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Hangover cure; copyright conspiracy and weak bloggers

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10 shots of tequila – you’ll be right out again, no worries about hangover pains.

Or there’s the less fun but more practical, think about what the next year could and will bring and your goals for yourself and your loved ones. And how much time you’re wasting farting around with half-baked, shoot-from-the-lip opinions instead of actually achieving something meaningful in your life. That’ll sober you up.

Me, I’m just kicking back, with a mixture of both. I’m an angry person right now.

I’m upset that people get away with so much garbage and call themselves “a blogger” which used to mean “a writer” but it’s a new buzz word that somehow brings magical powers of pursuasion. And the good quality, thinking, writers get lumped in with the impolitical, political, reactionary, hate-filled, or just plain, uninformed, people of this world who want to share their pain.

Under the title of “a blogger.”

As far as I can tell, the good that blogs do (and there is good) is outweighed by the sheer weight of misinformation, stupidity and hate that exists because of it. Is there any doubt that blogs are the main engine that accelerates devisiveness, and rather than allowing people to find common ground and further inform people, instead it allows people merely to find “proof” of their positions and stick with them?

“No one” changes their mind on the Internet, because to do so would be to lose face, would be to prove you may not know everything. Trying to find truth in the blogs is like the search for the Holy Grail.

Anger in response to challenge is the overriding emotion in blogistan, blogtopia, in the blogosphere.

It’s old. It’s tiring to fight against, to drown, to struggle to breath under such a wave of misinformation masquerading as meaning. It achieves nothing but knocking in another I-Beam for the ever-growing house of hatred. This rather than love – or even merely understanding.

God, do I really want to accept that this building hatred is human nature in all its glory?

Anyone who wants to should blog. Absolutely. But by giving yourself the name “blogger,” that’s doesn’t mean you know shit or are suddenly a better person. You are the same person with the same weaknesses and the same strengths.

You call yourself a blogger, but you’re all about quantity over quality.


Except, who knew a free society meant stealing everything not nailed down. If you know a better way to steal music, video, news and pictures, you are suddenly elevated in the eyes of people who simultaneously, allegedly follow the Ten Commandments and /or the virtues of other religious tracts in their “real” life.

Of course, it could just be the alcohol talking. Can anyone forgive me?

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Always been a writer, always maintained an interest in politics, how people communicate and fantasy worlds within photography and books. Previously wrote for Blogcritics back in 2005 and interested in exploring the issues and topics I'm interested - the changing landscape of entertainment. all from the POV of a creator first, consumer, second.
  • I guess you’re not a fan of the Creative Commons, then

    I stick with scotch – goes down easy, and never gave me a hangover.

    As usual, you raise excellent points, Temple. Like other forms of expression – the ratio of quality to quantity is severely skewed in the direction of cyber-monkeys hammering away at cyber-typewriters. We should be glad so many of the higher evolved ones hang around hereabouts.

    Happy New Year!

  • You should have read this story first, but reading it after will quell your discomfort. To sort something out, everything starts in the public domain, copyright is a fencing off from the public domain for a limited time, it is not a right, it is license to exploit a work before it reverts to the public domain.

    And while I enjoy the produce of Scotland, it gives me shuddering vapors the next day. And as for tequila, well, I don’t really want to talk about it.

  • Put yourself in the mind of someone who creates.

    Creative Commons is a brilliant idea – because those who create have opted in.

  • I create, and have opted in to the Creative Commons License.

    What’s your point, really? Knowledge should not be shared? The arbiters of the sharing should control the flow?

    I have a few internets for sale – please pay your $699 licensing fee before use.

  • Do these Chinese herbal medicines work?

  • I don’t know about the herbal medicines, but they’re on the Internet so they must work. 🙂

    I had a “free society” post planned for later really. I should have left that paragraph out, as I wasn’t necessarily trying to conflagrate blogs with freeloaders (though there’s a heavy overlap).

    My “blogs as a whole really aren’t a reliable source of information” was my main reason for this post.

    But since I didn’t leave out the freeloading aspect ……..

    My point is that I look down the road to when pretty much everything is being stolen. A couple of people here on the iPod posts have said they have 1,000s of songs downloaded. Granted, they could have paid through all those through music services, but I’d bet money that the amount is perhaps a handful.

    I look at services like Kazaa and Limewire and whatever else is out there and you can download computer programs, games, documents, and entire books – all without paying.

    It sure is fun and that’s the reason it won’t stop. That and the fact that the quality is so good now – and the means of storage are much smaller, much cheaper and much more easily accessible. I know I’m partly echoing all the historical “scares” as people recorded on tape, as the VHS came about and so on. But when I copied a mix tape it wasn’t suddenly available to millions of people to steal, as downloading a CD and putting the track up on Kazaa does today..

    I look down the road. If the pace continues, unabated …. well, put it this way, I won’t be making any money on my planned novels.

    I like things like Creative Commons and Podcasting because people are voluntarily giving their stuff, their creations.

    But I’ve found that this view that everything should be “free for me”, suddenly makes people who want to make a living off their creations bad and terrible human beings for cutting into “your” fun.

    For instance, if I sold my novel, that’s a shitload of work. If I made it available for purchase download as a PDF, well, I have to figure that each copy will get forwarded to, what 100 people at least? That’s money out of my pocket.

    I absolutely disagree that everything starts out in the public domain – the point that Jim and his linked article made. That is flat out nonsensical.

    In a way it’s the same with newspapers and news.

    In a way.

    Bloggers, especially, feel that they are better than media outlets. Those who do are usually political in nature and virulently anti-media to begin with – left and right. There is a great arrogance – equal to that accused (in many cases, correctly) of “old media.”

    But the vast majority of politically-oriented blogs would be nothing without links to or lifts from newspapers, TV news Web sites such as Fox, CNN and MSNBC, the Associated Press, Reuters and so forth. There is massive stealing going on that goes way beyond the “fair use” allowed by law.

    But nobody (I shouldn’t say nobody) wants to see a massive reigning in and arrest of people for this reason. But, for what it’s worth, there would be every right to do so.

    Bloggers do a similar thing to what Jon Stewart did when he appeared on Crossfire and tore into Begala and Carlson. Stewart kept on saying, you can’t say I have to be a journalist, I’m a comedian.

    But he has a relative amount of power and, arguably, his level of responsibility has increased whether he likes it or not. He has become part of the process by being in demand. (And I discovered, yesterday, America The Book was the no. 1-selling book release in the country last year).

    The difference with bloggers is that, unlike Stewart, they claim the mantle of importance and oddly, want to be a part of the machine they decry. Because there are so many bloggers who are “anti-media” it is an easy position for so many bloggers to accept and take as an absolute given.

    But really, how much news, how much real, factual information do they generate? Precious little. There’s just a lot more hot air and no one is really better off.

    Oddly bloggers become more established, in their own minds, when they are noted and recognized and mentioned in the ” thought they were useless ubiquitous “old media.”

    As a general statement – they do it as a parasite, stealing and feeding off others creativity.

    Of course I’m a journalist, so feel free now to discount everything I said. It’s so much easier that way.

    Let none of the above be read as a defense of corporate media companies and how they have eroded many of the worthy principles of journalism.

    Let none of the above be read as my final and complete thoughts. I have deliberately left out much of what I like about blogs as the reply was already too long. Also, this was typed in 10 minutes or so (and typos fixed for the next 10).

  • Let’s see if I can revive this handy thread. It is as relevant today as it was .. last week. 🙂

  • way to cut someone down to size TS…

    and here I thought I was changing the world 😉

  • Sorry.

    You are spider leaf – it’s just everyone else.

    I thought it was a valuable discussion, though my comment does have to be read with the original post, which was, reading it again, fairly negative. But I did say I was angry.

  • funny hangover tips, interesting Amazon links and useful post, Temple! thanks for reviving… may have missed it otherwise…

  • no worries TS, I actually agree with the majority of your points… I really try my damndest to have a rational discussion about issues, although name calling is fun sometimes, it is for the most part completely counter-productive to community or society building and makes it easy for the person you are debating with to ignore your main points.

    In terms of actual writing vs. just copy and paste of others work, that is a thorn in my side… if you don’t have anything to add then perhaps just a link to the original article would suffice.

  • TS – I have to disagree with at least one point in your post…I’ve changed my mind on several issues and opinions in my time here at BC…lost face I guess…but still had my opinions changed, not like I had any face anyway…what is face?

    Granted, there are a lot more that are even more thick headed than I am…but there are some very articulate people around here that have changed my stances and certain issues. But I’ve also gotten extremely pissed off reading things that I know are wrong.

    I think the things that piss me off the most are those people/bloggers that bring out the same tired arguments over and over again. You know the ones…no matter what, they refuse to admit defeat. We’re still hearing how Gore won 6 years ago!

    Oh yeah, one more thing. I forgive you.

  • I didn’t ralize how old this post was until I went back and read through the commetns and saw Jim Carruthers name up there….never mind!

  • Alcohol-X is a great product if anyone gets hangovers I would try this stuff out for sure it works great for me.