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Halloween Safety Tips

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Trick-or-treating is a time for children to have fun and to create exciting memories that will last a lifetime. More importantly, children need to be safe during this time. There are many things to think about and to focus on during this fun yet, dark and scary holiday.

Children should never trick-or-treat alone. It is best to have an adult with them. It is also good to travel in pairs or with a group of friends. As much as parents don’t want to think about it, kidnappers are everywhere during this holiday night. They will sit and wait for the perfect opportunity to make their move. Do not give them a hint of a chance! If anyone is seen trying to attempt a kidnapping, the police need to be called immediately. Some cell phones have an “Amber Alert” application that can be downloaded. This will alert users with immediate information on a child who has just been kidnapped. A description is usually provided along with tips to help catch the kidnapper and child if they are seen.

Children should be taught to never enter the house of someone they do not know. This rule should definitely be enforced when they are going door to door for their treats. They should also be reminded to never talk to strangers and to never go up to a stranger’s car, even if they are offered a treat.

Weapons are another thing to be cautious of. Even a child’s plastic weapon can be dangerous. The weapon could be very long or very sharp. If a child is the weapon owner or has a friend who is carrying a toy weapon, they need to be careful.

Some houses will have people dressed in scary costumes to give the trick-or-treaters a fright. It is possible that they will have a weapon, but intend to keep it away from those they are trying to scare. While Halloweeners appreciate their efforts to keep the weapon away, mistakes can happen. If you are not in control of the weapon, steer clear of it and be careful.

It is always great fun for children to come up with the best costume they can. At times this will involve a large mask or long fabric that may get in the way of their feet. This can cause tripping and limit ability to see very well, which can lead to injuries. If a child is wearing a mask or has anything around their feet, do what you can to make sure they can get around safely.

Parents should always check and inspect their children’s candy. Needles and razors have been known to be inserted into trick-or-treat candy. Drugs and harmful substances can also be inserted into the candy. So parents always need to make sure that their children’s candy is okay to eat. This can be done by the children dumping out their entire bag of candy when they get home. Wrappers should be tightly wrapped around the candy. If a piece of candy looks at all suspicious then immediately throw it away.

The neighborhood streets can be extremely dark. Children need to always be aware of their surroundings. They must watch out for cars and stay on the sidewalks. Cars will sometimes cruise along the neighborhood streets with their headlights off, so children must always watch out when they cross the street. Children should not roam all over the streets. Make sure they are familiar with and use crosswalks instead of crossing in the middle of traffic.

Adults should also be careful not to hit any children. Children tend to get excited during this time and may just run into the street on a split second’s notice. Bright colored costumes are also good for walking the dark streets.

Cell phones are very important to have while trick-or-treating. And children need to stay with their group. With all the swarms of kids all over the place, dressed up in costumes, it is very easy to get lost amongst the crowds.

A flashlight is also an important thing to have. This will help children see where they are going, since some streets will be very dark. This is also a helpful tool for drivers to see children. Glow sticks can also be used. Kids love wearing glow necklaces, too.

Products to help children be seen during the night are also good to place on their costumes. Some stores sell little flashing lights to be pinned on costumes. Reflective tape and reflective products are also a good idea to place on costumes.

Fire and very hot objects are used during this holiday for decorations. It is always good to make sure your child’s costume is flame resistant. Candles are placed inside jack-o-lanterns, which is something children need to be aware of. They need to know not to mess with any type of flame, no matter how small it is. Just to be on the safe side, make sure your child knows the “stop, drop, and roll” procedure.

Pets may also be roaming around on Halloween night. Children should not play with any of them. You never know if they are carrying a disease or have a terrible temper. You do not want your child to get bitten.

There are also alternatives one can do instead of going door to door for Halloween fun. The department store malls usually pass out candy from store to store. You will also see many adult workers dressed up in costumes. One can also take kiddos to a local church that may provide fun Halloween festivities.

Halloween is a great time for children to have a good time. Aside from entertainment, the most important factor during this holiday is to do everything you can to keep you and your children safe.

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