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Happy Birthday Breaking Windows!

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January 28th, 2003. That is the day this site launched. The original focus of this site was my brand new PC. My oh my have my views changed about my PC in a year. If I would have written my thoughts at the 6 month stage, my opinion of my PC would have been a lot different. But that is for another post.

I want to thank Jake Ortman for pushing me to put up a blog. Not to mentioned he actually had to help me install MT! Imagine that. I have installed it a ton since then, and not had one problem since. (knock on wood)

After a year of using Movable Type I am a huge supporter of this CMS. I am and will continue to use it for client sites. The price, $150, is really reasonable. Even with out the 3rd party developer community, Movable Type has many, many applications.

yea_one_stats.gifWith a total of 555 posts in year one, I am happy. I did not seriously think I would post as much as I have. Ironically, my Boy Scout Troop is 555.

I hope you found at least a portion of my posts as informative, and laughed at a fair share of them as well. After all, I don’t do this all for me (although, I must admit some are for my sanity, and/or memory!). Thanks. The first year has been great, I can’t wait to pass year two.

The statistics have grown well, I hope they continue to grow at a similar pace.

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  • Congrats on your site anniversary and cheers to your continued success in 2004 🙂