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Hanson launch their own label

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Hanson (remember them?) have announced they will form their own record label – 3CG Records – in order to release their third album ‘Underneath’ next
year. The sibling pop trio parted company from Universal label Island Def Jam last May.

Although their intention is to use the label to find and promote new artists in the future most attention will be given to promoting ‘Underneath’ in the short term. It will be the band’s first album since 2000’s ‘This Time Around’.

Commenting on the label launch singer/guitarist Taylor Hanson told reporters in New York: “There have been a lot of changes happening in the music industry, and for us, starting a record label was a way to reach our fans in a new way. We’re excited to take it to the next level.”

3CG releases will be distributed in North America by ADA, in the UK via Universal Distribution and will be licensed to JVC in Japan.

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  • You know what? The world may have written these guys off because they were child stars or whatever with MMMBOP or whatever that catchy to the point of nauseating Motown wannabe song was, but I saw them on Tom Green’s ill fated show a couple weeks ago and these kids are good songwriters. They performed kind of an unplugged thing and while their voices have definitely changed a bit, their 3 part harmonies and sense of songcraft really would set them apart if they could get some airplay and a chance.

    Unfortunately for any group who rises from childhood, our society never gives them a chance after they’ve grown up. (Has anyone heard from Kris Kross lately?) I haven’t bought the albums yet, but I am going to check out the new album, and maybe even the one before that. I won’t bother with the debut, but the later ones will get a shot.

  • I have to admit a fondness for MMMBop. It is clear the trio have quite a bit of talent. I think the comparison that is most accurate is to compare them to Nelson (Ricky Nelson’s twin sons). Their debut was multi-platinum (and an AOR classic) but grunge hit and the US forgot about them. They still do very well in Japan. I hope than Hanson can make it back into the public conciousness.