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Halo 3 Mystery Ends Soon?

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Word is starting to spread that Microsoft intends to unveil a two-minute video about Halo 3 during its scheduled pre-E3 May 9 press conference.

Gamers addicted to the Halo series are waiting with baited breath for news about this title. Speculation has been all over the board. One story guesses the title will be a next-gen follow up to the series. Another has it being a prequel.

No matter what the end result turns out to be, there’s little doubt the next Halo title will be highly sought after. The Master Chief is a legend in the gaming world. His heroics have resulted in a comic book and movie deal and a massive and loyal fan base that’s all too eager to put down $60 or more to get their hands on another title in the series.

No official word from Microsoft yet.

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  • What has Microsoft to show at this years E3? Not much. Halo 3 is the only thing they can pull off. Everyone focuses on Nintendo, some on Sony. Microsoft’s Xbox360 is out of the picture this year.

  • Halo rocks!!!

  • spartan117

    dude anyone who disis halo,halo 2,halo 3, or the 360 and thinks that nintendo is going to be better or sony are noobies…NNNNOOOOOBBBBIIIIIEEEESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!