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Happy Holidays

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I share some of Howard’s frustration with the watered-down, generic “Happy Holidays” greeting. Christmas in America has become such a secular and ubiquitous holiday it’s hard to see how its religious underpinning, its raison d’etre, could cause all that much concern or discomfort.

But it does, and that is why over the last half-century of so the generic “happy holidays” has evolved: better watered-down and generic than lawsuits and indignation. I am certain being of the dominant culture makes it harder to see the other side of the coin – I assure you that it would get on my nerves something fierce if everyone was running around blithely wishing me a “blessed Ramadan” or whatever.

And I also realize that for many religion in general is the problem – ANY religious observance is a source of irritation. For some perspective on this for the religious – there are people who worship a giant styrofoam cockroach in a garage in Buffalo, New York. Does this seem stupid and arbitrary to you? There are people who view your religion in a similar manner.

So Happy Holidays: Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanuka, Winter Solstice, New Years, and anything else that flicks your bic – whatever you celebrate I hope it is festive, peaceful and satisfying.

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  • Eryk

    This is the post that Howard’s should have been. Thank you.