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Hangdogs – Texas wants ’em anyway…

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If all yall New York Intelligentsia ever, ever, ever get the urge to loosen the ties, take off the specs, rake out the hair gel, and put down the WSJ, I highly recommend that you make the time to take in The Hangdogs at The Rodeo Bar, right there in your fine city.  I met them a week or two ago, and they are fine young men playing some good music.  They’re your hometown boys — support them, for Pete’s sake!

If the Good Lord ever sees fit to punish me for loving life too much here in Texas and sends me up to the bitter cold of the City That Never Sleeps, you will find me holding down a barstool at the Rodeo Bar, I bet. 

Forgot to mention this the first time around, but make sure you read their Hangdoggerel. It’s very funny “life on the road” musings, with that sarcastic NYC wit you love so much.

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