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Halloween Fright Bites with Author Cleo Coyle

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It’s that time of year — the boo!, the costumes, the candy, the bump in the night, the candy, the parties, the candy. Did I mention the candy?

The gifted husband and wife writing team of Alice Alfonsi and Marc Cerasini pen The Coffeehouse Mysteries and The Haunted Bookshop Mysteries. Alfonsi and Cerasini, aka Cleo Coyle, have taken the time to share a few Halloween moments with us, so before you grab a copy of Murder by Mocha or The Ghost and the Femme Fatale (looks like they have been inspired by my femme fatale ways with this one ‘wink’) and your favorite delectables, let’s chat with this incredible duo.

Favorite Halloween candy?

Chocolate – Yes, including my homemade Chocolate Halloween Bark. Download my recipe PDF here.

What will you be for Halloween this year?

A culinary mystery writer. (Alas, no Greenwich Village Halloween parade for me this year. I’m under deadline.)

Trick or treat?

I’m a mystery writer. Tricks are my trade. :)

Worst Halloween costume as a kid?

Chubby ballerina. Yes, I know. Ballerinas are supposed to be slender, beautiful nymphs who walk on air. But my parents would not be persuaded by a six-year-old, and they squeezed me into the stupid tutu nonetheless.

Most memorable Halloween memory?

At the age of twelve, my two best girlfriends and I broke into a closed football stadium to gather up hundreds of Kleenex flowers left behind after the high school’s homecoming game. I used my flowers to create a Halloween costume that won me third place in the town parade. But you know what? Sneaking into that dark, spooky stadium was far more thrilling than winning the prize. (Can you tell I write amateur sleuth mysteries? Sneaking around and bending the rules are right up my dark alley.)

Worst Halloween film you still watch… and love?

Fright Night

Hitchcock or blood and gore?

Usually Hitchcock, but Dawn of the Dead is still a bloody pleasure!

Favorite scary movie?

Impossible to choose one. Here are a few faves: The Omen, The Sixth Sense, Alien, Dawn of the Dead (original and remake), and (for sheer entertainment value) Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead.

Do you still watch It’sThe Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown?

Does Snoopy love a good dogfight?
Does Charlie Brown collect rocks?


Visit Cleo’s website for all things delicious!

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