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Halloween Fright Bites with Author Tim Myers

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It’s that time of year — the boo!, the costumes, the candy, the bump in the night, the candy, the parties, the candy.  Did I mention the candy?

Prolific Tim Myers writes several cozy mysteries under a spectrum of monikers and has taken the time to share a few Halloween moments with us, so before you grab a copy of  A Killer Column or At Wick’s End  and your favorite savory treats, let’s chat with Tim – or whoever he is today. 

Favorite Halloween candy?

Mini Heaths, Mini Snickers, Candy Corn Pumpkins.

What will you be for Halloween this year?

I’ll be going as a weary writer, covered in blank pages from head to foot and holding a giant but empty pen. 

Trick or treat?

 Always Treat.

Worst Halloween costume as a kid?

Not the costume itself, but we had a freak snowstorm once, and we all had to trick or treat with our coats on over our costumes.  Booooo.

Most memorable Halloween memory?

The year I was Batman.  I also had a Batman birthday party, and got a cape as a present, which I wore constantly.  My mom made me a cake in the shape of Batman, which was unique back then, and I got a utility belt too. 

Worst Halloween film you still watch… and love?

I haven’t watched it for years, but I used to love Halloween, and I always laughed when the tombstone in the bed with the name Michael Myers appeared, which happens to be my brother’s name!

Hitchcock or blood and gore?

Hitchcock!  I’m all about the suspense, the intrigue, the what if?

Favorite scary movie?

Again, Halloween has to be it.

Do you still watch It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown?

Whenever I can!  I am a huge fan of the Great Pumpkin and the Christmas Special.  Snoopy rocks!


Visit Tim’s website for more about the many faces of Tim.

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