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Hanoi Rocks alright

Twelve Shots on the Rocks
Hanoi Rocks
(RLF Music)

They do certainly do, that is for sure. There were many who wondered whether this reunion between only two of the band’s original members could produce anything approaching their past glories.

We need not have worried, as Michael Monroe and Andy McCoy have produced a 17 track affair that shows other bands of the sort how it’s really done. Said to be the inspiration from everyone from Guns N Roses, through Motley Crue (whose singer, Vince Neil, killed Razzle, HR’s dummer), and, of course, acts like Backyard Babies. Hanoi specialise in loud, brash, sleaze rock, not seen since the demise of the New York Dolls.

This stuff is melodic and catchy as hell. First released in Finland late last year, this version has four bonus tracks. You get poppier stuff like ‘A day late and a dollar short’, which is the first UK single, as well as darker glam in the form of ‘In My Darkest Moment’ (a song about the death of Monroe’s wife). Is it their best CD, well, no. But in an era of boring rock showing up on the charts and in the shops, this stuff certainly is a welcome change.

Considering how good this is, it will be interesting to see what the band can deliver once the new members have settled in a bit. Hey, if you are waiting for the new GnR record, this will make a damn good stop-gap, and let’s face it, will probably be a hell of a lot better.

Rating: 4

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