. This Sportster I have is the only bike I’ve ever had that did not have stock pipes. I don’t have an opinion one way or the other about loud pipes. I see it as a minor issue, just my opinion.

  • There is a differene between a nice tone on a bike that sounds good, and a just loud bike like removing baffels or strait pipes without a well tuned bike.

  • balerick42

    I see alot of japanese brand cruiser bikes with the aftermarket loud exhaust on them too. It’s not just the Harley riders doing it. Pretty common among cruisers riders of all brands, except maybe Goldwingers, but then, they’re with the touring crowd. My Sportster does have the louder aftermarket exhaust (they were on it when I bought the bike used), my Goldwing sounds like a whirring spaceship in Star Trek.

  • Generation X

    I can some what see both sides of the equation, but bikes are bikes. It’s all about respect, and we both have to look out for the same morons that don’t give a shit called cagers that will run us over whether they give a shit or not in there suv’s, 18 wheelers etc. I have an 06 YZF R1 which will basically destroy any Harley in a straight line, and in the curves, but so what? I respect the power of my bike and no, I’m not into any stunt riding because I appreciate my bike and I want it to stay intact along with my brain, although there is a time and place for that kind of thing and it’s not on public roads. But… with that being said, the only problem that I have with most Harley riders, and it’s probably the only problem that I have, is why in the hell do they have to take the baffles out to get a sound that to me is so loud and obnoxious that it’s not even funny. Can some one please explain this, because I have watched countless of episodes on American Thunder of nice sounding Harleys with aftermarket exhausts that sound good and are very tasteful, but to me it just seems that most “not all” Harley guys prefer to just take out the baffles to try an acheive the same sound but your not!! Your lying to yourself because it’s not the same. If I were to buy a cruising bike it would definately be a Harley, but I’m a speed freak and for now I will stick with my sport bike. Peace to everyone and be safe out there no matter what your riding, even if it is a dick. LOL

  • balerick42

    My words in past posts have echoed some of Cannonshops’s words. I still am not sure its a good idea to combine an 18 year old guy and a machine capable of 160 mph. Science has shown that the part of the brain that controls the ability to not follow impulses is not fully developed until about 20 years old. Kevin, again, sorry about your Dad. My dad is an old Goldwinger, although he had a Kaw KZ900, and a Honda 360 before that. He will be 70 this September. My youngest brother gave him an old 1977 Japanese street bike for Christmas. It only has 6000 original miles on it, I think it’s about a 400cc or so, light bike. My brother rebuilt it. Dad’s gonna use it to ride a mile back and forth to the little town here. Good for him! I rode my Sportster to work on Friday. Felt like I had just gotten out of lock up after about 5 months. Cold and rain today though.

  • Cannonshop

    Okay, here’s my observation: I don’t see a lot of Harley riders (or other cruiser-riders) pulling the kind of crazy, stupid, suicidal shit on the highway that sport-bike riders pull ‘most all summer long. I’ve had multiple close-calls where some dickhead on a crotch-rocket decided to pull a two-lane-change-pass with insufficient space right in front of my older, beat-up, questionable (from the outside) pickup-in more than one case, said dickhead wasn’t pulling this by himself, and ninety in bumper-to-bumper is absolute idiocy, which seems to be what Sport-bike riders are into. Further, a friend of mine who drives a Kenworth had an incident out on the highway recently-rammed by a kid on an adrenaline machine. The kid’s helmet and armoured riding suit contained his remains when he drove himself and the bike he was on through the back of the truck into the cargo area. The police told said friend of mine that the rocketeer was going over 100mph faster than the semi, came over the hill, and probably didn’t have time to react before removing himself from the gene pool.

    Given that Tom tends to run over the speed limit on his route, and routinely takes that truck over 80 on a downhill unless it’s twisty, this means kid was doing “Race Bred” speeds with “Suburb-Bred” caution (i.e. no caution, no reflexes, and no brains) which, again, from observation, tends to be how “Sportbike” riders tend run their machines.

    Loud pipes are a hell of a lot easier to deal with, than remembering a “bump” sound and finding out you were used as a suicide braking device for a twenty-two-year-old.

  • I love all types of music. From AC-DC to Metallica to ZZ Top. Yeah even a Prince fan, was one of the greatest singers that can play any intrument you can throw at him as well, yes a bit odd lately. But for Biker Bands, I know a lot of really great ones. My favorite is the Burnt River Band, they play for us here in Ohio and almost every big biker gathering including Daytonia, Sturgis, Easy Riders Rodeo, etc. A blues/rock blend with decades of experience of bikers playing for bikers with their own material. Lead man Stan is the man! Cleveland still Rocks!

  • To add to my above post, as I said I have Brothers and Sisters across the country. For example a couple I talked to online from Myrtle Beach, SC. They were officers in ABATE there, and knew my work and reputation in ABATE of Ohio, the MRF, and my writings on my (former) website, e-mail newsletter, our State ABATE Newsletter, and in various motorcycle publications. Soon we talked by phone on occasion. They invited me to stay with them in their home if ever back in the area. My own room with bathroom (as good as a motel room) with all meals profited and use of the kitchen, all free … and we never met face to face that I recall except maybe at an AMA or MRF seminar where I met so many people that knew me by name and found me to meet in person, I can’t recall them all over the years. Anyway, same invitation from Brothers and Sister I know well from WV, NYC, FL, NC, CA, TX, to name a few I recall off hand. Most know that I no longer ride a Harley. They don’t care about that. It’s the respect I have toward bikers and the issues we all face.

    As for passing a biker in need of assistance, I’ve only done that on a few occasions. A few times a (no injury) broke down bike during a ride, knowing that there was a pickup trailer and mechanical assistance about 700 bikes behind me, and I had an intersection to block ahead of me. Once going to my Dad’s burial at Nation Military cemetery traveling in a limo with his remains running just on time. I tried to get the driver to drop the window, and stop, by then it was too far to back up a mile. Later, I found it was a biker came all the way from WV, part American Patriot Riders coming to stand guard at my Dad’s burial. He did make it in time as we only has 5 minutes or so to start the ceremony. We couldn’t be late because they did one every 30 minutes, with only minutes in between before they had to move the tent, etc. and move on to the next. I apologized to the Brother, he understood and said he was completely happy we moved on to the cemetery, that was more important if he made it our not he’d be fine. He had brothers to help him and a trailer waiting to pick him up if needed. That group needs our respect for what they do! I knew a couple of them, one from ABATE, one from Rolling Thunder, one Viet Vets, and one was even my mail delivery lady.

    I miss my Dad, I miss him well, but I know he would have said oh what the hell. But where’s my bike? Got his Zippo 101 Airborne logo and inscribed “fuck it” the other side says, I know I’m going to Heaven because I spent my time in Hell. OK babbled on enough. I made my point earlier about bikers and family, support. FTW.

  • SteelDriver

    For any of my brothers and sisters out there who love music that’ll get your heart poundin’ as hard as the road thumpin’ beneath your ass at 105 – I recently stumbled upon an artist from Australia who plays the most blood pumpin’, ass kickin’, skirt liftin’ road music I’ve heard in a long time. Treat yourself and listen to this guy’s song, ‘Til We Run Outta Highway’. Remember AC/DC, Bad Company, Aerosmith? This guy is classic old style rock & roll with a brand new point of view. His link is: http://www.myspace.com/jacdaltonrocks. Dunno if he’s a biker on the outside, but he’s sure as hell one of us on the inside… even drives a ’70 ‘Cuda! Spread the word. Rubber side down! ‘Bridge’

  • CrackerJac “Bikers Code,”
    you pretty much hit the nail on the head there. You seemed to pretty much echo many of my own words and views in many ways.

    Except maybe one view “no union, no support group, and in many cases, no family.” I’ll agree some bikers are loners, yet many find family on the road across the Country. We do have a union, so to speak, as state ABATE, MRO’s, and nationally the (take no shit) MRF, for some the collation of clubs. Even if you don’t support them they support you the best they can, or “know how to” in some situations. And family, it is often a bond found among bikers. Often family is a group of bikers, a club, MC club. Family is often Brothers and Sisters you find along the way. I have friends across the country, but I have real Brothers and Sisters from various MC clubs, fellow riders, and of course ABATE. I know it’s hard for some to understand. Yet, my “biker” Sister will never claim to not be my Sister no matter what I do, last name is different and people ask. Most of the time it’s no one else’s business and were told such. Same thing with my Brothers, if anything they’ll say adopted. They call my Mother “Mom,” my blood Sister “Sis” and my Dad was always referred to as “Dad.” I trust most of them as much as I do my immediate family, much more than my extended family.

    I often refer to all rider as brothers and sisters, meant brothers and sisters in the wind. I know some clubs frown on that unless your are a member or talking to a specific member you are close to. After reading your post I will not stop myself from doing that any longer. If a club disapproves of me calling someone a bro, then so be. I’ll define my definition of the meaning to me, and we’ll go from there.

    Coming back from Bike week in SC one time stopped for some fast food. Two young black men in line behind me, not knowing what I wanted yet, I said go ahead bro. They looked at first pissed, then looked back at me like I was retarded. I guess it’s not proper in that exclusive club either. Oh well, maybe in time they realized I was just a biker being friendly.

    Ride Free, Live Free! FTW!

  • CrackerJac

    The Biker’s Code

    It used to be that all bikers shared a common bond, an unspoken code of the road and behavior that transcended words and was built on action – no need for judge or jury. But times are changin’ and there are a lot of new riders out there. Scoff if you wish, but read on. At least the words were said.

    These days the riders you see blastin’ down the road are just as likely to be clad in shorts and sneakers as jeans and engineer boots. And the roughest, toughest-looking biker you pull up next to could be your local doctor or preacher – just as easily wearin’ a Rolex under his leathers. There’s nothing wrong with that, so long as these new riders learn the Code just as we old-timers did.

    Being a biker used to be about using your creativity to take a basket-case old junkyard hog and, using only grit and ingenuity, turning it into a one-of-a-kind eye dazzler – even if just in your own eyes – then risking your life on the asphalt on something you made yourself out of sheer sweat and pride. Bikers wore leather and grease because they knew cagers would just as likely run them off the road on purpose as much as from carelessness – so we had to be intimidating.

    We were a breed unto ourselves with no union, no support group, and in many cases, no family because we were rebel spirits too wild to tame. We had to make it in the world on our own, bending the rules of mainstream society against all odds.

    We survived and prospered because of an unspoken Biker Code – and we never took shit from anybody. It was up to us to school the young so they knew the difference between a Panhead and a bedpan. With that in mind, here is a reminder of that ‘ancient’ two-wheel Code. Take heed, new brothers and sisters, for this Code – though idealistic – has survived, and is still as hallowed and demanding of honor and loyalty as it was in the days of the knights.

    Don’t take any shit from anyone. Be kind to women, children and animals, but don’t take any bullshit. This is an essential part of being a biker. It has to do with respect and honor. Anyone can be a quick-tempered fool. Be cool, stand tall and backup what you say, what is right, with action.

    Never lie, cheat or steal.. In other words, tell the truth. Bikers are always the stereotypical greasy bad guys in the movies, but every real biker knows that his word is his bond. Your word and your ideals are all you have in life that are truly yours. Guard them carefully and strive to be noble, for you are a knight of the road.

    Don’t snitch. If you see a wrong, try and fix it – first with honor, then, if necessary, with help or force. No need to rat out a fellow traveler. After all, we’re each made up of the same stuff. Snitches are low life forms – as unwelcome as bike thieves.

    Don’t Whine. No one respects a whiner. Another way to say this is ‘hold your mud’. Still another way to think of it is, ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ – ‘cause its all small stuff in the rearview. And most of life’s inconveniences work themselves out anyway. The wall is there to insure the lesson – not to keep you out. So, keep your chin up! You’re risking your life out on the road like the rest of us. Embrace the opportunity. There are no ordinary moments.

    Never say die / never give up. Whether it’s for right, in a fight, in a debate or a business deal, – no matter how bad it gets, those who challenge the road never give up.

    Help others. When a brother or sister is by the side of the road, always stop and help them. Even moral support, if that is all you can give, is better than riding on by. After all – life is about the journey – not just getting there. It’s ‘why’ we ride, if you stop to think about it. Riding, we already ‘are’ there. And don’t just help bikers; show the world that we are better than our reputations – better than our image portrays us. Courtesy costs nothing but a few minutes rest – and gives everything.

    Stick to your guns. Do what you say you’ll do; be there when you say you will. ‘Give’ for no other reason than because you have something within yourself to share. It’s called integrity. You gotta stand for something or you fall for anything.

    Life is not a drill. This ain’t a dress rehearsal – it’s the real deal. Every seemingly insignificant little event means something to somebody. It should mean something to you too. Go out and take big bites of it, leaving big teeth marks on the bare back of indifference. Bikers don’t stand around waiting for the party to come to them. You’re only here once; tomorrow ‘you’ could be the road kill thanks to a chain smoker asleep at the wheel of his cage. Live life now. Make the most of each moment. Make a difference.

    • You are a biker, a modern-day knight of the road – of sorts.
    • Protect the weak, walk tall and stand proud.
    • Your word is your bond.
    • Stick to your guns.
    • Don’t take any shit.
    • Don’t waste your time.

    Go forth and ride. When in doubt, ride. That’s what we do…ride. If you want to ride around in a day-glo Hawaiian shirt and sandals, no helmet, sporting more chrome than a body has a right to – go for it. But if you intend to look like an idiot, at least don’t act like one.

    These reminders are just a few of the broad strokes. There’s a lot more to being a biker than just having a bike. If you ride a bike of any make, you are a motorcyclist – and that is freedom. Being a biker though is a way of life – a proud way of life still held in high regard by most – with a burning passion for the wide open highway.

    Godspeed my Brothers and Sisters. Welcome to the road…

  • Balerick,
    Offhand I can think of 6 people that I knew well, and lived local that are were semi-truck owner operators that live near me. Mike had other drivers and his own small company. He closed up shop and sold his trucks, Ken sold his truck and left the area, Roy and Shane retired, Vince and Rick are driving for another trucking company last I knew. I do know that no one is getting rich anymore, not making the money like they were 15 years ago. A couple are in debt. Not an easy job at all to start with. I can’t imagine the overhead these days.

    Three of them ride, and even though they still ride, a few of them used to have a few bikes sold off because they needed too.

    BTW – they all ride Harleys?

  • Balerick, did you ever contact the insurance agent I gave info on? I would recommend you do, I am going to contact them again to see the rates they can give me on my car. On the bike, I called around for quotes and no one can beat them.

    Also take a look at your local ABATE (don’t have the sites address but found them in quick search) and see what they are doing for MC awareness, the plate idea is great, I tried something similar here once but it was voted down. I’d love to try that again here in Ohio.

  • balerick42

    Kevin, my comments werent directed at any one person about the personal issue thing, certainly not at your comments a couple posts ago. I just posted my thoughts because I happened to be thinking them at the time. Gas is at $3.38 here today. I had a first. I spent 50 bucks even to fill the mustang today. That’ll get me about 4 days to work. 🙁 Most I’ve ever spent on a tank of gas in my life. I feel for those like Kevin’s relative with the big truck. My youngest brother (the sportbiker) is a semi-truck driver owner operator. It’s amazing what his overhead is. My realtor is showing the house tomorrow to a prospective buyer. Hopefully followed by good news. Well I’m off to the garage in the morning to get the Sporty outta mothballs and ready for Spring. Can’t come soon enough. Be careful out there everyone.

  • Balerick, I was only referring to the comments Rodwencher made toward you. It seems to me, as they could have just as easily been made toward me. We’ve all made comments we regret later, no BFD.
    We’ve disagreed on some issues, but later found we agree on many, many, more. In fact, I recall inviting some of the regular users of this page to contact me if coming through NE Ohio and meet up for a friendly visit, dinner or a beer. I disagree with most of my best friends on many issues. If we discuss it and can’t find common ground, we move on to another subject.

    As for flooding, the Ohio River should be getting some of our coming rain and melting snow. The divide between water draining to Lake Erie and to the Ohio River is odd (and near the northern part of the state) and weaves right though the 25 sq. mile township I live in. Our creek eventually drains into Lake Erie and the creek a few houses away eventually flows into the Ohio River.

    Gas prices went up here today from $3.00 to $3.46 which the news media just said the other day they predicted high $3.00 up to $4.00 a gallon by summer. No one expected such a jump in prices in one day. Having stock in BP Oil, and seeing the huge profits they are making, why am I loosing money on my stock? $3.29 today a gallon at Giant Eagle Get-Go, and a big line, but they are not providing the discounts you have already earned toward gas on your card by buying Giant Eagle food and items. BP raised prices on other items. I checked BP Oil’s price on a case of a cheap brand of beer was up from $14.40 to $16.80, with a sign still reading “beer and cigarettes at state minimum prices.” Up the street at Giant Eagle (usually more expensive) same beer was $14.80. To everyone viewing this, fuck BP and stop going there, this is the opinion of two stockholders in my family. BTW, the V-10 4×4 Ford Super Duty my step-Dad owns is now getting 10 MPG. I get 22-26 on my Dodge Van big V-6. Then again I only get about 35-40 local on my ‘Zuki Intruder … I guess I need to stop trying to make it feel and sound like a H-D. I’ll just get better pipes (not drag pipes) and a needed tune up.

    I wouldn’t do that ride myself, it’s not so much age here, It’s medical. I’ve stopped colder trips because of clothing (being given or buying new) I recently grew in a few areas. I stopped long trips due to medical issues. FTW.

  • balerick42

    I don’t really see how anyone can have a personal issue with anyone else on here. Yea, the debate can get pretty intense, and some things can be written that should not have been. I’m as guilty as the next guy I guess on that. I regret some of the things I posted on here. But in the end I have nothing personal against anyone. Though I strongly disagree with people like CBR rider and Mesoglea, I hold no personal ill will towards them. I don’t even know them…… it’s going to be 64 and partly cloudy tomorrow. I’m getting the Sportster out and riding it to work. Got my house up for sale, moving close to work when it sells. The idea of living 30 miles from work is fast becoming a luxury. This mustang I got gets about 23 mpg. My sportster get 50+. Oil today has surged over 108 dollars per barrel. I foresee gas being 5 bucks a gallon by next summer (2009). The local HOG club is going to ride in the St. Pats parade on Saturday, but the high is only 41. Not sure if I’ll ride 30 miles one way to do it in that cold. Not as young as I used to be. Maybe when I get moved up here I can participate in that stuff better. Also looks like I wont get to use my river cabin much this Spring. Flooding is expected to be pretty bad on the Mississippi due to all the snow up North. With Spring coming soon I feel like I’ve been locked up for 5 months and just been set free.

  • Rodwrencher,
    I also wondered why the hostile words to Balerick, I only looked back for recent posts and saw nothing? I rambled on about some of the same things. I also live in the Midwest. I realize that if you are not from the east coast or west coast you’re probally a hillbilly or redneck. People from the “hills” came to where the work was, all across this Country. In my area that was steel in Pittsburgh, Youngstown, and Cleveland. In Akron it was rubber. In many areas it was farming or more specific Industries such as brick making, logging, fishing, or mining. My Mom’s family came from PA, my Dad’s family from VA, both poor but grew up here living decent off of local industries. I went to a technical school and also have a collage degree or two. Worked jobs from engineering and design, publishing, excavating (on heavy equipment & hard labor), and even factory labor. I’m a self defined Redneck, or hillbilly if you choose. Do you log me in the same category as Balerick, or is your issue a personal one with him?

    BTW – where are you from that makes you so much better? Just curious? FTW.

  • balerick42

    I thought I recognized your nickname from before on this blog, and got curious. You’ve been gone awhile from here, since back in October. After reading your posts from then I think I understand why you made the remarks in your recent post. I’ll let your words do the speaking to make my point. They are as follows, quoted directly:

    “people like balerick need to find a hobby of some sort. he has too much time. so do i but i have no job. he claims to work but yet he has time for this shit. in the last post he rambles on but doesn’t say shit other than older equipment is cheaper and easier to maintain. really? no shit we wouldn’t have ever dreamed of that conclusion if we wouldn’t have read that post. i work with two missouri fucks. we call them the “hillbillies”. they are about some inbred retarded fucks as well. just like balerick they always take someone else’s idea or just plain obvious shit and ramble on about it to make themselves look that much more intelligent. like simply stating that the sky is blue. so please don’t mind balerick it is not his fault that his grandparents were cousins and his mom and dad are brother and sister, and that they are inbreeding hill scoggins,”

    “a few more shots of this captain morgan rum and a few more tokes for my friend and we’ll be ready to rock. there is no better feeling than cruising down the highway at eighty plus on saturday morning half drunk with no worries ”

    “but my friend suggested we get twisted for the two hour trip to denver”

    Rodwrencher, I come from a long line of poor hardworking people. One grandpa was a fisherman here on the Mississippi, my mother grew up in tar paper shacks on ploes on the river. My other grandpa scooped gravel at a gravel pit to raise 11 kids. No, my parents aren’t cousins, but it is a little ironic, because their families knew each other, that my Dad’s oldest sister just happened to change the first diaper on both my dad and my mom.
    It’s hard not to try to judge people from their words. I know I shouldn’t but these posts of yours don’t add anything to the discussion other than point out that you got something wrong going on in you that was there long before you came across my posts here.In my 46+ years here on this planet and all the travels to 45+ countries I’ve come to the conclusion that some people have something broken inside them. Why? Various reasons, either from the way they were raised, bad things that happened to them, bad luck, or they were just born that way. These people have a big hole through them that they try to fill with as much partying, drinking, fighting or doping as they can do. The problem is, at the end of the day they find that no matter what they do, they can’t quite fill that hole up, so, next day, they start all over again, living their life in the same cycle until they’re old and regreting it. Now, I think it’s normal, when people are young, to do some of these things as part of growing up and learning. Lord knows I did some things I’m not proud of, from drinking too much to spending too much time in the red light district in Cartegena, Spain (and other places). But one thing sets me apart from those people that are broken. That one thing is that I learned from my mistakes. By the time I was 25 I learned that some things, no matter how good they might feel at the time, aren’t worth it in the long run. The problem is not that we do bad things, it’s that we don’t learn from our mistakes, or don’t possess the moral compass to know that some things are to be left behind in our youth. So, I’ll end this by repeating that if you want to challenge me, do it here, in writing. Lets see what YOU’RE made of, my friend.

  • balerick42

    I have a nightmare story for those of you who live in Illinois (or any other state) and are thinking of buying a wrecked bike and rebuilding it, then titling it to ride. My youngest brother is a fan of sportbikes. I want to say, that I am not against sportbikes per say, just depends on the way they are ridden. Anyway, my brother bought a wrecked Suzuki 1000 newer model crotch rocket a few months ago. He’s a small engine mechanic and has rebuilt other bikes, but never a wrecked one from out of state with a salvage title. Well, the bike didn’t need alot, just cosmetic stuff mostly, some clown probably dumped it trying to do a stoppie. My brother rebuilt it and got it like new. Come to find out it is nearly impossible for him to retitle it in his name in Illinois, because of the strict laws here. He says that the only way to get it done is the bike has to be rebuilt by a dealer with a special license from the state to rebuild salvage bikes. There are only two in our area, but neither will do it, because my brother did not buy the bike from them. Now, I understand not wanting unsafe bikes on the highways, but it should be possible to just get the bike inspected, like salvage cars are. My brother had to end up buying a frame with a good title off Ebay, and has to swap everything over to the new frame. So, the moral here I guess is check the laws of your state before buying a salvage bike.

  • balerick42

    Are you having a bad day? Where is your last comment coming from? Hey, don’t blame me for oil hitting 107 bucks a barrel today, because I had nothing to do with it! Now, in my younger (and dumber) days I would have responded to you by saying where and when. I had good fights and not so good fights when I was young and when I drank. Got my jaw broken in a fight in a bar in Palma, Majorca in 1984 (hey, I broke his nose!) I don’t do that anymore. I’m older, wiser, and have too many responsibilities, including being a single parent. I also try to be a decent person. So, I’ll have to pass on your “invitation” for the following reasons:
    #1- I work in law enforcement now, so it probably wouldn’t go over very well if I was involved in a brawl.
    #2- What exactly are you trying to accomplish?
    #3 – I am no bad-ass either, have never claimed to be, but have been involved for quite some time in F.I.G.H.T. self-defense, which stands for Fierce Isreali Guerilla Hand-to-Hand Tactics. This helps me in my job and in case I run into idiots. Google it to find out more.
    #4 – Save your brawling for intellectual discussion on here. If you want to challenge me, use your brain on here. We’ll both end up less bloody, and maybe a little smarter. Have a nice day.

  • rodwrencher

    hey man, if i ride to illinoise this summer, do you want to meet someplace? i would like to challenge you to a brawl. now i’m no bad ass, but i can get down, and i’m interested in seeing what you are made of.

  • Frank I agree with everything you said, especially the stupid noise, loud pipes save, my a$$, they don’t wear a helmet, but the noise saves them, yeah right, they suck, obnoxious juvenile overcompensating wimps, dressing up like idiots in their little idiot costumes, like anybody gives a damn, get one of them alone and they pee their pants, I did it it was fun..

  • Staftee, yeah I’m sure I’m still in NE Ohio, Siberia is colder. Same neighborhood for 30 years. Roads are at level 3. Didn’t know what that meant until the TV News told me a few times, emergency vehicles only, arrestable offense for other drivers. We haven’t had “normal” weather for so many years that no one was prepared. This is normal Snow Belt weather. We got 17 inches of blowing snow on top of what we had. We’ve gotten 3-4 feet in the past a few times I can recall. We used to get snow all winter long, and at least one good snow storm a year. Let it snow, let it snow … just might have a normal spring and summer again. Cleveland Airport fully closed for the first time in 30 years. Now I don’t understand that, or the driving ban, it has been much worse say about 5-6 years ago, but I made it to work and the stores were all open back then. I think the only places open now are bars, with parking lots full of ATVs and snowmobiles? From what I saw on the TV news. I’ve got no reason to go out, so I’m not.

  • shaftee

    Sold my sporty a few months ago, barter’d it for
    a new bathroom, still a throne. Kevin, sure you live in Ohio and not Siberia?

  • You can say, loud pipes save lives. But right now I gotta say here – snow plows, road salt, calcium chloride, and salt brine saves lives, oh I forgot cell phones and generators. Or you can say, I’m tired of my brothers and sisters dying for Americans right to drive like assholes. But I gotta say, I’m tired of my brothers and sisters dying to get to the store for some food, or gas stations to mabey find fuel to heat their homes. It is nasty here, hope we got enough gas to fuel the 4 wheeler to go somewhere if needed. Oh yeah, have gas in my van if we can get to it under the snow drift. Winter is back like it used to be here in Ohio.

  • Yogin, your views mostly reflect the ones I have. Except I’ve road many brands including H-Ds. I’m not in a club, but most don’t know the difference between an MRO and a hard core MC club. As I said before I don’t care what you ride, it’s your attitude, and respect for fellow riders that I care about. The “look” you got from the “Hell’s Angles looking character” if was actually meant for you and directed towards you, than that was one individual who had an attitude at that time. I’ve road with MC clubs, friends with all brands, sport bikes, event and charity rides consisting of all, but most often alone. You seem to possibly discriminate against organized groups and clubs. Or ever think since they were in a bar might have an issue with another, or just an attitude from drinking?

    Either way, I don’t! One person, one bad attitude, I know many 1%er clubs will not tolerate a real bad attitude toward the public or other riders for too long, then he’ll be out, or on probation. I also stated before real RUBs you find out by talking to them. It’s the only way to really know if a rider “wanna be rider” or a real rider. I’ll still ride with them … my only issue, as explained before is the ones that come into a bar, new H-D jeans, tucked in H-D polo shirt, $400 H-D Jacket on a brand new bike that come up to the first rider the “think” is in a club and start talking about joining and being an officer right away. Often it’s me (again I’m not in a club, a state MRO org. open to all) I’ll talk to them as I feel I should and am happy to do. But they (nor me) should walk up to a group of MC Club members talking. It’s just a no-no. wait until you can introduce yourself one on one, a you can ask about prospecting, but generally they will tell you to hang around the group awhile first. As for being an EMT, I’m not! But do have some first aid training, carry a first aid kit, reflective vest to wear if needed, traffic cones, and soon flares in my car, (a smaller first aid kit on bike) and help every rider I can. As I mentioned in my last post, I help out cagers as I can. Because it is the right thing to do, but additionally it helps change the negative stereotype of bikers that many have. FTW.

    Still stuck inside. Snow storms have the roads all closed. No salt left anound here for our local State, County, or Township road crews. Odd since the Road salt comes from under Lake Erie, so close but can’t fill the orders from 6 months ago? Well, atleast we still have power here for now.

  • Yogin

    By the way folks, I got a friend named Grizz who took a bad spill a few years back after being run off the road by a cager. He rides a hog and the first people to stop and help him were sport bikers. They kept him from bleeding to death because one of them just happened to be an EMT.
    I ride a harley and always have. But I say a real biker is anyone who shares the road with me on two wheels, taking the same damn risks I do. I don’t care when, how, what, or why he/she rides. He/she gets on, he/she is a biker and my hats off to him. As long as his attitudes in the right place. Sport bikers are right Harleys suck when it comes to high performance but its not something to argue against, the fact is harley riders don’t want high performance for the most part. $20,000 for a motorcycle. So what. That ain’t stupid. Value is a personal thing, and if you happen to have alot, 20,000 aint much more to you than the 8,000 some sport biker paid. The stupid thing is what we all do. We got a bike!

  • Yogin

    I’ve heard some shit in my day and I usually don’t have much to say but some of what I see here needs addressing. First off I was pulling into a bar this week in the hopes I’d get an aspirin and a beer for a killer headache I had going. Now I don’t wear patches or fringes, lace, pins, buttons or whatever. Don’t belong to any clubs but thats just me and I ride alone for the most part. So this Hells Angels looking character walks out and gives me this unmistakable look of disdain. Why? Well for one I look younger than my 50 years, Two, he was probably in his 30’s, Three, I had a 2007 Softail Deluxe, Three I actually wore a helmet. But you know what the fool couldn’t see besides my age. That I started riding in the early 70’s on a Panda. Yeah I said Panda. Panhead with a grafted Honda rear end (All I could afford), The time I spent in the Marines, The tough as shit life I had growing up, the fights, the drinking, the bar fights, the jail time, etc, etc, the list is long. But I’m getting on now and decided for the first time in my life I’m going to buy me a new bike. My last bike (Got cancer) rode it up from Seatle to Alaska. (In May)(Try that) And some young shit TRUE poser like that looks at me like that because I fit his dumb ass view of a RUB. Grow up fellas. Just cause RUBS got older and maybe can afford to keep riding what they grew up loving and don’t really give a fuck about the money more than the memory, Many of them you see have lived, loved, brawled and hurt more than 20 of you, so shut up and ride and let ride or be a man and take the time to talk to some of those old geezers. You might learn something about life.

  • Shaftee and Matt, did one of your had a 1200 Sportser for sale? I just might buy one come spring. Questions: If so what is the year, condition, mileage, and any problems? Carb or injected? Ever been crashed, even a little? Little bean tank or a real one? Backrest and P-pad? Stock seat? Lowered? I’m only 5′-7″ and stock feels too high for me (my Sporty was lowered at a pretty big cost). Color? Any custom parts? Tire condition? Any extra parts come with it? Asking cost and basic location to pick up. I’m keeping the Zuki” so I gotta consider the cost of repair to get it on the road in spring also. I’m gonna start looking locally now also. Let me know if you still are around.

    BTW – most of the ice still remains here. Power is back on. I’m a lucky one of people up the road and down the road have no phone now? Snow storm coming tonight though the weekend. FTW.

  • Went to vote yesterday after scraping a half inch of ice of my windows. Glad I went early. Ice got really bad later into the early morning. Had a tree fall across the road within seconds a car crashed into it. Called the State Patrol and the Township Fire Dept./EMS. It took them 45 minutes to get here from 2 miles away. In past times called here they arrived in about 2-5 minutes.

    The tree broke right above power and phone lines and missed them. I fell on my ass in our ice covered gravel driveway trying to walk over there with a flash light and first aid. Finally got there walking around the driveway. Was able to stop coming traffic with the flashlight, as the car had no lights and was across the road along with the tree. The driver and another vehicle that stopped saw a long haired biker with a patched leather jacket, helping them. Offering first aid, giving them direct line phone numbers (I had memorized) to call local emergency numbers directly, as 911 was obviously not working right. we needed lights there even though the guy didn’t seem to be injuried, the car was messed up and appeared that he had hit the window. They seemed a bit shocked that a biker came to help them and stayed the whole time until police and fire showed up. I explained I was in a biker organization and we help other people, and I keep a full first aid package handy, a few traffic cones. Now in the worse of winter even a biker can help relations with the general public.

    I guess I need to buy some road flares now. Bought a 2 fire extinguishers last year from the local Fire Dept.
    Help other bikers and when you can help the public, they will remember.

    BTW – a few hours later our power went out anyway. I think Ohio should get to vote again. LOL. FTW.

  • Insurance requirements vary by state. If a bike is in winter storage in Ohio I believe you have to sign an agreement not to ride from such date until the other. That is if you own it free and clear. Otherwise it’s minimum coverage liability, including property damage and medical. It can be seasonal or year around. Same if you add collision and comprehensive (required if you owe on it). I keep full coverage year around anyway. The guy and the company I mentioned above can help you get the best rate at the minimum coverage, or can tell you the higher coverage he thinks is best. I’ve seen him speak at MRO seminars. And even explain it in terms you understand. They cover Ohio and the Midwest, W&K 1-800-321-4627.

    Jordan, we have a large number of people here well below the property line, and that number is growing along with the homeless. We keep them out of sight, out of mind. The middle east always has been fucked and will only get worse. I feel for the people of Africa, starving, dying of disease. That is an issue all developed nations Worldwide, should take part in helping and fixing that problem.

  • Jordan

    On the insrence note here in Canada motorcycles must be insured for personal libilaty, property damage, fire and theft year round. What a joke legalized swindlers makes me sick. It was funny a few years back. I don’t know if it was the same for you yanks. Probably about five years ago they jacked up the rates for quite a large group of drivers. Said they had no choice because of the amount of soft tissue claims. 3 months later headlines everywhere in canada “Insurence companys net largest profits ever”. We do need insurence… it is very important. That is why the insurence companys CAN rape us. Just sucks that they are allowed to do soo. Who am I to complain about insurence though. People are dying of Aids in Aferica. The middle east is fucked. 3/4’s of the world is below the poverty line and I complain about paying high insurence who the fuck am I…

  • Jordan

    Just got back from europe last week. I have been gone for over 3 months and I still can see it’s a lot of the same battles and people except for CBR. Another month or so and I’m gonna have my sporty out. It was my first time across the pond and I seen a lot. Met some fellow Bikers. Found the brits all seemed to apprechiate that I rode a Harley more then Groups we met in Barcelona Prauge and Tuscany who seemed very anti Harley. Hyosong is chinease bike showing up all over europe. It has a v-twin similar to a Ducati 90 degree but less power aparently. It looks like a very cheaply made jap bike I also heard that they are quite heavy. They come with a great warenty but I also heard stories of blown engines. Whos knows. I’m guessing if the market floods with these cheap china bikes it will increase the prestige of japans products. Interesting never the less. Glad to be home to good old Nova Scotia though.

  • Balerick, I dunno why the insurance difference? The insurance on my Sportster was through Allstate and I can’t even recall the cost but I know it cost much more than my other newer bikes. My Suzuki Intruder was more than twice what I pay now before I went though ABATE of OH to work with their discount insurance provider. I now pay $80 a year full coverage year round (not seasonal) through Progressive. Full coverage plus up to $1000 of accessories. Cost is really reduced if you have other medical that covers you while riding. ABATE of Ohio and IL have the same legal services (Taylor). They “might” have the same insurance agent. I doubt it but look at ABATE of IL (I’m not a member anymore) and I’ll also give you contact for my insurance agent. You may have to be an ABATE member (not sure anymore) so it’s possible that’s an extra $20-$25 a year, atleast to start a new policy. It’s W&K insurance in Geneva Ohio. I recommend full year coverage, not seasonal as it cost only a little more, but on those 50-60 degree days we have out of season you don’t have to worry about taking the bike out for a few. W&K’s website is here – get in contact with them. Most of us use it out here, they find you the best rates for your situation, and whatever coverage you want. Just heard Bob K. is out for now, due to personal issues of some type, but the insurance agency is up and still going. Hope Bob is OK and comes back to ABATE to speak again or visit. OK man, that’s all I got for now. FTW

  • balerick42

    I think it’s cabin fever……. lol…50 tomorrow..and I have to work 11 hours….60 on Sunday, but expecting strong thunderstorms… can’t get a break. One question. I have both my bikes in storage, so only have comp insurance on them. Why the heck does it cost more for comp insurance on a 1985 Goldwing then it does on an 05 Sportster? I’m paying about 15 percent more. Granted, it’s not much of a difference, but the Goldwing is valued alot less then the Sportster. Insurance companies are screwed up.

  • Must be cabin fever … where is the sun? Oh yeah behind the F’N snow falling. I feel like I gotta bitch about something.

    1. Jane Fonda is still a F’N bitch. She should have been exported to Vietnam long ago!!! Any Viet Vets have an opinion?

    2. Gary Busey has always been a retard. He was a ABATE/MRO supporter and even spoke on such, I have old video showing such. Then the drugged up alcoholic fool crashed and hit his head because he didn’t know how to ride to start with, add drugs and well … you know. Shame is now he’s retarded, but I strongly believe he always was. Now he wants everyone to wear a helmet, motorcyclists, bicyclist, skate board, roller skates, joggers, walking to the bathroom to take a piss as night, mowing your lawn, during sex. It doesn’t ever end. Gary, you messed up dude! You were as retarded before as you are now. No matter, it was you that caused injury to you, let other people live their lives as they see fit. Quit talking about putting helmets on everything that moves. My dog doesn’t need a helmet to run around the yard, but sure Gary would disagree. No one listens to you because you are insane my fool of a man. No one cares about what ignorant crap comes out of your insane mouth, except for a damn he shouldn’t be free kinda laugh. Go hide in a cave dude, better yet commit yourself to an insane asylum. Then you’d get people to support that cause. The cause of getting you out of the damned public. I promise I’ll talk to TMZ to come speak to you once a week to get you views on life. You G- damned fucking freak of life. I’ll donate a foam helmet while the walk you to get locked in. May be it’s just me, is Gary Busey freaking nuts?

    OK, just my opinions. FTW!

  • Below zero temps here now. Six more inches of snow, and more coming. Not bad considering areas close got up to 18 inches of snow. Got my car out (had been sitting for quite a while) and saw dead grass under it, but it was great to see ground not covered by snow. New tires, new battery, and FWD got me started and over the snow bank. Wow, I was free to travel to the store after removing about a foot of snow and ice from the car. The rest of the driveway was plowed daily and only had a few inches of snow. Got some food, a carton of cancer sticks, some beer and even a lottery ticket. Gonna stay inside, drink a couple beers, smoke some cigarettes (while the Govt. still allows me to smoke at home), watch a movie, while I hope I win the lottery. LOL.

    Oh yeah, my car has been sitting because I’ve only been using family members cars that are parked in the garage, or riding with others.

    When the snow flies heavy again and I need to get to the store I’ll use the 4WD ATV (as the 4WD Ford F-250 Super Duty will be driven by another into the Mountains for a while). I doubt the local Sheriff Dept. will care much if I ride an ATV a few miles to get to the store if I wear a helmet, and to be safe I’ll wear a reflective orange vest over my layers of clothes and my leather if the roads get bad enough, again. You’d think I own a snowmobile, but the snow is too unusual last few years, not worth it. Same thing here with summer an a boat, sold mine. Can’t go wrong with an ATV, but I still wish I had 3 wheeler, I can ride those anywhere. 4 wheel ATVs can plow and have a reverse gear, but still cannot travel in the places I rode 3 wheel ATVs. Damn shame that rather than rider training and education (which many dealers gave for free), and parent supervision, the government chose just to get rid of them. On a track I used to beat 400cc 4 wheelers with a 125cc 3 wheeler, I got them in the corners every time. FTW.

  • Balerick,
    I also would not support a full helmet law, only new riders. I may upset some in the MRO and ABATE groups. I do support a helmet law for inexperienced riders. I support rider training, safety and education courses, I believe they are needed and should be required. I also oppose mandatory refresher courses, however, I do believe in voluntary advanced courses … I hear they are great from riders I know that have taken them. I’m happy to live in a state that requires a helmet for new riders, and has an age restriction. If you complete a rider training course, are above the age restrictions, and have a full mc license you can hide helmet free if you choose to.

    What I mentioned above (post #1808) is not in legislation yet. But I think it should be offensive to most riders. It will effect safety, education, and rider training funds to the states from the federal level, and use those funds in part to push helmet laws. We (MROs) worked hard to get those funds, to get rider training, safety and education programs in place and working. We have proven they work and we (had to) have to continue to lower deaths and injuries to keep the funds. The money belongs to the states to be used for the purpose intended. The idea of stealing that money and using it fight for helmet laws offends me. It has a double effect of pushing for mandatory full helmet laws. The money we loose to train riders and educate about safety will cause a great increase in riders dying or being injured. The safety Nazis will use that (at the expense of those riders and their families) to help push for helmet laws, and they’ll have the extra stolen money to do so. That is just stupid. Lets intentionally kill some people, take their money and use that money and the deaths we caused to prove that people have been killed … so we will stop that killing and the uneducated public will thank us while the killing has slowed for a few years.

    BTW – we hit 40 degrees today. Lots of snow coming tomorrow.

  • balerick42

    I would never support mandatory feceral helmet laws…but will say it won’t surprise me if it happens. Our government is a bureacracy, which, by it’s nature seeks to grow and infiltrate into people’s live’s more and more. Government workers and politicians feel the need to justify their existence, so they come up with new rules and laws which give them job security. I have said and will say again, I would support federal mandatory laws for completion of a motorcycle safety course prior to being given a motorcycle license. I also would not oppose mandatory refresher courses, just not sure how many years apart they should be. This should include scooter riders, etc. Kevin, you’re welcome for the snow and ice. But, hey, the local weatherman says it might be 51 here next Monday. I miss my sportster so much, yesterday I went out in the garage, took the cover off, and just sat on it. Froze just doing that. Guess I’m getting old and wimpy. Snow and ice here for tomorrow, high of 27 with 45 mph winds.

  • I forgot to thank Balerick for the blast that hit N.E. Ohio, how’d you know we wanted that snow and ice? But once again in an odd season we got more snow and ice from the S.W. Came just in time, was starting to see some grass , and the major roads were clean. LOL. Send us more bro.


  • I’m part Pennsylvanian German, Irish or British, Native American, and some Italian. Does that make me a hybrid? But foremost an American!

    I’ve eaten Danish pastry. I would eat a Great Dane dog if prepared right, I guess it couldn’t be too bad, some eat horse. But a Danish pastry dog seems like something reserved for a big biker party dessert. However, I thing a big lazy English bulldog would be more tender than a Great Dane. OK, we pretty much have the menu down, now where we gonna have this gathering? LOL.

    Yeah, I’ll fly my American flag and The Dane can come kiss my F’N Rustbelt Redneck™ (© 1995) American ass! While he’s kissing my ass, I hope he remembers he’s kissing the ass’s of all the soldiers who served or died for him to be free.

    Ride Free, Ride Safe. FTW.

    BTW – there is now rider education, safety and education funds on the line on a national level. One politician is pushing to get those funds to push toward helmet laws. The government already does that, we need our limited rider training, safety and awareness program funds. See the MRF (Motorcycle Riders Foundation) website to check it out, or see what’s going on in your state. Sorry, can’t keep the MRO out of this freezing north coast hillbilly rider (freedom fighter).

  • junior

    i think it was the great danish pastry dog.

  • Trampus

    Post#1792-The Dane!
    There it is Kevin!
    What the hell did the danes ever do? All I know is the danish pastry and the Great Dane dog.

    Ride on Bro’s and safe roads.

  • Might be like my old personlized plate … too long to fit. LOL. Used NTRDR and it took people a while to figure it out. Only half could without asking me!

    I figured my ex-wife has Harley tattooed on her tit, but I guess mine would hurt a bit more. LOL

  • balerick42

    Kevin…..let’s not go there…lol…just too much info sharing!

  • I still love Harleys, but from the great years my Suzuki Intruder has given me I made a big decision.

    I’m gonna tattoo “Shaft Driven” across my V-twin balls, and “Intruder” on my penis. Hope it cums out good. LOL

  • I mean some sell $150 a lense.

  • I think I was in error. Without doing any research I think the Indy Pace Car Mustang GT was 1979. With the Turbo 4 and the 302 both producing the same HP, and having the aluminum TRX wheels. Then the GT was discontinued for a few years, I know it was in 1981 only had LX and Ghia, and the optional T-tops were great, until they started leaking a bit. LOL. And not knowing about the TRX wheels, I bought 4 for $100 and was told they were 15 inch. Took them and a set of new tires I already had to be mounted, found out the wheels were metric (between a 14 and 15) and the tires cost $150 each, way back then. I could have got my money back finally by scapping them now, except my nephew already got to my Mustang and other Ford parts in my shed and scrapped them a couple years ago. I’m gonna bitch slap him for all he stole, if he ever comes back around here. I had boxes of lights and lenses that are selling for $150 or more of E-Bay, and I know he just threw those away. FTW

  • Balerick, three of my Mustangs, and my girlfriends three Mustangs were 3rd generation (early 80’s). They came with a great 2.3L iron block 4 cylinder, a fine strait 6, or a horrible underpowered 255 V8. The 255 was a 302 block which made it easy to swap in a 302. In mid 1980s they brought back the GT and the turbo 2.3 Indy Pace Car with the TRX aluminum wheels that only an odd sized very expensive Michelin tire fit. Most people went to 14 or 15 inch wheels. Late 80’s or early 90’s the new body style with the 5.0 was brought out. Mustang LX or GT with the 5.0 Camaros were in the rear view mirror. I had a GT and a LX. I think those years are all lumped into the 4th generation including the body restyled in 05. I think they finally consider the new retro style the 5th generation. And I really want a new Shelby GT 500, with stripes. LOL.

    Both of my Grandfathers fought in WW2, along with other family, and many friends many now mostly deceased. Thank you for supporting my view on that issue. Hell, even the enemy should thank us for help rebuilding them after we destroyed them. I personally don’t think we should have, but what’s modern life with a VW, Porsche, and all those Japanese imports over the years. Did anyone give us money to help rebuild DC or NY after we were attacked, even our allies?

    I’ll fly my flag when and wherever I choose too and you can lick my F’N balls. So Dade enjoy that American made bike. But that does not forgive for bashing my country because you apparently feel yours is inferior. Hell, come ride here flying your flag and few will care, unless you open your mouth about America. When I was married I had a German sticker on my car, my wife had an Italian one because of our heritage. All in good fun because we were both born and raised American in the same area and knew eachother most our lives, no one ever made a comment. We wanted to fuck eachother since we were 14. A marriage made in high school lust, done years later. Hell I don’t even like many Italian Americans, except for their women (and those in my family). One other thing I love is beating on America bashers. I hate violence, never start a fight, but by god I’ll finish like you’ve never seen or heard of before in your life. Even if you win the fight you will never be the same … I’d say more but leave it at that. Wanna visit me I’ll give you my home address. FTW

  • balerick42

    My Mustang is an 05 Coupe, the 1st year of the new bodystyle. I got it for a steal from a guy who needed the money to go back to graduate school. NADA was 16400, I gave him 12,500. It has always been garaged and only has 26k miles on it, still under waranty. To Dane, Kevin made a very good point about national pride and soccer games. Our flag waving is no different. You should thank us. If not for America, you my friend would be waving a Nazi Germany flag. I had three uncles who fought in Europe in WWII. My Uncle Leslie was a career soldier who served on active duty in three wars, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. Uncle Art was a BAR man (Browning Automatic Rifle) in WW II, was captured in Italy and spent the rest of the war eating onion peel soup in a Nazi prison camp. After he was liberated he had to spend many months in a Florida Army hospital recovering from starvation. Ended up dying of stomach cancer in 1966 at age 44. So, I guess my point is, if I wear a US flag doo rag (which I do), a custom painted US flag helmet, flag gloves, etc., I do it because I served my country in the military for 20 years, and I do it for my Uncle Art, Uncle Leslie and others like them who served, and liberated your grandparents from the evil that was Nazi Germany.

  • balerick, we’ve been getting some of your weather lately. But a lot more is blowing in from the South or S.W.? This is certainly screwed up this year. Most all of our weather normally comes in from the West or N.W. across the lakes. Now we’ve had a few days sleet, freezing rain, covered with yet another layer of snow. The County can’t keep the main roads clear, so I guess gave up. The Township will never get the back roads clear. The State keeps their roads pretty well clean. I guess winter has finally arrived. No above freezing in the forecast and more snow and freezing rain coming. I just hope a late winter doesn’t mean a late spring again.

  • The Dane,
    what is wrong with patriotism? Most people do show national and regional pride World wide. Have you ever seen a soccer game? How about the little oval sticker on the back of cars in Europe with a letter and that Nations flag colors.

    There is nothing wrong with that … any more than wanting to keep jobs and a strong economy in your area, state, nation buy buying locally made products. To compare national pride to acts of hostility is just plain stupid. The United States has done some horrible things in the past such as stealing land from the Native Americans or having slaves. We did not act alone the British, French, and Spanish did the same. Their is little left we can do to fix that now … and I am 1/3rd Indian. I love my country, I monitor my government the best I can, and I am damn proud of our Soldiers past and present.

    Very often I fly a small American flag on the back of my bike right beside a POW/MIA flag. And I do it on a Suzuki. Why? Because I don’t have a Harley anymore and that is what I ride.

    I know most of the World has issues with America, you really must have an issue to discuss patriotism on a site about motorcycles. Take that American motorcycle and shove it up F’N your ass. Who’s going to bail your country out when you need help? And when we do how long until you forget about it. If you recall France for one would not exist without the U.S.A. Yet they are still a bunch of arrogant pussies that hate Americans just because they “think” they are better than everyone else. May be this is a partly European thing? FTW

  • The Dane!

    I totally agree, you Americans look stupid and act stupid when you flash your national pride with flags and stuff and unfortunately a lot of bikers (or weekend bikers) are doing so as well. Think back, do you remember a European country acting very nationalistic a few years back…
    reel Harley bikers are not the problem, but too many look a likes are.
    Back to basic… and the weekend bikers back to their to the hach back. The Dane

  • We had snow in May last year, killing or stunning the blooming plants and flowers. Then a very dry summer and fall, killing young trees and plants. Seems to be repeating with a similar odd winter, thunderstorms, rain, and floods. Highs in the 40’s – 60’s and lows below zero with occasional snow downfalls. We had a river in our small stream, my Bro has a lake in his front yard. I’m going to predict a later summer again this year. I miss my Mustangs as much as I do my bike. However, I can’t even imagine the gas mileage they got? Never paid much attention. The F-250 Super Duty V-10 gets about 10-12 mpg, the Dodge Caravan (big V-6) gets from 23-27 mpg and really needs a tune up. The Crown Vic 4.6, I don’t have a clue. It has had too many gas leaks, now the entire fuel line was just replaced, we’ll know soon. My Suzuki Intruder averages around 27-30 mpg.

    Happy to hot have to drive my ex’s Mustang’s 69 Mach-1 428 Super Cobra Jet, 429 Boss, and 67 GT-350. They are show cars but get driven a good distance in the summer. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have them, just not buy the premium gas to drive them 50 miles each way to a show. Plus she came with the package. LOL.

    balerick, what kind of Mustang do you have? I’m happy you met a girl that likes to ride. I used to meet many while out drinking, when I used to do that, they all used to love a guy on a bike at the time. But more so, I’d meet them at ABATE, MRO, AMA, or MRF gatherings. More serious about riding, and a lot of things in life that many bar women are not.

    Anyway, life is too “dangerous” but you still gotta live it. FTW.

  • balerick42

    Thunderstorms in February here, now tonight down to near zero. Something is sure happening with the climate! If only we could remove Jan-Mar from the calender each year, but not be any older because of it…. Not much going on here, bikes are languishing under cover in the garage. The Mustang’s fun to drive, but loves to stop at gas stations. 10 bucks a day in gas just to get back and forth to work. I miss my Sportster! Stupid Winter! The one light in a dark winter is I met a girl that actually likes riding. So many think it’s too “dangerous”.

  • I have not actually had a real issue or point here for so long. I think I did kill the page? Sorry did not intend to.

    This weather is too screwed up here. Below freezing in the morning, summer type thunderstorms and heavy rain all night, topping at 60 degrees in the day, then dropping to below freezing again with snow forecasted for tomorrow. Including lake effect snow. A pattern that seems to keep repeating. WTF? Similar to last year, what ever happened to the North Coast’s normal 4 seasons and the lake freezing over by now?

    Newest votes on best tires for my bike. Some from longtime riders that are ABATE Brothers that I have talked with recently. 2 votes for Avon, 2 votes for Dunlop, 1 vote for Michelin. Keep coming (post 1781) with your opinions.

    Ted Nugent for President!! FTW.

  • Shaftee, I mentioned the tire companies I worked for (though an Akron area engineering firm) partly because those are the tires I most often used on my 4 wheel vehicles and have been very happy with. I’m also found of Pirelli and Michelin tires, and did not work for them. On my Mustangs I used “sport” tires. Sticky BF Goodrich on my Black (built 302) “stop light dragster” Mustang to help it get connected, Firestone on my White LX, Goodyear on my V8 Red Mustang, my other Red 5.0 Mustang GT had Goodyear and I think my Blue 5.0 LX had Goodyear. I changed to winter treads on the Mustangs that got driven in winter.

    I also did work for Uniroyal and Cooper, yet have no experience with them. I once did prefer to keep to local tire companies. Even though all the plants were often not local (Galveston, Topeka, or ever overseas) the Headquarters were, parts I specified were often local companies, fabrication, machining, and often assembly were local shops. Especially on prototypes I designed. I know because I was often sent to the shops to see assembly, or make any changes needed there or in the field after tested. My favorite was a fabrication shop that built a machine and couldn’t get it out the door, it was too big and I couldn’t help them as it was the welded frame … had to tear apart their building. LOL. Anyway, I no longer have a big concern about local tire companies. They all moved away except Goodyear.

    I did a little research on Avon, now part of Cooper, and seem to rate very well.

    So now we have 1 vote for Avon, 1 for Dunlop, 1 for Michelin (not from listings on this site).

    The reason I care and am asking for opinions on tires? I never much paid attention before, If they didn’t have factory replacements, I’d take the middle priced of what brand they did have. With an inch or less of rubber hooking me to the road, and having some time to choose I’ll take opinions/suggestions before sending my bike to the shop. See Post 1781.

    Paul, hey a friend of mind bought the same bike, he loves it! He took me for a ride when I needed to get some wind, but had broken bones in my right hand, a cast, and could not squeeze or grip to ride. He still hasn’t let me ride it yet. Anyway, I wish I still had one of the US Motorcycle Touring Maps but have given them all away. I don’t recall where I got the maps, they might have been from the AMA (American Motorcycle Association) based in Ohio. Do a search for them and I’m sure you can find them pretty easy? Also check with ABATE of Ohio Inc. (see my URL above for Region Zero-NE Ohio, and a link to the State site from there) we have some great events from May until October, Parties, Runs, Weekend Events, hopefully some while you are here. Keep checking as we keep adding events as they are being planned. Hope you have a good time. FTW.

  • hey guys well ive had different bikes b4 honda kwakas now an 05 harley fatboy aniversary model and i have to say its the best thing i have done .
    for two wheel therapy it has to be the best thing riding down the highway here in west australia the noise the rumble i have to say i like it . they might be expensive here in oz but there worth waiting for .
    ile be comeing over to the usa in july this year cant wait heard good things about you guys .
    doing the sturgis run then a scout about then to milwalki . bringing my own bike to get around on cant wait .

  • I don’t know about all that. Then again … some of my bitches rode Harleys, some of their Mothers did also. Hell most have children, so I guess you are correct.

    Never had an Avon Tire? I did work for Goodyear (mostly), Firestone/Bridgestone, General Tire, BF Goodrich, Kelly Tire, yet never even saw a machine or mold for a motorcycle tire?

  • shaftee

    only bitches grandmothers ride harleys.
    avon is a good inexpensive tire, car or bike.

  • Sleet, snow, then freezing rain. More snow coming, inches not feet of snow so far. And all the local schools closed. Hell, they never closed when I was a student unless we had a foot of blowing snow over the ice and all the County, and Township Drivers were drunk, I better check on my back neighbor, he is a driver for the township. Scape it, salt it and all is good. I guess safety first, keep the drivers in bed so the trucks don’t get dirty.

    Hey anyone use tire on their bikes? See post 1781 above! Or do I have say only bitches ride Harelys to get a comment?

    Ride on!

  • Factory Tire Specs are 80/90-21 48H front, 140/90-15 70H Rear.

  • jfb80

    Dunlop SPMAX D220ST, 180/55-17 is great as a rear tire.

  • Your 60 degree weather missed us Balerick. We did finally get up near 50 degrees today, yet raining and very windy. The ice finally melted off the driveway. Tonight is supposed storm and drop to below zero before morning. Such strange weather this year. Even if we did get good riding weather. I still need to get that electrical short found and fixed on my bike, along with the carbs cleaned. Also need new tires. Was planning to wait until spring to haul it up to the shop. Might not wait?

    I’ll take any input on replacement tires for a Suzuki Intruder, opinions, experience? I currently have stock Bridgestone tire on the front, and a (almost bald) Challenger “sport bike style” tire on the rear. My local Yamaha dealer that has worked on my bike, wants to replace with Dunlop. Suzuki dealers in the somewhat local area have suggested about everything else. Anyone have any input on bike tires that perform well on a cruiser that can also handle well on the many twisties around here???

  • Wow, I’m sorry that was so long. Didn’t think I had that much to say. LOL 😉

  • Balerick, we got up a bit in temperature, but not anywhere close to that. Rain supposed to start tonight and turn to lower temps and snow.

    Yes, it is true that statistics can be manipulated either way. We didn’t use the conclusions the governments feeds us. We took the actual study and used the stats as they were, I myself, helped a lot on this and we did not manipulate them to look any other way than they were. That’s why I do agree helmets work well, some of the time. That’s also why I say chest impacts are the bigger cause in deaths and serious injury than head impacts, helmet or not. We could have easily made it look as neck injuries from helmets made wearing a helmet a danger and say no one should wear one. That was never done, but would have gained us much more popularity and drawn us a much larger membership. The matter of choice, along with person freedoms, and states rights is what we have going for us.

    I agree the motorcycle saftey/rider training should also be a requirement for new riders and prior to licensing. ABATE helped get that program in place to help train riders and reduce injuries and deaths. And but Ohio law you are still a novice for 1 year in Ohio after getting your MC endorsement (I believe it’s no expressway, must wear a helmet.) I also believe in the advanced course for experienced riders, not as a requirement but promoted because so many riders I knew that took the course say it helped them learn a lot more. The reason I didn’t say for all riders is because is because nothing trains riders more than years of riding. For example my Dad with decades of riding experience and an Ohio MC endorsement and a CDL when he moved to NC, they would not transfer them. He had already sold his bike in Ohio. But had planned to buy another in NC. He didn’t because he worked 7 days a week, and would later be moving to another State.

    As for insurance requirements. Many States have used that along with also having to be an organ donor to remove full helmet laws. They are considering raising the basic insurance requirements here for all vechiles here. The only faults with insurance requirements is should only be accident/heath for MC, They should also consider health insurance that covers you through work or elsewhere, and the issues of out of state riders need to be addressed. When states near me repealed the helmet law with those requirements, no one really knew how it affected out of state riders.

    We have a lot more deaths and serious injuries from auto accidents here than motorcyclist. They are a burden to the public more than motorcycles. We pay for them more than for the motorcyclist that live. I could argue that motorcyclist more often die in accidents compared to cagers, so we are less of a burden to the public. We have to up the accident/heath insurance for everyone.

    Universal coverage, hell we can’t support those now that need medical coverage. State programs, Medicare, Medicaid, SSI. They can’t even fund that properly.

    In my local news paper I saw a comment Sunday in the “Sound off” section. Why should I have to wear seat belts when motorcyclists don’t have to wear helmets. First off, we advised drivers that it was coming soon and they needed a unified group to fight it, but they put their heads in the sand and said no way. Second they didn’t unite or care enough to get involved. Third, they didn’t try to fight it until the law was already enacted. Forth, it was the Government blackmailing States and little could be done in that area. Fifth, they didn’t have a National and State rights group as motorcyclists do. Anyway, I assume it was just someone pissed off because they got a seat belt ticket.

  • balerick42

    Kevin, Get your ride out…..it’s 61 here today…..maybe this warm weather will head your way….enjoy it while it lasts…rain tonight, changing to snow, with accumulation possible Wednesday through Friday. As far as statistics go, I’ve found that stats can be manipulated, or at least some people can pick and choose certain pieces of info to support their point. Not that you are doing that, but my point is that I take all points made using “statistics” with a grain of salt. I agree that wearing a helmet should be a matter of choice. A motorcycle safety course should not. I think it should be a requirement prior to licensing. I also believe that motorcyclists should be required to carry extra medical coverage on their insurance. I know that last one will not be popular, but I don’t think that society should be burdoned with us if we end up with major medical issues because of our choice to ride a dangerous machine that is much more likely to cause us serious injury than driving a car. If that is not a requirement then lets have universal health coverage.

  • Hey Matt,
    I didn’t mean that part of my last blog toward any of the regulars on here. All have already agreed they atleast understand or agree to my position on helmet laws vs. choice and personal rights, in the past. My issue is with the fools that say your stupid to wear one, or stupid not to … that’s an uneducated opinion that people seem they need to share. Oh, I’m from NC and have to wear a helmet so everyone in SC should too, or they are stupid too ride free. A helmet saved me so it will save you too. While they should say it might save you too under the right circumstances.

    You are 100% correct on cheap helmets and helmets that are much more advanced and cost more. BTW I’m always right! OK, we all know that’s bullshit except on certain issues that I can give the best correct info. that I have. Yes, education and awareness to riders and cagers, along with rider training prevents more injuries or deaths than any safety equipment can on the street. We (ABATE of Ohio) got the training program started in Ohio and obviously it has had impact or the State would not fund it anymore. Awareness is still up to us. BTW we also got in place a program where you can take the rider training and then take the test to get a MC endorsement in the same place with the smaller bikers you are trained on. For a small cost you got your bike, helmet, text, and get your training in the basic program, then take Ohio’s bitch of a test onsite. As a somewhat experienced rider I took my test on a 250 Rebel. I did well, but doubt I would have with a bigger bike. I hear the new course is even harder?

    You are very correct on a damaged helmet, if it was in any accident, dropped on a hard surface, or took most any impact at all, it protects much less anymore. Replace it ASAP! My full face helmet I wear only for comfort in bad weather is old, it should be replaced if I relied on it for safety. As Technology advances so do helmets. I’d personally recommend a new helmet atleast every 5 years or more that wear them for safety. Those that don’t want to wear a helmet but have to, buy you little helmet and the DOT sticker to put on it. They screwed you out of your rights, nothing wrong with screwing them back. Also, if you don’t have an approved list of helmets in your state. Wear a rag on your head and call it a helmet. Just prepare to fight it in court.

    Matt, I guess you know your shit a little bit. ABATE, nor I am, anti helmet. In fact, about 1/3 rd of my board of officers when I was Coordinator wore helmets, by choice.

    Ride on Matt, ride safe and ride free. FTW.

  • matt

    kevin, write on, right on. small note to your helmet issue; as an ex-ski racer, and mountain biker, i spent a long time learning about helmets, one main conclusion was that at least 90% are made to be knocked only once, then thrown away. people don’t know that. if you drop your bike helmet, it’s useless, and will probably kill you! they’re made to be like airbags for your noggin, not stay in one piece! I used to cradle my ski helmet like a child when i wasn’t wearing it, only once did someone think it was ok to throw it to me!!!! Cheap ones are NO good!!!!

    balerick…. tell me where in southampton those women are!! (only kidding, my wife’s from there! thankfully she was only a toddler during your visit!)

    kevin again, you are right, awareness (along with experience and training) is safer and more reliable than equipment, which can fail also, but for me, if i can ‘maybe’ decrease the odds by wearing something extra, then i will, but that’s my choice, and it should be!

    ride on, safe, and with a big f**king grin on your face!!!

  • Balerick, Shaftee, I’m sorry I get you guys confused by name sometimes. Sorry!

    Balerick, I now realize YOU live in IL and not sure about Shaftee. It’s so cold here that I can’t piss outside. Not only does my penis hide like a scared turtle, but the piss freezes before it hits the ground. When you tell me you temps that only makes we wonder. Is that what is coming to us next as often is the case, with the added lake effect snow because the damned lakes never seem to freeze over in the past few years, to stop the feet of snow from blowing in as well. BTW I upped my women prospects to 30 or above hoping they are more settled down and mature. Not to say I’d walk away from the next 19 year old … just not expect much. You see, I recently had a break through regarding relationships!

    I never felt like a dirty old man until they day this hot girl walked into the ‘Cafe wearing “slut clothes” followed a half minute later by her Mom. I used to date her Mom for many years (before we separated, and I got married to my high school love) and I realized this was the sweet little girl I helped raise for so many years, that now looked like she was 18 or 19. Ohhh, the shame I felt after I realized who she was and I knew her age. Soon the guys at the bar started talking low to each other, and turning around on their bar stools, then making comments. It got to the point to were I had to express to all “turn the fuck back around she’s only 15! ” and they did. Soon after I found out she got knocked up at 16, and is with a wife beater and of legal age now. I gotta blame her mom for atleast half that shit.

    I got a question for all of you. Why does a person who chooses or is required to wear a helmet always think everyone else should too, or criticize them? Riding without a helmet is not really a matter of public safety, it’s a choice to “risk” your own life at best. Smokers in Ohio don’t tell smokers in other states that you should not be allowed to smoke in a bar, because we can’t anymore (bad subject because so many friends of mine lost their lives savings and had to close up because of that new law). If the government had not pissed on states rights again by blackmail, and only some states had seatbelt laws? Would I, because I used to wear a seatbelt before law, tell everyone else they are stupid adults for not wearing a seatbelt? NO! It’s not like strapping children in, it’s about adults! I’d never say you were ignorant for not wearing a seatbelt. It should be your right and freedom as an adult to choose, same as passengers that are adults. Read Bill of Rights Amendment 10 the next time the Government blackmails States into enacting laws, or the State enacting laws without a public vote. Think about that. Reserve your “safety help to others” by making sure riders or more so drivers (they kill others than them selves) drinking in a bar can safely get home, or offer them a ride or another choice to get home. Beware this could be dangerous, so don’t push it too far.

    I choose not to wear a rubber in most cases. Are you all gonna tell me how wrong that is without even knowing my circumstances or situation? Go ride you damned bike if your lucky enough to be in weather that allows you. Yes, whatever bike you choose to ride!

    I’ll piss on all the judgmental people with no basis for telling everyone else what to do. I use stats. and years of MRO knowledge, but still try not to critisisize you who disagree with me, educationion my brothers, freedom of choice.

  • balerick42

    Awwwwww…..the things you appreciate when you get older….a nice bowel movement on a regular basis……looking at a young woman (without feeling like a dirty old man), the morning’s 1st good pee…..not stopping every hour on the road to pee…..you guys that are young, enjoy your youth! Your day’s coming! hahaha…..23 below zero this morning here (wind chill). When I went out to get in the car in the garage this morning I could have sworn my Sportster was shivering under it’s cover!

  • “this place makes me laugh a lot.” As it should.

    “yes,…guns and motorcycles are wonderful things.” Damn strait!

    “Computers are o.k.” Helpful, but about just as often a pain in the fuckin’ ass.

    “I like trees and water too.” Most do these days. My step-dad even quit dumping oil into the stream that helped supply water to half of N.E. Ohio many years back, but still likes to kill trees for no reason. Mostly trees older than him, like 100 years or older, and those 20-30 years old that I planted (hummm) I’ll have to ponder why he kills my trees. Hell it’s his property now, old trees were there when we bought the land, what you gonna do except wonder why a person bought a small wooded area behind rather than the much larger open field beside us with some large trees in the back? If he dies before my Mom I will replant with native trees, if not someone will find a way to build a home there. Sometimes you just gotta say fuck it.

    “Rubber is good for making tires.” Humm, I grew up in Akron area, figured that out when I was about 6 years old. You may recall Akron “was” the Rubber City. All major tire companies were here and we had black snow … oh the good old days. We had too many jobs. Don’t forget rubber also helps from producing people like me if you put in on your little man below before getting nasty.

    “The alphabet needs to be longer.” We can barely function with what we have, leave it alone man.

    “This blog is retarded.” So are most people … what’s your point?

    Someone e-mail me a beer, I’m damn thirsty. Where’s the technology when you need it? FTW

    “who gives a crap,…go out and ride.” I crap a lot, but wish it was warm and snow and ice free to ride.

  • Chris the turd

    this place makes me laugh a lot.

    yes,…guns and motorcycles are wonderful things.

    Computers are o.k.

    I like trees and water too.

    Rubber is good for making tires.

    The alphabet needs to be longer.

    This blog is retarded.

    who gives a crap,…go out and ride.

  • Are you riding buffalo?

  • James Asbury

    I was splattered in SoCal by a cager in a truck. Loud pipes would not have changed things, a leather jacket would have allowed me to walk away instead of riding in an ambulance and without a helmet I would have been killed or had most of my face ripped off. Show me a Harley-Davidson that is priced for what I think it should be worth and I’ll buy it. I have owned almost a dozen bikes and they have all been Japanese (only three of them built in Japan) and they have all performed flawlessly with PROPER MAINTENANCE!!!!! I don’t care what you ride, but if your attitude is to disrespect me for what I RIDE then I invite you to battle!!!!!
    James Asbury, Former Ssgt, USMC. Current member of Leathernecks MC.

  • Barlerick, thanks for your words about my Dad. On the helmet issue I do believe in freedom of choice. Like I said before, statistics show that helmets are just as likely to kill or paralyze you than save you. Helmets are likely to save you in real low speed (parking lot speed) collisions. At average speeds less likely to save you, more likely to damage or break your neck. At very high speed (speeds shouldn’t be driving on public roads) even more likely to break your neck as the weight of the helmet and more inertia. However, most serious injuries or deaths are caused by the chest impact.

    Helmet laws are still the hottest topic and most often associated with ABATE. Even though we have so many other issues we need to focus on as well. ABATE is a freedom of choice organization. My current view on helmets is mine, not ABATE’s. I think if you’re MC endorsed and take the rider training program you should be able to ride free after one year or age of 21. If no rider training course, you should have to prove at least 3 years of mc endorsed road experience to be able to ride free. This won’t help make sure all riders a little older and smarter, but will help a little. To keep funding for our Rider Training/Saftey program, we must decrease injuries and deaths each year … so I am concerned. But we can do so though education, not by taking away more personal freedoms and rights. We’ve lost enough freedoms in my lifetime to get me really pissed off. Some I agree, such as Homeland Security, some are stupid such as how many guns a person can have — you can only shoot one at a time and where I live guns are often passed down through generations. I even resigned from Safety and Education Coordinator, in part, because I had a lot of great ideas, but we didn’t have the funds to even test them. I am Freedom of Choice and always have been since I became old enough to think for myself and always will be, along with supporting States Rights (I carry the bill of rights in my wallet). I think I lied to you, I’m pretty sure I did attend a MRF seminar somewhere in IL, but never left the hotel.

    As for any racers wearing helmets that another issue. They have helmets that most of us can’t afford and use them with other safety gear that street riders don’t. I believe most have helmets with neck support that would only help support that fact that helmets alone don’t always save you. They also are on a closed course and don’t encounter they type of accidents we do on public roads. Nascar drivers wear helmets also (along with a lot of other safety gear including head and neck support) does that mean all auto drivers should wear helmets? Certainly not. What works on the track is not always real practical on the street.

    OK, that was a bit of an unorganized ramble. But think you can find my points. FTW

  • balerick42

    Kevin, Sorry to hear about your Dad. Glad you have good memories of him. I have always liked the line in an old Hank Williams song that says “Memories are gifts from God that Death cannot destroy”. On the helmet issue…..I’m on the fence about it. I don’t care much for the government expanding it’s powers, but have always felt that one of government’s main roles is public safety. I personally always wear a helmet, even though, here in Illinois I don’t have to. I do believe that helmets can help, at least in some cases. I never see the pro racers racing without a helmet on. Matt, the only place in England I’ve been is Southampton. It was back in the early 80’s, but as I remember the beer was dark and slightly room temperature. The countryside was nice, the people were friendly, the women beautiful…..

  • Mr Carlin,
    Rubs, wannabees, and posers ride Harleys as much, if not more. Someone on a metric cruiser is less likely to care about his “image” that a Yuppie buying a new Harely and all the gear. Just think about it. Pissing on a brother in the wind can, and will likely come back to bite you in the ass sometime, somewhere, down the road. If you’re real, you are a fool. I’m sure your post will be edited, since you posted the same thing 5 times in a row? WTF?

    Helmets are a choice in some parts of this country, and should be ONLY be a choice everywhere. Helmets don’t suck, helmet laws suck!! Helmets suck if you are forced to wear one. Didn’t I have this conversation well over 1000 times in my life? I don’t wear a helmet except for comfort in certain weather.

    As for black people sucking, I’m sure more that half do! I personally have never been sucked by a black girl. However, I have white buddies that have and I was told they were very good at it. The few black male friends I have probably have similar experiences in the past, but most date white women now (does that make you feel better?). I don’t know any gay black men, but a few gay white men that grew up around here. I don’t care what they do in private, so long as they don’t hit on me. I’m pretty sure they suck also. Not a homophobic racist as I might have once been, with age should come some wisdom. Even for a hillbilly biker like me growing up in this old country farming town.

    Since helmets suck so back, why don’t you join and help a MRO to make sure you are never forced to wear one? FTW

  • Mr Carlin

    Helmets are stupid.

    People who wear helmets look like big dorks with a watermellon on their head.

    Harleys are the only real bikes as far as I’m concerned also. Metrics are the undoing of real motorcyclism.

    Rubs, Wannabees, and posers,….all claim that their metric is just as good as any Harley,..but they know they just really want a Harley.

    Black folks suck too.

  • matt

    the only good beer in the uk comes from the west country… if you’re ever in the uk and in the west country, let me know, i’ll make sure you get some good beers in the uk’s no.1 town pub! 🙂

  • BTW, I was not admitting helmets are safer overall. It was a low speed collision, and we had a full helmet law back then. Only saying from second hand info. from so long ago my Mom said she thinks Dad hit top of her car with helmet. I do remember he crushed her car in with his hip. A lot of details are hard to recall when you were only 8 years old. He just have might been in on of those situations were a helmet helped him. Doesn’t mean the safety nazis should force educated adults to wear helmets or even seat belts. For that matter, I know a lack of seat belt saved his life about a mile from my home now (family lived in another town then). He was young and drag racing in his 57 Chevy down this (used to be back country road) and crashed. Was thrown clear and the police looked at the car, that landed on top of him while he was in a ditch, and said he would be dead if still in the car. Yes, that is hearsay, but same from 5 different people he knew at the time and told me when I was in my teenage years or later. None told me the story at the same time. And none I believe are dishonest, and all I would trust with my life. It’s all a matter of choice and situation. I think I said that before. The Government need to be less active in our personal lives and work on protecting our county and our economy. FTW.

  • Shaftee – drove through Ohio, to where, NYC? Was it an enjoyable drive, or did you cross the northern part? Hopefully not the Turnpike either? For a nice place to visit look at the Hocking Hills area, or the Mohican area, Midwest part of the great State of Ohio (the Heart of it All … notice they took that off our license plates). Or for a good time come out to the Kent-Akron area, we’ll grab a case of beer and go out shootin’ shit up. BYOA, Bring your own ammo. I’m poor, had to spend my savings for a nice home twice in the past 15 years for others reasons that I shouldn’t have had to, but family and wife’s come first I guess.

    Sorry, I never made it to IL or IN, wherever the hell you live? Did you guys get statehood out there yet or still a territory? LOL 😉 I was hitched up with a hot young girl from MN for a few months, is that close enough. Married a girl from MI, a little farther this way? It was 13 degrees below zero this morning in Akron, OH. We missed the heavy snow, it stayed up in the primary snow belt. That’s the counties right above where I reside, from Cleveland over to the PA boarder. It’s been a pretty warm winter with little snow, just like last year … until spring.

    I did research Triumph a bit and found dealers advertising 2007 and 2008 models, so I assume I answered my own question. Yes, they still must make them. I talked to my Mom, and the bike accident were my Dad totaled his bike, it was his Triumph. I guess a helmet did help him, he smashed the top of her car with his helmet, and the side with his hip and the bike … so I hear? FTW!

  • I drove through Ohio once.

  • Balerick, it’s cold here also, and dropping. Your low temps are coming right at us with some lake effect snow. Gotta love the North coast, really when the Arctic air comes in.

    My Dad had a Triumph way back, but I really don’t remember it much, he had lots of bikes. His best bud had a Harley. Back in the mid 70’s a bike was a bike, was a bike, to me. Was just happy to get a ride. He passed away in ’06 so I can’t ask him. Days before his stroke, he was up here from GA, feeling good and planning on buying an H-D for himself and one for me I liked at a local dealership we visited. Wish I could have had that bike to treasure in his memory. But spending that money to move him up here near family, and for more time to spend with him was more valuable.

    I recall the two bike accidents he had, both were younger girls pulled in front of him. I recall this because of his sense of humor and the few times he was off work for a few days. He said they were both looking for a way to meet him. LOL. OK, I get a little sentimental as his birthday is coming up soon. Click on my URL to see a memorial page. Maybe get a memorial patch.

    OK, back to what I was saying, the Triumph dealership near Cleveland I did the ad work for was to the best I can recall in 2000, and was also a Victory dealership. I’ll share what I find out.

    wildnfree, yes babes, boobs, beer, barbecue, bon fires, bikes and tons of guns. Just try not to add the beer with the guns or the bikes too much. Reminds me of (yes another story) a good friend added the beer with the guns. He was visiting in the winter time while I was married and living down the road a few miles, drinking beer and pumping out some tunes. He wanted to shoot a gun. Wife gave him her .25 auto (since it was right there on the table in her purse) to shoot off the front porch (toward a safe area with backstop which was my shooting range I used daily). Small ass gun frame, big ass hands, semi auto … guess what happened? Slide came back cut him open real good, hell, I thought he shot himself at first. He’s bleeding all over the kitchen in pain, wife was bitching at him for bleeding on her floor (hers, damn I paid for that tile too and cleaned up easy), while I was cleaning and wrapping his wound. I guess my 9mm would have fit him better. LOL. I also think 2 minutes of training on the gun might have helped. Now that’s a damn good time anyway!!! Good beer, good music, and a gun wound with nobody getting killed or loosing a body part. Yeee-F’N’Haaa! North coast hillbillies know how to have fun even coldest of winter!

  • wildnfree

    This is one crazy thread… just remember you can never have too many motorcycles or guns

  • balerick42

    High of 8 degrees F. tomorrow, windchill minus 14 (yes, I’m whinin’!). In regards to the post about the British bikes….my Dad tells me that when he was young in the 50’s, everybody was wanting a BSA over an HD, at least around here. He said the problem was, the BSA’s weren’t very reliable. Anybody on here old enough to remember that far back, or know the history of bike sales in the 50’s? I think the Sportster came out in what, 57? I remember quite a few Triumphs being around here back in the 70’s. The HD/Honda dealer had an old one they sold here this summer.

  • OK, gotta good deal with the British bikes. Isn’t the Triumph still produced? If so, where? I knew they were a few years back, had a dealership in Cleveland area. I did an advertisement design, or redesign for them so it would fit in our (ABATE) motorcycle safety awareness, printed material.

    And I thought Germany brought us quality beer (so I was told). My first beer there was at a damn Pizza Hut after 12 hours of travel and two Buds on the flight. I order the lighter stuff, it came it a foot tall glass and messed me up pretty much … and I thought I could pretty well hold my own. Bought that thick, dark shit off the economy (cold). Took two drinks and determined it sucked, bad. Threw the rest away and got some American beer. English beer, I’ve drank it (it was free) but I didn’t like it.

    Dr. Evil, hate to say you are wrong, but you are wrong! I personally know of a 1%er MC club that I’ve hung around a lot and was friends with many. I was even asked if I wanted to prospect by a very high ranking officer who offered to sponsor me. They require a motorcycle of over 750cc of any brand. And I’m am sure they are self respecting and serious bikers.

    Another MC club I hung around did require a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Yet allowed me to ride a Japanese Cruiser if I wanted to prospect, but would need to buy an H-D before getting my bottom rocker. I don’t disagree most 1% ride an H-D , but not all! And I deal with the big 3 (and support clubs) in my Region. As a freedom fighter here, I had to learn proper etiquette for all as I traveled to all area over our Region, from parties to funerals of 1%ers.

    Peter Fonda (yes Really), I agree and said it before we are all brothers in the wind. This page is fine most of the time. It allows people to disagree and agree by text, and hopefully while not doing it in public or on the street. On the street we need to remember that one issue, we are brothers in the wind. Hate Harleys, hate sportsbikes… on the street you give them a hand no matter. That sportbike rider could have been you if you were young, That old H-D rider could have saved your Dad’d life in ‘Nam, you never know how close we all are. Raise a hand at a bother in the wind, no matter brand or age. If we can’t at least have that brotherhood in motorcycling will be something on the History channel … the birth and death of motorcycling. Peter waiting to see your name as Sustaining Member in the MRF (Motorcycle Riders Foundation).

    FTW, can also mean Forever Two Wheels.

  • Peter Fonda (Yes Really)

    All this bickering should stop. You are all brothers on two wheels.

  • only picking on the beer not the bikes…
    Harley has metric too, time to change the designation to somethin like, other bike.

  • matt

    guiness??????? you guys get a different one to us, and ours is nothing like the real stuff! and bass???? don’t get me started!!

  • Dr Evil

    You’ll never see a 1%er riding a metric. Why ? you may ask.

    Because what kind of self respecting american biker would ride a metric pile ‘o crap.

    Harley is the backbone of motorcycle culture. It’s the “was”, “is”, and “will always be”,……of motorcycles.

  • they made triumph, norton, bsa, guiness and bass available around the world

  • Yeah, you gotta love Detroit. It’s now a good place to, well a good place to get killed. And you gotta love Britain because they made, well because they … hell somebody help me here. Please!

  • matt

    it’s ok for all you americans, to keep going on about ‘domestic’ etc….. at least you had a thriving, quality car industry!!

    we just had british leyland!

  • harley or victory

  • Shaftee, I realize what you are saying about corporations. However, my step dad was talking about buying a Toyota Truck, he doesn’t understand. Shocked all of us in the family that he’d ever own anything without a domestic name tag, except his Suzuki utility 4 wheeler. Even the golf cart is domestic. He’s owned Ford, Dodge, and GM trucks. Even gets a family discount on Ford. He looked at Jeeps today. I only wanted him to see the list of corporations (I finally found the website). But I really think he’ll keep his big ass Ford and put some money into it. It’s still clean and just needs some mechanical work so the 4 wheel drive works everytime you try to use it. Since he quit using BP gas the sensors and injectors have stopped getting gummed up full of crap (like I mentioned in the past.) If he buys a Toy I think it will be like his Dodge truck, trade it in before a year.

    Personally I’m not impressed by Toyota moving into the big truck territory. Great advertising though. It almost impresses me as much as Japanese cruisers using Harley to sell copies on style and image. Granted some may be better in “some” ways (I love my Intruder) but overall if I have to buy a new bike it will be a Harley.

    So but that in you bowl and toke it, and pass it around. LOL

  • or make harleys…

  • The autoworld is owned by corporations. They are all the same. Domestic manufacturers have been bleeding the American public for 100 years. Foreign manufacturers stepped in and took over the entry level and luxury market. It wasn’t that hard to do, just make a car that doesn’t break down every week.

  • I’m looking for the link that someone posted in the past that told who owned what in the Auto World. My Step-Dad things Ford is Ford, Toyota is Toyota, nothing about companies owning something or part of others than what’s in their namesake. I think he needs this list to make an educated purchase. I think he plans to buy out of spite towards certain manufactures.

  • My last comment in Post #1741 was about a post that has since been removed. It appeared to be typed in Japanese and looked like advertising to me, from the website addresses typed in english.

    Sorry balerick, my connection speed is too slow for video unless I can tie up the phone line for a very long time. Maybe in the late night early morning.

    I don’t want to alienate young people or sport bike riders from ABATE or other SMRO’s. I was young and rode above my limits and the law. However, I did so on backroads with few or no driveways, or traffic. Basically, I was risking only my own life. Not on congested expressways! Don’t get me wrong, we hope that crowd will feel the need to protect their future rights and stop some of the activities that loose rights for all riders. Join ABATE or your local MRO and let us teach you some things, while you explain to us why you do what you do, teach us! If enough young riders get involved, may be we can provide more activities and competitions suited to you. While you can still test your skills on our regular competitions. Put your bikes in the show, if enough show up. We’ll likely open a Sport Bike only class the next year. Same deal with off road riders. We’ve been fighting for your rights, but don’t make it harder on us, help us help you! We’ll still party with ya and most all will welcome you, any trouble see an ABATE officer before reacting. Our parties are 18 and over only, but remember ABATE does police itself. Yet you gotta be pretty well out of line to have security get too involved, and we do have others to help us that now one even knows of. However you have to be looking for trouble to ever see that. Come on our runs, come to the little parties, and the big ones, meet some people and get involved. A win — win situation for us all. Hell, $25 dollars a year. One pair of nice jeans or compare to your insurance (which in Ohio we can help you get lowered) I pay $75 a year for full coverage year round though ABATE’s insurance program, my personalized plate cost about that much.

    I also do have a website I’d like others to take a look at. Biker Rights Online http://www.bikersrights.com/
    It has a lot of useful information.

  • balerick42

    More info on the proposed law in Florida to increase penalties for reckless motorcycle riding (including confiscation of bike). This site also has good info on loud pipe laws, etc.

  • balerick42

    See this msn.com video about pending legislation to increase the penalties for reckless driving by sportbike riders. This is going to cost all riders in the long run because idiots won’t ride within the law.

  • Jamie, Nessman, Matt, Shaftee, Balerick42, CBR Rider. If any of you come to my area (Akron area) in Ohio, let me know. We can meet up and I’ll buy you a beer or two. I don’t always agree with you all, but each to his own opinion. See former posts on how to locate my contact info.

    Later, ABATE Kevin (ABATE of Ohio, Inc., Region Zero, Portage County .)

  • I once smoked a dusted joint unknowingly, I was a cartoon character and every step I sunk into the ground up to my knees, even though I was on frozen gravel. I think everything seemed purple at the time. It’s hard to recall being I was 17 at the time, and was well focus on derailing the coming Conrail train with my body, before my “buddy” tackled me while repeating “it’s real man, it’s real.” I did go in the bar to visit my second Dad (one of my buddy’s Dad that looked after us) after that, watching my “buddy” have serious body twitches, and viewing the first serious real bar fight I’d seen.

    BTW was joking about pissing on the bike. However, I really did see the purple Harleys, the RUB’s bike was a new bike and the purple was too light, almost pink. The Sportster was a very dark purple custom paint job, it did look good, even for a Sportster. Shaftee, my balls are already blue, so I guess if I set them on fire at least I’d have big hair free balls. LOL. I’m not everyone so what Label are you referring to?

    In the post above me who let a retarded 4 year old draw pictures on a post? Oh, that might be Japanese or something, on an english written page? We Americans are barely starting to learn Spanish, reading pictures, not my thing. Fik dish Ashlow (German spelled incorrectly). My German book is not handy and when I was there I spoke it a little never spelled it! Anyway…

  • Just set your balls on fire, hold your breath for a long time and ride on all fours. That should get some kinda purple something happening.

    Everyone knows that there is only one paint can label that can be sprayed on a bike. Maybe Deep Purple would be cool.

  • I burn my hair all the time when playing around bonfires — camp fires, or smoking my cancer sticks. But never while smoking some weed, can’t figure that out. Anyway, it keeps me from having to go out and pay to get it cut … uh, I mean trimmed up. I still have to bath and shave every month. What a F’N hassle! I’ll have to leave the coke up to the rich people, this is crack and meth territory.

    I still want a purple Honda, but can only find purple Harleys? To the homophobic, purple represent royalty and wealth (learned that in art school) not sexual preference. Take for example the purple bag Crown Royal comes in, love that whiskey but way too expensive, I can only can only afford Jim Beam at wholesales prices. Jack Daniels I can only drink at my Bro’s house, or free choice shots at the bar.

    I once took a leak on a purple Harley, because the owner was a RUB that lived in one of those high dollar condos built on my former neighbor’s farm, and he annoyed me too much. I didn’t piss on the custom purple Harley Sportster because it was sweet and I’m pretty sure the owner, or one of his Brothers would have cut my dick off and made me eat it raw.

    However, I’d never piss on a purple Honda, since Prince is/was the God of pop/rock, helping the PMRC get warning labels on music, because his lyrics. And his love of God you can find in between “naughty” songs. I’m pretty sure the Lord would strike me dead for peeing on a purple Honda if I ever found one. I guess I gotta save up for some coke and hairspray nessman. LOL

  • nessman

    ABATE Kevin

    You light your hair on fire and ride down the road like Richard Pryor in “Smoke Cocaine”

    lol just kidding

  • Did I finally kill this thing? Hey, how do I get a purple Honda like Prince rode in the movie Purple Rain?

  • spent my last two cents in december

  • nessman

    why isn’t anyone putting in there 2 cents lateley

  • Matt, it’s just big brother trying to protect you. LOL. You might tip over and fall off the bike. Sometimes the police are given too much freedom to tweak the laws as they see fit. It’s stupid!

    I know in Ohio it illegal to drink a beer on a riding lawn mower in your own FN’ yard, which was a rather popular activity around here. Many people, like myself, would get off work try to get the lawn mowed before the weekend. So being hot and ready for a cold beer, we’d grab one and get stated mowing the lawn. That is considered the same as driving a car on a public road with an open container. A fine at minimum. If you have a big yard, a got a refill or two, a DUI in your own yard on a mower. It has happened to people in my neighborhood. A DUI on a riding mower on private property!!

    A similar stupid law. If you are in a car while above .08 alcohol with keys also in the car (don’t have to be in the ignition) you have a DUI. One example I went through a period of sleeping in my car for a week or two, after my divorce before I got back on my feet. The bar let me use their lot. It’s cold you gotta heat the car up every now and then. Another example, your out with a designated driver, want to go out for a smoke, they hand you the car keys. Need some heat or just turn the radio on, it’s a DUI, even on private property. Even if you only have they keys in your pocket. Same deal.

    Another law I recently heard of here regarding alcohol here, if you have a broken pack, say you took a six pack or 12 pack to gathering, drive home with a pack split up. It is considered an open container. Many times I have stopped at my local bar after work had a couple drinks and bullshit for a while. Then figure I better get home but would like a couple beers later tonight. They would sell me however many I wanted. But my friends who told me of such law owned the bar. I was told they were only allowed to sell a six-12 pack if driving, but did it anyway. Same as every most other bar I know did. However to me an open container is just that, an open beer in the car. Not the idea that because you have 5 instead of 6 beers you must have drank it in the car. Rather than some other place, sometime, in the past.

    Similar BS, by buddy used to recycle his cans. So no matter who’s home we might be at drinking a beer outside. He said throw the empty cans in my truck bed. He got an open container ticket for having empty cans in his truck bed.

    Sometimes the police have bad judgment. But they wouldn’t have that option if the laws didn’t give them that choice. Look at WV and PA helmet laws, they are not defined enough, can I as an out of state rider, ride without a helmet. Well, yes and no? I am an organ donor, yes, see my license. Do I have the insurance requirements, I’m not sure, can we contact my insurance agency on a Sunday? No.

    I dunno, I’m not pushing drinking or drinking and driving, just stupid laws.

    I got a DVD, a Harley shirt, and a motorcycle jack for Christmas. Happy New Year!

  • balerick42

    Good points about the helmet issue. Sunny and 35 here today. Single digit temps predicted for New Year’s Eve….

  • matt

    ok, gotta go with you on the ‘helmet law’ issue. they save lives…. but more often than not, the ‘law’ issue hinders the real purpose. Take the law in the uk. ok so, we all wear helmets… but i was sat on my bike the other day, engine running, next to my house but on a public road. I’d just charged the battery so was running it. No helmet, no plans to ride. A police woman nearly gave me a ticket, she didn’t because my daughter was in the house, my only proof i wasn’t going to ride. here, sitting on your bike, with the keys in the ignition without a helmet fastened on your head is illeagal!!!!! how dumb!

  • I am not anti-helmet I’m just more educated in that area as I have studied more statistics and data related to motorcycle deaths, injuries, and helmet use than 99% of the population. I am for rider training and awareness, even mandatory training for new riders. I am anti-helmet law, not anti-helmet. I believe the freedom issue should be brought into the equation. How much do we need to protect ourselves from the World? Just think if all people wore helmets while walking, countless injuries could be prevented. I do believe helmets offer some people a false sense of security, the same as seat belts do to many drivers. And they ride/drive above their limitations.

    In the last research I have done, 28 MPH is the point to wear a helmet can save you and not hurt you. If you are traveling 14 MPH and the car crash into (with you head) is going 14 MPH, you head is pretty well protected while your neck, in most cases, is not injured much more than it would be without a helmet. Same in a low speed impact to an object such as a tree taken by the head. Above that speed the added weight of the helmet and the inertia from the impact begins so show increased neck and spinal cord damage. I can add a lot of comments of how people I know have died because of helmets, but will focus on the studies and the data in them. At a riding speed of 50 MPH you greatly increase you chance of serious injury and death due to neck and spinal cord injuries, while decreasing the damage to your brain to an impact similar to 22 MPH directly to an unprotected head. That is on a stationary object. 22 MPH to the head can easily kill you even if you disregard the broken neck and additional injuries. Your helmet likely causes you more injuries than protection. We can debate that forever, so let’s not.

    Point is in some cases a helmet can save you, in some cases it can kill you. If we knew where and how we were going to have an accident. We’d be a hell of a lot better off, but we don’t so let those that ride decide. How far do we let the safety Nazi’s tell us how to live our lives? How far to protect us from ourselves? How much do we relay on the media for false information?

    As I said before I wear a helmet for comfort in certain situations. For safety not much at all. For safety I wear boots, heavy leather, gloves, eye protection, and sometimes chaps.

    But I also have to say that most serious bike injuries and deaths are chest injuries. And yes, I hate someone telling me that I have to wear I helmet. I also hate that the National Government can piss all over States Rights by blackmailing them. All the have to do is threaten to take away funding that the states put in are entitled to. If you don’t pass a seat belt law. Next will be the helmet law, anti-tampering law, motorcycle end of life law, and they really want to strap us to our bikes. The States in fear will pass any law where loss of Federal Funding is threatened. I don’t know about you, but in most crash situations I want to be able to get away from the bike, not strapped to it as the government is wanting.

    Now, I know since the study I spoke of helmets have become lighter and safer. For some updated info. and a bit of humor. Visit Biker Rights Online I have not visited the site lately but Webmaster at least used to keep it pretty current.

    Here still in the freezing range and too much crap on the road. But for those of you that can ride, have fun. Happy New Year!

  • matt

    oh, i forgot

    hope you all had a great xmas!!! have a great new year too! don’t ride, DRINK!!

  • Dan

    Speak to real bikers

  • 42 c’mon, that’s like summer. put on the jacket, turn up the heat and go. ice is all that’s a bummer

  • balerick42

    I do not ride without a helmet. Back and forth to work 60 miles a day is with a full face, on the weekends I wear the beanie if it’s warm. I also wear the other standard gear too. I’ve seen friends have to sit in the emergency room while a nurse picks pea gravel out of their flesh. Another guy I ride with was wearing loafers….now he only has half of his heels of his feet left. Doesn’t sound like much fun to me. Yesterday it got up to 42 here. I couldn’t resist taking the Sportster on a short ride around town. Froze, but it sure was nice to go….Is Spring here yet?

  • no helmet = no ambulance pickup, only a visit from the coroner

  • matt

    you don’t wanna wear a helmet? sorry, but that’s just plain dumb in my book! I agree, if riding a scooter, or round a city; i.e. under 25mph ish, then ok.. a pushbike goes faster, and no law need apply, but then again, I never ride my road bike without a helmet. Think physics… think cagers…. i’m going at 20mph, i get hit sideways at by a car going 30mph… the speed that i leave my saddle will be less than the speed my head hits the tarmac, according to a local physic prof it will hit at around 40 mph. My helmet will decrease most of the impact. Without it, i’m more than likely to never ride/talk/walk/live again.

    Again, most safety issues are not for you personally, they take into account the dumbasses/genuine accidents that happen in the world!

    Your choice tho.

  • The no helmet law or lack of is there for a reason. Weed out the weak.

  • A friend of mine, a young girl, cute as hell, was an instructor for Ohio’s Rider training programs, basic and advanced, and she rode a Ducoti sport bike, I got to ride bitch on it. But never got the promised exchange of bikes rides, as I most open saw her after work and 90% of the time I drove to work, it was to hard to tell if I’d break something and have nobody around to bring by ride home. Of course ABATE helped get that rider training program in place, and after completing the course you could get your permit on site.

    Ohio still required a year of helmet wearing, no expressway “probation” before getting a full MC endorsement. Kinda like the Moped law became way back when I was 14. Got my moped license, then in six months the law changed and I was “supposed to wear a stupid helmet” I did for a few weeks than figured I could go faster on my bicycle with no helmet. I’d put it on if riding in the city, but out here, back then … I don’t F’N’ think so!

    When I got my motorcycle endorsement I was supposed to wear a helmet for a year, I did for a month or so. I knew how to ride, and they had to pull me over to see if I was past my year or not. Then it was only a fine if caught. No BFD. I believe the law was 16-18 full helmet law, over 18 one year. I don’t know we always rode on the rode legal or not. Never wore a helmet so why keep doing it because “they” say I was not experienced on street, little they know.

    Now, I do believe Ohio is 21 before you can dump the helmet, and a rider course mandatory. I did write my legislators against the shit for the sake of freedom to ride. But never really followed the results as I had too many personal issues at that time in my family and health to give a full push for bikers who refuse to support us anyway. If it is 21 now, that likely means not enough young people involved in ABATE to make us push even harder for their rights. Or the 18-21 crowd didn’t get involved for their own rights as we educated them. We can only do so much. We have so many fights mabey we have to pick them carefully now with less income.

    Most young riders are pretty reckless, and grew up wearing helmets on bicycles anyway, they somehow think a good leather, gloves, and helmet can protect them from all stupid acts over 100 MPH (over a hundred MPH a helmet means little either way). Yet often it does in their issues, because they don’t have a head impact causing them 3 times the injury in the neck from hitting a car. Often they just slide and roll down the expressway, causing others in cars to get injured to avoid them. OK I stated that fact before. Right now I feel like crap and don’t care. Maybe I will care when I feel better. Happy holidays!

  • Jamie,

    I’m not really to hard to find, but I will not just put my e-mail up here. Just remember my name. Visit one of my old websites (I created it, now T.J. runs it) URL link is above. I’m NOT an officer anymore but there are links to me one that site. I think there is still one on the main page.

    BTW I do get tons of junk mail, love my delete button, and will block e-mail from anyone who wants to harass me or send me junk. Except for that read T.J.’s message at the bottom of the page. I wrote it when it was my site. Make your subject line clear so I don’t delete your e-mail before reading.

  • Jamie

    hey Kevin,

    My thoughts exactly. Wish you could get me your email. I’d put mine on here for you,…but I think other people would try to infiltrate it.

    Some of these guys have no idea about Love Loyalty & Respect.

  • Roberto, I think you can put most riders into motorcycle enthusiasts category. But to describe everyone except Harley riders as not being “Bikers” or being wimps is an ignorant statement. Even worse to say “Harley riders are BIKERS.” Get real, I’ve met so many wanna be bikers, most on new Harleys.

    The Yuppies buy a new H-D and see a few bikes parked at a bar. They come in wearing a new pair of jeans, tucked in H-D Polo shirt, a new $500 Harley leather, office approved haircut and trim and no ink work. They quickly make their way over to the closest biker looking guy and start a conversation. Often it’s me, patched up vest, long hair, beard, rag on my head. Some times it’s easy to tell, other times you have to talk a bit more to find out. They don’t know shit and are trying to meet a biker to ride with, or group to get involved with. Start talking some biker issues and see the confusion on their face. I’m friendly, I still talk with them. Figure if the learn to ride a little better, I can teach them somethings. Most wanna be an officer right away, I have to say keep in touch and meet my Brothers and we’ll see how it goes. Maybe you help me restart our local chapter that went under when I was taking a break. Then I get comments when I see them when I ask did you read the info. in my last e-mail, yeah man but why did you send that at 3AM (hell, it’s not I called them at 3AM). That’s crazy you should be sleeping man. Then I know they are will not be a yuppie that cares to be a biker. Then comes I can’t make a meeting because I got this, or that to do every Sat. or Sun. EVERY weekend. It’s never work, I could understand that. It’s bullshit, the truth likely is wife will not let them go. That’s the Harley riders you say are bikers. The ones who wouldn’t attend our crazy weekend, bike party if it was held in there own back yard.

    I’m not chicken shit and do ride a metric cruiser. And my brothers 90% Harley riders will tell you I am. Biker is a state of mind, an attitude, a feeling, a lifestyle not a FN’ brand. The attitude of biker you have makes me wonder if your not a yuppie too?

    Hambone, You’ve got us … the truth is out. You put so much logic and reason in your statement that you have changed our minds, we realize we are all stupid, and will go to a Harley dealership Monday. Your statement was that powerful, it changed the World. Your supporting facts, well, you didn’t have any. Nevermind, I need a beer.

    Damn Yuckin Fuppies.

  • balerick42

    Well thought out statement…..you truly are a hambonehead….

  • You people are stupid.

    Harley is the only true motorcycle. Everything else is garbage.

  • balerick42

    Many newer cars are more reliable than older ones were. The cars I drove in the 70’s were fun to drive but needed regular work to keep running properly. We had those 60’s muscle cars back then (cheap in the 70’s), and those engines, although they had a ton of power, weren’t very reliable. The example I’ve used before about newer technology not necessarily being better though, is the difference in fuel pumps between my 51 Chevy pickup and the fuel pumps in many newer cars. On my chevy the pump costs about 35 or 40 bucks, is metal, on the side of the engine(easy to get to) and takes two bolts and undoing the fuel line to replace (5-10 minutes). On many newer cars the fuel pump is mostly plastic, 200-250 bucks, and you have to drop the gas tank out to replace it because the pump is mounted on top of the tank! I’ve had my Chevy truck since 1978, and have seen the same issue/difference on costs and ease of maintenance compared to newer vehicles, in several areas, from brakes to engine work. I really do believe that car (and motorcycle) companies build them more complicated now on purpose. They want us to have to take it to their shop and buy their expensive parts. It improves their bottom line. My Honda Civic is a prime example. It’s going to need a 40 dollar timing belt next year…well, guess what? The whole front of the engine has to be removed to get to it! Is that an example of Honda Corporation’s inovative technology? Two estimates I’ve gotten are between 800 and 900 bucks to replace a 40 dollar belt! What crap is that? My chevy truck has a timing CHAIN! I know, I know, I’m repeating what I’ve already posted! Just still ticks me off.

  • If you don’t ride a Harley,…you’re a chicken sh*t.

    Wimps ride crotch rockets and rice burners.

    Crotch rocket riders are enthusiasts,…NOT BIKERS…big difference.

    Harley riders are BIKERS,…everyone else are just motorcycle enthusiasts.

  • BTW my buddy who worked on my bike doesn’t care about brands, he buys, fixes, drives, and sells everything. He is the guy I spoke of that painted a Benz camo to see a reaction from other owners. LOL. But does ride a Harley.

  • shaftee,
    I’d rather drive the 1984 Malibu but that is not the issue. Are talking cost of parts, or including labor. My issue is the insane cost of labor, for a job we should be able to easily do ourselves. The $250 to replace wires and plug on my Dodge crapavan was from a friend that owned a shop and was only labor. I buy all the parts.

    I also got an estimate from a family friend that owned a shop in the area, in fact the same guy I bought the Crapavan from when I needed a vehicle quick (otherwise I’d never have bought a dodge or a mininvan). His discounted price, labor only was closer to $300.

    you took my point as intended. The $550 was only to clean my carbs, no rebuild. They were just gummed up from old fuel, and are again. One was sticking and dumping fuel on my rear tire. I had a very talented friend who does all his own work on all autos, bikes, equipment, and skilled in all mechanical issues, take on the job for $100, after much work he was able to reach one carb. He said no way he could reach the front carb. He have me $25 back to be kind, and later said he’d never work on my bike again. No hard feelings, as I know he did his best and had to disassemble half the bike, and spend much more time than he could have expected to just get to the one carb. Good thing it was the one dumping gas on road. He did tell me he believed the engine had to be removed to reach the carb in the front. Last week I was looking for my starter, couldn’t even find it. It was to cold to stay out there more than a few minutes. I bought a repair manual, haven’t read it yet.

  • **** In the year 2007 ***

    8 plugs and wires on a 1984 Chevy Malibu every 30K for 100K = $120

    4 plugs and wires on a 2002 Chevy malibu every 100K for 100K = $400

    Open to comments either way

  • balerick42

    Kevin, I get what you’re saying about the cost and difficulty of repairs/service. I’m having similiar issues with the Goldwing I have. Mechanic says it needs the carbs rebuilt, $350+ for parts and 300 or more labor because they have to disassemble so much of the bike. Don’t know if it’s true, but I have been told some of those Goldwing have to have the engine out completely to replace the starter. This is the 1st full-dress bike I’ve had. It’s nice to have all the storage, but you can’t get to anything to work on it! Like I’ve said before…technology is nice, until it’s time to do the repairs….

  • Called my local bike shop to ask for a basic estimate to clean my carbs on my Suzuki Intruder I’ve bragged about on here. Great bike until it needs more work than basic maintenance now. I can’t get to anything without disassembling the bike. It is a 1993 and due I guess. $550 plus parts to clean the carbs, labor cost will increase to install any need parts? Hell, while you in there put on some drag pipes and re-jet it.

    Finding the electrical issue that just happened, I’m afraid to ask for an estimate. I repeat it’s been a great bike, but not user friendy when it comes to working on it. I was OK with getting a special tool from Suzuki to remove spark plugs, as otherwise the frame is in the way. I have to jack it up to replace the battery from the bottom, OK. But now I realize how they packed so much punch in a small, low bike with a low center of gravity. They built the bike around the engine. Tight around the engine, so the bike has to be taken apart to get to anything. Great design for dealerships. I might be able to drain the old gas out of the carbs to get the fresh fuel and stabilizer in there for over the winter, but it will be a cold day of work. In the spring we’ll see how much it cost me total and if I have to barrow funds to get my girl on the road again. I refuse to get rid of her unless I really have to, and then only a clean, caberated, used Harley will do to replace. Because, I don’t want fuel injection and can’t afford new anyway. I’m also trying to sell my front drive V6, to get an older Strait 6 or V8 that you can actually reach and repair or replace parts. I’m not paying $250 to replace plugs and wires on a vehicle just because they designed it so I can get to it. Old engineering vs. new tech. I’m going with what I can work on myself. Count me as tired of companies designing vehicles only mechanics can work on with special tools, and electrical systems they can’t even fix. Give me a 1970 – 1980 Ford or Chevy.

  • You’re wrong on one point. I know Jack Frost. After all, he IS my uncle. He drinks Budwieser beer, does a lot of fishing on Lake Erie, and rides a Softail Custom. I think he did have a Sportser long ago?

    Seriously, I do have an uncle named Jack Frost.

  • balerick42

    Santa has to ride a Goldwing, with all the extras, including satellite navigation, heated handgrips and seat, quadrafonic stereo, gel touring seat, etc. Sportbikes have no saddlebags for toys……. now Santa’s elves???? That’s another story…they all ride sportbikes…..let’s em zip around the factory quicker and they appreciate the technology more, being builders….the reindeer all ride Harleys…everyone knows how tough it is to wear a full face helmet when you have antlers, plus you can just poke holes in a Do rag, and reindeer think they look cool in leather… Jack Frost definitely rides a Sportster, he’s cool after all….

  • Oh, by the way. He told me to tell the How I hate thee, that he rides whatever he wants and to like his icy snow balls.

  • I guess Frosty the Snowman was here again last night and I missed him, I hear he’s still a bad ass.

    The last time I saw Frosty we were sitting in a biker bar in south Akron just shootin’ the breeze. He gave up the silly pipe and hat. He was wearing a red bandana, a leather vest that said North Pole MC on the back, and was smoking a cigarette, or we thought it was a cigarette until he lit it. The bar tender was about to tell him to leave because you can smoke tobacco in Ohio anymore. He passed it back to her, she took a hit and said it was cool, that’s not F’N’ tobacco. The bouncer came over whispered in his ear and walked away in a few, don’t know what they said but it wasn’t my conversation to hear.

    I saw his Tech 9 inside his vest, but knew he was a bit crazy, always carried, and I gave it no other thought. I pack a 9 myself. Isn’t that why they make leather vest with a gun pocket? A group of big bikers came over and started to mess with him. He laid his gun on the bar told me to sit still and went all snowman on them, whipped the whole crews ass. He came back to the bar, downed a double shot, flipped us all off like he always does when leaving, and rode off on his Harley poppin’ shots off in the air. What a crazy Dude!

  • nessman, I was wondering about a two weeks ago about the same thing. If such a bike was ever produced. How a diesel powered would perform with modern engineering? I convinced myself that no one would be interested and such a venture would fail. I don’t think it is an ignorant idea like shaftee believes. I think new ideas are great and should be researched. The internal combustion engine was once looked at as a bad idea compared to steam or electric power cars.

    I once saw diesel power as inferior to gasoline. Lately, I have changed my mind in some aspects. Diesel engine run forever, they are barely broke in at 10,000 miles and a pretty much guaranteed 300,000 miles. My step-dad and my friend bought the same Ford extended cab 4 x 4 Super Duty the same year. Only difference was my friend got a diesel, my step-dad the V-10. I have drove both and there is a big difference in performance. The diesel out performs the V-10 in almost every way. Gas economy the diesel also out performs the V-10. My step-dad’s V-10 is in the shop three times a year a minimum. New fuel injectors atleast once a year. My friend told me he never had any problems with his truck. Fair comparison, maybe not- but the were the two top of the line engines available for that truck.

    Another friend of mine bought a VW Jetta diesel (Stick). He let me drive it around the neighborhood up a hill I’m very familiar with, I didn’t have to downshift (never hit over 1000-1500 RPM) and gas it more like every equal sized gas powered car I’ve ever driven, and then it proved it could get up and go as well. I was impressed. Now remember, every car I ever owned traveled that hill and those roads.

    I’m not saying a diesel powered bike will sell. I’m just saying it’s not stupid to ponder the idea. Well, I gotta go get out the winter Suzuki and plow the driveway again.

  • shaftee

    That is the most ignorantist thing I’ve ever heard of in my life.

  • nessman

    can i get an amen brothers and sisters.
    alright let’s pass the plate and take up a collection now. lol

  • nessman

    not to mention that most modern diesel engines are compatible with bio diesel fuel, thus making it mor environmentally friendly.

  • nessman

    oh yeah i forgot to say. it is a proven fact that diesel engines last longer than gasoline engines on average. many over the road trucks have well over a million miles on them, w/o any major repairs to the engine other than basic maintenance and/or injector services

  • nessman

    for those of you about to bring on the ridicule about wanting to ride a diesel bike, i have this to say: I DON’T KNOCK WHAT YOU WANT TO OR CURRENTLY DO RIDE, SO FUCK OFF.

  • nessman

    has anyone here ever though much about a diesel powered motorcycle. earlier i googled “diesel powered motorcycle” and came up with very few manufactures. one company only makes enduros(mostly for the military), another company star twin in holland has 3 prototypes star of a diesel powered crotch rocket(sport bike if you prefer), that with some minor mods and mapping is capable of producing over 100hp and an insane amount of torque coming from a three cylinder turbo charged 1200cc engine. another company ROYAL ENFIELD based in india has been manufacturing small dispacement street cruisers since the sixties.
    why aren’t there more of these manufactured. years ago diesel engines, even with the torque they produced, seemed underpowered, at least in cars and pickups. but with todays technology and performance upgrades diesel engines have become more popular than ever. back in high school my friend’s mom had an early eighties model volkswagon jetta with a 4 cyl. diesel that performed just fine for everyday driving needs and it still got 45 mpg. okay can you imagine what kind of economy you could get out of a smaller engine on a motorcycle with let’s say 1/4 of the weight to pull. as far as high performance is concerned i’m sure that could be easily fixed as well. hell they have all sorts of after market parts for full sized trucks with diesel engines. and if that’s still not enough, fix it up with propane injection. i grew up in rural kansas, our neighbor’s had an old diesel tractor rigged up with propane injection, in order to give it more shit at higher rpm and rev to the higher rpm faster. he said that propane in diesel was almost as effective as nitrous in a gas engine. i thought this was a crock of shit until one day i was watching “trucks” on spike tv and they had a power stroke diesel in a ford truck that they fed propane and got a tremendous power increase. i’m not saying that we should all purchase a diesel powered bike put it on the propane bottle(save that for a track). but why not have more big crusier bikes(diesel powered) to choose from. my truck 2004 2500 series chevy hd with a 6.0L gas makes 14 mpg at best. same truck with a duramax diesel makes 20+mpg. the duramax also produces a lot more torque, it may not accelerate as fast but pulling a load it will maintain speeds on a light grade that my engine would not even tolerate.

    by now everyone must think i fuckin’ lost my mind.
    but if a small company in holland can make a diesel sport bike, i’m sure it is possible to make a cruiser that produces a significant amount of torque that can maintain posted speed limits on even the steepest of grades(mountain terrain here in colorado for example) and gets 2 or more times the fuel economy of a gasoline motorcycle. highway diesel is more expensive than even the premium grade 92 octane gasoline here, but i don’t care. if i can get twice the mpg’s i don’t mind paying an additional 5-10 cents per gallon. with the national average price of gasoline at over $3.00/gal how much longer do i have to wait.

  • Robert, you must have met my ex-wife and her friends.

    Ninja Guy, I bought my Suzuki Intruder bought new in ’93 has been a good dependable bike. It is still pretty clean and runs great after all the years. It is comfortable, the speed is there when you need it, yet at cruising speed has a nice exhaust tone. The torque will eat rear tires without trying. As for Suzuki holding value- I guess it was at least 7 years old when I was given a serious officer to buy it for more than I paid new.

    Balerick42, thanks for your words after my Post #1681. Yes, ABATE does believe we should police ourselves. But the issue is can we get riders together to do that anymore. And the key point should be bikers help bikers. Brand, make, model, no issue. I was in my late 20’s when I joined my State MRO, and happy I did. I saw so many acts of kindness, or I’ll say brotherhood. That the few acts of rudeness and dishonestly I’ve witnesses are almost forgotten.

    I know I said I was done with this site, so why am I here? I guess I was curious, bored, and we just had a storm go through and another one coming (10 more inches of snow and ice). I love N.E. Ohio, but not fond of the winter months. Maybe could have kept my Dad’s place near Atlanta, but didn’t like the area, crazy drivers, and refuse to wear a helmet when it’s 97 degrees sitting in traffic. Maybe should have bought that home in SC that was only a walk to the beach, only my family was all up here. I guess I’ll stay here in the Lake Erie Snow Belt for a few more years, maybe life. We have great riding seasons, and I not only know the area, but as a local history buff…

    Have a great Holiday. I’m out.

  • I agree with your comments, I only ride cuzz the biker babes are the easiest.

  • balerick42

    Ninja Guy, I apologize…didn’t realize you were kidding. Sounds to me like you made smart choices using logical reasoning. Hope the Suzuki gives you years of good service. It’s snowing hard here today. I had to drive into work at 40 mph for 30+ miles, 5 inches of snow on top of about an inch of ice, and still coming down. It’s times like this where it’s difficult to remember it won’t stay like this forever. I spent too much time living in the South and Hawaii. The only snow I like to see is looking at it out the picture window with a cup of coffee in my hand. Hope you guys are all staying warm. Have a good Christmas season everyone. Hope Santa brings you lots of chrome, or performance parts, or whatever it is about motorcycling that makes you happy.

  • looks like someone put a lampshade on the front

  • matt

    now that’s sound reasoning

  • ninja guy

    balerink 42
    …Lastly, I think your morals suck. With all the single women, I don’t see the need to seek out married women myself, just don’t think it’s necessary. There are too many unattached women out there…

    btw i was only kidding in that statement. i was only poking fun at the debate between yourself and cbr rider in regards to the meaning of “getting on it” when i was saying that i intend to “get on that”
    i do agree with you when you imply that seeking married women is morally wrong. too much of that in the world already.
    as for the reason i switched from the ninja to the boulevard: well, i just felt like a fool riding it around. don’t get me wrong i have nothing against ninjas, but it wasn’t my cup of tea. i’m not an exceptionally large man. but have an average build. at 6’2″ just a little over 200 lbs. the bike felt really small (almost like riding a horse with the stirrups adjusted way to short) i felt ridiculous on it and i imagine i looked stupid stupid as well. i have a friend about the same size as me who rides a gsxr and he looks like a fucking clown when he rides it. i only bought the ninja out of desperation for a motorcycle i could purchase in which my budget allowed, which was not very much at the time. ninja’s resale value sucks therefore i was able to purchase one only five years old with less that 18,000 on the odometer for less than $2500 cash. but year later when the situation begin to look brighter(financially speaking) i knew i wanted something different. the boulevard is cheaper than than the v-star i originally wanted. and the local suzuki dealership (horizon motorsports) here had a fire, very minor, however many of the bikes sustained damage(mine very minimal). i got a
    great deal. took it home and ordered a new tail light assembly and buffed the paint out and have a sleek looking machine.

  • hey, how long is it going to take to remove that ugly plastic off the bike? maybe your neighbor’s wife can help you

  • balerick42

    I have been to England twice, and am a student of History. I have no problems with the British people. I enjoyed my time there very much, and remember that England has been our ally for more than 100 years. The British people are good people. If you want to meet arrogant people you should spend some time in France. I’ve been to Marseilles, Toulan, and Brest. (beautiful women, great wine, fabulous food, but arrogant attitudes). As to Suzuki motorcycles, they are the brand I have had the least exposure to. I had one Suzuki street bike back in the mid to late 80’s. The exhaust rusted through, the speedometer went out, and I just didn’t like it. Any particular reason why you switched from sportbike to cruiser? In what I’ve read, Suzukis can be bought new pretty cheap, but also have the worst record of retaining value of any major motorcycle brand. Good luck with yours, I hope it treats you right. Lastly, I think your morals suck. With all the single women, I don’t see the need to seek out married women myself, just don’t think it’s necessary. There are too many unattached women out there.

  • ninja guy

    btw contrary to my name “ninja guy” i don’t actually ride a ninja anymore. i sold it in september and purchased a suzuki boulevard in late october. i know very pointless but i just wanted to clarify it for whatever reason.

  • ninja guy

    i just kicked my neighbor’s ass today.(just kidding but i want to) he just moved in next door. very arrogant, very loud mouthed, and i don’t like his fucking british accent either. brit people suck, at least the one’s who ride motorcycles in which he does. most bitish people are gay, almost sing when they talk, almost like homosexual english choir boys they sound. but i don’t think he is gay, he has a young wife who is is a fine mother fucker i might add. i intend to “GET ON THAT” next week while he

  • balerick42

    “high tech, very fast, sleek, and like it or not respected and admired for their technology.”

    And then maybe there are alot of people like me who couldn’t care less about the information in this quote. I have more fun driving my 51 Chevy pickup than any new truck made, regardless of brand. It’s got 3 speed on the column and vacuum powered windshield wipers, but it’s still fun to drive. When I typed “get on it” I meant opening the throttle to get up to the speed limit. I’ll say this CBR Rider, if:

    “Well heck, that is exactly what I did, “got on it”, outside of town on a lonely straight road, no intersections and no traffic”, when I did 150+ mph.”

    and if:

    “I’m not a young rider. Better yet, I’m not your average young rider…I’m 45 years old.”

    then you have no excuse other than foolishness, or a more severe case of midlife crisis than the rest of us. Regardless of how much technology you’re sitting on, at 150+ mph, on ANY public road, all it takes is an animal, a blown tire, malfunction, etc. and you’re either dead, maimed, or in a nursing home with taxpayers having to support you. At your age you oughtta know better. Perhaps “With age and experience comes wisdom. You don’t get it any other way.” doesn’t apply universally. I guess you prove that some people never learn.
    I just hope you don’t have children that you put at risk when you do your version of “getting on it”, because no-one has that right.
    I love my Sportster. It’s reliable, cheap to operate, gets me from here to there everyday, and cost me about 1/2 of what a new Honda CBR would have cost me (they are 12K at the local Honda dealer here). Plus, especially with the aftermarket touring seat I bought used off Ebay, I don’t have to ride 60 miles a day in a position that would cause me to have to visit the chiropractor on a weekly basis.

  • ninja guy

    so by now we all know “frilly wizard” and his status. does anyone else here ride on the opposite side of the street sometimes, maybe all the time? just curious.

  • ninja guy

    cbr rider

    i don’t think when balerick said he was “getting on it” that he meant going fast. maybe he was talking about what harley riders like to do when they pull it the clutch and open the throttle for the sheer hell of it. most will rev the engine several times waiting for the light to change. maybe they have to do this to keep it ruuning, hell baledick(intentionally mispelled) said himself that his bike is cold blooded

  • CBR Rider

    “The aftermarket pipes I have are not that loud, unless I really get on it, which I never do in town.”

    With your statement it sounds like you’re saying one of two things about your sportster…1. Your bike is incredibly slow in order for you to get on it since you’ve repeatedly said speeding is foolish. Or 2. A different set of rules apply to me. I’m allowed to “get on it”, twist the volume control knob, er ah, throttle, once in a while.

    Well heck, that is exactly what I did, “got on it”, outside of town on a lonely straight road, no intersections and no traffic”, when I did 150+ mph.

    Honestly, I think if Harley Davidson could produce a capable sport bike that there would be a little more “lets try to teach them” attitude towards younger riders. As it is I see Harley Davidson riders as possibly having resentment towards sport bikes because sport bikes are everything that Harley Davidson isn’t….high tech, very fast, sleek, and like it or not respected and admired for their technology.

    I’m not a young rider. Better yet, I’m not your average young rider…I’m 45 years old. I didn’t put 38,000 miles on my current bike alone, from speeding in traffic. I “get on it” outside of town once every blue moon.

  • Hope it warms up soon for you. Quick and fairly inexpensive fix for a Sportie is S&S shortie and pipes. Or just do the S&S and then weld a crossover pipe on the stock exaust if ou have an extra. You will have a new bike.

  • balerick42

    I understand what you are saying Shaftee, unfortunately, just switching the pipes is not enough. That is why I have been so hesitant to do it. The bike runs very well as is, maybe a little cold blooded. The aftermarket pipes I have are not that loud, unless I really get on it, which I never do in town. Man, the weather here really sucks. We’ve had freezing rain for three days. Let’s just take Jan-Mar off the calender, so we can all get back out riding that much sooner. I wish.

  • Don’t do it. Stock sportster pipes suck. For that matter just about any stock exaust sucks.

  • balerick42

    The comments I have made are not intended to mean I don’t think anyone should ride Sportbikes. If that is your choice then go ahead. I have to echo some of ABATE Kevin’s words by saying there are issues that are having an effect on all riders. Loud pipes, speeding, reckless riding, drinking and riding are the major issues that I can think of. My Sportster had aftermarket pipes on it when I bought it. I got a set of stock pipes off Ebay awhile back, and am debating whether to put them on or not. I could care less about the noise, (it does nothing for me personally other than hurt my ears) but realize some do. I do not blast my neighbors. Deer seem to go the other way when I come by them though. Loud pipes cannot be blamed on just Harley riders. Many metric cruiser riders put them on, as well. I have also heard noisy sportbikes whining through town. The other issues are more rider oriented than brand of bike based. Those issues (and th eloud pipe issue) are what causes all of us to have a bad image with the public, higher insurance rates, and more rider deaths. ABATE is a good organization that defends rider’s rights, but also realizes we have a responsibility to police ourselves. The problem I see with the sportbike culture though, is that, being comprised mostly of young, inexperienced males, they are less apt to listen to reason, and more apt to participate in risky behavior. This is due to a lack of wisdom. They haven’t been around long enough to realize the potential consequences of their actions. A perfect example is the attitude of the 18 year-old rider in the video that I posted a link to in my posting #1077. His words when asked about consequences went something like “I won’t stop until maybe if I kill somebody”. When I was young we were into racing the 60’s muscle cars in the quarter mile. Luckily no-one I knew got killed. They were somewhat safer being in a car on a lonely straight stretch of blacktop in the middle of nowhere, rather than sitting atop a motorcycle on an urban interstate at 165mph. Now that I am older I realize what we did was wrong, and what the sportbikers are doing is definitely wrong. With age and experience comes wisdom. You don’t get it any other way.

  • balerick42, you tell ’em bro!

    I don’t care what you ride, like I’ve said before I’ve rode them all. But bikers normally are killed by the action of cagers. Not all sport bike riders, but many think they are invincible. I have video of group of riders doing wheelies at high speed in traffic, weaving in and out of rush hour traffic around school busses and trucks carrying hazzard materials. Those type of riders not only danger themselves but dozens of people around them. Years ago it was a big news story here. Then the news came to us and some riding groups, we gave our opinion. The news media then went back to them, basically they said we don’t give a ****! The police refused to chase them, and said State law did not allow them to get them get them from still or video images. The group grew after the media display, a few died. I don’t understand how the same cities now have traffic cams and give tickets from video? Eitherway if you want to try to kill yourself on a powerful sport bike go ahead, my buddy did to be cool in the young group. I shed few tears because he chose that after much other options offer and knowledge given to him, along with my disapproval. Bikers can be bikers, but there is a difference on maybe waking up a neighbor for a second or causing a major chain reaction wreck with or behind you. Some people need to grow up and realize when and how they can use that power they “need” to have. This page is not much about motorcycling. It is about a few real people, and a bunch of idiots. What the hell happened to motorcyclist? We used to be a brotherhood. Yeah, a little bit of brand discrimination but mostly brotherhood, we stood strong together. Think about what used to be happening, a nation wide brother hood that stood strong a few years ago. Not pissing on your brother because he choose a different two wheels than you choose. Ride, enjoy your ride, have fun but don’t be an idiot, and love your two wheeled brothers and sisters. Or be an idiot an loose more rights for all of us. Talking stats is fine. Talking shit is just what the motorcycle community is coming to, I guess. Keep pissing on the rights we have left, we’ll lose them all. The government will limit power to bikes, just as they got rid of 3 wheel ATVs, because a large number of people couldn’t ride them right. Or raise the riding limit again because young riders are the deaths in their stats. Whatever, I’ve joked on this site, been real, but this Rustbelt Redneck is done watching bikers piss on bikers.

  • pete

    Its too bad you are so over opinionated about harley davidsons. Let me first say ill take your 250cc sportbike to the line any day. Second let me say that this spring i decided to trade UP from my GSXR 750 to a Harley 1200 sportster. I was a little weary when three of my buds bought new rice. I didnt think id be able to ride with them anymore for fear that theyd leave me in the dust.

  • balerick42

    Looks like Plague Guy has some serious financial problems. I feel bad for him… I on the other hand, have two bikes I paid cash for, a Honda Civic I own free and clear now, a 51 Chevy pickup I’ve owned free and clear since 1978, a six bedroom Folk Victorian home( that is currently the #1 rated Victorian home on HGTV’s Rate My Space website, check under “victorian exteriors”) that I have 40 percent equity in, and am paying about 6.5 percent on the balance, an 05 Mustang I am paying 7 percent interest on, I have zero, nada, no credit card debt, in fact I don’t use credit cards, a fishing boat I own, a Go-kart for my kid, two dogs, a 52 inch LCD tv with home theatre surround sound, and 3 other tv’s, I only have to work part-time because of retirement pension income (partly retired when I was 37), lets see….. an XBOX 360, Sony Playstation 2, 2 newer desktop computers, a laptop, several guns, antiques and new furniture, a couple of years ago I sold investment hunting land for 3200 per acre, land I had paid only 400 per acre for in the early 90’s, and on and on…. I think I’m doing ok financially for a dumb, mentally inferior Harley-owning hillbilly….actually, if I didn’t like all these toys and didn’t need something to occupy my time, I wouldn’t have to work at all, and I am only 46. Ain’t I modest too?

  • balerick42

    Plague Guys own words support my view of the cancer of the sportbike culture. He’s another poster boy for all that is wrong with that sect:

    “I can spank your hillbilly ass from stop light to stop light and from curve to curve”
    Yea! Racing in traffic! Now there’s an intelligent idea for you oh so smart sportbike riders. What the heck if one of us gets maimed or killed, or if we hit some innocent. Sure is fun to dart in and out of traffic in shorts and flip flops!

    “Sport bikes can run triple digits on the top end (my ’04 CBR600RR will do around 165mph on the high end”
    165? Even with great brakes and superhuman abilities that you people obviously have, if you are going 165 mph, you will not necessarily get out of the way of a deer or car that changes lanes. And you say you have superior intelligence? Your words may say so but your actions betray you!

    “some bone stock factory models (which cost about ten grand less than a V-Rod) can run close to 200 mph on the top end”
    200? Better yet I guess. Why not go as fast as NASCAR on a public roadway? I, using my inferior hillbilly intelligence can think of several reasons why going 200 mph on any public highway would not be a good idea.

    “We don’t have to. We can, but we don’t, which is what separates us from Harley owners (who can’t and wouldn’t have the skills and experience needed to even if they could).”

    The problem with this last one is that you don’t know what you’re talking about. I was riding a Kawasaki KZ900, and a Yamaha Seca 750 when you were still breastfeeding, long before sportbikes came on the scene (we’re talking 1978 to about 1985). Don’t talk to me about skill and experience, or the lack thereof. Having an overpowered crotch rocket and color coordinated imitation leather riding gear does not translate into skill and experience. Skill and experience are gained over time. Let’s continue:

    “Riding a sport bike is kind of like riding a Harley”
    As if you’ve ever ridden a Harley, let alone owned one. In my experience most Sportbike riders are loudmouthed kids who are like parrots that repeat what they have heard, instead of experiencing it for themselves. I’d say you fit that description.

    “takes a lot more skill and intelligence to operate”
    Sportbikes take more intelligence to operate? Yea, it’s very intelligent to go 165 mph on a public highway….make way for the scholar!!!!!….oooopppsssss!!!! I mean make way for the funeral procession, he was so intelligent to go too fast to see that deer or coon, or rabbit that ran in the road. Now he’s dead and his family has to pick up the pieces because of his “superior intelligence”.
    Your investment editorial is so full of exaggerated figures that it speaks for itself. Almost every figure you use is inflated, at least in comparison to my local costs. I can counter your longwinded argument by telling the truth in one sentence…..Today my 05 Sportster Custom that I paid 6500 for used is worth much more of the original cost than any 05 japanese built bike is. Period.

  • balerick42

    “Since when did a sport bike become powered by a solid fuel rocket that once you lit it you couldn’t shut it off until it ran out of fuel?”

    I’ll tell you when….when they put it in the hands of the inexperienced, young and dumb, immortal attitude, nothing bad can happen to me 18-25 year-old male that the Japanese corporations target these bikes at. Next question……

  • balerick42

    By the way, Being an equal opportunity safe riding advocate, I also have no respect for the Harley riders who cruise from bar to bar, getting increasingly drunk as they ride. Of course, the drinking and riding is not limited to Harley riders. Many metric cruiser riders and Sportbike riders do the same thing. A very large percentage of bike crashes/deaths involve alcohol.

  • balerick42

    Plague guy continues to use extreme examples and outright lies to try to prove his point that everyone should ride sportbikes, regardless of how uncomfortable they are, or how expensive the insurance is on them, or that a passenger has to be in the fetal position, or that many people think they are the ugliest thing on the road, or that arm fatigue is a serious problem on more than a trip across town. His examples would make one think that anyone who owns a Harley had to have paid 25K for it or more, had to have financed it at 9 percent, blah blah blah. I paid $6,500 for mine….cash money, from a private owner (thereby avoiding Illinois sales tax). It starts every morning, I ride it 60 miles nearly every day I can, and have had no problems with it. I have read comments on here from some Harley owners and some Sportbike owners who insist everyone MUST ride what they ride. That is a crock. I ride my Sportster because it is what I want, I got a good deal on it, and I have no doubt that when I want a different bike in a couple of years, I’ll get more money back out of it than if I had bought a Yamaha V-Star. I also own an old Goldwing that I use as my beater bike. I’ve owned many bikes over more than 30 years of riding. Most Japanese bikes I owned were decent, but were worth nothing when it came time to sell or trade. That has not changed. In my opinion Yamaha quality has decreased over the years. Hondas are good bikes (I had two Honda dirtbikes as recently as 2 years ago). So, although I agree that a Harley is not an “investment”, using your loooooongggg drawn out example, resale value is certainly something to consider, unless you are buying a bike to keep forever. Resale value is one reason why I own a Honda Civic. But then I also own a 2005 Mustang (just because I like it, and it reminds me of my 69 Stang from years ago). Not everything has to be based on best technology, or best resale. Life is short, and I say get what makes you happy (but doesn’t endanger others). Alot is written in this thread comparing sportbikes to Harleys. It seems to be a waste of time. The two types of bikes are not even built for the same purpose. You might as well compare apples and oranges. Finally I would like to say that I simply do not believe that most sportbike riders always ride their bikes safely within the speed limit. If you, Plague Guy, believe that then you are a fool, or have been living in a cave. The whole Sportbike culture is about speed, wheelies, stoppies, etc. All you have to do is go to YouTube, type in “Sportbike” or “sportbike crashes”, or a similiar search to see the culture. Better yet, check out my post #1077 to check the link to a news story, and see just how dangerous sportbike riders are. So you only ride yours at 70 mph all day? Yea, ok, maybe you’re the one in a thousand that does, or better yet, anyone who believes sportbike riders ride like cruiser riders needs to buy this beach property I have for sale here in the Midwest.

  • matt

    if you finance anything based on those figures, you must be dumb.

    end of.

    yes, it’s possible, but not needed, and also unheard of unless you’re dumb!

    you must be really in debt if that’s how you see financing!

  • plagu guy Flamer

    BLAh…BLAH…BLAH……………………………………..On AND ON ……………………………………………………………and on! SHUT THE “F” UP

  • plague guy

    I swear, if you upstart hillbillies get any more financially stupid we’ll be able to start handing out play money to you on payday and you won’t even know the difference.

  • plagu guy

    “To own a bike that has the power to go so much faster than that is a waste of power, and money, because in 5 years when it comes time to get a different one, (provided you haven’t planted your face in the pavement trying to do a cool stoppie, thereby destroying your plastic parts), your sportbike won’t be worth squat. They are “ride for awhile, then throw ’em away” bikes.”

    Okay balerick if you think your slapped together piece of shit sportster is such a good investment, i would like to share the following with you:

    I have heard time after time about how my Japanese motorcycle is not worth the resale value of what a Milwaukee built machine is. I concede that this is true but over the last years I have also been told to me that a Harley Davidson is an investment. I am writing this editorial to answer some of the questions I have about this rather obvious myth.

    First, let us first define investment and what an investment is supposed to do for you, and how this term might apply to a motorcycle.

    An investment is, to put it simply, a purchase made for the purpose of making money or financial gain in return.
    So if an investment is made for financial gain then one of the basic premises is that you should buy the investment at the lowest price possible so that it can start being profitable as soon as you purchase it. Also it would make good financial sense that if you were buying for the purpose of making money at a later date or enjoying a return on your investment that maintenance and upkeep would be two areas that you would try to keep to a minimum if not avoid outright. Any extra cost that is associated with maintaining the investment means that the investment will not be so appealing.

    I think these principals will be sound once I have explained them. Lets explore them:

    MSRP of a Harley Davidson Superglide $13,499.00
    Average selling cost of a Harley Davidson Superglide $17,000.00
    Making the negative cost of buying the investment $ -3,501.00 (over MSRP, pure dealer markup)

    Already we are $3501.00 behind on our investment. This isn’t looking good.

    But those who believe that a Harley is an investment will say that they can turn around and sell the bike today or anytime for $17,000 dollars, thus they are not out any money and the bike is a good ‘investment.’ Now the whole point of an investment is to make money, not just break even, so the ‘investment’ theory already fails here.

    Ok let’s look at the cost built into the purchase that the buyer cannot recover.

    Sales tax. Lets make that simple. Figure 8% $1,360.00
    DMV License fees $ 375.00
    Set up and delivery charge $ 300.00

    For a total amount of $ 2,035.00

    Combine that to the amount of advertising the bike for a week at $45.00 and we have a sum of $2,080.00

    We now can say you are negative two thousand dollars if you sell it immediately, however, I think we have another problem, lets add the original negative investment of $3,501.00 for a new loss of $5,581.00 on your “investment.” That’s a 41.34% loss / cost to invest in a Harley Davidson! Not good. Let me put it another way, if someone came up to you and asked you if you wanted to make an investment, and it would cost you thirty dollars but you would only get twenty dollars back in the end (if you were lucky), then I wonder how many of you would actually buy into that ‘investment.’ Probably a lot of you, I imagine. The first clue as to if something is an “investment” or not is if it makes a return.

    Now lets look at how we intelligently buy an investment. Cash. But do you have twenty thousand dollars just laying around for this purchase?

    Probably not so we will finance.

    We are just getting started it seems and we are $5,581.00 dollars down on the investment and we haven’t even managed a way to pay for it yet. Nevertheless, we must have a Harley Davidson so lets go and finance this beast of a fine investment.

    How does 9 percent interest sound with 10 percent down?

    Purchase price $17,000.00
    Incidentals (tag, setup, etc.) $ 2,035.00
    Minus down payment $ 1,900.00
    Total amount financed $17,135.00

    Payments on that for 5 years at 9 percent (60 payments) would come to $21,341.67. Are you following the math yet? Is it starting to make sense? Now we have a total of $23,241.67 invested into a $13,499.00 bike. Our investment has almost cost us double, and it hasn’t even made a penny back for us yet. Some investment.

    So, we sign the papers and we buy the American dream and we ride it to our first meet with the guys, Wow doesn’t that Bike your friend has look good with all that custom chrome and Billet wheels. Not to mention he has $2500 in Screaming Eagle parts so it has the POWER you thought you were buying but didn’t get. So let’s pull out a credit card and get shopping.

    Billet wheels $2,500.00
    Chrome Accessories $3,000.00
    Screaming Eagle parts for motor and style $2,500.00
    Total $8,000.00

    Let’s not forget to mention credit card interest. I’ll make this simple. I will charge 14% twice representing 2 years of payments $1,120.00 and we add this to the above total for a new total of $9,120.00

    Add in bike total and we have $30,467.67. That’s quite a bit of money for a bike that supposedly has a MSRP of $13,499.00. Or we can say we have invested 226% of its retail price just to get into it.

    Now we have paid the new DMV Fees with the credit card and its still at $8,000.00.

    So we are refinancing the home, we include this amount in the house to get rid of the high interest. We do not include the bike, it only has 3 more years of payments and we need the extra money of the refinance to pay off other credit cards and such.

    So we take the $8,000.00 at 6 percent for 20 years and get a total of $13,754.40. Add this to our total before and we get $44,222.07.

    I am tiring of beating this horse so lets just say we use another $3,000.00 dollars in maintenance gas and tires and arrive 5 years later at $47,222.07, which is over three times the MSRP of the bike to begin with.

    Now we go to sell our ‘investment.’

    I get out this weeks cycle trader an notice that 5 year old Superglides are going for $14,000.00, which is about what the MSRP was on the bike brand new.

    I subtract this from what I have in the bike and get $33,222.07. I am over thirty grand in the hole on this ‘investment’ and there is no way in hell anyone is going to pay me what I have in the bike. I am never taking financial advise from anyone who owns a Harley. I just lost 33 thousand dollars on a bike and it wasn’t even fun in the corners.

    Are your eyes open yet? They should be.

  • plagu guy

    balerick, think about what you are saying [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

    Since when did a sport bike become powered by a solid fuel rocket that once you lit it you couldn’t shut it off until it ran out of fuel? I didn’t know that a sport bike only had one speed; wide open. I guess my sport bike is different from other sport bikes because I can ride at the legal posted speed limits all day long with no trouble and no effort. I don’t have to ride fast to avoid overheating, I don’t have some magical, mystery “race gears” on my bike that don’t let me run the engine below eighty-kazillion RPM. I can run my bike at 70mph all day long on the highway. Sure, I’ve got plenty of throttle left, I just don’t use it except on the rare occasion and that’s when I have to in order to avoid an accident or save my life from the actions of idiots in traffic around me.

    Here’s some contemporary technology news for you hillbillies, the throttle works both ways. Just because your bike is lucky (mechanically speaking) to hit the ton (100mph) let alone to survive the trip there and back without any parts making high speed impromptu windows in the crank case doesn’t mean that my bike has to live there all the time. Sport bikes can run triple digits on the top end (my ’04 CBR600RR will do around 165mph on the high end and that coming from a motor that is about fifty-two cubic inches smaller in displacement than your belt driven, two cylinder irrigation pump) and some bone stock factory models (which cost about ten grand less than a V-Rod) can run close to 200 mph on the top end, but we (sport bike riders) don’t do triple digits everywhere we go.

    We don’t have to. We can, but we don’t, which is what separates us from Harley owners (who can’t and wouldn’t have the skills and experience needed to even if they could).

    Sport bikes are motorcycles which means that they have a suspension, two wheels, a transmission, a gas tank, an engine and basic controls to operate and steer it. One of those controls is called a “throttle” and it regulates how much gas and air get to the engine thereby determining how fast and how quick we go. You may not be familiar with the technology behind this “throttle” device as the same device on a Harley is more akin to a volume control knob than to actually producing power or speed. Harley engines are tuned for sound, they don’t have throttles; they have volume control knobs. On a sport bike, the throttle controls the speed of the bike, on a Harley, the rubber grip that you roll back determines for how many city blocks around you that the windows rattle and the easily impressed sheep look up and gawk at you as you roar by at slow speeds.

    Riding a sport bike is not like riding the bull at Gilley’s, you don’t crank the old CBR up and then try to hang on for eight seconds until you either get to where you are going or you get thrown off by the forces of physics. Riding a sport bike is kind of like riding a Harley, only it handles better, lighter, more powerful and takes a lot more skill and intelligence to operate. What surprises most people is that I ride my sport bike like it was a cruiser, nice and slow, with plenty of power, braking and handling in reserve to keep me alive on the street.

  • balerick42

    We have several inches of ice here in Illinois. It’s about 25 outside, cold, windy, uggghhhh!

  • balerick42

    Plague Guy,

    Ok, I’ve tried to be nice…but this is a bunch of crap. For those of you who follow this thread, I know I have posted most of what I am about to post again before, but I have to answer this guy.

    “Just because your motorcycle costs four times what mine did”

    Yea, right! Are you exaggerating? or just a Liar? My Sportster cost me 6500, and it gets me from here to there just fine. Your Honda Sportbike is over 12000 new. Even the big Softails cost at most 19000. That is NOT four times more.

    “There is a big difference between being fast and powerful or just loud and annoying”

    You are right. Loud and annoying never killed anyone. Fast and powerful kills you Sportbike riders, and your innocent victims, at a much higher rate every day of the year. It sucks that I pay a higher insurance premium than I should, due much in part to the high accident rate of you young and dumb mostly male sportbike riders.
    Having a more powerful bike does not make you better, smarter, or better looking. It just means you made a different choice in what you ride. That is it. The speed limit is 65 to 70 on most Interstate highways. To own a bike that has the power to go so much faster than that is a waste of power, and money, because in 5 years when it comes time to get a different one, (provided you haven’t planted your face in the pavement trying to do a cool stoppie, thereby destroying your plastic parts), your sportbike won’t be worth squat. They are “ride for awhile, then throw ’em away” bikes. The big question is why the need for all that power, other than to break the law and put others in danger? You spoke of cancer. I say you and others like you are the real cancer of the motorcycle world, not because of what you ride, but HOW you ride. Unlike Harley riders who just annoy people, you kill people (either yourself, your passenger, or other people in cars) with your idiot, dangerous riding. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!….provided of course it is a much more technologically advanced, more powerful…and color coordinated pipe…so it will meet your definition of “better”.

  • the plagarism guy-courtesy of christopher t shields


    You’re just jealous of all this raw American V-twin power!

    Sigh. In order to be jealous of something, then you must first desire something that you do not already have. Generally, to desire something that you do not have, what you desire must be better in some way or the other than what you currently have. A person with a pound of gold is never going to be jealous of a person with a pound of dog shit, unless of course some incredible market spin is underway. A Harley owner telling me that I’m jealous of their bike is like a person with terminal cancer telling me that I’m jealous of their medical condition.

    Oh, and exactly what raw power are you referring to?

    You have an 88 cubic inch, air cooled V-twin engine making fifty-something horsepower at the crank (not at the rear wheel) while I have a 36 cubic inch, double overhead cam, 16 valve, liquid cooled, inline four making 115 horsepower at the crank (or more than double what you make at the rear wheel). Your rev limit is about the same as a small block Chevy, maybe even less. My rev limit is fifteen grand or about three quarters of what your bike cost brand new. If you think I’m jealous of your engine size, I have less than half the cubes of your engine yet I make over twice the power that you do and I can spank your hillbilly ass from stop light to stop light and from curve to curve. Surely you can’t be serious in thinking that I’m jealous of what you have?


    Yes, if you owned a riding lawnmower, I would definitely be jealous of your power. Fifty-seven horsepower on a riding lawnmower would allow me to not only cut the lawn in record time, but also to do some wheelies and power slides (you know, to get at those hard to reach angles like the flower beds). But since you own a motorcycle in the 21st century, the power that your engine is generating is underwhelming to say the least. For me to be jealous of your lifestyle or to be jealous of your bike would require that you have something better or faster or more powerful than I do and you simply do not have that.

    Oh, you may and probably do have a motorcycle that is far more expensive than mine. However, cost has never been a determining factor in quality. Just because your motorcycle costs four times what mine did is not a very good indicator that your motorcycle is four times better than my motorcycle.

    I’ll wager that it would take several thousand dollars above and beyond the already ridiculous price of your Harley to get it to produce any where near the power that my engine produces in showroom stock configuration. Also, please realize that even though you might one day be able to slap enough parts on your motor to produce 115 horsepower, your performance will still not match mine as there is a very big difference in how a 800 pound motorcycle with 115 horsepower performs and how a 400 pound motorcycle with 115 horsepower performs.

    The fact that there isn’t a Harley made, not even the lightest Harleys with the biggest engines the Motor Company can sledge hammer into them, that can keep up with the smallest motored sport bikes is only salt rubbed in your wounded ego. Harleys produce noise, they do not produce power. Noise is not power, noise is a byproduct of power.

    There is a big difference between being fast and powerful or just loud and annoying

  • shooter

    Sport bikes are motorcycles which means that they have a suspension, two wheels, a transmission, a gas tank, an engine and basic controls to operate and steer it. One of those controls is called a “throttle” and it regulates how much gas and air get to the engine thereby determining how fast and how quick we go. You may not be familiar with the technology behind this “throttle” device as the same device on a Harley is more akin to a volume control knob than to actually producing power or speed. Harley engines are tuned for sound, they don’t have throttles; they have volume control knobs. On a sport bike, the throttle controls the speed of the bike, on a Harley, the rubber grip that you roll back determines for how many city blocks around you that the windows rattle and the easily impressed sheep look up and gawk at you as you roar by at slow speeds.

  • balerick42

    “A bike that powerful and stable and that is street legal and readily available to the public is “Extremely Cool”!”

    Not for the people who are victims of the fools who ride them illegally (that includes the foolish rider) These sport bikes might be “street legal”, but it’s just the wink, wink attitude of corporations putting a dangerous machine in the wrong hands “3-wheeled ATV’s anyone”, regardless of the impact on public safety. I still do not see the need to allow a machine that is capable of 180 mph on public roadways. For those who argue they only ride that fast on “track days”, fine, then don’t license them, haul ’em to the track on as trailer, ride nutty, them trailer them back home. Young and dumb….and 180 mph don’t mix well.

  • CBR Rider

    “China has unfair trade policies. They copy like crazy and then sell the copied products under other names. The government publicly condones…”

    The word “condones” should be “condemns”

  • CBR Rider

    China has unfair trade policies. They copy like crazy and then sell the copied products under other names. The government publicly condones the practice but does not enforce any laws to copying products since their aren’t any laws and the government doesn’t seem in a hurry to outlaw intellectual property rights.

    Take etch-a-sketch based in Ohio. The toy many of us played with and our kids as well. It has a house hold name. At some point those at etch-a-sketch got the bright idea to out source the work to China. The cheap labor proved profitable. But than came a big problem. All of a sudden all over the world were boot leg etch-a-sketches. Etch-a-sketch never in their history had this problem before. When they sent the prototype to China to be outsourced the Chinese copied it. Etch-a-sketch has since quit outsourcing to China and has spent millions trying to fight it in court and has not had much luck. They now wish they would have left well enough alone.

    A few years back there was a Yamaha representive from Japan that was stationed in China. One day he passes through a small town and notices a Yamaha factory that he wasn’t aware of that was in that town. So, he goes back and mentions it to his boss and finds out there is no Yamaha factory in the town. The Chinese had copied Yamaha products and the Yamaha emblem and were selling fake Yamaha motorcycles. They did a good job copying them too. At first it was easy to tell the difference between a copy and the real thing. Now its not so easy. Yamaha complained to the Chinese government and nothing was done to stop the copies. A few days later though the Yamaha sign was gone from the factory and another Chinese name was in its place. The quality of the boot leg Yamahas weren’t as good as the real thing but the price was cheap enough to where you could fix it when it broke and still come out ahead of buying the real thing.

    At the time I read about Yamaha a few years back, Toyota had just sent an engine prototype to the Japanese that they wanted to mass produce!…poor Toyota! Poor us too if they develop that auto technology well enough.

    Chinese copying products is like going to a porno site online. Your computer is running just fine and never really had much problems. You happen to stumble across a link to go to a naughty porno site that you think looks like a good idea. You think about it and decide to go in. The next thing you know you have pornographic pop ups all over your computer like crazy when you never had the problem before. Like etch-a-sketch who never had a problem with copies until they out sourced to China.

    If, by some luck, your product has not been bootlegged, do not go to China to out source for the cheap labor.

    For years the Chinese yen was way lower than what it should have been. Our government(USA) complained it did no good. Some were calling for a boycott but others were afraid that would trigger a trade war which would have been very expensive. Either way you though the yen was way too low which made Chinese exports very attractive. Very recently, 6 months ago maybe(I’m guessing), the yen finally went up and everyone was happy.

    I spent some time talking about American CEOs with their lack of good performance and astronomical pay raises that do not match their astronomically bad work. To keep it real I had to talk about the Chinese who do in fact have some unfair trade practices that are hurting our economy as well.

    Hell, while I’m at it I’m not fond of the Japanese practice of “Django”, which is the practice of bid rigging. There was construction project over there that the USA needed for one of our military bases. There were suppose to be closed bids and the lowest bidder was to be picked. All of the Japanese contractors secretly met and decided who would get which bids and they decided how much each company would bid for the bids. This increased their profits but naturally was unfair to us.

    I still don’t like CEOs. Numerous examples of corporate bad decisions like the Home Depot CEO that got forced to retire for doing an absolutely horrible job and yet got a huge pay day as he was put out of office just shows us shooting ourselves in the foot.

  • CBR Rider

    American productivity is very high. From what I’ve read it is second only to Norway. With productivity that high that makes corperate pay all the more ridiculus….especially with the mind blowing bad decisions made by executives.

    If our economy is being pushed along by the consumer, think of the extra boost it would have had if Roger Smith of GM wouldn’t have layed off 200,000 people in his first two years alone.

    Some economists say that layoffs, even in good times, may actually hurt the long-term growth of the U.S. economy. They say this because of the large income inequalities that exist from the lay offs.

    The fastest growing economies in the world of Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan have income levels of top corporate bosses that are closer to those of the average worker and some economists see a connection between income equality and national economic growth.

    Out of control corporate pay is small(still very important though as noted above) compared to the bad strategy these executives have for our companies.

    Smith spent 77 billion dollars over the next few years on robots, after which GM was far less efficient than Ford and Chrysler, let alone the Japanese. I don’t think it can be over stated management’s failure. On the other hand, Toyota, which many many many experts says is the most efficient producer in the world, had a factory that had no spectacular modern technology. It was less modern than both the GM plant and Mercedes plant.

    What if GM would have invested that 77 billion into research?! Could they have developed a more fuel efficient car that many consumers wanted? Harley Davidson possibly would have been able to go across the street to GM for help with their VROD engine instead of having felt the need to go to Germany.

    Low labor costs, lack of environmental and labor laws are short term advantages in my opinion.

    Mexico with their lack of environmental laws has a water shortage due to pollution that has their government viewing it as a matter of national security.

    If lack of labor laws is a long term advantage why is China trying like heck to establish unions in their country? China has some very bad practices such as copying other peoples technology to mention one but if lack of labor laws is an advantage why establish the union? Because, as mentioned above, pay equality is better for the economy.

    Initially, the Japanese broke into the US market by exporting small, fuel efficient cars made with low-cost labor during the oil crisis of the 70s.
    But by the late 80s the Japanese and American auto workers were making about the same money yet the Japanese share of our US market was growing.

    As far as the dollar being low it has helped our economy by making our exports cheap and has also hurt our economy by signaling to investors that our economy is expected to be slower than normal and therefore has scared any investors away from our stock market which has been down lately.

    However, lets go back to GM. If they had spent that money wisely and been more efficient as well as built a car more in line with what consumers wanted we would not have to worry so much about lowering our dollar to make our exports cheap. Our products would have been more desirable even with a stronger dollar. Investors would have flocked over here to invest in our economy.

    Bad CEO decisions are the main problems with our economy. It is not the unions fault, my fault for buying a Japanese motorcycle, and is not entirely the advantage countries have with lack of environmental laws either.

    Being an uniformed consumer that buys American and yet does not hold the ones truly responsible in account is not a solution either.

    If you want to help our economy write letters expressing your distaste of bad corporate strategies. Or next time you’re at a bar, don’t talk about the man riding the Japanese motorcycle, talk about the CEOs who misspend 77 billion dollars and yet got a pay raise while laying off millions of people.

  • Do many of them there real Harley bikers park their bike in the living room and decorate it for Christmas? I used to try but my old lady kept beating on me with the butt of the shotgun we kept behind the door or an iron pan. She said “I don’t care what your friends do,” and it “leaked too much” on the carpet! I said, that’s why I saved one of those TV dinner plates. So, I had to go cut a damned tree down from the front yard of the house across the road, when they were at work, and bring that in the house.

    I don’t under stand, it only took one plug to keep the bike charged. The tree had lights with all kind of stuff plugged in. So the next fall I bought on of them Jap bikes, it didn’t leak. I asked here if I could bring it in for winter. She said OK. Then damned if she didn’t move in with a biker I knew had his Harley in the living room, decorated with hanging Busch beer cans. Saw her in the spring time with her new tattoos riding off to Alabama with him.

    Women, who understands them? Maybe she got tired of snow?

  • CBR Rider

    My mistake, the Ecosse is powered by an American 45 degree v-twin. There is another bike powered by a VROD engine called a Boehr that I mistook the Ecosse for.

    We Americans have built a bike of approximately 1700cc to 2000cc and are able to get 130 rwhp from it. Not only that, the price of the engine alone is $8,000. I didn’t see any Ecosse with 200 rwhp. For the entire motorcycle the price is $50,000.

    Getting 130 rwhp out of the Ecosse 1700cc(being very conservative here, more likely 2000cc) engine that costs around $8,000 is positive proof we should be working on another engine design.

    At one web site called motorcycleusa.com, they justified the Ecosse price compared to Harley Davidsons. At the same time the comparison points out the ridiculous price and perfomance of Harley Davidsons. Here is the quote:

    “When you stop to consider all the riders out there who buy a $25,000 Harley, and customize it, build the motor, and still have, at best, a common, so-so handling bike, the price is fitting.”

  • I like rice (not)

    “”As you are proud of the German designed engine in the Ecosse, I am proud of my Japanese powered Honda. The slowest 0-60 time I’ve seen for my bike is 3.1 seconds. 1/4 mile time, 10.5 sec. Top speed 165 mph. All of this from a 10 year old motorcycle! WOW! I like my bike!”””

    Bah…Blah…Blah..Yah….Wow CBR…your bike runs the 1/4 mile with a slower time than that of my Sportster and I last raced it in 1976. And my dad can….


    Wrong S.f.er.

    The engine in the ECOSSE is a air cooled 45 degree V-Twin made here in the USA.

  • CBR Rider

    “Over 200hp @ the RW.
    Not bad for a old HD engine made in 03 (1903). Suck on that Honda lovers…Ha Ha Ha”

    The engine you are proudly referring to in the Ecosse was designed and built in Germany and introduced in the VROD as you may not be aware. The Ecosse engine has no roots to Harley Davidson engineering what so ever. The engine was out sourced by Harley Davidson to the Germans.

    Having been designed in Germany I have to ask;
    Where is that Harley Davidson ingenuity? Where is that American ingenuity? After all, Harley Davidson could have asked GM, Ford, or Chrysler for help if they didn’t want to try and build a new engine on their own.

    As you are proud of the German designed engine in the Ecosse, I am proud of my Japanese powered Honda. The slowest 0-60 time I’ve seen for my bike is 3.1 seconds. 1/4 mile time, 10.5 sec. Top speed 165 mph. All of this from a 10 year old motorcycle! WOW! I like my bike!

    What is ultra cool on any level you look at is the fact that todays 1000cc Japanese sport bikes have 0-60 times of 2.6 seconds. 1/4 mile times of 9.7 seconds. “Regulated” top speeds of 183 mph.

    A bike that powerful and stable and that is street legal and readily available to the public is “Extremely Cool”! There is nothing square, behind the times, or mundane about that! It is very hip!!

    I love my bike!



    First-ever all-titanium chassis
    Handcrafted, nine-piece, clear-coated carbon fiber bodywork
    Hand-painted orange pinstripes on the tank and tail
    Polished 2,150cc billet motor; supercharged, intercooled, and fuel injected
    Clear-coated carbon fiber wheels
    Handcrafted titanium race exhaust
    Approximately 440 lbs – More than 200 hp at rear wheel / More than 210 ft-lbs of torque at rear wheel

    Over 200hp @ the RW.
    Not bad for a old HD engine made in 03 (1903). Suck on that Honda lovers…Ha Ha Ha

  • Shaftee-

    I hope you are referring to the Ford Crown Victory? The Ford LTD was a piece of crap. I had two close family members that owned one. They fell apart and rusted away. I doubt that many scrap yards even carry many parts for the LTD now, I can check the national data base to be sure.

    The Ford Crown Vic, on the other hand is a pretty reliable car. Yes, they suck gas, but are a large car and need occasional work when over say 10 years old. We have one parked 15 feet from me, used daily. The supply of parts is not limited by Ford, and even though the last model was built in 2007. Most police agencies and government offices used that car. I imagine that over a 15 years supply of parts will be available after Ford quits selling parts.

    The H-D 1200 Sportster, will run forever? An assumption, nothing will run forever without replacement parts. I owned a 1200 Sportster, it was a great bike. But how long can you keep it running when Harley discontinues that model? Aftermarket, like an old friend does his 1100 Sportster he can’t keep running though the season? Granted you have an advantage, a business in my area is buying used parts from old bikes. A scrap yard for Harleys if you will. Forever no! For your lifetime maybe.

    The old VW bug was supposed to run forever, It was it possible could if the parts were not almost impossible to find now.

    Don’t take offense I love Harleys, but just like Countries, models and brands come and go.

  • As long as there are hackers the new tech stuff doesn’t scare me. Keep the rebel spirit alive all the time. Nothing lasts forever, countries were meant to come and go just like the seasons.
    Good cheap transportation:
    hyundai, best bang for the buck, hands down
    subaru legacy, will run forever
    ford ltd, will run forever but will consume replacement parts like it deos gas
    1200 sportster, will run forever

  • balerick42

    Post 1633 and a couple later posts regurgitate the same tired arguments that have been posted on this blog many other times. “waahhh, Harley is bad for working with the Germans, Japanese are superior because they do things on their own” “Get in step with the Japanese Global Corporation, who rules through superior technology, Americans are not entitled to have personal preference, you are to worship the technology gods!” type of argument. BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!!! I agree that US execs are overpaid. I also believe that US car companies are at a disadvantage because of huge benefits obligations they have to their retired workers (something Japanese companies, even those that build here in the US, don’t have). Also US corporations are at a disadvantage because they have to compete against other countries that do not have all the environmental and labor laws we have here. Manufacturing in the US is becoming a thing of the past not because of the US worker, who happens to be the most productive worker on average in the world. It is not because of overpaid executives either. It is because our policies seek “free trade” at any cost, as opposed to “fair trade”. I say make the playing field even when it comes to worker rights, environmental laws, etc. A return to the gold standard would be nice too. Currently the US dollar is worth even less than the Canadian dollar! Who’d have ever thought that? Our deficit is crazy. Our economy is only as good as it is because of consumer spending, which accounts for as much as two thirds of the US economic growth. We have major problems in the US, and unless there is a major turn around, it will only get worse. Read the economic history of the ancient City-State of Athens, known as the first “democracy” upon which our goverment is based. You’ll see just how closely our economic history is following that of Athens, and how we are making the same mistakes as Athens did. The problem is that Athens eventually failed and went down in defeat, just as we are bound to unless there is drastic change. There, now that’s MY rant for the day!

  • new harley fan


    Its too bad you are so over opinionated about harley davidsons. Let me first say ill take your 250cc sportbike to the line any day. Second let me say that this spring i decided to trade UP from my GSXR 750 to a Harley 1200 sportster. I was a little weary when three of my buds bought new rice. I didnt think id be able to ride with them anymore for fear that theyd leave me in the dust.

  • shaftee

    Its too bad some of you are so over opinionated about harley davidsons. Let me first say ill take your 250cc sportbike to the line any day. Second let me say that this spring i decided to trade UP from my GSXR 750 to a Harley 1200 sportster. I was a little weary when three of my buds bought new rice. I didnt think id be able to ride with them anymore for fear that theyd leave me in the dust.

  • >>Low budget = crap, buy the hottest most awesome machine you can(‘t) afford.<< Low budget may mean crap most of the time, but a reasonable one doesn't. My Ford Escort was low budget, but was a well designed, well built vehicle. That met all of my needs including performance, and reliability. Of course my mustang GT had a much, much, more power and better performance under the right conditions. But that 4 cylinder Escort went through snow drifts that 4x4 trucks got stuck in. And even got me a speeding ticket for 110 MPH (clocked from air in a 1 mile distant while slowing for the off ramp) on a limit access highway. As for my bike, my Suzuki was reasonable price. Performed very well, has stood the test of time and held it value from the offers I have received over the years. After 12 years I finally have to dump some money into it to clean the carbs and find an electrical short. It's not a bike I can work on entirely by myself. However, I'm not fond of electronic fuel injection and all of the crap that's makes it nearly impossible to do a tune up by myself, or with the help of a friend. The MRF and ABATE told me this would happen. What year did Harley go all to fuel injection and not offer a carburetor version? The more electronic crap on a bike the more future issues you will have that only dealerships can fix. I've only looked a little, but it seems all bikes must be electronic fuel injection now. Nothing against fuel injection. I just don't care to help the anti tamping laws, or end of life legislation coming to us all soon. I think I'll probably keep my old bike. It's clean and will run great again in the spring. As for my Dodge Caravan (gotta great price and needed a car fast, but don't need 7 seats, I most often travel alone or with one passenger) If I can't sell it at a decent price. I'll paint it camouflage like my buddies Mercedes, and two trucks in the neighborhood. Except I'll go special forces tiger strip and run it until it's F****** dead. Soccer Mom's can enjoy that. As for a new car, can't find anything I like that cost less than many of the foreclosed homes and sheriff sales on homes around here. As property can resell for up to $25,000 for a half acre around here now. I think I'd put my money in land, they don't make it anymore. And look for a decent 70's - 80's 4 wheel drive Chevy or Ford truck. Strait 6, 302, 350, 351, 390, 454, 460.... something I can work on myself. Maybe even get a used plow and get some work for 4-5 months out of the year. I used fix them up and install every year when I worked excavating, that was my winter job. I think I still remember how to do it. Don't drive far enough to worry about gas economy. Enjoy your new bikes and cars, I think I'm going retro. If I do paint my van I'll do 101 airborne logo one side and 82 Airborne the other (both in rember of family that served). I'm thing I put a FTW on the top. Now tell the truth, you gotta love my ramble and slightly mental ill thinking process. Should I put a subdued flag on the back of the minivan?

  • Dominik

    I ride my ’06 Star Stratoliner “S”. I love the darn thing to death. TONS OF POWER, 45-50 MPG fuel economy, cushy, tons of chrome and it has been chosen as the Top Super Cruiser of the Year for 2006 & 2007! But will I dog Harley Davidson?
    NO WAY! I am an all-American US Marine who loves things American way, American made, with American greasy burgers and Freedom Fries. HD makes great bikes, and people round the world love them. However I earn my money the hard way, some of it in combat, and I’ll be damned if I let an American company rip me off for thousands more for a bike that is not worth that much. I’m sorry but paying $20K for a loaded Road King Classic is RETARDED, when you can get a loaded Stratoliner with more chrome, MUCH better/bigger motor, same fuel economy (read above), and helluva lot more features. Motorcycle.com tested a Road King Classic versus the Stratoliner (both being flagship bikes) and the Strato blew the HD away.
    Strato has more torque, more HP, same gas mileage, digital fuel injection, stops in a MUCH shorter distance (at all speeds) even though Road Kind had ABS on it, has more chrome, better suspension, handles like a sport bike (quick, smooth and with confidence), has a fatter rear-end tire (190 vs. 170), and has a EXUP valve.

    So while I love all bikes, and don’t care what you ride. Once HD stops jacking up the prices simply because of their name, I will NOT buy one. And if someone tells me about resale value…this is my two cents on that:
    WHY THE HELL ARE YOU WORRIED ABOUT RESALE VALUE? Did you buy the bike to sell it in a couple of years or to keep it as long as you can because you invested you hard earned cash into it? =)


    P.S. It’s quality/reliability I go for…not name plates and history.

  • Victory (only know the 92ci vegas) is excellent xcept no shady tree customizing cuz they own the programing and there isn’t enough after markey stuff.

    I like the bike and think it’s a great cruiser.
    Lotsa get up and go and smooth too. Too quiet for me but an exaust and cam kit should do the trick.

    Handles lighter than my train and the suspension is more road bike style.

    Low budget = crap, buy the hottest most awesome machine you can(‘t) afford.

    Like the corporate commercial says: “Ride on”

  • matt

    confederate hellcat!! hell yeah!

  • Many Americans think the Union is the cause for the downfall of auto industries. It has been expressed a lot lately in the media, because of the plant closing, buy-offs, layoffs, and strikes. The general public opinion is they get paid too much. People talk about $50, $70 an hour and up for labor. That is not true. I personally know many people who work, for or have worked for GM, Ford, and Chrysler. They make no were near that much. A friend of mine dropped some paperwork in my driveway, I found a pay stub. As a Union Auto Worker with over 20 years in the company he made $20.00 an hour. Wow, I guess he’s rich, no wealthy, no maybe just living and paying taxes and getting by? No new cars, no expensive home, and his wife works as well. He rides an old H-D homemade chopper “rat bike” that his friends joke with him about. For the 14 years I’ve known him he’s been working little by little to fix up his old home. He buys older used vehicles. He got into an issue with GM once for driving a “foreign” car to work. His truck was down so he had to drive his daughters car a few days.

    As for Management getting too much pay and not really caring about what happens to the company, I believe it because I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it in large companies, midsize companies, and small companies. A family member of mine works in a so called “employee owed company” The board hired a president with no experience in that industry, who is getting paid well as he drives the place into the ground. Employees got no pay increase or profit sharing this year, they also lost almost decent health insurance with a horrible new plan that no longer covers family members or the option to add them. They work 10 hour days, 7 days a week. And if the president somehow gets fired they still have to pay him a over a million on his contract. It’s hard to picture this on a much larger scale, but it does happen.

    I always drove Ford products from an earlier two door sporty Maverick, a 77 Maverick, a ’80 Fairmont, 3-80’s Mustangs (one 4 cylinder, 2 V8, my girl friend had a strait 6 in hers), 91 Mustang 5.0 GT, 92 Escort LX, they all served me well, as all got beaten well. I could work on them myself to a certain point. Then my uncle finally persuaded me to buy a Chevy Corsica, piece of shit was nothing but problems, damn daytime lights and auto locking doors pissed me off. I had him sell it after I put a new engine in, girl that bought it totaled it. I was happy one less piece of shit on the road. I now drive a Crown Vic, and a Dodge Caravan, the Dodge has the big V-6 and can move but is really a piece of crap, broke down again and I can’t reach anything to work on it.

    My sister started with GM products, her first car a 1970 Lemans GTO package, it was fast a little too much for her I think. She ran it out of oil and it was ticking pretty good. But I was in school with the guy who bought it, it still outran my buddies who had much bigger engines and thought he could not touch them. She then got a 70’s Cutlass from my uncle… great car, but we knew the history from when he bought it new, his brother owned it for a few years, then he bought it back. She had a few different new cars while in Germany. She had a Grad prix (junk) and a Volvo (junk), now has a new Jeep (many problems, ready to trade it in). If I had to buy a new domestic car today I don’t know what I’d buy since I can’t afford a Mustang GT Shelby (that mostly because I’ve always loved mustangs). My Fords in the supposed bad years were great to me. It’s hard to trust a GM after the 80’s and 90’s crap they built. Does the Swiss still build a car? I’ve got a watch and a knife, but wouldn’t consider a car from there.

    I know this is also not relevant but a friend of mine bought two older Mercedes, painted one of them camouflage. Pissed off Mercedes owners bad… another rustbelt redneck he loved the reactions. LOL

    Who is to consider what is quality except the consumer? I loved Fords and older GM products until recently. Fox chassis (80’s -90’s mustangs, capri, thunderbird, fairmont, futura, etc.) considered inferior, I loved them. My last look at new vehicles I liked the diesel Jetta but would rather buy domestic. All of you really smart people please help me in my search for a new car, also a new motorcycle. My Jap bike is getting pretty old, I’m having to dump money into now. No high dollar cars please, I’m pretty low income. Bikes must be cruiser style.

    Hey I’ve never heard anyone discuss that other domestic motorcycle Victory or something?

    Thanks for reading my current ramble.

  • 1- Marry into wealth.
    2- Get off your arse and create your own empire
    3- Climb the Corporate ladder
    4- Stop moaning about the Corporate world and do something about it. Don’t buy their products!
    5- Rant a bout it
    6- Ride a bike and forget about it
    8- Go to Somalia since it’s better there

  • matt

    cbr rider, you know it was a rant, but that’s not always a bad thing, and in this case i agree with 99% of it. we need ‘bosses and workers’, and the pay must reflect that, but as you say, top bosses should be more accountable.

    english football anyone? £2.5 million paid to the england boss, just because they sacked him for being useless!!!!

    wow!!! i want a job where i can fail, get sacked but still get paid loads of money!!

  • CBR Rider

    shaftee, you think that post was a rant? You didn’t think it brought up some good points?

    I take that “type of rant” comment about me as a compliment because post #1633 sure as hell brought up some good points.

    Rich or wealthy, corporate America does not care about me or you and are therefore no kind of balance to anything.

    Corporate America is screwing the working man far more than the Somalis can dream of.

    It’s funny how people just won’t look at the rich or wealthy corporations as a problem. A counter balance to the Somalis is no justification for a CEO that made 108 million dollars in 1982 and 647 million dollars in 2006. And remember, the working man only got a $600 raise during that same period if he didn’t get laid off.

  • CBR, my bad, sounded like your type of rant.
    Corporate heads are wealthy, not rich, wealthy.
    They can afford to loose 90% of their wealth and still be in the top .00000005 percentile. Think of them as the counter balance to Somalis.

  • CBR Rider

    Post #1633 was well written! I wish I could take credit for writing it and I would but such is not the case.

    Many American corporations build our fellow country men inferior products and accomplish tasks at inefficient rates as the result of bad corporate decisions, pay the working man obscenely little money, and pay the corporate heads obscenely lots of money. And its been getting worse as time goes by.

    I’ve heard many people talk about factory closings in the USA and they usually say it is other peoples fault such as the working man who buys foreign, you say its his fault. Or they say its the union’s fault for demanding high wages when in fact most American workers have gotten merely a $600 or $700 pay raise in the last 20 years which isn’t much considering inflation generally doubles the price of everything every 20 years(at 3% inflation which is the average). I haven’t heard anyone point the finger at the corporate bosses who make bad decisions but get record pay raises whether they do a good job or a bad job. When corporate bosses do a bad job they MAY get fired or most often but still not very often forced to resign but they get a hefty severance pay of millions of dollars when they do resign or in rare cases fired. What incentive do corporate bosses have to do a good job and make the right business decisions that will have positive effects in the long run? As soon as the results of these bad decisions come to rest, the first thing that happens is reduced pay and benefits to the factory worker. Next step is to lay off the factory worker. In the mean time while business is steadily getting worse the corporate heads get pay RAISES and INCREASES in benefits such as those corporate heads at GM to name just one company.

    Why should I support that rich executive who is ready to lay me off at a moments notice, refuses to give me a raise and gives him self a huge raise?

    I believe and hope that there will be a “correction” so to speak concerning corporate and worker pay scales. Eventually, so many people will be layed off that there will be no one to buy American products even if they wanted to. Corporate heads are shooting themselves in the foot. If there is no one working to earn money to buy products corporate America won’t be able to give itself a raise.

  • CBR Rider

    Whew! Finally! I now understand post #1634. Shiftee, er ah Shaftee(just kidding), I did not write post #1633.

    I had to read post #1634 5 or 6 times before I could figure out what you meant.

    The person known as CBR Rider did not write post #1633.

  • balerick42

    Does Switzerland manufacture and sell a brand of motorcycle? Do they manufacture and sell any product? My understanding is their economy is mostly based on finance banking and tourism. Long as we are on the subject of WW II, Switzerland was one of the “neutral” countries that helped Nazi Germany’s economy survive longer than it should have. They did things like launder stolen treasures, gold, money, etc. that the Germans stole from Jews and others. The only reason Hitler did not invade and take over Switzerland is because the country was a useful tool for him. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Richard.

  • Richard Stilton

    I stumbled on this site recently and, to my utter amazement agree with a lot that is written here.
    I recently fullfilled a dream of mine and travelled to the US specificaly to rent and ride a HD from Denver up over the Beartooth Pass and down through Yellowstone. A trip 2 years in the planning and saving for. I enjoyed evry second of every mile and could not even dream of doing a trip like that on any other bike.
    However, now I am back in Switzerland I am about to chop in my BMW for a new bike… Harley? Nah.. its a poser machine and who wants to be seen as a poser, unless you are a faggot looking for another kind of ride. Im going for a Buell – A mans Harley.

  • I mostly agree to those who spoke of Harley stopping production for a week or so. A needed correction, and not to flood the market with bikes at a lower profit. I think the idea of working with German Companies to redesign the v-twin makes little since, we have many younger Engineers here that can accomplish that. But if your going for a total new engine design, it better be sold as a separate sportbike line while keeping the “old” bikes and design, as that is Harley to most consumers.

    To the many American people, German Engineering does represent quality and performance. Why is Ford using them for help on American cars? I’d buy new VW over Japanese car anyday. However I’d still buy a car from the big 3 if equivalent in price, performance, and quality. I’ve seen them, driven them, looked closely at the cars.

    I love my Japanese bike, I love Harley-Davidson bikes, I’ve rode my ex-girlfriends BMW bikes and was not fond of them. They sat to high, felt top heavy, and was not impressed with engine performance. It is a matter of preference, that’s all.

    I don’t think Harley is on a major downfall or going out of business.

  • matt

    YAWN……….zzzzzzzzzzz………zzzzzzzzzz………yawn….. look here for a simple answer

  • By the way, both the iron cross and swastika have histories and meanings that transcend and negate their use by the Nazi movement. Don’t confuse decorating with genocide.

  • CBR, stop hiding behind the shaftee image, it’s a cheap shot. German engineering was so advanced: their technical prowess was gas chambers with human silencers, please.

  • shaftee

    And now, Harley is rumored to be working with the Germans, Porsche in fact, on redesigning the V-Twin engine for more power. What do the Germans know about performance? Americans teaming up with Germans for a technology boost? Well, I guess since Germany is a country about the size of the state of Georgia, and that the Germans were the first to invent rockets, jet engines, guided missiles, etc., and since most Harley riders wear German war helmets and have Iron Cross mirrors or Nazi symbols, Germany was about the only likely choice to turn to for innovation, since they were the obviously the major source for inspiration.

    I just don’t understand this …

    Instead of trying to come up with something on their own, Harley had to turn to the Germans!? There goes American ingenuity for you, guess you can say that Milwaukee has no new thinking, they have to get it from out of country. Talk about patriotic? You look down on me for riding a ‘rice burner’? You tell me, who started World War II first, the Germans or the Japanese? Is there any difference between riding a BMW or a Honda? What about a Porsche powered Harley? Is the term Kraut burner going to come into fashion now? People tell me that they don’t own a ‘rice burner’ because the Japanese attacked us at Pearl Harbor and killed some of ‘our boys’. Well, what the HELL do you think happened at Omaha Beach and Normandy? Do you think THAT was the Japanese that killed so many of ‘our boys’ that it made Pearl Harbor look like a small town shooting in comparison. Yet Harley riders often pay homage to German designs, tattoos, and other paraphernalia. I find that laughable, talk about patriotic… Harley rider’s logic is about as reliable as the machines they choose to ride on and that isn’t saying much

  • Harley has added significant manufacturing capacity in the past few years, in an effort to help ‘catch up’ with the demand for new bikes and eliminate waiting lists. Now that demand has slowed a bit (due to 2 key factors — market saturation and a slowing US economy), they’re forced to either stop the production lines or build up unsold inventory.

    Harley management wants to prevent dealers from taking too much inventory, as this brings around discounting below MSRP. Nobody (dealers, current owners, or the company mgmt) wants H-D dealers to sell bikes below MSRP. Period.

  • balerick42

    Harley has enjoyed a surge in sales for quite a few years thanks to a good economy and large baby boomer population. The problem is that Harley’s main buyer group is getting smaller as Boomers get older, die, or stop riding. I don’t think it is so much that they are about to go out of business as just a correction. They are so used to shipping bikes as fast as they can make them with dealers asking (and getting) above MSRP, that when it does slow a little many people see it as a bad sign. I see it as a reality check.

  • It was on the local news today. The great American Icon, Harley Davidson is shutting down production for at least a week without pay. Reason was said to be the economy, they aren’t shipping out enough bikes.

    Seems familiar as my Sister’s Rubber company is also shutting down for two weeks. The local area here is mostly making parts for the auto industry, if rubber, metal, or electrical. Many have closed and moved to Mexico recently. The old “Rustbelt” in N.E. Ohio has been producing parts in smaller rubber shops, and large and small shops working with metal to produce products mostly for the auto industry. Maybe all the rubber shops formed back when Akron (the rubber city) had all the big tire manufactures here. All of my close family and most friends worked in rubber companies, they are taking a big hit and slowly dying out. The big shops working with aluminum for the auto industry just closed and went to Mexico. Same as a company working with wiring for the auto industry. My friends that still have jobs work for contruction or medical now. Hell, the company I used to work for was Engineering Firm, based on the tire industry, they barely survive now even though well dirverse beyond the tire industry. Was our loss because of the loss in the big 3 in auto industry? Yes.

    Is Harley-Davidson’s stopping production similar? Of course it is in my opinion, bad economy. Are they producing an inferior product? I don’t think so, as they have their notch in the motorcycle industry. Does the American Auto industry produce inferior products? The once did, but as of now I don’t believe they do. Atleast not compared to Japanese autos, German cars may have a slight advantage from what I’ve seen. I’m sure I’ll get some input from this. Why is Harley really stopping production?

  • Same thing here, once the throw down the salt, I don’t ride until a good rain cleans it off the roads good. I already put in fresh gas and fuel stabilizer. Tried to start it and let in run down through the carbs. Damn thing wouldn’t start again. Newer battery with good charge. Seems I have an electrical short somewhere. Turn key to on, lights come on, hit start button, hear a click, it goes dead. Let it sit awhile, you can repeat the above. So, I guess my bike was done for the year anyway. Really need new tires. I think I’ll wait until spring to take it to shop, by trailer (with Ohio plates, Frank) I guess. Feels like I didn’t get my $70 out of my plates. Good thing my insurance is only $75.00 a year.

    My bike has been trailed before. It was ABATE June Jam 96. We had a trailer with 2 bikes, and one in the truck bed. Why? We had to take the truck and trailer with items needed for the ralley, as we carried items needed to put on the event. Firewood for the Region Zero camp, tents and clothes for others riding. Another van carried more items so we took his bike. And of course someone had to haul the products trailer. For the anti trailoring people, realize sometimes someone has to carry the stuff needed that a bike can’t. Coolers and a fresh clothes are a good example. You could spend 3 days sweating in the summer heat covered with dirt. Drinking warm beer, no food to cook. But how would people accept you when you stopped to dine on your ride home? Some do it, I’ve done it and fine. Some world rather not be a “stinky biker” if the could have a tent and a change of clothes. Trailer your bike if you want to, don’t worry about what other people think. Just as a sweaty biker with dirty clothes, do so if you want, don’t worry what other people think. Motorcycling is about freedom, do what you want and allow others to do what they want. That concept was not so hard to get years back.

  • balerick42

    Well, Past the point of no return soon. It’s time to buy Sta-Bil for the gas tanks of the bikes, put them in storage. Such crappy weather the last few days here, snow, ice, cold rain, doesn’t look to get any better until March or April. Winter sucks. I miss Florida and Hawaii.

  • Matt,
    don’t really get backwoods GA that well I guess. Sold the house down there, but that was near Atlanta. I couldn’t understand much Spanish either. I was happy the neighbors kid could translate, so I could speak to other neighbors.

  • I don’t think Frank has any patriotism. It is a shame he used that in his effort to put down a brand of bike and the people who ride it. He not only spoke negatively toward the D.C. ride, people he defined as RUB’s (that many were likely veterans), but also the “real tough guys… scum and lowlife” that seems to be a blow toward 1%er’s and hard core bikers. Anyone who knows or has looked at the history of motorcycling in America, knows it was defined by Military Veterans. And in this day and age, he is basically describing the Vietnam Vets who came home to nothing but protesters and bags of shit thrown at them. I really doubt Frank wants a direct confrontation with any Veteran.
    I personally planned to serve since I was preteen, but got a great job right out of high school in a time of piece. When I attempted to serve after collage, I was rejected for a medical reason. My Grandfathers served, my Dad did two tours in Vietnam (101 Airborne, but was Hell on Wheels in Nam), he never really came home 100% from what I understand. I’m probably the one person my Dad spoke the most with about the war. I knew he woke in cold sweats when he was trying to sleep with fireworks going off. I know he (when in the reserves for at least 16 years) and working 10 hour days would go back to the getto with a six pack of beer (one of his stores was there) and sit in the car gang bangers, many young black men and some white in poverty, and gave them an option to change their situation talking with them all night. I know almost all did come back to talk with him after the met him at the store. I know many cried on his shoulder. I know many became strong focused men and changed the life of them and family. I know he beat my ass with a belt the first time I used the word “nigger” when about 7 years old, then sat down later and told me many black men helped to still be alive, and some of them died. I know I saw a hidden tear when he was touching the wall on our trip to D.C. and after searching a found one of the names he was looking for. I know the Patriot Guard Riders did with help from ABATE of Ohio, give him a proper military burial in a Military cemetery. I know as laid back and tolerant as he was he could break and to harm if Frank or someone with similar opinions pushed him beyond that beaking point. I know… I mean I heard just talk, that he was in a club talking with some Marines when some others started calling them “baby killers” and he just might have jumped up and removed one of their ears with a pocket knife before he knew it or remembered it. I know many veterans, have seen a few pushed to hard, some “real” bikers.
    I never served, but my cousin did, my brother did (82 Airborne), and my best friend did. We respect and honor all who have served. In fact, I was a member of Rolling Thunder in addition to ABATE for many years, my sister and her husband were also members. I found two of long lost cousins were also members.
    As a member of ABATE and Rolling Thunder you gotta know I associated with many members of Viet Vets, and a lot of military clubs and riders with military background.
    No one disrespected me for flying a flag from the back of my Suzuki, ever, and it was always there as long as I had a good flag to fly. I was told my bike was assembled in America? If true atleast that was jobs here.
    Any brand can be seen either way, is Ford still all American, hell now. I’m a Ford man but how much of Ford parts are made here still. Is Ford all American owned? Ford, Chevy, Harley, same deal. No disrespect to any one it’s just the way it is now. Harley’s may represent America, but you can’t really show your patriotism by buying American products only. Few products are. Anheuser-Busch claimed to be the only American owed beer. But do they buy only American ingredients?
    I drive an American car, drink American beer, and used to ride an American bike. If you love your county you can show it. But no so much by brand now.
    By showing support for our troops and those that have served thier Country.

  • Brian Thompson

    Mr. Giovinozzi,
    I hope this was made to get a rise and you dont really believe the shit you write. What you witnessed was a ride to remember fallen heroes and support our bothers and sisters in arms. Your a really piece of work [shit]. Come to my area and I will show you what a HD rider is like. By the way I live in Oahu HI, I ride a 30 year old HD with almost 400000 miles. I am also a Marine with over 20 years of service. I paid $5000 for my bike used 15 years ago. So, you can take your over priced, middle aged, fat ass and kiss mine. I’m sure you will not read this, but if you do and have any balls to put your ass on the line reply back with your email and I will contact you direct. We will set up at time to discuss your patriotism.
    Maj Brian Thompson
    PS your “personel attack policy should include yourself attacking other people and their lives.”

  • matt

    hey, try to read it backwards!! it makes sense! (i’ll let you figure out where the language comes from)


  • matt’s line could just as well read as backwoods Georgia.

  • matt

    kevin, because i’m from the uk, my ancestors bred with everyone!

  • Fake Dog,
    read your post 3 times. I can almost follow. If Mich was an architect and the mind behind the business why did he live in a shack with you? Why didn’t he take care of the money. OK, I realize it’s not true!

    I think we’ve heard that before. Somewhere?

    My name my suggest of UK. However, my ansesters bred with PA German, and Native Americans. I don’t follow. Translation to American dialect please.

  • matt

    damn you, you bin a stelin me ma’s diary agin?

  • jds

    harleys rule and jap crap is plastic chromed out junk who cares about jap crap I own harley the best enough said morons

  • Fake Dog

    Hey, I rode a pretty nice Yamaha every now and then, I lived in a shack made out of military crates. Keep it in a small attached shed I had. It was a home built for the poor long ago by the old military base that used to be here, I grew up here and my oldest friends in similar homes. Poor families. I found my home is mostly wired with extension cords and was only a very cheap rental. But, it has lasted this long, so don’t spend money on any thing you don’t have too. My neighbors didn’t care how long or loud my parties are, because they where usually here. I knew most all the cops, so they didn’t bother me too much. The police don’t come back in the Muzz anyway. I’ve did some improvements on the roof to keep the rain out, cut down a few trees for firewood. I blocked off an area that is a sewer swamp in my backyard because my septic was bad but landlord wanted me to fix it. Me buds help me dig a ditch. No reason to fix it because it pretty much drains into a wooded property into a creek to a lake owned by a big city that never comes out here anyway, signs warn something about drinking water for but it isn’t my water, mine comes out a pipe from the township. About 10 years ago they blocked off the ends of our roads with railroad ties, within a week we cut them up and burnt them in our fire pits. They burn 24/7 at a few homes and I welcomed my real buds to camp out wherever they want. A lot of tents here in warm weather. 4 wheel on that city property I spoke of, plus the stashes we had there and friends might have grown herbs there, with the help of Mitch. It was local law, you steal from us, we’ll put you back close to where you got it, except in the quicksand closer to the lake with a piece of lead in ya. A few found our stash but asked us if thar was ours before touching it. Soon after we burn the hollow tree down and got more down to marsh land.
    In the small house just a few people stay, me on my couch. I only need a few hours sleep once in a while, the junkyard I work at is only about a mile away and we drink all day there too and catch some sleep on slow days. I still never spent money on anything, people coming over brought food (pizza, chicken, ribs) every day or two, Mitch would order some food if a day without food. Most of my friends only drink and smoke a bit. My long time friend Billy stays on the other couch. He lost part of his hand in a machine shop. He works with me sometimes, then other jobs. He can be a real bad ass, he’ll beat you half to death with his stub, and then piss on your face before he walks back in the bar. He was lead security on our street.
    Mitch let me ride his Harley every now and then if not to drunk. In the bathroom/bedroom (2 room home) Mitch stayed with his girlfriend Karen, she is on welfare with two kids. One in the bedroom, the baby in the crib I watch in the living room often. Mitch is some kind of professional because he has to wear clean dress clothes to work every day. I think he was an architect or something. He goes to his sisters to wash and iron his clothes and had bought a new car, said he was going to buy a new bike, but never understood why another new one, except he said it would help get us more money, he said more RUBs to know him and more sales, he was the business man, not me. Heard he was dead now, sucks because he used to pay our phone and electric. Heard he sold to an informant, found out and killed him, then shot himself a week after at his sisters. Too bad I lost him paying part of expenses. He was my best at selling to new people, the rich bikers came around a lot but were always scared to come back in there. Mitch made them comfortable. They rolled through here like crazy and bringing other RUBs friends that were buying, the weekend was like a drive trough, thanks to Mitch. They all learned to come to Muzz Hill, Johnson Street to buy candy. Mitch was the best seller I had, going to bars all over meeting yuppie Bikers, selling some weed, talking his game. Soon he had them rolling into Muzz Hill, riding in with him like bros. Soon they came for coke or crack (I had to share crack and meth profits with my neighbor). Pills (high profit) I had them all, if Leslie couldn’t get them (she worked medical office writing prescriptions) somehow Mitch always came through. Those upscale assholes wanna be bikers actually bought it, that ones we played biker with, they actually thought we liked them. Yet none of them ever stayed the night that I can recall, bedtime you go home to the suburbs. Only a couple got they ass beat, but me or Mitch could not stop it, pissed of local residents. Damn, Mitch got those RUBs to think we actually liked them and sold product for twice the local price or more. So often you wanted to beat on one of them, but remember if they go happy they will bring more friends back. The RUBs never knew we hated them and just took the money, playing the game.
    When Mitch capped himself in 2004 after the murder, I had all cash, cause I held and I never paid for much of anything, he only about a grand on him. I gave his family $50,000 cash, his bitch and her kids $25,000, his brother $25,000 for the years of security. Took my $970,000 and hid it well cause I knew I was doing a few years for something else. I did 3 years, but I know where my money is and checked. RIP Mitch, wished we could have moved on with all the RUBs trying to play now. Damn, we both have millions.

    Damn could I make up a bunch of crap like dirty dog, I think mine was a better story, seemed more interesting. You fake wanna be. Fiction can be fun. LOL.

  • balerick42

    Good one Kevin………The weather here is really sucking….Monday and Tuesday we had 70 degrees (in November!), now we pay…cold driving rain changing to sleet and snow tonight and tomorrow. It may be time to put Sta-Bil in the gas tanks of the bikes, I miss riding already. This last weekend was the first of three shotgun season deer hunting weekends here in Illinois. My county was number 1 in deer killed as usual, over 2600 deer checked in. Doesn’t even put a dent in the population. October through December is a very dangerous time around here, breeding season for the deer, so they are always on the move. We had a half dozen people killed in this area on bikes because of deer this year. including a couple on a trike, middle of the day, deer ran into their back wheel. Another guy caught a big doe leaping, deer hit him in the chest killing him instantly. Last year another couple were killed on their Goldwing when a deer jumped out of a ditch into their path and caught them at about head level. The deer here are huge. Had a 17 pointer killed a couple weeks ago. Scored about a 209 on the Boone and Crockett scale. Our county usually has around half a dozen bucks taken each year that go over 200 on B and C. Outfitters and Lodges have become big business. I sold 63 acres of hunting ground 2 years ago that I had paid 400 an acre for in 1991. Sold it to an outfitter for 3200 an acre. Nice profit….

  • I’d say dirty dog is full of shit. The number of riders that use drugs are less than the non-riding public, that is fact. The wealthy bikers I’ve know, drug user or not, got that way through means other than crime. Most where bikers during the process, and yes, a few were wealthy before they began riding. As with most people, most bikers who sell drugs only support their own habit. I’ve know a few over the years, most are now dead or locked up, all no longer have their Harley either way. If you got that wealthy by selling drugs, without getting caught, I’m impressed. But it isn’t possible it was all selling mostly to motorcyclists. You never know with scumbag biker is law enforcement, or which clean cut biker is really a scumbag. I don’t know why [Gratuitous vulgarity deleted by Comments Editor] dirty dog posted this crap? But I’m 99.9% positive it’s bullshit. My best guess would be that he is a RUB, the real bikers he tried to associate with dissed him and his fake ass biker act, now he’s pissed at the world because he wasn’t accepted just because he had the ride and the gear. [Gratuitous vulgarity deleted by Comments Editor]

    On to another subject,
    My Dad once told me something I’ll never forget. What’s the difference between a Harley and a Hoover? With a Hoover the dirtbag rides on the inside. Just a joke people. He rode a Harley and many other brands as well as I did.

  • who cares if he is. it takes all types to make the world go round and round.

  • nessman

    i don’t own a harley, and may never maybe i will but that is neither here nor there. it is people like dirty dog that give all bikers/riders a bad name. if this guy was the only biker you knew personally and therefore you thought that all of us were pieces of shit, i personally would not blame you one bit. hopefully this dirty “cocksucker” dog is just some poser and isn’t a real motorcyclist.

  • dirty dog

    I am happy to be a RUB. I have more money than I know what to do with. I love my Harley’s. I have a lot of boats. I have a lot of water front property. I have very large nice houses. I got this way selling drugs [Gratuitous vulgarity deleted by Comments Editor]

  • Matt, never hit a bird of the type you talk about. Thought about it, when she was beating on me with s***, but never did. Even promised her once when she called me over to be with her, and met me at the door and she had it cracked open asking why I was there. I noticed she had .25 auto. pointed at me. I believe I said “I’ve never hit you girl, but if you pull that trigger you better pull it 7 times or I will beat your f****** ass”! She wasn’t British. She was a cute American – Italian breed with a mouth that never stopped bitching after I put ring on. My ex-wife!

    June bugs do hurt a little bid, much more when in the face. Even more on a cool night. I think many of us have hit squirrels, rabbits, I know a few who have hit large dogs and deer’s. I don’t personally know of anyone who died but heard of, and read about a few. I know some guys injured from deer’s, some more experienced riders on bigger Harley’s walked away from a totaled bike and a dead deer. I almost caught one went riding a bit too fast on fresh paves twists on my old Honda, riding out of a local State Park. No way I could have avoided it, I didn’t see it on a sunny summer day, until it jumped feet in front of me, missed it by a second at most. My family, friends, and myself have struck many deer in the same areas bikes often travel. All were in cars or trucks. We’ll eat them here, if meat is not to damaged, helps offset the deductible from the damage to our vehicles. In fact, we just had a guy and his baby die on the expressway that goes though our town, he tried to avoid a deer, lost control, and hit a Semi. I don’t hunt, but because of the new housing developments, hunters can’t keep the deer population in check here. We’ve got some big corn fed deer around here. OK, I’m rambling again.

    CBR, was out riding with my big brother, almost home we were stopping at a neighborhood bar/cafe for some rest and to visit, when he cracked the throttle up to about 70 on a back road for just a few seconds. I saw the bird but didn’t know for sure he had hit it, I stayed back about 1/8th mile or less. He took impact to the side of his head and the glasses he had on. He jumped off the bike shaking his head and stumbling around when I pulled up. Bent his glasses up and had blood and feathers on him. He came out with just a bad headache and bent eyewear. Saw him in many bad fights with the baddest guys, no one ever close to knocking him out, and never saw him dazed so much as after hitting that bird.

    Had a friend tell me how he took a bird it the chest on the highway. Fracture ribs and had an ugly bruise across most of his chest. He said he had to pull over quickly because he couldn’t breath.

    Was just curious since you’d think there would be more people hitting birds, but you rarely hear of bird impacts but would assume there would be more for riders without windshields.

  • CBR Rider

    ABATE Kevin,
    I’ve ran into a bird before. I was on the express way going between 65 to 75 mph. I saw the bird coming, tried to duck but couldn’t. I was wearing a full face helmet and smacked the bird right below the face shield with my helmet. I ended up with a slightly bloodied, slightly swollen lip. I had a little bird blood on my shirt. It has only happened once but there have been other times when birds have come close.

  • balerick42

    British nickname for girl= Bird….. hahahahahaha….nope, never hit a bird….squirrel, yes, swallowed a junebug….no birds

  • matt

    yup, she was a small blonde hottie, quite cute too

  • Question for all riders. Have and of you ever hit a bird while riding or know of anyone who has? If so what speed? What part of the body? Just curious how often or how many riders have this experience?

  • Mr. Harley Rider, your loud pipes my in fact make a cager look twice and see you and not kill you. I agree on that point. However, how many people to you piss off because of those pipes? Once motorcycle friendly, they often become intolerant of the “noise” and anti-motorcycle. I’m know as being a Motorcycle Rights Activist, yet my friends and family have expressed to me how much they are annoyed by loud bikes. You gotta remember they vote and there are more of them than us.

    Maybe that’s the reason of all of the check points they set up now, and check the noise level of pipes.

    Riding with the light on was once another attempt to be seen. Now since daytime running lights on cars make as invisible again. Public awareness, it works to those it gets to, for a while then they forget. Remember because of our size cagers also can’t gage speed or distance very well. If you’ve got an answer that works for us, let me know.

    Police, all bad? Of course not. However, it does seem that certain forces are filled with them, other forces get rid of their bad apples. Just maybe it’s a “fitting in” issue in some of the smaller police forces? Or maybe larger forces get more attention and have to run a tighter force. Anyway, yes we do need law enforcement.

    It is snowing here now and close to freezing. Bike gets parked unless a warm day shows up. Chaps over jeans, thick gloves, sweat shirt with hood under the leather, and a full faced helmet is COLD weather gear. Yes, I do wear a helmet sometimes, not for safety but comfort. Comfort in the cold or even on nice weather long distance expressway trips (that part will change when I get new goggles). Have a leather face mask, never used it. Maybe I’ll get a windshield, likely not. It’s easier to take the bugs and wash your face then clean the windshield.

    Matt, doesn’t take much for me to ramble. If I have time.

  • Harley Owner

    The reason for the loud pipes is because of all the A-Holes that don’t look for us on the highway and pull in our way and in front of us. IF you can HEAR us maybe YOU won’t kill so many of us riders who have the same rights to the road as you do. Punk

  • balerick42

    Shaftee, On really cold days I do ride the Goldwing some, but try to ride the Sportster as often as I can due to better MPG. The Goldwing needs it’s carbs rebuilt (its running rich and the mpg sucks bad). Gear is usually a fullface helmet with lined leather gloves, leather chaps and leather jacket. The only parts that get a little cold on me are the tips of my fingers, my neck and chin tip, but sometimes I wear a full stocking cap under the helmet that covers all my head and neck except for a circle around my eyes and nose. I won’t ride if it’s below about 35 due to the possibility of moisture freezing on the roadway. A person can dress for the weather. Soon enough we’ll be watching it snow and wishing it were Summer again 🙁

  • matt


    now and then i do love being an asshole and helping instigate rambles!!


  • police, a necessary evil…

  • balerick, what’s your distance like and what do ya wear? goldwing with full fairing i suppose?
    I use the train for work and last time it was 40, no shield and thick leather wth jeans, cold hands and cold neck. i switch to full face around now and the heated gloves are getting on the menu for next week.

  • balerick42

    There are bad apples in every bunch. Most policemen are decent people just trying to do their jobs. They risk their lives for us everyday and get very little appreciation for it. Say what you will about police, but I would not like to live in a world that did not have them. Too many crazies.

  • Saw a few episodes of “Cops in London” a while back, I was amused by the interaction between police and citizens and how different it was from what I’ve seen here, and yes even on episodes of Cops filmed around the nation and edited to show them in a good light (LOL). The police there seemed to back down a bit from almost anyone that become vocal, or loud toward them. Matt, sorry for assuming you were a Redneck not a Brit. It’s hard to believe your posts was not meant to anyone in particular, since it focused on the topics I spoke of in my post right before yours, and the name calling was in a singular form. Sorry I did take it personal. I’m happy you were able to get vocal with a ticket lady and get away with it. From what I know Boston is pretty laid back, unless it’s a serious crime. Kinda like Cleveland, from visiting old buddy’s up there you can do most anything, unless it’s you show a gun, murder cases, or shots fired. I stayed with friends all in “bad areas” east side, west side. One crazy friend illustrated this to us downtown at a stop light, crawled half out his window, pointed at a stopped police car, said some offensive words then flicked them off. They looked away. Even being a young bad ass back then, shocked me he would do that, shocked me they looked away and did not respond in any way.

    An example of local police closer to here from when I was much younger and dumber. My best friend and former girlfriend were out drinking in a small town close to ours. He had bad brakes on his car. He got into the turn lane to make a left onto the expressway ramp. His brakes failed to slow the car enough for the turn, so he stayed in the turn lane and pulled into a business parking lot after the ramp. Where police then pulled up, called in backup and began to write him a ticket for improper lane use. The noticed the smell of alcohol and asked him to perform the sobriety test. He responded I’m drunk, just arrest me. He turned around and put his hands back behind him to be cuffed. He was asked to lean over his hood, he did but the car was wet so he didn’t lay on it. One of the 4 officers said “I said ON the f****** hood” as he was grabbed by the back of his head and smashed his face into the hood of his car, leaving a nice dent. Seeing that, my ex-girlfriend then became vocal and was pulled from the car and arrested for the “catch all” arrest, DOC disorderly conduct. That is what you get by being vocal, esp. after witnessing excessive force. That local police force is referred to by many in the area as boy scouts with hand guns, now we have to say high powered riffles. Many years after a hostage situation it was in the newspaper they finally had the funds to pay for the AR-15’s taken from a gun dealer in near by city during that situation.

    Yes, he was wrong for driving a car with bad brakes, wrong for driving while intoxicated. His choice to offer no resistance put his hands beside his back to be arrested. They were certainly wrong to assault him during the arrest, wrong to arrest her for becoming vocal when she saw him being assaulted. Then the car was searched. Probable cause for what, I don’t know? But dumping a bag of potato chips on the floor, and then dumping her purse out. Maybe looking for a gun?

    Maybe they should have searched my car after I got the early morning call to pick him up, and arrived to do so. I know my wife was armed with a 25 auto, she always was. Me, I don’t recall but often kept a S&W 9mm handy back in those days, I had a reason, but will not share that much. We didn’t have a concealed carry permit law in Ohio back then.

    My ramble, no real reason, except to share the past because the current bores me as it is similar (without the young behavior) but only worse in the way that we lose more rights rights. Forget FEMA or MAG in Europe, MRF, AMA, ABATE here, and get off your bike now, because you as one person can keep us from loosing our right to ride? My point, we all don’t have police like matt and the ticket lady in Boston he talked down. Good for him, really. I’m sure he is proud.

    To all: Hey there Opie, there are corrupt police in many areas of this Country.
    We don’t all live in Mayberry, NC with Andy Griffith, Barney, and Aunt B.

    It once was almost kinda that way here. Ride an off road vehicle such as a dirt bike, or 3 wheeler on the street and run into a deputy. They would not light you up, but get close and talk with you. After the small talk, well you be careful on that thing. Please try to avoid the State roads, have fun. Have a good day, see you later. Then pulled away. Now, it’s arrest and impound of the vehicle unless you know the deputy very well. Now the State police patrol the area often. We, the rustbelt rednecks still ride 4 wheeler and dirt bikes to get from place A to place B where we can still get offroad and enjoy some riding, we dont all have hitches and bike tailers. The many paths we used to ride to limit our use of public roads are gone now. Why? The people from the upscale Suburbs of Cleveland, Akron, and Youngstown wanted to move to the country. In the process they made our country farming towns into other suburbs, and drive an hour or two for work, one way. Thank God for the people who didn’t sell out yet, we still have a little farmland and woodland to ride, hunt, or enjoy otherwise. While they sit in their air conditioned condo, and bitch about the small farm beside them. It smells, they animals are noisy. Damn, it does make any sense, you could have just stayed in the suburb you came from with less travel time? This is happening all over in my area, really fast. My neighbor (areal farmer) sold his farm he bought for $45,000 for over a million. He moved out at night, I guess embarrassed to sell out, I’m sure he moved to southern Ohio and bought much more acres on a farm with much worse soil. He could have said bye, we understand the money issue. My point, our small towns are disappearing up here. It has little to do with this blog except many people bring a larger police force to fight the increased crime, it defiantly increased. And sense of community disappears, local police that treat you good are replaced by officers trying to catch up to all the suburban crime, my neighbor has been robbed 3 times. Us only once, but cars shot two. Why did I share this? Because it is a big factor in my life. And relates to the small town image I made above.

    Are all police corrupt? Certainly not! I have two police officers in my family now working in nearby large cities. One a Sergeant, one CSI Detective. I’m sure both would admit to working with a**h*** cops while working in different areas or in the past before getting to where they are now. Neither of the cities they now work in have a reputation for corrupt police or abusive police. Waiting for the name calling, and disrespectable comments. I think I can deal with them even as emotionally disturbed, recovering from a small stroke, and being a dumb twat.

    Life does on… Ride Free!
    Thanks for not taking this personal!

  • matt

    🙂 i said i was smiling!

    That was meant to be my mild annoyance at the way people are kowtowing to cops these days.

    I was out looking after a friends son a few years ago, he was learning to skateboard next to boston library. It was quiet, and i was making sure he stayed away from people, and if he did, he always said sorry, excuse me etc……
    Until a fat, old cop on traffic duty came over to him and hand on gun told him to move on or get into trouble!!! No manners, no asking etc….
    So…. being a dumb brit, i went over to the cop, pointed out the lack of a law in that area, and that i’d checked inside to see if it was ok to do it! Got told to ‘back down’.
    So…. being a dumb brit, I got louder than him, stood my ground, and pointed out what would happen if he tried to arrest a brit for saying no to an illegal request. Oh, any request made by a cop is a legal one??? NOPE! Not in the u.s., not in the U.K.!

    Had it here a few weeks back, cop stopped me riding over a town centre bridge, said the sign said ‘no bikes’. I said it actually said no cars, and was a council sign, not a legal one! Funnily enough, he wouldn’t arrest me, or give me a ticket, but tried to caution me for disturbing the piece if i didn’t do what he said. Dumbass, About 20 other people came over and told him the same thing, and to get a life etc! heheh

    so, not much point in those stories, or my last post, it was just a rant, about people, not any person in particular

    so thanks for not taking it too personally!


  • balerick42

    It was 35 degrees this morning when I rode my bike to work……….bbbbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 🙂

  • Matt, view [my url] for better info.

  • Matt, thanks for telling me something I didn’t know. I’m a dumb twat is what I got out of that. OK?

    Yes, that particular deputy has been involved in numerous unjustified shootings of people and pets as well, which is not relevant to me or this post. He still remains a cop. All of the riders involved knew their rights and were legal. BTW they where at a motel sleeping when the officers came to take the bikes. The bikers were taken anyway because believed to be stolen. One damaged before it was returned. The riders gave the police all of the required info. The custom “home build” bike did belong to an ABATE officer and he showed all of his receipts for the parts. They still retained his custom bike because one of the VIN letters on the motor looked odd and was thought be altered, therefor stolen. He was never arrested, but the bike never released and stored outside. I was not there, however the riders that I personally know and were there had the same story when we talked about it. The transcripts and tapes from the police radio communication I heard and read only help but that only verify the story to that point. The bike when last seen was destroyed, custom paint and chrome were rust, leather was trashed.

    The owner of the bike that was still held, did get a good lawyer and fought to get his bike back. When the story got out nationwide a donation fund was set up for his legal expenses. Dozens of transfers and photo’s of VIN’s with bikes with the same engine where sent in from across the nation. Sam had to mortgage his home to fight this BS. Read Biker Beware to educate yourself a bit on the issue before attacking people. This is not an isolated incident.

    It’s certainly our right to say F*** off! If you say it to a police officer, around here you will be arrested for DOC at minimum … come spent a night in jail controlled by friends of the person you disrespected and therefor the badge they wear. That’s real smart! You say, yes sir and fight it when your out of a large group of officers and down to eat gravel before arrested.

    Additionally, I never said I was scared of the cops up there, but I don’t want to lose my bike or freedom for some false charges. Most of the threats came from business owners, or relatives. Consider that just maybe, there might be a business or two that were run by a large MC clubs or family of, pissed because they lost business because of a boycott that was thought to be started by you.

    There was a webpage, and blog entirely devoted to the boycott and me, threats were to me there as well as my e-mail and 24 hour ABATE Portage/Summit phone line I once had. As it was thought I started it. I was involved in Friends of Freedom but as only a member of that organization that started it, I helped at some of the events as staff and security. Yes I did agree with the boycott. As the former director of ABATE of Ohio, Inc., Region Zero, Portage/Summit County. We agreed as an entire board of 17 county officers to support it, as did Region Zero board I was also an officer in, and some local clubs chose to follow. We chose to rerouted our Run between the Lakes, and relocate another event we used to hold up in the Biker/Boater town.

    If you stopped at a diner or bar unfriendly to motorcyclist, would you no longer give them your business and tell your friends?

    You can’t judge others if you were never in there shoes.

    Yes, the HD salesman was an ass, it had nothing to do with what he was selling. My other local dealership did not have the bike I wanted in stock. My point was just that. And being set on buying a new HD then. He just gave the push that I needed to look at the other brand and model I was interested in as much. I would have traveled to Cleveland, Canton, or Pittsburgh to another H-D dealership but first chose to look at the Suzuki first. That was the point.

    If you don’t fear your government, you must like loosing rights and personal freedoms. You’ll get it sometime soon, my redneck friend. BTW I am a leader. I only follow leaders that I know can lead better than me, and have the same direction.

    Make this a yanks issue? You know, I get disrespected up here for being a redneck. Therefor, I’m considered uneducated (graduated on the deans list) on my last degree. Have a 147 IQ, I don’t know how because my family is from the South? VA, SC, and GA. I take it as a compliment as do many of my “hillbilly friends” do. I coined the term Rust-belt Rednecks. Don’t call me a Yank because of where I currently reside. You don’t know me well enough to say that. Have you never seen a corrupt police force? I know one guy how passed the Kent Police station and said F*** the police out the window. Since the media knew about it they only charged him with a noise violation, because he could be herd more that 30 feet or some s***. Well, I can hear my local high school band playing at night 2 miles away. And from 6AM until night I can hear the construction of new homes from our many housing developments that consumed our farms. It never stops year after year, more homes. What about the half of us that work second shift or third? We are not allowed to sleep? Yeah we have to work those odd shift jobs, if we can find a job here because they all went south, Mexico, or overseas.

    I wonder about the police at Myrtle Beach bike week. Local police, State police, and national “police” on ever corner. Years ago I was on the strip on the porch of a biker gathering place. Traffic was at a standstill like always, a female on the back of a bike flashed us her breast. The policed attacked the stopped bike like it was an armed felon on the run. They pushed the bike over, I’m sure it was damaged, along with the driver and the passenger. A hot bike laying on you burning you skin and some minor road rash. She was cuffed and taken away before they helped the driver get out from under the bike and put him in cuffs. Bike was pushed off to the side until a tow truck came. People had video, but is that the police you want to tell to F*** off?

    Yeah you must me right Matt, I just don’t get it since I’m just a dumb twat Yankee.

  • matt

    btw, i’m smiling! 🙂

  • Sorry about that, I’m back to the start of the thread!

  • ACLU for bikers! Jewish lawyers on bikes!

  • matt

    sorry, but are you really that dumb?

    “hi, i’m a police officer…. do what i say! now, or i’ll shoot!”

    uhuh! you dumb twat!

    If it’s not legal, and you say ‘yesir