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Halo Movie Delayed Until 2008

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The Master Chief might be gearing up to make his first appearance on the Xbox 360, but it seems his big screen debut has been delayed, until 2008 at least.

Team Xbox is reporting that IMDb has officially updated the movie’s entry from a 2007 release to 2008.

The news isn’t a shocker considering a director hasn’t been named. Peter Jackson remaining in the mix is a good sign for the movie’s eventual quality, so the news isn’t all that bad. Jackson and Fran Walsh will serve as executive producers.

On the upside, the delay might result in a decent picture based on Alex Garland’s script instead of a rush job that would cheapen the franchise. Halo has a great back storyline, so it would be nice to see this one well done. So far, I’ve been pretty disappointed with video game based movies, like Doom.

Halo 3 for the Xbox 360 is moving along in development and with any luck fans might get to play this title before the movie comes to the theaters.

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  • Interesting that Microsoft paid the writer $1 million for the script, and then sold it to Universal for $10 Million

  • Curt

    What the heck is with people at Universal not even giving us very much info on the movie other than when it is coming out and who MIGHT be directing?