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I just saw story a profile of Gretchen Wilson, the latest Country-Western phenom, on 60 Minutes. The woman grew up hard and now that’s working for her. In a way it reminds me of a number of hip-hop artists.

Her first single, “Redneck Woman,” must have hit a serious nerve out there because it blew up. Her first album, “I’m Here For The Party,” debuted at number one on the Country/Western charts. From what I heard in the 60 Minutes piece she do got skills. So I went to find a longer sample. Gotthe whole “Redneck Woman” video in Windows Media Format.

I like the video, for real. It’s ghetto as hell. Check the big tire SUVs and off-road vehicles. They’re out there doing donuts in the river the same way the boys in Oakland be cutting them in the intersections. Same fascination with big, powerful cars.

Singing about, hey I prefer beer to champagne, you might think I’m trashy but in my neck of the woods I’m just the girl next door.And the bar scenes in her video ain’t that different than those in anything you might see on “Yo, MTV Raps.”

Hardcore ghetto, yo. Eminem is just a poseur.

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  • I saw it, too. Not being a big country fan, I won’t be checking out her music. But, I do appreciate the fact that she making it without looking like a model. Her fans sense that she is the real deal, and all I can say is more power to her.

  • I think Gretchen Wilson is like the best singer in the whole world!!!!!!!!