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Halloween To Be Resurrected By Rob Zombie

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Just as the recent Batman movie had nothing to do with the franchise, the new Halloween movie will follow the same fashion. As previously reported by Chris Beaumont, Rob Zombie was rumoured to be directing the ninth movie in the deader-than-dead franchise. Miramax released a statement on the 4th of June stating that Zombie is signed on as director and music supervisor for a new Halloween movie, separate from the franchise.

Rob Zombie was quoted as saying:

“I have been a huge, huge fan of John Carpenter’s original film since its release. So when Bob Weinstein approached me about this, I jumped at the chance to join forces with Dimension Films on this amazing project.”

Zombie said on his Myspace blog (dated 5 Jun):

“Okay here’s the real deal for those of you who are confused. As I said yesterday – I am not making Halloween 9. That series is done, complete, over.

But what I am doing is starting totally from scratch. This the new HALLOWEEN. Call it a remake, an update, a re-imaging or whatever, but one thing that for sure is this is a whole new start…a new beginning with no connection to the other series. That is exactly why the project appeals to me. I can take it and run with it.

I talked to John Carpenter about this the other day and he said, “Go for it, Rob. Make it your own”. And that’s exactly what I intend to do.”

In an interview that has been circulating the internet on every single website, Zombie says:

“The look and the feel is going to be completely different. ‘Halloween’ started off as a very terrifying concept, a terrifying movie. But over the years, Michael Myers has become a friendly Halloween mask. When it came to the point where you could buy a Michael Myers doll that was cute-looking and press its stomach and play the ‘Halloween’ theme, you knew the scare factor was gone. But I think the story and the situation is scary. All it needed was someone to come in and to take a totally different approach to make it scary again. To me, that’s the challenge and that’s the fun.Everything that has come before does not figure into this one, That series is done.”

Those who are afraid that Zombie is going to do away with the mask of Michael Myers, he says; “That’s an iconic image that can’t go away.”

There you have it kids, straight from the horses’ mouth.

According to the press release, the new movie is slated for an October 2007 release.

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  • Guppusmaximus

    “There you have it kids, straight from the horses’ mouth.”

    No pun intended,right? Rob Zombie’s movies were full of gore which can bring some excitement to the new Halloween film but those same movies also lacked in the compelling edge and the thrill that John Carpenter could bring back in the day. Blood

    Granted Halloween became a dead and beaten “Horse”, Mr. Carpenter was responsible for one of the best horror films of all time “The Thing”. So, I hope Rob Zombie can take something from John’s works and put a new light to it even though I wasn’t a fan of Mr. Zombie’s movies.

  • It was pun intended. I was going to say something like “the educated horses’ mouth” but that was a little bit too “camp” for me.

  • Guppusmaximus

    Hey.. If the Horseshoe fits than wear it. *Uh-Duh*

    Anyways, I can tell you one thing… The soundtrack to this movie isn’t gonna be anything special if Mr. Zombie uses any of his own material even if he writes some new music,but that’s my opinion.

  • I don’t disagree. Hopefully his role will be kept to music supervisor as reported, and nothing more.

  • Guppusmaximus

    “Music Supervisor” says it all… He has past work published,so, it could be used.

  • Gimme Halloween 9 any day. Or an original movie idea, even better!

  • Jessie

    It would be good to let old dogs lay