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Harley Davidson – How Do I Hate Thee

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We in the D.C. area just go treated to another tiresome rolling Geritol commercial. Thousands of RUBs [Rich Urban Bikers] came to the area on their Harley Davidson motorcycles, polluting the area with the sounds of troubled G.I. tracts.

Here’s why I hate Harleys and the dweebs who ride them:

1. For encouraging dentists to wear leather.

2. For giving away a case of DentuCreme with every new hog.

3. For disenfranchising real tough guys. The true scum and lowlifes that made Harley fearsome either can’t afford them or are ashamed to ride them. [Maybe they can become part of a protected class.]

4. For their thumping pipes, which serve no function, except to disrupt the peace.

5. For riding two abreast, because they have no balls.

6. For diluting an authentic piece of Americana.

7. For the fat asses I see spilling over the ever wider seats.

8. For the stupid looks on their faces when they drive down the street. Look at me, I’m cool!

9. For their endless, and now meaningless, displays of flag waving patriotism. It is a soulless piece of the branding effort.

10. For how shiny and endlessly chromed out their their bikes are — another sign they are just part of a laundry list of toys — and not an intrinsic part of their lifestyle.

11. For the wimps from Ohio and North Carolina who drive them here on trailers — pulled behind minivans!

Harley has become a joke.

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  • Doug Harris

    Whoa. You are gonna get ripped if any of them can read. In Michigan they seem to be letting the Hardly Ablesons get louder and louder, supposedly for safety. If my car made half as much noise I’d get a ticket a day. Amazing that so many big burly fellas can be found wearing tassels, leather, and fake pony tails.

  • Doug Harris

    Whoa. You are gonna get ripped if any of them can read. In Michigan they seem to be letting the Hardly Ablesons get louder and louder, supposedly for safety. If my car made half as much noise I’d get a ticket a day. Amazing that so many otherwise burly fellas can be found wearing tassels, S&M style leather, and fake pony tails.

  • Doc

    I’m a doc. Ride a Harley. ….and I can still kick your sorry couch potatoing computer operating ass. lol
    Much rather drive a bike made by American hands than some import.

  • Harleys with their distinctive sound, I think are some of the coolest bikes around. I’m not a biker but I think what’s posted here border on fighting words for bikers. I’d stay out of biker bars that are wired and read blogcritics for awhile, Frank 🙂

  • Andy

    What’s the matter Dougie, too much of a pussy to ride one so lets complain. At least we get off our fat asses and have some fun and a lot of time even help the less fortunate with all the bike rides and and charity rides. And doesn’t it seem that it’s 95% Harley riders that are riding and donating.
    So stay on your chicken shit ass and keep complaining…it sounds like what you do best.


    I INVITE YOUR PUSSY ASS TO COME VISIT US AT THE NEXT RUN.I’LL SHOW YOU WHAT REAl bikers do to little yuppie bastards like yourself!!!!!!!

  • Eric Olsen

    Hey Rick, chill big guy, Frank has disappeared into the sunset. You are threatening the air.

  • Harley Davidson’s increased popularity keeps the company around so we can all continue to enjoy them. That’s a good thing.

    Adam Studnicki

    Injury Lawyer
    Studnicki, Jaffe & Woods, PLLC

  • Eric Olsen

    Hmm, now we have the hybrid approach in the above comment.

  • duane

    Gentlemen, gentlemen. It’s not important what kind of bike you do or don’t ride. All that matters is whether or not you can kick the shit out of pudsmears that disagree with you. Let’s get our priorities straight.

    Big Bad Ass Thermonuclear Mofo
    Gouge, Kickem, & Stomp
    California, USA

  • Mike

    When you can convince me that the “Harley” you bought for 40 grand can surpass the technology of a bike that cost less than 1/2 that, is faster and more reliable, will not rattle my teeth out, and won’t leak oil all over my garage, I will pay that. Until then, realize that just because it is made here in America, doesn’t mean it is worth 40 grand. Keep your pussy comments to yourself as I ride and import and can still kick a HARDLY riders ass any day of the week, on or OFF the bike!!

  • Dew

    I now understand the true mean of over-compensating.

  • Dew

    I now understand the true meaning
    of over-compensating.

  • Dean

    $40,000 Harley? I don’t think so. My 99 Dyna was $13,000. My 03 Deuce was $17,800, my wife’s 03 Sportster was $7,000. And yes, they were brand new. And no, they don’t leak oil. Harley’s haven’t had that problem for many, many, years. My 76 Kawasaki 900 on the other hand, leaks like oil its free. But what the hell…its got a lot of very hard miles on it. My 03 Honda RC51, now there is a bad ass bike…and no, it doesn’t leak, its brakes are awesome,power is crazy, and guess what? It was built in America too….So please, please shut up. I will admit to a degree of embarrasment when riding my Harley around RUBS. They don’t get it either. Most people don’t. Harley is NOT A LIFESTYLE !!! Its just a motorcycle. GOOD GOD!!! I am not a BIKER, NEVER HAVE BEEN!!!! I AM A MOTORCYCLIST, ALWAYS HAVE BEEN, ALWAYS WILL BE !!!! I love all of them….CMON, quit living Harley’s marketing dream. You people are like cattle being led around.

  • butt trumpet

    Harleys are what they are..slow and steady, save for the v rod. yes they are overpriced and yes, some of their mounts are total douchebags, but its ride whatever, as long as you ride.
    Long live Hinckley Triumphs, bitch.

  • eric

    i agree with mike. if my honda vibrated like a harley i’d know it was time to junk it. harleys rattle like that straight out of the box. to each his own, but for me the combination of high price and low reliability, poor performance and handling, poor engineering etc. does not add up to a good product. and the loud pipes save lives argument … good defensive driving techniques save lives. i feel safer being able to hear the wind noise of an approaching car in a different lane before i see it. and harley enthusiasts are such snobs about the japanese imitation bikes. they call them rice o phony, and hardleys. what about the harley imitation sport bikes known as buell? it’s a double standard. maybe they’re just bitter because deep down they know that they are paying more for an inferior product!

  • Jerry

    Harleys suck and always will,your buying an image not a motorcycle. My 1982 Honda v45 sabre will beat any new hardley today, plus it’s 22 years old! ha ha

  • Roger

    You are all dumb bastards. It takes a sub-par alter ego having site to try and knock down a real made in American Bike. What do you nerds ride? Let me guess… Mopeds!!! Or better yet a dick!
    Sorry but Harley dosen’t make dicks for you idiots to ride. Go to your local gay bar or buy a Suzuki… Bee-Otch!

  • Fucko

    If the price for a Harley Davidson was half the price that they’re asking for,I’d respect them.They started off as the “rebel’s” bike,now they’re for the “well to do”.For all the rich bitch dudes who try wearing all the skulls and other aggressive looking crap on their Harleys and themselves,you might as well wear a poodle logo on your jackets.You’re on the rich wannabe tough guy/ primadonna band-wagon.I hope another company comes in and brings back the true rebel spirit of motorcycling and makes everyone riding a retarded overpriced Harley Davidson self concious.There needs to be an new affordable anti-Harley machine for the real rebels in this society.Not for the fake yuppie sissies trying to be tough.Something that shakes off the whole Harley yuppie culture and rubs it into the dirt….

  • George

    I’d have to agree with the last comment.The Harley Davidson culture is a theatrical circus for yuppies.A quintissential fake rebellion.Last time I checked lawyers and doctors and other fags were squares.I think in the future the only place you’re gonna see Harleys is at gay pride parades.

  • Roger

    George and Fucko: both of you are really stupid of course that tells me what your parents are like. If in fact you were right about the gay pride thing you’d be the first to go buy one.

    In case this happens you’ll be glad to know (since you’ve been under a rock or cock) that Harley is making a bike starting at about $6,500.

    Now get on your mopeds and scoot along. Don’t be trying to give out candy to young boys either.

  • Yurmom

    Just like anything 1980’s is grossly out of style no matter how in-style it was back then,the same phenomenon I think will occur with the whole Harley thing.People won’t want to admit they were riding a high priced piece of crap,that they were big tattoo wearing SUCKERS.Anything resembling one will be looked at with disdain.

  • Yurmom

    Just like anything 1980’s is grossly out of style no matter how in-style it was back then,the same phenomenon I think will occur with the whole Harley thing.People won’t want to admit they were riding a high priced piece of crap,that they were big tattoo wearing SUCKERS.Anything resembling one will be looked at the way you’d look at someone wearing big honkin platform shoes in this day and age.

  • Roger

    Just like most on this site you’re a coward too. Just what I come to expect from this professional web-site,
    “Yurmom and Fucko”. LOL! I seriously doubt you’d have the balls to make a statement to a “tattooed sucker” like a member of the Hells Angels or other biker group.

    This is the “asshole” of real writing and journalism.

    You guys make Phillp proud. Keep up the good work.

  • sheri

    As if there isn’t worse things to get all worked up about. A biker getting on in his years, out with his Harley, riding the wind. Get a life.

    Myself, I love to wave at them when they come thru my area.This is a piece of Americana that will never die.

    Ride on.

  • boomcrashbaby

    This is a funny thread. Great to read with your morning coffee, to help start the day off good.

    Why doesn’t everybody just have a pissing contest so you all can find out who the he-man really is? Chest-thumping allowed of course.

  • Roger

    I’m not worked up I just like messing with these people with names like “yurmom and Fucko”.

    That has become the gold standard and primary platform for Blogcritics.

  • sheri

    Roger, welcome to the internet, You should visit an AOL chat room if you think this is bad.Here at least everyone has a chance to stop and catch their breath in between chest beating. There it’s a contest to see who can get the most in type wise before someone else’s type shoves them off the screen.

  • Hey , those Harley Davidson morons should be jailed for disturbing peace with their meaningless exhausts . The matter of the fact is , they do not hear them since they are going forward and all the sound remains behind , all they hear is a vibration . They are like those cheap Hondas with Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz Exhausts , make noise noise noise . They don’t care for me , or you . They are stupid , did not grow up , yet for the honda drivers it is not final , since their brain cells are only developing at this young age ( the older characters are doomed) . Although it is not the same with the obnoxious Harley riders . I live in San Diego Ca by the beach , and those gay sodomites pass my house every 5 minutes , and often they go back and forth on a street with out a reason . Yes , exactly they are trying to tell us something , they want us to look at them . While they are driving the bike, they forget to think that as they pass people they get thought of the very worst things , and by far not anything of praise . I personally am annoyed beyond forgiveness , i am patiently waiting until those Intellectually Undeveloped Overgrown Degenerate Adults will start getting fined by the police with fines over 1000 $ for second or third offence . I pray for that day to come . Enough of public disturbance . We are supposed to coexist , and not put up with ignorance of the neighbor for an extensively long time , this is not co-existence , this is abuse . Driving is not a right , it is a privilege . I think those bastards ought to loose theirs nationwide once and for all .

    Jesus Loves you and so do i . God bless firneds !

  • Lorenski Schoodog

    I own a ’74 Shovelhead. It is possibly the most coolest ride in Texas. Not because it is some American Chopper TV show wannabe, but because it is simply put together well and for a purpose, and looks damn good. But I ran outa gas the other day, like I do everyonce in a while. A group of H.O.G. owners rode by, saw I was not one of them, looked at me like I was a deer, and rode on. I guess they was terrified to be around a non-warranty bike. ~the horror~ I went with a friend to Central Harley. I almost puked my guts out right there on their showroom floor. But, I have to remember to be nice, you never know who’s grandma might be in there buying a new Sportster.

  • Bull

    Hondas are made and assembled in the USA but cant advertise that because HD bitched about it.
    Ever notice that HD carbs are now made in Japan and that most of the clothes and gear thay sell is made every place but the USA. WTF is up whith that!?
    What is the most common accessory for Harleys’?
    A pick-up truck.

  • Ren

    Lotsa pissy attitudes here. Remember, it’s us against the cages, not us against us!! If you want a Harley but can’t afford it, get a Honda and keep the envy bashing to yourself. If you hate Harleys then get a Honda but still keep quiet. If you’re running your mouth from your minivan’s driver window about Harleys or Hondas, then definately shut the fuck up! If you got a Harley, don’t pose, ride the damn thing, wave to everyone, and don’t dis the Hondas… same thing if you got a Honda – ride it and wave to all. If people don’t wave back to you, it’s their prob, not yours.

  • Stimpy

    I was riding down the 101 on my Honda, and I start to pass this guy on a HD, so I flash him a peace sign. He tries to flash me a peace sign too but he could only do it half as good as me.

  • Grote

    I jus wanna say that I owen a Harley Davidson and I like’m.Theyr aint nothin wrong withem.They run out a gas often but oh well I happy.Let freedom rang !

  • Ed

    Retards like “Grote” puzzle me.You got an expensive piece o’ junk yet you can’t even spell.I’m surprised you can even spell Harley Davidson.Did you inherit your Harley from some old,old hick relative or did you coincidentally hit jackpot at the bingo hall?

  • Pete

    I owned a Harley Sporster (one of the first in Albuquerque 1953 model). I loved it. Had it for ten years until it was stolen in Los Angeles.However I must agree that Harley riders are in love with themselves.


    Harleys are the biggest piece of shit ever made and the only idiots involved with Harleys are the DUMBASSES that buy them! What does a Harley and a Hemmeroid have in common? Sooner or later every ASSHOLE GETS ONE!!!! Best website I have found is http://www.goingfaster.com/angst/ GO CHRIS YOU HAVE THE BEST SITE I HAVE FOUND. YOUR DESCRIPTION OF A HARLEY RIDER IS THE SAME AS WHAT MY VISION HAS ALWAYS BEEN EXCEPT YOU PUT IT INTO WORDS BETTER THAN I COULD —-

  • scott

    [edited]Ive owned three bikes,two kawasakis and a harley,and have enjoyed them all.Im not a rub just an average working class guy.Todays sportbike and metric cruisers are definitly engineering marvels,yet have any of you ridden a twin cam counter balanced engine or a v-rod? Two of the smoothest engines ever to come out of milwaukee. As for the loud pipes, I for one will get them as loud as i can in hopes that someone will here me before they see me.Ive been cut off and pulled out in front of too many times.mainly from people in cages who drive around with their windows rolled up the air conditioning on and a cell phone stuck to their ear. Enough said.

  • Chris Kent

    Hey geeks, the loud pipes of the Harleys save lives. You hear a Harley coming, you don’t knock his middle-aged ass off the road. The flip side of the coin is that the noise pollution ruins all conversation within a one-block radius.

    I hate Harleys and hate people who ride Harleys. They are ugly, fat and sweaty. I see a guy on a Harley, I think – “LOSER!” But the simple fact about Harley Davidson Motorcycles is they are the perfect toy for the man going through a MIDDLE AGE CRISIS!!! What with the growing age of the pain-in-the-ass Baby Boomer Generation, there’s probably no better company to be involved with. Now we literally have armies of Middle Aged Numbnuts proudly perched upon waves of new Harleys choking our nation’s highways.

    I wish I had purchased stock in Harley Davidson about 10 years ago. Oh well, I will just purchase stock in nursing homes, because that’s where these Baby Boomer Easy Riders are headed in a few years…..

  • wrench

    Bought my first bike (63 Pan)with my muster pay from spending four years working to defend your freedom to ride and speak freely. After 25 years of hard work and hard riding (American Dream to you amateurs), I was finally able to afford a bike with electric start. I won’t be thinking while I’m riding. You people need to stop thinking and start doing something with your life! That’s what riding and life’s about grasshopper.

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks for your service Wrench, but I think in order to “do something with their lives” a lot more Americans need to START thinking.

  • Chris Kent

    I can think of a lot better ways to THINK than to sit around on the back of a motorcycle. It’s a complete waste of money for complete numbskulls (pun intended)…..Wanna die? Buy a Harley….

    As Confucius says:

    “Resist the temptation to buy boats, motorcycles and create websites…..”

  • Eric Olsen

    very wise – talk your friends into buying boats

  • wrench

    What’s with the money fixation?

    Its your chatterbox voice I’m talking to. That’s what I mean by ‘thinking’. You know, the one inside your head that nags you to go back to that porn website instead of doing something else. Mine says take a ride and enjoy the day. But then again, if I have to explain…

    As for dying: Ye know not the day nor the hour, so stop trying to control it.
    A coward dies a thousand deaths, a brave man dies but once.

  • Chris Kent

    When sad, I quote Conan the Barbarian:

    “Who has time to be tired! Time enough to sleep in the grave!”

    Now what this has to do with Harleys I’m not entirely sure, but I like the quote…..

  • wrench

    I’ll tell you what it has to do with Harleys. The original article was a noise complaint about a Memorial Day weekend run to D.C. Where the “middle aged’ etc. etc. Fat dumbass Losers” go to pay respect to their fallen buddies who will spend “time enough in the grave”.

    You guys don’t really hate Harleys and the dinosaurs that choose to ride as an expression of freedom. You look at your life and hate that you will have died accomplishing NOTHING! Who are the real losers?

    Over and out! I hope some real brothers weigh in.

  • Chris Kent

    Mr. Wrench,

    Harleys are fashionable and obnoxious toys for the middle aged. I imagine about 0.5 percent have actually fought in Vietnam. I love the old cliche you’ve dredged up and more power to you and your buds – rock on, get a life, and stop equating success with ass sores from riding on a Harley…..there’s about 100 million other things in life far more important than a machine made by man that kills a large percentage of the idgits who ride upon it. Buy a helmet, start exercising, and shave…….

  • wrench

    Tunnel vision is a poor source of insight.
    You have created a ‘wall of words’ (cliche, toy, loser) that has encircled your mind and created a world view limited to your ego, yet you forgo one of the best sources of awareness: Riding a motorcycle.

    We don’t need you to love us.

    I fix planes, not people, sorry…

  • Audra

    I have been reading these rude and degrading comments about Harley’s and I have to question all these meaningless reasons to hate them! Is it because some of you can’t afford them or is this some macho bullshit to convince yourselves that you ride the superior bike? I’ve been around motorcycles all my life. My father has owned several different kinds. Riding his Harley doesn’t make him an idiot nor does riding whatever you ride make you one. He doesn’t dress all in leather or have a ponytail – fake or real, but I know people who do and most of them don’t ride Harley’s. The ones that do are under 30 and for them it is a lifestyle! Not because they are pathetic sheep following an image of what they have been shown to be a true rebel biker but because that’s there style whether they are on a bike or not! So, if you don’t like a Harley, fine, don’t buy one! Just don’t stereo type those of us who do and make comments about “ass sores” when it’s not your ass on the seat! Talk about get a life!

  • Chris Kent

    Audra and Wrench,

    Half of what I say is bullshit. One of my best friends from college renovates cars and motorcycles for a living. In fact, he lives in a warehouse near downtown Dallas where he has built up quite the clientele and makes a comfortable living. He owns three Harleys and several vintage autos. I drop by about once a month, have lunch with him and a few of his employees, and listen to motorcycle and girl stories. I usually don’t get it and just laugh. These are good people with a passion. These folks hate the newbies, people who purchase Harleys because it’s the cool thing. For my friend, it IS a lifestyle. I don’t understand it as cars and motorcycles are just not my thing. I drive a jeep that has scratches on the side from trips to Death Valley and Montana, and my friend loves it because it’s American made. It’s an interesting cult made up of passionate folks. I don’t understand it, nor do I relate. As in all groups, some are real and some are fake.

    My friend has wrecked his motorcycle several times over a lifetime. There was a time when he could only get around on a cane because he broke his back. He gets around fine these days, though has pain on rainy afternoons. But he’s happy and he looks at himself in the mirror and he likes what’s there. It’s a good life for him, and his freedom is something I admire…….:)

    Keep up the good fight…..

  • wrench

    With all due respect, Chris;
    Get out of the control room! You keep bumping into the wrong buttons.
    I know you mean well, but I’m not going to give you a pass on that “interesting cult” remark.

    F… you and your microscope. You are like a character out of “The Twilight Zone”. Try looking through the other end of that thing. OH! And pull it out of your ass first. Sheesh!
    Nothing personal!

    Suggested reading: “Gulliver’s Travels”

    “So, naturalists observe, a flea
    Has smaller fleas that on him prey;
    And these have smaller still to bite ’em;
    And so proceed ad infinitum”
    Jonathan Swift

  • Chris Kent

    I try to make it a habit to never pull things from my ass…….or put things up there…..

    Though I do applaud any man who would quote both Jonathan Swift and Rod Serling within the same post.

  • Spoke

    I’M NOT SPOCK! What the f___ are you guys talking about?

    I agree with Stimpy.

  • telebastrd
  • Eric Olsen


  • wrench

    Sure got a lot of horsepower in that Malaysian computer. Power? No that’s manure. I haven’t passed any Harley junkyards yet. I see a lot of rusted jap bikes hugging trees though. Sooo fast, sooo powerful. Who’s still maintaining the mystique?

    ‘Its better to BURN OUT than it is to Rust’
    -Neil Young

    ‘Facts are meaningless’
    -Homer Simpson

  • spoke


  • Sam

    I live in Buffalo,NY and every summer it’s the same thing. For about two weeks in the spring, I open the windows and let some fresh air in and then mid-May onward it’s BRRAAAAPPPP…BBRRRRAAAPPPPP. Shit is so goddamn loud, I can’t even hear my TV in the living room. As a musician, I can appreciate it when things get loud…SOMETIMES. But every f__in’ night back and forth 2, 3 am. It makes me want to vomit. I used to be annoyed by those guidos with their pumped up car stereos and annoying vibrating trunks…now thanks to the harleys I only hear them between the BRRRAAPPPP….BRAAAPPPPPPP of those f___in’ pipes. Gimme a break on the safety BS. Loud is one thing, pollution is another. WTF, take a defensive driving course….perhaps I should consider deliberately running harleys off the road….ESPECIALLY when they are loud….(there goes your safety thing)…LOOK OUT!

  • phil

    As another middle aged, out of shape, noise loving HD rider sprouts in my neighborhood I note the increase in fatalities from rider error accidents—5 in the last year in this small town—3 within one mile of my upper middle class neighbood.

    My disgust with the noise is tempered by knowing this is good news for the economy. The purchase of these high profit bikes and wannabe gear contribute to both local and national economies. Social security being solvent becomes less of a worry as they ride themselves into an oak tree—most of these guys paid into the fund 35 + years and won’t collect a dime.

  • sproket

    Harley Davidson and the road to Sturges

    The final stats:

    255 DUI arrests
    385 Misdemeanor drug arrests
    36 Felony arrests
    11 Deaths
    1100 ER visits

    Yep…….. THATS a good image.

    Also read the posts from empty heads of the Harley owners posting here… Yep…. there’s another good image.

  • spike

    85% of all Harleys are still on the road.

    The other 15% actually made it home.

  • John

    I rode Harleys all my life. They are good dependable motorcycles regardless of what any of you say. I have always found in life that people criticize you for what you own when they dont own or cant own that very same thing. The rest of the motorcycle companies make good bikes, but some people will remain loyal to certain brands. Let it be and dont compare your ride to others. Just be happy you have one. As for doctors and lawyers riding-they still only make up a small percentage of the bikers, the majority are blue collar hard working folks like you and me.

    If you like motorcycling, ride and ride safe, stop the BS that goes along with comparing bike versus bike, you friggen oblivions. The last I checked, comparing brands was a redneck pastime. Chevy, no ford….
    Grow up people.

  • ~jammer da hammer

    Having ridden Harleys since 1984, and owned the stock since 1990, let me just note that Mr Giovonazzi has no idea what he writes of. And since he had to explain, I really don’t want to understand.

    Have a look at the stock compared to another IPO of 1986, Microsoft.

  • ken

    This poor sap has some serious emotional baggage involving harley enthusiasts. Hope he gets over it, or he will wake up one day hating the whole world and most of all himself: not a bedrock of mental health I would say.

  • Mark

    If you want to ride a harley, that’s allright with me. It’s the same reason my mother buys old flour cans and antique kitchen implements. There is a certain style you are trying to achieve while knowing that the item is functionally inferior..

    I will never understand why someone would pay twice as much money for a bike that is less reliable and has less horsepower. But to each his own.

    I recently bought a metric bike for about $6,000. It makes about 80 horsepower, has the upgraded exhaust, upgraded seat, and numerous other ‘extras’ that would cost thousands to add to a Harley. That is, to a Harley that would cost in the area of $15,000 before these upgrades.

    Do I think Harleys are cool? Yes.

    Would I pay almost 3 times as much for a less reliable product, just so I can say it’s a harley? No thanks.

  • RonW

    Ok, where do I start? First off to me the most annoying riders I see are crotch rocket riders. When I turn Cops on TV who are the riders they usually are pulling over? Crotch rockets. When Im driving my car down the road who do I generally see weaving in and out of traffic? Crotch rockets. Who do I see turning completely around to hold a conversastion with the idiot behind them? Crotch Rockets. Who do you generally see blasting down the road, way over the speed limit? Crotch rockets. Who has the most annoying headers out there? Crotch rockets. At least HD’s make a nice deep sound that is a warning to 4 doors. The list goes on and on. IMO the HD guys are the most laid back and respect others out there and they are the safest by far. FWIW to you crotch rocket dickwads, I have a 79 Honda CBX 6 cyl that I’ve owned before most of you pencil neck geeks were even born. I also have a 81 Low Rider. I like both of my bikes equally, so I am giving a opinion of a rider who has both bikes and has seen lots of shit. Also who crys the most about other riders? Who started this blog and other bb’s on the net? Crotch rockets riders. The truth hurts dont it bitch eyes? LOL.

  • Mark

    On Cops, who are they pulling over?

    Well of course the answer to the above is ‘crotch rockets’. Why would someone on cops be riding a Hardley? They couldn’t even outrun a bicycle cop like that.

    I am one of these crotch rocket riders. My bike goes fast if I make it, and slow if I want it to. Which is better, a bike that is slow all the time, or one that has power on tap when it’s needed?

    I know what you’re going to say, “but but my v-rod has power”.

    Right, about 115 horses’ worth. About the same horsepower my 2 year old ‘crotch rocket’ has. The difference is that you paid 3 times as much for it.

    Hey, that’s your thing. If you want to pay triple the price for less performance, less handling, and less reliability, be my guest.

  • RonW

    Mark, your post proves my point. You go so fast you are dangerous and you miss the best part of a trip, enjoying the moment, relax dude, LOL.

    My HD cruises at all speeds that I need and when I need the speed. I won’t beat a crotch rocket, so what? I don’t have the need to, I just look good crusing pal, you crotch rocket guys, (not all are in this catagory), are too funny.

    I don’t have a V-Rod, and don’t like them. As I said, I have a crotch rocket but I drive it like a responsible adult. I can blow by HD guys but what does that prove? Whats next, my dad can beat up your dad? Give me a break.

  • Geoff67

    You must not have read what I said. I said that my bike will go fast if I need it to, and will go as slow as a harley if you want it to also. Why wouldn’t you want something that has more power ready if you want it?

    “I just look good crusing pal”

    Well, for me it’s about the ride and not about how I look on it. But if someone wants to buy a bike just to pose next to it then be my guest. Keep the economy moving I suppose.

  • RonW

    I read your post, did you UNDERSTAND mine? Who gives a fat flying fuck if your bike is faster? My point was I don’t need to go fast, I can cruise and look good. If you call it, “posing” then thats you, I know plenty of people who call crotch rockets blowing down the road looking like a asshole as “posers”, LOL.

    My whole point is about ride what you want and dont worry about what other riders have. But there seems to be a few of these, “I hate HD riders” sites. So I was giving you examples of how actually crotch rocket riders are the annoyiny and dangerous ones. AGAIN, I have both a Japanese and HD bike and have had my CBX for over 20 years!!

    I can tell you crotch rocket retards, (only those who think their shit doesn’t stink and hate HD riders because of what they ride, thus the inferiority complex), almost all non riders I’ve talked to say that its the guys riding the crotch rocket style bikes that are dangerous and are assholes. HD riders tend to only have loud bikes, but that enables them to hear us.

    You can spin it as you want dude, Im on both sides so you can run but can’t hide from me….LOL.

  • RonW

    Mark sez: “Right, about 115 horses’ worth. About the same horsepower my 2 year old ‘crotch rocket’ has. The difference is that you paid 3 times as much for it.”

    Ron sez: Sorry skipping, I paid 5500.00 for my LowRider and I paid 1200.00 for my Honda, they are both worth more than what I paid for them….can you say that? NO, bawaaa, bawaaaa!!

  • RonW

    Dang, got distracted and didn’t proof read and you can’t correct on this blog….I meant to call you skippy, sorry, didn’t mean to dis you holmes.

  • RonW

    Crotch rockets are for kids, there little toys for little boys, your 2 year old jap crap wants to be a Harley when it grows up Bwaaaa haaaaa. Besides my Low rider is putting out 123.76 RWHP on a dynojet 250i oh it is supercharged though, and it will eat my CBX alive!!! its hard to keep the 240 from spinning!!!! Semper Fi!

  • Aaron

    Last post, I think you missed what some of the Harley riders are saying. It would seem like there are more immature and dangerous riders who ride metric than those that ride American iron.

    Your post confirms that, along with your riding, Im sure. Aaron D out.

    BTW, I ride a BMW, cruiser, which non of you poor ass Honda riders can afford…..he,he,he.

  • Chad

    After reading this now I know why I own and ride XB9R Buell Firebolt and a Ducati Monster S4R.




  • When you get right down to it, Harley-Davidson is just a bike. It is the last survivor in a long line of American motorcycle manufacturers; save the current crop of custom bikes and those built by outfits like Bog Dog. It is still just a frame, tires, tranny, seat, lights, and an engine.

    Do not forget, at one time, there were more than 150 American manufacturers of motorcycles. I happen to be writing a History of American Motorcycle Manufacturers, and I have had a chance to look at more than my fair share of brands, since 1974.

    I have looked at and rode Vincent’s, Broughs, Mondials, BMWs, Cushmans, Moto G’s, Hondas, and a few current make non-HD American bikes. I can tell you that every brand has problems.

    Yes, the other builders can say “made in America.” That really cannot be argued. That being said, HD is still in a class of its own and that heritage is not something any current maker can seriously challenge.

    You see the ads for Japanese bikes that are sold using the biker image. I will never buy a Japanese bike because of the way the Japanese treated HD. Their publicly stated belief was at one time, the V-Twin was a less than ideal geometry to use because it was outdated, yet the Japanese eventually started building V-Twins and eventually used an American image to sell the bikes.

    Also do not forget what HD did when it came to the wholesale dumping of Japanese bike in this country. They went to the US government and asked for help. Eventually, HD grew strong and voluntarily had the provisions removed. That actually helped the Japanese.

    What sets HD apart is its history and that perhaps makes it unfair to call a Harley “just a bike.” HD has an amazing history that should be respected for its longevity and the advancements it has made to the world of motorcycles. You can hate the bikes, but you should respect the company and what it has contributed to the world. You should also hate the bike for the right reasons; not to mention, you should understand what it is you hate about the bike on a fundamental level.

    Do not hate HD because of their cost. If you owned a company, you would maximize your profits.

    I have forgiven them for the V-Rod, after all.

    Incidentally, some people complain about the V-Rod and say it is not truly American. They forget the Aermacchi years.

    HD has manufactured some amazing bikes over the decades and they have a pedigree no modern maker will ever take away from them or likely equal. I do not think any alternative “HD” maker will be here in a hundred years; most certainly, they will not do what HD has done in its long life.

    I think HD will be the eventual winner because they are a strong brand and let’s face it, many people will always prefer HD to all other brands, regardless of where they are made or who makes them. I am not saying they will be around in 100 years. It is likely, however. There will probably be a few other makers along side as well.

    You should also consider the vast number of models HD has produced since 1903; not to mention some amazing power plants like the Panhead, Knucklehead, the “K” engine, the Flathead, the powerplants used to drive torpedoes, Shovelheads, and others. Most of these old bikes have good resale value that no Japanese bike has. Perhaps no other American manufacturer’s bikes will sell for what you paid for them in thirty years.

    Also consider the other products HD Incorporated (not the Harley-Davidson Motor Company, mind you) has manufactured or still manufacturers to this day. For example, high technology wiring harness devices, panel delivery vehicles, high tech controllers for torpedoes, guidance system components, and other interesting products.

    HD discussions often polarize people, and I think it is useful to occasionally remind people that HD is more than just a company. Harley is a very special company that is unique in all the world. Harley-Davidson is a very special American manufacturer with no equal. We want more American manufacturers with an extremely loyal customer base, do we not? Will we be better off if everyone thought like you and stopped buying American products?

    Just read the thoughts being expressed here; you really cannot discuss Harley without the inevitable “HD sucks” comments. Defenders will disagree and the gloves go on. Then again, the lovers and fans can see nothing wrong, and in some cases, they are not accurate, either.

    In many cases, we read and hear the same old platitudes. Few detractors can offer up any legitimate reasons why “Harley Davidson Sucks.” They complain about the cost or the “RUB” but never any serious reasons.

    HD will not escape its history and indeed, they offered up a few lemons over the years, as have all other manufacturers. Let us not forget the AMF years; that usually draws a crowd ready to fight and argue.

    According to some people, all AMF Harleys suck. Not necessarily, true. Some great bikes came out of the factory in those days and are still running strong today. Much of the “AMF Harley Sucks” crowd has zero experience with bikes produced during those years, so they should not speak so loudly.

    I know many AMF riders and not one of their bikes suffers leaks. Not one of them.

    I hear how great Big Dog bikes are, but I also know several buyers who are pissed off because of problems with their BD bikes and they will never buy another. It would not be fair to hammer BD for an occasional lemon. Would it? From what I have observed, BD wants to please customers and they apparently are quick to fix the problems.

    A few bad BD bikes does not make BD a bad manufacturer. Every manufacturer falls short from time to time and produces a less than wonderful motorcycle. Including Harley. Why is it all we hear is how bad HD is?

    For the record, I do not like BD (and all of the others) bikes, but I must commend them for building bikes and developing a growing public interest in motorcycles. My reasons for not liking them is I do not like anything that new. I prefer old bikes with Flathead engines and plenty of cast iron. I will never buy a new Harley, either. The last Harley I bought was a 1980 Sportster basket case.

    Unfortunately, some “experts” say many things that are inaccurate. Their opinions are often formed by what they have read on the web or learned second had from other, equally ignorant owners and riders. I know people who hate Harley and they have never, ever ridden a bike.

    One example, the notion that the 1952 Model “K” was nothing more than a Sportster is an often quoted bit of incorrect information. Ask any K Model owner or read the specs and shop manuals. Ask me, for that matter.

    Or they want to go 170 MPH so they do not buy HD because HD sucks for not building a rocket on two wheels. Then we go for a ride at 130 or so and they change their mind. 170 would scare me.

    I hear it all the time. Harley should build rocket bikes and because they do not, they suck. How bloody stupid and ignorant do you have to be to suggest that a bike that goes 170 is at all important, and because a company does not build such a bike, they are to be faulted?

    So what bikes have HD manufactured that are (my opinion) so wonderful? Well, look at my current loves. A 1943 WLA military model. The bike is solid as hell, starts with a few kicks, can travel across the US of A with very little concern, all day long, at 60 MPH. If it breaks, roadside repairs are a snap. It is a true crowd pleaser.

    If I need parts, they are as close as my fax machine or a telephone call. In fact, I can get parts for a WLA easier than for most current model bike made in Japan. Heads, cranks, cylinders, tranny parts, gears, wheels, tin, brake parts… whatever I need is a telephone call away and in my shop in a few days. I can even get NOS blackouts for the lights. Oh, and a machine gun mount.

    There are other models I have experience with: 1944 “U” Navy, 1969 Servi-Car, 1936 61EL, 1951 74FL Hydra-Glide, and a few Knuckleheads. As with the WLA, these bikes are easily repaired, parts are readily available, they will run forever if cared for, and contrary to popular belief, they do not leak oil.

    They also have another benefit –I can probably trade any of them straight across for anything on the HD showroom floor. Chances are, I could trade them for a brand new BD. Want a crowd to leave the latest and greatest custom? Pull up on a restored Panhead or a 1951 Hydra-Glide.

    If not a vintage Harley, lets consider another American brand, the venerable Indian. I am not talking about the current crop of Indians, but a 1947 Chief or perhaps a Scout or 4-cylinder. Not only do they draw a crowd; they hold their value, perhaps far better than a modern HD or BD. The new Indians are nothing more than a version of a modern HD with skirted fenders and the name Indian on the tank.

    At one time, there was a rivalry between Harley and Indian. If we had the net back then, you would hear the same arguments we have over HD Vs Japan. Indian owners often did not like the Harley. There are also arguments between real Indian owners and the new Indian owners. Just as angry.

    Parts are a telephone call away and if you want a new one, you can order a kit of parts from Bob Stark at Starklite. Yes, Bob will sell you every part needed to build a stock and 100 percent original Chief. Plastic fenders, or metal. The engine has been road tested and they are perfect.

    I mention Indian because a common complaint is parts are not available, the bikes are too slow, far too outdated, and no one can fix them, so they suck. This is not true. Not by a long shot. A friend of mine wanted a new Japanese whatever and so he bought one. He must wait for parts, where I can get parts in a few days.

    As for your post:

    (You) “We in the D.C. area just go treated to another tiresome rolling Geritol commercial. Thousands of RUBs [Rich Urban Bikers] came to the area on their Harley Davidson motorcycles, polluting the area with the sounds of troubled G.I. tracts.”

    (Me) If it were not for the RUB, you might not have a Harley. This can be debated. Also, I do not like the term RUB. Usually those that use that term want to be the rich in RUB. My old HD is not noisy, by the way. FYI, the sound you hear is music.

    (You) “Here’s why I hate Harleys and the dweebs who ride them”

    (You) “For encouraging dentists to wear leather.”

    (Me) HD has been selling leather since forever, and it is a good idea to wear leathers. So your point would be what? Perhaps flip-flops, and shorts?

    (You) “For giving away a case of DentuCreme with every new hog.”

    (Me) So silly, so very silly. No comment.

    (You) “For disenfranchising real tough guys. The true scum and lowlifes that made Harley fearsome either can’t afford them or are ashamed to ride them. [Maybe they can become part of a protected class.]”

    (Me) “real tough guys?” What does that mean? The Brando days are over and the real biker tough guy is probably nicer than most of the dentists wearing all of that silly leather. I dog sit for a real biker and he is nice. The dog is less than nice, but that is another story.

    Are you saying that “the true scum and lowlifes” are now frightened to ride a Harley? I do not know what you mean by your comment, but if you see a group of Hells Angles along side the road, please, by all means, voice that opinion. Get that plot ready.

    You also seem to be saying that there are no tough RUBs. Wanna Bet? I’ll introduce you to some truly mean RUBs and you can point out their shortcomings. Then you will need that case of Dentu-Cream you mentioned.

    You are hung up on one tiny portion of the “Biker World.” You equate Harley with tough biker. There are tough bikers and there are tough “RUBs.” I suggest you leave them all alone and suffer in silence, or learn to drink your food through a straw.

    (You) “For their thumping pipes, which serve no function, except to disrupt the peace.”

    (Me) Depends on the engine and the pipes. Some bikes are loud yet they meet current noise limit laws. Ever hear a XR all out?

    (You) “For riding two abreast, because they have no balls.”

    (Me) You cannot possibly know how tough anyone is and if they have one or two balls. Some of us have had serious accidents and have only one. Hint: Never weld naked, ’nuff said. Relax and take a deep breath.

    (You) “For diluting an authentic piece of Americana.”

    What has been diluted? HD has been in business for a very long time and they have always sold accessories and clothing; they still do and they sell it by the metric ton daily. We have seen new plants spring up, an increase in units sold, clothing and accessories sales through the roof, new dealerships, thousands of new customers. Please, give me a break; the brand is stronger than ever. Diluted … do we even understand the term?

    I would guess you are not one damn bit familiar with the single cylinder Italian bikes HD imported or the wonderful Topper Scooter, are you? Toppers ran out at 65 miles per hour, by the way. Very cool, but it is a silly little scooter. Like Vespa.

    What about the 1955 ST based on a German design, the Sprints, and the M-50s. Do not forget the 1967 CRTT, it was faster than some Sportsters and it was as fast (115 MPH) as a 1980 XR750, which had a top speed of 115 miles per hour.

    Some of these bikes would be laughed at these days for being so very non big bad greasy RUB biker kind of bike. At least by ignorant people with no historical knowledge.

    I can well imagine how you would react to HD announcing they were importing a non-HD manufactured single cylinder bike from Italy. Would that further dilute this Americana you speak of?

    (You) “For the fat asses I see spilling over the ever wider seats.”

    (Me) Fat Asses? What does that mean? Remember, us skinny guys do not like full dressers because they scare us. Too heavy. Perhaps a tattoo will help me? Or are you against a little ink, too.

    (You) “For the stupid looks on their faces when they drive down the street. Look at me, I’m cool!”

    (Me) Or, “look at me, I have arrived and I can finally afford a real bike.” You know, the exact same look you had when you bought your first Harley. Iffin you did, that is.

    (You) “For their endless, and now meaningless, displays of flag waving patriotism. It is a soulless piece of the branding effort.”

    (Me) I must take great offense at that comment. I have friends with guns currently stationed in the Middle East and we all love to wave flags. Do not go there sport; you will piss off quite a few people that think flag waving is important.

    So educate me please. What is wrong with flag waving and endless patriotism? I am buying a URAL sidecar rig, so I guess you will think me to be a communist because of where the bike is made. What nationality should a proud American, on an American manufactured bike be waving? Canada or perhaps Indonesia?

    (You) “For how shiny and endlessly chromed out their their bikes are — another sign they are just part of a laundry list of toys — and not an intrinsic part of their lifestyle.”

    (Me) Come on, a little shiny bit here and there is nice. I really can’t speak about chrome, however. For me, it is Cad plating, japan lacquer for the forks, and OD Green paint. Or Navy blue, but black is nice, too.

    What the hell does “lifestyle” mean anyway? Not everyone wants to be a part of this mythical bad ass biker world you think all HD owners are desperate to live in.

    (You) “For the wimps from Ohio and North Carolina who drive them here on trailers — pulled behind minivans!”

    (Me) Or from Utah, hauling a trailered Brough-Superior to the Las Vegas auction. And to trailer back the Harley-Davidson “U” I have my eye on and I am very lucky. And, I like minivans. I prefer my 1947 Ford, however.

    (You) “Harley has become a joke.”

    Well, something has, but probably not Harley. Your rant did not touch on anything substantially or fundamentally wrong with the bike and its shortfalls. Just a tirade about the idiots and fools that are somehow destroying your skewed mythological view of the biker world.

    If you are going to hate HD, post a few legitimate reasons.

    God, what a long post. I’ll shut up and offer an apology to everyone here.


  • (Someone said) “When you can convince me that the “Harley” you bought for 40 grand can surpass the technology of a bike that cost less than 1/2 that, is faster and more reliable, will not rattle my teeth out, and won’t leak oil all over my garage, I will pay that. Until then, realize that just because it is made here in America, doesn’t mean it is worth 40 grand. Keep your pussy comments to yourself as I ride and import and can still kick a HARDLY riders ass any day of the week, on or OFF the bike!!”

    Some American bikes are worth forty grand. However, one must evaluate the bike and how important a certain level of technology might be to you. For example, how fast do you really need to go? Is a bike that runs out at 90 MPH any better than one that runs out at 160?

    As for reliability, most bikes will be reliable if cared for. Most of the bikes I see with issues have not been cared for. For example, irregular oil changes or incompetent wrenches.

    Consider that a 1940 Indian Four is worth that much (actually, closer to fifty grand) as are a few others. Most people will not spend that much on a bike regardless of who makes it and most people will not spend that in a bike made when their papa was a kid.

    I would pay forty grand for any of these bikes: the Indian Four, some Broughs, or a Black Shadow. Not one of these bikes are high tech excepts for the Vincent, perhaps.

    Consider this: not every Harley runs rough. Certainly, not every Harley leaks oil and certainly, you cannot kick every Harley…excuse me, Hardley rider’s ass. That is just e-bluster and e-boasts. I’ll give you this: you probably can kick my ass.

    A full dressed Harley with a sidecar probably hits close to the forty grand mark, and I can guarantee it is a smooth runner and does not leak oil. If it is taken care of, that is.

    Robert – Salt Lake City, Utah

  • (Someone said) “Hondas are made and assembled in the USA but cant advertise that because HD bitched about it. Ever notice that HD carbs are now made in Japan and that most of the clothes and gear thay sell is made every place but the USA. WTF is up whith that?”

    Let us explore your obviously qualified statements, shall we?

    First of all, Harley does not dictate the Made in USA policies. The Federal Trade Commission does. I do not know what HD bitched about or the outcome, so please provide a reliable source for your assertion. I want to know where you got your information.

    Hint: the rule you are looking for is the FTC’s “Made in USA” policy, so start there.

    Harley might have complained, but they would not complain if their complaints were not valid. And what if they did complain? If some foreign concern is playing unfair, HD has every right to take action and they damn well should complain. And you somehow see this as bad?

    Ever had a job outsourced? Do you want American concerns to succeed?

    Frankly, I do not like mostly foreign made goods being sold as being somehow American. Do you? Honestly?

    If it is/was a valid claim, obviously they had the FTC policy to back up their claims. So prove your case and tell me why this is a bad idea.

    As for foreign parts, so what? Lots of HD parts are foreign and have been for years. Do some basic research. So what!

    Clothing is another matter. I have a few leather jackets that are made in the United States. My bearings are U.S. Made, as are my gaskets and my oil. Tanks and fittings, some electrical parts… lots of USA parts.

    I can also tell you that HD wants American suppliers. I know because I have done business with them before.

    What would you do if you were making products? Would you buy American for $100.00 or foreign for $35.00? Would you buy a superior Japanese product for half of what an inferior American made part would cost you?

    HD is a business. They have employees and stockholders. All need to be paid or make money. HD also needs parts to sell, so again, what would you do? Stop making products because no American manufacturer can provide parts in quantity?

    I will tell you one thing HD did do. President Reagan once imposed a 45 percent tariff over a five-year period on Japanese heavy motorcycles to help Harley Davidson. Not every Japanese bike, mind you. Four years later, Harley Davidson asked that the tariff be removed because Harley no longer needed the provisions.

    What does that tell you about Harley? Perhaps they are not as evil as you seem to think they are?

    Bob – Salt Lake City, Utah


    Lets take a quiet moment to critically review and think about the value of the above post.

    I would like to know why Harley…excuse me, Hardleys, are so bad. Perhaps you are buying the wrong brand of bike? You know like Wistinghouse TVs, A Rolefux Watch, Stump Fuck Brand Reusable Condoms, or Gubwiser Beer. Your problems might simply be a matter of buying the wrong brand by mistake.

    You need to be on the lookout for Harley-Davidson and avoid the apparent Hardley-Davidson knockoffs sold on the side of the road in yer neck of the woods.

    Look for big shiny stores, bright shiny orange and black signs, joyous and happy, shiny people …er, stump fucks, and spittle and drool from all the kinfolk looking through the winders at the big, shiny bikes in the general store…er, dealership.

    Your comments seem to be quite useless because you did not say much. Just lots of yelling, cussing, and all in caps. People yell and scream but they cannot tell me what makes a typical Harley so god awful evil. Perhaps it is a money problem more than a problem of crappy American made bikes. It usually is, after all. That is why the Ferrarri sucks and until I can afford one, they always will suck.

    Yes, Harleys are too expensive. On the surface. Factor in the longevity of the bike and a Harley can be cheap in the long run.

    So what is your real issue? Does the excessive chrome blind you while haulin ‘shine from county to county as one of them damn Hogs (that is a big city word for Harley) flies by? Perhaps you are pissed at the RCBs. Rich Country Bumpkins bother me, too.

    Perhaps some things will always be too expensive, like shoes for all the youngins’ and false teeth for ma and pa. Please do not yell at those of us that can take the greyhound to the big city and buy nice shiny new shoes. Metaphorically speaking.

    Oil leaks, yes. They are a problem. However, I have seen very few leaky bikes in my years of eating bugs and dodging coppers; or in your neck of the deep woods, the Revenuers.

    I have actually read a report that seems to indicate most leaks occur in bikes sold to stump fucks living in small towns of perhaps 1,000 people and they take their bikes to the John Deere dealer for repairs.

    Your statistics “9 out of 10 haul their bikes more than they ride them” is not quite accurate and seem rather odd. Can you cite some stats and facts? I love facts.

    Wow, 90 percent of all Harleys are bad? The only people I know that haul bikes are restorers and collectors. Occasionally a few riders that do not want to ride all the way to an event.

    I have no problem hauling a bike to an event in a trailer. So what is the problem?

    Bob – Salt Lake City, Utah

  • B

    If Harley riders would respect all bikes and not trash talk every time they meet someone on an import of any type they would be respected more. However, HD riders are famous for the “when you gonna get a real bike” comment and that is what pisses people off. Primarily because in all reality the Harley is the lesser bike most of the time when talking horsepower, weight, smooth ride, etc… Many people buy products based on performance and most imports (cruisers and sportbikes) outperform Harleys. Stop calling everyone elses bike crap compared to your harley. Most of the “crotch rockets” produce more horsepower with half the displacement and half the weight. These are “real” bikes. These are very modern and technically advanced pieces of machinery. “when you gonna get a real bike” my ass, when is harley going to make a bike that performs up to its name. I would buy a Harley if they could produce one that was a good performer and had a fair price.
    All in all I don’t have anything against a HD rider until I hear that famous comment and then I write that person off as a fool. Problem is that I have yet to meet a HD rider who hasn’t asked my that famous question.

  • Like many posting here, my main complaint is the noise. Somehow it seems to be a problem with a huge percentage of Harley Davidsons, more so than any other make I’ve seen. As best as I understand it, the noise has somehow become part of the image. Admittedly I don’t care much for any of the image, the tough guy look, the über patriotism, the hairy unkempt appearance, etc. But most of that is your own business. If you like spending much of your free time talking about your cycle, that’s your business. If you want to not shave or shower for long periods. If you can keep your meth usage to yourself…. fine by me. just keep me out of it.

    But how is it that so many Harley owners feel that it is acceptable to blast the rest of us with their exhaust? I’ve heard the excuse that somehow loud pipes are supposed to save lives. But for one, noise pollution is a proven contributor to problems like hypertension, diabetes, low test scores for children etc. And I just don’t buy the “loud pipes save lives” argument. The exhaust is projected behind the vehicle, the spot where any other driver has the best view of you. I’ve ridden a bicycle through a dense urban environment and can tell you the best safety mesure is bright clothing and good lighting. I did wish I had a horn on occasion, but thankfully did not contribute to noise or air pollution for my years of commuting by bicycle. Also, in terms of safety, Harley’s don’t have anti lock brakes, and are prone to overheating in hot climates (or so I’ve read.)

    And oddly enough, sometimes motorcycle riders were the worst in terms of trampling on my rights (like ridding in the bicycle lanes in heavy traffic and running red lights.) Where I live, they seem to congregate in poor areas where people are least able to get noise laws enforced, (mostly in Oakland, Richmond, and Vallejo.)

    Frankly, I don’t care if you are gay, straight, a meth addict or a wine connoisseur. You can be fat and hairy and desecrating the flag by draping it down your frizzy unwashed hair. That’s your business. But when your “look mom” exhaust wakes up my kid in the middle of the night, that is my business and it’s society’s business. We need to work on having real penalties and enforcement for people who violate noise laws. I’m not ready to suggest vandalizing loud bikes (have you seen the Harley Davidson Noise Pollution stickers throughout SF?) But if there is no enforcement, I can’t blame people who do take the law into their own hands.

  • walker99

    Dag! Just ran across this site, and I am amazed at the number of folks who are trashing Harleys, who appear not to know anything about either the Harley machine or big V-twins in general! Those of you who ride – I mean really ride – know that RIDERS respect each other – and no one is that hung up on WHAT you ride, only THAT you ride. I have a big metric V-twin. It’s smooth, powerful, pretty, reliable, etc, etc. I still love Harleys, and I also love my own ride. And you know what? The other RIDERS here respect and take care of each other!

    This forum is not even worth my time – filled with punks who criticize a major part of Americana and a major part of our collective lifestyle while they don’t know anything about it.

    You Harley riders? Don’t waste your time on this stuff! Heck, I’m not!


  • Tired of noise pollution

    What do we need to know about riders? We don’t need to ride to know that there are a lot of very disrespectful people out there. Folks who take pride in waking up my children in the middle of the night by blasting their “look mom” pipes. Harley’s will hopefully top the trash heap of “americana” like gas guzzling cars, meth, rap music, and fast food. Our culture need not be defined by the worst this country has to offer.

    Be respectful of others and you can continue to ride your overpriced oil leaking piece of “americana” withought folks like us writing in.

  • B

    Walker, you say Americana, well Harley used to be just that. Now they are just outdated bikes. Shame on us for thinking this crappy technology should be refered to as “the great american motorcycle” (I am embarrased that this is American)-(can’t we do better than this?). They aren’t even made from American parts either. They are assembled here (poorly) and that is about it. I would hope that “Americana” was not defined by what HD has become (a second rate overpriced motorcycle). HD has also become dependant on a “German” company called Porsche to make an engine so that they can have something that remotely resembles a decent bike. The new V-Rod is the only Harley that can really be considered a “good” bike and its “heart” is German. How “Americana” can that really be????

  • Im am amazed at the anti-HD posts here, but as this is an anti-HD site, (see the owner of this blog), I souldn’t be.

    I own three bikes, a HD, a Triumph and a Honda. The all have different rides and for whatever mood Im in I will ride that bike, period. Im not trying to impress anyone and I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks, espcially on this blog.

    However I will give my fair unbiased opinion on what this blog is about, IMO. Dumbass riders, trying to be or not trying to be.

    I think most all riders are cool to each other, save the posters on this blog.

    I give a wave to most all riders and get the same in return. I have found that most HD riders will wave when Im on my non HD. I know there are some that have safety concerns or didn’t see me or who are assholes, however they are in the minority, IMO.

    I find it humorus that a lot of the metric riders on this bolg complain that HD riders bikes are loud. I’ve heard plenty of metrics with headers on and they are very loud, even louder than HD’s, as they make more of a high pitch sound.

    I see very often metric riders, usually in groups, riding very fast between lights, jumping in and around cars, riding on the shoulder and doing wheelies. Its very dangerous to them, but if they don’t care then I don’t care, but also to innocent drivers in cars, or even pedestrians.

    I rarely ever see HD riders doing dangerous and stupid things like that. Thats why I find it so amazing that you guys complain about noise or a HD image, (which most of which is in your own head because of your own insecurities), while your little metric group behaves so dangerously, which is far worse than noise.

    You losers that complain and group all HD riders into one group need to get a life. I know most of you are just posers anyway and don’t even own a bike, if you did you would’t worry about HD riders you’d realize that we are all in a loosely nit brother hood of riders.

    I know in years past you’d never see metrics and HD riders going up the road together, I do see it now days, I know you guys hate that, lol.

  • sonja valentine

    the 2 geeky guys playing with their remote control cars
    on my block make more noise than most Harleys.
    (especially the newer models)

  • Carburator anyone? It’s taken until the 90’s for HD to introduce fuel injection–and they made it sound like it’s on the cusp of new technology.

    One sees people working on HD’s more than mid-80’s Fords!

    Since 1983, “American” vehicles suck in general. They’re made cheaply, the engines are disposable, they have low performance unless you want to fry out the engines by the time the warranty wears off, and almost none of the parts are actually made in the United States, but we’re supposed to “buy American” so we can support some billionaires sitting in expensive office chairs doing business remotely on their yachts while paying just pennies to people in China who do all the work.

    When it comes to the noise of HD’s, I would have to agree that they only make a lot of noise when the owners purposely make them loud. Older harleys may be an exception, but even the older harleys can be made quieter if the owners spend the money to make them quieter. In certain places and at certain times, I don’t mind the loud pipes thing, but it’d be nice if the loud pipes was an option that could be turned on and off so the bikers who want to rev up their bikes at 6am or at 1am and ride down the street and back and then put the bikes back away could make them quieter at those times. Many harley riders think they’re proving how badass they are when they rev up their purposely-extra-loud bikes at inappropriate areas at inappropriate times, but they’re really just proving how much they are assholes. I’d say that 5% of bikers with loud pipes like to do that sort of thing, and they ruin it for the ones that are considerate.

    I like the whole look of harleys, I like the big bearded unkempt biker look, the rebellious look, I like the cultural aspects of HD, but the bikes themselves are pieces of crap, just like all new “American” vehicles. Unfortunately, the Harley biker look has been changing from the whole rebellious look to a rich look–I’ve been seeing more business-suit-types riding harleys over the past 5-8 years than I have the bikers that don’t want to follow societal norms. It’s kind-of what has happened to rock–rock no longer has anything to do with rebellion, it now just represents commercialism.

    I don’t put the culture of HD in the same boat as rap music or fast food–but I would put them in the same category of “American” gas guzzling SUV’s that wouldn’t guzzle gas if the oil companies weren’t so busy buying the patents for fuel-efficient engines and paying off the automakers. It’s sad that vehicles made in 1975 get about the same gas mileage as vehicles made currently that are the same weight–oh, but they’re not as bad for the environment now–yeah, that’s it….

  • Jack Me Hoff

    First off, I currently do not own a bike, other than a enduro bike, however I’ve owned a few Triumph’s.

    On this debate I lean towards agreeing with the Harley riders. Lets ake out the fact that the only beef most of the crotch rockets riders have is that they seem to feel insecure. The only thing they can say is how much HD’s cost, or how loud they are, or in your opinion the reliability of the HD’s, or the whole imgage thing. Why would you guys care? Its not your business. The only reasonable point you have is the noise, however that is moot as I’ve heard PLENTY of crotch rockets with headers and they are even more loud and they are more annoying, IMO.

    It seems like the crotch rockets guys tend to be younger and more immature, for the most part. Since they are younger they tend to make less money at this time. Most feel the the HD riders are part of a special thing, and they feel like HD is “American”, and what they ride isn’t. I think this leads to the insecurity issues.

    This leads me to what is the bigger…much bigger issue, safety. The crotch rocket guys are MUCH, MUCH more dangerous than any HD rider I’ve seen. For example, yesterday coming home in my truck, out of no where, on a two lane divided rural road these three crotch rockets were on my ass. No problem, let them ride my bumper, I wont lose that battle,LOL.

    Its a rural road, lots of curves, no passing zones, houses and side streets. Anyway, on a no passing section this one asshole decides to pass about 4 cars, (we are all driving about 50mph). He gets around all of us and barely is able to get back in his lane before a truck heading in the opposite direction has to pull off to the shoulder!!

    Then the other asshole crotchrocket decides to pass us all on the shoulder!! There are turnoffs etc on this road. So this asshole goes blaring by us all and is able to get in front.

    So the last asshole is actually able to pass in a passing zone, but can only pass one car before another one is heading towards him. So he cuts back over and he passes the rest of the cars on the shoulder!!

    Talk about immature, irresponsible shit headed dorks. You can talk about HD riders spending too much money, (again the jealousy issue), them buying into the image thing or whatever. I can honestly say I very, very rarely see a HD guy doing anything close to what I saw the other day. Infact I don’t think I’ve ever saw them do anything as stupid as that.

    The bad thing is I see crotch rocket guys doing crap like that way too much. I know a majority of the rocket guys are not like that, but there are way too many that are. In fact most non riders I know compalian about guys who ride those “racing type bikes”, as they say. I never hear anyone complain about HD riders, except for the nosie, which means they can hear them.

    You guys need to watch out about casting stones in a glass house.

  • I’d prefer being woken up by loud pipes just-for-show at 5 or 6 in the morning than dealing with those scenarios of crotch-rocket riders any day, scenarios that are unfortunately typical.

  • I needed to say that my complaints about the loud pipes is a small one–in fact, even though I think those people who do the miniature 5-6am loud-pipes parade in the middle of a residential area are inconsiderate, I believe those people know how to have a good time without actually hurting anyone else. I have had a respect for the biker community for a long time.

    Unfortunately, the respect is not quite as high as it used to be. Especially since the early 90’s, it seems that a certain income level is expected to be a biker now–and a certain level is even expected at biker events. The cost of motorcycles in general has effected this dramatically. Harleys aren’t the only bikes that are overly-expensive now.

    Yeah, people are jealous of having the money it takes to buy a Harley. They’re jealous of the money and the prestige of being “in that club”, not just the Harley itself.

    Before one had to be of a certain mindset to either be a biker or someone who hangs well with bikers, now one just has to make a lot of money and have the ability to tactfully brag while attempting to look comfortable wearing jeans and a t-shirt instead of a suit or casual slacks and polo shirt for casual fridays.

    Just think about how many “dive” biker bars have closed over the past 15 years as compared to previous, and the message is clear: to be a modern biker you need to make a lot of money, and you don’t do that by being a rebel.

    Craziness and weirdness don’t make a very good business model.

    Am I poor? Yep, and hopefully that will change.

  • Ray

    If any of us old skool bikers have pissed any cage drivers off I say mission accomplished and fuck you. The amount of money I spend On my bike is my business. So you don’t like Harleys, who gives a fuck what you like. Robert Maxey your right on.

  • Jeff

    I ride a HD. I’ve ridden a HD for 30 years. All I’ve ever riden are Sportsters. I’ve bought 4 brand new. The latest is a 2004 custom. Now where do I fit. The “real” HD riders consider it to be half a bike. Oh, it’s the fastest half because there is a rare Dyna, Softail, Electra/RK that can keep up with me. Can it pop the front wheel at 30 MPH and show off, no, can it corner like a crotch rocket, no, but is it fun, yes. I keep them stock for the most part and no loud pipes. I ride because it’s my life style not because it’s “cool”. There are motorcyclist and there are RUBS and immature riders that embarrass us all. I would hope that just because I ride a HD doesn’t make me a HD HOG junkie. I ride a HD because I like the sound, the power, and most of all thrum of true original. I wave at all other bikers regardless of what they ride. We are part of a fraternity of people who enjoy the ride not the destination. Other than my own mistakes, my HD scoots have never left me stranded, ever. The 68, 78 models did leak oil but my 86 and now the 2004 sporty don’t. For all you HD riders out there with the loud pipes, at age 50 like myself, you’ll be wearing hearing aides. You don’t need them for safety, that’s a myth. The sound is behind you not in front, your just pissing others off. I hate waking up at midnight to the sound of a HD. My opinion only.

    Ride Safe

  • B

    OK,. First (jack me hoff), yes there are a lot of irresponsible sportbike riders out there. They are jerks, but the +40 crowd has the fastest growing death rate among motorcyclists. The +40ers think they have all this money and then go buy the biggest Hardley they can and then die cause they won’t wear a helmet or learn how to ride a real bike first. They are just as dangerous as the stupid stunter Sportbikers. Both are dangerous to other vehicles on the road. There is nothing worse than an idiot on his motorcycle that does not know how to ride it.
    Second, there really isn’t this insecurity among us Sportbikers. We really don’t care, we know Hardley’s suck and wouldn’t spend the money if we did or didn’t have it. We get pissed because Hardley riders go out of their way to insult our bikes and talk about their “real” bikes. This happened to me the other day (agian)and I just let him think he won (I am so over it). I don’t care too much because all it does is show their ignorance. All the Hardley marketing is based on image and thats a bunch of crap. Why can’t they market based on performance or quality. It is because hardley’s can’t perform up to any other bikes in there class. How is it that Cycle Rider magazine had to put a 1200cc sportster up against a 900cc Triumph. Well, the Hardley would have lost miserably and Harley Davidson (the company) wouldn’t allow that. So the Mag. had to cheat for Hardley so it could win. How manipulative is that????????? Its all a marketing scam. Hey, buy this bike, its the best bike out there, ……………….until you take it out on the road and actually ride it. hahahahaha total BS.
    Finally, there are many overpriced bikes out there. Look at Ducati and Aprilia. They are both 2-3 times the cost of a typical sportbike and yet are outperformed in most cases buy these cheaper bikes. Again, it is image and I don’t fall for that BS. I don’t like those bikes because they really don’t justify the extra money based on thier performance either. How about people just realize what they bought and paid for and not knock anyone elses choice, while at the same time admitting that just cause they bought this certain bike it doesn’t make them or their bike superior to any others. Just STFU about who has a “real” bike and leave it at that. I find it funny that the Hardley guys are so upset when everyone doesn’t agree that Hardley’s rule. Just realize that we all haven’t fallen for that marketing crap the same way you all did.

  • Kick N Ass

    You sportbike rice rocket dorks suck so bad. Hey Jackoff, where did you get your numbers about the 40plus guys dying more? Can you post the link? If not then shut your cum catcher.

    All I know is I see rice rocket dorks blasting around very dangerously, cutting and weaving around traffic, doing wheelies, etc. The only knock the crock rocket dorks have is our bikes are too loud and cost too much….Ha,ha,ha. Sounds like a case of a bunch of poor dumb ass babies, crying about everything they are jealous of.

    Grow up you cry baby crotch rocket dorks, get a job that pays you good money and buy a real bike…lol.

    F-off you Loserboys.

  • B

    KickNASSHOLE The truth hurts doesn’t it. I know it is hard and you get all upset and shout all this gay shit. Your funny… Jealous of Hardley’s To be jealous you must first desire it. Hardley’s look like shit you fucktard… hahaha now I am funny…

    by the way It is true that the 40+ croud is the fastest growing death rate. 150% increase cause all you fucktards on your slow POS bikes without your feakin helmets die when you can’t control your heavy ass slow as shit bikes.

  • Big Bad Brad

    First off Mr. KissNASSHOLEs, you are obviously a person who lacks intelligence. The word you seek is, “you’re”, not, “your”. If you had made it past the 6th grade you would’ve learned that. You typed, “Your funny….”. The use of the word “your” is incorrect in this instance, here’s an example of how to use the word correctly. “KissNASSHOLEs, your mother gives good head”.

    Now for the word, “you’re”, “KissNASSHOLEs, you’re a moron who has the brain of a Jethro”.

    See the difference you nitwit?

    I would think the increase of deaths among older bikers is this, there are more bikers in this age group. A few years ago you rarely saw a biker over 40. Now its common and I personally think its cool.

    If the death rates for the younger riders is pretty much the same for the past several years I would guess its not because its low, its because there has and always will be young riders.

    Riding bikes isn’t for the faint hearted. You don’t have to be a warrior but you do have to know you’re taking more of a chance of getting hurt on a bike than a car.

    When we are young we think nothing can happen to us. Thats why wars are fought usually with young men. As we get older we tend to slow down a bit and think before we react, USUALLY.

    In recent years more riders have been in the over 40 group. I’d say the increase has been due to both newer riders and also riders simply riding longer and getting older.

    Its not because they are riding dangeroulsy or what not, its just there are more of them, lots more.

    BTW, Im not in the 40 group, yet…lol. Give me about 7 more years and I too will be there.

    So this is to those of us in the UNDER 40 bracket, we all need to respect each other, no matter what type of bike we ride. I think a vast majority of us do respect each other, its just a few morons on this blog, including the owner of this site, that feel inferior to HD’s for some reason.

    Don’t think most HD riders are “dissen” you or whatever. Its mostly in your heads. I happen to own a FatBoy, a FX, a Kawasaki and a BMW so I see it from all angles.

    In my honsest opinion the BMW and HD riders tend to ride the most sane. I get waves on all bikes from every group. The metrics tend to push the envelope and ride on the more dangerous and unsafe side, at least more than the BMW and HD guys.

  • B

    Your an idiot. If the best you can do is pick on the use of the word “your” then my point is proven. You can’t argue anything pertinent and therefore have to sweat the petty things. Anyway, the over 40 crowd which you aren’t but seem to be acting like, have a higher death rate because they get on thebiggest cruiser they can find cause “its cool” or “badass”. They get these bikes because they are told to get them so that they will fit in with the other lemmings, they don’t have minds of there own. Then they pull up next to you or me and act like they are the shit. Depending on the level of Asshole in them they are either polite or start with the trash talk. Most start with the trash talk. I don’t like them endangering me because they can’t handle the bike. I am a responsible rider and could give two shits what anyone rides. However, when the insulting begins and there is no basis or truth behind it I get pissed off. You know that your Harley’s are crap compared to your other bikes when you talk technology or performance or just about anything. You are probably one of the few that can understand both sides of the story, yet you still have been brainwashed a little or you would never have bought the Harley.

  • B

    By the way, feel free to check my grammar You might find something wrong.

    Metrics are able to push the envelope a bit. Harleys can’t push shit, they barely run.

  • B

    Your going to comfuse all we ignant folk here. Let me ax you somfin.
    Is you gonna grammar check all the threads here??? I jus don’t git it.

    Your crazy
    your getting mad at a website
    your still a loser
    your not a good teacher

    You’re MOMMA!

    This is fun.

  • B


    I CAN’T STOP! I’m turning into t TROLL!

  • Big Bad Brad

    Case in point…you’re a jerkoff dude. Does mommy and daddy know you’re playing on the computer?

  • Bruce

    Harleys are so cool! I’m a gay dentist and me and my gay lawyer and gay doctor friends just love these big gay bikes and the freedom they provide. It just hurts my feelings to no end when I hear you mean boys talking bad about my beloved harleys. I think me and my special friends should ride over and bitch slap you. Ride to live and live to ride you sexy bitches! Brucie on my big Fat Boy!!!

  • toothless crankster

    My Harley is bitchin. It’s real loud, it’s got a thing called a nacelle, they hid a shock under the seat so my friends couldn’t see it. The key is by my bottom. There are two hoops to hold a big chrome american padlock. They are the finest bike in the world. They have a little piece of bent metal with screws in it around the bottom of the front fender that’s real good. I get a massage at every stop light and the fat under my arms jiggle a lot and when people look at me and I know, just know, that I am bitchin too. I nod and smile when people look at my bike and feel proud, knowing just like dog owners are proud when they show off there dogs, that I’ve done absolutely nothing to feel proud about except plunk down a whole bunch of money for nothing. Yeah, I’m bitchin!

  • Eric Olsen

    My uzi weighs a ton

  • getta

    You are a conformist coward idiot with dick fear who doesn’t have a clue about bikes because you ride a bike that is the epitome of all that is wrong in America,in fact are it’s enablers.If you gave a shit about America you wouldn’t alow such a piece of crap to identify as being made here, step out of the sheepish idiot crowd and you’ll see that harley is reason for shame and that is your fault because you and those like you would actualy by a turd if it had a harley badge.American thunder?More like American flatulence . And you can’t kick any ones ass so shut it twit

  • Meister

    It’s the wannabe “bad-ass”, haha, HD folks that are so darn pathetic. Seriously some of these guys look so stupid I can’t help but feel sorry for them. And the attitude – wow! I rolled up behind a group of HD weekenders and the big gal in the back kinda glanced my way, shook her head, and ignored my “Good morning” and wave. Same goes for the squid sport bike riders in flip flops and short pants. Get over yourselves, you’re not fooling anyone!

    Gear up properly and ride!

  • Duane

    Hey, they’re rebels, man. It ain’t cool to be friendly, wimp. They don’t buy in to your conformity shit. They love their freedom and the open road. They don’t have to wear a pansy tie and sit in a cubicle 40 hours a week. Fuckin’ A. Now walk on home, boy.

    Or not. Whatever you like, sir.

  • Jimm

    “Sure, nine out of ten people would want a Harley if you asked them,
    but then again, nine of ten people don’t know s#!t about bikes.”


  • Octain

    Harley haters go here.
    Really is ashamed there are more haters in the world than there is Jap bikes on the road.


  • Harley Rider in Georgia

    Want some cheese to go with that whine?

    Better yet tie a kerosene soaked rag around your ankles so you can keep the insects off of your Candy Ass!

    People ride what they like to ride, its America so live with it.

    So you dont like Harleys….Big Deal.

    You amuse me.


    Common people, I have been riding for 31 years starting with motorcross. Indecently early dirt bike riders make the best street riders and most understand about being truthful when it comes to fun and function and that Harley Davison resides in the cult fiction dilution of first crush motorcycle fantasy, and has absolutely nothing to do with form, function, engineering, performance or quality. To the old who chop their Harleys I have deep respect because they understand their reasoning for expressive art. But for the dingdong head wan Abe’s out their that line up without a clue about motorcycle dynamics truly waste road space and place themselves and others in danger. Unfortunately like sheep that run off a cliff in herds few Harley riders learn and always comment “my Harley cost a lot to maintain and is uncomfortable to ride but I get a lot of looks from the street corner crowds (ME!)”.
    I actually had a Fat Boy pull up next to me on my Bandit 1200s and rumble that sorry excuse of a power plant for a race, a mere twist and the guy was in my rear view mirror wondering why his so called “125 HP” machine couldn’t even begin to keep up which is just the norm of the Harley performance iceberg. Sweet Dreams dreamers.

    Gunner G. USCG Ret

  • Dirt

    So many things to say, I’ll try to keep it short.

    At the moment I ride an ’82 Suzuki GS 750. It runs great, no problems. But to be honest, I’m saving up to buy a new bike, and it won’t be a Harley. The reliability and quality of ride isn’t there for me. I’m looking at a Triumph or more likely a Victory. BMWs are nice too. I ride a JAP bike, but quite honestly, when I look at the new ones, they all just seem soulless and without character, sort of like the tuner cars out on the road nowadays. BTW, my understanding is that Victory now has more Made in the USA parts than Harley. If that’s true, then it’s Harley’s choice to buy foreign parts, not because they can’t find good quality parts here in the US as one post commented. Also, why can’t Harley (who has been at this game for over a century) match Victory for quality? That Freedom Engine is incredible.

    As for the riders? Yeah, I run into some who have nothing but disdain for anyone who rides a non-Harley. I see less and less of them though. The ones who buy the aftermarket pipes, so they can be heard from a mile away? Grown kids who still need to show off. I think they should be ticketed teh same as the cars with excessively loud pipes, or blaring stereos.


  • Rooster_Dude

    I agree with several here – Harley’s and the people who ride them are trash. Everyone has to have a Harley. “Look at me with my leather and loud pipes. Don’t you think I’m cool? I don’t need a helmet. Why be safe when you look sooo cool? And who cares if my bike is disturbing your peace – I look cool!”

    Fools – every single one of them.

    Also, I hate those crotch rocket type motorcycles and the guys who ride them. The other day, a couple of these idiots are doing wheelies down the freeway at 65mph! No helmets, of course. Now if they want to smear themselves all over the road, that’s their own choice. But their wreckless riding endangers me and my passengers.

    Like I said – fools – everyone of them.

  • Herman Munster

    Why the hate metric riders? Where’s the love dudes? Playing the devils advocate let me say this: It seems like the metric guys are suffering from penis envy. For some reason they have this whole thing in their peanuts, (brain for you dumbass people out there), that HD riders are badasses, or whatever other thing they have created in their OWN MINDS.

    Dudes, everyone who has made a post accusing HD riders of blah, blah, blah, do you know what you sound like? How can someone make an intelligent comment about people they don’t even know.

    If they are riding a HD, wearing some leathers and have a loud bike then they MUST be, (fill in the blank). Do you guys know how STUPID you seem to anyone with any intelligence?

    Perhaps most of these anti-HD posters are little kids who don’t even own a bike, I don’t know. Im sure the moron who started this blog fits in the same catagory.

    I know plenty of metric riders and HD riders. I will say that a lot of the metric guys are a bit insecure over the HD guys, why? Relax boys, lets all share the road. If you guys have faster bike, yea, way to go but so what? Isn’t half the trip the ride there?

    Penis envy is a strange thing, lol.

  • larry mack

    It used to be that the biker bar had the cheapest beer and loosest women. NOW the biker bars are the in place to hang out if your are dressrd like a biker forget if you have ever been on a bike, who cares if the beer is $4 a bottle, the chicks wouldnt show titty because it would mess up their hair and maybee pull their TEMPARAY tattoos off, besides someone from the office might see. The 21st century biker cant be seen in a sleezy bar, with a girl of questionable rep.(or someone elses wife), drinking a domestic beer,or riding a bike in adverse weather.And for Gods sake dont say nigger! IF HE DONE THESE THINGS HES NOT A BIKER AT ALL. When the hell did bikers become politically correct? When did we become respectable? When did we move into the upper income brackets? And above all WHY DID THEY LEAVE ME BEHIND?

    Ive had these new bikers park next to me on their evos, look at my bike, point at the kick starter and ask what it is! Look at te frame and ask how i can possibly ride a bike without shocks! with out a stereo! without blinker lites! And above all without a helmet. FUCK THIS EDUCATION SHIT/as far as I am concerned ABATE still stands for American Bikers Against Tolatarian Enactments!
    Ive seen bike shows that have an antique class for 1991 (yes 1991) or older. WEll HD conciders this OBSOLETE. Go to the Harley shop and try to get a set of points, 70wt oil or a 6V bulb. I get points and oil from a aftermarket shop and my 6V bulbs from BMW shop HD wont even order them let lone stock em!
    HARLEY HAS SOLD US OUT FOR PROFIT Much like many of the 60s bands. People who have a HD for a status symbol spend more money than those who actually ride them. IE $200 plus mirrors, $45 tshirts.When was the last time you were in a Harley shop that seemed like a motorcycle shop and not a botique in the mall.

    See no EVO Hear no EVO Speak no EVO and above all RIDE NO EVO

  • dog

    what happend wiht indians? all i read was about harley!!! where are the classic chief?

  • johnboy

    harleys built these days simply suck period. i bought a new one 6 months ago. i thought i bought my dream vehicle that turned nightmare. factory paint has flaws the warantee wont cover. when the frame broke at 2600 miles they they tossed my warrantee out the window because my bikes lowered 1.5 inches. the parts were purchased from the dealer and currently stocked. the dealership owner and service writer agreed that the workmanship of the welds was embarasing at best. but the pencil pushing factory rep saw an aftermarket part (though properly installed)and said no warrantee. screw the customer service service was a joke. fuck harley it just another corperate scumbag with no real heart. they havent had an original idea in 20 years any way. the little bit of driveability they do have if from ripping of honda designs. the only new bike in their line up is the vrod. any one remember the v-max, half the price and would whip a harley ass anytime. rot in pieces hd your days are numbered. who wants the same bike their grandpa anyway.

  • [edited] Way to pick a bike with flaws already present. Your story has flaws, i doubt you even bought a harley. [edited] Evel Knieval proved just how durable and reliable Harleys are. Larry, Stop with the fucking stereotypes. I’m 17 and of asian ethnicity and I’m getting a harley. My friend Matt is getting one after he is finished with his 4th year in army. My friend Aaron who’s 18 is also buying one. [edited] A BIKE IS A BIKE. No one falls under a stereotype just because they own a harley, the own it because they want to enjoy riding *gasp* bike.

  • wasatisee

    Found this blog by accident and after reading on found myself laughing at the stupidity of it all. So I had to add a few pennies to the pot.
    If you buy an old Chevy, you don’t drive it like a new Vett and visa versa. You buy something that is meant for the purpose it is intended for. If it is for Transportation, Fun or Just to boost your ego,thats up to the one who busts their butt making the $$ to afford what they are buying.At least they are working! As for idiots, wannabe’s, and just plain jerks…it doesn’t matter what make/model/year it is, Bike/Car/Truck/Boat,it just doesn’t matter, jerks or what ever else you want to call them are everywhere and driving/operating and riding everything, you only have to look. All this squabbling is just another way to make yourself look like one too. Life is too short, so get on with it or you will find yourself in front of this box spewing out this trash while it slides on past you.

  • gypsy

    strong lauguage garners equal response.Just what is is that you folks are all jacked up about? Your bull getting gored? Pretending that anything made of steel ,rubber and plastis has a soul insults the entire universe, We cant even prove that we do! Harley certainly has its fateful adherents .How may auto owners tatto their brand name on themselves? not many I suspose.Yes, thereare a lot of overweight guys and gals riding their overweight ,chromed and decorated HOGs and posing for the pedestrians and cage drivers.So what? These people are no threat to you UNLESS you make it so. The damn cagers scare me to death ,I know that my bike ,which ever one I am on, is no match for those things,dodging is in order.As wasatisee alludes to , we all need to chill the nasty retoric. I think I will pop open a cool one ,grab a rag and dust of my Vincent and think of a nice country ride, Peace to you all ,Gypsy

  • steve

    Harley Davidson’s are lame. They are overrated bikes. The Japanese and European bikes have superior technology. Anyone who buys a HD is merely buying a name.

  • Meh

    “Harley Davidson’s are lame. They are overrated bikes. The Japanese and European bikes have superior technology. Anyone who buys a HD is merely buying a name.”
    What if you do not NEED the technology for your purpose? If you are buying a race bike then you can afford to throw it away when it is obsolete, but not all of us race.
    HDs are what to own if you want to keep the same machine for decades (I have) and have inexpensive (relatively) and comprehensive (HD is unequalled here) aftermarket parts support.
    You can build a complete HD clone without buying a single factory nut, bolt or washer.
    They are torquey, docile, narrow (you don’t lose much that matters when they crash), easy to work on, and most importantly easy to completely overhaul.
    Their “form factor” (to borrow a computer term) is comfortable, and they are effortlessly tailored to any size rider.
    Japanese and European bikes of 1988 had superior tech to my 1988 FXR, but that FXR has over 90,000 miles of abuse and was easily to overhaul. The bottom end is good for another 90K. Most of those “superior” machines are gone from the roads because they are so expensive to repair that it isn’t worth fixing them. Their engine design is such that the labor alone is often prohibitive.
    When they change models, the old Japanese and Euro bikes lose the inherent support of a large pool of common machines. That pool is what makes aftermarket companies tool up to produce parts in volume!
    “Gee mister, that’s boring!”
    Yeah, but it’s real too. The automobile comparison is to the small block Chevy. It isn’t the highest tech engine on the planet, but it wins on street and track because it stayed standard for decades.
    I wrench on all brands, but I keep my HD (and my BWM R90/6) because they stand the test of time and I don’t get paid to fix my own scooters! 🙂
    As far as rhetoric, I don’t define myself by my choice of bike anymore than my choice of computer video card.
    They are mass-produced products make by corporations who only care about parting me from my money.
    IF it serves me, I’ll buy their stuff.
    If not, screw ’em.
    From another post:
    “what happend wiht indians? all i read was about harley!!! where are the classic chief?”
    Indian committed suicide by not producing an overhead valve engine and by retaining a sliding-gear transmission. The sloppy nostalgia over those pretty fenders nowadays obscures the fact that Indian, like the Brits, bitterly refused to improved their product and got killed in the marketplace. They were pretty, but they weren’t very good bikes.
    Harley came very close to doing the same thing, but thanks to adopting Japanese quality practices (and buying modern Japanese machining centers, so much for Cincinnati Milacron…) they rescued the company.
    On marketing:
    “Bikers” were way too poor to support the company. HD had always made big bucks from very straight citizens, hence models like the FLH Shrine, dressers, and the police bikes. Poor folks did some great work customising and thus promoting HDs, but they weren’t where the money was.
    Folks who spend money and can afford to be repeat customers are what the Motor Company requires to stay solvent, so their strategy of co-opting aftermarket innovations (disc brakes, the Softail frame, the Softail NAME, belt drives, solid-disc aluminum wheels, fuel injection, 21″ front wheels on glide frontends) and pasteurising “biker” experience for mas consumption was smart. They targeted the “Corvette” market, which isn’t affected much by the economy, and won.
    “Ive seen bike shows that have an antique class for 1991 (yes 1991) or older. WEll HD conciders this OBSOLETE. Go to the Harley shop and try to get a set of points, 70wt oil or a 6V bulb. I get points and oil from a aftermarket shop and my 6V bulbs from BMW shop HD wont even order them let lone stock em!”
    By automotive standards, those items ARE obsolete. Sorry, but few new-car dealers carry parts for old cars either. This is precisely why we have an aftermarket. Aftermarket support is more flexible than any dealer. Why would you even think of going to a dealer for old bike parts unless you knew they had a stash in the back? You wouldn’t do it with a car. That’s what NAPA and commercial parts manufacturers are for. If you are going to mess with old vehicles of any type being a self-sufficient mechanic is part of the game, as is sourcing your own parts.
    There is so much online support I haven’t visited a dealer in years, nor do I care to.

  • 41willyscoupe

    Harley is junk and always have been!… I now drive a 2003 FLHTPI and 66 FL…. Both are junk and cant keep up with my Kawasaki Drifter on a good day!… But Ill keep driving my Harleys cause you guys say Im cool like you cause i ride one.. hahahaha bahaha Damn Yuppie Assholes… get a life you fag dildo sucking goofs! HAhahbebahahahaa High Dollar Junk. thats all, Plain and simple truth!… Facts are facts! All you got to do is email the DOT and see for yourself

  • Meh

    If you think Harleys are junk, then exactly why are you riding them? Not a sign of brilliance, eh? If you are riding ANYTHING because of what someone ELSE thinks of it, may a cager turn you into a stain on the pavement. It would raise the average IQ of Drifter owners by quite a bit…
    However, I’ll use your troll post to illustrate my point.
    If your ’66 FL is junk, exactly which OTHER 1966 motorcycle would you replace it with? Comparison to any modern bike is invalid and worthy of a tardsmack, so pick any other 1966 scooter…
    Unless you said “BMW” everything else from back then wasn’t known for longevity. Enough 1966 HDs survive that it is unremarkable. How many 1966 Kawasakis are still with us? I thought so. How many 1976 Kawasakis are still with us? No great number. Even the excellent KZ-900s don’t get rebuilt once they are used up.
    I can field strip any HD with (literally) a tool bag worth of equipment. No dealer umbilical cord required! 🙂
    Your post isn’t even a GOOD troll. You don’t EMAIL DOT for recalls, you go to their website.
    Here’s the link:

  • G

    My wife and I haven’t had a decent nights sleep since some moron up the street from us decided to go on nightly excursions around our block in his stupid ass Harley between 9 and 11pm every night.

    What amazes me is that if my car was as loud as the piece of crap he thinks is so great, my car would not be road legal.

    In my experience so far, Harley riders are just a bunch of sad losers with no consideration or respect for anyone else – they should all go and get a fucking life…



  • Dirt

    It’s a shame you don’t feel proud to be who you are without a Harley. Also, I never lower my head to anyone or any bike, especially not to someone who can’t handle basic grammar.

  • phil

    A friend of mine who is sixty four just bought his first bike ever. Over $20,000 for a motorcycle! He is a smallish stock broker guy who is having some mid-life crisis. Anyway, I have to agree with most of the article, as every one is laughing at him behind his back as he drives off from our tennis league thinking the ladies are impressed, when actually they are all thinking, he is going to get killed. I guess he will die with that goofy smile on his face…

  • my 2 cents worth

    So much garbage from so many. Thanks goodness there was also some great comments such as from the one poster way back when in this thread that said he was not a biker, but rather he was a motorcylist. With that I more than agree. Love the harley, but hate the image that so many riders try to protray. Why is it that so many think they have to have everyone belive they are bad asses for. Damn most the time they r normal people but once they head out the door to ride that harley they suddenly have to don on there chains, studded collars and other crap. I am just glad that in my area there are many harley owners that ride and look normal because they enjoy riding hey and guess what they dont wear the ‘hey look at me’ bad ass crap. They look normal. Unfortunatly still yet they do not outnumber the attention getters. I myself have owned several diiferent bikes and have enjoyed them all. Now how about those younger guys out there doing there stoppies and stunt riding. Do u really think you are cool doing that. Well I’ll tell you what. I wish I had that kind of skill and was young enough to do it. The only exception I take to that form of riding is when it is done on the streets, another ploy for attention and extremly dangerous for those around you. Remember the cage next to you that takes his/hers eyes off the road to see what the hell u r doing may have a kid in that car. I would not want to be responsible for having that kid hurt. Would you.
    Its not what u ride but how you present yourself when doing so. I just dont understand why so many are putting down different types of bikes. If I want to build a bike with a honda frame, a harley engine, and a kali front end, thats my choice and u dont have the right to put it down. Enjoy what you have and what you like and try to be a real man/woman and not a want to be bad ass. Remember there are some “real” bad asses out there that you dont want riding up to you on a back street. They cannot stand the imatators either.
    By the way I now ride a 1800 goldwing so have fun putting that down now. that should give you something else to bitch about.

  • Ed

    I may not agreewith Joe on everything he is saying but,I can understand his fusration.Harley-Davidson is who I have a beef with! I’m 52yrs. old,I never belong to a outlaw gang and i don’t have any tats.I have loved motorcycles ever since I could walk.I think harley has got greedy and dosen’t care about about what you think any more.(no e-mail site)they have screwed me around several times and this last time was it for me.When I think about pushin That AMF…All those yrs. instead of riding a Honda It pisses me off!I love the machine but hate the people in charge.They act like they are doing you some kinda favor taking your hard earn money and treating like a Turd.Price jumping 2500.00 from the week before…I had my bike almost sold too.
    Good Bye Willie G.

  • Why Do People Ride Motorcycles?
    For some people, there is maybe one reason, for others, there are several. The same is most likely true for the brand of bike they sit their ass on. One of the reasons I ride a Harley Road King custom, is because I fucking want to. I am a fifty four year old Bail bondsman who makes enough money {if you don!t think money can buy happiness, your head ain!t screwed on straight,jack-ass}to buy a bad-ass Hog. Oh yea! it will go from 65 to 100 quicker than a cat can lick his hehind. My point is this, there are a lot of really great bikes being built, different brands and sizes, buy what you can afford or want, and simple enjoy the ride, we are all just passing through!
    Lloyd T. Rainwater
    Rockingham, N.C.

  • Brian Davis

    It is amusing to read some of these post and just sad to read others, so much hate in the world. My 2000 FLHT doesn’t shine much theses days, but she just landed me home on another 5000 mile journey. My hog doesn’t leak oil(36000 miles), exhaust is relativley quiet and it is as comfortable as any bike made. I choose not to ride with others, I travel alone and have always liked it this way. If I want company, I can approach almost any other rider on the road and swap stories, should I choose. I like turning right when I want to turn right or go left when I want to go left. Riding is an act of pure selfishness, to me. The weeks I spend on the road are the only time someone is not trying to tell me to do something, go somewhere. I am 46 and for the record, my first bike was a 650 special. The wiring harness burnt the second week I had it. I owned a Honda, rear wheel fractured and had I not caught it, who knows. Harleys are slow and kind of expensive (I bought mine the old fashion way, I saved my money.) but I can work on mine. The stealership gets very little of my cash and doing the regular service on my bike brings me great pleasure. The kid next store bought a 1850 honda in March. Been back to the dealer on four occassions to try and stop a nasty oil leak, still leaks, wiring and charging problems are plaquing this kid, he is sick. They are all mechanical and they all break. Also I like the idea that when I am done beating my glide to death someone will give me ten thousand bucks for her, not a bad return for much fun had! Be good to each other, life is to short to be pissed off all the time. God Bless

  • ride

    It’s been my observation that nearly every Harley I come across is moving slower than most cars, slows down even more for corners, and are piloted by mostly overweight people who appear to be what might be termed over the hill.

  • brian

    You must observe with you eyes closed.
    Try opening your mind while your at it.
    By the way, I stopped outside of Chicago today to help some guy on a Honda. He told me he knew if someone would help, it would be a harley rider.
    I don’t know if someone riding a honda would help me if I needed it, cause I never have. I do find it interesting that a guy would openly admit that honda riders just pass you by.

  • machell29

    my middled aged boyfriend got a harley and one of his front teeth came out lol I said don’t worry honey now you can fit in with all your friends lmao spend money on a bike but forget all about your dentalwork hmmmm………

  • Tommy

    I just found this site by accident, and it seems to be a place for crazy people and losers. I have been riding for more than 30 years, always on a jap bike except for the last 3 years. I have owned many Jap bikes. They are for the most part reliable. And, I used to be like some of these dopes on here, i.e., down on Harley-Davidson but don’t know why. I recently purchased a used Harley which was barely broke in, for probably less than a new Honda would cost. I knew that it was a push rod engine going into to the deal — for you non-technical people its basically old technology. But, was I ever surprized, I enjoy this bike more than any other bike I’ve ever owned. I cannot explain it, and if you don’t already get it then you probably never will.

    I know there are snobs on both sides. However, I still salute both American and oriental machines. My bike or brand loyalty does not define who I am.

    So I will now leave this site never ever to return again. So any and all retarded responses will be like pissing into the wind.

  • tryan

    I ride a 1998 suzuki marauder 21000 miles the last 3 years. Im trading it in this december for a 06 harley deuce. I am 33 years of age have been riding on 2 wheels since age 7 And dont plan to quit any time soon and now through the wonderful world of finance I can afford a harley. I used to bash Harley but I learned to realize I didnt hate harley just a lot of their riders. And as far as the biker wave if your on 2 wheels thats fucking awesome(exception scooters)cant recognize them as bikers. just someone trying to save gas.

    If your on 2 wheels keep riding. And Ive seen nice asses on the back of harleys and crotch rockets hell yeah.

  • bob

    fuck you u fat pussy

  • tryan

    6’2″ 195 Im not a fat pussy. I hope my size doesnt turn you on asswipe (bob) oh and no need to reply Im never visiting this web site again I just wanted some good advice why not to buy a harley from this website but their was none of real value.

  • minibikemike

    H.D. is ASSEMBLED in America = NOT MADE

  • Hill Scoggin Harley riders

    visit BLACK ECHO = great reading about the Hill Scoggins & Herd mentality that ride over priced, slow, cheap H.D.

  • mesoglea

    Get off your high horse and accept the fact that just because its a high priced, Genuine American Made Harley Davidson doesn’t mean its the greatest thing on the face of the earth.
    Harley is smoke and chrome. It’s nothing more than an image that people spend too much money on. There are better engineered, better built machines for less. If their bikes were half the price, the allure of the Harley would be nothing. It’s BLING. I’m better than you because I ride a Harley!
    Look at the Honda Rune, a bike Harley could never produce even in their wettest dreams. If you rode a Rune, they would still complain that its not an Harley.
    I can afford a Harley but I simply refuse to pay an exuberant price for an inferior product. Many people refuse to do this, so don’t use the “Can’t afford a real bike” comment.
    “Get a real bike.” Please define “real” as any motorcycle is defined as having two wheels and an engine.
    The cutting edge V-Rod? Japan has been making that bike for 20 years. If Harley is so absolute in greatness, why didn’t they use their superior American ingenuity and design their own engine? Why didn’t they go across the street to Ford, GM or Dodge for assistance? What does that say about Harley’s faith in American engineering? How American is going to Europe for engine design? The V-Rod is based on the VR1000 race bike that was a general failure. It took them 10 years to incorporate that loosing race technology.
    The 20 year old Harley isn’t much different from today’s. The import bike from 20 years ago is drastically different. Why? Racing improves the breed. The lessons learned from the racing world are inducted into the bikes on the street and not just the race bikes.
    Hold their value my ass! Add your required chrome bling, big jugs, cams, six-speed trans, billet forward controls, ape hangers, annoyingly loud drag pipes(that do nothing for safety because of the Doppler effect) and super fat rear tire spending over $8000 to make your bike where it should be from the factory at no extra charge! Selling years later at MSRP is still a loss. Why are there hundreds of aftermarket parts for Harleys like cams, heads, big bores and transmissions? Because you need to buy all that stuff to bring it up to speed and into the 1990’s.
    Harley doesn’t race other than drag and dirt track, that isn’t exactly cutting edge. Nostalgia is an excuse for incompetence in innovation. If Harley was the best, they would be the leaders in motorcycling world and they are not.

  • 2young

    Wow! I am 22 yr. old female college student whom recently entered the HD world. WHAT A RIDE. There is such a feeling of freedom one has when on one. Why waste so much time knocking somthing that gives others a great feeling. Hell some of them may be arrogant or “rubs”, but who cares! I think all you boys who are in here knocking the HD are probably envious of the man that just passed you, pipes rattling your mirror with a hot chick on the back! 2 bad for you! Maybe you should try life out.. after all you only get one shot.

  • mesoglea

    2young- Are you implying that the feeling of freedom can only be felt on a Harley? I enjoy that every time I ride my bench mark sport bike.
    Why would anyone be envious of a fool that paid more for less?
    Pipes that rattle my mirror are an annoyance and only impress the uninitiated. Just because it’s loud doesn’t mean it’s powerful.
    If the man needs a big toy to attract the ladies then he’s a real piece of work. If she’s only impressed with his bike and the poseur image it represents she worse than he is.
    So you are also saying that I should get a Harley and try out life because that’s the only way to live?
    Grow up, the image thing is so High School.

  • Cracky

    I ride an HD. I’ve had this one for over 20 years. I had a couple of others before that. I would like to comment on the idea that Honda riders wouldn’t stop. I ran out of gas and was pushing my HD and a Honda rider stopped, he gave me a ride to a gas station and back to my bike. I’ve drag-raced for a number of years (yes, the HD. and yes, I did have fun). Most bikes at the drags were japanese. I made friends with all the other racers. These friendships I still have today, years after I stopped competing.

    It seems that Harley riders don’t seem to be stopping like they use to either. I won’t comment on why that may be. I stop to help any bike and often times even a cage, if it looks like they need the help.

  • Retro ozzy

    I can only agree with the author here in australia I just seen it all a frame tank and to guard custom of course $17900.00au dollars now surely if the maker of these parts is taken the piss. No wheels they were an extra $1400.00 no engine 145inch $17650.00 and the list went on and on and on. I think buy the time the guy with the fat wallet had some one finish his bike for him he could have of had all the choice imports in his garage. I still ride a z900 and it still kick there arses ( and thats how we say asses)

  • shadeofgray

    C’mon guys… stop picking on the Harley guys. According to Fortune magazine’s report, the average Harley rider is 46 years old, and increasing. I bet a lot of our moms and dads collected old record players, 8 track tapes, etc because the look reminds them of good old days of their youth, and lets them try to recapture that. Sure, functionally, it’s utterly inferior to modern equipment, but it’s a middle-age thing. Harley plays on that image that to these people. It looks and performs like the stuff they saw and admired when they were young. Let them like what they want. We’re young, good looking, and have the exciting image they’re really trying to recapture. You think a middle aged man, constantly tired and aching, weak, balding and getting fatter, and married to a middle aged woman whose haggard appearance prevents sexual arousal without taking some kind of drug, has any dangerous, sexy “image” left to stand on their own?

    They do as they please to try to recapture their image, or find refuge from their hum-drum lives. The only thing that gets me is when they try to talk about power.

    Seriously Harley guys, just knock it off. You’re embarassing yourselves. Trying to compare harley power with sportbike power is like trying compare a lawn mower to a corvette. Even the V-rod’s horsepower, which Harley needed to have a foreign company design, doesn’t come close to similar displacement sportbikes. Bragging about how your V rod or expensively modified Harley engine is making 100 or so horsepower is like bragging about being the smartest guy with down’s. Be real- even the tiny 600cc sportbike engines are making around 125, outmuscling you. And the larger engines, still in standard, $10k production sportbikes, are coming up towards TWO HUNDRED horsepower now.

    In fact, the 2006 zx-14 is expected to exceed 200 horsepower, and costs 10k.

    (BTW, harley guys, HARDLEY is not a misspelling. It’s a slang word that other bikers use to make fun of Harley’s weak engines/yuppie image. It’s short for Hardley-Ableson)

  • LOU

    Anyone who can talk so bad about Harleys,Whats your fucken probplem,you don`t like them,then do not talk about something you no nothing about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mad Dog

    A truly moronic post. Stunning in its infantile neuroses. I ride a Harley because I choose to. If you think for a second I give two shits what some white bread eating Fred Flintstone MF in a cage or on a Japanese bike thinks of me you are truly high. Yeah Harley markets an experience….an image. So does every other company in the marketplace. At least they try to. Its just that Harley does it so much better than others.
    As far as your juvenile comments on ‘phony tough’ and flag waving. I ride with the Vietnam Vets MC and yeah we wave flags. Most of us are former Marines or soldiers who fought for our country. You don’t have to ride a Harley to be one of us. Though most do….by choice. You apparently have a problem with the concept of choice. Next time you come across us on our Harleys, and we are in all 50 states, why don’t you come up and tell us what you think. To our faces. Please.

  • Mad Dog

    Shade of Grey..you remind me of the self infatuated jerkoffs we started getting in the service once the schools started mandating that all students major in self esteem. Young, good looking??? Harley’s bikes persevere, for one reason, because of the timeless quality to their classical lines. Their design is classical…not disposable…like yours. And you think Harley riders secretly envy you and yours? Sorry sunshine……not hardly. Not even close.

  • Now that I read how many people are slamming the HD, I have decided to buy one. When so many people out there are so jealous about something , it must be worhtwhile! Can’t wait to ride and get all that attention by all you “green with envy” wannabe’s. I now know what the poor people are doing.

  • sweet62

    yes my harley marks its spot but it has a right to its 33 years old , do jap bikes go back that far and still run and I’m no rub ,I’m a women .

  • H O G

    I agree with the guy that said those who can’t afford one are envious. Why else the attacks? I own a brand new 2006 Custom Road King, I eat steak and Lobster at least once a month, I love expensive Cognac and Champagne,5 weeks of holidays every year like Europe, Caribbean, Hawaii, I own a summer cottage, my Cage is a Mercedes and my house is 5000 square feet on a hillside overlooking all the peasants who can’t own a moped let alone a Harley! get a life all you bitter frustrated losers!

  • “It is not the critic who counts, not the one who points out how the strong man stumbled or how the doer of deeds might have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred with sweat and dust and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy cause; who, if he wins, knows the triumph of high achievement; and who, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat.” Teddy Roosevelt

  • Spooky

    Isn’t America great!!!

    Even YOU get a right to voice an opinion

  • mesoglea

    Telling a group of Harley riders what we think to their faces is like you going into an “ethnic” bar in a KKK costume and screaming racial slurs! Wake up, Mad Dog that point is useless. Both of us would get beaten badly.
    “2006 Custom Road King, I eat steak and Lobster at least once a month, I love expensive Cognac and Champagne, 5 weeks of holidays every year like Europe, Caribbean, Hawaii, I own a summer cottage, my Cage is a Mercedes and my house is 5000 square feet on a hillside overlooking all the peasants who can’t own a moped let alone a Harley!” I’m positive all the readers are impressed, you pompous clown. Brag on with your superior monetary status, your Highness.
    How are some people that can afford Harleys but don’t own one afflicted by your ownership? If they wanted one, they would buy it. Your perceived grandeur is a facade imposed by the superiority complex from the ownership of an expensive bike that is really nothing but an ego booster/penis extension.
    Yes, I am so jealous of the image of a real man and badassed biker that you bought. You paid a high price to be cool.
    Disposable, in your delusions. After few years time, the current top of the line bike is superseded as the newer machines are improved with the things learned from racing. Harley pumps out the same bike year after year with no changes. Evolve or die!
    Harleys have been obsolete for over 30 years and they refuse to let you realize that. Would you pay $100,000 for a 2006 reissue of the 1972 Ford Pinto?
    Harley has boutiques that don’t sell anything but clothing, fashion accessories and trinkets. No bikes or parts! Do you know how hard it is to find officially licensed import apparel? Damn near impossible! They don’t need to advertise all over, with silly corporate logos on cookie cutters and cheap leather wrapped flashlights. People know that the Japanese bikes are good. Harley uses advertising to ram themselves down your throat into thinking they are the best. There are the uninitiated that have Harley merchandise that don’t even ride and never will! Harley is getting paid by those sheep to advertise. They bought it because its cool and no other reason.
    Where is Harleys Super Bike and MotoGP entry? If they are so all encompassing, they should be on the podium but they aren’t even on the track! Don’t pull the Vrod drag bike, that is one class and not exactly the technological tour de force of motorcycle racing.
    The Big 4 from Japan make more than just a motorcycle. They make cars, trucks, F1 race engines, power equipment, diesel prime movers, robots, jet turbines, musical instruments and even an airplane. Harley still makes only a bike and you would think that it’s the best. But it’s not.
    I stated in a previous post, that I can afford a Harley but I simply refuse to pay an exuberant price for an inferior product. Many people refuse to do this, so don’t use the “Can’t afford a real bike” comment. Stop using the money factor as an excuse as your pedestal of greatness. And please define “real”, as any motorcycle usually has two wheels and an engine.
    Explain why Harleys are so much better than imports. Use real qualitative/quantitative reasoning, not just because of its heritage, looks, style or other visual, name brand label whore traits. That’s a line of crap anyway.
    A Japanese bike looks just the same (or better), has modern styling/materials/engineering, better performance and costs much less.
    It seems the best thing you can come up with is the price difference argument. So basically, you think you are better because you paid more for a bike. Living in poverty with an expensive bike makes you a poseur and there are many of you out there. You got taken and you refuse to acknowledge it.
    Again, you are pompous.

  • shadeofgray

    I tried to show some tolerance, but fine…

    i boughted my neighhbors used kia for $500,000 and you stupid sports cars corvette porsche drivers are all just jealouz becuz you can’t afford it! the beauty of a 1995 kia is classical it will last 4ever.

    Sportbikes would last forever too, if they were being bought by middle aged posers who took them out to pose and pretend to be a badass, and put 2 miles on them a year.

    BTW, if harley’s design is so classical and timeless, how come almost nobody young is buying it?
    Fortune article: Will harley hit the wall?

    When you senile old yuppies die, Harley will die with you, unless they change to be more like the sportbikes.

    That’s the Harley bike itself as a functional item is literally completely inferior in every measureable way.

    Roll that around in your head for little bit, yuppy posers.

    …Completely inferior in EVERY MEASUREABLE WAY…

    Holy damn! Can you even fathom the magnitude of those words? That level of crappiness? The significance?

    Competely inferior in every measureable way!



    Harley lovers can’t name a single, measureable thing their bikes function good at. NOT A SINGLE ONE!
    Not more horsepower, not more g’s pulled on a skidpad, not fuel efficiency, nothing!

    Any of you tools want to buy one of my gum wrappers for $20 each? They fall apart easily, have low strength ratings, are harder to carry, and are completely inferior in every measurable way to what you can get for 2 cents anywhere else, but I stamped the picture of a bird on them…

    And you can pretend you’re outlaw gum chewers and brag about how you paid $20 for it, and if other people tell you it’s dumb, you can say they’re just jealous and wish they could afford one of my wrappers!

  • Kawi

    Short and simple, Harley’s are good for nothing, slow, dont handle worth a crap, overpriced I’m not talking garbage I have ridden many of them and could not wait to get off and get back on my rice burner wich would kick the shit out of any one of them, oh and most you sound like the typical sterotype Harley rider saying how you are going to kick ass when in reality you are probably some 400 pound fat fuck that that needs a big turd to carry your fat asses around, wake up you ride junk!

  • Sheila

    I have to wonder about all the Harley bashing and what drives people to make assumptions simply because someone chooses to buy and ride a Harley.
    I have ridden motorcycles my whole life. I started riding at 5, raced enduro for years. I loved my Suzukis, my Hondas and my Yamahas. My Dad and Mom had a beautiful GoldWing that they rode all the time. However, I chose to buy a Harley sportster. The reason? Because I wanted one. I liked the look and the feel. I don’t have loud pipes but sometimes wish I did because of how many ignorant drivers pull out in front of me or turn in front of me on any given day.
    I think that everyone should consider that people who ride bikes (ANY kind) do it for one simple reason. They enjoy it! Gee, go figure.

  • Outland69

    Start this off, I have 3 Bikes, a 1978 Suzuki GS750, Its old, its heavy, it leaks oil and pretty much rides like an outdated bike, that being said its still fun, its my first bike (Had since 1985) Second bike is a 2003 GSX-r 600 again its a fun bike, has tremendous power and acceleration dives into corners and all that still means shit to me because I don’t race. i actually ride safe aka not trying to hold 70+mpg through a corner or a twistie, again I ride it for FUN I like the way it drive fun to take on short and middle length rides but I cant stand to be on it for more than a few hours at a pop but thats how it is supposed to be, 3rd bike, a brand new big ass HD 2006 wide glide, So far i am also loving this bike it to is fun to ride, nope I dont want to drive over 120mph on it, I dont want to drag my knees through twisties I want a cruisier bike for longer trips thats… you guessed it is FUN to ride. Stop comparing HD cruisers to your sport bikes because if they fact the HD cant handle and accelerate as well as my gsxxxxr and that makes it a pos and the company that makes it a pos then the gsxxxr is a pos as well following your definition, why? because suzuki also makes cruisers and I can leave them in the dust as well in stright lines or corners, same with Kawa’s, Yamahas (ok i hate everything they make anyway but thats another issue) I can also blow off a few BMW’s and so on and so on, Its not like there are enuff legitimate reasons to give bad impressions of a HD (or any bike) but to say it does not handle like your sporty just shows you to be a total jackass. Funny a Ford Mustang GT (stock) will blow the doors off a Dodge Neon (stock) Must mean Dodge sucks

  • DanBoeBitch

    Whether you ar for Harleys or Against them, I am cracking up that you waist your time on this stupid websight inputting your opinions on Harleys. Whatever any of you ride, I hope it is not on the same road as me!

  • FordDodge

    “Funny a Ford Mustang GT (stock) will blow the doors off a Dodge Neon (stock) Must mean Dodge sucks”

    Dodge would DEFINATELY suck if the Neon was the top of the line car Dodge made, and if the Neon also had worse fuel economy than the Mustang, worse reliability ratings than the Mustang, and cost $80,000 in comparison to the Mustang GT’s 25k!

    THAT’s how Harley compares with the imports!

    But luckily for us, Dodge also has the viper, the charger, etc. They even have the srt-4, an inexpensive high power and potential car. They can compete.
    We have great, American cars that can compete with the world. Why don’t we have any American motorcycles that can do the same?

    Harley is a national disgrace.

  • I totally agree. Harley’s…ew. Don’t get me started. They don’t ride worth a shit, are loud, sound like shit, and the guys who ride ’em are very inconsiderate to those smart enough to ride a crotchrocket. Not even a wave. That’s cause they know. They KNOW. They fuck with us, they get an ass-whoppin’. But anyway, those who are dumb enough to ride a hog, think they and their harleys are god’s gift to the world. haha. that’s funny. no. anyway, just to claim, i am the crotchrocket princess(although I can’t ride the one i bought for my dad cause my feet don’t come anywhere near the ground when i sit on it!) anyone near philly who wants to go ridin’crotchrocket style…maybe go fuck with some harley guys…reply….im 17 and my dad just turned 50(old bastard, heehhee!) i have(ahem, i bought for my dad) a 1976 kawasaki kz900…classic…HARLEY”S AND THE PEOPLE WHO RIDE EM SUCK!

  • Potatopotato

    It’s self-evident that Harley fans are a bigger joke than their sad fetish objects. What should be added to the “Harleys suck” argument is the proliferation of cheesey H-D branded merch aimed at the midlife consumer.

    Petco carries tiny leather doggy jackets and coffee mugs. WalMart sells plastic chopper trikes so the littl’uns can train to be a junior dirtbag. There are too many laughable tchotchkes to mention.

    I think a big seller would be Preparation H-D hemorrhoid ointment. And why not offer a tassled high-rise toilet seat for rebels with limited mobility but unlimited attitude?

  • Helmetwearer

    You are so right. The Harley Davidboys and there stupid fart can pipes, obligatory flags, and fringy outfit wearing selves, what a fuckin disgrace to the guys who were down.

  • Andrew

    when it comes to motorcycles I’ve always thought “live and let die”.

    if you want to ride without a helmet, go ahead. It’s your life.

    as for loud pipes, I don’t think they add much safety. But even if they do the loud pipes are so loud I’d rather just accept the increased deaths as the price for peace and quiet.

    If the only safe way of riding is to make that much noise, well don’t ride. As someone pointed out a car this loud would get ticket.

  • Leroy

    I have owned almost every motorcycle brand that is common in the US, and I have settled on Honda. I have owned HD’s, and I respect the people who ride them because the are looking for the attributes that HD offers, and insist on buying an american made bike. The only HD owners that bug me are the ones who have never owned another bike, shit on imports and will only ride a HD (Or nothing) to me, these people are buying jewlery, not a motorcycle.

  • stapels

    Well i cant be botherd to read all the comments and i doubt any1 else will but if any1 reads this ima get my veiw across.
    Now The Harley Riders i have no offence against, but to be serious what does a harley offer but touring. if you want excitment get a super bike, if ya want a shit noise – listen to your self talk,if ya like the look of them buy a picture. if your a rich cunt who doesnt have value for money and just buys 1 for the fact they can, fair enoth. and if you wanna look cool and tough, just get a life. i have friend who ride harleys; nice people. but to be honest NO get a real bike like a suzuki gsxr or kawasaki zzr Or If ur rich go search for a bike called the Y2K it has Helicopter engines, cool huh so look at ur harley and just ask ur self why the fuck have you got it.

  • The Joint Coalition on the Abatement and Cessation of Motorcycle Discrimination

    Hello. This is a public announcement from the Joint Coalition for the Abatement and Cessation of Motorcycle Discrimination (JCACMD):


    The JCACMD feels compelled to step in here and make a few points that both motorcycling sub-cultures should hear.

    Motorcycling is becoming more and more popular, particularly as gas prices escalate and a large segment of citizens enter the “mature” phase of their lives, aka “Baby Boomers.” As a result of this increase in motorcycling popularity, motorcyclists, as a group, are becoming more diverse in ethnicity, background, upbringing, culture, income, and ideals. The same type of diversity occured when millions immigrated to these shores a few centuries ago. Times were difficult then, too. People had a hard time accepting each other.

    We are more sohpisticated today, though, good citizens of the United States of Amotorcyle. We need to be accepting of others and their personal actions. It doesn’t matter what you ride; just don’t consider yourself any better or any worse than anyone else out there.

    Seriously, do you hear the way you bicker back and forth? Cagers don’t call each other names because he/she doesn’t drive a such-and-such car/truck/suv.

    In fact, we are all cagers, too, right? I’d be very surprised if anyone here owned solely a motorcycle and no other 4-wheeled, DOT approved, street-legal vehicle that they use for MOST of their transportation needs. Most of us are recreational riders, meaning we do it for FUN.

    The short of it is this, follow these directives and we should all be able to ride together peacefully:

    Directive #1:
    Harley guys: Stop refering to your motorcycles as “Harleys” and start calling them motorcycles.

    You: Did you hear I bought a motorcycle?
    Someone: Oh? What kind did you buy?
    You: A Harley-Davidson.

    By refering to your motorcycle only as “Harley,” you imply that “motorcycle” is too small a term and people tend to feel alientated from the conversation because most people don’t want to have to “One-Up” each other when speaking casually.

    Also, don’t condemn others because their motorcycle is different than yours. Furthermore, nobody likes annoyingly loud motorcycles roaring by their house while they’re trying to get their children to sleep. I’ve been there, trust me. Please use common sense when craking the throttle wide open to go down the road. As a side note, have you ever thought that letting the whole neighborhood know that you’re leaving your house unattended is a wise idea? Loud pipes shouldn’t be a substitute for alert and decisive riding.

    Cruiser riders are also in need of some safety gear. I wish I had a dollar for every cruiser rider I saw wearing a bandana for a helmet and a t-shirt with jeans. Set a good example for those kids who ride quick bikes improperly.

    Directive #2:
    Sportbike guys: Ignore Harley riders who happen not to follow the Directive #1. Also, don’t do stupid stuff on public roads, it gives all motorcyclists a bad reputation of lawlessness, carelessness, wrecklessness, and disrespect for the lives and safety of everyone around you. I know plenty of abandoned parking lots you can use to practice stunts. Plus, dressing in safety gear isn’t stupid or lame, it can save your skin. The smart riders I know wear at a minimum: leather jacket, full-face helmet, gloves, boots, and jeans. I wish I had a dollar for every kid I saw on a GSX-R1000 riding in shorts, t-shirt, and sandals. It truly scares me. Set a good example for all those future riders who adore you for riding the quick-bike of their dreams.

    Also, the slip-on exhausts for sportbikes can get kind of loud, too, so don’t call the kettle black if you’re a noise polluter, too. Again, loud pipes shouldn’t be a substitute for alert and decisive riding.

    End Directives.

    I have a Dream…that we can all ride together without Motorcycle Discrimination.

    Thank you.


  • nich052

    Thank you JCACMD for a little voice of reason.

    Intruder vs800 rider.

    Rider since 1975.

    BTW, anyone can ride a large displacement bike to Sturgis or wherever, but how about riding a 1976 Honda CL-360 3000 miles from Coeur d’ Alene, Id to Phx Arizona and back?

    Be wavin’ at ya…

  • Deuce Rider

    Gawd, I just could not wade through all this b.s.
    Real riders–especially Harley riders–could care less what you guys think!

    Camille Paglia and you other whiners be damned…


    (I love it!!!)

  • qball

    I just don’t understand all this religious zealotry about certain makes of motorcycles. I hope most of you people are trolling. If you really believe most of this hateful crap you’re spouting forth, you are mentally disturbed.

    I like my Honda CBR600RR. Fast, fun, economical, reliable, low maintenance, all that stuff. It’s my daily commuter, and I don’t do ANY of that crazy stuff some of you accuse ALL “crotch-rocket” riders of doing. The vast majority of sportbike riders don’t. And I don’t care what you think so stop wasting your energy with sportbike hatred.

    Yes, I’m in my 30’s. Yes, I could easily afford an HD. Harley Davidson motorcycles and the whole Harley image are unappealing to me. I don’t like them so I don’t buy them. That’s it, end of story. I don’t like broccoli either. I’m not going to get mad at people buying broccoli in the supermarket.

    Ok, so many Harley-Davidson riders ride them for the style and image. Ok, so what!? Good for them! Rude SUV drivers bother me MUCH more than folks who ride HD motorcycles; all this Harley hatred is bizarre, unjustified, and just stupid. I suspect most HD riders don’t care what you think either so stop wasting your energy, do yourself a favor and get over your weird Harley-hatred.

    JCACMD said,
    “Cagers don’t call each other names because he/she doesn’t drive a such-and-such car/truck/suv.”

    Well actually many do. Motorcycle riders don’t need to do the same. Motorcycles, including HD’s, are superior to cars in so many ways, that much we should be able to agree on.

    But +100 to everything else JCACMD said, especially about sportbike safety. Do stunts in abandoned areas, and leave the racing on the racetrack. And drop this idiotic motorcycle bigotry and just enjoy your ride.

  • angelofdeath

    Wow…I don’t care if you ride an ’06 SuperGlide or a 1977 Yamaha XS650. You’re missing out on some kick ass trips if you stay consumed with this “my dick is bigger than your dick” contest.


    It comes down to this.Plain and simple it doesnt matter if its a harley,honda,yamaha,kaw or suk all that matters is that anybody who ownes any of these make of motorcycles is a rider and should be respected for taking the big step on that first purchase.Ya all you motorcycle owners know what i,am talking about? Its the love of the ride.So no matter what brand of bike you may own ride on brothers and sisters.PS LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES…..

  • shadegray

    Yeah, respect for other riders. What grinds on a lot of us is that harley riders don’t have that. I’m being generous with the word rider/biker. It takes knowledge about riding, it takes experience on a bike to appreciate subtleties of suspension and frame design, well-matched tires, or engine layout and horsepower/torque curves.

    It takes a biker to appreciate these things, because it affects how a bike rides. You have to be a rider to understand what it means, and what it does. You have to be a biker.

    A Harley is just looks and image. There’s nothing past it, because it’s completely inferior in every measureable way. So all a Harley guy can appreciate about his ride is the way it looks, and the image he has associated with it. It takes nothing, no understanding of the ride to appreciate that. The know-nothing cagers, or midlife-crisis dentists who watch cheesy bike movies do that. And that’s what harley riders are. A Harley rider isn’t a real biker.

    Get off the road you lame yuppies, and leave riding for real bikers!

    If you want to pose, just buy a corny red convertible that you know nothing about, like the other guys having their mid-lifes.

  • qball

    Respect for other riders? You aren’t showing me much respect with your assumptions and gross generalizations about HD riders. Again, I don’t like HD’s either which is why I haven’t bought one and probably wouldn’t.

    But for heaven’s sake, this is America; people should be able to do what they want as long as it doesn’t cause harm. Do HD’s cause harm? Ok, riding an HD around at 11:00pm in a residential area causes harm. But I’d say that that old leather-clad stockbrokers, divorce lawyers, and orthopedic surgeons cruising around on highways on a Sunday afternoon hitting every town’s coffee and donut shop doesn’t really harm anybody. Hey, it helps the coffee and donut industry! Why pick on these guys?? A lot of older people buy HD’s because it reminds them of another time, and it’s something they couldn’t have when they were young but now can have. Is that so horrible?? In a way, I see HD’s as being kinda like grandfather clocks. Nobody buys a $2k grandfather clock so that they can tell time when a $39.95 wall clock from Ikea can probably do the job better. People buy grandfather clocks because it’s a thing of beauty in their eyes.

    I myself don’t particularly care for HD’s and yet I haven’t yet heard one single good argument for all this anti-Harley bigotry. The closest thing to a reasonable complaint is that they are too loud.

  • sandman

    i’ve ridden: honda’s, kawasaki’s, and yamaha’s, and none of them to me give a ride quite like the harley 1200 sporty. the yamaha i had for its size felt heavy in a turn. the sporty, exceptionally light. out of the box, harley’s dont have window rattling pipes. u’d need either harley drag pipes, vance and hines, or screaming eagles; and the drag and v&h pipes are alot louder than the s/e’s.

    every time i see a crotch rocket, their either doin stupid stunts in traffic, or trying to break the sound barrier. if i want to break the sound barrier, i’d pick the f-16 anyday. crotch rockets are notoriously hard to spot from a cager point of view. their profile is alot thinner than any harley. if the cager cant see u, ur a dead man.

  • WomanOnAHARLEY

    LOL! What a joke! I am not defined by what I ride. I ride what I like, and that’s HARLEY. I don’t ride to impress anyone. If people are ignorant enough to judge me by what I ride, their loss. Respect for other riders???? HA! I’d say this thread is lacking just that! I’ve ridden Hondas, Yamahas, and Kawasaskas and even on those, harley riders made me feel the most welcome. Take a look at the amount of money they raise in their communities for charities, and tell me again why they are so horrid? I forget…?

  • Ha

    So you like bikes that feel light and responsive in turn? Then why didn’t you try a sport-tourer? A zzr costs less than your sportster, will turn in a way the sportster can’t even dream of, is just as, if not more comfortable, with better made parts and reliability, and you can finally feel what it’s like to have some power in a bike.
    If you just want to ride something big and comfy, you can get a goldwing.

    Still nobody, not sportbikers/cruisers/or even Harley fans can name a single thing Harley bikes rates well at. Everybody has to concede that Harley’s bikes are junk in every last aspect.

    You can go on about the Harley community all you want, and how much they donate to charities. But that doesn’t change the BIKES themselves. It doesn’t change the fact that they are selling shit at exorbant prices. They still don’t have a leg to stand on. Pathetic power levels, pathetic reliability, pathetic skidpad numbers, pathetic ergos. Literally worse in every category.

    Even the recent Harley supporters have only been able to liken it’s appeal to that of an antique clock, which can be outdone in every aspect by a modern piece, but retain value as a novelty. A modern piece is what someone would buy if they wanted to something functional, a dead serious item who’s goal is to accurately tell time, an antique makes for a good display.

    Yes, that’s probably the best compromise for us. Harley owners need to accept that their “motorcycle” is a novelty, a bemusement. Not a serious motorcycle, as in something built to be the optimal ride for the race track, or optimal ride for comfy trips on long highways, or best for the dirt, or any other functional aspect of riding, but something built for an interesting display or amusement.

  • James Asbury

    If you truly want to be a biker go get yourself something from before 1970. Whether it’s a Harley or Jap or Euro. Keep it running without the help of a professional mechanic. Ride it every day that snow is not sitting on the ground and make it your primary daily driver. That scooter should feel only your touch and the ass of your pillion rider. That bike should be more important to you than who made it or where the parts came from. If this isn’t you, don’t call yourself a biker. If you own something modern and you have the local shop work on it and do the services for you, you are a POSER. If you drive the Chevy, Lexus or Lincoln to work on a rainy day you’re a pussy. It doesn’t matter what’s sitting in the garage. If you aren’t riding it, you’re doing it a disservice.

  • qball

    “You can go on about the Harley community all you want, and how much they donate to charities. But that doesn’t change the BIKES themselves. It doesn’t change the fact that they are selling shit at exorbant prices. They still don’t have a leg to stand on. Pathetic power levels, pathetic reliability, pathetic skidpad numbers, pathetic ergos. Literally worse in every category.”

    And you can go on and on about how HD’s are shit, they don’t perform, they’re junk, blah blah blah. It still doesn’t change the fact that HD has gone from near demise to a hugely successful company that will continue to be highly profitable in the foreseeable future.

    Funny thing, I don’t even entirely disagree with those points about how lousy HD bikes are. (I’m talking about the bikes not the riders. If you own an HD and enjoy it, good for you.) However, I disagree that Harley-Davidson doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

    The value of Harley-Davidson is in the brand name and the image, NOT the performance and quality of the motorcycle per se; I think that much we can establish. The demographic Harley-Davidson caters do doesn’t care about performance or quality by itself. Whether that makes Harley fans cool, uncool, good, or bad people is an uninteresting discussion.

    My point is HD is in a cozy position market-wise. If I were an executive at Harley-Davidson, I would be scared to change a thing. For Harley-Davidson to make a motorcycle that I as a consumer would buy, they would have to commit marketing suicide and abandon their existing customer base. Hell, the V-Rod was a questionable move and I’m not sure why they even bothered.

    Nonetheless, HD’s target demographic is aging and they don’t seem to be attracting younger buyers who tend to like performance motorcycles. Honda has recently overtaken Harley-Davidson in US sales and the other big three are catching up, mostly because younger buyers are attracted to lighter, faster, racier, smooth-running bikes.

    IMO, HD has the right idea with the Buell subsidiary, but they have the wrong idea with trying to mate antiquated Harley-Davidson technology with a modern-style sportbike.

    HD’s suck, HD riders are stupid, crotch-rocket riders are stupid, fag bitch fag fuck shit fuck blah blah blah … those arguments are all dumb and boring IMO.

    Its much more interesting to look at the business and marketing aspects. Will HD comfortably maintain their status and profitability? Will they have to eventually downsize in order to remain profitable. Will the company re-invent itself yet again? Is the Buell line the key to their future?

    Geez, I didn’t mean to write such a long post or to hijack this thread. Sorry. Please feel free to disregard and your pissing contest.

  • 1

    I don’t think most Harley/Sportbike fans are really disagreeing on facts. There isn’t much to argue. Harley sells image. Harley riders buy the bikes because they want to live that image. The big 3 sell bikes. Sportbikers get the bikes for what they are- machines made to go. They see HD as lame because they are looking at the bikes and not the image. Maybe they find the image unappealing. HD riders hate sportbikes because they can’t see the image in them. Different kinds of people on bikes.

    Things will probably change as HD’s demographics change. They have to find a way to attract new buyers. They need to either update their image or do change their bikes. There seems to be a market ripe for an inexpensive American muscle bike. The 2 wheel version of the mustang camaro.Anyone who wants a “hot rod” bike is forced to go import. Will Harley fill that gap? Will another domestic maker?

    Imagine the Ford hot-bike.

  • Beedle

    Harleys are cool.

    People who mod them so they’re uber-loud and wake people up at 4AM are not. Neither are crotch-rocket racers who do the same thing.

    Loud bikes suck. And they don’t save lives; it’s just a non-verbal way for you to tell the world you’ve got a small wiener.

  • Hehe

    If bikes were people and Harley and Sportbikes went to prison, Harley would be Sportbikes bitch. Sportbike would make Harley suck on his exhaust pipe, and harley would have to do it for fear that Sportbike would unleash his awesome strength and power and crush Harley into the ground. Then Sportbike would pass him around to his friends Sport Tourer and Naked bike. Harley would cry and try to tell stories with vivid imagery about being a badass, but then they’d laugh and easily overpower him and have their way with him.

  • JapBike

    Why don’HD riders wave back when waved to? 9 out of 10 Harley guys don’t wave to you if you’re on anything other than a Harley. its a little game I play every summer.

  • Sportster 1200 Custom

    My lawn mower is a Honda and my stereo is a Yamaha. Good machines, but I wouldn’t want to take them to Sturgis.

    Why don’t you trailer your rice burner there if you think Harley riders are less than the real deal.

    You will meet a dentist alright. Just run your mouth there like you do here.

  • Ken “flatop”

    I’ve been riding for over 30 years, and yeah there are some rubs out there but not in the crowd that I ride with. As for the comments about Harley. Sounds like someone that either doesn’t have enough balls to hang out with real bikers or can’t afford to ride one. I ride when its 5 degrees outside and when its raining so damn hard cars pull off the road. I AM A BIKER. I RIDE A HARLEY. I OWN A BMW. I HAVE A DEGREE. I DID TWO TOURS IN NAM And if I want a loud bike I earned it. If you don’t like it tell me what you have done in your life to earn the right to ride a Harley [Deleted]

  • hehe

    Ooh…internet tough guys! We’re real scared! WTF is a middle age dentist poser having his mid-life gonna do? I ought to kick you in your hemmroids while my bike is raping yours! Sturgis… hahaha… what a bunch of losers there. A bunch of RUBs who’ve had their midlifes, or trailer trash who mortgaged their double-wide to buy junk, so they can pretend to be badasses. Just get a cheezy red convertible like everybody else, you lame wannabes. Real bikers…ha… real bikers are about the ride, not the image. You care about how much chrome is on the thing, or how neat your paint design or exhaust looks. You’re just about the look. The guys on sportbikes are about the ride. We look frame rigidity, tire choice, or flat out horsepower curves, things that actually have an affect on the ride. Don’t you call yourself a real biker. You’re just a bunch of middle age posers playing dress up.

    You’re about as cool as the teenagers driving mommy’s hand-me-down beater car, slathered in stickers, fake BOVs, wings, trying to make it look like a racecar.

    Harley’s going down. The only people who buy into the image are ageing, and they can’t draw any new interest by selling the pathetically weak, unreliable, junk they do.

    Harley guys bragging about how their heavily modified hardley is making 100 or so horsepower… haha.. goes to show your ignorance of a real bikes level of power.

  • Carmen

    I wanted to learn to ride for 20 years but my husband was against it. When gas got up to $3.00+ a gallon, he finally agreed. I ended up with a little Honda Rebel. Once we got the thing home, I couldn’t get him off of it so he ended up buying himself a Shadow. Anyway, I’ve quickly outgrown the Rebel and planning to purchase a brand new Harley Sportster this year. After I make a few small modifications, the cost will still be well under $10,000. I am not full of myself. Nor do I wish to have everyone look at me when I ride by. Although I will admit that when I see someone on a Harley I tend to stare. Not because they irritate me and not because I think they are too loud. What really runs through my mind when I see them is that’s what I want to be when I grow up. I’ve found that if something is bothering me, I can get on my bike & ride and whatever the problem, it is soon forgotten, at least for the time being. Riding regardless of what bike, is not about making a statement to anyone. It is about freedom, the wind, the scenery and about 100 other things that someone who does not ride couldn’t possibly understand. I don’t want a Harley because they are American made and I don’t want one so that people will stare. I want one because I love they way they look & sound. All you people out there complaining about Harley’s & the people who ride them should pay a visit to a toy run next December and see how much good these people do. I myself will be attending 4 rides in April this year(on my Rebel), one for the Red Cross, one in remembrabce of fallen police officers, etc. And most of the bikes there will be Harley’s. I’ve yet to see a group of minivans or SUV’s riding around loaded down with a bunch of toys for underprivledged or homeless kids so until you do that shut up and leave the bikers alone. One final thought, they are not riding up and down the street for no apparent reason in the hopes that you will stare at them. They are riding up and down the street because they love to ride.

  • john pereira (D)

    Iwill be in laconia NH.weirs beach janes ave.
    june 12 tru 18. come on over we can talk.

  • Sparky

    I took my new tooth brush and lovingly scrubbed all the little nooks and cranies on my new soft tail standard the other day. I spread a fine paste wax all over her smooth black sufaces to make her shine like the pearl she is. I wake up in the morning to go to work and there she is waiting for me everyday. I love her like no other. My self awarded graduation present for 16 long years of hard work becoming a cardiac anesthesiologist. I will save you when you need it. Proud doesn’t begin to describe where I’m at
    I feel her and it is good. I am whole.

  • Sparky

    Bruce, message # 104, you sir are a funny guy.

  • Eeeww…Harley?

    Camren don’t do it, please…
    If you really like riding the rebel, then buy another honda, or better yet, buy a suzuki m50 boulevard. It’s a heck of a lot better than a Harley. You’ll be so disappointed in the harley. You’re not aware of the numb-hands syndrome from riding a harley. Ever tried to let the clutch out smoothly when your hands are so numb you can’t feel them? Don’t sacrifice rider comfort and safety for image. Don’t be a sheep, go your own way. Ride your own ride. Riding is about SELF. Please, help us put this old dog out of its misery–no more harleys!

  • Tim

    I swapped bikes with my fathers friend and rode his ’03 Harley Road King.No offense,but the Harley did kinda,well..suck. Not an awful bike but it just did nothing as well as the bike I just got off of or as well as any other bike I’ve ever ridden for that matter. A guy in a car at a light said “nice bike”, I thought to myself “actually not”. I have never been more proud to say “the Honda is mine” as I pointed to my friend on my bike. Upon swapping back my friend looked the Honda and said “Man,thats a nice bike”. He just got off my 74 year old dads ’83 v-65 Magna.He still likes his Harley,I still like my dads Magna and my ’90 CBR1000.

  • Tim

    Ref #78.
    My grandfather said our torpedoes had a much higher failure rate compared to the japanese.

    I will buy Harley stock because it has proven to be a good investment.(no thanks to me)

    I don’t know or care what the resale value of my ’90 CBR1000 is. Somebody will get a great bike at a great price if I ever sell it.

    I will “cruise” on an ’83 v-65 Magna

    I am embarassed that we can but refuse to produce a bike like the Japanese. If we did I would gladly pay more for it just because it is American.


  • Tim

    Ref #78.
    My grandfather said our torpedoes had a much higher failure rate compared to the japanese.

    I will buy Harley stock because it has proven to be a good investment.(no thanks to me)

    I don’t know or care what the resale value of my ’90 CBR1000 is. Somebody will get a great bike at a great price if I ever sell it.

    I will “cruise” on an ’83 v-65 Magna

    I am embarassed that we can but refuse to produce a bike like the Japanese. If we did I would gladly pay more for it just because it is American.


  • Stoney

    well I guess we know who can’t afford a Harley

  • qball

    “Well I guess we know who can’t afford a Harley”

    Sorry, this is just plain demonstrably incorrect. I could easily pay cash right now for two new HD’s. But it would be a waste of money IMO; I just don’t like these bikes. And a lot of people have purchased and owned Harley’s and have sworn off of them because of bad experiences; the whole “you’re just jealous” argument is both childish and incorrect.

    But like I said before, the “Harley’s are cool, Harley’s suck, HD riders are cool, HD riders suck” is so incredibly stupid and boring, yawwwwn … the age thing and the business aspects are much more interesting.

    I personally NEVER seen a Harley rider under the age of 45. I’m 32 (not even that young) and have absolutely no interest in these bikes. Expensive + poor performance + mediocre reliablility + high maintenance is just not an attractive combo for younger motorcycle enthusiasts. Again, please understand that I’m not bashing HD’s or HD riders … if you own one of these and enjoy it, great, good for you, I’m happy for you. By all means, do enjoy your motorcycle and don’t be bothered by motorcycle fanboy nutjobs that act like religous fanatics.

    My point is that Harley’s target market demographic is aging; this is really tough to argue. “Easy Rider” came out was before I was born; the whole Harley style and is completely lost on me. There isn’t half as long of a waiting list for a new HD at the dealer as there was as little as three years ago. The V-Rod just wasn’t much of a success. But still, the company is healthy and isn’t in any kind of immediate financial distress.

    So if you were a Harley executive, would you be worried? Would you change anything? If so, what would you change? The traditional HD target demographic is very loyal and religious about how the bikes are supposed to look, sound, and what type of technology they are supposed to use. (Liquid-cooling controversial?? Gimmee’a’break!)

    I personally would change little or nothing about the core HD product line (even though I don’t even like the bikes). The brand name itself is very recognizable and marketable. I see more Harley Davidson clothing, bumper stickers, and mudflaps than I do motorcycles. What a nice cash cow!! Any change to the core product line is more likely to damage the image and alienate the core consumer target than enhance marketability.

    I would probably try to divert more resources towards Buell’s product R&D and manufacturing efforts. As a consumer, I wouldn’t purchase a Buell because they are just to rattly, and I’ve heard too many horror stories about the 1999-2001 models (Hopefully they’ve improved. Can anyone comment first-hand?) But the bikes are admittedly interesting.

  • Ride red = No more HD for me…

    Motorcyclist are a Rare Breed —- Harley riders are a Dime a Dozen….

  • Harley,Harley,Harley & Harley

    Harley Guys that says it all don’t it. Most Harley Guys look like one of the village people. Just like there motor cycles are Harley up to par with today’s bikes. The price is Harley worth it. On the other hand if I was selling ego & packaging it with USA glory and pride to a bunch of fools who would proudly buy a turd in a box with the Harley Davison name & logo on it. I gust I will get rich off of them also. I ride a Honda yes it is made in the USA . Yes it does have A few of the parts that are made over seas. How ever let me say this Honda is the largest motor cycle co in the world. The Honda Corp Employs way more people in the USA than Harley could dream of. Right down to making lawn equipment up to god knows what! I don’t need an ego booster or care to dress up like some kind of bad A$$ then come home to my wife and kids to do a load of laundry for the wife. :). So another words I Harley care about your village people get up or you overpriced bike that you got screwed on.

    PS this only applies to those who have the shitty attitude you know who you are!

    To all others who rides any bike. God bless you. We all ride what we like.

    Like a wise man ones said opinions are like A$$ holes everybody’s got one.

  • sparky


  • Lol

    Hahahahaha! The village people, rofl! It’s so true! I can’t believe I never noticed it before.

  • Harley,Harley,Harley & Harley

    LOL :)YMCA

  • Harley,Harley,Harley & Harley


  • Sparky

    I was wonderin if you would mention that or not, guilty as charged. By the way, I bought a Harley recently and while I don’t neccesarily regret it I have to admit the bikes could use some upgrades. External oil coolers would be a nice start. I assume these can be purchased aftermarket. Water jackets…yeah probably so but the cylinder fins add alot to the bike’s appearance and I personally wouldn’t want to lose that. I’d also like to run mobil or castrol synthetics but I don’t know if you can or not. I like the oil filter.

  • Harley,Harley,Harley & Harley

    Well they do make oil coolers for Harleys. That would be a good thing seeing how it’s an air-cooled engine the Harleys do run hotter than a water-cooled bikes. As for adding Water-jackets well I don’t know about that. As for the oil I would look into real good before trying any synthetics. I have 4 friends that ride Harleys and they all use the HD oil. The soft tail standard is a nice bike enjoy it .
    Remember we all love a to ride and we LOVE the bikes we ride so don’t slam someone’s bike. Cruise on:).

  • M E S O G L E A

    Use the synthetic, its better.
    Don’t buy HD oil, you’re paying extra for the Harley name.
    I run the Mobil 1 MX4T and I like it. Use the Mobil 1 V-Twin 20W-50.

  • VTX 1300 C Rider

    Someone describe to me a REAL biker! After you do, tell me why it matters if you are one! I’m not a biker nor do I ever want to be. I ride because I LOVE to ride. I don’t give a flying F*ck what other people are riding. Unfortunately I live in York, Pa where Harley has a plant and it seems that what you ride makes you who you are. I ride EVERY day 60 miles round trip back and forth to work. In Pa here it gets pretty damn cold some mornings. No matter, I dress accordingly and head out to work. It takes me a few minutes to thaw out and then listen to the comments from co-workers about how “crazy” I am. You know what though, I wouldn’t give this up for ANY car!!
    All I think about is my next ride. All I look up on the internet is Bike related. I subscribe to multiple motorcycling magazines. When I do find myself riding in a car I scoff at the people lucky enough to be riding. Under my breath I call them names but secretly wish I were them. When I sit at home on my porch and hear a bike go by(ANY bike)the hairs stand up on my neck. When it snows to the point you can’t ride I find myself in deep depression daydreaming about cruising through a mountain pass and feeling the wind on my face.
    I say just go out and ride. Quit it with the nonsense. If you bought a particular bike just to say you have that bike then I feel sorry for you and you don’t appreciate true motorcycling. No I don’t just mean Harley riders either. I wave to a “biker” every morning on his Harley. It’s not about what you ride, just that you ride!!

  • nick

    look i love bikes all bikes,i ride and perfer my suzuki gsxr.but get alot of shit from (harley guys)not all harley riders just the hardcore assholes losers. i hear jap crap,pretty boy wanna be biker,puck ass crotch roket kids etc.but it’s sad because new harleys are just as jap they are onley asembled in the u.s not all but most of the parts are jap.you know the last time some loud mouth pice of trailer tash called my bike a piece of shit i said lets go for pinks and ill put up a grand and my bike agenst your harley the pussy rode off. and for who can kick who’s ass us (crotch rocket kids or what the fuck ever) are in better shape stronger fasterthe onley thing is harley riders are always in a big ass pack and don’t go 1on1, but not to worry our bikes do well over 100mph

  • Chuck

    What a bunch of idiots. Grown men arguing about what kind of bike they ride. Just ride and shut the f–k up!

  • Bill

    I am a business man and a Harley owner. I don’t know what you guys are talking about, but I love riding. I guess I am kinda nerdy but I have been riding since I was 10 and have never been without a bike. Your parents should have tought you not to judge a book by it’s cover.

  • Its not what you ride, its that you ride. Some people ride harleys and are cool, and some are assholes. Some import riders are cool, and some are assholes. If you think just b/c the kind of bike you ride in some unfathomable way makes you better than others your an asshole. I enjoy the sport thats why I ride. Keep it simple thats why most enjoy it.

  • Marc

    Harley has and always will be a pile of junk. From the usless noise to disturb everyone to the vibrating mirrors that can not be used at all unless the bike is not running. Oh, don’t forget the vibrating lock box on the back, or did I lose that 40 miles back? What a joke Harley has become is right.

  • Geo

    In 1978 I returned from overseas military duty. I wanted a bike, read bike mags for 2 years, studied up on stuff, wrenched my Norton 750 and dreamed of my new bike.

    I grew up with a Shriner dad, a biker dad, HD man, wrenched on that thing when I 16, washed the hell out of it, so he could parade, and do precision drill stuff. He was great rider. But the bike sucked.

    Front loaded with the history of my dad’s ride, and the British and Italian stuff I had been riding, I bought a brand spanking new BMW R100SS, I sold it in 2005, for a lot more than I paid for it. Why? My freakin back is eroded to a point where it was extremely painful to ride. I can hardly sit in a car. So my riding days are over. I still think about my dads HD, what a piece of crap that thing was. But it looked good.

  • CBR Rider

    I agree with a lot of the anti-harley crowd. There is one point that is missed. The Japanese are excellent allies to all of us Americans, including you unintelligent, racist(racist because you bash others based on what motorcycle they ride) harley riders. The Japanese supply our military with at least seventy percent of the computer microchips that guide our sophisticated weapons that help make this nation strong. Japan is definately a decent ally to be loyal to by purchasing there products.
    Also this country was founded on capitalism in that the strong move ahead and the weak learn to be strong. That said, Harley got their one decent bike, the VROD, because of import sport bike riders like myself who refuse to buy an inferior product just because it is made in America. Because of us, Harley was forced to build a performing product that might attract the intelligent market of people that they are missing. Sport bike riders are not “BRAND LOYAL” but instead are “PERFORMANCE LOYAL”. The sport bike crowd switches brands when one bike is better than the others. You can best see this on any road race day in America by looking past the factory teams and noticing what bikes the privateers ride. One year the privateers will predominantly be Suzuki and than the next year maybe Yamaha, etc. It all depends on who is making the baddest bikes. You won’t see any Harleys or Buells. If Harley builds a decent performing, decent priced bike, the sport bike crowd will be there in a heart beat.

  • tbone

    I work hard, make plenty of cash and look cool riding my Harley. Don’t hate the player, hate the game!

  • CBR Rider

    I work hard, can definately afford a Harley, and based upon the flirting looks I’ve gotten from ladies, I must look cool on my sport bike. I’m not hating the player and I’m definately loving the game! By the way, how curious is it that “tbone” makes a comment using a common hip hop vernacular with a common hip hop nick name right after I accuse many, but not all, Harley riders of being racist?

  • bob

    i have had both harley and jap bikes—-like both of them, now i ride a harley, love it, who really cares???? just some ass hole who cant afford it so he is going to bitch about it, and he is entitled to his own opinion, but like i said-who cares-if you want i will send you a quarter then you can call some one who does. and by the way-i ride american

  • Beemer Brad

    You mean you ride Taiwanese, assembled in America.
    I’m not going to take the class warfare bait. I just think anyone who buys a Harley is a SUCKA when they could be getting so much more bike for their money, hard-earned or not. Besides, that whole tough-guy leather thing just reeks of GAY. It looks like everyone is on their way to a Village People reunion concert.

  • KaTooM

    LOL… Village People. I guess that explains some of the pastel paint jobs and the sissy tassles that the Harleys have on the bar ends.
    Reminds me of the pink Schwinn Stingray the girl next door had when we were kids.

  • Reddog 74q2

    you sound like a person who should rather enjoy a nice movie -try Brokeback Mountian,stay away from scooter trash especially from Texas !!!

  • Psycho

    My bro Smooth was on the square in the Vatican ,getting his boots shined by a little Italian boy when the Pope came out on the balcony to give a speech and Smooth asked the kid who was that on the balcony-to which the kid said,”I don’t know who the guy with the funny looking hat on is ,but the man next to him is definately Reddog from East Texas”Hey bro is that you,it must be who else is everywhere all at the same time?I read the advice you gave to KaTooM-You let him off lite -See you in Daytona bro!!! your bro Psycho from New Zealand

  • Dr Evil

    I ride an ’05 road king. I bought it because I love it. I look cool when I’m riding it. It’s cool to be me. I am great because I ride a harley.I think people who say ugly crap about harleys are just jealous. If you were not hiding behind the internet, you probably wouldnt say all kinds of shit about us HOGS. In real life I’d probably bash your head in with a beer bottle.

  • Dr Evil

    I used to ride a honda.Before I got my Road King I would make up excuses too. Like “harleys are a ripoff” and “metrics are more reliable”. Then when I bought my harley, I was amazed. Those who say they have had one but did not see much difference from a rice burner are full of shit. Because once you ride a harley, you’ll never got back to cheap ass rice. Oh btw, harley women are beautiful and sexy, and most I know would kick the shit outa all you chicken-ass rice burning weenies. Also,..I’m an electrical engineer. Yep I work for a living all week, then come out to play on the weekend.Wow!I have a regular job!..And ride a harley! Oh and I probably wont wave to you on your crap honda when I pass you on the highway.Think I’ve got an attitude?,…guess what thats what a harley is all about ,..attitude.If you dont like it,..oh well. I think I’m better than you and there aint a damn thing you can do about it.

  • Dr Evil

    If you are a poor young idiot. Go buy yourself a suzuki, honda, or other crap. If your somewhat older and more experienced in life buy a harley. If I die tommorrow, all my friends will say,.. well at least he finally got his harley.

    Life is good on a harley.

    Women will want to have sex with you on a harley.

    You will meet lots of cool people on a harley.

    You will be cooler if you have a harley.

    All men who ride harleys have large cocks.

    Men who ride harleys are definately not gay.

    People who dont ride harleys all wish they did, no matter how much they try to say otherwise.

    I dont like niggers or mexicans but some people who ride harleys do.

    People who ride harleys will kick your ass.

    People who ride rice-burners will threaten to kick your ass.

  • Reddog 74q2

    Hey Dr Evil–you are wise and what really gets the crotch rockets is that you are rite–Ride it like you stole it-and remember Violet gives willingly~~~Reddog 74q2

  • DR Evil

    Thanx Reddog, we have a unique way of speaking our mind in Louisiana.

  • CBR Rider

    A question or riddle for you all:
    I’ve ridden my motorcycle 150 mph on approximately 30 occassions. I’ve ridden it 170 mph on about a dozen occassions. I have 30,000 miles on my motorcycle and I’ve only had oil changes….no valve jobs or any other major maintenance.
    Do I ride a Harley?

    Lol, heck no! I ride a 98 Honda CBR 900rr.

  • CBR Rider

    In road racing they allow the 1200cc Buell to run in the formula extreme class.

    The formula extreme class consists of mostly 600cc motorcycles.

    The Buell still loses.

    The Buell is powered by a Harley engine.

    They dont allow 1000cc V-Twin Ducatis to race in formula extreme.

    Only Buell. Imports are fast. Buell is not.

    In drag racing Harleys are allowed to bore out to 2600cc.

    Import sport bikes are allowed to bore out to 1600cc.

    Drag racing has pity on Harley.

    The Harley drag team breaks down a lot.


    I wish I had a Harley.

    I want to go slow.

    I want to be expensive.

    I want to be unreliable.

    I want a Harley so I can get exercise while I ride my big heavy motorcycle.

    I want to be a moron like some Harley riders.

    I want to be like the Harley crowd and not wave at people that ride other bikes.

    I want to be like the Harley crowd and tell other people what to buy with their money.

    I want to be like the Harley crowd and not welcome people that ride other bikes to their posing parties.

    I want to be like the Harley crowd and invite others to share in my misery by telling them to buy a Harley.

    I want to be like the Harley crowd and vibrate.

  • Dr Evil

    I’ve got 28,000 miles on mine, and I’ve never changed the oil. Does that mean mines better?
    I am great you know.
    All of my brothers who ride harleys are great too.
    We are the elite amongst riders.

  • killer346

    i like dirt and cabbage

  • Dr Evil

    My harley goes about 98mph at full throttle.

    I think racing is stupid.

    People who go really fast on a motorcycle are stupid.

    Rice-riders get scared when I go by.

  • killer346

    yes i do have a four wheller


    bla bla bla

  • Dr Evil

    My buddy has a 4 wheeler made by honda.

    It is cool.

    Honda and all rice should stick to making atv’s.

  • killer346

    i have to go flip burgers now,,

    and mabey cook some rice for yall honda people

  • CBR Rider

    I am 44 years old. I love women and some of them love me. I run 3 miles, bicycle 10 miles, jump rope 30 minutes, lift weights, and box. I ain’t the baddest guy on earth but I ain’t no slouch either. I’m smart also. I program cobol, java, html, c++, visual basic, to name a few. I also study electricity. I am smart enough and physical enough to own a sport bike and I do. Sport bikes require brains and brawn to handle the power that they have. When they accelerate or corner at high speeds one must be physically and mentally fit to handle one.

  • Dr Evil

    God likes people who ride harleys.

    God rides a harley.

    Satan rides a suzuki.(Crotch Rocket)

    I look awsome with all my leather on.

    I like to spend alot of money, its fun.

    My bike has more chrome on it than any crotch rice burner,..therefore it’s better.

  • Dr Evil

    I also write in VB. Some C+ too.
    I guess that makes me smart too.
    I am a genius.
    Only a smart person can own a harley.
    CBR rider, you should convert.
    Go ahead and drop the extra few bucks on a harley,..you know it’s what you really want.

  • Dr Evil

    I smoke alot of ciggarettes.

    I drink alot of beer.

    I eat alot of loratabs.

    All women love me.

    I love all women.

    I seldom exercise.

    But I am still great and cool, and I have a bunch of cool friends too.

    My bike weighs alot more than yours, so I must be more bad ass?

  • CBR Rider

    Dr. Evil says:
    People who ride harleys will kick your ass.

    I say:
    What an assanine statement!

  • killer346

    i hate to exercise it makes me tired

    i wirte in english

  • Dr Evil

    I really like it when a rice burner puts loud pipes on thier bike to try and make it sound like a harley. It ends up sounding like an outboard motor.

    I dont know what it is, but those lean-over -the -gas-tank crotch rockets just look soooooo gay.

  • Dr Evil

    Yes Exercise is lame.

    I dont like it.

    I would rather polish the chrome on my bike, and drink some beer, while occasionally rubbing my old ladys tits.

  • killer346

    i like women too on porno movies,
    i like women who smoke alot of cigarettes and have a harley.

    I hate people who study,

    I like perocets

  • Dr Evil

    CBR your day must be pretty full,..what with all the bicycling 10 miles and running 3 miles,..how do you find time to ride? I didnt even mention the 30 minute jump roping session,….how gay is that.

  • CBR Rider

    Dr. Evil says:
    I really like it when a rice burner puts loud pipes on thier bike to try and make it sound like a harley. It ends up sounding like an outboard motor.

    I say:
    Harley sued Japanese bike makers because Harley thought that the Japanese bike sounds too closely copied their Harleys. Therefore the sounds of Harleys and imports aren’t very different.

    If Harley spent as much money on engineers as they do on attorneys, than maybe Harley would have a better motorcycle.

  • Dr Evil

    I’m going to eat some spaghetti with you killer346 tonite.

    Lets drink alot of beer too,..and mabey do some drugs.

    Have you ever made some hamburgers?

    Harley Davidson makes the best motorcycles in the world.

    Honda CBR’s are like toys for little kids.

  • Dr Evil

    Harley does not try to be something it’s not.

    If you want the one true distinct sound, buy a harley, cause everyone who hears your imitation pipes will laugh at you and think you are an idiot.

    Having alot of attorneys is great.

    Having more attorneys than engineers is pure genius.

  • killer346

    i like hot sause but it makes my ass itch.

  • Dr Evil

    I had a honda cbr 650 in about 1993
    I had a yamaha KLR 250 in 1988
    I had a honda 750 magna in 1995
    I had a honda shadow vlc deluxe in 2000

    I was very infected with rice, and the whole time, I really wanted a harley.
    But I couldnt afford it.I was green with envy of everyone who had a harley.
    My honda shadow felt like a little toy , everything was like made of cheap alloy materials, flimsy and weak.

    My harley has a cast iron engine and tranny. Everything is bigger and better and more beefier.
    Now all is right with the universe because I have a harley.

  • Albert 22

    Dr Evil is right, Harleys are built better.
    Crotch rockets are pretty gay.

  • WarPig

    Hot sauce is good.My ’03 Electra Glide has loud ass pipes too,..and I think they are great.lol

  • killer346

    i wonder what guy is gonna come get my toyota.

    I wish they would hurry,

    U dont do much during the day do you. Dr. evil.

    I had a mazada rx7 that was neat til i traded it.

  • magnadoodle

    I like to play my trombone in the front bucket of a backhoe……………

  • Dr Evil

    You should act all retarded and crazy when they come get it. Like we did when them jehova witnesses came and we were cuttin grass.

  • Dr Evil

    I almost pissed in my pants magnadoodle.

  • Dr Evil

    Did you ever see some poo come out of an ass on the winsheild of a mazda rx7?

    Then toilet paper get all stuck to it.

  • Silly Cow_99

    Why did you play a trombone in a backhoe?

  • Silly Cow_99

    Why come get ur toyota?

  • Dr Evil

    I rode a little red 600 ninja a while back, it was for a guy named shawn.The clutch was all f**ked up and it wouldnt hardly shift. It was very gay, and I looked like a big gorilla sitting on it.
    Gorilla amps are stupid.

  • Silly Cow_99

    I currently own a GSRX1500.It is fast. Runs 9’s in the quarter.I like Harleys too though.They do have a certain image about them.I think the new twin cam engines from harley have come a long way. They are pretty state-of-the-art now.They used to break down ,..or so I’ve heard, but now they seem to be right there with every other company as far as dependability.

  • WarPig

    I’ve got the twin cam 88B on mine. Fuel injected, all electronic ignition, very computerized.Harley has made vast improvements to thier engines and trannys with the twin cam.The newer harleys really are beautiful, reliable machines. I drive mine to work everyday. About a thirty minute commute. Never had a bit of trouble.

  • WarPig

    Uh?,….CBR rider, I dont think Harleys were made to race.
    Harleys are made for people who like to enjoy life, and savor the moment.Not fly through it at 160mph.
    Thats dangerous and stupid.

  • CBR Rider

    War Pig says:
    Uh?,….CBR rider, I dont think Harleys were made to race.
    Harleys are made for people who like to enjoy life, and savor the moment.Not fly through it at 160mph.
    Thats dangerous and stupid.

    I say:
    War Pig, import bikes are also made for enjoying life and savoring the moment….not just Harleys.
    I do agree with you that traveling at 160 mph is dangerous. Surprised to hear that? However, when I do speed like that it is on none other than a straight road, with no traffic, no intersections. I believe that anyone that goes that fast with any kind of traffic near by is doing so with a death wish! I never speed like that with traffic, houses, or intersections close by…..that is insane!

  • Dr Evil

    Glad to see at least we can agree on that.lol

  • CBR Rider

    Import bikes whether cruiser, sport bike or full dresser do not vibrate a lot and are in fact very smooth. Admittedly when my bike is in the 8000 rpm range I feel some vibration. However because I’m paying very close attention to the road since I am going so fast I do not notice the vibration much. I suppose there may be some Harleys that dont vibrate a lot and offer smooth rides such as the electra glide. One time though, I was sitting at a stop light next to a Harley and the guys whole bike was shaking! His front forks shook as if it were moving along on a motocross track! If 90% of that vibration doesn’t dissapear while riding than there is no way of enjoying the country side. My bike is made for speed and I don’t vibrate that much! However, I do hear that once rolling the Harleys don’t vibrate as much. I must admit though that I know little of cruisers. I follow the sport bike field mostly….CBRs, GSXs, XB9s, etc… Also, I must admit that once I get in the country and start seeing the green pasteurs, rolling hills, and quiet towns that I also slow down so I can see it, savor it and enjoy it.

  • Dr Evil

    My bike vibrates alot when sitting still. Thats awsome!

    Once rolling, it goes away.The shake is part of the desirable experience.

    Its really just a matter of preference and lifestyle I guess.

    I mean look at killer346,…he plays trombone from the front bucket of a backhoe. Thats why harleys are better than all other motorcycles. Its so plain and easy to see.If they dont come get his tyota soon, hes gonna go nuts….That right there should show you how wrong you are by owning a crotch rocket.
    You know…c’mon,..you know how much your back hurts when you ride that ridiculous thing.

  • WarPig

    Exactly what I was trying to tell him,…….

    We,(harley owners) are supreme.The shake, and noise and gleaming chrome, and in your face attitude is what we are about. I don’t really know about the trombone stuff,..cool I guess.

  • Silly Cow_99

    I have a trombone, but rice burning crotch rocket people are really pathetic.You can’t even honestly compare, ANY metric bike to a harley. It’s like Harley is in a whole other higher class of motorcycle.You just really can’t explain it to someone who rides rice. There arent words for the Harley experience.

  • Dr Evil

    Those guys on those crotch rockets look real stupid too.

    I had a woman at a chapter meet tell me the other day she threw some rocks at a crotch rocket when it passed by, and the guy slammed the throttle, and when he did, a bird flew up from the side of the road, and it got stuck in the side of the face sheild of his retarded giant mongoloid helment.

  • killer346

    i like to ride on my snapper, it vibrates alot to,

  • Elephant Sack

    Thats neat. I have a MTD mower, and its still cooler than a rice rocket.

  • Dr Evil

    Harley is Best

    Honda CBR’s are for little retarded kids.

    Yamaha tries to copy Harley because they can’t come up with any good ideas of thier own.

    Women would rather slam thier hands in a car door than have sex with a goof who rides a rice burner.

  • CBR Rider

    My back almost never gets tired from riding my sport bike. However, in traffic especially, my arms tend to get tired. The starting and stopping on my sport bike in city traffic can be like doing decline bench presses. In the country though all is fine. There is some sacrifice in the riding position on the open road…not much….but some. The payoff though is the total control for which a sport bike is designed for. The precision and sensitive steering, the acceleration, the manueverability and the brake power. I let a cruiser guy ride my bike around a parking lot once and the first thing he said when he got off was “Wow, that bike has great brakes”. When I take a turn I just lean into it a little and I’m through it with very little effort. If I want to change lines in the middle of a turn, no problem. Flicking the bike from left to right is so easy. Needless to say the acceleration is mind boggling. All in all this performance makes for a safer bike….increased manueverability to better avoid a car or inexperienced biker, acceleration to get out of the way, and brakes to stop quickly. For me, the trade off of tired arms in city traffic is well worth it.
    Ride Safe!

  • Dr Evil

    Dont you feel ridiculous though riding on it?

  • Elephant Sack

    My arms get tired when I keep lifting a beer out of the holder on the bars of my night train.
    Mine shakes a little, but my back never hurts, only when I pick up sacks of concrete all day, and then run backwards into a picket fence.

  • Spock

    I ride a hurricane 600, I’ll smoke anybody, on any harley.

  • WarPig

    WOW,..can you do a wheelie too?

  • Spock

    As a matter of fact yes,..I rode one the other day down the I5 turnpike at 80mph for about 200 yards.Had to put it down though bacause all the cars were blowing there horns at me.

    Can you do that on your Harley?

  • Dr Evil

    Yea,..I like to ride wheelies on my front tire though,..especially in heavy traffic.Did the people on the road think you were a spazoid or what.

    ding da da ding ra sa dooga dooga dooga cshshshshshh

  • WarPig

    Spock,..you should go out right now,..and try to see how far you can ride a wheelie with your eyes closed.

  • CBR Rider

    Which is more in your face?

    Harley Riders:
    Not being looked at as a beer drinker. Not being looked at as a party all week crowd. Going on bike runs to raise money. Riding mostly on the weekends. Being publicly accepted. Having a management position.

    Sport Bikers:
    Darting in and out of traffic and not caring what people think. Buying import when everyone else tells you to buy American. Riding on one wheel more than two wheels. Riding on the front wheel as much as the back wheel. Riding twisty country roads thinking that they were made just for you.

  • CBR Rider

    The Harley crowd are weekend posers.

    The Harley crowd is “The Man”. The man does not like sport bikers.

  • Dr Evil

    Ok well this been fun, I was just trying to show how small minded and stupid I could be like the child who wrote this page.So let me retort:

    Here’s why I hate Harleys and the dweebs who ride them:I’m a very successful person,wealthy,beautiful wife & kids, how did I become a dweeb for buying a Harley?

    1. For encouraging dentists to wear leather.I am in a chapter of 311 people. None of them are dentist.

    2. For giving away a case of DentuCreme with every new hog.We have a wide span of ages in our chapter, anywhere from age 19 – age 65.

    3. For disenfranchising real tough guys. The true scum and lowlifes that made Harley fearsome either can’t afford them or are ashamed to ride them. [Maybe they can become part of a protected class.]
    Lowlifes and Scum would rape your wife probably,…you admire this?

    4. For their thumping pipes, which serve no function, except to disrupt the peace.The purpose they serve, is to make us smile.

    5. For riding two abreast, because they have no balls.I have two balls, when I ride abrest with a partner, we have a combind 4 balls.Simple math.

    6. For diluting an authentic piece of Americana.As opposed to supporting the mass import of foreign assembled bikes which bring a fraction of the revenue to the US. Gosh your a real einstein.

    7. For the fat asses I see spilling over the ever wider seats.We can’t all be as beautiful as you.

    8. For the stupid looks on their faces when they drive down the street. Look at me, I’m cool!Dont ALL motorcyclist wear that look?

    9. For their endless, and now meaningless, displays of flag waving patriotism. It is a soulless piece of the branding effort.We do love our country,..if you don’t,..leave.

    10. For how shiny and endlessly chromed out their their bikes are — another sign they are just part of a laundry list of toys — and not an intrinsic part of their lifestyle.How well you must know every single person who rides a HArley,..dude your just amazing….

    11. For the wimps from Ohio and North Carolina who drive them here on trailers — pulled behind minivans! I suppose you would ride it in the sleet and rain? Again,..pure genius.

    Harley has become a joke. Well, they are very wealthy jokers. And they made you take the time to make this web page.

    I really dont care what someone rides,.. I think we all share a common bond as bikers. But when I see an idiot thrashing this brand or that brand, it really makes me laugh.CBR I’m sure your bike is cool, and quick, I just prefer a slower , calmer ride.I prefer a tone of chrome, and I’ll sacrifice performance for a certain look. So for the jerk who posted this page, you are a small minded pussy. I wasnt kidding above when I said in real life you’d get your ass kicked, probably from people like me and from CBR Rider, just because you are the real dweeb, who probably doesn’t even own a bike.

  • Dr Evil

    CBR just tell me your name aint Frank Giavonizzi

  • WarPig

    Doc Evil, you’re right on man,…I think the ricers make more of an issue out of this than we do.WE already have our harleys,..we’re not competing with anyone,..just trying to live a little.
    So what if some of us only ride weekends. I don’t know about you, but I have to work for a living.Who the hell CAN ride every single day. Mabey some punk kid who still lives at home,and doesn’t have any responsibility.I ride every chance I get. I love my bike, and I love to ride, and the last thing I’m worried about is what some other dick is riding,..I could care less.If you’re into speed,..get a rice rocket,…if you’re into style,..get a harley.

  • Silly Cow_99

    Agree,..Doesnt it just make you laugh when you hear these kids scoffing at us Harley riders. It really shows thier envious nature.Most have probably never even sat on or ridden a Harley, and most Harley riders have ridden just about everything out there.
    True the Harley community is older, but thats because most younger folks simply can’t afford them yet. I think in general, most Harley riders have a good extent of riding background to speak from.
    Hardley anyone is going to purchase a Harley as thier first bike.

  • Elephant Sack

    Yep,..It’s like what a biker strives for,….to one day ,..be a Harley rider. Everything else, all your riding experiences and different bikes is all just earning your rights,..to one day be in the HOG community.

  • Dr Evil

    That was definately my situation. I would ride my honda and stuff, and imagine what it would be like to be riding a piece of history. To feel that big vtwin shaking and growling.It’s truely a unique feeling,..I guess you really cant explain it to people who aren’t there yet.

  • Loseph Mondavia

    I ride a 2002 VTX.
    Once I bought a big bass amp and it only had one big stupid 15″ woofer. The guy at the store rolled it out real fast and made fun of me. I think I gave him 90$ for it.But he made me feel like a jackass.I wanted to stab him in the neck with a fork real bad. Anyway,I used the big amp for awhile.I had almost bought a little amp called a GORILLA. It had a picture of a gorilla right on it. Could you imagine Motley Crue on stage, jammin with a bunch of big gorilla amps>>>>

  • wayne


  • CBR Rider

    A big Amen to posts #158..too true #159…both very true and very funny #171…Can’t we all get along!

  • CBR Rider

    Dr. Evil says:
    So for the jerk who posted this page, you are a small minded pussy. I wasnt kidding above when I said in real life you’d get your ass kicked, probably from people like me and from CBR Rider, just because you are the real dweeb, who probably doesn’t even own a bike.

    I say:
    Dr. Evil, in your post #227 you refer to black people as N****** and you also say you don’t like Mexicans. The entire post is full of small minded talk. You are the real small mind on this page!
    I also am not into kicking someones ass just because of what they say unless it is threatening to me. Keep me out of your posts. I’m not that ignorant.


    And as far as you go CBR rider, your O.K. in my book, keep up the good work.

  • Creep

    HEY does anyone know how to get intouch with Texas Reddog–where is he when you need him,calling Reddog-you harley riding bastard-call me in JUNCTION COLO AT POOPERS


    I put venician blinds on my scooter windshield now I ride all the time-I love my Harley and might I say rice sucks & to all my friends DRINK UP

  • Reddog 74q2

    Hello world -Creep I called they said you was in Rifle damn.. Hey Stroker let’s burn down one side ..Harleys rule….Im off to Peteluma for a chicken dinner if ya know what I mean..if you dont then you aint Stroker ,huh–Jap bikes are for someone who cannot face reality knowing Harley riders do everything so much bigger and better…I got up early this morning just to be with me-damn it’s so wonderful to be me- I love me

  • wisdoman

    With the increase of population on this planet and the noise factor increasing along with it,I have a problem with with these harley riders that think the louder the better is cool, I say GROW THE F**K UP! They feel its their so called american spirit and freedom to express themselves and draw attention,so inconsiderate and selfish to the rest of us who enjoy and respect a quiet machine to haul your ass from point A TO B . I a have a neighbor who works at HD and owns a harley and starts the f”””er up on a sunday am and takes off like a bat out of hell and rattles my house windows and scares my daughter so much that she runs from any motorcycle she sees. My way of life is to do things to people as the way i like to be treated, the golden rule of humanity! There is no reason in this day of technology that such noise should be allowed or tolerated. I believe that any motorcycle or motor vehicle should be within a certain decibal range to keep the peace in a ever so increasing world of people,61/2 billion and increasing at an alarming rate,where is my space captain kirk! AHHHH VENTED!

  • The Goose

    I didn’t used to mind Harleys(tm) until 4 separate incidents made me completely turn against them. The first was some guy firing up his irrigation pump, er, I mean FLXZRPLT(tm) or whatever and warming it up for like 35 minutes at MIDNIGHT right next door. The next was my boss at the time shelled out $22,000 for a Heritage Softail(tm) that had to go back to the dealer four, count ’em FOUR times to “fix” an oil leak. It never stopped leaking so the dolt bought another one. The third instance was some scuzzball trying out a custom Harley(tm) from a local shop, complete with straight exhaust and ape hangers, purposefully gunning his paint shaker in an effort to scare my greyhound when we were out on a walk. I know it was on purpose because he looked for a reaction. The fourth happened last year two losers were on some cutom loud-assed Harley(tm) powered things and took off like idiot bats out of hell and scared some poor stroller-bound baby to screaming tears. Real tough, you boneheads.
    Loud pipes annoy your neighbors.
    I have never needed loud pipes to avoid an accident, just lightning quick reflexes and a nimble bike. If you say “loud pipes save lives”, you’re IQ is less than that of the Piltdown man. If the stupid exhausts weren’t so freakin’ obnoxious I wouldn’t bother about Harleys(tm) at all. That’s another thing. Why the need to constantly rev at traffic lights? Afraid your $20K antiquated rattle trap might stall?
    By the way, I probably have more fun and put more miles on my 1982 V45 Sabre than you fashion victims known as “Harley(R) Riders(tm)”. Oh, and I paid $800 out the door for my Honda. Plenty left for mortgage payments. Shelling out five figures for an inferior product is plain stupid. Damn! My 24 year old $800 rat bike out performs any 2006 “Harley(tm)”, no matter how much you spend on it. Hmmm….

    And now for some goober to say I’m “just jealous”.
    Guess what? I’m too old for jealousy.

  • CBR Rider

    To those that say loud pipes save lives, I say maybe so. However, consider the following qualities as life savers:
    1. A light nimble handling, stable motorcycle. A light bike makes it easy to turn in a hurry in order to avoid danger on the road. A bike that is stable at all speeds is also safer. On the occassions when we ride faster than 70 mph, its nice to know that the bike won’t start a vicious tank slapping wobble.

    2. A fast accelerating motorcycle straight out of the factory. Its nice to know that there is speed, ready and available, through out the power band in case one has to accelerate quickly to avoid danger.

    3. Powerful brakes. We’ve all had to stop suddenly to avoid an accident at some time or another. Its nice to have good brakes.

    Import motorcycles, cruisers and sport bikes alike, all outperform Harley Davidsons in all of the above categories. Harley Davidson is being sued by some people, and I’ve heard police departments also, because some of their motorcycles break into a tank slapper when doing 80 or above. I’ve heard that Harley Davidson offers an “optional” kit to fix this problem.

    As far as power goes, Harley Davidsons can be made to accelerate quickly or go fast if you spend huge additional sums of money on top of the already huge chunk of cash that you’ve already spent purchasing the motorcycle.

    Concerning handling, the big, heavy Harley Davidsons turn slow and therefore make it harder to avoid accidents if need be.

    I guess the reason Harley Davidson owners say that loud pipes save lives so often, is because the loud pipes are the only safe technology on their motorcycles at all!

    For safety sake, Harley Davidson should make fast, reliable, stable, hard braking motorcycles straight from the factory, especially for the amount of money spent, but they don’t. Loud pipes save lives is lame considering the other life saving qualities other motorcycles (cruisers and sport bikes)come with straight out of the factory.

    Getting off subject, sport bike riders and Harley Davidson have something in common. When Harley Davidson made the fast and modern VROD, Harley Davidson “imported help” by going to Porsche. Harley Davidson did not go to Ford, Chevy, GM or any other American company for help. Sport bike riders also “import” modern technology and speed…..just like Willie G. did. Willie G. is a genius for selling underpowered, unstable, unreliable, very expensive motorcycles to lots of people. Sport bikers are smart also as far as going import for speed and reliability…..just like Willie G!

    On pinks an 80s Suzuki(20 something year old bike), that just happened to be burning rich according to a Harley Davidson fan also on the show, ate a VROD up and spit it out.

    I don’t mind what people buy and ride. I could care less. But don’t tell other people to buy a real bike, refuse to wave at people because of the bike they ride, act superior to other people because of the bike you or they ride. People that aren’t riding Harley Davidsons are very likely riding the bike that they want to ride, just like many Harley riders are riding the bike that they want to ride.

  • CafeWoman

    What amuses me most is when the staunch Harley supporters try to say if you make negative comments about them you must be jealous.
    That’s Funny as hell!

    Let’s see:
    I paid $8500 OTD for a 425 lb., 125 hp/100 ft.lb. torque, USD-Forked, State-of-the-Art Braked, Fuel injected machine. It has been flawless since day one. It handles like a dream, it looks nice, and it’s easy to ride slow or fast.

    Now, Harleys are ok if you want a bike that:

    Costs WAAAY more than it should.
    Has outdated suspension, brakes and engine.
    Is ugly as hell — and they ALL are!
    Steers slow and handles like shit
    Probably will break down within weeks.

    This is going from experience riding freinds’ and relatives Harleys, and their experiences with them.

    Ride your ugly paint-shaker Hardley Ablesons if you like, but don’t go around with a stupid, superior attitude while riding an inferior machine, and then having the nerve to tell me to get a “real” bike.

    Fuck that. I want something fun, not heavy, ugly and torturous, that requires me to take out a 2nd Mortgage.

  • punky

    First off, if your harley is new enough to tote an aluminum engine (first gen evo on), you’re not riding an all american bike, those are reserved for shovels and older. Second, current harleys are nice bikes, but a lot of other companies make nice bikes too, so why doesn’t everyone stfu and ride.

  • RR rider

    I get a kick when I come back here and read the posts from you metric riders, LMAO. To start off I have several bikes, from HD’s to crotch rockets, so I speak from an unbiased viewpoint.

    I notice that most of the hate and jealousy on this board is from metrics. I really don’t know why. Trust me you insecure children, when you see one HD rider or a group, none are thinking about you metrics. They are not thinking of themselves as being, as you metrics say, “baddasses”. They are just riding, having fun. Minding their own business. I know its hard to take, metrics, but its your own insecurity that is causing these feelings you have. Its all in your head guys, lol.

    You talk about noise, so what? I hear you boneheads running up your four bangers with headers on them all them time. Talk about noise pollution. I see you riding far more dangerously than HD guys all the time. I see you cutting in and out of traffic, popping wheelies, etc. Talk about dangerous. I’d rather hear some guys on loud bikes, driving safely and respectfully than see a bunch of jack asses on metrics thinking they are something they are not….professional riders…talk about being what you’re not.

    But my feelings are a majority of metric riders go by the “live and let ride” theory…there are a few cry babies on this bb that act differently, but trust me ladies, you jackasses are in the minority.

  • black death

    I own a 06 636 kawi and am getting tired of listening to comments of “SOME” harley owners, I stress some. many of us that choose to pilot sport bikes often listen to ridicule from harley owners. I myself would prefer to drive a mini van than ride a harley, but to each their own. yesterday i had the privlege of blowing a v-rod away with my kawi i was at a cafe listening to this person of how fast his rod was and how no jap bike would touch it he had a power commander and a k&n filter . I told him i would follow him and we would see. I pulled up beside him at 80 mi-h in 6th gear he started to gear down all i did was roll on the throttle he was so far behind after 30 seconds i thought he had broken down. p.s harley do not hold their value like they used to. At one time you had to wait to purchase a new harley. sometimes in excess of a year now there is little or no wait. they no longer bottleneck production this house of cards will someday fall.

  • nh_harleyguy

    Ive Ridden rice burners for years, then went to a british chopper that I’ve owned for the last 7 years along with a 65 harley chopper, I just bought a 98 springer, I prefer harley to the rest for the feel of the bike, I was very close to a v-star, bottom line let those who ride decide! with all the crap going on in the world we as bikers or enthuaists should learn to respect each other a bit more

  • CBR Rider

    nh_harleyguy, you say:
    with all the crap going on in the world we as bikers or enthuaists should learn to respect each other a bit more

    I say:
    How about the respect for each other start with you?!! You refer to Japanese imorts as “rice burners” and yet you don’t have a derogatory name for the “british choppers” that you refer to. I’ve heard many derogatory names for the Japanese imports from many people. I haven’t heard any derogatory terms for German, British, Italian or any other imports. I here Japanese imports refered to as Jap Crap, Rice Burners, Rice Rockets all the time. The terms are very near racist if not racist.

    nh_harleyguy, the funny thing is is that Japan is probably our most important ally in the world. I’ve said it in previous post that Japan supplies us with 70% of our microchips that power our very modern and able military! Japan has been there with us during the cold war with Russia. I’m glad they sold us the microchips instead of the Russians! Japan is also a big importer of our goods as well.

  • CBR Rider

    nh_harleyguy, you say:
    with all the crap going on in the world we as bikers or enthuaists should learn to respect each other a bit more

    I say:
    How about the respect for each other start with you?!! You refer to Japanese imorts as “rice burners” and yet you don’t have a derogatory name for the “british choppers” that you refer to. I’ve heard many derogatory names for the Japanese imports from many people. I haven’t heard any derogatory terms for German, British, Italian or any other imports. I here Japanese imports refered to as Jap Crap, Rice Burners, Rice Rockets all the time. The terms are very near racist if not racist.

    nh_harleyguy, the funny thing is is that Japan is probably our most important ally in the world. I’ve said it in previous post that Japan supplies us with 70% of our microchips that power our very modern and able military! Japan has been there with us during the cold war with Russia. I’m glad Japan sold the microchips to us instead of selling them to the Russians! Japan is also a big importer of our goods as well.

  • It just Gets Old

    You said metrics, it’s your own insecurity that is causing these feelings you have. Its all in your head .I must tell you it’s not in my head it’s in my ears I have had most H D owners talk shit to me more than once. It just Gets Old. I think its just that most of the H D guys that have insecurity’s that metrics are steeling there fire and smoke. For less money!

    As for being the minority. I like having something different from most people. On the flip side this would kill most HD owners. That’s why they got a HD to start with to fit in.

    You know to be accepted!

    I am not looking to be accepted.
    I don’t want in the HD club. I just want to ride and when I stop for gas or leaving from some place not to have to hear some dick head tell me why I should have got a HD.

  • The Goose

    The Harley(tm) people really need a new line other than “You’re just jealous”.

    I lost total respect for the “Motor Company(tm)” when I saw “Official Harley Davidson(tm) slip-on Suede Moccasins” in a catalogue. Gimme a break.

    Yes, tuner cars and some hopped up sport bikes sound obnoxious, but nothing as brain-shattering as a set of straight pipes. I will say this, though. My neighbor up the street has straight pipes on his Harley(tm)-whatever, they’re loud as hell, but when he leaves or comes pulling in he’s as courteous as can be and takes it easy on the throttle. If more of you guys were like that I wouldn’t have such a bias against Harley(tm), although the doofy products like above mentioned moccasins are just too much. I like what Harley(tm) USED to be. Now it’s been taken over by the yuppies.

    Oh, yeah, how could I forget the other thing that made me realize Harley(tm) took a turn for the worse? I was reading a then-recent (1996) issue of “Easy Rider” belonging to my ex-girlfriend’s father. There was a reader’s photo section where some guy from California went on a ride with his sons from Greece. They friggin’ RENTED THEIR HARLEY’S(tm) for the ride – he (the dad) wasn’t even an “owner”! Plus in the photo they were all wearing white button-down shirts and crisp new leather with perfectly groomed hair. IN EASY RIDER! How did that picture make it into a “bad-ass” rag? Wow, times have changed. Now a V-Max, THAT’S badass.

    Remember, noise = less horsepower.

  • The Goose

    By the way–“Jap Crap” doesn’t fly anymore. “Harley(tm)” carbs (along with other parts) come straight from——you guessed it———-JAPAN! So you all can shut up about “Jap Crap” now, thank you.



  • A little tip for you old HD guy’s

    Telling the world that you can’t get your women hot with out a $20,000 vibrater don’t say much for you! Now I know why the HD guys or so grumpy. PS A little tip for you old HD guy’s. they do make pills for Erectile Dysfunction . Good Luck!

  • Nick

    My first bike was a Kawasaki 750 LTD. Loved it! My second bike was a Ducati 800. Loved it even more! My current bike is a 2006 HD Custom Road King. I have found Heaven! I should have bought a Harley long ago! It is pure motorcycle ecstacy. I could blow my load every time I ride it! The sound! the vibration of that big V twin! sitting back with my feet up on the highway pegs!the stability !all that quality chrome! wow what a machine! nothing compares to it, when all of you without one, grow up and finally get one, you will know what I’m talking about

  • You guys are all idiots

    What’s up with all this “you’re a pussy because you ride this or that or the other thing I can kick your ass” bullshit!!??

    The idea of equating your self-image and self worth to your motorcycle is pathetic. It doesn’t make you sound cool or macho and it it most definitely doesn’t make me afraid of you. It makes you sound like a sad person with personal problems.

    If you love your sportbike or Harley or whatever the hell you ride because you like the bike and the experience of riding it, that’s awesome! Good for you! Don’t listen to the sportbike-haters or Harley-haters because they are idiots.

    But if you love your bike because you think it makes you patriotic or cool or macho or more attractive to the opposite sex, well, I’m afraid you’ve sold out to the corporation and are believing what they want you to believe for THEIR profit. And that is pathetic.



  • VTX 1300 s

    Thirty thousand .Wow. We all know Harley Davidson gave you more than just a little tip they gave you Balls and all.

  • red rider fan

    vtx 1300s they cost quite a bit’ not enough to include the balls.hope your radiator doesn’t spring a leak

  • VTX 1300 s

    Real men are born with balls. So theirs no reason for a real man to buy a Harley Davidson .

  • The Goose


    Three words: CAPS LOCK; PUNCTUATION!!!

  • Nick

    Now…..let’s talk about the true spirit of motorcycling. The scenery, the smells, the sounds, the fresh air etc. How can you get any of that on a crotch rocket, when your flying at the speed of sound, just barely seeing over the bars, smelling only your bad breath inside those full face helmets with sealed shields? How do you stand beside your bike and enjoy a scenic view point in a full neon colored kevlar suit with steel pads on your knees and elbows, and have a stretch while taking in all the beauty? Shouldn’t you be on a racetrack instead? I truly enjoy all those things on my HD. And let’s talk about safety. We all know that reaction time is less at higher speeds, so I sure hope you have better brakes! But are your brakes good enough to avoid a deer at a 160 mph? Why is it that whenever I see a motorcycle accident on the news, it’s always a rice rocket,who failed to negotiate a corner, or stop in time, little pieces of plastic scattered for a mile and most always fatal? Why did the great steering and brakes not work? No thanks, I like my Road King, I like going slower, I like being able to smell the roses, and if I wanted to race on a track under controlled conditions, instead of in traffic like you boneheads, then I would get my rice rocket!

  • Easy Rider

    Good Post Nick!
    Bet my Harley goes faster and handles better than one of these crotch rocket riders being carried in a coffin by 6 pall bearers.

  • The Goose

    Regarding full faced helmets:
    Last year on a busy four lane road I was riding to work on my ’82 V45 Sabre when an accident up ahead slowed traffic to a crawl. As i went by the wreck I saw it was a Harley laying on it’s side with a respectable looking man maybe in his early 50’s standing next to it, clutching his profusely bleeding forehead. There was already EMS on the way and other people stopped to help so I just kept going. We quickly locked eyes and I knew he was thinking that if he had a helmet on like me that he’d be in a cab heading to work instead of an ambulance on the way to the ER. I know it’s a choice and sometimes I go without a helmet too, but don’t be ignorant and knock people for wearing one, especially full-faced (the only useful motorcycle helmet, in my humble opinion).

  • CBR Rider

    What person in their right mind would knock someone else for wearing safety gear?! I ALWAYS wear a full face helmet and very often a mesh jacket with armor or a leather jacket. Do yourself a favor since you and other drivers around you are human…….wear safety gear!

    Red Rider:
    What STRAIGHT MAN in their right mind would want to ride around town on a friggin vibrator for?!! “Oooooo, such a nice tingly feeling, giggle giggle……”

  • GreyfoxVT

    This is way too much about bashing, not the enjoyment of riding! You all need to just step back and take a deep breath! It dosen’t matter what you ride, as long as it makes you happy to be doing so. There are as many different bikes as there are people, and why is that? Because everyone has their own feelings about riding, and rightfully so. I don’t need to kaick someones ass because they ride a different bike, “each to his own” for their choice of what we all share, riding…

  • The Goose

    Understood, however, this blog is clearly to bash the elitist snobs who think that spending five figures for a mediocre at best product somehow earns you the Gold Key to the Crapper, and the idiot mongoloids who somehow scrounge up that kind of dough that they clearly should be saving for college for their illegitimate children. The facts are out there–Harley is not a great product, certainly not worth the premium they command. $30,000 to JOIN A CLUB?
    People who ride non-Harleys are sick of the stupid middle-school style ridicule. “When are you gonna get a real bike?” I have one. It’s 24 years old and it doesn’t even leave an oil spot on the ground. Go figure. When the stupid Harley Jerk comments stop, then I’ll stop. I LIKED Harleys until the comments started. Now I look at them critically and have come to realize they’re overpriced junk.

  • Nick

    Exactly what is a full faced helmet and steel meshed clothing going to protect, when you hit something at over 100 mph? you will disintegrate just like the bike……..All I’m saying is that a lot of you rocket bike enthusiasts do not ride the bikes properly. In a closed course situation only, is where they should be tested, not on our streets and highways, where is what harleys do best, nice slow and secure, with a chance to take in all the sights, smells and sounds. They cost twice as much because they have twice as much metal and chrome,and not only are they great to ride, but they are a work of art. Rolling Sculpture!

  • Nick

    And by the way, I do wear a DOT approved helmet,very similar to what motorcycle policeman wear, not a full face with a shield. The one I wear gives just as much protection but also allows me to enjoy my God given senses, so enjoyable on a bike. I am not advocating not wearing one. My only point being is that, the only reason you rice rocket fans wear one is simply because of the high speed. Hence….keep it on the race track please!

  • desmo

    You’re criticising the rider and not the bike. Sportsbikes can go slower if you want. I would personally love to own a Harley. The problem is I can only afford/allowed one motorcycle at a time – and that is the problem with Harley Davidson. I use my bike to commute, to tour, to take in the scenery, do a track day and sometimes ride quicker than I should on a twisty highway. So I have a bike that can tick all the boxes. A Harley just doesn’t tick enough boxes.

    For days when you just want to relax and get away from it all there is no better bike than a Harley – for all other times it’s a POS.

  • Unimogger

    I’ve been riding since I was seven. (I’m 48 now)My first ride was a Honda 55 trail. From that first ride, I was in love with motorcycles. With the growth of my experience, grew the size of my motors. Honda 90, Kawasaki 90, Kawasaki 120, Yamaha AT1, Yamaha DT1, Honda CL72,Honda CL77, Honda CL450,Yamaha DT360, Triumph T120R, ’74 Triumph Trident, Kawasaki H2, Kawasaki H1,Kawasaki W1, Rokon RT340, Harley FLH, BMW R100RT, Kawasaki KX420, And finally I recently landed a 1992 FLHTP retired NYPD.

    Why? You may ask. I love motorcycles. Anything from an Ariel Square Four to a Military issue Zundapp holds some facination for me. I recall a time when there was some cycle snobbery on my part. My first Kawasaki. Me and my desert riding pals in Arizona turned our noses up at the poor schmuck that was riding an Allstate. A bike that was bought at a Sears store was no match for the bikes from actual motorcycle shops. (or so we believed then) That guy could hang tough with any one of us. It was then I learned that the thing to envy was skill, and not the vehicle.

    I have had a number of fast bikes. The Kawasaki 750 triple was set up full race with stinger chambers. There hasn’t been a Harley built that could inflict aural pain like the 750. With no silencers, it was truly painful, and truly able to reach 145 MPH. Which I would play near frequently on the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut.

    The dirt bikes were a gas, but as I grew older I found that while I was still able to go fast off road, I didn’t bounce off of the ground and recover nearly as fast as I once did. With the fast bikes, I began to notice my propensity to be more daring in traffic, depending on how good of a day I had at work. The better the day, the more sane I would travel. It was beginning to get out of hand. The R100RS was the bike I sold to preserve my life, and to fund the opening of my business.

    I had the Harley while travelling back and forth between home in Newburyport Mass. and The University of NH, in Durham, NH. I was attending night school. Fall and Winter term. I didn’t own a car. My black Glide was it. I loved it, and in never stranding me in the cold, it loved me. I had to sell it to buy a car. Winter on the Glide was bad. I always wanted another one. Being 6’5 and 290# The Glide was a perfect fit.

    I sold it 25 years ago. I just replaced it. It’s still a perfect fit. This time it’s a work bike. With all of the scars and rashes one would expect on a bike from NYC. I’m not going to chrome it. I like it just the way it is. Lights, Siren and all. I’m not concerned with looking like a badass, I shave and wash. I don’t wear designer lables. (I’m a mechanic) I have no HD stickers on my truck. No HD clothing.

    Interesting to me is how much attention has been payed to the image. While I have seen some rich jerks hanging out in the local Harley boutique, trying to walk the walk. I can honestly say that there are a large amount of us that own them because as simple as it may seem, we like them. My FLH leaks oil. No secret, but I can fix it. Is it fast? No, but that’s not why I bought it. Does it handle well? That depends on your definition. At 70mph for hours on end, eating up miles and miles of highway? It handles that beautifully.

    This has gotten way too long winded. Simply put, there are assholes riding and driving everything. We should all buy what we want, what ever dictates it’s necessity to him or her only appies to him or her. Want to be happy? Buy what you want and enjoy it. Torpedos be damned!

  • Holy Shizz-nat

    Holy shit! 3 years later and people are still posting on this?! Good god, man! HD is an image, and that’s what they are selling. I can go fast or slow on a sportbike. On a HD… I can only go slow… but pay twice as much. Why?

  • cracker john

    God forbid they wave to a non-harley biker (funny, you don’t see that on the water). To date, 3 Harley owners have waved back (I own a Suzuki GSX1100G – no, not a crotch rocket, a shaft driven sport tourer without any plastic). Those three, from the looks of it, were the minimum wage, ride hard, don’t spend a day sober, couldn’t afford a new hog types. Not the wanna be cool toy owners you see all over.

    It’s too bad the wanna’bees have ruined the Harley mystique much like squids have ruined it the sportbike enthusiasts.

  • Die Hard Rider

    Ok, here’s how it is, no bullshit no pussy footing around, I’m only going to say this once….HARLEY IS BEST! IF YOUR NOT RIDING A HARLEY YOUR RIDING SHIT!

  • Nick

    Shizz-nat, try riding one ( if you know how) and you will soon know the answer to you question!I have ridden them all, nothing gives me the pleasure like a Harley. They cost twice as much cause they’re worth it!

  • harley sucks they are a dime a fucken dozen now some loser will buy a new one and spend thousands on acessories and try and sell it two years later. honestly look at what the resale is on these junkers. not very good. I am so tired of stuck up trailer trash telling me to buy a real bike. I live in canada have on 2 occasions gave a scum bag a punch in the mouth for dissing my choice of ride. few guns here just man to man.It is strange how these tough guys will shut the fuck up when you tell them to.

  • Bobby G.

    Build your own bike, you may appreciate Harleys more. A lot of import technology comes from us. Harley tapped into a market that is very loyal to retro styling, some models are styled as far back as 1930. The bikes are actually made with less expensive parts because there is less of a demand for American made parts and parts that are high tech. The alternative American cruiser on the other hand is much higher in price, it’s parts are still mostly made overseas, but have more chrome, more power, and nicer parts installed. What’s all this about being made in America? Many of H.D’s parts are made in Tiawan. Now thats a problem! The beautiful thing is H.D. inspired bikers all over the world to make mean looking/sounding cruisers. Most Americans sell out to make higher profits using overseas rescourses. What is the matter with you my fellow Americans, do you know how much our products and services would be worth if you kept it here in America and tariffed everything coming in? American jobs would be abundant and American sell outs would considerably reduce. That’s what Harley should be doing, but they aren’t because we Americans let them. Bring Harley back, Bring GM back, Bring back the American spirit, the jobs, and the value to our products and services. The other countries won’t be as pissed off at us either because they won’t be dealing with our corporate greed.

  • I am 48 and about to buy my first cruiser. Sure, Harleys are beautiful machines – but a tad expensive. Tha Suzuki c90t look eevery bit like a fat boy, an after talking to bunches of people far mor knowledgable than I, the metric will out perform the Harley, and at half the price of the fat boy will prove to be twice as reliable. I have nothing against Harley,s and I’m making this decision based on recommendations form many motorcycling friends – both HD and non-HD riders. I think that the bang for yoru buck is definitely in the japanese cruisers and touring machines over Harley. If money were no object, I would provbably be looking more closely at Harley – but I Do want to RIDE – not “tinker”.

  • inowownrice

    Oh boy. I see it over and over again. The Harley is too expensive – but I really want one. Obviously the high technology – the incredible acceleration, smooth drivetrain, awesome brakes…wait – NONE of my Harley’s ever had that. Went to the “dream” – can’t understand why. First Harley was a 82 Low Rider Shovel – let’s not laugh at the oil leaks on that pig. Next up – an Electra Glide – I expected better 2 up performance – but wife and I found us always prefering the ‘wing. Next up was ’93 Sportster. Yeah – even the Harley people laughed at it – I simply cried with all the work it required to keep it running. Last chance for big HD was 2002 Softail Springer. What a mistake that was too – but it did leak less oil than the Sporster. Less – not none. Oddly – I recently looked at my scrapbook. I rolled 4500 miles on the Shovel, 8K on the Glide, 5500 for the Sportster – and I sold that complete doggie Springer with 2832 on the clock – and I was happy to see it go. What’s in the Garage now? My 1981 ‘wing now has 98K on it, the Suzuki 1200 Bandit (97) has 48K, and the KLR650 has 18K (2004). Will I ever go back to “the motor company?” – Not a chance. Peace of mind goes a long way – and I bought all my bikes to ride, not to polish. My wife summed it up (and she’s the cruiser LOVER in our house) when she bought her Vulcan 750 (all on her own) – If I wanted loud, shiny, heavy and slow – I would have married a high school jock – most likely to end up bald, fat, watching sports and screaming, and still not getting a real job. She relates Harleys to that. Just because you can spend the money on something, doesn’t make it better. Just because it costs more, doesn’t make it better. Just because people WILL PAY more for it – doesn’t make it better. And – consider this – If you want a Harley, get a Harley, but don’t think that makes you better. I have a Honda, Suzuki, and Kawasaki. They don’t make me better than anyone else.

  • DS Rider

    Wrong Desmo.
    For days when you just want to relax and get away from it all there is no better bike than a DUAL SPORT. Harley doesn’t make any of these.

  • Timbuktu

    Well, this is a funky post to read. Seems like a lot of typical “flame” going on – and for YEARS – I LOVE IT. I like the last few posts – esp. yours inowownrice – it reminds me of my own experiences. Wanted a HD because I was told they were the best – didn’t really know anything about bikes – and approached anything other than HD with a negative attitude. It was my son who broke the curse. How proud I was to buy the wife a new bike and pass the 883 on to him as the learner – and how shock I was when not only did he TRADE IT ON A HONDA, but my wife REFUSED to get another HD. He went and bought this Suzuki V-Strom, and Catie went and got a Road Star Warrior. I couldn’t believe it. Now – I get yelled at for taking the boy’s VStrom out- and leaving him with the Fattie. I even try to talk the wife into letting me take the warrior – how can I get those brakes on the fattie? Oh well – it doesn’t matter – the DL1000 came in on Friday – and I just finished the break-in miles – in less than 3 DAYS. And the Fattie’s new owner is supposed to pick her up tomorrow. I took down the HD Parking only sign during a break yesterday – and I am NEVER looking back. I am just sorry that I wasted 30 years of riding, never even TRYING or giving a CHANCE to any other bike.

  • “A lot of import technology comes from us.” Oh yeah, like what?
    The Japanese bikes have had overhead cams for almost 30 years! The V-Rod debuted a few years ago and its like the engine design was some alien technology. Then again, water cooling and OVH cams are like alien technology for HD and they went to the Germans for it! Why not GM, Ford or Mopar?

    I CAN afford a Harley. I choose not to buy into a facade of noise and a higher price for less machine. What am I buying for all that extra $$$?
    That’s great that women like your Harley. I bought my bike for myself to ride, not to attract females.
    Just because your bike cost more than a small car doesn’t make it a more “real” motorcycle. Mine was $7280, completely assembled and broken in.
    Your stock or warmed over bike doesn’t make more power. Sure, you put $20K into it and makes 140HP. Let me add $5K to my engine only. 200+ all day, every day.
    I’m not jealous, envious or impressed no matter what you may think.

  • CBR Rider

    Bobby G Bobby G Bobby G,
    My goodness, what are we to do with you?!!! Your thoughts on “buying American” and “tarriffing imports” are all wrong! Bobby here is how America got strong…..CAPITALISM!

    This is how captialism worked for America. One guy sells a widget for $2.00. Another guy sells the same widget for $3.00. The $3.00 guy has a choice……he either lowers his price, improves his product, offers better service to his widget or he goes out of business. Since the $3.00 guy has to eat he most likely at least tried to compete with the $2.00 guy and he maybe lowered his price to 1.90. All of a sudden the 2 buck guy is feeling the pressure and since he has to eat he impoves his widget quality to last twice as long as the less expensive widget which now makes the 2.00 widget the better deal. For example the 1.90 widget last 1 month and the 2.00 widget now lasts 2 months. Buying widget 1 for two months will cost you 3.60 since you have to buy two. This competitive environment made America innovative in technology, service, and pricing. America became great because we offered better products, cheaper prices and/or better service. If you didn’t offer a better service, lower price or better product you would not eat. America was first to use Capitalism while other parts of the world tried other methods that didn’t do as well such as Socialism.

    Now Bobby, let me ask you a question. If everyone in America bought American what would motivate American makers to offer less expensive, better built products with excellent service? Would the American builders build great products out of the goodness of their hearts? I don’t think so Booby. Would they offer the products at cheaper prices out of appreciation for loyalty? Again Booby, its not going to happen.

    Booby, let me give you two examples of capitalism here in America during recent times.

    Example 1.
    Chrysler was having problems in the 80s and was about to fail. Lee Iococca pressed the government to add higher tarrifs to import vehicles and to LIMIT THE NUMBER to be imported into the states. The government agreed and did just that. Well, Bobby what do you think Lee Iococca did next? Do you think he sold Americans the Chryslers at the usual price? NO!! He jacked the price of American cars up because he knew Americans would have no choice but to buy his cars since there would only be a limited number of import autos available. This is called price gouging Bobby! There goes the idea of people improving their widget out of the goodness of their heart Bobby. Don’t be naive, it won’t happen.

    Example 2.
    Harley Davidson has done well selling cruisers to baby boomer motorcycle riders. But Bobby, guess what! HD is runnig out of baby boomers to sell motorcycles to. HD must reach the younger crowds if it is to have a future. Harley Davidson has done poorly at selling motorcycles to younger buyers. The sport bike crowd, like em or not, is a very PERFORMANCE LOYAL crowd. I say like em or not, because they’re young, they’re rebels, they’re riding wheelies, front wheel, back wheel, driving fast, and they don’t care what you think of them. All of that aside and back to the point, the sport bike crowd buys the baddest, fastest, best cornering, stable, hardest braking, reliable bike that they can afford. They do not care what brand it is. HD one day realized that the sport bike crowd was not buying into their “buy American” rally cry and therefore had no choice but to begin catering and improving their widgets for consumption by the sport bike crowd. HD built the VROD!…applause. The VROD is a fast cruiser. Had the sport bike crowd bought into the hype that all of the other HD riders are buying into (the more expensive the better the product, buy American in order to be American, etc. etc. etc.) than HD would not have built the decent perfoming although expensive VROD! Let me say again…HD built the decent performing but expensive VROD because of capitalism. HD had no choice! Capitalism also produced the BUELL line which is HD backed….a decent handling, kinda slow, some what reliable sport bike.

    So Bobby, if you want to see HD produce a better bike, or any other American company for that matter, you’d better be realistic and buy the better widget. HD and no other company will offer a better product, good service or a decent price out of the goodness of their hearts. If you want America to grow and flourish buy the cheaper, better widget because as Americans we will rise to the challenge make a better performing widget. Just like HD finally had the guts to do with the VROD. If you buy American as you say Bobby, American products will have no reason to improve and the rest of the world who is now embracing captialism will eventually roll over us.

  • The Angry Monk

    I am in complete agreement with the anti-Harley people. Why does your need to be an obnoxious, middle-aged, insecure asshole supersede my need for peace and quiet? I love the fact that Harley riders have to let their frickin’ sound-machines idle for 10 minutes before they ride up and down, and up and down, and up and down my street. Completely annoying! Like the Bruce Cockburn song goes, “If I had a rocket launcher, some son-of-a-b!tch would pay.”

  • GoinSuzuki

    I don’t know that much about bikes. My soon to be first cruiser will be the Suzuki c90t. Half the price of a Harley, easily twice as reliable, and every bit as good looking. I can afford a Harley, I just can’t justify it for a cost-benefit perspective. Harleys are overpriced, of questionable quality and reliability, and for the price my expectations would be perfection. I’m way closer to that with the Suzuki at half the price. I can’t wait to take delivery on this awesome machine!

    Further, riding motorcycles is a joyous thing. For me, it’s about RIDING. I think most motorcyclists respect each other for their appreciation of riding. The loudmouth a**holes who think that WHAT they are riding really matters are surely in the minority. I have yet to meet anyone whose opinion matters to me that had an attitude about a brand of motorcycle. Everyone has an opinion to be sure – but what we all agree on is that riding and riding safely is what gives us pleasure. I am not a mechanic and have no desire to spend my weekends tinkering on machinery in the garage. I want to be OUT there. The Suzuki will do that for me. Others may love their Harleys, well god bless them. Ride whatever makes you happy and stop trying to rain on each other’s parades.

  • HarleyGlider

    Most of you people are jackasses. I can tell you one thing all of you people bitchin’ about Harley riders and Harley’s wish you had one. p-e-r-i-o-d!! No matter what you say we all really know what your thinking. Basically you are pissed that you either can’t afford to buy a Harley, your wife won’t let you or you hate it that you bought some cheap ass off brand (honda, etc) Harley look-a-like and thought you might be able to fit in. But let me tell you, you are the one that is mostly embarrassed about riding what ever bike you ride than what most Harley owners think of you or your opinion. I try and include people I meet or see out riding, but most of these non Harley riders ride around with a chip on their shoulder. So to these bastards, F…-..U get a life!! If you are one of these people same to you.

  • Slip

    Sounds like you can’t afford a Harley dink wad. You crotch rocket suck off.

  • mesoglea

    Here we go again folks! If you don’t ride a Harley, you really want one but can’t afford it.
    Yup. That’s it. You got me. I really want to spend more for less. Much more for less power, handling, performance, speed, engineering, longevity, dealer support, reliability and valuable lessons learned from not racing in 40 years.
    You expect me to pay more for a name brand with a bad track record?
    I have ridden Harley’s. They’re loud, shake like a paint mixer, full of flex, soft suspension, clunky transmission and poor brakes. Doesn’t add up to good design or value.
    Stop complaining about how Japanese bikes are abominations to the motorcycling world. You talk about how powerful a Harley is so put your money where your mouth is. Ride a modern liter bike and you will learn otherwise. Are you too sissy to ride a bike that has more power than some cars?
    I think you’re scared that you will ride one and agree. Maybe its peer pressure. Don’t want your friends making fun of you? That sounds like high school.

    MotoGP is the top of the racing world for motorcycles. Where is the American entry? If Harley is the best, where is their bike? I asked before and not one Harley acolyte could answer.
    Ill tell you. HARLEY CANNOT COMPETE IN WORLD CLASS RACING. American pride and American engineering just isn’t good enough to compete with the Japanese or Italians. Its 30 years behind the power curve and it is embarrassing.
    What would I be paying for if I bought a Harley?

    Harley is for the pseudo-rich and phony-tough. You are the wanna-be.

  • Big Ugly RS

    Well, Well! What a thread this is. I ride the Suzuki Intruder 1500 LC. I paid 6.5K for it with 5K miles which is about 12K less than an equivent HD. It had some very loud pipes and they are for sale if anyone wants them. I replaced them a couple weeks ago with stock exhaust. I also remove the tassles from the handlebars. I added a windshield and some big running lights. Now that is a motorcycle. It is quick enough it runs smooth and steady. It can be seen by other drivers. I wish it were american made but until someone in the US decides that building a quality product is more important than the bottom line I will be riding foriegn made motorcycles. I don’t give a damn about load pipes, pony tails, Tattoos or anything else sterotypical of bikers. I test rode the VRod. It was nice but the vibration was too much for me. It was a little small for me and not much of a 2 up ride. I could had owned a HD, and I may one day, but not because I want to be in the club. I respect other cyclist, motorist, pedestrians and I hate to see cyclist get a bad rap because someone was suckered into believing that “Loud pipes save lives” or some kid wants to act like a spoiled brat and disregard the rest of the population by riding irresponsibly. I for one don’t want too have to avoid running over some sorry ass sliding down the asphalt because he fell off his bike dragging his knee around a twisty.

  • #346

    bitchin’ about Harley riders and Harley’s wish you had one. p-e-r-i-o-d!! No matter what you say we all really know what you’re thinking. NO. That’s what you keep telling your self. Because it makes you feel better. However maybe some do my nephew is one that did.

    My nephew got a new Electra Glide Classic. I was with him when he got it. They took a photo with him and the bike. Gave him a HD shirt. Just all but about sucking him off. No shit he was king for the day. So the guy at the dealer starts to show and tell every thing about the bike. All was good in tell the end of the run down he tells my nephew if he need’s to bring it in for a oil leek wait in tell he has more then one thing wrong. lol my nephew looked at me as if he just got kicked in the ball’s. I did laugh at him but I did feel bad. It was just funny. out the door $25,000. The horn did not work the first day he had it. He is about to sell the bike and Is willing to take a $5,000 hit to get out of it. He tells me the heat coming off of the engine is cooking his legs. It has the smell of burring oil when you get on it . He will be getting A Honda VTX . He had a 750 sprit before he bought in to the HD hype. He said man it’s not what they make it to be. I just don’t trust it .

  • CBR Rider

    Speaking of the recent motorcycle crashes of Kellen Winslow of the Cleveland Browns and Ben Roethlisburger of the Pittsburgh Steelers. If the NFL wants to ensure its players stay safe, instead of totally banning its players from riding motorcycles the NFL can instead allow players to ride ONLY Harley Davidson motorcycles. That way if they crash, god forbid, they will only get a scraped knee due to the fact that the Harley Davidsons will be traveling at much slower rates of speed than the sports bikes these two players owned. An added safety aspect of the Harley Davidsons most probably would be that the motorcycles would be broken down therefore prohibiting the players from even riding them at all.

    I must commend the two players for their good taste in motorcycles though. Kellen Winslow had a Suzuki GSX 750 and Ben Roethlisburger had a Huyabusa. No slow, unreliable, paint shakers for these two stars.

    It seems custom cycle builder Jesse James has a need for speed. Besides riding the custom choppers that Jessee James builds, Jesse also owns a 200+ hp turbo charged huyabusa and a Yamaha R1.

    These three people can definately afford Harley Davidsons but choose to ride high performing imports instead.

  • T. C. Alexander

    The only comment I have to the author is thus:

    1.) You can’t afford a Harley & are stuck riding a 1970’s Jap bike.

    2.) Your mother / wife will not let you have one.

    Live to Ride, Ride to Live


  • mesoglea

    The best you clowns come up with is not being able to afford one.
    #352- read post #351! NEWS FLASH – Wealthy celebrities on sport bikes!
    No one has answered my questions-
    Were is the Harley MotoGP bike?
    What am I getting when I purchase a Harley? Also, please explain this theory of why we’re all supposed to be envious of your purchase.
    Why did Harley go to the Europeans and not American engineering for the V-Rod design?
    Failure to answer indicates the inability to conceive a logical, legitimate rebuttal.

  • warrenstyles

    Why does every Harley salesperson immediately talk about 600cc sport bikes as the comparison? What SHOULD a 600cc sport bike have in common with a laid back 1400+ cc TWIN besides the basics that all motorcycles have? Why not compare a Civic to a Suburban? They are both cars. I asked this question at the Dealership here in Bloomington. I was told that “real men” can handle a big bike. Well, let’s see – I am 6 foot 2 inches, 205 lbs. I just got out of the Marines after 8 years in. I COULD handle a Harley. With a recent deal that I made on some inherited property – I can certainly PAY for a few dozen of them with plenty of change left over. But – First thing the guy says to me is the compare the 600cc sport bike to the Night Train. What? I told him that I was interested in the Buell XB12Ss. He led me to a regular XB12 Lightning – and again – started to compare it to a “buzzy 600cc rice rocket”. So – I have to have someone explain it to me better than the guy at the dealer – because he told me I didn’t get it. WHY, oh WHY would I compare a 600cc sport bike to ANY Cruiser, or even the Buell? Do the dealer’s know that bikes come in OTHER SIZES besides 600cc?

  • Kodi41

    Howdy everyone, well this was one heck of a funny ass read- for sure.

    As a Sportster owner (a modified 95HP 03′ 1200-S) that will run along side ANY bike, and as a life time motorcyclist- including many “rice rockets” I have to say, many of those who have posted here-in, are way out of touch with what motorcycling is all about.

    That is to say, the simple pleasure that IS riding. I don’t ride for appearances, I ride because I like to- always have. Don’t you?

    I personally could careless what anyone thinks about me or my bike- guess that’s just me.

    Now, I could go on to say how I personally think in some ways HD has forgotten their roots, but, on the other hand, have they really? In truth, no- not completely. Or, I could say how the metric bike makers tried to steal (copy) the classic American design- (along with nearly everything else that they make). After all, “emulation” could be considered a form of high praise for a given design- right? Or is it really all about money? Hmmm?

    Simple fact is this, yes Harley nearly killed themselves, THEY created their previous problems, and the tax payers of America bailed them out, same goes for many other American companies. We all know this- so what, that was then and this is now. Things for HD have changed- big time.

    One thing that does piss me off a bit, the “made in America” thing, LOL, ummmm, no- not entirely- go figure. Have a look at some of your HD parts, then get back to me, before you spout off and make yourself look really silly.

    What I would say about HD is this, they have greatly improved- but, there is still room for more- hint hint. However, as far as parts go, they are short sighted, and way over priced, hence the reason there are so many after market companies making HD parts. HD needs to realize that many of us HD owners would like to be able to update our less then 4 year old bikes with factory parts. However, via slick marketing and sales ploys- HD performance parts, the majority of them, disappear after 2-3 years from HD’s listings. This, for the obvious reason, is to push riders into a new HD purchase. Bad idea to my thinking, I for one never forget, and if the prospect concerning price and available parts continues to rise with HD bikes, I will again rejoin the “rice rocket” crowd, and for good reason.

    Call me a cheap ass if ya want, but the point I am trying to make here is very simple- price vs. performance, and personal enjoyment, these are the factors that sell me ANY THING.

    Odd how history, more often then not, seems to repeat itself- can you see these words HD?

    As well, one must consider the average American’s thinking.

    Do I personally really need a motor cycle, no, but would I live with out one? Not as of yet, but hey – one never really knows what’s in the future. Suffice it to this, I like to ride, I also like to build and modify, and as a Master technician, for- now get this- HONDA, I ride a Harley, not because it’s better, but, because I WANT TO.

    One might ask why I say this- well it’s simple, “the simple pleasure that IS riding” this is what is important. Not to mention all that torque in ANY gear.

    Now why can’t HD keep those damn Screamin’ Eagle parts around?



  • Kodi41

    Oh and one other thing, that “vibration” so many of you are bitching about, LOL, it’s by design, and many people prefer it.

    As for the super rockets and “stars” riding such bikes, B.F.D, most here could probly own one also (I could)- and no HD’s don’t leak oil any more so then their aisn counter parts.

    A little story for ya, I had bought a brand new Yamaha 900 Seca, day 4 of ownership the engine started knocking, day 5 on the way to the dealship she blew up, 2 mos to get an engine, and my tank replaced, because the idiots at the bike dealership droped a rim on my tank.

    So does this mean that Yamaha sucks ass too?



  • Couls we just change the subject to Camaros or something?

  • Jay Dee

    Been riding Harleys longer than most of you have been alive. Man who started this mess has a few good points. IE:

    For diluting an authentic piece of Americana.

    For the fat asses I see spilling over the ever wider seats.

    For the stupid looks on their faces when they drive down the street. Look at me, I’m cool!

    For how shiny and endlessly chromed out their their bikes are — another sign they are just part of a laundry list of toys — and not an intrinsic part of their lifestyle.

    For the wimps who drive them on trailers — pulled behind minivans! 15 Miles and 15 grand don’t mean shit…

    Most of you wouldn’t own a Harley until they became Billet Barges, and “Didn’t leak oil”. Wouldn’t know how to fix one if it died. One thing for sure, is you all know how to dress. Biker Blues pants, Harley denim shirts, Harley belt buckles, Harley boots Harley glasses, Harley gloves, and of course the Harley tee shirt. Shit you all look like a rolling bill boards. Guess that part of the cool looking generation. Oh yes there’s Billet engines and belt drives, 5 and 6 speed trannys, for the oh so smooth ride. Softtails, and I’m not impressed!

    Two lives of the Harley generation:

    Iron Horses – Flats, Knucks, Pans, and Shovels.

    Billet Barges – Evo’s and 88’s, Buells and oooooh!, a V-Rod.

    I ride and Iron Horse, always have and always will. Let it leak, I kick it, she’s always got me home, and is part of my life, not my “Lifestyle”. I prefer and respect this dying breed of men, who ride Iron Horses, by the seat of there pants, as our fathers did. 1 mile at a time. Wrenching them, riding them , fixing them, and building them. No H.O.G. clubs, with little family parties, and there cliques of people who think each little group is cooler than the other one. You see I have wimpy family from the Billet generation who belong, and I hear there stories. Each from a different part of the country, each with similar tales of the H.O.G. generation. I’ll stick with the lowlife’s and hardcore. Much better class of people. And by the way if your thinking I say this because I can’t aford one, think again, I do not want to become a member of the New Generation, billet barge, biker blues wearing, cannot wrench my own, sleep in motels, trailer toting club member.

    I own one shirt with the word Harley in it.

    Harley Davidson RIP
    Died of Greed – 1999

  • Harley is to big for it’s own good.. tring to buy a screaming eagle..omfg they think it worth 10,000’00 over m.s.r.p. found 1 in boston.. i hate the sales peeps and the B.S. that comes with buying a bike..after days of back and forth we make a deal..and my as- hurts…then i’m going to put 9,500 down and they would not approve the financing stating that i had previous account’s with them that where not satisfactory..never had a f-in acounnt with them wth is there problem? I have my credit report..
    I can’t wait till sales slow because the market is flooded with bikes and the stock drops, those over price hog’s in their a–…

  • CBR Rider

    I talked to a cool guy at work(no pun intended hes an ok guy) that owns a HD LMNOP and I asked
    him how many horses he had and he very proudly told me 90 something and further he stated that he had the dyno sheet to prove it. He went on to say that his bike was bored, stroked, had special v-shaped pistons, engine was ported, headers, jet kit, air filter, etc., etc. I asked him what he had invested in the engine and he said, now get this, $8,000.00!! Holy Smoke!!! Had I not known of the meager horse power that HD motorcycles put out I’d of thought the man owned a scooter or a 250cc bike. I mean, $8,000.00 put into the engine of an import bike and you’re going to get 200+ hp.

    A 95 horse power motorcycle WILL NOT run along side ANY bike.
    The BONE STOCK litre bikes (imports, not harley davidsons) of today are pumping out between 145
    and 155 hp right out of the factory with zero performance modifications. My 98 900cc Honda pumps out 120 hp(with a few mods..headers, jet kit, air filter, and ignition advancer).

    Whether its true or not that the Japanese have copied nearly everything we have done, one thing is for sure. The Japanese have not copied ANY of HD’s engines.

    Why a man would want a vibrator between his legs simply for the feel of it, beats the hell out of
    me. Unless of course you’re one of the village people.

    Why is it a BFD because lots of people can own import motorcycles? What exactly is wrong with something being affordable? Is it not cool unless it cost a fortune even if that fortune is not justified? My friend had to invest an outrageous sum of money to get 90 hp out of his Harley Davidson. And don’t forget the initial cost of the bike. Are you cool because of that or are you naive?

    My example of the $8,000.00 for 90 hp, in addition to the initial cost of the bike, is typical of all harley davidsons. You buy the bike and than add 8 grand to it for 90 hp. Wow! Lol! Examples of ONE import bike breaking down is not typical for imports, it is the exception.

  • CBR Rider

    Cadillac, Lexus, and Bentley, three LUXURY car makers all have cars in some type of racing class. Neither of these car makers makes a sports car for the general public but yet they have the technology to produce a race car.

    Mesaglea has a good question(actually he has a lot of good questions): Where is Harley Davidson’s Moto GP entry?

  • JoannaKilroy

    Hey – it seems that mainly only guys have been posting here – so I wanted to give you a girly perspective. I am 42. I have been told that I am a fairly attractive girl. To make you Cruiser riders drool – my measurements are 36C, 24, 35. So – not bad, baby, and as a side note – I am a licensed Yoga instructor, and – I know you won’t believe it, but, but not have bad looking either. Here’s something for all you cruiser riders to consider. I recently (last 6 months) have been dating a non-cruiser rider. He actually owns several bikes, and the one he prefers to ride (as do I) is a Honda V65 Sabre. Wow – is that thing smooth. It’s a V4 of some sort. It has over 60,000 miles. And – it pulls around town far better than my ex-husbands Deuce – even after the thousands of S&S parts. Oddly – we ran in to him the other day – with his new girl-friend. We were cruising and that piece of crap could not even remotely roll us on or out drag us. So – the lesson – little boys (and most of you ARE little boys, if you know what I mean, you leather clad, tattooed, skull-cap wearing LITTLE boys, with all your chrome) – you better hope the woman never rides a REAL bike – because they won’t want to come back!!! I used to love all that “power” I thought there was on the Harley – and of course – my ex only rides with other Harleys – so how WOULD I ever know the difference. And – I also figured ALL bikes needed constant work (boy – learned that lesson too) – and – ladies – your man’s gut does not need to slowly begin to extend over his belt – it’s NOT part of cruising!!!

  • GoinSuzuki

    I walked into a Harley dealer the other day and had a chat with the salesman. I told him I was seriously looking at the Suzuki C50 or possibly C90 for my first bike. I am 48 and just passed the BRC, I am also 6″6 and go about 280. So, even a “medium” 1100 CC cruiser tends to look small with me on it. I am not in a hurry to get anywhere – I just want to ride comfortably.
    Anyway the salesman agrees that I need a bigger bike, in order to be comfortable. Get this – he AGREES that I should look at a metirc cruiser for my first bike, as it would likely not be my last, and then shop for my ultimate bike when I’m absolutely sure what I want. This guy went on to agree that the metrics are great bikes for about half the price of the “equivalent” Harley. Then he invited me to have a seat on the Dyna Wide Glide in the showroom. He watched my face with amusement as I sat down on a bike that felt like it had been taylor – made to my measurements. Wow. None of the metrics could touch this bike in terms of comfort – and it is a fine looking machine as well. Still not sure if I’ll ever go Harley, still sticking with the Suzuki for a first ride, but that Dyna got me thinking. The salesman sent me on my way with his business card and a beautiful 2006 Harley catalog. No pressure, No attempt to switch me to a sportster, just a taste of what the bike feels like, and an honest and forthright conversation adn recommendation. If I ever do go Harley, you can bet I’ll be back to see this dealer. By the way – Dyna wide Glide – stripped and stock, 17,500 list. Suzuki c90, 11,499 list.
    Suzuki c50 (800 cc) 6,499. It’s all about bang for the buck.

  • stang girl

    i agree with every reason on why deep down we all really hate thee….harleys are very slow and obnoxious along with the people that ride them. they all think they are so cool riding off and not really going anywhere. i love walking past them in my mustang gt, puts a smile on my face. they are basically a big joke for mid life crisis men or women who prefer the same sex. i expecially love the business guys who look normal all week and slap on their leather gear to go ride for the weekend and stop shaving just so they can look even more cool. bottom line is anyone who owns a harley and does all this is a loser, remember that every time a mustang or pretty much anything passes you up because we always do

  • ScottPhilly


    sounds to me like your old man dumped you for a newer model.

    42 years old; his rationale:

    “why look in the scratch and dent section?”

  • M E S O G L E A

    Just like the overpriced and underpowered section you shop in and think you’re better for doing so.
    An image based on a name and creative advertising/marketing schemes aimed at those that have no clue about motorcycle engines or engineering is a sham. Educating the uneducated with propaganda leads to a controlled mindset. It’s all smoke and chrome. It’s called growing up and realizing that what you thought was cool really isn’t.
    Why attack her age? It’s amusing to me. When you insult sport riders it’s always about sexual orientation, us lacking in the pants, not being able to service our significant other effectively or too poor to afford a “real” bike. When we write/speak of anti-Harley, it’s about design, engineering and performance.
    Looks as if you don’t really have anything to say you so you attack something unrelated to the bikes.

  • joannakilroy

    Scott Philly

    Ashamed to admit it – but I traded him for a newer model!!! He loved the Harley more than me – so maybe that will be his life long companion!!

  • me

    well I think all of you need to hear this you hate harleys and why? because first you are jealous that you cannot afford a real bike,and second the biggest of all because you are the people who ride you’re jap,pathetic rice burners that sound like overpowered lawnmowers they had to copy harley’s style in order to sell their riceburners,and you riceburner lovers buy and why because you want a real bike someday but know you will never have one.

  • mesoglea

    #368- Define a real bike and explain why I cant afford one.
    Go ahead, astonish me clown boy.

  • Mohjho

    I have taken a lot of crap riding my Vulcan with Harleys, but I can dish it out with the best of em. I named my bike ‘Hogstomper’, this tend to get the ball rolling. It’s all in good fun.
    Only on a bike do people wave to each other just about anywhere I ride. You won’t find this from the inside of a cage.

  • Some guy

    What’s with these “You’re just jealous because you can’t afford one” arguments???

    It’s a stupid argument and it doesn’t fly. Hey, guess what folks, $25k or less for a vehicle isn’t all that much. $35k can get you almost any model HD brand new. And Sportster’s are downright cheap. Sure, HD’s are pricey for bikes, but they are still are inexpensive compared to cars. I could easily afford one and I’m not exactly rich. Owning or not owning one is simply a choice for a lot of people, deal with it.

    I think the complaint that Harley Davidson relies on image and brand-name association rather than on quality and good engineering to sell their wares is a valid one. Most people who buy them are Harley loyalists who’ve never ridden anything else or people who don’t know anything about motorcycles.

    Don’t get me wrong, if you own a HD and enjoy it, that’s fine by me. If you buy into the tradition and mystique or you like the noise and style, that’s cool. But getting all uppity about it is laughable and pathetic; it’s not like you own a Lear Jet or something.

    I can afford a Harley but I’ll stick with imports. Why? They are just better in every way that matters.

  • Harley

    What about the crotch rocket riders. All these kids think they are the coolest ppl in the world cruising down the road and 80% of em never rode in there life and don’t know a damn thing about bikes. Same shit with any type of bike its not just Harleys. If you hate HD’s so bad then don’t buy one. How lame and bored people are that spend all day writing up stupid stuff like this. I like my Harley it treats me right.

    Just ride and have fun for christ sakes.

    Harley riders are this. Crotch Rocket riders are this… BMW riders are this. Get over it!

    Another funny thing everyone on here thinks they know bikes in and out.

    Then this shit about affording one. Most hardcore Harley guys ive seen and known drive pos cars so they can have a $20Kish bike.

    HD 0wns you all. If you like your jap shit then go buy it if it makes you happy. im done. =)

    stfu already

  • steve6killer


  • Haha

    Whaaaaah! People are making fun of my precious Harley! Whaaah!

  • EarPlugs Please

    Okay…I’ve been reading the threads here, and I feel the noise thing has not been completely addressed. True, there are an overwhelming number of knuckleheads who soup up their hondas or toyotas, but what gets me is that represents a very small proportion of the people who own those vehicles, i.e. identity not equated with vehicle ownership. However, a significantly greater percentage of HD owners choose to slap their straight pipes on and become a menace to society’s eardrums. My complaints stem from the following incidents (as I live about 400 ft from a relatively busy intersection):

    1) Walking with my twin boys became impossible as a) they started screaming in terror when a harley rolled by blasting its pipes and b) I was truly afraid of permanent damage to their eardrums.

    2) At the same intersection, they would sit and rev their engines at 1:00 and 2:00 am, causing my windows to rattle and wake up my kids.

    3) I have lost tenants in the same house because of the noise issue.

    4) I, myself, had to move and I made sure of two things. A) There was no intersection nearby and B) No bars that welcomed the “notoriously dangerous” Harley rider.

    I can only hope that my inconvenience will be vindicated in the nursing homes (where most HD riders will be in say, 15 years or so) when the nurses shout “IT’S YOUR ENEMA MR. SMITH”…and then say to one another in normal voices, “Jesus, another deaf Harley Rider.”

  • EarPlugs Please


    If loud pipes save lives then I am buying an airhorn for my bicycle. And when I pull up to HD riders I’ll just lay on my horn and shout…”I JUST WANTED YOU TO SEE ME SO I COULD BE SAFE!” Wait, don’t HD’s come equipped with horns??

  • Harley is Great

    Harleys really are the best.

    I’m sorry,…but look ,..all you rice burner guys.
    You know deep inside yourself,..you want a harley.I’m cool because I ride one,…and you want to be like me. I paid alot,…but I like it. I like paying too much for a Harley,…it gets me off o.k.

    I ride a harley,…because it’s the only real motorcycle.

  • Brian Thurgly

    I like my bike,

  • Brian Thurgly

    Its a Harley of course!!!!Best there is!!

  • Mohjho

    Loud motorcycles are not safer.
    Good riding skills which include alert and sober riders are the safest bikers on the road. The loud bikes tend to be ridden by less mature riders that take chances with traffic. Add this to a bike that is heavy and does not handle well and the statistics will catch up to you.
    On the other hand, nothin like scaring the bageezes out of the unsuspecting cage drivers when you pass them under full throttle with open pipes 🙂

  • Kev

    Well this is a read and a half, anyway here is my view ….

    I ride a sport bike and love it. I do not hate Harley riders or any riders for that matter unless they as a person piss me off. Yes there are alot of people that buy a bike (any make) that are only there for the image and not for the joys of riding. They are possers and we need to live with them they are everywhere. I will never own a Harley because I personaly do not like them from a riding point of view. I did try it along with numerous other makes and models and eventually decided to get a sportbike. My decision was based on power, handling and reliability not who made it or how many chicks i was going to pick up. I like the looks of Harley’s but that is all. Nobody can argue the fact that Sportbikes have alot more power then anything out there and they can look pretty cool as well. As for sound I really don’t care what it sounds like but I do know that there are many that really want that loud rumble and all the power to them just respect the people around you.

    Now I know this is coming so I will clear it up right now. I DO NOT RIDE AT 200 KM/H EVERYWHERE I GO NOR DO I DO WHEELIES AND STUNTS I ACTUALLY DO CRUISE ALOT OF THE TIME. power deserves respect and if you choose to ignor that then you will most likely end up hurt or worse (on any motorcycle).

    If bashing other riders is what you like to do then go ahead but one things for sure you will never ride with me no matter what bike you ride.

    It’s not a matter of money, how big you are or how good you are in bed, it’s all about enjoying the bike you choose to ride and respecting the community you ride in. Give it a try you might enjoy it.

  • The Angry Monk

    Hey Harley riders,
    The loud pipes argument is bogus! The only time I hear you in my “cage” is when you’re beside me or after we’ve passed one another on the road. I DON’T HEAR YOU COMING WHEN I’M IN AN APPROACHING VEHICLE! It really perturbs me when people that think their right to be obnoxious supersedes my right to peace and quiet. You’d be annoyed if I cranked my lawnmower or leaf-blower at 6 a.m., so have consideration for the rest of the world. It’s not all about you!

  • Loud & Proud

    I have straight drags on my Harley Duece.
    I hope it pisses everyone off,..and I dare you to tell me something about it when I pass you!
    Yep it’s a loud s.o.b.
    If you dont like it,….you should kill yourself.

  • KidneyPintoLima

    Harley Davidsons sound like cows on steroids with a gas problem. FART FART!!!! The Harley Davidson sound does not have one hint of high perfomance in it. For example, no sounds of high compression or high rpms. Just lots of FART FART sounds!!!! I just passed gas. I just sounded like a Harley Davidson.
    Eat Beans, sound like a Harley!

  • Mike P

    LOL…any of you people ever consider the possibilty that it’s none of your fucking business what other people want to ride?

  • BTC

    The closest Harley ever came to liquid cooling is putting their logo on a beer can.

  • me

    Who care’s! Ride what you want. Those who don’t like it have no life. I love old Harleys, but yet I own a heavily customized and chopped Suzuki crusier.

    This seems to be about the people who ride the bikes than the bikes themselves.

    Since when was being a biker about fitting into a club and following rules. You all sound like 7 year olds with a tree house that states “no girls allowed”. Do what the hell you want and screw every body else. It’s all become a joke and so far most of you are the reason why.

    Yes, the world does revolve around me. When I die the world ends with me.

  • shovelman

    How about dealers who will not touch a harley over 10 years old? What is wrong with this picture?

  • Marc

    The mentality of these people who are ripping each other apart cuz of a choice of a “vehicle/bike” is really shallow.Im sayin’, have you people made it pass the 8th grade? I like both and know tons of riders who own both. they’re two entirely different styles of bikes, so how can you compare that? Everyone in the world is different and has different taste. SO WTF DUMBASSES??? I think If all the bikes vanished off the face of the earth , these assholes would find something else to fight about..fords vs chevys…american muscle cars vs those gay lil imports that were made to ride your kids around town, now the lil boys think its kewl to makwe the grocery getter honda into speed racer. MAD GAY…My point is, who gives a fuck…both bikes are kewl! some peole like blue, some like black. for all you who have time in your life to decide how everyone else shold live THIER lives..get a fuckin life! find a job or something. you’re all probably a bunch of 14 yr olds who cant drive yet, or 25 yr old bums still suckin on mommas titties. Get a life fuckers.

  • Marc

    one more thing…since everyone wants to compair bikes.HEres the SOLID truth of the matter.crotch rockets ARE NOT and NEVER will be nearly as comfortable as a harley.As far as reliability,that depends on a couple factors…the care and maintenance of the bike for the most part, and which “model” bike you purchased and WHAT yr. people who dont know shit about how to fix things will never understand this.they just make thier judgements on what happened or didnt happen to someone else bike.Two entirely different people could have two of the same exact bikes n one be a piece of shit and the other being very reliable. Again, the opinions on here aare bogus..those guys probaly couldnt air up thier tires.they dont know thier ass from thier elbow and watch too many stereotypin movies.lmao

  • veryfunny

    Very amusing thread, indeed. I bought a Harley Ultra Classic, because I liked how it looked, and liked the feel of the ride. When was looking, I looked at a Honda, it was a grand more, and was too plastic looking for my likes. I’m not old, 34 years old in fact. I wave at everyone, regarless of who makes their bike. I’m not rich, took me time to save my money. I’m also not going to sit here and piss on this bike and that, who cares. Like so many have already said, and nobody seems to be able to understand, Ride what you have and enjoy it, and keep waving. If the other guy doesn’t wave back, its not because of what brand he is driving, its because he is an inconsiderate bug, or is holding onto the controls for one reason or another. Enjoy the ride folks.

  • Chris J

    Harley Davidsons are for cool people.Only wannabees ride metrics.

    You either own a harley,…or you want one!

  • You are an idiot.

    “Harley Davidsons are for cool people.Only wannabees ride metrics. You either own a harley,…or you want one!”

    And why would you care if someone else owns, doesn’t own, wants, or does not want a Harley?? Sounds like insecurity to me. And if everyone wants a Harley, why doesn’t everyone buy a Harley? They are pricey for motorcycles, but really aren’t that much (unless you are so poor that $20k to $30k for a vehicle is some monstrous amount). It’s not like buying a Lamborghini or something.

  • Terrell

    I think some of it is true,…envy,…..some of us can’t afford a Harley.I know I can’t. But I would love to have one. I ride a shadow now,…you know,..”shadow of a harley” but I plan to get a harley later when I can afford it.As a metric owner I got to say there is something to say about a big bunch of harleys rambling down the road. It’s a awsome sight and sound!
    Anyone who bashes harleys are crazy,….thats some of the finest motorcycles ever made. Don’t be a playa-hate-a.

  • andrew2cool

    “We in the D.C. area just go treated to another tiresome rolling Geritol commercial. Thousands of RUBs [Rich Urban Bikers] came to the area on their Harley Davidson motorcycles, polluting the area with the sounds of troubled G.I. tracts.

    Here’s why I hate ”

    Tghe guy that wrote this topic should be kicked in the head. He just starts right off by calling everyone who rides a harley a RUB.And calling them dweebs in the next sentance. Wtf? Did a harley rider steal your girlfriend?For whatever reason,..you had to come on the internet like a coward and start trash-talking about harleys from behind your computer,….what a loser. I ride a harley,…there is nothing rich,..or urban about me,..and I bet in public,..you would never bad-mouth me or my bike to my face.It’s people like you,..that give metric riders a bad name , and make harley riders want to stomp you.

  • IGuessyoursistooSmall

    So – either I have a Harley or want one? And I am not supporting America by riding my Metric. Yeah – ok – keep believing that. Go cry to the government for money like Harley did – that bunch of sissys. The other company’s bikes are TOO good – we need money to make ours better – or there won’t be any more American bikes. Lotta good that same crying (AND TARIFF taking) did Chrysler – where’s that money go now? Harley’s day will come. Until then – go ahead – find something to chrome. That’ll make it better. Looooosssers.

  • beachcomber

    currently, i got a new fat boy. also got a 2 yr old suzuki. if i had the money i’d buy a little bit of everything. every bike has its own charm…just like women 🙂 btw…my new harley with less than 1,000 mi has developed a little leak from the bottom of the fork and bracket assembly. grease liquifying and dripping out the seal? don’t know. and of course the dealer can’t find what i’m talking about. but my driveway says i’m telling the truth by the little drip stains. food for thought.

  • Bluesman

    Hi, after 30 years of riding lots of different brands of bikes i decided to buy a harley, so i purchased a mint 1993 1200 sporster with about 10,000 miles on the clock, the build quality is exceptional , the motor is strong and reliable(no oil leaks) the brakes are shit and the front fork springs are way to soft all of which is an easy fix as there are after market parts every were , harley are a great bike but like every brand of bike they have there inherent faults, i like this bike so much that if i was offered more than what i paid for it i def would not sell, belt drives are great to !!!

  • ragain

    check this site out this guy has taken Harley Hating to a new level

  • Jimbo

    Hey, if you all really want to stop posing and just have fun riding do what I did. After 40 bikes over 35 years (including 2 Harleys, and numerous BMW, Triumph, and metrics) I have switched to “scooters”. Nothing like having a 650 with an automatic that goes from 0 to 100 in 14 seconds. These things are FUN! I don’t have to prove anything anymore. It is great! For those that want to judge me for what I ride, I don’t care… they are all gene pool rejects anyway.

  • ping pong

    Do you have foxtail on your scooter ?

  • Jim

    Has anyone ever had to lemon law a HD motorcycle. I have had excessive problems with a new HD and wondered if I should go after them alone or get an attorney out of the gate?

  • RealMenRideHarleys

    “Has anyone ever had to lemon law a HD motorcycle”

    Can’t help sold my Kawi and had to lemon law it. Now I have a HD not a problem…well at least with the bike. I just can’t get a rest from the gorgous chicks that jump in bed with me since buying a mans machine.

    There are two kind of motorcycle riders: Harley riders and those who wish they were.


    “I just can’t get a rest from the gorgeous chicks that jump in bed with me since buying a mans machine.”
    Did they not jump into your bed before the “Man’s Machine”? If you’re such a man, why did all these women jump in bed with you only after the purchase of the bike?
    That means the women are not impressed with you at all, only impressed by your bike. Sounds like the bike made you a man and you were incomplete before owning one.
    You only bought the bike to impress women because you are are not man enough without one so the bike became an extension/augmentation to your male psyche.

    Will someone please explain why I really want a Harley or wish I were a Harley rider?
    So many “Real Men” say this as if it were gospel but I cannot get a legitimate explanation.

  • RicersAreLame

    “Will someone please explain why I really want a Harley or wish I were a Harley rider?”

    Because you know they are the best, they have more chrome sound like a motorcycle and not a annoying insect, so you don’t look like a monkey F**king a football when riding. Why do rice riders look like a Sat morning Power Ranger cartoon? Faggy looking pastel colored toys with lame graphics a power ranger suit for riding. I always wave to give a ricer the thrill he needs for the day, they blush and look like little girls when I do. Even the underclass of motorcycles needs acknowlegement from time to time.

  • IGuessyoursistooSmall

    So – RicersareLame – While you are riding spread out for a Gyno visit – you don’t look like a girl? I guess this is really a Sport Bike vs. Cruiser debate for you. Does that mean the Buell riders are F-ing footballs too? Or -because Buells are powered by that joking, vibrating rather BAD excuse of a HD motor – they are ok?

  • duane

    You guys are all nuts. Grow the f**k up. You are arguing about machines. You didn’t build ’em. You just bought ’em. You want a medal because you have the balls to make monthly payments on a transportation device? You guys are like the fucknuckles that own pit bulls because they think it’s so tough. Juveniles. And you must be pretty desparate if you have to settle for chicks that are impressed by a damn motorcycle. Slim pickins, huh?


    You really didn’t answer me.
    “Because you know they are the best, they have more chrome sound like a motorcycle”
    That’s why they are unbeatable in Moto GP?
    I know they are the best? Funny, I didn’t know that you knew I know they are the best.
    Chrome makes them better? What does chrome plating do for performance other than visual?
    How is a motorcycle supposed to sound? I’d be more afraid of a swarm of angry insects than the roar of potatoes. Insects are a higher form of life and therefore more intelligent.
    Your riding attire is way better, you got me. Black. Noir. How original, like all the other tough guys that ride Harleys.
    Chaps are the best for looking like a cowboy. Did you get your chaps from the leather fetish store? And those cute tassels on your brake and clutch levers, just like my 8 year old sisters “My Little Pony” bicycle.
    I’ve never seen homosexuals depicted in any movie wearing multicolored, power ranger, racing style suits. They all look like Harley riders with black leather and studs.
    Didn’t guys in the Police Academy movies wear leather biker outfits? Oh yeah, in the gay bar, The Blue Oyster. Imitation is the highest form of flattery!
    Our riding suits are worn for safety. The power rangers graphics are also used so drivers can see us as bright contrasting colors by day and reflective material at night are the most visible. MSF states black is the worst for safety, but since you’re all real men, true rebels and tough guys you don’t care. Fashion is passion.
    What brand of bike is pastel from the factory because I‘ve never seen one at any dealer.


    RicersAreLame- Why are they the best? Still no answer other than, because.
    Harley’s rule, huh? That’s why Uncle Sam had to bail them out because it just wasn’t fair that those mean old Japanese made a better, more powerful, better engineered and less expensive bike that others preferred to purchase.
    WHAAAAA! It’s not fair that our sound is like any other V-twin with a single pin crank. Let’s patent a sound so we can reclaim lost money to those evil Japanese.
    The Japanese stopped copying Harley decades ago. They moved on when the technology was obsolete.
    Many people care about Moto GP, the highest level of professional motorcycle racing in the entire world. The most technologically advanced bikes with the world’s best riders pitting man and machine vs. each other on a track that isn’t a straight line or an oval.
    I’ve said this before, if Harley is so great, so all encompassing, the tour de force of the motorcycle world, why aren’t they dominating at Moto GP, AMA or WSBK?
    Wait a minute, their not even on the track! How can the best, the elite, the most expensive, the 1% not compete?
    That XB-12RR Buell tried but still loses. A 1200 vs. 600 and IT STILL LOSES!

  • TomG

    Harleys are cool fuck the rest.


    Blah, blah, blah, you can’t afford a Harley. [Edited] You haven’t said anything intelligent.

    Because they cost a lot and since I don’t ride Harley, I’m obviously poor and I really want one? Where did you get your psychology degree, Freud?

    Harley makes only motorcycles. If they are so great, where are their cars, generators, outboard motors, F1 race engines, jet turbines, diesels or their aircraft? The quality control and safety procedures mandated by the various governments in which the Japanese corporations conduct business with require a certain level of reliability for consumer and industrial equipment, especially the aircraft related products. To make a product better, you implement the same quality control procedures company wide for improved efficiency, lower failure rates and reducing expenditures.

    No Harley junk yards? Let me explain. The 1986 Harley is the same as the 1996, as is the 2006. The 1986 Japanese bike is ancient history to a 2006 model. You see, [Edited], evolution is something the Japanese embrace. The lessons learned from racing are applied to the consumer models. Improved reliability, advanced metallurgy, and better wearing tires just to name a few.

    Since Harley doesn’t race, there are no lessons to learn (except for a new slogan to brainwash more potential buyers) and no improvements to their product line. They make the same bike year after year with iron and low carbon steel, yawn. Add in OHC and liquid cooling from overseas and you have a new half breed that Real Bikers are unsure about.

    Why did the awesome American engineering team at the worlds best motorcycle company betray their fellow Detroit brethren and have the French and Germans help them engineer the V-Rod engine which is nothing more than an American copy of a Japanese copied American bike, by your standards. Couldn’t they do it themselves? Does the European blood make Harley traitors and the V-Rod their unloved bastard child?
    By Harley not changing much in 20 years, the parts from old bikes get recycled faster.

    The constant evolution is good, new technology gets researched, smaller and lighter vehicles getting better fuel economy are a resultant of this. In Japan, vehicles have a life expectancy. A perfectly good vehicle (bike, truck or car), with decent miles might cost a small fortune to inspect, insure, register and the government can force you recycle it if it fails to meet standards! This concept ensures there is limited space wasted by junkyards, there is work for people and raw materials are available in recycled form.

    This evolution of change ensures out with the old and in with the new. We just don’t recycle like Japan does. Can’t really fix an extruded aluminum frame. So the Japanese bikes sit for a few years as a parts bike before getting recycled completely.

    Do you have any idea who makes the worlds most advanced humanoid robot? It’s not NASA, the US Military and it sure as hell isn’t Harley. This company has been working on it for 20+ years. It’s Honda.

  • beachcomber

    This Harley guy I ran into (who loves Harleys and other custom V-twins) was spouting off about Harley being in bed with the EPA. He was saying something about HD trying to put the small custom chopper and aftermarket parts maker out of business. I had to go so I couldn’t listen to the rest of his speech. Does anyone have any idea about this? Is HD using their market share to stomp out the little guy?

  • jimbo

    I think Harley-Davidson is a shrewd corporation that has targeted and masterfully manipulated the “follower” minded masses who will buy something because it makes them feel cool. HD has spent millions of $ doing psychological studies of the people who buy their products. Every one of these bloggers who get all angry and defensive over criticism of their choice of motorcycles are exactly who HD has targeted. People who will pay lots of money for a technologically inferior product that makes a noise and projects an image that makes them feel good. It doesn’t matter whether they are doctors or lawyers or ironworkers or bums. They all share a common wiring of their brains that compels them to follow the HD marketing pied pipers.
    HD now makes more money on their HD embossed leather jackets made in Indonesia, their Chrome accessories made in Korea and Taiwan, many of their shirts and clothing made in Mexico, and the countless brick-a-brack items made in China, than they do on Motorcycles. HD motorcycles have more foreign made parts on them than Honda Goldwings (made by Ohioans who have much better factory working conditions than HD workers in York, PA have). Yet, the average HD owner thinks he or she is being all Patriotic buying their “American made bike” and then they label other brand motorcycles as “rice burners” or other derogatory names. That’s called hypocrisy.
    Nuff said.
    For those of you who want to read some real back and forth on this subject I suggest you go to http://www.goingfaster.com and click on the “Black Echo” link.

  • A.F.F.A818181818

    So you Think H-D makes a slow and outdated bike?
    Har-Dave in NHRA Drag Racing is the quickest and fastest bike. H-D holds the ET and the MPH record

  • CBR Rider

    Thanks to Harley Davidson IMPORTING help from Germany H-D makes ONE, I repeat ONE, good bike. The VROD. However, as far as racing goes the VROD sucks in my opinion. Two reasons why the VROD sucks as a race bike.

    1. The Harley Davidson team ordered something like 14 engines for the current drag season. That is approximately 1 friggin engine per race! That is far more engines than Suzuki uses per season. It sounds like Harley Davidson has a reliability issue…..as usual!

    2. The Har-Dave team, as one poster affectionately refered to Harley Davidson, is allowed to bore out to 2600 cc. Import bikes are only allowed to bore out to 1600 cc. If Har-Dave is so good than why not RACE TOE TO TOE WITH EQUAL ENGINE BORES!? In road racing, Italian and Japanese V-Twins have the same bore as the Japanese inline 4 cylinders. Why can’t the almight(yawn) Harley Davidson race toe to toe in drag racing like the foreign V-Twins do in road racing?!

    Racing fans read my post #231.

  • jimbo

    Ahhh, the V-Rod. It is an improvement. HD went to Porsche for the design. And of course, it isn’t selling very well because “it ain’t a real Harley” as the traditionalists tout. And that is because it doesn’t “sound” like a Harley should sound. It sounds like a Honda, or Yamaha, or Suzuki. Hey CBR, you got that ” let’s race on an equal playing field” stuff right on. I always wondered why you either go to the “drag races” or you go to the “Harley only” drag races.

  • IGuessyoursistooSmall

    Face it – Harley does not sell a motorcycle – it’s funny if you read the ads it’s all about the sensations of riding – which for me don’t just including going putt-putt-putt in a straight line. Sorry – I like curves!!! And don’t even try with a Buell – I’m 6ft 6. I don’t fit on ANY of those paint-shakers. The Ulysses is close -but – where’s the BALLS?

  • Y2K

    Man what an asshat……..so are all the Harley haters,faster doesn’t mean better but I don’t expect any squids to understand that.
    Ride what ya like but why knock me and my bike.
    I ride a 2000 Harley and have put on over 113,000 mils so far and still love it.
    Had other Harleys that I’ve ridden over 100K as well and they’ve been low maintainence and reliable so what’s wrong with that asshats.
    Sheesh! get a life already!

  • A.F.F.A818181818

    Ellis ran the quickest pass of all-time earlier in the day when he posted an incredible 6.911 in Round 1 on his Drag Specialties S&S Buell V-Twin. The time was so quick that Ellis failed to back it up to make it an official record, but it was stunning nonetheless. 07-30-06

  • Christopher Davidson

    I am great because I ride a harley. You know when you see me at the gas pumps,..you kinda crouch down,..and try not to make eye contact with me because you’re scared of me. And I’m a big dude too ,..I probably would punch you in your mouth if you looked at me the wrong way. Then I’d put your wife on my bike,…and ride off somewhere,..and show her how a real man lives.

  • Moneytalksbullshitwalks

    Okay clowns here we go. Live to ride/Ride to Live.
    I have had at least one bike by all the Big Jap companies, and 3 HARLEY DAVIDSON’S. My first two HD’s were shovelheads and they were a nightmare to keep running. Polished them up and sold them for more than I paid $$$ (ha). 3 jap bikes, 1 for $500 sold it for $100 (to a scrap metal dealer), 1 I paid $5600 (new) wrecked it, Insurance Co. gave me $3800 less than a year after buying it, 3rd Jap bike gave $10,000 sold it 2 years later with add-ons and only got $6700. Bought Harley in 2005 for $11,200, have paid for gas/oil/maintenance and just had $13,500 offered to me for it. So if we Harley Riders have to explain the mystique to you idiots I will do it this way. Look at it in the simplest of terms. You get a return on HD’s, Imports may have the technology but they have no re-sale (unless you dumbasses like losing money). The junkyard is full of Jap bikes, HD’s will ALWAYS have a market for used bikes, due to the fact that you crotch-rocket crazies will grow up one day and understand that owning something of value is a nice reward to working hard all your life. Jap bikes are disposable just like the diapers you clowns were wearing when Patriotic Flag waving Veterans like myself were riding our HD’s. EVERY YEAR A NEW CROP OF COPIES COME FROM THE JAP BIKE FOLKS. IMITATION IS THE SINCEREST FORM OF FLATERY. As far a going fast…Who cares?!?!? It is only legal at the track and someone is always faster. My HD is MINE and I have it set-up like no one elses that is what makes it great. Bet I can find 10 bikes just like one another when it comes to Japscrap. Maybe not ’cause they probably only sold 10 Maruader,road-star, vulcan’s last year. So cover your ears pussy we will be in D.C. next year to wave our flags and gather with others who are proud of who they are. Later asswipe.

  • CBR Rider

    Imagine what kind of stunning times the Suzuki inline 4s would produce if they were bored at 2600cc!……wow!

  • jimbo

    Hey Moneytalks, You have proved my point exactly. Oh, and the “my Harley don’t depreciate party” is over. Try and trade in any used Harley at your local dealership and see how much they want to give you for it. Plus your 2005 Harley is covered in “jap” chrome and has japanese, australian, and italian components. You have been so manipulated by a greedy corporation and you are ready to fight for them. They have you sooooo figured out. You are ooozin Harley lovin hypocrisy.


    I enter contests for Harleys. If I win, I can sell it to some fool and get another Japanese bike.
    If Harley was less expensive, they wouldn’t be so great. The price is the mystique nothing more.
    Isn’t Buell try to imitate a Japanese sport bike? Isn’t the V-Rod an imitation Japanese bike?
    Speaking of imitation, wouldn’t that mean that every airplane isn’t a real airplane because they are just modified copies of the Wright Brothers original airplane? In that respect, the F-22 Raptor is a piece of crap because it’s not an original Wright Brothers Aircraft Company creation. It’s only a cheap copy, despite that FACT that it’s one of the most advanced aircraft in the world and so expensive that there are only a few squadrons in service.
    There only so many ways to make an airplane. It has to have wings a tail, control surfaces and a propulsion system. With that said, a motorcycle must have two wheels, controls and an engine.
    As for imitation, look up Rikuo Motorcycles. Harley ALLOWED them to make copies under the Harley name.

  • CBR Rider

    Baaaa baaaa, calling all you Harley sheep and posers……Higher purchase price doesn’t make a motorcycle better, but I wouldn’t expect you Harley sheep and posers to understand that.

    Lol at the Harley only drag races. I always thought that was friggin hilarious! If I owned a bike that couldn’t hang with other bikes where they had to make their own personal drag racing organization I would start to think… I think that it is especially hilarious when the Harley Davidson “posers” and “sheep”, not the riders, say that I don’t have a “real” bike and that for some mythical reason that can’t be represented by numbers(for example 0-60 time, 1/4 mile time, brake distance, service cost, stability, etc, etc…..) that their bike is better than mine.

  • CBR Rider

    Harley Davidson copied from the Japanese when Yamaha introduced the mono shock back in 1975 (or there abouts). All of the Harley “soft tails” use that technology today.

    Harley Davidson copied engine water cooling(finally) off of Japanese motorcycles or whoever invented water cooling. Whoever invented water cooling we all know it wasn’t Harley Davidson.

    And as pointed out earlier Harley Davidson is copying the modern sport bike concept(big engine in a super light chassis) with its Buell line. The big engine in a super light chassis concept came from Honda in 1992 with the CBR 900.

    Harley Davidson copied the multi-valve engine concept that they use in the VROD as well.

    Harley Davidson copied the power cruiser concept from the Yamaha VMAX with its VROD.

    Do you see the picture?
    Harley Davidson copies the engineering concepts from everyone which is the more demanding to do. Frankly, I don’t see a problem with that. Everyone builds off of the other. It would be nice though, especially with the large money Harley Davidson has, if they at least innovated some performance. Harley “sheep”,but not riders, don’t talk crap about how everyone else copies as if you don’t copy anything yourself.

  • A.F.F.A818181818

    Imagine what kind of stunning times the Suzuki inline 4s would produce if they were bored at 2600cc!……wow!

    Suzuki makes a V-Twin….build one and race it

  • matt

    I guess no-one here can read the bottom, “personal attacks are not allowed”??
    Anyway, facts and figures…. hmmmm, load of nonsense whether you ride a push bike or a motorbike, most “rice burners”, imports, crotch rockets, etc (i prefer the term motorbike), that have high outputs in the mph or hp bracket don’t have published figures. e.g hayabusa. check out the website. same with h-d until recently. is it because one is better than the other, or just because they want people to ride a bike for what it is not how slow/fast, loud/quiet it is.
    I ride a h-d ultra glide, cost £14000, top of the range, dunno who thinks they cost $30000? wierd. especially as they cost more here!
    I learnt to ride bikes as a kid, trials. I only got my licence last year. Why harley? Well… i’ve raced, on the track, on fast bikes, i’ve driven fast cars on a track, i’ve skied for my country, i know speed! I know safety. I know how tempting a sports bikes power can be. I learnt to road ride on a few. My wife doesn’t want me to die yet, my daughter might not like it!
    I am a very safe rider, i have taken police courses in riding, and i can keep up with anyone on the road on my harley. can it corner like a sports bike? of course not, can it keep going at a speed that allows that to not make a difference? yes! Who do i ride with? anyone with a motorbike.
    I’m also a photographer, I have a few thousand pounds plus of equipment, my harley is the only bike with lockable boxes that fit most of my equipment. It doesn’t shake it, it’s safe, dry and i travel all over the uk with it weekly. When i want to race i go to a track and hire a sports bike.
    Would i buy a sports car? no. whats the point? you can’t use the power without going to jail or die. would i drive one on a track, hell yeah!
    Harleys ride best within the limits of most roads here and in the u.s. and within the law.
    In the uk i wave at all motorbikers, and most wave back. the one that don’t? i don’t care.
    If you think you’re better than someone else, they won’t care either. I love biking, i love my harley, but now and then i get in my car and stay totally dry! it’s boring, but a nice change.
    If you write to h-d, they will provide all the info on their bikes, mine, will keep up with most other bikes. don’t believe me? come to england, bristol harley group, and find out. It’s not heavy, it’s big, it’s not underpowered, it has torque, it doesn’t vibrate, it has low revs. If only people would get their facts straight, there wouldn’t be a problem.
    I expect some nonsense in return for this post… so go ahead. I don’t care. I’ll be on my bike, smiling in the sun and rain, thinking of you.
    enjoy the road. you’ll soon be in a nursing home.

  • nugget


  • p.s.

    harley davidson were the inventors of the engine cut-off switch you all find on your handle bars. and many more…. just do some research


    A cut off switch? Pure genius!
    Just think, if Harley never invented it, you would have to use your ignition key to cut the motor. Well maybe not the key, because if Harley didn’t invent the ignition key, we wouldn’t have that either. Might still be using a shorting bar on the sparkplug to kill the motor just like the go cart or mini bike you rode as a child.

    The cut off switch. Another Alien technology inspired innovation from the Harley Davidson Space Science, Rocketry and Fusion Drive Division

  • A.F.F.A818181818

    CBR Rider
    July 31, 2006
    04:55 PMI magine what kind of stunning times the Suzuki inline 4s would produce if they were bored at 2600cc!……wow!

    Bore your V-2 Suzuki……Lets race

  • A.F.F.A818181818



    Results for Final Round

    BRISTOL, Tenn. – SUMMIT FastNews – Results of final, round 3 eliminations in Screamin’ Eagle Nitro Harley at the NHRA POWERade Drag Racing Series, Sixth annual O’Reilly NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals presented by Q:
    W/L Driver R-Time E-Time Speed

    (W) Mike Romine (Harley) 0.064 6.360 220.15
    (L) Tommy Grimes (Ray Price H-D Harley) 0.096 6.388 219.65

    4:51 p.m. Weather conditions: air temperature 71 degrees, relative humidity 25 percent, barometer 28.84 inches,adjusted altitude 2,215 feet, track temperature 101 degrees.
    Romine gets the hole-shot and makes the quickest pass of the weekend to take the win.

    Can any in line 4 run 6.30s in the 1/4?


    Ever heard of Larry Mcbride?
    1400cc Suzuki I4

    Best 1/4 mile: 5.88 seconds – 243.59 mph (Dinwiddie, VA 2003)

  • CBR Rider

    Hmmm, lets see…because I like imports I have the choice of either an inline 4 OR a v-twin. Actually, I have more choices than that. You Harley Davidson fans only have one choice….v-twin. If I am into racing and I had a choice why would I pick a v-twin motor to race when I have an available inline 4 to race that is more powerful? Why spend the money to further develop the v-twin when I don’t have to?

    We all follow racing for different reasons…speed, handling, speed and handling, rider against rider, one make against the other make. I watch road racing to get an idea of which bike I would personally purchase. I WOULD RATHER RIDE HIGH PERFOMING BIKES MORE SO THAN WATCH THEM! That said, if I were following drag racing to make the decision of which bike to purchase I would pick the Suzuki because of speed and power. Even if the VROD wins the championship there is simply way more work that goes into the VROD to get it to where it is than there is to get the Suzuki to where it is into drag racing. The last time I checked the tournament was pretty close. No one team was dominating the other. The VROD is enlarged to 100% its original 1300cc size to where the Suzuki is enlarged to roughly 25% more of its original 1300cc size. That said, you will very likely find hayabusas on the STREET more closely resembling their drag racing counter parts than you will find VRODs resembling their drag racing counterparts. I doubt very few if any of us will see a street VROD enlarged to any where near 2600cc. There is also the reliability issue. Drag racing has proven that the VROD has questionable reliability issues. Last year the Vance and Hines team tore up quite a few motors.
    I’d rather ride the baddest bike than watch the baddest bike.

    Now a brief history on racing and why the rules are as they are.
    Back in the late 60s and early 70s, flat track had a huge following. Two bikes pretty much dominated flat track…..Honda and Harley Davidson. Well, one of the bikes started to dominate the other bike year after year. Attendance started to fall due to the boring fact that people knew which MAKE bike was going to win. So the AMA was going to change the rules and give the lesser bike a larger engine displacement…enough of a rules break to give the bike a better chance to win. Well, the dominant bike protested big time that the rules changes just were not fair and that the engines should stay equal(equal displacement)! The AMA in the end agreed and left the rules as they were. As a result flat track racing was killed….not totally killed, but they are no where near today where they were than. Now bring us to today. Suzuki was dominating year after year a few years ago. The NHRA decided to let v-twins enter drag racing. In my opinion to make the race more exciting and to KEEP PAYING FANS FILLING THE STANDS, the NHRA gave the v-twins a break to make the racing more competitive between different makes. I certainly understand the NHRA’s position. Without fans, there would be no NHRA. So, is the VROD getting a break? You bet! Even if for a good cause, the VROD is getting a break.

  • CBR Rider

    I am a huge road racing fan. I prefer motorcycle road racing over all others although I do like many other types of cycle racing such as drag racing, motocross, hill climbing, trials,…..pretty much all motorcycle racing. When I watch the Moto GP racing (the baddest bikes and the baddest riders) I am always pulling for the American riders. I like and appreciate the other nationalities, and like a lot of people in this world am a Valentino Rossi fan, but for American pride, I hope we win. We Americans are close to winning the championship after a number of years. I also root and hope that one day I’ll be rooting for an American rider winning on an American bike. I think that would be very cool! Especially so with all of our accomplishments we Americans have made in technology. I would love to see someone, Harley Davidson or any other American company, build a great bike and one day see an American rider win Moto GP on an American bike. But until the time comes when we Americans produce a decent bike I’m not going to pretend and talk crap about how great a bike we Americans make when its simply not true. I try to say whats true so that when I talk or type my credibility is in tact and a person doesn’t have to wonder if I’m blowing smoke. If I start lying and saying how great our American bikes are, our American bike makers will not have any reason to improve. Instead I am letting them know the truth…”Harley Davidson sucks!”

  • A.F.F.A818181818

    Mike McAdoo (assembled & tuned at Black Hills)
    – 2000 FLSTF
    – HQ heads – 11.7:1 compression
    – HQ-0038 gear drive cams
    – HQ ignition
    – S&S 116” kit
    – S&S Super D Carb
    – RB 2 into 1 Exhaust System
    131hp 132tq with 124tq @2400rpm..I like it…

  • CBR Rider

    How much did that 131 hp cost? My friend has 90 hp at the rear wheel of his HD abcdefg and paid $8000.00 on top of the cost of the bike….ouch!!

  • A.F.F.A818181818

    90-100hp @trw should cost $1,600-$1,800……your friends $8,000 could make 150-160hp…131ci S&S

  • A.F.F.A818181818

    Harleys suck…no…bike bashing sucks….

  • A.F.F.A818181818

    Ultima is now offering the new ” El Bruto” series engines which are designed to provide our customers with a USA built High Performance engine that was priced to be the best value of any engines now on the market. Midwest’s commitment engineering excellence and competitive pricing brought El Bruto to life with a completely new design set of castings emphasizing performance, reliability, and value.

    All of the castings in these Engines are poured in US foundries and are based on all new CAD designs cast from C355 Aluminium a common US Military alloy known for its stability over multiple heat cycles. The engine components are machined on state of the art CNC equiptment for guaranteed dimensional accuracy and repeatability. All of our engines are dynamically balanced using propritory methods to provide the smoothest running engines on the market and now with our new high flow cylinder heads these engines now can boast the most powerful engines on the market as well!!

    We think that you will agree these engines are the best value anywhere.


    Product Specifications/ Highlights 120 Ci

    Bore: 4.25″

    Stroke: 4.25″

    Piston: Forged

    Compression: 9.8:1

    Rated Power: 130 RW Horsepower

    135LBFT Torque

    Camshaft: 252Duration 625lift

    Pushrods: Crane

    Valve Spring: Ultima

    Chrome Nose Cone/Rocker Boxes

    Billet Oil Pump

    Chrome Tappet Blocks

    PRICE $5,300…..and you still have the stock engine to sell or save.

  • CBR Rider

    $1600 to $1800 is approximately the price of a jet kit, headers, exhaust, and air filter(labor included). Those add ons account for a general horse ppower increase of between 5% and 10%. Add that to a typical 65 horse power Harley Davidson and you won’t get 90 horsepower at the real wheel. If you’re lucky you’ll get a 7 horsepower increase at most!

  • I is dumb

    so… nothing special in the engine cut off switch? chech out japanese import history and manufacture! [Edited] when u drop urs, which you will, and you find ur self with ignition etc on the side of the bike, you will understand the cut off switch! the only reason bikes can be imported out of japan too! without it you’d be stuffed.

    [Edited] I wrote an unbiased, polite post, and someone had to resort to a dumb childish attitude! so sad, but i said you would!. hope it was fun.

  • matt

    care to tell the rest of us where you got 65 hp as standart from? mine’s way over that, infact all of them are!


    So the rest of the world doesn’t have cut off switches on their bikes? Don’t you think another manufacturer would have thought of a cut off switch?
    Yes, all bikes have cut off switches. Even the ones indigenous to Japan.
    N. Shimazu built the first Japanese motorcycle in 1909. He contributed over 200 patents related to engines. I’m positive some of them are in your all American Harley.

  • Bliffle

    Why do motos have to be so loud? When do we get to vote on the issue of noisy bikes?

  • matt

    if you read, mesoglea, not anywhere did i say that the rest of the world don’t have cut off switches… i guess you did read it, but it wouldn’t mean you could get to write what you did. i said, that without them, you couldn’t have had imported or japanese bikes outside of japan. you can find the legislation yourself.
    Again, as seems so often the case in your responses, you assumed. I again, did not mention, “all american harley”. why would I? why would it bother me? I didn’t buy one because i’m an americophile. Hatred of Harley, is your issue, not mine. Re-read my first post, you will find no derogatory statements towards harleys, kawasakis, hondas, triumph (all british bike? not at all) etc.

  • A.F.F.A818181818

    Bore one set of stock jugs to 95ci $150
    One set of KB pistons 9.5 to 1 with pins & rings $220
    Port stock heads and install new springs $350
    37g cams $200
    V&H Pro Pipe HS $350
    Big Sucker air cleaner $100
    New set of stock B lifters $50
    Set of cometic gaskets $100
    If the bike is EFI you will need a DFO or SERT $200 to $375
    Carb you will need a needle and seat and a jet $50
    One H-D manual so you can work on the bike $50
    Dyno tune $100 to $500
    This build will make 100hp/100tq @TRW every time
    If you cant do the work plan on spending $1000

    07 Har-Daves are 96ci (longer stroke).
    The engine will go to 103ci with just a bore job on the jug.
    The same build I just layed out @103ci should make 115 to 120hp @TRW

  • matt

    The first harleys were not built for drag racing, and in europe, as in the u.s., they are still heavily, with the top results, used in hill climbing. as in 100m up a daft incline. They survive many seasons before dying.
    The fact that they drag race doesn’t just mean they reckon they are great, the same reason as many teams enter F1. How many teams enter year after year, engines fail, gear boxes fail, but there road cars are great. Begs many a question. For what i do, my ultra glide is the most practical, however, i have always dreamed of a ducati monster, and one day, if my wife lets me, i will have one. I won’t go to europe on it, nor will i cruise the west country, but i’ll have a lot of fun!
    Most harley dealers are the same in europe, and in the u.s. Riders of Bristol, my local dealer, also sell (as main dealers), ducati, bmw and kawasaki. They promote safe riding, common sense in clothing, helmets etc, and provide monthly police training courses for all makes and models. At each event all are welcome, and all come. If it is the only place like it in the world, which reading this blog one would think so, then you are all more than welcome to come and join in. The more the merrier. Open invite. Don’t want to, fine. I offered. Btw, they do a great breakfast and coffee, and if you have a problem on your bike whilst riding round the west country, they will send someone from the club to you asap. free of charge, gratis, just for riding a motorbike!

  • matt

    ps, to mesoglea, Shimazus’ engine was infact a failiure. His patent contributions led to engines that died on the battlefield as his employer was the imperial army. The first succesful maker of motorbikes in Japan was Murata Iron works, to which Shimazu contributed his arrowfast mc design to. It failed due to transmission failiures and power. This was in 1926, while h-d had over 200 dealers in the u.s., 13 years after their first build.
    In 1929, the depression nearly bankrupt h-d, and they finally sold a redundant blueprint to japan, saved their own bacon and started a factory in japan. The first mass produced bike to sell. Yes, they shot them selves in the foot by letting the japanese know about machine tooling and heat treatment, and later, the japanese made a new type of bike, that due to the financial situation of harley, and the rest of the western world, took off like wildfire. Old story, most people i know could tell you that.
    So… you have Harley to thank for import style bikes. They actually gave kawasaki, subaru and mazda money (gave not loaned), to develop bikes, due to the 700% tax on imports. They created their competition.
    mesoglea… wanna go on? I have no issues with any motorbikes, except ones ridden by fools and those in a dangerous state. If you are not one, then enjoy you’re ride.

  • CBR Rider

    I stated that the typical Harley Davidson puts out 65 horsepower and someone didn’t believe me and said that they’re bike gets more than that. I went to motorcyclistonline.com and refered to the Feb. 2006 issue of motorcyclist magazine where they do their own dyno test. Here are their unbiased results:

    2004 HD Sportster 1200 Roadster 64.4 @ 6000
    ???? HD Road King Custom 68 @ 5500
    2000 HD S.E. Road Glide 70.8 @ 5250
    2002 HD S.E. Road King 72.8 @ 5500

    Keep in mind that the S.E. aka Screamin Eagle, versions cost significantly more and can’t really be considered a “typical” HD but I’ve included them here anyway. The 02 Screamin Eagle cost a whopping $28,000.00!! Geesh, you Harley guys pay dearly for 73 horsepower!! All of these bikes are close to where I said they would be….around 65 horse power. Either the reader was in complete denial or he is swallowing the manufacturers propoganda. No matter who makes a motorcycle, be it Italians, Americans, British, or Japanese, know that for some reason the laws of physics defy manufacturers scales and dynos….never believe them. I think denial is the real reason though. If I spent that much money the truth would be hard to swallow.

  • A.F.F.A818181818

    #1-Give me $8,000 to spend on a H-D…160hp
    #2-Give me $1,800 and any Twin Cam H-D will make 100hp.

    I know your CBR is qucker and stops better and if its a RR 600 more power to you.

    The new last honda I had….a 1982 900F

  • CBR Rider

    Matt and aff8881881118181811:

    Harley Davidson in fact sells a “crate” engine of their Screaming Eagle Road King for $6500.00. The engine put out 73 horse power when it was installed in the road king.
    $6500 for 73 hp!!!….I can’t decide whether I should laugh or cry for you…after all we are all the same under God’s eyes. Heck with it, I’m going to laugh.

    I stated in an earlier post that my friend paid $8000 for 90 rwhp on top of the cost of the bike. This Harley offering should vindicate my friend as telling the truth to you people in denial.

    aff881118181811888111888888818 says in post #441 that I can buy an El Bruto series engine and get 130 rwhp for $5300.00 and still have my stock engine to boot.

    In another post, #448, af111118818881 says that I can pay roughly $3500.00 and bore a 96ci to 103 ci and get 115 to 120 hp.

    In yet another post, #439, aff88118 says that $8000 can buy a 150 hp s and s engine. Can you clairify exactly what that cost includes?….motor installation?

    Matt and af11881881:
    Explain to us where you two get your numbers. Matt please tell us which Harleys you are refering to that get more than 65 rwhp. And please don’t say you’re getting your information from the manufacturer….everyone knows that ALL manufacturers stretch the truth. The laws of physics defy ALL manufacturers scales and dynos.

  • CBR Rider

    The Honda VTX will blow away the 73 rwhp, $28,000 Screaming Eagle Road King. The Honda VTX cost $9,000 and put out 94.6 rwhp.

    And yes my CBR 900 rr is quicker and stops better than whatever it is that you’re refering to(I assume the HDs that you profess your love for). It is still a rocket by todays standards although admittedly there are faster rockets in its class these days. It will still scare the bejesus out of me if I want it to.

  • A.F.F.A818181818

    I stated in an earlier post that my friend paid $8000? How sad… Anyone who can work on a small block 350 can do the top end on a H-D ….try here http://www.GMR Performance.com

  • A.F.F.A818181818

    http://www.Cycle-Rama.com try here next….

  • A.F.F.A818181818

    Then go to Nightrider.com next

  • A.F.F.A818181818

    I stomp the crap out of a co-workers 1800VTX every day.

  • A.F.F.A818181818

    I dont need to pay someone to stab an engine in my bike

  • A.F.F.A818181818

    I like my bike

  • A.F.F.A818181818

    CBR…. have 23,582 miles on my 05 Road Glide…A.K.A. The Hill Bitch…I like my bike its nice.

    How much do you ride?

  • A.F.F.A818181818

    Hondas are like fat chicks….fun..but…well you know.


    ALL HAIL HARLEY, ALL HAIL HARLEY! They are the fathers of modern motorcycling. All others are cheap copies even though they were bailed out by the government because the cheap copies were actually made better, faster and cheaper thn that of the real bikes they spawned from.
    Any aircraft is a cheap imitation aircraft because it’s not real Americana like the Wright Brothers. So all the planes in the sky are shit because they are made of aluminum, titanium and composites not iron, wood, and cloth like the real Wright Brothers planes.
    Ill never thank Harley.
    Sold a blue print to Japan? They allowed a company to produce Japanese made Harleys because it was less expensive to do so. Japanese Harleys, such heresy!
    Hey Matt, we can go on. What does Rikuo mean?

  • A.F.F.A818181818

    You all have a nice day…

  • CBR Rider

    Can you say everything you need to say in one post? Are you afraid someone will notice other peoples post?

    BTW I have 37,000 miles on my bike. The mechanic who adjusted my valves last week said that my bike “looks like its been babied”. I clean my chain and adjust it regularly, swap out brake fluid every other year, change oil, etc., etc. I’ve ridden my bike in a down pour, raining cats and dogs, from Gatlinburg, Tn. through half of Kentucky. I’ve ridden Deals Gap and many other twisty roads, etc., etc.

    I’ve met people on the road that own sport bikes as I do. One guy put 75,000 miles on a Suzuki that he sold. When I saw him he owned a 2 year old Kawasaki and it had 30,000 miles on it! I live in a cold northern state. I ride, the people I hang with ride as well. I have another friend who has a hayabusa and has ridden it to Arizona, Wash. D.C., and many other places. This friend rides in the winter as long as its above 32 degrees. I’ve seen it. You can’t stereotype any of us as “squids”. I ride safe when in traffic. I do a lot of cruising and don’t go 150 mph everywhere I go.

    I have friends that own Harleys and we share nice roads and restaraunts that we have found along the way. These guys don’t say “get a real bike”, “jap crap”, or any of that other rude, insensitive, cowardly, bigoted language.

  • A.F.F.A818181818

    Give me EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS and a new HAR-DAVE and I will give you back a bike that will pop the tank off the back bone of the stock frame.

  • A.F.F.A818181818

    Will you asked for info and I gave it to you


    Fast forward to 2006 where machines from the land of Shimazus battlefield failures and cheap copies are dominating the motorcycle racing world and the motorcycle market. The failed DNA branched out the produce other vehicles and technologies.
    Harley still only makes a motorcycle. They are outsold by the Japanese failures, even in the land of their birth.
    Why do they only make a motorcycle?
    Didn’t Harley copy BWM when they made a Boxer type engine?
    Didn’t Harley copy Japan with water cooling?
    Where does the name “Road King” come from?
    If Harley has such innovation, why outsource it for the V-Rod?
    Where is their winner on the podium in MotoGP, AMA and SBK?

  • CBR Rider

    I’ll just give the Kawasaki $11,000 and get a 163 rwhp, 433 pound, stable, hard braking, quick turning, road hugging, sexy looking sport bike instead.

  • A.F.F.A818181818

    Well you kind of insinuated I was just pulling numbers out my….HAT…now you have some real info

  • A.F.F.A818181818

    Yuo PAY someone to work on your bike???

  • CBR Rider

    I really believe you are trying to hide embarassing facts in other posts by filling space.

    I’ve personally installed myself and done ALL work on my bike except the valve adjustment which incidentally only two of 8 valves were a little out of spec at their first ever valve adjustment at 36,000 miles. There really hasn’t had to be any other maintenance other than the valve adjustment.

    I change my own brakes, bleed lines, installed a steel brake line, took the carbs off while trouble shooting a mistake a mechanic made while installing a jet kit, removed jets from carbs when a mechanic forgot to install a screw in one carb. The bike has been mechanically flawless! I ride my bike too. We’re not talking about a bike that sits.

    Really though, I don’t like to work on bikes, I like to ride. My bike was fast from the factory. And aside from the valve job no other maintenance needed.

    The only maintenance I have to do is minor.
    I say again, the bike has been mechanically flawless and fast from the factory……just like I like em!!!

  • CBR Rider

    Before I forget I lube all cables myself. Like I said, minor maintenance only!…..just like I like it!

  • A.F.F.A818181818

    If I start lying and saying how great our American bikes are, our American bike makers will not have any reason to improve. Instead I am letting them know the truth…”Harley Davidson sucks!

    CBR now you have some real H-D info to read

  • A.F.F.A818181818

    I really believe you are trying to hide embarassing facts in other posts by filling space.

    Such as????

  • CBR Rider

    Embarassing Facts:

    post #451 – $28,000 73 hp HD

    post #453 – $6500 73 rwhp HD crate motor

    post #454 – $9000 94 rwhp Honda VTX(for $2500 more you get an entire motorcycle with way more motor to boot than if you buy the HD crate motor)

    post #463 – “cheap” copies actually better than the real bikes they came from

    post #468 – cheap copies and battle field failures rule the motorcycle world today

  • A.F.F.A818181818

    The same person will buy a 6500 crate engine is the same person who will spend 8,000 for a 90 hp bike. A stupid person

    Your the one who posted all the big numbers.
    I showed you…it all can be done for 1/2 of what you post.

    I can buy 140hp for 4,300…did you look at the e-bay adds I posted?

    Only a retard would pay the kind of price you speek of. 8000 on 90hp..get a life…what a….your some friend you are letting him spend like a fool.

    Now go ride your ready made race bike with your but stuck up in the air..
    And have fun…..Be safe…
    I have a Drag Car I need to go work on…(new cage to install)….have a nice day.

  • A.F.F.A818181818

    Oh….and get over the H-D hate thing.

  • CBR Rider

    ALL motorcycle riders on ALL makes of bikes(scooters included jimbo!)….Be Safe!

  • matt

    yup, mesagleo can’t read. thought so. his loss if he wants to skip part of my post so it suits his will. meglomania!

    bye yall, shame you couldn’t be normal, cbr rider, harleys have changed dramatically over the last 10 years, the dyno my garage has puts my stock ultra glide at 143hp standard. with se stage 1 it has 194hp. that cost me £250. i own it, i tested it, i payed for it.

    that means… I’M RIGHT!!

  • matt

    oh, harley davidson has sold more motorcycles todate, than any other manufacture out there, except one. and they sell only in china!

    mesoglea, you’re just adding opinion to my facts. it doesn’t work that way. fact is fact, and you don’t have them,
    you are talking nonsense.

    the blueprint was sold, along with (if you had read my post) heat treatment methods… the main reason for over 30years of failed motorbikes.

    Why do they only make motorbikes? The same reason i only shag my wife? don’t want to shag anyone else! do they need a reason? does it make them worse?

    Why bring “americana” into it again? none of us care except you!

    How can harley copy japan with water cooling if they sold that also with the blueprint? ok. ya got me! ya don’t really.

    no matter how u look at it, no matter how good you reckon they are now, h-d and triumph were the fathers of motorcyling. It’s proven history. undeniable facts. does it mean they’re the best? not at all, does it mean they should race? why? does it mean people should shoot their mouths off about stuff they know nothing about? you think so! grow up. trust me when i say i know more about this than you mesaglea

    cbr rider, be safe too! god bless the sensible safe ones, whatever they ride. as long as they ride.


    I’m very impressed that Harley WAS the first, and a leader in motorcycling 75 years ago. They still make overpriced and outdated machinery.
    They have a niche market that is dying and they will also die with them. Drop the price of the bike and more will buy it. Young people will buy them to replace the dying sheep.
    Why race? What wins on Sunday, sells on Monday.
    But wait, the cost. It adds to the mystique. Like Louis Vitton and Coach, the shit they make isnt really that speacial. It’s only coveted because it has a high cost and you look like you have money if you own them. All those Harley t-shirts, xmas tree ornaments, cookie cutters and fisher-price toys don’t hurt either.

    Anyway, why would the almighty Harley sell the competition the best technology? That is tactically stupid.
    That is like selling your enemy the secrets of steel while you still are still using iron.
    Or selling your enemy the secrets of cartridge ammunition and rifling while you are still using percussion cap and smooth bores.
    Is this some marketing ploy so Harley can say, “We made you!” while they get choked out by the evil children they spawned?

  • matt

    if you want to just take the piss for no reason go ahead. but stop looking foolish by reading the posts first.
    1, you used the term “best technology”, not I.
    2, it’s not on any of the official harley web pages, but on yamaha, kawasaki, mazda and subaru. if u as harley, they point you to the aforementioned companies marketing staff.

    My harley, ultra glide, cost me the equivilant of $25000, an r6 would cost me $18000. that’s uk pricing btw.
    insurance here on my h-d costs £350. on an r6 it would cost me £4500.

    I have saved the price difference straight away in the first year and it’ll keep on going.

    Combine all the figures, the actual power you can safely put on the road in both our countries, cost to run, and you come out very close.

    except. my bank gave me a guaranteed re-purchase price in 3 years of $21000. my finance then halves. if i do this 3 times, i end up with a harley, brand new, for less than an r6. simple really.

    oh, and most japanese manf, have more sales crap (t shirts etc) than in the harley catalogue. just check their websites.

    Drop the price and more will buy? Keep the price at what people will pay and you make money, and won’t die. Any business man can tell you that.

    Niche market? what, motorbikes, cruisers, tourers? longest running motorcycle company in the world? ok, you got me again. you must be right. is that the sort of thing that has made you millions on the stock market? don’t make daft statements, especially about ammunition. percussion caps are still being used in the majority of the worlds top weapons. They sold ” a redundant blueprint”. quote from mazda btw. not me. unless you think you know better than the japanese themselves?

  • matt

    p.s., unless, mesoglea, like me you got a phd from oxford in business using harleys growth and problems as a model, you might as well give up, i have more info on hand about bike manufacturers than you can find, and all of it heavily researched. I can do this for hours and hours, and not need to call any motorcycle except for my dad’s old honda 125sport a piece of junk. unlike some people.

  • matt

    oh, and for a supposedly dying niche, why does harley have better value shares than all the major japanese makers? hmmm. has had for years too. there are a lot of people out there with lots of cash and more business acumen than you have, unless you happen to be a major c.e.o. (?) who believe harley davidson to be a good thing.


    Dr. Matt,
    I’ll still call them junk compaired to the Japanese technologies.
    By percussion cap, I mean kind on a muzzle loader. What modern military uses an high performance assault muzzle loader in combat? If you want to take a black powder weapon into a fire fight, be my guest.
    Show me a Official Honda cookie cutter or leather wrapped flashlight.
    By the way, I live in Japan. Ive been to a local Honda only motorcycle dealership. Didn’t see “more sales crap” than at a Harley Boutique.

    What do I get if I buy a Harley?
    What am I paying all that extra money for?
    Where does the name “Road King” come from?
    If Harley has such innovation, why outsource it for the V-Rod?
    What does Rikuo mean?
    Why don’t they race anymore?
    A PhD. from Oxford?

  • matt

    percussion cap is the bit on the end of a round.
    you got it wrong.
    sarcasm is really sad.
    Your question about a phd from oxford? why, do you think they don’t exist? if so…… you’ve just made yourself look like a total utter fool, to everyone who reads this.

  • matt

    what’s with you and Rikuo? a bike made from japanese tooling? what of it?
    what’s wrong with outsourcing? good business sense.
    why should they race? although as i pointed out earlier, if you read my posts, they do, and they win frequently. not on a race track but in hill climbing, which has been the longest form of motorised racing in the world
    Dumb question- what do i get if i buy a harley?, why not reverse it and say what don’t i get if i buy yamaha? why not just answer… a bke!
    Honda make tons of things not related to bikes, but thats ok, it’s sales. BMW do too, cars, cycles, skateboards. Why not? It’s great. It’s called making money. Very simple economics. You don’t have to buy it tho. I have a Harley zippo, why, i got it for £5 on ebay. I have a Harley t-shirt, from a friend in San Fran. I where a guiness t-shirt, but i can’t stand the stuff. I also have a black lab, lots of stuff around on sale with labs on, but i don’t own any. does that mean i don’t love my dog? don’t be daft.
    Harley Davidson are a business. They need to make money. The sales for memorabila or whatever outweighs sales for bikes. Is it a bad thing. NO, is it quite sad? YES. But if it sell, make it, if it doesn’t don’t. Japanese bikes sell, they make profit and keep going. Harleys do the same. So to really bad cars like the trabant. The world is full of this sort of thing. It’s call a market.

  • matt

    oops, typo. “made from japanese tooling”, should read, made from harley tooling by the japanese

  • matt

    oh, and once again for you
    I don’t think Harley Davidson is the best bike maker in the world. I don’t think they are the best bikes in the world? it was in my first post but you didn’t read it. Clear enough?


    WOW, hill climbing. What a sport.
    Whats with me and Rikuo? Rikuo means king of the road hence the Harley Road King.
    What do you get when you buy a Japanese bike? A current machine that was designed this century for a lower price incorporating some of the most advanced engineering available.
    Harley is blinding folks with the idea that “their shit don’t stink”.
    Outsourcing is good business sense if Harley couldn’t design the bike themselves. So they go overseas, not across the street, for help.
    Caps were originally manually placed over hollow bronze nipples which again were seated into the rear end of muzzle-loaded weapon barrels.
    Eventually, these caps were incorporated into the rear of metallic cartridges.
    As for the PhD. question, you don’t write like you took, let alone passed, English composition.

  • matt

    Oh. OK. business degree, = english composition online
    blog comments = phd needed to write on.
    ok, no, seriously, i’ve got dyslexia, what’s your excuse, i’m also on a computer, and can’t be bothered to take that much time with my responses. Ok, so I was trained by the british army in morse code in my first posting, typing at over 70wpm, got a bit flaky now, so? that means i haven’t got a phd? ok, so my doctors terrible writing means he didn’t go to medical school? stop with the assumptions.
    YOU LOOK LIKE A FOOL! It’s also rude.

    So, you’ve been blinded by guesswork. Rikuo is the name of a Japanese family, the head of which at the time was a general in the Imperial Army.
    You’re correct about the history of caps, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are still used on rounds today.
    Japan went overseas for help. Harley came.
    Whats wrong with Harley doing the same?
    What do you get with a harley? the same, but in a different format. Is longditudinal layout the best for a car engine, or transverse, one is “the old way” one is new, but on different cars, different layouts give different power. Look at noble cars to find out the difference. My harley has extremely up to date fuel injection, and simple time proven cooling systems. It’s ok for porsche, but not for harley? right.

    Is hill climbing not a sport? Don’t think it’s hard for both bike and rider? ok, you seen it? Obviously not. Why not head to Morzine, France next year to see it. You’ll be there with over 1000 other bikers who all ride different bikes, all together, all riding together. And all of them will say that to ride about the alps, the best motorbike is a harley, something to do with torque. Not me that says it btw, but all those who i spoke to.


  • CBR Rider

    In your post #444, you stated that your bike and in fact ALL Harley Davidsons are higher than 65 hp.

    I went online to an unbiased source and I picked 2 regular HDs and I picked 2 souped up “Screaming Eagle” HDs. The two regular bikes were right around 65 hp. The two souped up SE bikes were only slightly above 65 hp. The souped up bikes had about 10% more hp and cost 75% more than the traditional Harley Davidson…..post #451.

    One of the souped up SE examples I provided was the biggest bore ever that Harley offered from the factory. That bike had “very extensive modifications” in order to get the 12% hp increase that it had.

    Matt, please tell us what modifications you have had to get your 143 hp standard on your bike. You said with only a jet kit, you get 194 hp. I stated in post #442 that we are talking REAR WHEEL HP. Matt, how are your numbers so high? We are talking REAR WHEEL hp, where it counts….not hp at the crank. Is that a game you’re playing to make your bike sound more powerful?

    Matt, Mesoglea is right….your PhD could not have been in english composition. Post #429 can’t understand you and I’m having a hard time understanding you as well.

    Matt, we’re talking HORSE POWER AT THE REAR WHEEL.

  • matt

    so as an owner who knows what his bike does, who isn’t a person who thinks harleys are best, who understands and agrees the plus sides of import/japanese/sports bikes, i’m not unbiased?

    I’m talking real wheel, it’s what you quoted earlier. Pure hp, rear wheel or crank, is not what creates the speed of a bike. That’s power to weight ratio. For riding with hills, overtaking, you need torque. You need it in the right gears. For racing you need it in all the gears, you need high rpm, that’s not what is needed on most roads in england, the u.s., or anywhere off a race track. that’s all i’ve been saying. I can take my bike further than my car, for a 1/4 less fuel, in a quicker time, and happier. Is that not a major part of riding? Or is it all about facts and figures? Ask a policeman, what gets you to a destination first. I can tell you none of them will say its horsepower. If it was they’d all have tricked up hayabusa. It’s about how you ride and use the power you have.

    i didn’t say my phd was in english composition, i said it wasn’t to mesoglea too. post 429 actually just said huh? Apart from a few lazy sentences, a few typos here and there, nothing is wrong with my english. being born and raised in the home of the language.

    People often go on about daft facts like how big and heavy a harley is. Ultra Glide = 372kg, Yamaha R1 = 172. Twice as heavy. Where is the weight? Lower down. Result, centre of gravity lower. What makes up a lot of the weight, big two-up leather seats, three hard luggage boxes, front fairing, speakers etc. Take it all off and you get 250kg. Take the Honda Goldwing. Same weight as a Harley. Ok, it’s got reverse, but it’s also got smaller boxes.

    At the end of the day, we could go on comparing japanese/import bikes for a few more years. But isn’t it easier to view a bike on it’s purpose. Yes, some harleys are built just for posing, take the fatboy for example. But the same is true for other makes. They don’t claim to make a racing bike, they make a sports tourer. They make long distance machines, and yes, they make some daft, overly priced “custom” bikes. But even i know that the people who buy one of those “custom” models never drive them.

  • matt

    Due to displacement, I took the reading at 3000 rpm, not 5500, which is a really bad thing to do to a Harley, or most “v” engines. It’ll die, low rev, high torque long gears.


    The big four offered to give Harley some money to help them develop new technology during their dark years. Harley said no thank you and here is a hefty tariff for your offer of assistance. And how behind are Harley now in regards to their competing vehicles?
    Gottlieb Daimler is considered the first bike.
    DeDion-Buton built an engine that Harley and Indian copied.
    So the fathers are Benz, DeDion and Burton. Not Harley.
    A Harley sport tourer? Like a VFR, ZZR, FJR, or ST1300? You can call it a sport tourer but the aforementioned will certainly out “sport” it.
    Harley went to Volkswagen, I mean Porsche, for help. Great for Porsche, I don’t get all excited over a car that is expensive because of the name. My stink with Porsche is the fact that Harley went to the Germans for help! Why not Ford, GM or Mopar for help? Ford is good enough for a Harley edition of the F-150 but not good enough to help with an engine design?
    The hill climb isn’t what the major manufacturers are pouring research into. Those motors are not exactly cutting edge technology so Harley fits right in. Harley likes to compete where others don’t because Harley cant, wont, and never will do major research to improve their line. They have enough money to install something amazing in their frames. Buell would be more completive and sell to more sport riders if they had a better motor. I test rode an XB-9R at Moto GP in Laguna Seca last year. It is cheaply made and did not have the fit and finish of an import bike. It pulled in 3rd like mine pulls in 6th.
    Do you really think they will try another venture with the reaction to the V-Rod?

  • A.F.F.A818181818

    SONOMA, Calif. —

    Tom Bradford
    Tom Bradford became the fourth rider in NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle history to break the seven-second barrier when he rode his Hal’s Speed Shop Buell to a 6.981-second run at 192 mph during the final round of professional qualifying at the 19th annual FRAM-Autolite NHRA Nationals.
    Bradford was the second rider to join the NHRA Mickey Thompson 6-Second Club during qualifying for the event. Antron Brown eclipsed the seven-second barrier during Friday’s qualifying action.

    Pro Stock Motorcycle competitors in the 2006 NHRA POWERade Drag Racing Series compete for bonus money in the NHRA Mickey Thompson 6-Second Pro Stock Bike Club.

    Andrew Hines made history on March 18, 2005, when he became the inaugural member of the club. He powered his Screamin’ Eagle Vance & Hines Harley-Davidson to a milestone run of 6.991 seconds during the Mac Tools NHRA Gatornationals, Gainesville, Fla., which netted the Indianapolis-based rider the $10,000 bonus from Mickey Thompson Tires. Chip Ellis joined the club in Chicago this spring on his Drag Specialties S&S Buell.

  • CBR Rider

    I’m not that excited or thrilled for the Harley Davidson/Buell riders eclipsing the 7 second barrier with their huge engine displacement advantage of 2622cc. The biggest news to me in the sub 7 second runs was the Suzuki rider, Antron Brown, doing it with only a 1655cc engine displacement.

  • CBR Rider

    Someone said “quit the Harley hating”. Its the Harley Davidson riders that are doing the hating. The Harley riders do the following:

    Tell people that ride bikes other than Harley Davidsons to buy a “real” bike.

    Don’t wave at people that ride bikes other than Harley Davidsons.

    Don’t welcome people that ride other bikes to bike events such as Sturgis and any other party they may have.

    Have numerous “Harley Davidson Only” clubs that are purely discriminatory in rejecting anyone that doesn’t own a Harley Davidson.

    Have a pompous attitude because their motorcycle costs more(that doesn’t necessarily make it better by the way).

  • A.F.F.A818181818

    Top Ten Reasons Why Harley Riders Don’t Wave Back

    10. Afraid it will invalidate warranty.
    9. Leather and studs make it too heavy to raise arm.
    8. Refuse to wave to anyone whose bike is already paid for.
    7. Afraid to let go of handlebars because they might vibrate off.
    6. Rushing wind would blow scabs off the new tattoos.
    5. Angry because just took out second mortgage to pay luxury tax on new Harley.
    4. Just discovered the fine print in owner’s manual and realized H-D is partially owned by Honda.
    3. Can’t tell if other riders are waving or just reaching to cover their ears like everyone else.
    2. Remembers the last time a Harley rider waved back, he impaled his hand on spiked helmet.
    1. They’re too tired from spending hours polishing all that chrome to lift their arms.

    Top Ten Reasons Why Gold Wing Riders Don’t Wave Back

    10. Wasn’t sure whether other rider was waving or making an obscene gesture.
    9. Afraid might get frostbite if hand is removed from heated grip.
    8. Has arthritis and the past 400 miles have made it difficult to raise arm.
    7. Reflection from etched windshield momentarily blinded him.
    6. The espresso machine just finished.
    5. Was actually asleep when other rider waved.
    4. Was in a three-way conference call with stockbroker and accessories dealer.
    3. Was distracted by odd shaped blip on radar screen.
    2. Was simultaneously adjusting the air suspension, seat height, programmable CD player, seat temperature and satellite navigation system.
    1. Couldn’t find the “auto wave back” button on dashboard.

    Top 10 Reasons Sportbikers Don’t Wave:

    10. They have not been riding long enough to know they’re supposed to.
    9. They’re going too fast to have time enough to register the movement and respond.
    8. You weren’t wearing bright enough gear.
    7. If they stick their arm out going that fast they’ll rip it out of the socket.
    6. They’re too occupied with trying to get rid of their chicken strips.
    5. They look way too cool with both hands on the bars or they don’t want to unbalance themselves while standing on the tank.
    4. Their skin tight-kevlar-ballistic-nylon-kangaroo-leather suits prevent any position other than fetal.
    3. Raising an arm allows bugs into the armholes of their tank tops.
    2. It’s too hard to do one-handed stoppies.
    1. They were too busy slipping their flip-flop back on.

    Top Ten Reasons Why BMW Riders Don’t Wave Back

    10. New Aerostich suit too stiff to raise arm.
    9. Removing a hand from the bars is considered “bad form.”
    8. Your bike isn’t weird enough looking to justify acknowledgement.
    7. Too sore from an 800-mile day on a stock “comfort” seat.
    6. Too busy programming the GPS, monitoring radar, listening to ipod, XM, or talking on the cell phone.
    5. He’s an Iron Butt rider and you’re not!.
    4. Wires from Gerbings is too short.
    3. You’re not riding the “right kind” of BMW.
    2. You haven’t been properly introduced.
    1. Afraid it will be misinterpreted as a friendly gesture.

  • A.F.F.A818181818

    Bore a VTX 1800 to 2600 and race it

  • A.F.F.A818181818

    I like my Geezerglide

  • A.F.F.A818181818

    I like my bike

  • A.F.F.A818181818

    John’s Performance gets 92.4 HP and 96.4 foot pounds of torque from a stock 88 cubic inch 2006 Street Glide using a Head Quarters HQ-0034 bolt in cam, Power Commander and Rhinehart Tru-Duals

  • matt


    on a huge scale.

    because of that, i’m going on my bike. it’s a harley. i like it. i’m going out with my mate on a harley. he’s bring his mate on a ducati. we’re all in the same club.

    we’re going to wave at all bike riders. i’m not coming back here. you’re all blind. you can’t read a full post, you can’t accept that if someone likes harley it doesn’t mean that’s all they like.

    I’m a motorcyclist. I’m damn good. I’m gonna go have fun.

    Enjoy talking. I’m gonna ride my “real” bike. Why is it real? because it’s from a long line of heritage, from the makers of the first bike to be sold that contains a motor.
    My mates are gonna be riding their real bikes. Why are they real? Because They’re over 50cc, that means they have a permit to ride, and can choose their machine. I.E. not a scooter.

  • CBR Rider

    Why should I have to get a v-twin to race? Why can’t I have the option of configuration, inline 4 or v-twin, so long as the engine displacement is equal? In road racing its all equal….Ducati v-twins and inline 4s…equal displacements. Except in fomula extreme where the Buell v-twin gets an advantage over the other v-twins and inline 4s….and still loses.

    My guess, I admit its a guess, is that you don’t see Japanese v-twins drag racing because NHRA won’t allow a 30 degree v-twin the same displacement that it allows the 45 degree v-twins(Harley Davidson) in drag racing. In road racing its a fact that the 30 degree v-twins(ducati and Honda RC51) have the same displacement allowed as the inline 4s. The 45 degree v-twin(Harley Davidson) is allowed to race with the smaller formula extreme class.

  • I can’t believe this fucking page…Such stupidity..even now as I type this I feel stupid for reading it and responding…My H-D was NOT expensive, I bought it in 1980 used w/ only 5000 miles on it..it is a 1979 AMF King of the Highway FLH 74″ Shovelhead…only cost me 3 grand..it is comfortable, I still own and ride the same bike…I have no problem with personal choice in ANYTHING…this is America…If you’re happy riding a Fucking lawnmower..cool..I can get parts/rebuild it in my sleep, it has never left me stranded, easy to work on/tune up/rebuild…can ride anywhere in the country and get parts from any auto parts store..I FIXED the small primary case oil leak that was common to older bikes oh, 25 years ago…it hasn’t leaked since, over the years I have put maybe 5-6 grand into it TOTAL…and it’s still worth @ $10K..so lets see, 3+6=$9k and 26 YEARS of riding..and I can STILL get 10K for it?..It’s not for sale…It’s not FAST…I don’t care…IT’s NOT DISPOSABLE…IT HAS CLASS…If I wanted to race I’d buy a racing bike…I want/have a Dependable Bike that’s been ridden across country several times in COMFORT…SO WHO FUCKING CARES…IDIOTS…AFFA 1%er

  • Alex

    I stopped reading after a few posts.

    Ride what you like and not care what other people think. And if someone rides just to ride, not because of your bike’s social status, they’re not going to care either so long as everyone shows respect.

  • goober

    As long as HD riders can refrain from the “riceburner” comments I am cool with them. They always start it which is what gets these blogs going.

  • goobersucks

    so does the editor.
    hd riders only make “riceburner” comments when pushed by other riders to do so. this blog was started that way, insulting hd riders. so therefore it’s only fair for hd riders to get their own back.

  • goober

    How does one “push” an HD rider to make derogatory comments about another person’s brand of motorcycle? Can’t they make it up by themselves? Oh, and personal attacks aren’t allowed, so try making up an original user name. Think reeeaaalll hard. You can do it!

  • gooberstinks

    any better? loser.
    Please note that all comments made by hd owners or sympathisers on this site have been made after, and in reply to comments made prior to their own.
    I thought reeeeeaaal hard about that! I did it! wahay, btw, in english, your sentance should read, “How ‘would’ one “push” A HD rider…..” (minus the quotation marks and capitals)
    I wasn’t making a personal attack, just making a statement.

  • bob

    I take it you’ve all noticed that if you changed the subject of this blog and put a description of a male/female/black/aisan/white/mexican/someoriginorother instead of harley davidson, the author of this blog would have been arrested by now!

    Whatever you ride, or whatever you think of someone ride, this type of attitude is why biking is not seen with the open arms of government acceptance we all want! keep these beliefs up and we’ll have no bikes to ride!


    My K 1200 R will kick your CBRs ass all over the road. My K 1220 R will blow your Honda so far into the weeds…..

    Honda = suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Yeah it won’t. Don’t go to the golf course this weekend, go to the race track and learn. Careful, you might get schooled by a rider on a 600.

    European bikes and Harleys = my bike is obviously better because it cost more and you are beneath me because I can afford it and you cant so I’m automatically better than you, too.

  • CBR Rider

    A BIKE IS ONLY AS GOOD AS THE RIDER! I’ve read quotes by more than one professional that have said that. How long have you BMW riders been carving corners at very fast speeds?….as long as the 1200R has been out?….get some fast cornering experience before you are greatly humbled when a smaller bike blows by you!

    Your BMW cost a fortune! For half the money you can buy a Suzuki 1200 Bandit. With the other half of the money you can take quite a few motorcycle trips or go to Mexico with your gf for a week, for the next couple of years or invest in the stock market or……the list goes on!

    **On a side note…How come Ducati, MV Augusta, BMW(with an ASTROMICAL PRICE) and Triumph can jump in the motorcycle wars with competent machinery but Harley Davidson can’t?!

  • You people are all idiots.

    Hmmm … this whole blog isn’t even about motorcycles, it’s about crybabies with fragile egos. I feel dumber just having parts of this blog.


    I guess you’ve never been to the track then.
    Go to one. Get schooled and be humbled by a smaller bike.
    How and why would you kick my ass? Would it be and ass kicking via riding skill or fisticuffs?
    I know, both right? I bet you have a Harley too just to be cool and a real tough guy.
    Did the golf comment make you all butt hurt?

  • mesogleasucks

    hmmm, someone on this blog seems to be blocking certain posts. a bit suspicious? hell yea. i’ve just written one that was no where near as bad as some already on here, but after a while it was removed.
    too bad, it made a lot of sense, but as with some others, it was derogatory against mesoglea. funny how his insults are ok, but others arent. freaks

    [The lot of you bored me almost to death with your childish namecalling and I decided it was time to stop it. Thanks. Comments Editor]

  • to mr editor

    that’s ok then… but talk about taking your time!! friggin eck! 🙂

  • NewRider

    Most of you people have no respect for each other, so meaningful dialogue is rendered impossible.
    You are judging each other based on what kind of motorcycles you ride? Are you all in the 8th grade?
    As I consider my upcoming bike purchase, (Cruiser – definitely not sport bike) I am torn between the metrics which seem to provide a lot of value for the money, and Harley – which by now I am convinced is fairly bullet proof from a quality perspective, and certainly doesn’t suffer from the steep depreciation that the imports do. In the long run, I think the Harley may actully be the better investment, but they are awfully pricey compared to say – Suzuki Boulevards. As long as I end up with a big comfortable cruiser I will be happy and enjoy the ride – regardless of the brand. I am not in a hurry to go anywhere – stock power is fine with me.
    Is there anyone who can provide an unbiased opinion given my perspective above? Does anyone have good or bad experiences with Metric cruisers or harleys to share?
    I am considering the Suzuki Boulevard C90, but the Dyna Wide Glide has gottem my attention – especially because I’m 6’6 and go about 325. My long legs sure felt comfortable on the Harley…
    Any suggestions?

  • frank

    just stumbled onto this site this morn, drinking my coffee. thank u all for the chuckels. before anyone starts in on me about my spelling, i know i cant spell very good. its not that important to me, i get my point accross. ok now let me try to set the record strait. i bought my first harley 32 years ago. a 42 flat head for 600 bucks. rode it home fixed it up and rode the hell outa it. had jap bikes before it and still ride jap bikes on ocation. u all, or most of u all, anyway have a fixation on the motorcycle? its not about the bike, its about the person riding it. i belong to a association with about 80 riders in it, most ride h.d.s but some ride kaws, hondas, yamahas, even a bmw or 2. we ride togeather because we have a common goal, to help those that arnt as lucky as we are, american cancer ass., mache of dimes, american hart ass., we have a easter run for a local foster home, and a christmas toy run. we dont do this for praise, we do it because it needs to be done. the men, and women i ride with are like that, good ppl, with big harts, i love every one of them. not because of what they ride, or how they dress, because of whats in there hart! now let me set the leather thing strait. first thing here, yes i have long hair and a beard, not to look cool,but because i want to have long hair and a beard, its that simple! my choice! i also wear leather, it protects me. when u ride like i do, your in the ellements. when its cold , it keeps me warm, when it rains, it keeps me dry, if i happen to crash, it keeps me from road rash, and broken bones.its that simple, my choice! if u want to wear shorts and flip flops, go for it! now about the riding junk harleys part. lol i get such a kick outa some one sayin that to me. my springer has over 150,000 miles on her. i ride her to work 5 days a week, 180 mile round trip. that would be hard to do if she were junk. no shes not the fastest, or fancyest. shes just mine, what i want to ride. i like the raw feeling, the basicness of her, my choice! if u want a goldwing, or a cafe, go for it! if your not into bikes at all, thats your choice, go for it! the point im trying to make here is, take off the blinders, and look into that bikers eyes, look into his soal, into his hart. judge the man for the man he is, not what he rides or how he looks. hell he might be the guy at 1:00 in the morning, stops along side of the road and changes your moms flat tire for her, or gives that dollar that cures that canser your neibor has, or gives that little boy that 5 foot stufed teddy bear, because if i didnt do it, he would go with out christmass. judge the man, for the man he is, and take a hard look into your own soal. thank u all.

  • matt

    NEWRIDER, don’t listen to this site, nor in a sense to me. but pay heed. buy what is comfortable. not power, not bhp, none of that stuff. if it aint comfy, you aint gonna ride it.


    Make of bike doesn’t matter. comfort and necessity do. i.e., do you need luggage?, do you go to a track, do you ride all year, do you live in a sunny climate or a wet one…. see where i’m going? for a first time, confident rider who needs all of the above, i would recomend a honda deville. I spent the last evening at my local harley dealer, with 27 instructors, 5 police riders (uk) 3 stunt riders, and quite a lot of ex london couriers. ALL OF THEM SAID HONDA DEVILLE.
    It’s what i would have had if; 1) i hadn’t got harley finance, 2)the bags on the honda were bigger, 3) i hadn’t wanted a harley all my life. over 3-5 years, the harley will be cheaper. the reliability and service is better (check out the ft on it if you don’t belive me) on a harley, but more “available” on a honda. miles to the tank are about the same, and service costs, tyres etc are a few dollars different.

    In all, for an all rounder bike, ignore; bhp, 0-60, hp at rear wheel. At present, all are equal except top of the range “race” bikes of any cc. (i don’t mean goldwing, ultra glide etc”)

    Talk to your local police. Talk to local instructors. Learn from them, listen to them. They are paid to know more and to be the best. No1 rated advanced bike school/learning program in the world? Bikesafe, run by the british police bikers. Want to learn riding? Ask the british police. Don’t belive me? Put your money where you mouth is, and sign up to a course. It’s FREE!! even if you’re not british. all you gotta pay for is food and fuel (for the instructor too tho! 🙂 )

    Ignore the race dudes on this site. if they drove cars they’d be rich. yeah right! they’d be the same as the other porsche gimps. broke with an engine not built to last, cheap, goes amazing, dies after every major event (showing off to mates), cheaper than other “sports cars”, reinvented but “different”, and only worth 1/14 of rrp 2 years later.

    Oh, and u.s. figures split biker groups up. Mid range tourers get cheaper insurance, less deaths/injury than all other types. All but 1 Harley is in that group. Only the lowest model sportster is out of that group.

    Your choice. Your ride, your life.
    Comfort, use, enjoyment. If it’s a 50cc scooter that’s ok. If it’s a Yamaha R1, that’s ok, If it’s a honda gold wing, cool, If it’s a hd ultragide se with all the extras that’s kinda dumb but ok.

    Ignore the rest, test, ride, smile then buy. Then sell, then buy, then sell, then smile lots.

    Then you are a bike rider!

    That’s all folks

  • matt

    NEWRIDER, one other thing for you.

    with your height, harleys do sound like a good start. Dynas esp. can be adjusted dramatically for a few bucks to fit your frame. lower pegs/boards, foward controls, seat further back to name a few. I spent hours and hours in my dealer just sitting on an ultra glide before i test drove it. I can sit and read a book with a cuppa in supreme comfort i know the bike fits me. check out the deville tho, but more than anything take your time.

  • i ride a 1980 honda goldwing. its not fast but it handles betters and accelertates faster than my neghbors 2005 1200 sportster. he says how the bike helped him score his super model live in girlfriend. recently he was out of town on a “business trip” (as he called it) shingling a roof. i saw his girlfriend waliking home with a bag of groceries. it was about 100 degress out so i stopped and asked her if she wanted a ride. we put the groceries in the wing’s large trunk and rode to her place. she insisted that she liked the backrest form the trunk. about a block from her place i rolled the shit out of the throttle as we rounded the corner. she was impressed with the power of the antique machine. i carried the bag of groceries in the house for her and set the on the counter and turned to leave and she was taking off her shirt. one thing led to another adn we made love. so all you harley guys think you get the ladies because of your fancy overpriced two-wheeled vibrator. so you continue to think that your harley gets you laid when i screw your lady behind your back and i ride a 24 yr old jap bike made in the same country that your carb derives from. after she can’t tell the diff. because its made with newer technology than your 20006 bike. so you rich fuckers keep on believing the bull and buying the cow while i take the milk for free while you are gone. lol later

  • my neighbor and i ride together sometimes( when i’m not screwing his girlfriedn while he’s away.) his bike is a stock 2006 sportster. mine is a stock 1980 1100 goldwing. his bike is faster than mine obviously he has one more gear than me with a 6 speed tranny. who cares about top speed when the speed limit is only 65 around here. i can smoke his ass in a drag race any day. from a dead stop i can waist his fuckin bike so bad its not funny. he never catches back up to me until he hits 6th gear at 120 mph which is top speed on my bike. even though he has 100 more cc’s and rides a bike 26 years newer his pos holds nothing on my old so called “old retired man” motorcycle in the category of accererlation. so until harley steps up to the plate and makes something more up to date i’ll be riding “jap crap”

  • matt

    i do hope that all of the people on this site who have actually ridden a real motorcycle of any make ignores this man.

    It’s an insult to all human beings, and if i saw him on the road i would pack away my bike and drive my car.

    I might disagree with a lot of the posters here, i’ve talked with them, but at least they are true to themselves and have ridden a bike, and, no matter their views, not ridiculed themselves in this way.

    Thankfully he is in a minority, or all ‘jap crap’ bikers here would ride bmw! then we’d have a problem! (sic) 🙂

    I’m gonna apologise to cbr rider and mesoglea and say; sorry if i dissed you, come and ride with me, if we see this man, we can all laugh together. I’d be honoured to ride with anyone who objects to harleys but doesn’t stoop this low!

  • matt

    p.s., you’ve all noticed i guess the glaring errors in nessmans’ posts.

    1, sportsters have 5 gears not 6. obviously making things up.
    2, if nessmans’ bike was a 1980 and is neighbours in 2005, that makes it 25 years not 26.
    3, if you “rolled the shit out of the corner”, then you obviously have no regard for the safety of others as doing that on a goldwing that is loaded over the back wheel is stupid and dangerous, and with the power it has, a blatent lie.
    4. doing 120 on the road in a 65 is really fucking dumb. go to the track or GET OFF THE ROAD!! you’re why people die!



    whatever you ride, ride safe, smile, and i’ll see you for a beer. I hate drinking with a buddy when he’s in the ground. It’s not easy to ride a bike in a coffin.

  • hammerhead

    I JUST BOUGHT a 2007 Black Road King Classic. total Marlon Brando classic.

    I also own a 2005 Black and White Triumph Bonneville stripped down and modded out.

    Both kick ass.

    Albeit, I DO NOT like the looks of most HD riders.


    No diss at all Matt! I enjoy the discussions of motorcycle history and you do know some obscure stuff.
    I feel that an educated rider is one who has had formal training on the track or on the street through MSF (or equivalent) and has done research on the bikes they purchase and ride. They don’t go out and buy a bike because of the name or image it represents and claim it’s the best without riding other makes and models.
    I know many riders that own a Harley, agree it was too expensive for what they received but also have a sport bike or UJM in their garage and enjoy both almost equally.

  • CBR Rider

    No disses noted here. No apologies needed!

  • T boy

    Explain the connection between Marlon Brando and a new HD.

  • CBR Rider

    How about the connection between Steve McQueen and the baddest sport bike out today?!

    Steve McQueen’s famous race quote went: “Racing is Life! Anything that happens before or after is just waiting.”

    If Steve McQueen were alive today he would be on the baddest sport bike available.

    From 1992 to today, the likely candidates would have been:
    Honda CBR 900 RR
    Yamaha R1
    Ducati 916
    Suzuki GSX 1000 R
    Kawasaki ZX10

    Buell XB9…. LOL!!!!….Not hardly!
    Harley VROD….. ROFL!!!…..I think not!
    Harley Screamin Eagle Road King ….Good Lord, I’ve lost my mind!

  • Bluesman

    i see that the vincent motorcycle may be made again…… and they have permission from honda to use a honda motor in it how sad that is!!! why didnt they re engineer the origanal motor

  • CBR Rider

    True, it would be nice if vincent reengineered their original motor. It would be nice to have another engine builder in the industry. Vincent could of done worse though….they could have used a motor from you know who….

  • matt

    Without such diverse engines, designs and opinions we’d all be driving cars full-time. It’s a shame vincent is using honda.
    It would be a shame if they used an engine from you know who too, although it’s a good one ( 😛 ) . But to put someone elses engine in a bike is a bit like calling acura honda, vauxhall opel, buell harley. How dull.

  • CBR Rider

    There is a plus side to a company using another company’s motor(Honda, S&S, whatever…) in their bike. Once the company gets firmly established they may develop their own engine. Guitar maker Ibanez use to primarily make less expensive copies of other top notch more expensive guitars. Now though, Ibanez makes their own original top notch models. Once Ibanez mastered the craft and got some bucks they progressed. I was kind of hoping that Indian, once established, would go back to making their own engines. Back in the day Indians were fast. It’s a shame Harley Davidson doesn’t come out with something more advanced or different….it’s time to progress and leave nostalgia alone.

  • woody

    If it were time to “leave nostogia alone” as you say, then why are imports sooooooo trying to copy the style?

    Just ride what you want. My last bike was a Yamaha, but I still love the looks of the sportser.

    Where I’m from the priority seems to be “ride with your friends” regardless of their mount which keeps the variety of bikes fairly high…thankfully.

    Only snobs look down on others, whether it’s bikes or cars or skin color.

  • matt

    The guiness record holder for longest un-modified bike wheelie is held by an aussie guy who runs the uk southampton harley dealership. It’s done on a ultra-glide. Power? Yup. Harley left “nostalgia” along after the “panhead” engine. Try a 2007 engine. It’s made for the job, and does it right.

    Ibanez might have copied a design, less expensive, but from day 1 they were never seen as a “lesser” model. The earliest examples are some of their best.

    Lets remember, until AMF got involved with harley, no-one had an issue. all people remember are bikes made 25 years ago, bikes that harley admit were rubbish. Without that mistake this blog wouldn’t exist. since then the engines have changed completely. So have the bikes. Just because they look similar doesn’t mean they’re the same! Unlike a Ford Mondeo.

  • Bluesman

    i often think to myself with all the advances in engineering ie cnc cutting machines etc etc ,that it would be in the realm of affordable to design and build your own motor and use a hybrid of parts for the rest of your bike, ive always thought of having a valve train that works from hydraulics this would make the valve timing adjustable you could have presets for cruise or sport …. its def something i will try in the future and when i have a spare 30k

  • CBR Rider

    Ibanez guitars were never seen as low quality. The quality of Ibanez has always been seen as relatively high. However, in the early days, Ibanez used lesser quality materials when copying the original guitars. In the late 70s Ibanez started designing their own guitars using more modern designs and features such as flatter finger boards for faster playing and different shapes.

    So, hopefully one of these upstart motorcycle companies that are using other peoples motors their bikes, which I don’t see as a problem, will some day build their own motors incorporating the latest and most modern of designs and uses. Maybe Titan, Big Dog, Vincent and whoever else will produce a powerful, light, reliable engine that can compete head on with anyone else.

  • matt

    I gotta agree that using someone elses engine as a means to an end is not a bad thing, economocs 101. But why can some people only see that in motorbikes, light and powerfull is the only way? If motorbikes in todays market were treated as cars, then only a few car makers would exist. In a sense the motorbike world is light years behind the car world due to appeal, supposed access, safety issues, people transport, image, etc….. Compare the two and things change. Take Bentley. Once only for the rich, now “fairly” common. What made it common? The continental gt. Why? Redesigned engine. By Someone ELSE! Lambourgini, same, Audi comes in and adds reliability and clutches that work. Someone ELSE! TVR…. no-one else needed, but achieved quality. Harley Davidson. Someone else? Yup, but they screwed up. Now they have achieved quality but not convinced enough people. TVR did it by the fact that cars are more popular that bikes. Simple. Why can’t Harley? Because other makers made smaller, faster, more reliable machines. They are never gonna be f1 bikes or anything like. TVR will not be race cars, but they like Bentley do bloody well at Le Mans. Toyota don’t. nor Mazda, nor Subaru, all are cheaper and faster. So why don’t we all buy Japanese? Because cheaper and faster doesn’t always work. We all know that our mum’s toaster and iron from 50 years ago are still working. My microwave lasted 12 months 3 days! What warranty?
    Take a 2007 Harley out, ride it the way it’s “designed” for, not what you think a bike should do.
    If i drove cars the way i thought they should drive i’d be dead. A Ferrari is that. A porsche is that. A hummer is the same. A price tag does not count. A heritage does not count. A purpose does. Why should bikes be treated differently?
    If you ride a bike the way it was designed to be ridden you get back what it was made to do. A race bike will race, then die, a tourer will tour. It won’t like traffic. Simple. What’s the issue? Bikes like harley have not had any for 20 odd years. They have not built (except for one) a race bike in this time because they don’t build them. SO? TVR don’t make an estate, Bentley don’t make an f1 car, Renault don’t make a military vehicle. Does that make them bad?

    Am i the ONLY one who can see this? Come on, 21st cent. Lets think a little.

  • Rock

    Sorry Matt, most poeple dont know what 1+1 equals, much less what one company’s motorcycle is suppose to be like compared to anothers. I ride Harley. Conscious decision. I dont like crotch rockets anymore than an environmentalist likes Hummers.

  • Drew

    Check out where the parts and all that chrome is from on your “American” Bikes…

  • matt

    no-one cares drew. harley’s are hand “assembled” in the u.s. before you attempt a ridicule, find something that might bother someone

  • CB

    I find this all interesting – I just went from my Police Edition Road King to a new Ultra-Glide. Nice and shiny as well. Since I did believe that I owned them due to my lifes work as a motor cop with the New York City Police Departments Highway Patrol unit where we road FLHP’s 8-10 hours daily.


    “Yeah it won’t. Don’t go to the golf course this weekend, go to the race track and learn. Careful, you might get schooled by a rider on a 600.”

    Stop…you is scarrin me with your 600!

    Bring your 600 out west.. Nevada State HW 93. Las Vegas Nevada to Jack Pot Nevada…
    Loser Poser Race Boy..
    Put down your Game Boy….Boy…
    Try riding in the real world with the big kids.

    K1200R M.S.R.P $14,800


    Hey BWM, I don’t own a 600cc bike or Game Boy.
    And I’m sure everyone is impressed with your $14,800 BWM. Just because it’s big/BMW/expensive doesn’t mean its bad.

    Ever ride on a track? Come on over to California and ride Laguna, Buttonwillow or Willow Springs. Maybe make your way over to Japan and ride Suzuka or Motegi. Ride on a track and see how tough you think you are.
    I think you’re scared to crash your ego ride or get spanked by a “lesser” machine.


    You got me.
    I really work at McDonalds I’m really 16 and I don’t even own a bike.
    I’m 25 with no job and live at home.
    I think I’m an alcoholic clown that has a side job setting up Jolly Jumps and Rent-a-Pony for children’s birthday parties.
    I might be a severely nearsighted entomology major with no hope of having sex because insects are way more interesting than girls.

    Really, have you been to a race track? Try it. It’s faster, safer more fun and within the confines of the law.
    I could really care less if you, or anyone else rides faster than me.
    I don’t race nor do I care to.
    “Torque” and “Biker Boys” are motorcycling and cinema travesties.
    I don’t stunt, have a fur covered bike or crazy paint and the last wheelie I did was last year, accidentally.
    I don’t have chicken strips on my tires.
    I don’t ride in a tank top and shorts.
    I have attended 3 MSF courses and 1 track school.
    I have enough riding gear to clothe 3 riders.
    I can afford a Harley or BWM with my job in the military as an instructor. I choose not to.


    motorcycle quarter mile 60-80mph 80-100mph
    ZX-10R (’05) 9.78 @ 148.5 2.65 2.58
    GSX-R1000 (’05) 9.79 @ 148.4 2.46 2.48
    YZF-R1 (’05) 9.92 @ 149.3 2.65 2.95
    CBR1000RR (’05) 9.95 @ 144.1 2.94 2.84
    ZX-9R (’98) 9.99 @ 136.80 2.98 3.52
    YZF-R1 (’98) 10.22 @ 140.15 3.13 3.19
    CBR954RR (’02) 10.23 @ 137.57 2.8 3.01
    CBR929RR (’00) 10.31 @ 134.50 3.37 3.08
    ZX-6R (’05) 10.38 @ 135.6 3.5 3.51

    K1200R (’05) 10.40 @ 132.0 3.14 3.63

    CBR600RR (’05) 10.49 @ 133.3 3.59 3.56
    CBR900RR (’98) 10.54 @ 131.95 3.7 4.25
    YZF-R6 (’05) 10.54 @ 132.9 4.03 4.39

    All of those have an MSRP less than $14,800.
    I think you’ll need that hibachi after all…

  • matt

    side thought, a top uk sports bike magazine was in the news recently when it’s top bike reviewer was found to have failed his bike test 10 times! still not passed. can’t ride for shit, except in a straight line. hmmmm. then again, i know many a ski jumper who can’t turn on normal skis. and lots of cars that are amazing on a track, 0-60 etc are out of this world, but everyone who’s reviewed them would never buy one to drive on the open road!

    msrp-resale cost+service+fuel+insurance = true cost. in the uk that makes my ultra cheaper over 6 years than a susuki bandit!


    I can afford a Harley or BWM with my job in the military as an instructor.

    You cant ride in the real world….or hold a job in it!


    I have logged Over 42,000 miles over 3 motorcycles in 6 states and overseas. I have over 500 miles of track time. I have wrecked, repaired and learned. I have given motorcycle/traffic safety presentations in auditoriums packed with people. Yeah, I have no real world skills or experience.
    Lets see – long deployments in a combat zone away from my family, 12+ hour days, 7 days a week, sub par food, cramped sleeping quarters (my only personal space and its called a coffin for a reason) and pay that generally doesn’t equal the civilian counterpart that travels with us. No, that isn’t the real world.

    There are those that talk of how great they ride. There are also those that choose to take it further and hone those skills on the track. Based on your lack of response to my track question leads me to the conclusion that you have no track experience.

    Tell me why I can’t hold a job in the real world or ride in it.
    Try telling your story in a way that is not so insulting that you get your point across without your post being removed as your posts usually do.

  • matt

    lets all remember (no offence mesoglea) that real world skills are not honed on a track. Track riding skills are honed on a track, and should never be practiced elsewhere.

    Lets also remember that 20 years riding with no accident or mistake doesn’t mean good rider, it might just mean lucky.

    Close calls, distance travelled, varied bike experience, varied vehicle experience, instruction, moderation, humility. These make a good rider. As long as you’re still alive!

    I can compete with the worlds best in downhill ski racing…. but it doesn’t mean i’m any good off piste. Some people think i should. I say why.

    I can ride my harley fast and confident in london traffic, often overtaking sports bikes etc. I can’t learn that on a track.

    Just because Schumacher can drive an F1 car bloody well and fast, does this mean he’s a good driver in the real world? I’m sure there are many people out there with more experience than him, and many more miles on the clock.

    p.s. try eating british army rations… that’s sub par! 🙂


    None taken.
    I’m not saying I’m all that on a trackday, I’m in the “B” group.
    Skills learned on the street are honed on the track as most new riders dont learn to ride a motorcycle for the first time on a racetrack.
    Stop and go or around town traffic isnt the forte of motorcycling.
    Granted, the person absentmindedly turning in front of you isnt going to happen on the track but attention to detail, machine feedback, looking through turns and braking will transfer to the street.

    Sadly, I like some of the institutional food.

  • matt

    fair comment.
    the strange thing about british army rations is they purport to come from “marks and spencers”, if know of that shop! It’s good for keeping you regular!
    If only there was a way to teach people that skills learnt on the track should be used to heighten the experience of daily riding instead of enabling some to use the road as a track!


    I find that I ride slower on the street after going to the track a few times.
    I have nothing to prove to anyone and I know that I can ride faster and safer on the track. No worries of blind corners, debris, car crossing the line into my lane and a meat wagon to carry me away if I need it.
    After the track, I noticed I can still lean, drag a knee (yes, incredibly stupid on the street but equally addicting) and enjoy the ride and ride at the posted speed limit of 35 MPH.
    I have noticed that many track riders are slower on the street or reduce street riding because it really is safer on the track.


    Based on your lack of response to my track question leads me to the conclusion that you have no track experience.

    I have logged Over 42,000 miles over 3 motorcycles in 6 states and overseas. I have over 500 miles of track time.

    Road tracks PIR in Portland….Las Vegas…..
    Drag Strips…
    Coos Bay
    Top GUN….and more
    Track time???
    I have over 500 miles ….1/4 mile at a time…

    Hi Way miles…. 136,000 Logged and registered with H.O.G..

    Miles this year so far 18,400 Hi Way…

    Track time this year….0…

    Later….BOY…Time to ride…
    In the real world….

    Look through the corner….counter steer… all that crap……


    As knife is only as good as the steel it is made of and a tool is only as good as its user, a motorcycle is only as good as its operator.
    If you had stated your riding skills would blow another posters riding skills into the weeds would have been more acceptable and believable. Stating that your BWM will blow any CBR into the weeds based on the machines performance potential, not the respective rider’s skills, works only if the riders are equally matched.
    With that said, you could blow ANY rider into the weeds because you ride a BMW and the other is on a stock 600.
    Freddie Spencer on a beat up CBR600F3 will spank you 7 ways till Sunday on any road course.
    If you disagree, may I have your autograph and a picture with you after you win Motegi next month?

  • matt

    wahay!! “fast and furious” – biking to hell. This could be the start of a great movie!

    mr bmw – you haven’t asked a question of anyone, so what can mesoglea respond to? Do you own a bmw or a harley, or both? I guess you must own a harley as you’ve got your mileage recorded by hog. 500 miles track experience or more. hmmm. what a statement. compared to your highway distances that’s like going round the block. I did more than that before i got my uk bike licence. What does that mean? Surely with all those highway miles that’s pretty redundant? It equates to about 10 -20 laps on each circuit – warm up laps then? I recently trained in france in an F1 car to attempt to break the Blindfold Land Speed record of 217mph. Over 100 laps before i was able to drive unrestricted! (yes, i’m crazy). Compared to my 100,000 plus miles in many cars over many continents it means nothing!
    So what’s your point? Mr Alonso will still whip my arse!


    My K 1200 R will kick your CBRs ass all over the road. My K 1220 R will blow your Honda so far into the weeds…..

    Honda = suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Freddie Spencer on a beat up CBR600F3 will spank you 7 ways till Sunday on any road course.
    If you disagree, may I have your autograph and a picture with you after you win Motegi next month?

    Yah…And can then we can all go to the drag strip???


    500 miles track experience or more. hmmm. what a statement. compared to your highway distances that’s like going round the block. I did more than that before i got my uk bike licence. What does that mean? Surely with all those highway miles that’s pretty redundant? It equates to about 10 -20 laps on each circuit – warm up laps then?

    matt… do you know what a drag strip is?


    My Dad can beat up your Dad, your kid can beat up my kid and my dick is bigger than your dick. You repeatedly say nothing.
    Why will your BMW blow my CBR in the weeds? Back it up with facts that have meaning. I’m impressed your bike will blow mine away. Many will in a straight line and on the dyno.
    Mr. Spencer has more track experience on road and drag tracks than you being that he gets to ride the worlds best race machines via personal invitation from the factory. Since he does motorcycling for a profession and you as a hobby he would be chosen to evaluate a prototype race machine over you. The major manufacturers don’t even know or care you exist as
    I don’t see your pictures, interviews or exotic motorcycles in the many outlets of motorcycling journalism’s road racing, drag racing or factory test rider columns or on their covers.


    I don’t see your pictures, interviews or exotic motorcycles in the many outlets of motorcycling journalism’s road racing, drag racing or factory test rider columns or on their covers.

    And you are…


    Mr. Spencer….??? Have nice time licking his boots do you???I could give a crap about any PRO CLASS RACER…..In any class or form of racing….You see BOY…I do not go to a track to lick boot and do not care to watch some race on T.V….I have live it…True I was a “SPORTSMAN RACER” not a PRO… but..I did it…I lived it…BOY…So go kiss your heros ass

    Why will your BMW blow my CBR in the weeds? Back it up with facts that have meaning.
    I’m impressed your bike will blow mine away

    What makes you think any of the 6 in the shop wont?
    Glad you think you know me.
    Loser…. Poser… Race Wanna Be… BOY…

    Back away from your game boy…put down the motorcycle magazine …turn off the T.V. ….BOY


    Based on your lack of response to my track question leads me to the conclusion that you have no track experience.

    You win….I cant fight stupid…..BOY…


    And you are(?)…

    I can claim to be anyone I wish.
    I could be a motojournalist getting ideas for an article or book. I could be a 16 year old punk stirring up hate because I can. I could be a current racer or a retired privateer killing time. Maybe I’m a corporate suit-and-tie guy here to see what bloggers think for demographics or to see what could bridge the gap between Harley and metrics before I submit my design team’s new motorcycle. I could be a Hollywood celebrity doing research for a role in my next film. I could be an anti-motorcycle hate monger happy to see idiots that ride those suicide machines get angry.
    I could just be an electronics repair instructor in the military and fellow motorcyclist stationed in Japan like I’ve posted before. I don’t post here under other names. I never claimed to be anyone other than an educated, trained and average rider by talking trash.
    That’s the beauty of the internet. You can talk shit regardless of whom you offend and not care because you never have to meet the person face to face to back up anything. There is no burden of proof required. I can post, read replies, do research and sound smart with the time between my postings seem And you are…normal while I watch and plan my own replies. Wikipedia and Google are very helpful for information on just about everything.


    Never met Spencer. Just a name I threw out there.
    I don’t apprentice under any racers or emulate at the track.
    I’ll go to a local race, if it suits me. If motorcycle racing is on TV and I happen to flip through it, I’ll watch it.
    Another great thing about motorcycling is I can purchase almost the same machine the pros ride and take it to the track. Can’t do that in Nascar!
    I too, live it.

    How about something new? A coherent post that isn’t insulting might be a nice change. Slow down, think and then write. Try articulation in your writing. You might not get so frustrated and resort to the hurtful insults of “Loser…. Poser… Race Wanna Be… BOY…”

  • matt

    with regards to post number 563 don’t go calling it track miles then. if you were talking about drags then you’d have would not have used miles to equate your experience. Are you talking “track” as in “race track”, i.e. circuit based, number of laps? Or when you insult people do you really mean drag racing? If so then we understand your “mine is better than yours” mentality as that is what drag racing has been bred from. 500 miles of keeping a bike in a straight line! WOW!! Ok, it takes a lot of guts, no question, so follow me down a mountain at 80mph in a lycra suit, no padding or armour, no stopping till the bottom. Then do it again for a whole day. Hey, why not jump out of a plane? Why not spend hours running across the welsh mountains without food and water? Why not drive a car blindfold over 100mph?
    If drags what you do… cool, can’t fault it, sounds like a blast to me! Been to the ‘Pod’ a few times myself. At least you know about Ray Price and his harley!

    “BOY” ok… i’m sure the editor will start to get annoyed at this soon, provocativly racist undertones.

    Enjoy the ride

  • CBR Rider

    You think BMW is God?! You brag that the BMW can blow away CBRs. You say Honda = suck?! BMW finally came up with a fast bike. Its about friggin time! Where has BMW been all these years?! Honda has been in the speed wars for a while now with the Blackbird.

    Unless you’re wealthy enough to buy a brand new bike every two years, chances are very good your bike will be outdated soon. At the price of your BMW, you will be shelling out an awful lot of money to STAY faster than CBRs and other bikes.

    I hope you know how to ride your BMW or hog or whatever it is that you own. I know of guys that have wiped out from just trying to take off too quickly.

    I am a truly competent rider. I know my personal limitations and my bike. I’ve ridden Deals Gap, Blue Ridge Parkway…both twisty roads in Tennessee, USA. I’ve ridden through a few huge rain storms. I’ve ridden numerous twisty, hilly roads through out my state countless times. No track experience here due to too many other pricey hobbies. That will change next year.

  • CBR Rider

    BMW is God…when you call people names such as Loser…. Poser… Race Wanna Be… BOY… that says something about yourself.

    Personal attacks on your opponent are an admission of intellectual bankruptcy on your part.

  • Aaron

    Harley’s are the most annoying machines of the 20th century.All of the small beach towns that I frequent in the summer months are now “littered” with them.I can no longer enjoy a drink on my favourite patio looking at the lake because of the damn noise from these nuisances.They all seem to gather in these small summer towns.It is so loud that I have to yell at the person sitting beside me and even in my hometown, as they pass by, I cannot even hear the other person on the other end of the phone. The worst part is that as these people pass by they purposely nail the throttle and look as if to say “look how cool and loud I am”….These people have absolutely no consideration for other peoples lives and for the noise pollution they are creating.The cops need to start clamping down heavily on this and passing out heavy fines for noise pollution..

  • “HONDA” just say no….

    Back-to-back series champion Andrew Hines made it back-to-back-to-back wins for Harley-Davidson in the lucrative Ringers Gloves Pro Bike Battle Saturday by beating Chip Ellis in the final to claim a record $25,000 first prize. Hines’ Screamin’ Eagle teammate, GT Tonglet, won the event in 2005 and Hines won the title in 2004.

    This time, Hines earned the glory for the Vance & Hines gang, leaving Ellis at the starting line with a superior .032- to .073-second reaction time and leading all the way down O’Reilly Raceway Park at Indianapolis with a 7.062 at 188.15 mph to Ellis’ 7.114 at 184.75 mph. The final margin of victory was a whopping 25 feet.

    “That’s three years in a row for our team, and that’s hard to believe,” Hines said. “I felt like I was making good run, and I didn’t hear Chip. I was just tucked in, looking at the wall, and thinking, ‘Come on, finish line.’

    “I owe a lot of the credit for this to my crew, especially my crew chief, Scott Scuerman. NHRA only gave us 25 minutes between rounds and we barely got the job done, but the bike was flawless. In fact, I had a 1.07 60-foot time in the final that was the best 60-foot time we’ve had with this bike. It was an awesome run. If we can keep this up, we’ve got a shot at that $10,000 bonus for winning on Monday.”

    Hines has put himself in position to earn $20,000 from NHRA should he double up and win the Mac Tools U.S. Nationals Monday. The race and the double-up bonus are worth $10,000 each.

    The No. 1 qualifier in the event, Drag Specialties S&S Buell V-Twin rider Ellis pockets $10,000 for finishing as runner-up to Hines. Ellis had four No. 1 qualifying efforts over the course of the 15-race schedule of events that make up the Ringers Gloves Pro Bike Battle series. Each race’s low qualifier received $1,000 per event.

    Matt Smith and Antron Brown earned $6,000 as semifinalists in the race, which features the top eight qualifiers from the previous 12 months. Craig Treble, Angelle Sampey, Tom Bradford, and Ryan Schnitz lost in the opening round but pocketed $3,500 each for making the show.

    Riders are awarded points at each national event in the Ringers Gloves Pro Bike Battle series based on their qualifying position. The top qualifier earns 175 points. The final qualifier earns 85 points.

  • hey matt
    [Edited] making me look like a damn fool on the web. i don’t mind you poking fun at my driving habits, i’ll be the first to admit that was crazy and stupid. but you say that sportsters have a 5 spd tranny that i dont know wtf i’m talking about. the 05 1200 sprty i was reffering to does have a 6 spd, the 883 has a 5 maybe you were confused. point being check your facts before you make me look like a moron, when you are clearly the one who has no clue what the FUCK you are talking about. and you say that i’m making up the amount of power my 80 goldwing produces, but i can outrun a stock 05 1200 sprty though the quarter and i’ll fucking prove it to anyone who wants to challenge that. not that i care if mine is faster than someone else’s but you are making me sound as if i make this shit up as if it were my own opinion. [Edited] dont mean to offend anyone or sound like an asshole but i just can’t let you continue making me look like a fool without saying something in my own defense. i will heed your advice on diving crazy on the public road. i appreciate your concern, but i was a little disturbed by you calling me a fucking liar. that being said i’ll get outta here. i just heard a harley rumbling up the street. you guessed it it’s my neighbor and he was alone. meaning his lady is alone as well, so i really gotta go. ride sfe ya’ll and i’ll catch ya next time

  • JoannaKilroy

    So – I see all you boys are still fighting!!! Still so many that worship the All Mighty Harley. You guys are all so messed up. Went on a ride today on my own motorcycle. I just got my license (after my new man said I would love it) – and I certainly did not buy a piece of crap cruiser, and esp. not a Harley. Thankfully – I am tall enough to ride some real iron, bikes that can run slow when you want to, fast when you need to, and zip right out of the way. I can’t keep up with the man’s Saber – but I still zip right up there. 2 girls from my class are getting their licenses too – and they are on the right boat. ANYTHING but a piece of crap Harley. I don’t need to deafen my neighbors (I’ll let my small you-know-whatted) ex do that. Hope he has fun polishing the chrome (I see his new tubbie babe dumped him). I’ll hose off the EX500 and oil the chain. It’s cool to wrench a little too – learning lots of neato stuff. And – When I get off the bike, my lime green leathers are just a little stuck to my skin, and man – does he like that. And – I don’t have a headache from plat-plat-plat-plat. And oddly – I don’t have to rev my bike up at every light either – REALLY must be a small-winkied HD rider thing. So – don’t worry boys – it’s just like high-school – except some of you grew up – and grew up GOOD.

    Hugs & Kisses.

  • the goldwing i ride is alright but i need something a bit more powerful and agile, i was thinking of getting a ninja. or maybe and older katana or something of the sort. i seriously hold nothing against the “crotch rocket” bike, and i intend to purchase one in the near future. i apologize if i have offended any of he sport bike riders in the past.

  • matt

    nessman…… this is the first year harley has done a factory fitted 6 speed gearbox, gimp! call me a twat you fucking arse bandit! you’re a dimwittied piece of numpty!!

    If you’re unsure just look at the website! in black and white!

    the only difference between the 1200 and the 883 as EVERY harley owner knows is that it has been bored out! gimp!

    You looked like a fool on your own! nothing to do with me! if you don’t agree…. stop using purile expletives towards me and look it up! you’re wrong, not because i say so, but because the bike you refer to has never been made!

  • “HONDA” just say no….


    Pro Stock Motorcycle Results for Final Round

    CLERMONT, Ind. – SUMMIT FastNews – Results of final, round 4 eliminations in Pro Stock Motorcycle at the NHRA POWERade Drag Racing Series, 52nd annual Mac Tools U.S. Nationals:
    W/L Driver R-Time E-Time Speed

    (W) Matt Smith (Torco/Skull Gear Buell) 0.025 7.222 176.95
    (L) Angelle Sampey (US Army Suzuki) -0.028(R) 7.147 180.12

  • CBR Rider

    I’ve never felt offended by you.

    I personally don’t agree with Nessman boinking his friends woman but there are plenty of Harley Davidson riders on here talking about stealing import riders women!

    Also, I met a man that owns a gold wing and he told me similar stories of how he would out run HDs. He said guys on Harley Davidsons with vance and hines pipes, jetted carbs, after market air filters, etc. etc. would pull up beside him and challenge him and he would he would easily leave them in the dust.

  • matt

    i guess americans will only learn about dangers of “my bike is better” challenges when they’re dead.


    fine by me, as i’ve said b4, i’ll just enjoy my riding.

  • matt
    my apologies on the 6 speed argument. you are right. my neighbor’s bike is a 6 spd, but it is a 2006 model, not an 05 like i was saying. my bad and i apologize for the hostility in the past. peace bro. i gotta go. so until next time stay cool and ride safe whether it be your bike or your friend’s “old lady”. laters

  • Ron Fletcher

    Sorry to burst yet another of all you RUBS out there, but ranting about your 100 % red white and blue machines, take tha time to read some of those parts, like tha electric starter, front forks, etc, cept now dayz, you would be lucky if it read japan, hell who knows, i dont support tha factory, dont care, my 69 shovel still suits me just fine, not sure why, habit i guess, ill be breakin it soon enough though, tha v 8 bike is almost finished!


    “69 shovel still suits me just fine”

    “Sorry to burst yet another of all you RUBS out there”

    Gee…Im thinking the same thing about YOU…Ron Fletcher……

  • matt

    It appears that most Harley Davidson bikers have no issue with any other bike, but folks who ride other makes have issue with Harley Davidson bikers and bikes. But, in their posts they say that Harley Davidson lovers or bikers are slagging off “crotch rockets” etc. Having read most of the posts, that clearly is not true! With some notable exceptions, “crotch rocket” riders on this site are the only ones doing any pointless ranting and raving.
    Comments like 583 don’t make sense as only a couple out of all these posts have mentioned anything about “100% red white and blue”, which is more of a description of the french flag.
    As i’ve said before…. nowhere on any Harley lit. does it profess to be an american bike. It does talk about style as do many car makers, esp ones in Detroit. It states “assembled in the United States”, not “made”. Any Harley owner who does not know this has never 1, read his manual; 2, looked on the website; 3, cleaned her bike…… etc…. etc…
    How’s that for a bubble burst.
    In the winter in France i drive a LandRover Defender. 29 yrs old. At least once a week i pull a japanese cheap, fast, 4×4(?) etc out of a “snowbank”. It’s made to do it’s job. I leave it in france for one reason. It takes over 20 hours to drive home in it, or 4 to fly!, or 8 in any other car! But i’ll never get rid of it.

  • Brutsquad

    I have been reading through this thread and I must say, at the very least I am amused. The bashing going back and forth, mostly from people with less than a firm grasp on the english language. I am not middle aged, Im not a yuppy, and I dont put anyone down for whatever they ride. I am currently active duty in the Marine Corps. I bought my 04 Softail and customized it as I saw fit. I wave to riders as I pass regardless of what they ride. You dont like Harleys? Fine, dont buy one. Im doing my job so you can run your sucks without fear of retribution. Next year I may buy a sport bike, I may not. Either way, I bought what I wanted. Its not about comprimise, its about individualism. Be your own person and allow others to be theirs.

  • Smacky

    This is a troll argument.

    You’re all a bunch of dumbasses with Internets muscles.

  • matt

    586 could you please let me know if you understand the universal term “sharkwatch”? if so, remember that as on active duty, your i.p. address has been broadcast, therefore a possible location. as “marine corps” maybe you should look up “sharkwatch”, or maybe think about the other nations you’re helping and keep your status to yourself. wind in that neck.

  • matt

    586 otherwise…. good point. i doubt if it will be taken the way you intended… but. individualism people! in the uk the segway is illegal except on private land. soon the bike will be charged to enter london. soon the same will happen across the uk….. beware… coming to a state near you soon! vote NO!

  • matt

    587 you still read, replied, and showed a bit of irony. haha… geddit? haha do ya? i’m in bed and feeling like a troll… i get it!


    (sorry, as i said earlier… in bed with flu… as many legal drugs as i can take, with a small amount of morrocan herb.)

  • Chris

    Harleys are categorically the most overated pieces of shit around. the only think I can say positvely for Harley davidson is they obviouslyhave a great marketing department. Anyone who buys one of thie under engineered (if engineered at all) overpriced pieces of shit is, go do your homework, grow a dick and get a real bike.

  • matt

    awww, did chris’s mummy let him use the lickle computer on his own?? awwww how sweet.

  • Bluesman

    I just watched loose change 2 surely were not manipulated like that !!!!! its gota be a fake and a marketing ploy ………..

  • CBR Rider

    I found this posted on another website. It explains the different lifestyles of motorcycle riders on the road today. The article isn’t putting anyone down. Read on….

    I’ve been thinking about motorcycle culture a little bit recently. With all the TV shows and increased public awareness, bikes and bikers
    have certainly been approaching the mainstream in the last few years.

    One of the most profitable companies in America is Harley-Davidson these days. Riding is a popular and increasingly acceptable way to
    spend a weekend (or a paycheck.) And with all the charity rides and good public relations, it is getting so that you really can meet the
    nicest people on a Harley-Davidson. Wind in the hair and through the fringe of leather chaps on Sunday. Responsible parent and coworker on
    every other day.

    All of which seems to fly in the face of the rebel attitude and culture that used to be associated with motorcycles and especially Harleys. How many motorcycle purchases were inspired by the image of James Dean or Marlon Brando sporting black leathers and an anti-social attitude? How many riders are trying create a sense that they are part of a devil-may-care lifestyle — young, angry, and out of control?

    This lifestyle image is rapidly becoming just that, an image. One that is purchased almost like buying a membership to a country club and for some of the same reasons. So common is this trend that it has even coined a term: RUB or Rich Urban Biker. Doesn’t exactly have the same
    ring or dangerous connotation as Hell’s Angel, does it? But the ever growing popularity and social acceptance of motorcycling is fueled by
    its mainstream participants. They might be trying to buy an anti-social image, but the most anti-social thing they are likely to do with it is mount some loud pipes on that Hog.

    Of course there is a segment of bikers that remains a target of rebel labels and bad press. The sight of their bikes or clothes will
    immediately single them out as hooligans, punks, and dangerous people. Oh, they aren’t likely to take over a town and terrorize the locals.
    But they do ride the twisty roads like each was built for their own personal enjoyment, drag race on city streets, dart in and out of
    traffic at frightening speeds, and generally ride as though traffic laws don’t apply to them. They can be seen on only one of their two wheels with regularity, as often the front wheel as the rear. When Americans rally around the slogan, “Buy American,” these bikers buy foreign (usually Japanese.) Their bikes and attitudes are as colorful as they are loud. They are sport bikers.

    Or at least that is a common perception of sport bikers. And it is often undeserved. Yet it is an image automatically assigned to those riding plastic covered, pseudo race machines. In much the same way as the Hell’s Angel image used to be assigned to those on cruisers. But unlike our cruiser brethren, we don’t generally enjoy the good press of charity rides and TV shows. So our image and reputation have become the dumping grounds for much of the anti-social expectations other people have of motorcyclists.

    Of course some of that negative perception is deserved. And because of that, sport bikers sometimes have to explain to people that although
    some of us do dangerous things on public streets, we don’t all do it. I wonder if the early mainstream Harley guys had to explain to people that they weren’t Hell’s Angels; that they just liked to ride? I wonder if some part of them liked the fact that they had to make that clarification once in a while?

    As a sport bike rider, I’ll admit I do sometimes like that I am automatically labeled a dangerous hooligan by some people. I like tapping into that bit of anti-social image that accompanies being seen on a sport bike. And truthfully, some of that prejudice does accurately apply to me. And to some other riders, it applies even more
    accurately. Many of us are rebels who refuse to force-fit ourselves into mainstream society. Our bikes and our attitudes become outward signs of the potential to break traffic laws and the willingness to enjoy it. Because of that we do get bad press and we do have a public relations image problem with the rest of society.

    As Harley and cruiser riders approach the mainstream, we are either purposely or accidentally not joining them. We are becoming the inheritors of the bad-biker lifestyle. We are the rebels with the devil-may-care attitude. Well… not all of us, of course. But that is the perception, whether it fits the individual or not. And maybe that is why some cruiser riders don’t wave to us. They have become so mainstream that they are The Man. And The Man doesn’t approve of us.

  • Brutsquad

    Actually Matt, my IP has not been broadcast. AN IP has, but not mine. But Matt, thanks for the concern of the dangers. I am aware of it and now more so thinking about it. I agree, too many “trolls” probably wont understand the message in my post. My bike takes me anywhere I want to go (unless its swimming) and regularly gets over 50mpg doing so and in 26,000 miles hasnt given me any problems (so much for the constant maintenance requirment mentioned above).

    Matt, what is that about charging a bike to enter london?

    I was thinking that very same point about 587s post.

    And 587 and 581, thanks for proving my point about the open mindedness and mastery of the english language. I am intoxicated with the exuberance of your vociferousness, but your highly grammatical surmisals are a little too copious for your diminutive intellect. Its better to be silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove any doubt.

    And if Im going to have intenet muscles, they are going to be big ones.

  • Brutsquad

    I was just reading through a few more posts and it just keeps getting more amusing as it goes. Harleys are crap blah blah and cant compare to a GSXR blah blah. I should hope not. They are designed for two distinct different purposes. Thats like comparing my F350 Diesel SD to a Corvette. I know there are some Diesel pickups out there that will blow away even the evil ZO6 but it is very rare and most people dont use them that way. And for those that bash them, how rough they ride, maintenance issues, blah blah. Obviously you havent owned or riden a post AMF Harley. Early Harlys leaked oil on purpose. Was part of the system. My V45 Magna has had more maintenance issues in 2000 miles than my Harley has in 26000. You want something that goes fast, fine. My mustang pulls over a G on the skid pad, will top 185 and will knock the 1320 down in 11 flat without the juice. did it cost more to build than a liter bike that can do basically the same thing, yes. But I drive and ride how and what I want for the purpose that I want. Ahhhh, freedom… isnt it a wonderfull thing!!!

  • matt

    re 595, in london we have this daft thing called ‘congestion charging’. basically a large area of the city now has entry/exit cameras that record all licence plates and there is now a large charge to use the city roads. buses, minibuses, taxis and bikes are exempt at the moment, but soon only public transport will be exempt. If you see how many bikes are on the roads of london you can see how much the mayor is expecting to get financially!! this is being extended to other cities accross the uk over the next 5 years! once a policy appears to work other cities always try it themselves… even in different countries!

  • Only a moron would purchase a bike based on the name on it.

    Doc said some blather about he would rather ride an american motorcycle made by american hands. Why does a Harley carb have the words “Made in Japan” on the box?

    I am not comparing this bike to that bike….. Harley has made NO MAJOR R and D break throughs in the last 30 years. So when you go buy a “New” Harley you are in fact just getting the same old bike at a new bike price.

    Buy what you are told to… That is the Harley marketing fuel…

    Buy a Harley….. Follow no one (except Harley)….Be one of a kind (like your buddy).

    Harley 1%ers’ are in fact 99%ers

    My ride is a passion ot a fashion….

  • If it ant got a kicker…it ant a bike

    To the above post

    “Never argue with a stupid person. They will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience”

  • Damn..I just finished loading up the Vmax and was wondering where I could find an honest mechanic in the Tulsa area and somehow got to this sight.Baby Jesus..You guys have kept me amused for 2 hrs.As a fifty year old geezer living in Scottsdale AZ. I see a ton of Harleys on the road .Truth, most of the time the silver haired gents on board will not acknowledge me if I pull right beside them.I don’t know if he or she is aware that Max hasn’t changed a thing in over 20 yrs. but for different colors.You could say it is a fossil.Right ? But the fossil still after all these years has a reputation.For a 600 pounder the old boy still screams.It’s the real deal..But it’s best to do it in a straight line.High speed wobble at 140 and pretty much blows handling wise.I’ve had Harleys,Hondas,and of course Max the Yamaha.And for brute power it still gets the blood pumping in the old ticker like nothing else I’ve ever planted my ever expanding ass on.The bike that has impressed me the most in the last few years? Hands down ,Vrod.Very smooth, very fast.BUT folks German designed engine.And it’s the anti-harley.A dealer advised me to buy a Victory if I wanted that type bike ?? He hates the Vrod because it doesn’t sound right for a Harley.Well to get back to the mechanic in Tulsa,I moving there.Guess what? Max is leaking oil.DAMMITMAN.Yes the rice burner has a leak..Anybody got a name for me in Tulsa?One more thing.Those forward controls on the hogs make my tail bone hurt like a mother_ _ _ker.And the crotch rockets make my back and wrists also hurt like a mother—ker.Guess I’ll keep the fossil..

  • A follow up to post #600.Arizona has some of the highest insurance rates in the U.S.A. Because: Old retired folks,Drivers license that are good for 20 yrs.or age 65 to be renewed and the ability to slip your stolen bike across into Mexico never to be seen again..The Vmax is not cheap at 11k but it’s considered a cruiser. $197.00 a year.Full coverage..Performance stats below.

    Calculated at 9500 rpm redline:
    1st gear 55 mph
    2nd gear 79 mph
    3rd gear 103 mph
    4th gear 129 mph
    5th gear 150 mph

    Engine speed at 60 mph = 3800 rpm

  • matt

    well….. i got on my harley today,,,, been 5 weeks give or take….. my friend just got back from a week in geneva. parks next to me. hmmmm. i clicked my alarm button, turned the switch, clicked start. 1, 2, 3, ON. got off, sparked up a smoke to let it run. non harley left for 1 week. hmmmmm….. i rode.
    i rode.

    i rode.

    he waited till his battery was charged. then called for help.

    i rode

    and rode

    i came back again…. then his engine burbled…again. and again…… etc etc… etc…..

    believe it or not. argue or not.

    object spiel crap or not.


    at least i know now…. 10 out of 10 times, my harley has started better, faster and nicer than all of my mates non harley’s. all of which are NICE bikes. NEW RandD! (whatever frikking saddo!). But my ‘unreliable, leaking, over noisy, over revving etc etc etc’ harley has just done what can’t be done.

    It sat lonely as a stole without a madam for weeks, yet still said hello faster than a cat who smelt 5 week old cream!



  • matt

    well….. i got on my harley today,,,, been 5 weeks give or take….. my friend just got back from a week in geneva. parks next to me. hmmmm. i clicked my alarm button, turned the switch, clicked start. 1, 2, 3, ON. got off, sparked up a smoke to let it run. non harley left for 1 week. hmmmmm….. i rode.
    i rode.

    i rode.

    he waited till his battery was charged. then called for help.

    i rode

    and rode

    i came back again…. then his engine burbled…again. and again…… etc etc… etc…..

    believe it or not. argue or not.

    object spiel crap or not.


    at least i know now…. 10 out of 10 times, my harley has started better, faster and nicer than all of my mates non harley’s. all of which are NICE bikes. NEW RandD! (whatever frikking saddo!). But my ‘unreliable, leaking, over noisy, over revving etc etc etc’ harley has just done what can’t be done.

    It sat lonely as a stole without a madam for weeks, yet still said hello faster than a cat who smelt 5 week old cream!



  • FriedRice

    It’s not unusual for a bike to sit for a while and then start right up. It’s not unusual for older bikes to develop oil leaks. My 25 year old Yamaha, in storage for 13 years – outside for nearly 8 of them, weeps around the head gasket on the low side. My wife calls it “Harley-ing”. I call it slightly annoying – but – riding the motorcycle that I rode to High School and bought new is pretty cool. Reading this thread was alot of fun. People – let it GO. It does not matter what type of bike you ride. Just go have fun – life is WAY too short. You non-HD riders out there – nothing wrong with that at all – ride what YOU like – don’t worry about others. You HD’ers out there – specifically the ones I meet that ask me when I am getting a real bike – I have 3, thanks, and I am sticking with them. I enjoy riding them. For all you riders out there – stop doing STUPID things and people will accept us better – no tricks on the street (find a track or a deserted parking lot), no revving engines at lights (please – I have enough of a headache), and lets invest in nifty things called BAFFLES (that’s not just the “sport” riders – I have had enough of the V-Twin “Thunder” too – as have most others). We start showing the cagers a little more respect – ALL of us will live longer and be able to ride whatever that is that we LIKE to ride. Be that a 400 lb sport bike, 800 lb cruiser, or what-ever!!!

  • JapWhat?

    harley davidson… see the next five lines…
    more money
    same asian parts cruiser
    less power/torque speaking in CCs
    better resale value, Do some research other than ….hearsay
    I ride a Triumph and yes it will smoke your Harley.

  • matt

    why don’t all the people that ride a bike that ‘will smoke a harley’ etc…. just wind their necks in, save up and buy the fastest bike on the planet. then we can all agree with them, and we can get on with it.

  • Ethan

    The reason I don’t like Harley Davidson is because they make bikes that don’t perform as well as other companies. The lbs per hp, gas mileage, and 0-60 times are all worse when you compare to a bike of the same cc and weight made by a japanese company. The main reason people buy Harley is because it’s an American company, and because they think that the bikes are cool looking. Personally I choose not to celebrate mediocrity. If Harley can step up and match the japanese in technology, Ill buy one. Until then, lets watch ford, chevy, harley, and all the other american companies just get put aside while the japanese take over yet another area of our lives. It’s because Americans go out and buy sub par products, and it will continue until all of the cars and motorcycles are made in asia. Just like electronics and dirt bikes. Even the american boat motor is going to the japs. Damn, guys, If we keep celebrating mediocrity there will be no american companies left.


    Well said Ethan.

  • Brutsquad

    If we compare apples to apples. The American and Japanese cruisers are not far off in anything but price, and in some cases not a great deal of difference there. Perfomance wise, the 2 liter Vulcan and Stratoliner perform pretty much on par with Harleys 103 motor (1680 aprox). The Japanese cruisers are 100 or more lbs heavier and make higher power numbers but dont get better mileage than the Harley. My Harley regularly gets right at 50mpg. sometimes more, sometimes less. But for a big inch motor, I havent heard of any that usually get that much, or at least not more. Everyone I know that has a big inch metric cruiser get less mileage than I do. Most all of the technology that keeps getting spewed in this blog is directed at sport bikes, dirt bikes and enduros. None of the cruisers (except maybe Yamaha Warrior) are really getting the high tech stuff of the others. Sure, Hondas Rune had a lot of high tech stuff, even looked high tech. But lets face it, thats one ugly bike (and expensive, and heavy). As far as looks go, well, thats an individual thing. I dont care for the Vulcan or Stratoliner. So why spend 15k + for something I dont like instead of 18k + for something I do. If you’re gonna bash something, you might do some research first. It lends credit to what you say. What I have seen here is very few do anything but spew opinion based on bias and not fact.

  • Shovel

    Does anyone realize this thread has been going for over 3 years? And for what? Ego? attitude? people need to grow up. The problem is everyone thinks there right when actualy your all crazy. I dont care what you ride or what you drive for that matter, theres good people and assholes in all catagories. I ride an old Harley. Its a pain in the ass sometimes and great others. A good friend of mine has the same problems with his Honda. So what? We have hard core bikers on harleys and weekend crusiers on them too. We also have guys on imports out crusing and other jackasses on them doing 100 on the rear wheel in trafic. There is no reason to be against one or the other because in both cases you have idiots who make it bad for the rest of us no matter what you ride. But then I find that when one points the finger its usually to take the focus off themselves.

  • hudini

    (just would like to say just purchased my 1st harley 1980 sporster1000 ironhead ,,all i can say to all of you is,,,i love it,,oh yea buy the way i did swap my bass boat for it)

  • harley,s forever ride on,(try it you will,like it

  • whats wrong everyone lost for words(let me guess yall left on your yamaha


    When Harley builds a worthy contender for use in Super Bike and Moto GP, then I buy one.
    No, the Buell XB-RR doesn’t count. A real race bike is what they need, not a poor copy of a Japanese race machine.


    I’ll buy a Harley when they race and consistently finish in Super Bike and Moto GP.
    I’ll buy a Harley when they make a race bike that is comparable in price, reliability, engineering, fit and finish with a Japanese machine.
    No, the Buell XBRR doesn’t count, they are just poorly copying the Japanese anyway.

  • mhillbilly

    funny stuff. you see me now riding on my year old wide glide and you’d think i’m probably some gray haired old fart made enough money and bought himself a harley. you’d be right. of course i didn’t look they way when i got my 1st HD. or 2nd or 3rd ……..i could go on….oldest was a 38 knuckle, had a pan, shovel, flathead , sporstser, and now a dual overhead cam. back in the day i remember when i was on my knuckle and the kz 900 kaw was the thing….30 yrs later… which bike would you take? the 38 knuckle or a kz 900? all you guys that hate harleys go ride your rockets and your sandles. if its all about speed then harleys aren’t built for you and we don’t give a rats ass if you like it or not. like it or not riding a harley feels good and looks good. tell you what i’ll do though… i’ll get out that old knuckle and put up the pink if you can race me with a 1938 jap bike. best line i ever heard came from a chick walkin out of a bar one nite…she asked me for a ride on the ole knuck and i only had 1 helmet. told to give me 15 min and i could be back with one. theres a guy parked his kz 1000 right next to me and hears her ask. he says i’ve got 2 helmets with me and i can go faster and you won’t get oil all over you riding on that oil leakin piece of crap! her answer says it all……she said i’d hope to god it goes fast cause i wouldn’t want anyone to see me on it. i laughed all the way home to get my other helmet.


    Sure, I’d take the 1938. Then I’d sell it to some clown for a high price and buy a Japanese machine or two.
    It’s real easy to impress a girl with a silly noise maker. Most dont even know where the dipstick on their car is let alone the performance factors of superior engineering vs. chrome and loud pipes.

  • Lady MC Tech

    It’s real easy to impress a girl with a silly noise maker. Most dont even know where the dipstick on their car is let alone the performance factors of superior engineering vs. chrome and loud pipes.

    [Personal attack deleted]

  • matt

    i’ll say it again…. what’s with people who say
    “I’ll buy a Harley when they race and consistently finish in Super Bike and Moto GP.
    I’ll buy a Harley when they make a race bike that is comparable in price, reliability, engineering, fit and finish with a Japanese machine.
    No, the Buell XBRR doesn’t count, they are just poorly copying the Japanese anyway.”

    what sort of dumb argument is that for buying a bike? what you buy, and what you see in motogp are different machines! everyone knows that! even the engines are different! road bike. race bike. road car. race car. the suburu wrc car is only the same as the impreza in idea and shape. nothing else is the same. it’s “based” on the road car! (it is that way round!).

    sports tourer, sports bike, city bike, tourer, cruiser, off-road, motocross, speedway, drag, none of these are the same, so why should harley be a japanese style/priced bike? why? what on earth?

    and to ridicule women like that mesoglea? sexist gimp! my wife could strip an engine faster than you could pull a prostitute.

    not all harleys are loud, most sports bikes from japan have louder exhausts, just a different pitch. Infact my harley is quieter at idle than a susuki bandit. checked today. same at 4000 revs too. infact… next week i’ll post a link, i’ll have videoed myself testing, then i can prove it to you. you’ll find too, if you talk to anyone old enough to ride in 1938, that harleys were the same back then…. due mainly to the lower revs, they were one of the quietest, and most reliable bikes about. it wasn’t until the takeover era that they earned any sort of stigma for noise and reliabilty, which harley themselves admit was terrible. you can’t insult someone who accepts the point.


    Maybe I should define my points before someone gets all butt hurt.

    I’m not buying a Moto GP bike. Never said I was or ever will. But I am buying GP inspired technology. I’ve wrote before that lessons learned from racing are applied to the street machines, improving the breed. How many years did Harley take to put their V-Rod on the road after the VR1000 failure? Then they went to Porsche to compile it all and build something that worked.
    Every season, Japan updates their race machines and a year or two later the street bikes are updated. They do it themselves, in their own country.
    When Harley builds a machine that rivals the Japanese at their own game, then it worth my money to buy one. Many say the Japanese cruisers are copies of Harley. I say Harley is making imitation sport bikes with Buell.
    Harley should race to prove that they are a world class company not afraid to go out on a limb and try something new. Harley should race to bring glory to their name by dominating the Japanese at their own game. Harley should race because they can build the bikes they should be building along with their trusted line of cruisers. They rake in the cash, they can afford it.
    What does it cost to produce a Harley? How much do they make on each bike they sell?
    Harley won’t do it. They fear the confusion that was seen with the V-Rod.
    They are too greedy to cough up the resources to hire forward thinking engineers and designers to build a modern machine.

    I wasn’t writing to all the worlds’ female mechanics, technicians and engineers. Not all women are mechanically challenged and there are grown men who cannot change a flat tire.
    I’ve known female jet engine mechanics that really knew their shit and could easily out wrench me. I had a female avionics tech that worked for me that was a superior troubleshooter.
    But come on, women are just not equally educated in things mechanical as men.
    What image comes to your mind when you read “nurse”? Yes, there are male nurses, but I’ll bet you thought of a woman. What’s the image when reading “mechanic”? I’ll bet it wasn’t Mrs. Goodwrench. What do you think of when you read about a ballet dancer that is male?
    Yes, it’s a stereotype. Some examples: boys and girls play sports, but girls cheerlead. Boys play army, girls play house. Boys are in the garage with Dad, girls are in the house with Mom.

    Stock bikes are required to meet noise, EPA and Federal regulations. I never said all Harleys are loud, but many are. How many riders keep the stock exhaust system? It gets swapped for 3 reasons, looks, power and sound. They are made loud for the simple reason of sounding cool and getting people to look at them. Similar to the younger crowd with loud car stereos. Loud exhausts on the street are just plain inconsiderate. For instance, a CBR600RR with a race exhaust is stupid loud. I find it offensive because the high pitch is incredible annoying. In the canyons of the Santa Monica Mountains, it will echo and riders get a bad name.
    Drag pipes on a Harley at 2AM are an improperly set alarm clock that you have no control over.
    Just because it’s loud, doesn’t mean it’s powerful.

  • matt

    you’ve never been to hospital in the last ten years. nurse equals male. easy. you have no children, if you do you raise them in a sexist way. ballet? the best are male…..? girls? army… without them you’re dead….

    i note you won’t speak about my testing of noise? so don’t talk about noise then. you’ve argued my points for me. easy.

    the v1000 was not, and compared to the number of “failiures” of a jap comp., a failiure, it was an test. the man involved just used harley help… not designed “by harley”.

    harley should race because of……. WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!!!!!! they are not a circuit race bike manufacturer… zip, done, quit, give up.

    1. you are a sexist shite…
    2. you can’t balance between one type of bike and another, and it’s “purpose”.
    3. you have no idea of differencieinting between sports.

    shut up. it’s easier.


  • matt

    sorry… almost forgot.

    my dad’s bigger than your dad… but he’s older…. will he lose? hmmmmm. talk to the turtle.



    Again, you have taken my word as my gospel. I never wrote, nor do I feel that women should be barefoot, pregnant or in the kitchen.
    There are millions of technically employed women in the world.
    Go out and do whatever floats your boat and if you are good, you will be rewarded. My wife’s hand was sewn up by a female physician and I wasn’t offended, angry or feel less of a man because she has a higher socioeconomic status. I know a woman that works on her own bike. She was also the secretary at a small bike shop in Virginia. She knew who to order parts from who made them and all sorts of combinations that made the power without consulting the catalogs. She was also a drag and road racer. She was respected and don’t dare assume she was just a girl. I’ve seen her shame many men that thought they could talk tech.

    I don’t have children and I could care less if a girl or boy wants to turn a wrench or play with dolls. Forcing media inspired societal “norms” upon a moldable mind is a disaster in the making.

    Don’t talk about ballet with me, my wife is an instructor. The point was what people think about the dancer being male regardless of the truth.

    Again, how many riders keep the stock exhaust system?
    Are you testing with a calibrated SPL or dB meter? Unless you have sophisticated A/V hardware, a compressed mpeg isn’t going to reproduce the exhaust notes let alone the small microphones on your camcorder accurately recording the sound.

    All the failed ventures of the Japanese are lessons learned. They try radical concepts and new materials to challenge creative and engineering limits. Were did they start and where are they now?
    Like Harley, they started with an engine in a bicycle frame. Now they produce turbines in airframes.
    “they (Harley) are not a circuit race bike manufacturer…” that sure is evident with the XBRR Buell that is available for $30,000.

    1. “you are a sexist shit” –
    Just jump the gun Matt next time and call me a misogynist.
    Go out and take a poll, ask 50 women and 50 men the same mechanical questions. See the results.
    I never wrote that women are stupid and useless. In any High School shop class (wood, metal or auto), how many girls are usually enrolled?
    I’ve take women for rides that thought Harleys were fast and powerful. All they knew was what others told them until they rode on a performance based machine. They now know the difference.
    post #616 – “she said i’d hope to god it goes fast cause i wouldn’t want anyone to see me on it. i laughed all the way home to get my other helmet.”
    This comment was aimed at mhillbilly and everyone else that talks about their bike got them laid or looked at by the opposite sex.

    2. “you can’t balance between one type of bike and another, and it’s “purpose”. – I don’t ever expect to see a Fat Boy hashing it out with a VTX at Laguna Seca. It would be amusing just see what the lap times were.
    Why don’t they race? They don’t have to and they don’t want to. They refuse to try. Is it because they fear failure or because they cannot make an equal machine.

    3. “you have no idea of differentiating between sports.” –
    I don’t quite follow this one.

    “my dad’s bigger than your dad… but he’s older…. will he lose?” –
    he wins by default as my father has been dead for 15 years.

    “talk to the turtle.” –
    What turtle am I supposed to talk to?

    Remember, you’re British and I’m American. Our paradigms are different.

  • Lady MC Tech


    Bonneville Nationals Incorporated


    Records (Speed Week, World of Speed, or World Finals) are colored “Red” for the current year.
    A-G Tom Elrod Kawasaki ‘ 79 200.022
    A-PF Death Wish H/D 8/04 140.196
    A-PG Al Metty H/D 8/05 150.840
    APS-BF J. Minono Triumph ‘ 92 214.663
    APS-F D. Campos H/D ‘ 74 231.597
    APS-G D. Campos H/D ‘ 74 208.450
    APS-PBF Mabry Racing Triumph ‘ 01 238.740
    APS-PF Death Wish H/D 8/04 142.875
    APS-PG Death Wish H/D 8/04 120.392
    P-P Texas Rocket Triumph 8/06 139.132
    P-PP Team Bozeman Kawasaki 9/04 120.365
    S-BF Don Vesco Kawasaki ‘ 78 318.598
    S-BG Ack Attack Suzuki 10/04 328.304
    S-G T. Elrod Kawasaki ‘ 74 197.047
    S-PF D. Campos H/D ‘ 90 322.149
    S-PG D. Campos H/D ‘ 90 208.415

    A-PF The Good H/D 8/04 144.188
    A-PG Pete Metty H/D 8/05 150.243
    APS-PF and the Ugly H/D 8/04 164.081
    APS-PG Spyke Bob Moreland H/D 8/06 203.687

    It took over 12 years for the S-BG record set by a H-D Shovel Head bike to be broken by a Japanese machine.


    In the top 20 of 750-2000cc trap speed Harley has 3 records.
    In the top 20 of 1000-3000cc they have 3 records.
    44 non Harleys have the other records.

  • Lady MC Tech

    The fact remains the worlds fastest motorcycle for over 12 years used shovel head power.

  • Lady MC Tech

    Of the twenty records posted H-D has twelve of them. More than any other manufacture.


    How much of those bikes were in their stock condition?
    Again, Harley plays where Japan doesnt. Like flat track.
    I dont read about hundreds of thousands of race fans crowding Bonneville to watch a rider pin a throttle holding on for dear life with 11 miles of level ground rolling by. I’m not saying its easy, but any clown can hold open a throttle in a straight line to achieve max speed.
    In a head on, factory backed top speed test, would Harley win?
    Harley still can’t build a Moto GP bike, the top of the motorcycle racing food chain.

  • FriedRice

    Here is the only valid Arguement for not liking Today’s Harley Davidson. I’ll change the context to make sure you can all understand. I make widgets, but they are not selling. A few other companies make widgets – and their’s are selling like mad. I don’t want to go out of business – so I will ask the goverment to tariff (read – TAX) the other guys widgets and give me that tariff (read – TAX) money so that I can get my widgets better. Now, of course, the other companies sales of their widgets might be hurt, because they will have to increase their prices to cover the cost of the Tariff – so my widgets will seem even MORE appealing. So – even simpler – lets punish the American public because they stopped buying my Widgets. My Economics professor (all those years ago) put it the right way – It’s a TAX – a tax to save a company – that falls back on the American people to pay – without them even realizing they are paying it. My dislike of Harley falls on that. No – there is no way to fix it. And – it’s not AMF’s fault the bikes were crappy. They were crappy when AMF BOUGHT the company – so I don’t want to hear any more about AMF almost killed HD. So – is taxation without representation fair? My thesis sure got me my degree – and it was a valid point. No – HD will not get my money. Ever. Not because their bikes are crappy – because I don’t think that they are. Not because they are over-priced (which I do think they are). But because they attacked the American people with the Tariff. And that’s not a “THINK” – that’s FACT. How is that American?

  • Lady MC Tech

    Are not Japanese workers subsidized by the Japanese government with health care and pensions that the Japanese employer doesn’t have to pay like an employer here in the states?.

    “Never argue with a stupid person. They will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience”

    the top of the motorcycle racing food chain?

    Yah…like a GP bike is stock…..

    11 miles of level ground rolling by. I’m not saying its easy, but any clown can hold open a throttle in a straight line to achieve max speed.

    So any clown can build a laker? So show up at Speed Week next year with your bike.

  • Lady MC Tech

    “In a head on, factory backed top speed test, would Harley win?”

    Are talking about a all stock bike?
    Then yes a Harley-Davidson would win.
    The quickest and fastest stock bike in the history of motorcycling?
    Its called V-ROD DESTROYER. Made here in the USA.

    “Never argue with a stupid person. They will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience”

  • FriedRice

    So – the tariff is excused because you think the Japanese government helps with Healthcare? Yeah – OK – sure. You go ahead and believe that. Who do you think PAYS for that National Healthcare system in Japan? You might want to read up and realize that about 4% of the person’s salary is paid out from the goverment (FOR THOSE THAT QUALIFY) – and where do you think that money comes from? Harley? No – the people in the country – who AGREED to it. Not saying that the program used there is great – it has lots of flaws – but – I want to know how that applies to the whole Harley Tariff thing. Please educate me.

    By the way – when most people are talking about stock bikes – they mean STREET LEGAL – and the Destroyer – is not. And – is straight line performance all that matters to you – what it can do in a 1/4 or 1/2 mile? What about the agility and balance to go around a track? That’s more important to me as a rider, and far more important on the street – steering, stopping, going – your ability to control that, and what the vehicle offers you to use – will save your life.

  • Lady MC Tech

    Dose not government who subsidizes in any way a manufacturer of goods lead to a cheaper finale price of his goods to the finale consumer? Thus gaining a unfair price advantage? And was not this in place by the Japanese government before any US trade tariff?

    As far as the worlds fastest and quickest motorcycle not being street legal,that is true.
    It still has no bearing on the fact it is what it is…..The quickest and fastest STOCK bike the world has ever seen.

  • Lady MC Tech

    “That’s more important to me as a rider, and far more important on the street – steering, stopping, going – your ability to control that, and what the vehicle offers you to use – will save your life”

    Yeah……Kinda like that all important riding position that puts your head out in front of you.
    Oh…and lets not forget to be sure and have your passenger sitting in the same forward position a foot above the driver. That makes for a real safe ride? ….NO!

  • Lady MC Tech

    would like to talk about the most technologically advanced street legal bike?
    I can tell you it is not from Japan!
    With 163 horsepower and pavement-scorching torque, the BMW K 1200 R is the most powerful “street legal” “technologically advanced” bike ever to roll off the assembly line.
    AND…. ….
    still at the top as all ways….
    The quickest and fastest
    H-D….go USA…..
    The most production power ever…………………..
    Go USA…..
    The Destroyer.
    Go USA….
    Go USA………..
    Go USA…..
    Now go ride your Japan bike with your butt stuck up in the air and your head stuck out.
    My H-D is slower, however I will get to where I am going.
    ? for u…Have you ever rebuilt your japan made bike?
    I dont think you have….you toss it out like a used rag….
    All I need to rebuild my bike is.
    #1 an adjustable wrench
    #2 a hammer
    #3 a screw driver.
    Have you ever ajusted the valves on your bike?
    Yeah……..right……Later guys Im out……


    Take that wheelie bar off and see how fast it isn’t. How impressive is it to talk about how fast something is that isn’t shit without the wheelie bar?
    Put wheelie bars on any bike and it will improve your times because you have a comfort factor of a piece of safety equipment and you know more throttle can be applied.

    I never said it was easy build a Bonneville bike.
    But really, how difficult is it to hold on, put your head down, aim it in a straight line and pin it. You are at the mercy of chassis stability, wind and small myriad of other factors. Not a whole lot of skill to hold a throttle open.
    Many Harley riders complain about sport bikes in this way.


    Go out and get a hibachi to go with your BWM. You’ll need it.

    Harley plays where other don’t. Let the big four make a purpose built drag machine. It not like they cant, its just not the most advanced area of motorcycling.

    If a machine is cared for, it will last for years. Ill keep mine until it dies and it’s already almost 8 years old. Might even rebuild it then.
    I’ll get another one that is more technologically advanced. Every few years the bikes get a renovation, a new generation.
    Not the same model just 10 years newer.

    Only 3 tools to rebuild you bike? I’d really like to watch you do that.

    Yes, I have adjusted shim under bucket valves. You are absolutely correct here. They are of the devil.

  • Lady MC Tech

    “Harley plays where other don’t ” Such as what and where?…
    HD=NHRA… holds the record for E.T. and MPH
    The only big Japanese manufactures who don’t participate in NHRA are Honda and Yamaha
    H-D= Salt…. 20 unlimited records. A kaw is the fastest bike as of now. “tell next year”.
    H-D =Fastest and quickest production bike…..
    H-D =Best resale..your bike is 8 years old and you paid what for it?And what can you sell it for now?
    H-D= Easy to work on
    H-D= More nation wide dealership so its easy to get help out on the road.

    Go out and get a hibachi to go with your BWM. You’ll need it…..What??????
    The fact remains BMW is the most technologically advanced bike built and H-D has the quickest and fastest production bike ever.

    The fact remains. It took over 12 years for some guy on a Kaw to build a bike that would be the fastest bike on the plant.
    A record beaten and taken this year from some guy on a H-D who was running a engine designed over 40 years ago.

    Only 3 tools to rebuild you bike? I’d really like to watch you do that.

    I may need 2 hammers a big one and a bigger one…so make it 4 tools

  • Lady MC Tech

    “I dont read about hundreds of thousands of race fans crowding Bonneville to watch a rider pin a throttle holding on for dear life with 11 miles of level ground rolling by”.

    Yeah….Well….I don’t hear about or see “MILLIONS OF PEOPLE” sitting in front of the TV to see someone building a Honda a Kow or any other bike made in Japan.
    Oh..I will put up my H-D against any Push Rod V-Twin from Japan.

  • Lady MC Tech

    “Take that wheelie bar off and see how fast it isn’t. How impressive is it to talk about how fast something is that isn’t shit without the wheelie bar”?
    Put wheelie bars on any bike and it will improve your times because you have a comfort factor of a piece of safety equipment and you know more throttle can be applied.
    Put one on your bike and see slow it is.

    Their is a lot to making a full pass.
    More than you may think.
    In GP if you make a mistake…. you may still get back in the race.
    In a Drag Race the same mistake…..you are done for the day.
    No room in a drag race. In a properly tuned drag race chassis the bar is not for keeping the bike from going over. Its to keep the bike from pulling up and out of the beam at the starting line at the drop of the clutch. Up and out will result in going red. You want the bike to go out then up.

    Harley plays where other don’t. Yeah……kinda cool…..

  • FriedRice

    The US Government did not help out HD? They don’t pass out money hand over fist? What exact world are you living in? Let’s see – feet stretched out in front of me – weight on my butt – hands forward, above shoulder height, while pushing around 750 lbs of long wheelbase narrow tired bike? That’s safer than others? Have you EVER seen the laws of Physics play? Your favorite quote about arguing with a stupid person? Please go look in the mirror. You complain that Japan is helping everyone – and the US isn’t? The difference is – let me say it again – maybe this time it will sink in – EVERYONE THERE KNOWS WHATS GOING ON. That’s how it’s supposed to be in the US. We AGREE that a TAX is OK – and accept the responsibility of paying for it. That’s not the case with the HD trade tariff. It should have never been allowed. Shame on Washington, shame on HD for begging for it. For one last point, I don’t ride a race replica. I ride was was once called a “standard” and in some terms a sport-touring bike. I sit upright – my head is NOT out in “front” of me. My passenger doesn’t sit “above me”. They sit EVEN with me. If you want to abuse bikes, know what you are talking about. I would LOVE to have pride in Harley. I just can’t. The Buell’s are even styled in a fashion I like, esp. the Uyl. The Street Rod, getting closer too. But..I would rather wait for Victory to produce it. Harley took my money in the 80’s when the tariff was in effect. They won’t get it again. Simple, plain fact. Non-disputed. Comparing that to Healthcare is STUPID. Ever hear of Medicaid? Welfare? Social Security? FOR THE PEOPLE. Not for a company. They should be ashamed. I wrote that in the 80’s, and stirred up a riot, much to the delight of my professor and advisors. I lived by it. I will continue to live by it. Many of my friends live by it. And they always will. You can argue. You can say that I am wrong. You can call me stupid. Feel Free – it doesn’t offend me – and it’s one of the few freedoms we have left.

    I do have to ask a question – why do so many of you think that the Japanese bikes are so hard to work on? I have never had issues – and never had to do a major repair in well over 300,000 miles combined on the few bikes I have owned. Valve Clearance – not on my old Honda – the Nighthawks were Hydraulic. Current bikes, if you can’t adjust threaded adjusters, get a life. Shims – LOOK INSIDE A VROD. Chain? Nope – I like the Shaft Drive, but agree that Belts are good – liked the one on my 1980 – YES 1980 Kawasaki. Spin on Oil Filter – yup – got that. Brake pads? 1 bolt, swing up, pull out, replace with new, reverse. So – where’s this supposed hard/heavy maintenance? Is this as bad as the old HD leaking oil problem – where people won’t let that go? Maybe. Lots of babble on this post – but – I have been up for 22 hours. But I did ride today, over 100 miles to work and back. And – it was fun.

  • Lady MC Tech

    I do have to ask a question – why do so many of you think that the Japanese bikes are so hard to work on?

    Gee….lets see honda gold wing…R&R Starter

    step #1 remove engine

    And I never called you stupid….Me thinks your more of an educated idiot

  • Lady MC Tech

    The US Government did not help out HD? They don’t pass out money hand over fist? What exact world are you living in?

    Ahhh…and you would rather see an Icon of America go by the way side?
    And by the way what country are you from???


    A 600cc Yamaha R6 ran under 10, with no bar. This was not a purpose built drag bike. Granted, it was lowered and ridden by a pro but still only 600cc.

    So what does the Destroyer run without the bar?

    Where are you getting the info on the BWM being this planets most advanced machine?
    “You don’t need a hibachi to cook Japanese” was BMW’s ad slogan.

  • Lady MC Tech

    So what does the Destroyer run without the bar?
    Full stock of just beer and wine?

    Where are you getting the info on the BWM being this planets most advanced machine?
    Have gone and looked at that bike?

    You don’t need a hibachi to cook Japanese” was BMW’s ad slogan.
    Funny…..and most likly….is now true…


    Yes, I’ve seen the BMW. Odd looking bike, but still cool. Sat on it and tested the anti-dive Paralever front end. That doesnt mean it’s the tour de force of motorcycles. See post #550.

    What does the Destroyer run in the 1/4 mile without the wheelie bar?

  • Lady MC Tech

    “What does the Destroyer run in the 1/4 mile without the wheelie bar”?

    Well now….If one were to take the bar off,the bike would no longer be a stock production bike now would it.

    “Yes, I’ve seen the BMW. Odd looking bike, but still cool. Sat on it and tested the anti-dive Paralever front end. That doesnt mean it’s the tour de force of motorcycles. See post #550”

    On looks alone the BMW would get my vote as the worlds badest sport bike.
    Back to post #550
    I dont see the Destroyer the worlds fastest and quickest bike ever put into production listed.
    Also,,,you never adressed my resale question about your 8 year old bike. What did you pay for it and what price will it bring today?

  • Lady MC Tech

    FriedRice,,,you keep making my point for me over and over. Stop living in the 80s


    A 66.9-inch wheelbase, a square-shouldered 7-inch-wide drag slick and a long wheelie bar certainly don’t hurt the times.
    What will it run without the bar and drag tires? Would it be fair to put it up against an import with a drag tire and wheelie bars?

    What do you do when you need a new computer? Do you go out and buy a used 1990’s 486 or get the newest 3 GHz Pentium?
    Would you pay more for the 486 because its nostalgic, a “real” computer and how they used to make them? Do you try to resell you old computer, put in in a closet or donate it to a charity? What would you think of the person that bought the 486 for what you paid for it?
    Do I really care what my bike will bring if I decide to sell it? I didnt buy it because I plan on selling it years later and trying to get it to hold its value.
    I know my bike will be old in 4 years because of the technological advancements gleaned from racing will be applied to the next generation of the line.
    Thats why we have cleaner more fuel efficient vehicles. Its called evolution.

    I would like see the “Icon of America” go away if they dont step into the future. Wont hurt me a bit.
    They have Buell. Get rid of the Harley DNA, its been inbred too many times and their motors show it.

  • Lady MC Tech

    You can put any spin on anything you want to it still will not change the facts.
    You will not address the resale vale of your bike with the facts.
    Your bike will be old in 4 years not due to some grate advancement in motorcycling.
    Its due to the fact it would be to cost prohibitive to rebuild.
    Its due to the fact it is disposable by design.
    The facts remain sir.
    The bike easy to work on is Harley-Davidson.
    The bike that has the best after market parts line is Harley-Davidson.
    The bike that has more dealers nation wide is Harley-Davidson.
    The bike that has the best resale valve is Harley-Davidson.
    The quickest and fastest production bike in the history of the entire world is as of now a Harley-Davidson.
    One manufacture holds more unlimited salt records than any other Harley-Davidson.
    No other manufacture even comes close on the salt ruled by Harley-Davidson.
    NHRA speed and E.T. records are held by Harley-Davidson.
    Some people don’t need the latest GP racing technology to enjoy motorcycling.
    Some are looking to just ride.

  • FriedRice

    I will stop remembering the 80’s when those memories fade. Until then – they are FACTS cast in stone. As soon as HD stops living in the 50’s – maybe I can forget the 80’s. Still haven’t explained WHY a Harley is the easiest bike to work on. Can’t see why it would be any easier than my 25 year old Yamaha, or my 12 year old Suzuki. Is there some type of magic towards replacing the service items (oil, filters, tires, brakes?) that is different from other bikes? I guess you also automatically assume I am riding a plastic covered sport bike. Guess reading doesn’t work for you, eh? Keep repeating that the fastest bike is a HD. Gee – it only took them – what – way over 20 years to be back in front. How long will that last? How long will anyone really care? A specifically designed drag bike being fast – is not as impressive as a bike staying together for an endurance race. Sorry. Maybe it is to YOU – but – not to ME. And if HD wants my money – they have to impress ME. But thats ok – I am not HD’s target audience (based on their commercials) – and so – it’s pointless anyway.

  • Hernysmyname

    Wow – I never posted on the internet before – so – this ought to be interesting!!! I started reading this list the other day, when my wife showed it to me. I went to finish it today – and saw a bunch of new entries. Wow – Fried – carrying a grudge, eh? I remember that too – did you know Chrysler did the same basic thing? But – should you be mad at Harley-Davidson or Chrysler for taking advantage of a program offered to them by the Government? Do you have kids? Do you take a deduction off your taxes? I don’t have any kids, actually can’t do to medical issues, and neither can my wife due to past cancer issues. And I can’t take a tax deduction for them. So I guess I should be mad at you because you can? Some of my state taxes go to Public schools. Well, I attended a private school growing up, and was not in college under a scholarship. Should I be mad at everyone in my state that has kids and does not send them to a private school – because they take my money for something that does me no good?

    At least you have a different reason for hating Harley Davidson, it gets real old hearing about what goes how fast, what costs how much, what leaks oil, what has chrome this. But – your anger is misdirected there Fried Rice. The public elects our lawmakers, President, Senators, Congressmen, etc. If something goes on that you don’t like – write to them. Don’t blame the people that use that which is given to them.


    Even with all the “facts” presented by you, I’ll still never buy one.
    When they impress me with a winning GP bike, I might buy a Harley.
    Japan doesn’t compete where Harley does. Is it out of courtesy?
    It’s about money. There is no money in drag racing, or salt. There is only one factory backed team, Harley! So, claiming they rule is again silly because no privateer has the resources of Harley.
    Guess what? Harley has no Moto GP bike. Harley had a Superbike but it didn’t place higher that tenth.
    Harley manufactures only a motorcycle. Only a V-twin, how many different engines this year?
    Where are Harley’s cars, F1 engines, power sports equipment, small engines, generators, diesels, jet turbines, robots and airplanes?
    If you really believe that Japan would lose in purpose built, factory backed races in your currently Harley dominated areas, read the above again.
    Maybe it is professional courtesy. Smashing a weaker company while they’re down isn’t very gentlemanly.

    How awesome is claiming you’re the fastest when no one else makes a bike with a wheelie bar and drag slick off the showroom floor? Winning a race that only you enter is ensuring your win by default and lack of competition. That’s really impressive.
    They offer a Buell that is race ready. I guess that means that Harley has the baddest production race bikes ever produced and available to the general public.
    The big four should just disband, how can they possibly compete when they don’t even offer a production race bike to rival an exceptional marketing division armed with semantics.

    The world’s fastest production turbine motorcycle is the MTT Turbine Superbike. Wait a minute, they win by default because no one else mass produces a motorcycle with a turbine engine.

  • FriedRice

    Henry – you may be right. Perhaps I should be upset with the Goverment for allowing people such platforms. But – your comments (while quite valid) – just go to show what a goverment will do to help COMPANIES, not people. The reality that everyone needs to accept is this – It’s a motorcycle. Some people use it for pleasure riding only, some do more. I commute on my motorcycles. I have done so for well over 20 years. I will do so until I am too old. When you buy a car, house, motorcycle, or even get married, you are making a personal choice, so you pick what is important to you. It wasn’t raining here in Jersey when I got back home, it was pouring when I left. I went to pick up my son from his acrobatics class. I took my Suzuki. A man there was picking up his child, and made a comment to me about buying an American motorcycle. I ignored it, but laughed silently when he got into the Toyota Avalon. And I remember the car from many prior weeks, so I doubt its a rental. Sad part is – Harley COULD convince me to try one of their bikes. Take the Buell Ulysses, add a counter-balancer – then maybe we can talk. Maybe. Honestly – I would rather see Polaris/Victory do it. I’d spend more to buy one from them. And I am sure it won’t be the fastest, quickest, quietest, most fuel efficient, easiest to work on…But it might work for me!!!!


    To post #642, I have to know – what year Wing are you working on, and what manual are you reading. Regardless – they would all say the first thing to do would be to remove the battery. After that – I certainly did not have to pull the motor on my 77 Wing (Naked Style, 1000 cc) or my 85 (Aspencade, 1200cc). Maybe you have to on the 6 cylinder models? At least I have not had to rebuild the engine in either, with 130K on the 77 and 145K on the 85. Oddly – on both bikes, the starters failed around 100K. Of course – that pales in comparison to one of my riding buddies Electra Glide. Beautfile chrome and paint on his Harley. Not too peppy though, and when we tour up through the mountains, he’s always way behind us. Not a knock on the motorcycle either – He has had more problems than any of us Wingers in our group, but I won’t judge a company by 1 Motorcycle.

  • hunt

    Is just me or are all of the 2007 96″ motors running way to hot???

  • well my brothers…and sisters(i’m sure). i am not a RUB, i am a PCB (poor country biker)! i have a harley, and i spend more time working on that s.o.b. than i ever get to spend riding it!! not to mention money invested. if i had any sense, i’d sell it today and buy a GSXR…and yes it leaks oil!!

  • Brett

    Favorite bike a Harley or a Honda ? I prefer a Norton commando. How about an old Indian ? or a Ducati? There are all kinds of great bikes, just enjoy them and the free souls who dare ride them.

  • matt

    on a note i should have made earlier….

    if anyone reading this is feeling generous, please visit this site; freewheelers.org.uk it’s who i volunteer for, and they need help!


  • GoBear

    Wow, 3 1/2 years of feedback for a topic. There’s some strong feelings about this.

    Let’s recap shall we:

    1. Either you love’em or hate’em, there does not seem to be many “middle grounders”

    2. They tend to be noisy (by choice) and leaky (not by choice)

    3. Americana and Nostalgia are not the same thing.

    4. Nothing is more American than making money.

    5. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. We get to choose our rides here.

    6. RUBs piss people off (except the companies that sell to them)

    7. Nothing ever good came from a dentist wearing leather.

    I own a bike, don’t care what brand it is. Don’t care if you do. It’s under my butt.

    Now that’s Americana!

  • jym jms

    Saw a brand new Harley Davidson Road King pull up at the intersection the other day and the handle bars and mirrors were vibrating like crazy,paint shaker style!

  • i still got that old goldwing, but i purchased a yamaha v-max last week. it is a sweet bike and i got a sweet deal. i still ride with my neighbor who ride’s a 1200 sprty, who says he”hates the v-max 10x more than the goldwing.” just like the goldwing the v-max idles just fine. unlike my stupid inbred drunken fuckin neighbor i don’t have to gun the throttle 50x while waiting for the light to change. i am really pleased with the v-max an its power, the first bike i ever owned that gave me the feeling of confidence when riding it.

  • matt and mesoglea [Edited] talk shit on harley riders when they are no different, only they claim to ride jap bikes. they have several things in common with the harley guy’s. matt refer’s to his father as uncle daddy. refer’s to the police as the man. he [Edited] drinks moonshine. his idea of a wild party involves a drunken evening at a barn dance with drunken yodeling and banjo music. he wears bib overall’s and a straw hat. rides barefoot with a Kool-Aid moustache. he fly’s a commie flag on columbus day. to this day he still swear’s to christ “i was only trying to help that poor sheep over the fence.” [Edited]


    Sure, I’ll go right up to a group of real men/bikers and try to talk tech. How would I back up what I say? They wouldn’t listen.
    After I insult their religion, they will gang beat me. Such rebels, real tough guys and outlaw 1%ers. How hard is it to beat a man when its more than one? Strength in numbers…..
    Kind of like you going to Moto GP and saying all the bikes suck because they are not Harleys. You roll go in like a Klan rally with flags and your leather uniforms. We would ignore you and you’d get all upset.
    The “real” bikers, on “real” bikes talk shit to others but we generally ignore it because you say esoteric things about looks, styling, nostalgia and other ego enhancing qualities.
    Get it right, Matt owns a Harley and others. I own only crotch rockets.

    Nice insults.
    Make an attempt at countering what others say to back or prove your point.
    Try writing intelligent things, they make more sense

  • matt

    i ride crotch rockets… just own a harley! just to make a pointless clarification! 😉

  • FriedRice

    Post #655 – what the post (642) was talking about was the STATOR, not the STARTER. Perhaps there was some confusion because the parts are spelled similarly? And it’s hard to do on a CX500 and CX650 (GL500/GL650) too. Not too easy on a Kawasaki Vulcan 700/750 either (so the books say). Real easy on an 1982 XJ650RJ – or at least so the book says – haven’t had to do it yet. Not on the 1993 GSX1100GP either, so can’t comment on it. But – we all need to remember that we have different engine designs – and there are plenty of them. People with HD’s only have to contend with 1 arrangement (at least since the 80’s – which I am stuck in), – a V-twin. Maybe a few different versions – XL (Sporster/Buell), Twin Cam (with or without balancer), and the VRSC (“rod” bikes). A lot of the rest of us have singles; pancake twins, fours, sixes; v-twins; parallel twins; inline 3’s, 4’s, etc. Plus the mounting – transverse or longitudinal. Remember to think about those things before buying ANY bike. Maintenance can be expensive – especially if you can’t, don’t, or won’t wrench it yourself.


    Ah – thanks Fried. That’s the same answer I got from my Honda dealer. Never had to change one in any of the bikes I have owned, either. Funny thing you pointing out all those different types of engines in other brands, got me to thinking. HD puts the same basic engine in the Electra Glide and Road King as they do in the Duece and other bikes? That’s kind of strange, isn’t it? Just seems weird to me. I guess in the HD world it’s a one size fits all, no matter how well it does the job. Never even noticed that before!!!

    Ride on everyone. And why not keep this post going for YEARS. It’s nice to have people voice opinions, and fact, in a way that many can see. I am really liking this whole message board on the internet thing. It’s great!!

  • Hello. I have a 99 Honda shadow spirit VT1100C ,Just got the bike. I noticed a oil leak out of what looks like a cap on the upper most part of the final drive area. They show this cap in the manual, but it does not say what it is or what it is for. There is oil comming out of it , and I am not sure how to fix the problem. Does this cap screw or snap on? is there a seal in or under it that may be bad? maybe it is threaded on not right? If any one can help me with this problem , it would be great. Thank you

  • numnuts

    post#668 just fix it with some j-b weld. or just leave it the way it is. with the v-twin engine and the oil leak you should fit right in with the harley guys. tell them its the newest feature from honda a tracking device. if you get lost you just follow the oil trail back home. the newest big thing since “Tom-Tom”.

  • eh?

    Apples and oranges! It’s like comparing a Cadillac to a Mits Evo. The Cad’s v-8 got lots of low end torque and smooth acceleration when you just tap the gas great for cruising and nice big plush seats like a Harley, while a Evo has lots of uncomfortable lightweight plastic and is built for speed. You have to rev up the engine and shift just right, to hit the tight HP power band then it goes like a lot of rice rockets do, its more where you want to be. For me at least the Harley is great for long trips and cruising around town, while the rice rockets are more geared for the racetrack and stunt shows.

  • STM

    Frank: I understand where you’re coming from. We have a similar problem here in Australia … it’s called the longboard. It is the Aussie equivalent of the mid-life-crisis Harley.

    Many former (not very experienced) surfers have returned to the sport on these logs and many can’t surf too well even now. They gang together in groups and take over a peak (the longboard having so much more paddling power than a shortboard), leaving surfers on shortboards fighting over the scraps.

    There are plenty of genuine good longboard riders who know how to behave in the water (ie, let half the waves you could catch go through to the rest of the pack) … but the recent returnees have no shame and are giving the original longboarders, who have been surfing all their lives, a bad name.

    They will pick off anything that moves and at some local breaks, especially the quality ones, there has been fisticuffs.

    They also are mostly white-collar workers who live in jazzy suburbs slightly away from the coast and drive BMW’s or expensive four-wheel-drives and have all the latest gear (nice wetsuits, the latest expensive $1500 boards, etc).

    I am stereotyping big-time here, but it’s mostly how it is.

    I believe many would be better off taking up golf, lawn bowling or croquet, which is appropriate given that even my grandmother could have learned to stand up on a longboard.

  • jentacurl

    All you folks talking about how you have to rev up a “rice rocket” to get power out of it – what the heck kind of “ricer” are you riding? A 250? I don’t need to rev my Busa to get going, and I can leave it in top gear and drive all around without issue (no lugging, smooth acceleration). Some slight handlebar mods (I am 6’5) and a nice tobin seat and some hard bags – and my wife had me get rid of the ST1100! Now, it’s comfortable, 46K miles trouble-free, and just plain AWESOME. But now – I just saw the Bandit 1250s – and they say it’s even smoother than the ‘Busa. I don’t need the ‘Busa’s top speed – so – maybe a slightly different bikes is in my future!!!

  • raoul

    BAAA,BAAA,Bleat,BAAAAA,why do all harley riders look the same? Ridiculous.

  • anonymous


    Couldn’t get my motor runnin’
    Dead out on the highway!
    Shoulda bought a Venture
    Coulda saved a lot of hay!

    Ape hangers got my shoulders crackin’
    Put my back in a f*ckin’ brace
    Tried to start it with a can of ether
    Explode in my face!

    Well my black leather looks wild
    But I walked, walked thirty miles
    With a price so high, I
    Can’t afford to die!

    Walked thirty miles…
    Walked thirty miles….

    I paid something frightening
    Heavy metal blunder!
    Now I’m racin’ for the payments
    And my credit has gone under!

    Yeah darlin’ that’s the belt a-snappin’
    To the world I’m a-losin’ face
    Fire all your loud pipes at once and
    Explode in their face!

    Well my true nature is mild
    But I try, try to look wild
    On the kind of bike I
    Can’t afford to ride…

    Walked thirty miles…
    Walked thirty miles…

  • anonymous

    List all of the HD bikes that you’ve owned like that is going to impress me. Maybe when HD stops using a Bingo ball to decide what next years models are going to be called, I’ll get interested in keeping track of them all. “Let’s see, roll the ball, pull out a chit, ah, here we go… H… X….T….L. Yeah, that sounds good. Send that on down to marketing. Okay, just two more models to go, folks, so let’s give that ball a good spin and pull out, uh, (rolls a six sided die), 5 letters this time! If we hurry up, we can catch Hee-Haw at five.”

  • matt

    675… this really bugs me, do not other makers use groups of letters to designate a model? yzf, r1, r6, etc.. etc.. etc… harley’s letters are very simple, not random, not a daft choice. they are simple and as follows; X – Sportsters. These descend from the K series, 1952-56
    XL- Series started in 1957. They are “unit construction” (engine & transmission share a common case)
    L – High compression (7.5:1 in 1957)
    H – Starting in 1958 came the XLH, meaning Higher-power or High-compression (9:1) or Hot .
    C – Also in 1958 was the XLCH. The C was intended to mean “Competition”.
    CR- Cafe racer style, with bikini fairing.
    LT- Touring, with bigger tank, thicker seat, and hard bags.

    The first letter of the model designator reveals the engine series:
    G – Servicar three wheeler, 1932 to 1972
    E – Overhead valve 61 cubic inch “big twin” (Engine/trans separated)
    F – Overhead valve 74,80 or 88 cubic inch “big twin”
    FL – 80 to 88 cubic inches and a fat front tire.
    K – Side valve 45 and 55 cubic inch sports bike that replaced the WL in 1953 and was replaced by the Sportster in 1957. It had many design features that were carried over to the Sportster.
    U – Side valve 74 or 80 cubic inch “big twin”
    V – Side valve 74 cubic inch made prior to 1936
    W – Side valve 45 cubic inch made 1934 to 1952
    X – Sports and special construction. Applied to 1918-1922 opposed twin Sport, 1944 military opposed twin, and 1957 to present Sportster.

    The second letter of the model designator reveals the Front end (except sportsters)
    X – Narrow tire and sport forks.
    L – Wide front tire and Hydra-Glide front forks.
    (FX originally meant “Factory Expirimantal” The first one was the Super Glide FX)

    The third letter of the model designator reveals the frame style:
    D – “Dyna” frame (with the rubber mounted motor)
    HT – “Highway Touring” frame
    ST – “Softail®” frame

    The next letter(s) indicates the model bike within the frame family:
    A – Military (Army) version (except GA, Servicar without tow bar)
    B – Battery start (early models), Belt drive (early 80’s) Black paint.(1995-6 model, the Bad Boy)
    C – Classic, Competition, Custom, various others meanings.
    D – Dyna, the newest frame and engine mount design.
    DG – Disc Glide
    E – Electric start
    F – Foot shift (when the standard was hand-shift) and now “Fat Boy®”
    H – varied between High performance and Heavy duty.
    I – Signifies Fuel Injection.
    L – Big fat front tire
    LR- Low Rider (though many Low Riders don’t include LR in the model ID)
    N – Nostalgia
    P – Police version
    R – Rubber mounted engine (some models) racing version (other models)
    ST- Soft Tail, Softail®l
    S – Springer
    S – (without following T) Sports version
    T – Touring
    WG – Wide Glide
    X – Sportster or sportster-type front end and Skinny front tire.

    This is more descriptive than usual, but lots of people seem to get worked up about believing it means nothing… but there are many models of harley, despite what anyone out there might think. here’s how it works

    e.g. fatboy = FLSTFI = (for simple folks) fully loaded, softail, fatboy injection, or FL (80 to 88 cubic inches and a fat front tire.), ST ( “Softail®” frame), F (Foot shift (when the standard was hand-shift) and now “Fat Boy®”), I (Signifies Fuel Injection)

    Simple, and doesn’t need guesswork, you can look at a harley, see the engine etc, and figure it out.

  • Jordan Weatherbie

    I’m a 22 year old Canadian. I work in the public service, I am a pipefitter on Canadas Submarine program. I worked damn hard to get where I am. Last summer I bought my first 2006 Harley Davidson Sportster xl883 low. It runs, sounds, looks and feels like a dream. I wanted a Harley ever since I was old enough to know what one was. To read this makes me go pffff to myself. You oboiously have no idea what your missing bud. I’ve gone skydiving, bunji jumping, white water rafting and I love getting extreme air at the slopes and nothing compares to the felling that Harleys american tourque can give me (except maybe my drop dead georgous girlfriend who is also a registered nurse). Call me a pussy or what you want but it is a lifestyle and I know I wouldn’t trade my life for your pathetic wast of existance ever. Your a jelous old fart with a closed mind, scard of what you dont know and of course loud noises.

  • version

    Do you eat EXTRME doritos and drink mountain dew when catching EXTREME air. I guess harley fit in with you XTREME lifestyle. I bet you think tibals tats are EXTREME too.

  • STM

    Jordan wrote: “Call me a pussy or what you want but it is a lifestyle and I know I wouldn’t trade my life for your pathetic wast of existance ever. Your a jelous old fart with a closed mind, scard of what you dont know and of course loud noises.”

    But he can write and spell, and doesn’t need to brag about how good his girlfriend looks.

    You sure it’s extreme air you’re getting mate? Sounds more like hot air to me.

  • Jordan Weatherbie

    Just brining to life the reality that that I’m not an old RUB or geiser on geritol. Neither are the friends I ride with. We ride fast and it doesn’t matter what u ride it’s all about having fun, thats what I do. I live life to the fullest every day… Can u say the same? As for my girl sorry I guess that wasn’t nessesary but I’m very proud of her which u would be two.
    PS I do got a tribal tatoo (not tibal) with two family crests and some old english. Love my tats.

  • Brock Way

    Amen. The only good that can come from electric vehicles is to push these god-awful heaps of noise off the road.

  • Lady MC Tech

    LAS VEGAS – SUMMIT FastNews – Order after one round of qualifying in Pro Stock Motorcycle at the NHRA POWERade Drag Racing Series, Sixth annual ACDelco Las Vegas NHRA Nationals:
    Psn Rider Vehicle ET Speed
    1. Andrew Hines Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hines 7.102 187.13
    2. Matt Smith Torco/Skull Gear Buell 7.136 176.28
    3. Shawn Gann Race girl/ Lucas Oil Suzuki 7.142 185.61
    4. Matt Guidera Rocklin Motorsports Buell 7.149 183.67
    5. Craig Treble Team Tigue Suzuki 7.150 188.20
    6. Ryan Schnitz Team Muzzy Buell 7.173 184.60
    7. Angelle Sampey US Army Suzuki 7.177 183.17
    8. Michael Phillips Phillips Racing Suzuki 7.185 186.77
    9. Antron Brown US Army Suzuki 7.187 183.39
    10. Tom Bradford Hal’s Speed Shop Buell 7.190 185.82

    Harley-Davidson still #1

  • STM

    “I live life to the fullest every day… Can u say the same?”

    Yeah, I’m a 50-year-old surfer … a Poor Urban Surfer (PUS) … still on a shortboard too, and visiting Dr Pacific most days, winter and summer.

    My wife ain’t bad either for an old sheila

  • nessman

    the weather has warmed up again. decided to take the v-max out for a cruise. It was EXTREME. stopped by 7-11 on the way home and bought some EXTREME doritos. stopped by the bar drank 7 or 8 beers. when i come outside it was dark and the ride home(only 50 degrees outside) was EXTREMELY cold.

  • 676…Matt.
    lay off the LSD, PCP, and the THC, or i’ll call the FBI, the DEA and your MOM

  • TheMMachine

    Sunday, Oct. 1, 2006 marked a record 10th AMA Superbike Championship for Suzuki.

    Yes. Again. And – no HD – DIDN’T WIN. Oh wait -they were not there – because – they CAN’T WIN because the bikes cannot compete. Exactly what good is big and burly if there is no longevity and agility? Base the V-Rod on a bike that perpertually LOST. Yup, makes sense. And then – ADVERTISE THAT.

    PS – My GT550 was easier to work on than a Harley – there was no valves to EVER worry about – and far less moving parts. Less oil to change. It used about as much oil as a Harley at the time – but – it burned it where it WAS SUPPOSED TO!!

    I wonder how many pimply-faced losers are on this board, bragging about whatever piece of crap Daddy has in the garage.

    Was with my kids in Toys-R-Us. Really liked the Harley Bicycle. Really thought it was cheesy that the big MADE IN CHINA sticker was right below the HD Logo. Even my 10 year old noticed that. She said – Aren’t Harley’s made in America? Isn’t that what #$#@ (I eliminated the name) always says and that’s why his bike is better than yours? My eight year old wanted to know if it would be as lound as #$#@’s bike – if so – you would have to wear ear plugs to ride it. That – from an eight year old. Who wants to know why Dad doesn’t hit the people that make fun of his bike. And – just for a note – Dad tells him – violence is not the way to solve problems, and that people can have opinions – that’s what makes America great.

  • your mom

    PS – My GT550 was easier to work on than a Harley – there was no valves to EVER worry about – and far less moving parts. Less oil to change. It used about as much oil as a Harley at the time – but – it burned it where it WAS SUPPOSED TO!!
    Im sure glide dad took that bike away from you.
    2-Stroke smoken noise maken pile of junk.

  • TheMMachine

    Nope – Dad didn’t take the bike away. Some punk fool stole it and smacked it into a delivery van. Hurt himself badly (he shoulda stole a helmet too) – and the center pipe was flattened by the front wheel. That poor ole thing met a hard death. Pile o’junk – yeah – but – it was still lots of fun. I always LOVED the smokem part. Not much noise tho – stock pipes. Just that sweet sound of a triple coming up, not a lot of ring-ding like a single or twin. And – since that was my early riding years – I can state with absolute authority – no shakey-shakey/drippy drippy ever touchy touchy – not even when I would foul out a plug. That’s my sons old way of describing #$#@’s HD – he used to always ask why the big part was shakey-shakey so much, and why stuff was always dripping out of it!!!

  • your mom

    The punk did you a favor…one more Jap bike smashed into beer cans….
    Just like a bic….Use it up…..then when it stops working… throw it out

  • can’t we all just get a bong

  • pcb

    i ben ridin a harley for thirty yeers now. and dis is da mos chldis fuckin site i ever saw. i ben lukin over uther sites butt this won iz bi far tha wursd evir. you whippr snapurs thinc ur rely kul dont ya. cum on out to my place and i’ll sho u how us reel min ryde. i wuld like to sell my japenease bike i one in a contess. itz only got 5 hunnert milz on it hardly ben yuzed.

  • Lady MC Tech

    LAS VEGAS – SUMMIT FastNews – Results of final, round 4 eliminations in Pro Stock Motorcycle at the NHRA POWERade Drag Racing Series, Sixth annual ACDelco Las Vegas NHRA Nationals:
    W/L Driver R-Time E-Time Speed

    (W) Andrew Hines (Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hines 0.029 7.080 188.65
    (L) GT Tonglet (Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hines H 0.074 7.310 181.91

    4:57 p.m. Hines is 10-4 facing Tonglet. The last time the Harleys have met in the finals was in Memphis last year, Hines winning that one.
    Hines gets the hole-shot and extends his lead at every marker.

    Harley is #1 and 2 no Jap crap. Honda still a no show in NHRA

  • Jordan Weatherbie

    Everyone here loves to ride it really doesnt matter what u ride. Were all in it for the same feeling of freedom. Some of my buddys ride croutch rockets and they tease me and I give it right back to them but it reallyis just personal preferance. You can argue either side for days nobody will ever win. Lets focus on the poen road. Just did the scenic cabot trail and it was Fuckin amazing Cape Breton Nova Scotia Nothing like it.

  • Let’s see:
    Twice as expensive.
    Half the quality.
    Rattles your teeth out.
    Pieces fall off constantly.
    Blows up, siezes, or burns after 25k. If you’re lucky.
    Experienced riders take everything off the bike they can because it will all fall off sooner or later.
    Masochists love the thing – they make it rigid frame for even more pain.
    The one thing they borrowed from the Japs: None of the parts will fit any other model of the same year. None of the parts from one year will fit the same model of another year.
    After decades of fruitless attempts at reducing the paralyzing vibrations, they adopted the same Rube Goldberg technology that the Japs tried & abandoned 20 years ago: rotating counterbalance shafts.
    But we make up for it all with a shitty condescending attitude – outwardly compensating for the inner knowledge that we have been had by the H-D myth.

  • Jordan Weatherbie

    (R LaBonte) My old mans fat boy now has over 100k with the origional motor no work except for oil changes and tires Nothing has ever ratteled loose of mine or my dads bike and my bike has ruber engine mounts that dampens all vibrations and so does the old mans my dad has a 2000 fat boy and i have an 06 sportster maybe you should get your facts straight before you go making up bullshit nothing at all against other bikes I just love the history, the sound and the look of a harley in my mind u cant beat it.

  • Brutsquad

    The amusement from this never ceases. I have 29,000 on my 04 softail and no maintenance other than oil changes and tires. It doesnt leak oil, it doesnt rattle my teeth out and no parts have fallen off to date. Im still curious as to why the sport bike riders keep trying to compare their bikes to cruisers. As for drag racing, Kawi’s use to hold all the top spots, (cant take anything away from them) they still compete but are not up to par with the v rods. So to say that Japanese bikes would dominate if they joined that world, they are already there. So the japanese cant beat the Harly’s at drag racing, so what. So the Harley’s cant compete with the japanese bikes in the road race. Hell, the italian bikes are better on the road race than the japanese bikes but they cost 2 to 3 times more. Nobody seems to be saying anything about that. Fords GT runs circles around everything in its price range but it still gets hammered for not being a Ferrarri or a Porche. Yes, there are japanese bikes at the salts but they dont hold records right now.

    The VFR beat a 24 hour endurance record some years ago that was held for more than 20 years. So finally a motorcycle beat a car (Chrystler held it before that). Whats the point in comparing things that arent deigned to compete against each other? Japanese cruisers are comparable to Harley’s size for size. (actually the Japanese 2000cc bikes are comperable to the 1640cc Harley performance wise. Same level of technology, just a slightly different approach. As for counter balance shafts. Some Japanese 4 cyl car motors use them, base models and performance engines so there must be something that works there.

    A recent article in one of the motorcycle magazines compared several full dressers. The gold wing was the fastest and most agile, had the most car features but the one that most of the test riders liked for the long ride, comfort, fun etc was the electra glide.

    A post a while ago mentioned something about Harley’s having to be louder etc. I know just as many people with metric cruisers that change the pipes and make them loud as well. Ride what you like and enjoy it, I do.

  • rodwrencher

    top ten things you will most unlikely hear anyone say at a hog rally.
    1.Do these leather chaps make me look fat.
    2.No more for me, i have to drive home.
    3.Anyone seen my toothbrush?
    4.Where can a man get a shower around here?
    5.Does my butt look big on this bike?
    6.You got me, I admit i spent my 401k plus my kids college fund on this mean machine.
    7.Hey ya’ll my family tree really does fork out.
    8.Meet my girlfriend, no she’s not my cousin
    9.Please go smoke your doobie someplace else, the smell of weed makes me sick.
    10.Hey ya’all anyone wanna rub weiners?

  • nessman

    last night i decided to go to the bar and have a few. for some reason i did not want to ride the v-max i just bought a few weeks ago. instead i rolled my 80 golwing out of the garage. my neighbor and i rode down to 4th&main. a local bar just 8 blocks up the street. we were watching broncos bs colts and two beers turned into 10 or eleven. i lost count after 8. when i come outside it was raining out but not a hard rain. just enough to make the pavement wet. i did not give the engine enough time to warm up, it was cold and i just wanted to go home and get it over with. i come to the stop light, the light was yellow, i needed to make a left turn through the intersection. when i noticed the light was yellow i dropped it down a few gears and twisted the wick. halfway through the intersection the cold engine finally woke up and the bike scooted out from under me. andyone who has ever ridden an older goldwing knows how narrow the rear tire is, on the wet pavement to top it off. i got up to my feet real fast. and liked around, nobody was around except for my neighbor to witness the situation. thank god i did not want anyone to call the police. i did not even take time to examine the bike for damage. i picked it up, restarted it and rode home like a bat out of hell, riding eighty through the 35 speed limit. as soon as i got the my house i was glad i left the garage door open, so i could get in quicker. i drove into the garage, crashed into the garbage can. got off the bike and closed the the door. i looked over the bike to check for damage, very minor scrathched the fairing a little bit and bent the footpeg. i looked out the window 2 minutes later and seen the cop cruiser drive by, whew close call. glad i got home when i did. i little bit longer i would have been busted. point being don’t ride when the conditions won’t allow it rain etc

  • matt

    point being nessman…. don’t ride after beer? conditons like rain? i suggest you get bike training.

    that was the biggest pile of crap excuse i’ve ever heard. you can’t hold you’re drink, and you can’t ride you’re bike. simple.

    don’t argue either… you wrote it yourself!

  • matt

    oh, and i’m sure everyone else reading this is wondering what nessman’s point is too… where the relevance to this blog is?? hmmmm

    i’m picturing the story now,…… i fell off… hehe… had a few beers hehehe…. gosh i’m so cooool! hehehe then i just picked up my ‘wing’ and rode it home, even tho it’s wet and that’s why i fell off…. hehe. wait, if it’s cold, wet and my ‘wing’ aint workin right, how come i rode the rest of the way without a problem? hehe hehe guess i had more beer than i thought!

    seems like an episode of ‘family guy’ to me! i think nessmans real name might be ‘peter griffen’!

    god i’m funny

  • Jordan Weatherbie

    Nessman’s a badass. Wow… what a close call, lucky he didn’t get in a high speed chase on his GOLDWING that would’ve been extreme. Boy your life sounds exciting.

  • Rodman

    Get this; Harley Davidson will begin selling beef jerky next year and will have their black and orange logo sportin’ the package. It’s anyone’s guess how much this’ll cost,Supposedly the jerky’s for the “long haul”.

  • Rob

    Hi, I stumbled across this article while I was looking for a part for my bike. I figured I’d add my 2 cents. I’m not here to argue with anyone. Arguments on the web are like pissing in the wind. So, my bike is a Harley. Yes, a Harley. I came back from Iraq last year, bought a Honda, sold it, bought a Harley. It’s a 98 sportster, cause, yeah I ain’t rich. It has loud pipes and I like them. Why? Beats me, maybe it’s because I don’t live in Berkley, CA with the yuppie/hippies. Oh yeah I don’t buy Harley logo’d shit cause why pay 50 bucks for a 20 dollar shirt. But no matter what you ride I always wave. I don’t have to prove if I’m hard or not by not waving. I know what I’ve done in this life. No matter what you ride you’re a biker and to that I say ride till you die, cause I know I will.

  • JoannaKilroy

    Look – Harley lovers will always go to Harley. It doesn’t matter. The old adage is true – A fool and their money are soon parted. Harley’s are fast? Yeah – ok – maybe with a REALLY GOOD rider – but – how many of those are there that will stoop to ride something that is so much WORK to ride? Heck – the more I ride – the less of the whole Cruiser thing I understand!!! My clients like to comment on the bike outside – and got shocked when I told them it was mine. I love seeing some of the guys come in with their “BIG HOGS” – yeah – you ride – wow – 6 thousand miles on a 2002 – WHEW!!!

    At least they all give us something to LAUGH AT!!

    Remember, it’s not what you ride, it’s HOW you RIDE – and if you respect others – they will respect you. You get what you deserve!!

    Hugs & kisses!!!


    Honda’s a no-show at NHRA – because – we HAVE to let Harley win something!! It’s kinda like a 17 year old going to a hooker and then going to school bragging he got some. Yeah – but he HAD TO PAY – he DIDN’T EARN IT. That’s how Harley is too. F-ing bunch of loosers. Yes they are – they are loosers – and they suck – and they will always suck – that money RIGHT OUT OF YOUR POCKET. You love Harley – GOOD for you. I don’t, won’t, can’t. They are about as American as the bicycle I saw in Toys R Us with their Logo – right under that – MADE IN CHINA. Post record profits – then ask employees to take a hit in cash? Yeah – OK – let’s support THAT company – that’ sounds JUST GREAT!!!

  • rodwrencher


  • rodwrencher


  • rodwrencher







    Harley announces new engine for 2007 model year

    Harley Davidson announced that in it will introduce the newest model of engine to their lineup, the DKH “Dickhead” Super Single. Where the engine differs is in design. It will be a massive, eighty eight cubic inch single cylinder air cooled motor supported on twin ball bearing mounts for maximum rigidity. The shape of the valve cover is instantly both easily recognizable and unforgettable. Of course, it will be shaft driven for the final drive.

    “It’s definitely a work of art.” Miriam Baxter said, looking at the test model. “I get excited on so many levels just looking at it.”

    When asked about the new changes in design philosophy, a spokesman at the Motor Company said “we wanted to give the customers something they could really relate to. We think that the new Dickhead really represents our traditional, core buyers and what they look for in a Harley Davidson product.”

    When asked why the company has gone to a single cylinder model, we were told that vibration was far less than the older V-twin model even though the Dickhead still has all the power of the classic V-twin which it will eventually replace in the years to come. The sound of the new engine is somewhat different as well, being only a single cylinder, but the exhaust pipe is chrome plated and rather huge with one tester even referring to it as “veiny” in nature. Our test model was evidently a press beater, and the chrome pipe showed signs of blueing through constant flogging.

    And what does the new Dickhead engine sound like?

    “Where the classic sound of the old engine was similar to ‘potato-potato,’” Said a HD design team spokesman, “this new engine sounds more like ‘unf-unf’ and it only gets faster in tempo the more you get down on it.”

    “There’s just something about this new engine.” One test rider commented. “I can’t really explain, but when I hop on this thing, I know it’s going to be a great ride.”

    The new Dickhead will take its place among the ranks of other notable Harley engines such as the Knucklehead, the Panhead, and the Shovelhead. The spokesman added “We believe the Dickhead is really going to fill some holes in the market.”

    Most of the current models will receive a new Dickhead engine as will a yet unnamed new model. Our inside sources say that the mystery model is probably going to be a Dickhead paired with an entry level Sportster, which really won’t be all that surprising.

    At first, look for a slow trickle of Dickheads to start showing up at the dealerships as the company closes down its hundredth anniversary celebration and ramps up for full production of the new models. Corporate sources also tell us that soon after that, all of the dealerships should be chock full of Dickheads.

    “It will be standing room only when all of the Dickheads hit the sales floor.” A spokesperson commented.

    “The Harley Dickhead. It’s what we’re going to base our new corporate sales policy around. We’re totally committed to getting all the Dickheads we can into our dealerships.” The company spokesman said. “That’s where we’re really going to see a jump in profit, from sales made off of all of the Dickheads.”

    The Harley Davidson Dickhead. If you haven’t seen one yet, just stop by your local Harley Davidson dealership where you’ll find several on display.



  • ILoveRice

    I think the saddest of all is the HD branded beef jerky, and the dumb-a$$es that will PAY MORE for it. Boy – some people, yikes!

  • Brutsquad

    Damn, he keeps talking but nothing comes out.

    I dont have any blind faith in technology. I have been working on cars, bikes and electronics for 25 years. They all fail, just some more often than others. I have seen more sport bikes broke down on the side of the road than any other type (American, metric cruiser, dresser, etc). Oh yeah, and they have the most technology.

    Oh yeah, they are pretty, they are wicked fast and handle extrememly well. They do what they are built to do. In fact, I can with a reasonable amount of confidence say that almost all bikes made today function as they are meant to.

    But I also teach motorcycle classes and I have noticed that of all these badass sport bike riders, less than 20% can successfully perform the basic riders course final riding test without point loss. Closer to 80% of the cruiser and dresser riders can. Sport bike riders are also much more likely to buy a bike they cant handle givin their experience and ability. (this is mostly due to how fast and agile the new bikes are.) A 600 today will shame a liter bike of 6 years ago. But everyone has visions of grandure and have to get the R1 because its the best all around behind the cost prohibitive Mangusta. Or they need the straight line with some cornering so they get the Bus or the ZX-14. You want your Gp inspired bike, more power to ya. Personally, I dont desire that at this time so go on with your bad self and ride what you desire.

    And you can say whatever you wish about the gov helping out Harley etc. Our gov built japan into what it is today so… And it is hard to compete in price when the cost of living is so great here because everyone needs to get paid more, which causes the cost of living to be so great here.. (wait a minute, damn, its all our faults.) Damn, a regular vicous circle.

  • ILoveRice

    That’s the problem – everyone things Japan can only produce SPORT bikes – who the heck said I rode a SPORT bike? And who said it was a 600? WRONG on both counts. Sorry the UJM’s don’t sell in the US anymore – but that’s our fault too. And – for cost of living – you might want to check out the Japanese economy – it’s not rice paddies and bamboo shacks there dude. You might just be SURPRISED – I know that I was!! Maybe – you GO there – and learn for yourself – I did. And hey – WE didn’t build Japan – they did that by themselves – remember – we LAUGHED at their products – and then tried to play (And still are) catch up. Let’s be fair, ok?

  • CBR Rider

    You say:
    And you can say whatever you wish about the gov helping out Harley etc. Our gov built japan into what it is today so…

    I say:
    Wrong wrong wrong! Japan has had technology for a long time!!! Japan has had technology since at least the 16th century. Japanese swords from back than could literally cut through European suits of armor! It is no MIRACLE that Japan is where it is today and it is definately not SOLEY due to our(Americas) effort.

    Speaking of high cost of living…a cup of coffee in Tokyo in the early 90s cost $3.50!…definately not cheap. Japanese real estate is through the roof! (Getting off subject that shoots down the argument that Japan DUMPS their products on us at unfair very cheap prices).

    I agree….Lets be fair!

  • Jordan Weatherbie

    No Harley owner is as ignorant and stupid as RODWRENCHER. Thats because he’s not real someone is posing trying to make Harley owners look stupid. All his blogs are just pasted from the dummest website I’ve ever seen http://www.goingfaster.com. The Harley Dickhead come on now!

  • Brutsquad

    I never said Japan wasnt expensive, I know it is. But there are not fair trade practices between the US and them. That is why a great deal of the Japanese cars are now built here. We tried to impose import tarrifs. We pay higher tarrifs on our exports to just about every other country than they pay to export to us. I remember back in the 80s in Japan when the rent on a bed in a wall was as much as an apartment here. But the Japanese dont get paid on the Avg as much as Americans (with relationship to the economy) because we are greedy. A few years ago Americans got all pissed off because a Japanese official (I dont remember his job) said that Americans are over paid and lazy and thats why we dont make as good a product. It was in reference to automobiles. Everyone was pissed off, but he wasnt far from the truth. Japans work ethic is much different than ours and much more conducive to the end product.

    I didnt say you rode a sport bike or a 600. I was making a comment on general reliability and performance of sport bikes with relation to advances in the last couple years. The comment about wanting the GP inspired technology was also meant as a general statement. Other than rodwrencher, there doesnt seem to be that many ignorant posts to talk down to.

    And as for us not helping Japan to be who they are today? lets get real. After we dropped those two bombs of fertilizer on them a few years ago, they just keep growing. But their research and technology is able to be put into improving their over populated no natural resource having island, consumer goods etc since their military is limited to defense only. Yes, their swords could cut through british armor, but so could spanish swords. Im not saying they dont have what it takes, they proved that for centuries. And they do have some of the worlds highest tech stuff, but they dont have all of it.

    I dont put down Japanese products, but the playing catch up on car and bike technology is more in the opinion than in the product. Reliablility has been comperable for 20 years, but the mind set is still there that it isnt.

  • Your comment on the loud pipes that server no purpose. Ummmmm, yeah, they do. Most of the time people in cages don’t see us, at least they will hear us.

    Other than that, I can pretty much agree. I bought a Yamaha Roadstar Warrior. This thing has more power than most HD’s and was a lot less $$$ too. I still plan on buying a softail one day as a 2nd.

    Yes, my pipes are just as loud as the HD.

  • Lady MC Tech

    Order for Qualifying Round 1

    POMONA, Calif. – SUMMIT FastNews – Order after one round of qualifying in Pro Stock Motorcycle at the NHRA POWERade Drag Racing Series, 42nd annual Automobile Club of Southern California NHRA Finals:
    Psn Rider Vehicle ET Speed
    1. Andrew Hines Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hines 7.020 191.00
    2. Craig Treble Team Tigue Suzuki 7.059 189.84
    3. Angelle Sampey US Army Suzuki 7.066 188.07
    4. Chip Ellis Drag Specialties/G2 Buell 7.081 183.10
    5. Matt Guidera Rocklin Motorsports Buell 7.087 185.59
    6. Michael Phillips Phillips Racing Suzuki 7.094 190.11
    7. Ryan Schnitz Team Muzzy Buell 7.099 185.59
    8. Antron Brown US Army Suzuki 7.106 184.70
    9. GT Tonglet Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hines 7.107 185.61
    10. Geno Scali Performance Machine Suzuki 7.108 186.51
    11. Steve Johnson Snap-On Tools Suzuki 7.109 187.08
    12. Mike Berry Lucas Cycles Suzuki 7.118 186.95
    13. Karen Stoffer GEICO Motorcycle Suzuki 7.133 184.47
    14. Tom Bradford Hal’s Speed Shop Buell 7.142 188.62
    15. Marco Andreano VRoom Racing Buell 7.162 181.98
    16. Shawn Gann Race girl/ Lucas Oil Suzuki 7.179 185.05

    H-D #1 GO USA!
    HONDA?….a no show

  • CBR Rider

    H-D #1 GO USA!
    HONDA?….a no show

    Harley is #1 and 2 no Jap crap. Honda still a no show in NHRA

    Honda won the Moto GP championship for 2006!! Honda won with an American rider, Nicky Hayden. Its the first time an American won in many years. Go Hayden! Honda also won Moto GP in 2002 and 2003 as well. Moto GP is where the baddest bikes and the baddest riders in road racing compete. Ducati, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, Aprilia, and a few others were there. Where was Harley Davidson? Oh that’s right, Harley Davidson can only compete if they have a HUGE rules advantage. Even than, that generally won’t help them.

    I read a motorcycle comparison where the Harley Davidson powered Buell, using close to a 1000cc engine, was compared to three 600cc bikes and a Ducati 800. The Honda had the second fastest quarter mile time. The Buell had the SLOWEST quarter mile time. The 600s used in the test were not even the fastest 600s available! The Buell ranked lowest in engine power, quality, transmission, brakes, and handling. The Honda ranked no. 2 in the line up. The Buell ranked LAST place in the comparison!

    The only way Harley Davidson can win or compete in anything is if they are given an absurdly big advantage, like maybe twice the engine displacement over their competitors.

    Harley Davidson and their fans need to quit whining, take a deep breath and committ to making a good bike. Chevrolet, with the Corvette, has made a very good performing car at a good price. The Corvette is compared to many cars that cost much more and the Corvette still holds its own. Harley Davidson hasn’t held its own in any recent racing. Harley Davidson needs to use some of that huge cash they have, suck in the gut and invest in research.

  • Lady MC Tech

    Moto GP?? What is it?
    Can I see it on network T.V.?
    Can I take my street bike and race?
    Do tens of thousands of fans and
    participants go to it every weekend?
    I read a motorcycle comparison?
    You read a comparison?
    I seen H-D place #1 today.
    The only way Harley Davidson can win or compete in anything is if they are given an absurdly big advantage, like maybe twice the engine displacement over their competitors.
    All V-Twins regardless of manufacturer
    are allowed the same displacement @NHRA
    Harley Davidson and their fans need to quit whining?

    I think you ment winning….do we need to talk about salt racing next? Have a nice day….

  • CBR Rider

    What is Moto GP?
    Moto GP is only the road race with the fastest bikes and fastest riders. American Nicky Hayden dominated AMA road racing almost from the start. In Moto GP it took Hayden years to even finish on the podium. The championship he won this year was only decided in the very last race. A testament to how fast Moto GP riders are.
    Moto GP motorcycles post faster times on race tracks than any other racing class, AMA or WSB. Testament to how fast Moto GP motorcycles are.

    Can I see it on network tv?
    Do tens of thousands of fans and participants go to it every weekend?
    I thought you Harley Davidson fans thrived on individuality. Here you are saying that something is only valid if the masses follow it. Don’t HD fans think for themselves? A lot of people buy under perfoming and expensive Harley Davidson motorcycles. Does that mean I’m going to buy one? No way! I prefer to watch a contest that pits speed, acceleration, deceleration, handling, hard braking, down shifting, up shifting, and reliable enough to go the distance, etc….. What bike does Harley Davidson produce that has that much performance from the factory? There is way more technology into making a bike that can perform many tasks as opposed to a bike that is made to go only in a straight line for a few seconds or in the case of salt racing a few minutes.

    What event are you talking about that has tens of thousands of “participants”? When it comes to competition the more participants the merrier. More participants put more pressure on building a performance machine and seeing how one machine and rider stacks against another. Nearly every manufacturer has a Moto GP, AMA or WSB team. There are also a few private teams in each of those classes. Where is Harley Davidson? NHRA has how many manufacturers….2!…Harley Davidson and Suzuki.

    I follow Moto GP, AMA, and WSB because they more closely mirror a bike that I can buy and ride on the street. Because these bikes very closely, and I do mean very closeley, mirror AMA super stock and super sport race bikes, I can watch a race and see for myself how they stand against the other bikes. I can also own that mind boggling perfomance and ride it on the street for myself!

  • Lady MC Tech

    Can I see it on network tv?
    Do tens of thousands of fans and participants go to it every weekend?

    Your lack of response to my two specific questions pasted above leads me to belive the answer to both is NO &NO.
    Try this question.
    Who on this page gives a crap about GP besides you? NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!!
    Any person can go to any Drag Strip on any weekend of the year and race anything driven or ridden .
    The good ol USA has thousands of Drag Strips all across the country
    The HARLEY-DAVIDSON V ROD DESTROYER is the fastest and quickest production bike in the 1/4 mile EVER in the history of the world.
    In one of your post you tell of how the Corvette is such a super car. Yeah…right…
    For over 35 years now the fastest car in NHRA Stock class has been the Dodge Dart and the Plymouth Barracuda running the 427 HEMI in A/S.
    The 427 Corvette gets its ass handed to it every time.
    The Corvette guys have cried for years the MOPARS get to run 2 4bl carbs and that is the only reason MOPAR wins all the time and it is true.
    Well….MOPAR engineers designed the car to have 2 carbs Corvette engineers did not put 2 carbs on the corvette so its slow like a honda.
    Just like MOPAR HARLEY engineered a bike to win on the Drag Strip.
    It took years for V&H to make the bike work and now that it does work you still cry HARLEY cant engineer a race bike.
    I wouldn’t go thumping my chest if I were you!
    Kow and Honda cant make it in NHRA Pro Stock bike just like Ford cant build a engine to run Pro Stock Car.
    Its not from lack of trying …they cant do it.
    Harley success in Pro Stock is not due to Harley. Its due to…. Vance & Hines and hard work…Have a nice day.

  • CBR Rider

    Hard work?….Vance and Hines success is due to having twice the engine displacement of their competitors….no hard work there!

    According to SpeedTV, viewership of Moto GP was up 50% this year! Obviously a lot of people interested.

    Again, I’m not interested in what the masses do! If the masses buy under powered, under performing, over priced Harley Davidsons, does it mean that I should buy one too? No way! I think for myself! By the way, tens of thousands of people do not follow motorcycle drag racing at each event. I’ve been to motorcycle only drag races and their crowds are far smaller than AMA road races. At NHRA events most of the spectators are not there to watch the motorcycles race but more so the top fuel dragsters and funny cars instead. There are many more motorcycle magazines that cover motorcycle road races than there are that cover motorcycle drag racing because there are more road racing fans than there are drag racing fans.

    The good ole USA has lots of road race tracks and also a Moto GP champion.

    Why do I care about the VROD destroyer that is not street legal? I can only ride that bike on a weekend that a drag strip is open. I can’t justify paying a ridiculous amount of money for a bike that will only be ridden a handful of days on any year. Sport bikes today come out of the factory with ported heads, racing radiators(no need to buy oversized racing radiators), and sticky enough brakes to where there is no need to buy steel braided brake lines, to name just a few of the sport bikes advantages. I put 5,500 miles on my bike this year. There is no way I could do that on a bike that can only be ridden on a race track. What if someone built a production NASCAR caliber car? So what! What use would that car be to the public when it can only be driven a dozen times a year? I care about vehicles that I can personally drive on the street! Wouldn’t you rather participate daily than watch?

    Kaw and Honda race against more factory supported teams than Harley Davidson and Buell put together! The only factory teams that Harley Davidson races against are those in drag racing racing….Suzuki is the only one that comes to mind. Buell races in AMA formula extreme where the AMA gave them a big rules break. The Buell team took that big rules break and stretched it even further with their new XB12! We’ll have to wait until next year to watch the 1000cc Buell get its butt handed to them by the souped up 600s.

    There is no reason except fear that HD doesn’t try to build a Moto GP bike. I understand why HD isn’t building an AMA Super Bike and thats because HD can’t handle the smaller Formula Extreme class. Harley Davidsons experience in building bikes is smoke and image. They have limited experience of trying to compete or build on a performance level. With Moto GP there are no homologation rules which means that HD would only have to build ONE bike. HD wouldn’t have to build a number of bikes to make sure the bike was production. HD could build a prototype and race it except that HD is scared.

  • Lady MC Tech

    “Vance and Hines success is due to having twice
    the engine displacement”

    Bullshit alarm!!!! All V-Twins get the same CC

    “According to SpeedTV, viewership of Moto GP was up 50% this year”

    50% from what?

    “I put 5,500 miles on my bike this year”

    5,500 miles in one year….WOW…Guinness book of world records is looking for you

    I can’t justify paying a ridiculous amount of money for a bike that will only be ridden a handful of days on any year.

    Uhhh….Out west we race every weekend

    “The good ole USA has lots of road race tracks and also a Moto GP champion.”

    And thousands of drag strips Harleys rule on

    “Wouldn’t you rather participate daily than watch?”

    Like I have said…E.T. races every weekend

    “There is no reason except fear that HD doesn’t try to build a Moto GP bike”

    And what keeps Honda out of the NHRA all V-twins get the same CCs

    “Harley Davidsons experience in building bikes is smoke and image. They have limited experience of trying to compete or build on a performance level”.

    Open up the records book. Have a nice day

  • JoannaKilroy

    What’s up with you people and this loud pipes saves lives CRAP? Have you heard it so many times you actually believe it? If it’s so important and critical towards saving your life – then why aren’t the bikes louder to begin with? Why isn’t an ambulance or police siren then SO EFFECTIVE that they NEVER NEED EVEN SLOW DOWN? But – we do. I ride with EMT’s now. We HAVE to stop EVERYWHERE for people who can’t see the flashing lights or hear the blasting siren – that’s blasting in the DIRECTION WE ARE GOING – making it FAR more likely to be heard, and it’s at a tone and decibal level you would hope could NOT BE IGNORED. So – do you really think that the constant drone of your exhaust – or the constant PLAP PLAP PLAP does anything but make the guy next to you – driving that car that outwieghs you by a ton or so – anything other than mad? Loud pipes will not save you – your ability to ride will, your ability to handle your ride will, not your exhaust pipes, not your chrome, not your extended swingarm or extended fork. In the last year – I have really learned what all those things are. My ex used to preach the loud pipes saving lives. Now I know that it’s crap. You are too scared to ride in traffic – don’t. I have seen motorcycle accidents now – and 2 were fatal. Mix of sporty bikes and cruisers. Funny – they keep a tab at the house. Most sport and/or sport oriented bikes – front end hit. Most cruiser and tour bikes? Either a wipe-out – or run INTO by another vehicle. I guess that kind of makes sense to me when I think about it.

    Sorry for the babble. Everyone have fun. Remember to breathe – and remember to respect your fellow people – not just the riders – but everybody!!!

  • 3puttboy

    I have been reading this blog on and off for the last week at home and work when I’ve had the chance and it has cracked me up to no end. Thanx go out to LadyMC Tech for finally calling CBR Rider on the MOTO GP crap. OK, we get it, you live and breath MOTO GP. The largest percentage of us don`t know and don`t care what it is. As far as loud pipes, yes they do work, same as a siren. For someone too say they don`t is just ignorant. Of course not everybody hears or pays attention to sirens but the majority of people do. As for me, I love rolling out of my garage and down the street and watching the neighborhood pets and children flee into their garages or yards, but at the same time curiously watching the bike go by. My bike was down last week for some minor maintenance while I was reading this and I actually started thinking about all the crap people were saying about unreliability. It took about 2 seconds after firing my softail up to realize what I was missing. All bikes need maintenance and repair at sometime, even if its weekly. I’m glad I can do some of it myself because I enjoy it. I tried an experiment the other day. I waved to every bike I saw between my home and work. Six total. 3 rice riders didn`t wave and 3 HD riders did. I`ll try flipping them off next time and see if my percentages go up. To all of you who talk shit about HD`S, the jealousy is semi obvious even if thinly veiled in your statements about reliability, speed and cost. Its ok to want. I’ll never ride anything but….

  • CBR Rider

    To all of you who talk shit about HD`S, the jealousy is semi obvious….

    What reason do import riders have to be jealous of HD? HD quality? HD sound? HD price? HD speed? HD handling? Name a reason import riders have to be jealous of HD.
    Why is it that HD riders have derogatory names for anything Japanese? Jap Crap, Rice, Rice Burners, etc… That is derogatory, mean, bigoted and out right rude! Why do HD riders tell anyone not riding a HD to buy a real bike? Why are there numerous clubs where a membership requirement is for HD owners only?

    OK, we get it, you live and breath MOTO GP. The largest percentage of us don`t know and don`t care what it is…

    You don’t care about Moto GP?
    Lady MC Tech post drag racing results all over this page all of the time. She makes a bigger deal about drag racing results. Who cares about those results? 2 manufacturers drag race against each other in drag racing. Big deal! How about AMA racing right here in the USA? In AMA at least 7 manufacturers race each other. AMA racing uses bikes practically off of the show room floor. Buell/HD are currently competing with the 600cc bikes in the formula extreme class and getting their butts handed to them. Yep, I’m real jealous of that!

    In AMA there were two imports that made v-twin engines that competed side by side with the inline 4s with no rules differences. They were Honda RC 51 and Ducati. So how is it the in drag racing all of a sudden Buell and HD are able to win races? Why Buell and HD compete equally? If Honda or any other manufacturer announced that they were going to enter a water cooled v-twin in drag racing I would wager that NHRA would alter the rules, if the rules already aren’t in place, to restrict the engine displacement of that engine. Have you ever wondered why the VROD which in production form is water cooled but in drag racing form is suddently air cooled?

    Lady MC Tech, you say that the rules for engine displacement for all v-twins in NHRA are equal. Would you kindly post that section of the rules in one of your post the same way that you do the drag racing results?

  • CBR Rider

    Jo Anna Kilroy, your article on loud pipes and motorcycle wrecks was very informative! Riders shouldn’t count on loud pipes to save their lives. Riding skills are definately more important in riding safe. You made a good point about the “constant” blap blap blap engine noise only being annoying instead of alerting. Even ambulances alternate their tone from constant siren, to siren bursts, and back and forth. Like you said, the constant sound gets ignored. I hadn’t thought of it in detail until I read your article. I admit I have an after market pipe on my bike but I’ve never revved it to alert drivers. I’ve always used the horn for that.

  • Lady MC Tech

    “Lady MC Tech, you say that the rules for engine displacement for all v-twins in NHRA are equal. Would you kindly post that section of the rules in one of your post the same way that you do the drag racing results?”

    Go buy a rule book and read it for your self it will set you back 5 bucks.

    Why Buell and HD compete equally? If Honda or any other manufacturer announced that they were going to enter a water cooled v-twin in drag racing I would wager that NHRA would alter the rules, if the rules already aren’t in place, to restrict the engine displacement of that engine.

    Hummm,,,So now you can also predict future rule changes with in the NHRA . Can you also tell me what stocks to buy? Or what team to bet on? Oh and by the way H-D just won the NHRA PRO STOCK BIKE CHAMPIONSHIP….GO USA #1 HARLEY-DAVIDSON. Funny how the other racers in PSB don’t snivel about displacement. Just some loser cry babe who has NEVER raced.

    Oh and by the way 3 manufactures race in PSB..H-D #1,Bull #2 and some other bike. Kow was racing this year however dropped out. Honda still a no show.

  • CBR Rider

    My editing job in post #727 was horrible. I hope no english teachers read it. Let me be more clear here.

    The AMA currently has written the rules to allow a large rules break for air cooled v-twins(meaning HD and Buell). 1000cc HD powered Buells are currently competing with the 600cc bikes in the formula extreme class and the Buells are getting their butts handed to them. Yep, I’m real jealous of that!

    In AMA there were two imports that made 1000cc v-twin engines that competed side by side with the 1000cc inline 4s with no rules differences. They were the Honda RC 51 and Ducati. The Honda and Ducati were both 1000cc v-twin bikes that competed with inline-4 1000cc bikes and both Honda and Ducati were on the podium many times. So how is it in drag racing Buell and HD are able to win races when they can’t handle 600s in AMA? My guess is that NHRA rules give a rules break to air cooled v-twins(meaning HD and Buell). If Honda or any other manufacturer announced that they were going to enter a water cooled v-twin in drag racing I would wager that the NHRA would alter the rules, if the rules already aren’t in place, to restrict the engine displacement of that engine. Have you ever wondered why the VROD which in production form is water cooled is suddently air cooled in drag racing form? My guess is that the rules give air cooled v-twins(meaning HD and Buell) a big break.

    Lady MC Tech, you say that the rules for engine displacement for all v-twins in NHRA are equal. Would you kindly post that section of the rules in one of your post the same way that you do the drag racing results?

  • Your a loser



    All this talk about how the Big 4 don’t drag race so Harley is better because the Big 4 obviously cannot make a bike to compete with the awesome technology of Harley.
    Drag racing is a cool sport but don’t tout it as the ultimate of all of motorcycling. The teams don’t exactly tour the world racing at the worlds most difficult, flat, 1/4 mile stretches of macadam.
    Like it or not, road racing leads to advancement in production vehicles.
    Notice how long it takes for the technology of those Moto GP machines to hit the showroom floors. Advancements occur and are applied every year or two. What wins on Sunday, sells on Monday.
    Japanese cruiser advancement is slow compared to the sport bikes. I know not the exact reason why but I can hypothesize:
    1. Money. They don’t make their money with cruisers.
    2. Corporate Divisions. Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki make more than just motorcycles. Kawasaki’s power sports division is their smallest. Refer to #1.
    3. They are at war with one another on the racetrack. A possible gentlemen’s agreement between corporations to compete on the track only. Do they really need to open up two fronts by the total incorporation of race technology on the cruiser segment?
    4. Just like NASCAR and the NFL, cruisers are distinctly American. NASCAR is the laughing stock of the racing world outside of America, football is called soccer, outside of America, and cruisers don’t sell as well outside of America.
    5. Japan sells machines overseas that would be laughed at and become showroom anchors in the USA. Customized 400cc scooters are incredibly popular in Japan.
    6. They outsell Harley everywhere. Harley sells one type of bike to the world at about the same price. Japan offers affordable purpose built machines for all types of riders.
    7. Japan isn’t stupid. In the USA, they make their money on the sport bikes in the 600cc and 1000cc flavor. They have many great machines in 250cc, 400cc and 1300cc that just don’t appeal to the American market. They would waste their money because they would have to continue producing parts for a bike that doesn’t sell.

    If Harley is so fantastic at making massive power, incredible launching ability and maximum speed used while racing only in a straight line that is generally ignored outside of the USA, where are their other lines of products besides accessories and apparel?
    Why don’t they make cars, trucks, Gran Prix Racing engines, generators, jet skis, dirt bike’s, ATV’s, diesel prime movers, mass production assembly robotics, industrial machinery, turbines, airplanes and anthropomorphic robots?

  • Lady MC Tech

    Andrew Hines continues to bring glory to the Harley-Davidson brand, winning his and the manufacturer’s third straight POWERade Drag Racing Series Pro Stock Motorcycle title Sunday at Auto Club Raceway in Pomona. Hines $50,000 pay day came after Craig Treble defeated Antron Brown, Hines’ last remaining challenger, in the second round.

    “This one means the most,” Hines said. “Every single round of competition was tough. Every round you felt like you had to be at your very best to win the race. It was very hard. The level of performance has never been so close in this class. It was tough, but it makes the championship mean so much more.”

    The younger brother of three-time champion Matt Hines, who now serves as Andrew’s crew chief, Andrew was never far from the points lead this season but he actually held the No. 1 designation after just five of 15 national events heading into the season finale. A first-round loss to teammate GT Tonglet two races ago in Reading, Pa., resulted with him giving up the lead, but a win in Las Vegas two weeks ago put him back on top for good.

    It was a struggle at times for the 23-year-old son of legend Byron Hines, but according to the newlywed racer, who postponed his honeymoon to the off-season, the 2006 title is the most satisfying by comparison.

  • Brutsquad

    Will the humor end? Im thinking no. Actually, in order to outperform the new $70K ZO6 Vette, you will be spending more than a half mil. or you will be building it yourself. As for the quickest accellerating stock car, its the Ford Thunderbolt with a 427 Side oiler and the second is the Dodge with a 426 max wedge, not the hemi. As for Moto GP, I have no argument, the tech and the riders abilities are definately not arguable. I like to drag race because you can run anything on any weekend. I built my mustang to road race because a road race car can drag race but not the other way around (same as moto gp) and spor bikes.

    CBR, you dont want a Harley because they dont make a GP bike, thats fine. You put 5500 miles on your bike this year, fine. I put 19000 on my softail in the last year and pushing 30k and still havent as much as an oil leak (so much for the reliability issue). The Harley audience doesnt care about Moto GP so why should they build one? (Or generators or cars or robots). Companies build to what their target audience will buy. As for the whole needing a motor size advantage, the Jap bikes can out run the Ducatti on the straight because the liter 4 will out rev and out power the liter twin but the ducatti will out handle the jap bikes. different approaches. (the Buell engine wasnt designed to race or rev to the moon). They sell to their own audience. MESOGLIA just pointed this out. In drag racing, the engine size rules are for the class and engine design like in any other sport, not the manufacturer. Nascar limits to 358ci (hot) but if you run a V6 you dont have to run restrictor plates, GT racing has GTO and GTU (over 3L, under 3L). Formula 1 cars can be 6s, 8s, 10s and 12s. The displacement and power adders are limited by engine design choice of the competing team. What engine you put in your vehicle to compete is up to you as long as it follows the rules of the class. Even in Moto GP. What a concept. the statement of the aircooled Vrod in drag racing, Im not sure about that personnally, but most of the fastest classes like pro stock, funny car, top fuel etc have solid blocks or filled blocks so they run no coolant eiher. I would imagine the 4 cyl Kawi’s that compete at that level run filled or solid blocks as well. (they need the extra strength of the block and the officials dont want coolant all over the track if/when a block splits).

    Formula engines make 750 hp with tiny motors with 6 and 7 sp trans, top fuel dragsters make 7500 hp on 500ci and only have 1 gear. Everything has its technology niche. Formula cars top out over 250 and run the 1320 in low 9s at around 150. The top fuel dragster is running over 280 by the 660 ft mark. Different technologies to do this.

    I believe the Destroyer is the quickest stock bike but I believe the fastest is still the Bus at 202 (due to goveners, the ZX14 only tops 186 in the US.)

    What a world we live in eh? when we get to choose what type of bike to ride, car to drive, style of racing to follow and all the while, listen to narrow minded people about our own choices without them having the fear of public stoning.

  • CBR Rider

    HD makes nothing but motorcycles. With only that focus they should be making motorcycles with the best quality, performance, price, and variety(they only make v-twins). HD as a legacy has nothing on Kaw or Honda.

    Another thing about Japanese race bikes and street bikes. Japanese race bikes very closely resemble their street bikes by a long shot over HD. That is true in road racing and drag racing alike. What has HD applied to its production bikes from its limited racing experience? We have the VROD destroyer which has a drag slick and wheelie bars and is not even street legal! We also have the Buell XBRR….another bike that is not street legal. Except for the very few racers who will buy those bikes, the bikes aren’t doing the average riders any good. HD fans can site statistics of fastest production bike…big deal! Its about riding a bike not siting off the wall statistics used by a select few. That is HDs way of passing their racing performance down to their production bikes. It figures…typical smoke and image from HD. Being able to site “we make the fastest” is more important than providing an actual fast bike that a larger number of riders can use.

  • CBR Rider

    BTW, I live in a cold northern state. I ride an average of 5 to 6 months a year. If the weather was better I’d probably average 15,000 a year. A lot of the miles I put on are on twisty country roads..250 mile days are not unusual. Once riding, I can’t stop. I must see whats beyond the next bend. I also ride straight, flat, isolated roads(not too often though). Occasional 160 mph days on those are not unusual.

  • JoannaKilroy

    Hey CBR Rider – it’s amazing what I have learned in my few months on the road – not only RIDING on my own – but on the Bus. Several months ago – I would have agreed on the loud pipes saving lives – and even SAID that a dozen times, because – I didn’t know any better – and my ex’s bike had/has REALLY loud pipes on it. As time has gone on – I have learned the truth. And yet – just today I got the pipes argument, from a fellow EMT. And so I told him I was going to replace our sirens with his pipes – and he thought about it for a moment – and actually apologized!!!! By the way – seems like the “real men” have trouble apologizing to a “girl”. It was nice handing it back to him. So – everybody – just remember – have fun, ride what you like, and don’t worry about what the others say – High School is over – and the quarterback is likely fat, bald and broke!!!

    Hugs and Kisses!!!

  • Brutsquad

    Think Road Safety check out the two videos.

    Take longer to look for bikes

    The Perfect Day

  • amused

    Funny, I have had quite a few bikes and my favorites so far are my 73 Guzzi and my 07 Night Train. I also have another harley but have decided to get rid of since I don’t have enough time to enjoy everything. Maybe you’re on to something though, when I get ready to ride either of them I feel like I’m now in a diferent world, it feels cool. You can measure 0-60, displacement, etc but can you measure what’s cool? Let’s face it, that is something that comes and goes with the times and the cultures
    and is also unique to each person. This is why we have cool bikes available to purchase, otherwise it would come shrink wrapped with a
    2 week expiration date on it.
    I’m ok with people not liking slow loud Harley’s or rice rockets, it keeps the world diverse.

    Ride on but don’t ride by another biker and ignore them no matter how uncool they are!

  • TheV65Man

    So, my girl-friend of the last several months has been talking to me about this website – and finally I had a day off – so I decided to check it – and numerous links from it – out. Some FUNNY stuff here!!! I have been a rider for about 30 years. I can honestly say that I have heard a lot more anti-NON HD comments than anyone else complaining about HD. I’ve owned 2 Harleys. They don’t fit what I want anymore. My Dad is a big Harley fan – he loves the “feel” of the v-twin. For me – I don’t like it. I prefer the smoothness of my v4. I don’t like laying over the tanks of the sporty bikes – which is while I will probably be riding this old V65 Sabre for a LONG time. So – why post here – I just think it’s silly for people to put down ANY motorcycle – just because they don’t like it. What, we have nothing better to complain about – so we have to go look for things? I didn’t buy my bike because it was fast – I bought it because – 1 – at my size I fit on it, and 2 – I liked it. Simple. I have owned other bikes, many during the duration of owning the Sabre – thinking – Maybe I will like this one better or that one better – but I always ended up riding the V65. PS – for all your HD haters – my HD’s (a 1982 used and a 1998 new) never did leak any oil, or have major problems (except an appetite for light bulbs, especially rear turn signals). For you rice haters – none of my Japanese motorcycles have ever had major failure (my V65 still has all the original light bulbs, at just over 20 years and 100K miles). My BMW – it DID break often. So – Ride what you want, respect other peoples choices, and above all – HAVE FUN – isn’t that what riding is all about?

  • Sean O’Leary

    I’m glad I found this forum. Finally, someplace I can get this off my chest! I’ve been reading posts dating back to ’05 for the past 3 hours now and have laughed my ass off from all the blatant ignorance! I’ve been riding for 27 years now and have owned 33 motorcycles of almost every popular brand – except Harley. (Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, MotoGuzzi, BMW, Laverda, & Triumph) Every time I thought I would buy a Harley – and believe me, I can purchase 5 of ’em tomorrow without blinking – I just took one for a ride, or rode a friend’s or acquaintance’s Harley, and decided, oh my God – HELL NO!!!

    It’s tough, it really is, when you’ve been weaned on Jap bikes that almost NEVER fail, run smooth all the time – even when they’re NOT tuned up for 5 years, handle so well it’s as if they’re wired into your brain, stop so well your eyes hurt, and are about as reliable as – like Annie says – the sun coming up tomorrow. I’ve crashed Jap bikes, drag raced them with Nitrous Oxide, ran ’em with a half quart of oil for 4+ hours, pulled them out of floods, absolutely beat them to piss and back, and STILL never had an all out engine failure. All this for a third of the price of a HD!!! Unfortunately, my Italian and German bikes never faired as well. But at least the riders of those marques don’t ramble on about nonsense. They realize -as I did – the shortcomings of their particular brand and accept it. It truly makes one think that with the right marketing and hype, stupid/gullible/brainwashed American people really would buy ice in the winter-time. The Japanese are well aware of this idiosyncrasy and thus tap into this interesting slice of “Americana” for purely business reasons. C’mon, wouldn’t YOU sell ice in the winter-time if there were idiots on line to buy – at a severe 150% mark-up??? You’ve got to admit, descendants of Soichiro Honda must sit in Japan scratching their heads trying to figure out what goes on inside the heads of Americans when they purchase Harleys. Imagine for a moment someone wanting LESS technology, LESS reliability, LESS handling, LESS power, all with the aesthetics and appeal of a 1920’s depression-era motorcycle! With this reasoning I should turn in my son’s ’07 2800lb SQ-EFI Intercooled Turbo 295-horse AWD Subaru WRX for a 1958 Ford Edsel and go then go Rally Racing!

    I realize that we can buy whatever we feel like and enjoy whatever pleases us. But when it makes so little sense and people not only defend and rationalize such moronic actions, but swear by and advocate, in-your-face, the purchase of a true 2-wheeled P.O.S., it makes you really wonder about human nature and where we’ll be in 100 years. Then again, there’s individuals in the Middle East blowing themselves up by the hundreds daily because they believe it’s “Allah’s will” and when they get to heaven, there will be 100’s of virgins there waiting for them! Can you draw any parallels between the obtuse trains of thought of these people and dogmatic Harley riders??? Yeah, I know, just ride and be happy. OK, just have the morons with little or no knowledge of real motorcycles throw their money in more beneficial directions, like saving the whales, starving children, or abused animals.

    Not wanting to get into a littany of friend’s nightmare Harley stories, I must say at least ONE thing in HD’s favor… I think we should all be grateful for the V-Rod. I, for one, am ecstatic that HD (with massive help from Porsche) finally has a bike that approaches the performance levels of Japanese bikes of the late 70’s and early 80’s!

  • Thomas Jenkins

    Thats right – I am not afraid to put my REAL name as my “Name”. Now – is anybody gonna bash Sean? Of course – someone will VERY soon – because – he’s attacked the truth about HD. Yes- those of us weaned on the Jap bikes know the truth about them. I had a fool tell me he was selling his Honda Shadow because it “didn’t sound just like his Harley”. Of course – 2 years – and lots of problems, including what I would call the WORST dealer prep ever, and the fastest wearing tires and suspension components I have ever heard of. 10K miles – you should not be on the 3rd “Harley Davidson” rear tire, and 2nd front tire, rear shock shot, front springs begging for forgiveness? For 18K? YIKES. I never had luck with any other brands either – and not great luck with Kawasaki – but Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha – let them rust, let them sit, never do any maintenance, and still they will run, stop, steer just PERFECT. Can’t say the same for the 1 Harley I owned – oh gosh no – and I see many others can’t either. The V-Rod is close – but – how about just take the Buell (love it’s ride) – and put in a better motor? Let them just steal the SV1000/DL1000 engine. Well, wait. Better yet – just get me a cheap belt drive conversion kit for the DL1000 (and I saw them somewhere) – and – I don’t need anything else!! Or – make the mistake I did last year going to Germany – I road the Yamaha Bulldog. What a great bike!!! And I could easily live with that shaft drive. ARE YOU LISTENING Yamaha?

  • amused

    C’mon now. Apples and oranges. I have an 04wrx that’s tuned to a simple 280HP and I also had a
    96 caprice w/ a six speed tha was tuned to 350HP.
    Apples and oranges, I like both cars. The wrx cost me used 16K + mods(2k), the caprice 5k + mods(4k). Both are great cars and the caprice is alive and well with 280K and a trans rebuild.
    My 96 sportie is on 55K w a clutch and new
    spings up front. harley is not as reliable as
    the Japanese imports but my last two bikes have been far from a POS. Overpriced, maybe, but so
    is Coke.

  • Brutsquad

    This blog has grown to be my morning source of amusement. It strikes me funny about the ignorance people have. Constantly bashing, talkin trash etc etc without having first hand knowledge. I have two bikes. An 83 V45 Magna and an 04 Softail. I have as many miles on my softail as the Honda with fewer problems since I bought either one. I hear talk about no quality, no technology, no reliability, blah blah blah. At 30K on my Softail, I have replaced the tires and change the oil. In fact, my first set of tires went over 13k and I just put a new rear tire on 500 miles ago and about to put on my 3rd front. Id say that is better miles on my tires than anyone I know with any japanese cruiser or sport bike.

    A friend of mine is about every day telling me about one of her riding buddies that lost his chain, engine just stopped for no reason etc etc. I dont hear about constant problems with their Harleys (or metric cruisers for that matter).

    Just because your motor is water cooled doesnt mean newer technology. Unless you are comparing mid 1800s tech to late 1800s tech. Cruisers (American or metric) by nature dont have the technology that sport bikes do, and they dont have the accourturements that dressers have. But if you are talking about shock tubes that have internal springs with oil dampening, or hidden rear shock/spring combos, belt drive, 5/6 spd tranny, etc. then the tech is pretty standard. even metric cruisers have the same level of tech as a Harley, minus the required water cooling. So unless you are trying to compare the Warrior (the only cruiser with sport bike inspired technology) to the big twin, its competition isnt the air cooled Harley, its the V-Rod and the VRod out performs it.

  • nvfuoco

    People spend too much time criticizing each other. Just ride what you like to ride and ride it safely. A little courtesy is a must also. I ride a Honda cruiser with pipes (yes, I’m a real “Hardley” and a real “rice burner” since I’m an asian-american). But I always try my very best to keep it down when I should.

    I don’t criticize Harley riders because some of my nicest friends ride Harley’s. And they are hard-working people just like everyone else.

    About supporting America by buying a Harley, I would like to think that the money I saved from buying a Harley gets spead out more when I put it in a bank, stocks or spending it on other things where it can also support our economy… I’m an engineer not an economist, so what do I know, right?

  • Cody

    ……………..I’ve been working in harley dealerships for 4 years now….in a parts department…so i see the rubs asking about stupid shit, and i see real bikers buying the shit they need…….only a rub would get offended by that……any real biker reading would just be nodding along

  • Cody

    oh hahaha one more thing….just look up at all the other posts and see how uneducated the HD riders are…..it all makes sense now…..THATS why they were stupid enough to think you could BUY INTO a lifestyle


    I love croutch rockets because there soooooo fast harleys suck

  • Jordan Weatherbie

    I dont know why people bash Harleys so much. I dont bash your bikes If I wanted a croutch rocket I would have bought one. My sporty is fast enough that it’s pleanty of fun and I think it looks and sounds amazing. It’s cool I always wanted one that’s why I bought it. I dont care if it’s insainly fast looks like a pylon and sounds like a wipper snipper. As for the relibility issue I’ve done nothing to my bike but oil and tires my old mans fatboy has over 100k on it now and the same thing. You know what… I’ll get back what i payed for it too. Pay a little more now save more later. Maybe I’ll sell it maybe I wont but it’s nice to know I’ll do good if I do. I dont care what you ride it’s all about having fun, most the guys I bike with are into the Jap bike and sometimes we tease each other but in trouth we respect each others differences. In my mind Harleys are the coolest bikes on the road and that wont change because I’ve been thinking that since I was old enough to know what one was. I’ve drivin a 2004 cbr600 and a 2006 gsxr750 it’s kinda fun I guess but it dont give me the cool feeling I get from my bike. Drive what you want have fun and dont knock others because they ride what they do. I didn’t try to buy into a lifestyle either. Motorcycles are a life style not harley.

  • Harley’s are for the purists. I have no problem with that. But the wannabe’s waking up the neighborhood with that noise deserve a punch in the head. I once saw a portly pampered suburban guy I grew up with riding around in his new Harley – equipped with the German WWI helmet. He looked like an idiot.

  • Read it… I dare you. It’s long… but so so true all the way to the last line.

    What happened to personality, individuality and pride in something you put together with your own hands?

  • Lady MC Tech

    Hines, Screamin’ Eagle V-Rod team overcame challenges to earn third title

    Contributed by Gabrielle Stevenson

    Byron Hines

    Byron Hines is a legendary tuner and championship-winning team owner. He’s been involved with motorcycle racing since he teamed up with Terry Vance to form a racing program following his tour of duty in Vietnam in the 1970s.

    When asked what accomplishment he is most proud of this season – just after his youngest son rode his Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hines Harley-Davidson V-Rod to his third consecutive Pro Stock Motorcycle championship – he didn’t hesitate to put the spotlight elsewhere.

    “From the guys who work on the bikes at the track to all of the people we have back at the shop, we have tremendous depth on this team,” Hines said. “Having that depth, great technology, and Harley-Davidson on our side makes you want to keep your head down and work. This team has so much experience now that when something does challenge us, we don’t freak out. We keep our focus and just keep working until we find a solution.”

    Andrew Hines, 23, just wrapped up his third consecutive title following the NHRA POWERade season finale in Pomona, Calif. The youngest of three Hines children, Andrew Hines was just following in his brother’s footsteps. Matt Hines was the first rider in NHRA history to earn three consecutive titles (1997-’99).

    Just talking about his sons makes the usually ultra-focused father crack a smile – even if only for a few seconds.

    “Never in a thousand years did I think this would happen,” Byron said. “But Matt is a big reason why Andrew is the champion again. He brings so much knowledge and experience to the team and that has helped in some key situations that come up every once in a while. He has helped Andrew become a better rider and he was a big motivation to me this year too. He was probably one of the biggest reasons why we spent so much time testing and working on the dyno.

    “There were times when Andrew carried the team too. There were a couple of times when the bike was struggling and Andrew did a great job as a rider and helped us maintain our point position while we worked out the kinks in the setup. He’s so young and he’s still learning but I think this championship will temper him well. He’s going to have a new perspective on how your psyche works under pressure and he’s going to be a better rider for it.”

    Andrew earned three wins in five final-round appearances this season along with two No. 1 qualifying awards. He qualified in the top three of the 16-bike field at 11 of the 15 national events. He also recorded a career-best pass – a 6.950-second run at the Reading, Pa., event.

    “This team gets better every year,” Harley-Davidson Racing Manager Anne Paluso said. “They overcame some challenges that put the team uncharacteristically behind the ball to start the season and they didn’t stop working until they had a winning combination on the V-Rods. This group works well under pressure and the way the team has managed to stay competitive for three seasons really speaks to the talent of the people working on this program.”

    Andrew Hines

    Andrew has eight career victories in 15 final rounds. He has earned the top qualifying position 19 times in his young career. Yet he still has a way to go when it comes to catching up to his big brother in those stats. Matt earned 30 wins in 47 final rounds along with 41 No. 1 qualifiers. Angelle Sampey is the only other rider in NHRA history to win three consecutive titles (2000-’02).

    “Watching Matt race was a great way to spend my childhood,” Andrew said. “I was just some punk younger brother stressing everyone out in the pits at the race track. I never wrenched on his bike the way he does mine, but being able to follow in his footsteps means a lot to me. I have great people who have encouraged me throughout my young career and I’m really lucky that way. To be only the third rider in NHRA history to win three consecutive championships is just incredible.”

    Andrew started the season in third place after a semifinal finish at the season opener in Gainesville, Fla. With runner-up finishes in Houston and Atlanta to aid him, Andrew stayed in the top three throughout the first half of the season.

    “There were some major rules changes over the off-season that gave the Suzuki teams a bit of an advantage and they came out and won the first four races of the season,” Byron said. “The Suzukis were dominating the competition and we all thought we were going to be in for a long, difficult season. Andrew rode so consistently that he kept us in second place. He kept us in the hunt while we found our feet again and got a competitive combination back.

    “For a while there, it didn’t look good for our team. Our team stumbled a bit at the beginning but we came back and that’s pretty cool.”

    Andrew took over the points lead for the first time this season at the summer event in Denver. Not only was it his first victory of 2006, but also his first win at his former home track. A Southern California native, Hines went to high school in Trinidad, Colo., when his family’s Vance & Hines Motorsports shop was located there. The team moved to Indianapolis nearly two years ago, but Bandimere Speedway will always be a special place for Hines. His first event as a professional rider was in Denver in 2002.

    “When Matt won his first event at Bandimere in 1996 I remember riding the bike from top end to winner’s circle,” Andrew said. “We had about 30 or 40 people in the winner’s circle celebrating with us that weekend because all of our friends and co-workers from the Trinidad shop came out. It was just a great feeling for our entire team.

    “This year it was just as special for the team. It put us in the points lead and it personally felt great for me to win at Bandimere. I have wanted to cross that off my list since I started racing.”

    Andrew held the category points lead following six of 15 events this season – including four of the final five events of the season – losing it briefly following the Reading race. With just two races left in the season, Hines was 27 points behind Antron Brown and the U.S. Army Suzuki team. A victory over teammate GT Tonglet in the final round of the next event helped Hines jump back into the lead.

    “In 2004 and 2005 we had enough of a points lead that we were racing to protect the lead in the final two races of the season,” Byron said. “This year we were in attack mode because we had to get points back and I think that not only helped Andrew, but the entire team. We started to think aggressively about doing anything we could to take the win instead of being cautious and protecting the lead.

    Matt Hines

    “I think being in the points lead can sometimes force you to over think your decisions and this year we took advantage of being in a different position going into the final two events of the season and it paid off.”

    Andrew didn’t relinquish the lead once he took it back after the win in Las Vegas – something that made the older brother proud.

    “I wasn’t sure what to expect of Andrew when he decided to go racing in 2002,” Matt said. “When I learned there were going to be two V-Rod bikes in 2003 and Andrew was going to ride the second one, I think I was a little surprised. What he’s done in a short amount of time is amazing. He had all the tools to be a great rider and I think my dad and his knowledge of winning races and championships really helped him learn a lot in a short amount of time.”

    The younger brother couldn’t agree more when it comes to admitting he was short on experience when he made his first pass on a Screamin’ Eagle V-Rod in 2003.

    “My team took a punk rider without any experience and they made me a three-time champion,” Andrew said. “I have no doubt that I have the best team in the business. I’m surrounded by people who have incredible knowledge and a willingness to teach.”

    Paluso said everyone had to learn a lot in a short amount of time.

    “When we started this program our goal was to first qualify for a race, then win a race, and then start aiming for a championship,” Paluso said. “The plan was really to keep moving in that direction. The second championship was icing on the cake for the team but the third title is a real tribute to how they can continually improve and find ways to be competitive in a very tough Pro Stock Motorcycle field.”

    Andrew said the sheer numbers of what the team has been able to accomplish still makes him shake his head in near disbelief.

    “The program has come so far. It was just an idea on a sheet of paper in 2001 and now we have three championships,” Andrew said. “The first and second championships were great but I think the third is just above and beyond incredible for everyone at Harley-Davidson, everyone at the shop and the team. My brother wanted to tune the bike that would tie his record of three consecutive titles and he did that.

    “Dave Schultz is one of the greatest riders in the history of the sport and he won six titles in his career. But he didn’t win three in a row. My brother did and now I have and it’s all because of our dad. The man has done some amazing things in his career and has contributed amazing things to the sport of motorcycle racing. I’m so proud to be part of his team.”

    H-D #1

  • Jordan Weatherbie

    Hey Jimm I read it and came to the conclusion that just like everytihng else I read here is just opinions. There is no proof in numbers. I dont know where people get off saying the quality and endurance isn’t there. It just isn’t true. Maybe if your comparing the speed of a croutch rocket but thats like comparing a Cadallic SLT to a Honda S2000. Actually Harley gets more power with less displacement then most metric cruisers in THE SAME CLASS. You obiously ride a croutch rocket and you are bias. They are fast.

  • Nelson

    Wow…it’s amazing the thing that people find to fight about. ((jumping up and down with anticipation)) So let me put my two cents in. I am a Sport (crotch rocket) type of guy. Ride a Yamaha YZF R1. There is a certain beauty I find in the lines of my bike that I can’t describe. But regardless of who rides a Harely, I want one. I would really give a damn who would think of me as a RUB or whatever. I also collect firearms. Just because Colt Revolvers/ old Smith & Wessons are no longer “top of the line” they are still a piece of American history. So is the Harley. How can you knock someone for what they like…and does it really matter??

  • Jordan Weatherbie

    Nelson your the man

  • iriderice

    It’s been a while – and a few people have finally gotten it – ITS AN OPINION!!! Yea! There is hope yet. Facts are simple and easy. Opinions are the HUMAN ELEMENT. If you WANT A Harley – ride a Harley. IF you want a BMW – ride one. But – here’s the part that a lot of you don’t get – Don’t put down the other guy for NOT choosing what you want or have. Got it? Let’s hope so. Now – go out there and RIDE.

  • iriderice

    Had to do it – just noticed an episode of Speed TV’s Pinks – a Vrod vs. a Suzuki – 2003? Rod vs. a 1983 GS1100E. Both stock. First race -Rod spanked the Zuk. 2nd Race – Zuk spanked the Rod. 3rd race – Zuk spanked the Rod. Ouch – 20 years later – the big GS still kicking a$$!!

  • matt

    An opinion is just an opinion. But……… As i read earlier… if anyone else here thinks the corvette is or ever has been a good car, please go get a brain, and realise it is a car that shouldn’t be called a car. I would rather buy a 20yr oldsmobile, nearly the same handling etc!!!

  • matt

    oh, and on a note of non-opinion (that would be a fact then!); a bike that partakes in a motogp race, is nothing, nothing like the bike on the road, just like a harley drag bike (a regular comp one at least). A subaru impreza wrx is nothing like the one u see on the rally circuit either. Nor a touring car, nor le mans, yes, some races require the vehicles to be road-worthy (law-wise at least), but that doesn’t mean they are stock, nor are they just ‘tuned’. Wanna argue, fine. but it’s just fact. O.K.

  • Been There Done That

    MAN O MAN….. Listen to all you YUPPIES who think you know about bikes!….. Cant wait to read the paper tomorrow and find yet another story about the Biker who was killed….. seems like every week end one of you Yuppie riders bites the dust just cause you wanna be a cool Badas Biker!…. So now I have pay more $$$ for insurance to ride my bikes as Ive been doing sice 1974 just because of you stupid American Chopper Riding Dumbasses….. Go find another more respectable lifestyle to ruin would you please!!!!

  • friedrice

    Hey riderice – good name. By the way – I just saw that same episode of Pinks, downloaded from I-Tunes. Glad to see that the quality of that show has improved. Other factors (having dragged a few bikes in my time) that are important – notice the size of the bikers. WEIGHT and HIEGHT play big dividends on small motors and the performance numbers in the accel and mpg game. I just hope that the people watching the race were not really surprised. The legacy of the GS motor is just that – it’s a beast and takes an incredible beating. One of the best parts of that episode was the Suzuki rider saying he wasn’t ready – and the host saying that he couldn’t HEAR the guy’s bike. I thought it was going to be a whining fit and started to figure that the GS1100E rider was going to cry because the HD won – but – he proved he was right – did NOT ask for a do-over and INSISTED that the v-rod rider take the race. He took the next 2 races, even when the V-Rod had a lead in the last one, and a cool down period for the clutch that just seemed to fragile to take a beating.

  • rachel

    hey hey hey harsh much some people drive harlet because its more comfortable you dont have the right to going saying this stuff about people and what they drive well what ever you drive must be really lame and you cant stop me now how do you like it? you dont like it verry much do you? well your fatt ass is sitting in your freaking ugly drive i can say all i want to how do you feel you cant say this about our bikes untill you drive one and if you are going to talk about people like that just wait one of these days you will probley get your butt kicked not by me but by a really strongly agreed biker. so if you can dish it you better be able to take it cuz it will all be coming your way


  • matt

    please be aware, i do not affiliate myself with views/attidudes such as rachels’. most of the people who think they are tough because of the bike they ride, generally take that attitude onto the road. Never a good thing. That is what makes ins. so high!!! It also gives bikers a bad name and creates animosity that most of us don’t need or deserve from other road users…. that is hinherently dangerous!

  • AmyG

    Just like almost any application in life, there are good people and there are a$$holes, motorcycle riders are no exception. I absolutely love to ride and my riding partners have all different brands and types of bikes…it doesn’t matter. We all still ride together and look out for eachother. The little wave that bikers do is a symbolic and friendly “i’ve got your back” sign…
    yes, there are some bikers who are selective/snotty about who they wave to, but it’s not just harley people. When I had my first bike, a Suzuki, there were some cruiser types who dissed me…
    now, I’ve got a cruiser and some sport-bikers diss me…heck, some bikers simply diss me because I am female! MOST bikers, however, are friendly and do the wave across the board.

    To each their own…
    In my opinion, the “true” riders are those who are so caught up in enjoying their ride, they don’t even take notice of brands, etc…
    it’s all about the ride. 🙂

    Keep the rubber side down!

  • CBR Rider

    Moto GP bikes are very different bikes than the bikes on the road. I should have been more specific. AMA super sport and AMA super stock bikes very closely resemble bikes on the road. The changes the race bikes make are the same basic changes a lot of people make, which are, jet kit, headers, air filter. Changes that people may not make are race body kit and suspension. Therefore very close to what you ride on the street.

  • CBR Rider

    BTW I also saw the episode of pinks where the 20 year old Suzuki, with the paunch rider aboard, spanked the VROD.

    HOWEVER, in drag racing Buell and Harley Davidson are beating the almighty Hayabusa!

    How did this happen? Was it hard work? Not hardly! I’ll tell you how. Turns out that it takes more than a way bigger engine displacement for HD to beat Suzuki:

    1. Give the VROD and Buell a 1000cc engine displacement advantage. Suzuki gets 1600cc. HD and Buell gets 2600cc.
    2. Give the VROD and Buell state of the art fuel injectors and give the Hayabusa carburators.
    3. Let the VROD get away with a way huge and way illegal air scoop.

    In AMA the 1000cc Buell is getting its butt handed to it by the 600cc bikes.

    In sport bike comparisons, “tamed down” 600s spank the 1000cc Buell in every category..0-60, 1/4 mile, top speed, braking, and handling. Again, we are NOT talking about the “top dog” 600s, which are the cbr600rr, r6, zx6r, gsx 600. We are talking about “tamed down” 600s.

    HD beat Suzuki with hard work in the kissing butt, bribing, and crying to the official department.

  • CBR Rider

    In the above post, HD and Buell have some nice rules advantages in the NHRA.

  • matt

    you like to talk about excuses…. ‘tamed’ down? what the hell are you on about? They got a 600cc and made it slow? Did they put bad brakes on? Crappy tyres? Or do you mean they didn’t “overtune” the engine to only last a small amount of laps but achieve max performance. Like “race bikes”!!
    In the old days of racing cars, if a person could build a bigger, faster engine, then they did. if you couldn’t, tough shit!
    Rules advantage…. little cbr rider gonna go cry to teacher? wah!


  • old harley rider


  • Jordan Weatherbie

    To CBRRider: Yea I guess the harleys and buells have some size advantages but what about liqued cooling and suziki finds a carb works better for them not that their not allowed to use fuel enjection or big air scoops. Do some reasearch before you go makin up shit the rules are made to be fair suziki is more than welcome to make a big air cooled v twin and harley could make a 4 banger with a rad but each company sticks to what is tried and true for them. Ride what you like and don’t discriminate cause others don’t.

  • CBR Rider

    Sportbikes made for the street will last way more than a couple of laps. All of the overtuned bikes, as you put it and that I refered to as “top dog”, are street legal and made to last way more than a couple of laps. I’ve talked to people that own the fastest sport bikes that have had 75,000 miles on them. I bought my bike with 7000 miles on it and it now has 40,000 miles on it and it probably has another 40,000 miles in it. Don’t take my word for it. Ask a mechanic. I did. So way more than a “couple of laps” in these bikes.
    The factories build some “tamed down” sport bikes such as the Suzuki Katana and Yamaha yzf 600,that are a little slower, softer suspension, and more up right riding position….the bikes that spanked Buell.
    I agree, if you can’t build a bigger, faster enginge, tough shit. Tell that to HD.
    Suzuki could build a bigger, tougher engine but NHRA won’t let them.

    Telling me to do my homework??? Do your homework instead. Suzuki would like to use state of the art fuel injection but the NHRA rules won’t allow them.

    The big air scoops on the VROD are clearly illegal. NHRA didn’t say anything though. The NHRA rules do not allow air scoops that extend outside of the bike. Look at any picture and you see other wise. Do your homework.

  • matt

    again… what a load of crap, if harley can use air scoops, then so can suzuki.

    do your homework and stop being gullible. race bikes are not made to do that many miles… whoever has been telling you about factory bikes is a big fat liar!

    whatever you might want to think, the rules are there and kept by all teams. stop crying, stop finding an excuse.

    if you own a top of the range, overtuned street legal race bike, and ride it anywhere near the way it was built, it would NOT be running now. fact.

  • jimmyt

    Oh matt – that would include our stressed out race kitted Buell’s too (except its NOT street legal, which I pointed out to my son a dozen times). It’s Ok though – another end of riding season for the North East, and he will spend another winter rebuilding it, with it’s cooked rear cylinder – AGAIN. Not from the constant beating either – just that even in regular running, that faggy fan is on ALL the time (even when it’s 55 outside!!). The Busa? She’s at 95K now. I KNOW I have the only one that never broke – it’s just PURE luck. Yup. And she is still plenty comfortable, and, well, yeah – pretty quick too. Sorry – y’all – the Japanese racing technology DOES make it to the street – and where else can you really PROVE the reliabilty of your designs quickly, in unforgiving conditions? As for what someone else said – yeah – that episode of Pinks was FUNNY. I actually just signed up for I-Tunes just so I could download that. Still think that old Suzi is just a WAY pretty bike too. I never had the 1100 – but I did have the 1150 before someone decided that they liked it more than me. Never recovered theft, darn it. Oh well, whined enough. I also just realized that this blog thing was to punish HARLEY for making thousands of cloned “individuals”. Harley – HA HA HA HA. Ever look at one of the “used” ones bringing big bucks? 5000 miles on a 1999. 6500 miles on a 2002. WOW – what a bunch of BIG-TIME riders. Yup. Just look at e-bay and laugh if nothing else. 6500 miles is 2 WINTER months for me. (And for a note – my Busa is 3 years old, and I have a R1150GS too. 2002. 45234 on the clock. Gonna keep riding it too. Still better than the 1 HARLEY I ever owned. Why? Steers better. Stops better. Runs smoother. Parts at the dealer are not expensive (at least – the 1 thing I needed wasn’t.) Things don’t fall off, not even ME. My Harley by the way? A ’98 Fat Boy. It WAS pr