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Halloween Costumes: People, Places and Things

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Instead of being unhappy with your dull life, do something about it and throw on a costume for an escape from the everyday drudgery. When you put on a costume you can become smarter, more attractive, edgier, or cooler with a simple change of wardrobe. Just like nerdy Peter Parker was your average joe by day but, with a quick change of clothes, he instantly became a superhero leading a life of adventure, you can do the same.

With limitless options for costumes, it’s impossible to run out of things to dress up as. The only limit to a costume is your imagination. The approach of Halloween adds another excuse to have a costume party, so take the opportunity.

From people to things to places, ideas for costumes are endless and many are easy to put together. Simply throwing together an outfit with things that you probably already have in your closet makes transforming for a night a no-brainer.

People: Painter

As a wannabe artist, I love the idea of dressing up as a painter. With wide-rimmed glasses and loose, flowing tunics in style this season, finding pieces for this costume is a piece of cake.

For accessories, get a piece of scrap cardboard from a packing or shoe box and cut it in the shape of an oval painter’s palette. Paint in, or color with a marker, circles of different colors and then cut the hole for your thumb. Next add a long dramatic paint brush and you’ve got yourself a legitimate looking prop.

Throw this together with your long, loose tunic, some skinny pants, wide-rimmed glasses, and quirky flat shoes and no one will ever know you don’t have a creative bone in you.

People: Couples: Lois Lane and Clark Kent

Superman is definitely an overdone costume. However, Superman’s ordinary working persona is usually overlooked, as is the sexy Lois Lane. Everyday Clark Kent is a lot easier to dress up as than Superman himself, so it’s really a win-win. It’s the perfect pick for a couples costume party.

For Clark Kent, find a simple Superman graphic tee at Wal-Mart or Target and put it under a suit and tie (with the tie loosely tied). Keep the buttons on the shirt half-way undone so you can see the Superman emblem.

Lois Lane is just as easy to recreate. A pencil skirt, blouse, and pumps, all in a brown palette, bring life to this reporter. Add some glasses for a touch of extra intelligence.

What really puts this costume idea at the top of my list is the final touch: ID cards to string around your necks for Lois and Clark’s newsroom workplace. Make the ID cards with the Daily Planet logo and the name, with the title "Reporter" underneath. If fellow partygoers couldn’t guess from the Superman shirt peeking out, the ID cards will tip them off.

Thing: A Season

This is one of my favorite costumes because you can have a lot of free reign with it. The way I’ve seen this done is with a plain tee, a tutu, and tights for Winter and Fall, although it would be easy to transfer this look for a guy with some shorts or pants.

If you want to do Winter, go to a craft store and pick up some snowflakes, lots of silver glitter, and white fuzzy boas to cut in pieces to complete an ice blue color palette. Hot-glue all these winter things randomly over the tutu and top.

Fall is just as easy. Get clothes in either an orange or brown color palette and add faux leaves, acorns, little plastic pumpkins, and even a fun, paper turkey necklace if you’re feeling bold.

The tutus are simple to make too. Just get some net fabric at any fabric store, usually around $1 per yard, and cut big pieces to sew onto a piece of elastic that will fit around your waist. Whip stitch the net onto the band of elastic, and that’s all there is to it.

Thing: Lamp

Clearly genius, I must admit this wasn’t my brilliant costume idea, but a friend’s. Some of the most fun costumes can come from the most obscure things. Think of your body as sections of the lamp for this one.

Depending on the color of the lamp base you want, wear that color pant. Black will be a safe, plain lamp, while pink sparkly leggings will be a teenager’s lamp. You can get really creative with it.

Then, wear a yellow top which will be the light bulb. Finally, finish it off with a head-sized radius lampshade to adorn your head. You’re bound to be the hottest lamp at the party.

Thing: Recycling Bin

I always like to add a little eco-consciousness to my life so I figure why not think green for Halloween? This costume might not be as cute as the others because it definitely hides one's figure, but you will be able to eat lots of candy and still fit into your outfit.

The first step is to get a cardboard box that, at the least, will fit around your hips. Paint the box a vibrant green and then trace the white recycling emblem on the front side of your “recycling bin.”

For underneath the box, wear black pants if you want to camouflage your legs, but if you want your legs to be an extension of the recycling bin then get some green pants or leggings. For the top, get a plain white tee and staple on pieces of newspaper (not while wearing it!) so it looks like the bin is overflowing with recyclables.

Place: The Beach

This costume is more of a stretch. Think of this one in pieces, like the lamp. Start with the sand which will be your legs. Wear tan leggings or pants. Sparkly gold tights would be ideal for this outfit, giving it that extra sheen.

For a woman try to find a blue top with ruffles, and for a guy just get a blue shirt. Add some marine life to your ocean by putting sharks on the shirt, either drawing them on or hot-gluing plastic sharks.

To top the ensemble off, find a headband and cut out moderate sized triangles of yellow foam, probably around 6. Then hot-glue the triangles on the top of the headband, like sun rays. It’s a bright, sunny touch to a good day at the beach.

Whether you choose a person, place, or thing, you can be anything you want to be at your next costume party.

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