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Happy 50th Anniversary General Hospital!

What a week on General Hospital: Luke and Laura adventure, helicopters, Cassadine’s and Dante looking hot in a PCPD patrol car! What more could anyone ask for? Get GH on as we celebrate its 50th Anniversary!

Momentum has been mounting with the media, cast, crew, and fans all buzzing about the most iconic, longest running daytime serial left on television! It’s an historic event and one that I’m so proud to be a part of. I never thought General Hospital would be as good as it was during the Gloria Monty days but the show is better than ever thanks to Executive Producer Frank Valentini and Head Writer Ron Carlivati. Excitement, adventure, classic villains and love on the run is back tenfold!

Not only is GH turning 50 with ABC fully behind their only soap, but in an unprecedented moment they will be honored at the Paley Center April 12 at 7:00 pm (PST). This is an incredible accomplishment, as only one year ago the show was on the brink of cancellation, similar to 1977 when Gloria Monty took the reigns. Ratings have been steadily rising, currently second in the all important 18-35 female demographic.

The legendary actors that made the show what it is will have a very busy week ahead of them as media explodes honoring GH. Don’t miss Tony Geary (Luke Spencer) on The View April 111am (ET); Finola Hughes and Jason Thompson will appear on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire April 1 and 2, hosted by Meredith Vieria who appeared on GH in November as Lucy Coe’s secretary! Katie Couric is doing a special edition of 20/20 that will air April 6 at 9pm (ET), as she sits down with several Port Chuck residents including Tony Geary, Genie Francis, Rick Springfield and more!


  The week begins April 1 with the much anticipated event fans have been waiting for…that’s right the Nurses’ Ball!  Rachel Ames who has played Audrey Hardy since 1964 makes an appearance to remember the good times. Look for Head Nurse Epiphany (aka) Sonya Eddy, Nurses Elizabeth Weber (Rebecca Herbst), Sabrina Santigo (Teresa Castillo) and Felix Dubois (Marc Anthony Samuel) to perform. But that’s not all!  

Resident hottie Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) will not only do a number with his on screen daughter Emma (Brooklyn Rae Silzer), but finally reveal is true feelings for Sabrina! Don’t get too excited because Britt will drop a bomb spelling doom for their budding romance. I’m really excited to see my favorites Duke and Anna (Ian Buchanan, Finola Hughes) Tango across the dance floor again! I’m sure it’ll be sexy and who nows?  Maybe it’ll bring the couple close enough to rekinkle their relationship. Also we’ll get classic performances fans are really looking forward to by Frisco Jones (Jack Wagner) and Noah Drake (Rick Springfield). Any guesses what they’ll sing?




Each year Lucy Coe was known for shedding her clothing during every Nurses’ Ball after some crazy mishap. Will she this year? If she doesn’t I know who will…Port Chuck’s very own Magic Milo and Company are set to strip down to their scivvies! Man do I wish I had been there for that taping! That’s right ladies, get your dollar bills ready! Who is joining him for this little strip tease?? Tune in…   

Meanwhile, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) is now in love with both Kate Howard and Connie Falconeri, played by the talented Kelly Sullivan. What happens when Brenda Barrett (Vanessa Marcil) and Jasper Jax (Ingo Rademacher) stroll back into town? Look for fireworks between Sonny and Brenda to erupt just like old times! Since Jax is in town, could Jerry be around the corner? What brought him back to Port Charles? You’ll have to tune in to find out!


  This past Friday, things were looking pretty dire for our dynamic duo Luke and Laura on the Haunted Star. They walked straight into Helena’s trap! Stranded in the Atlantic Ocean, the queen of the Ice Princess learned her precious grandson Nikolas was shot and is still unconscious! That didn’t stop her from doling out a threat to Natasha (aka) Alexis she’d better see to it Nik is taken care of or she’ll slit her throat as she did to her mother!   

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  • Joan5842

    I thought the show was very disappointing. I even had my tissue box ready… They should have paid homage to the original cast and paid a memorial to all who are no longer are with us who made the show what it is. It wouldnt have taken long. They do it on the Academy awards every year.
    They just seemed to forget a lot of “good” people.
    Yes, I love Luke and Laura, but that was not 50 years ago. Of course many of us probably wouldnt remember these people, but we do pay homage to them for originating this wonderful show.
    And they tell the original story !!!!!!!
    Too theatrical.

  • Chrissy

    Hang in there Joan. The 50th Anniversary is not just for these few short days. We will continue to see more through the rest of its’ 50th year. There are a lot more surprises coming, BIG ONES that have not been leaked yet. This is a year-long celebration….