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Halle Berry’s Comment: Where Are Jesse and Al?

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During a recent appearance on the Jay Leno show, Halle Berry showed a distorted picture of herself with a big nose, declaring, “Here’s where I look like my Jewish cousin.” Her comment was one of the most offensive things I’ve come across all year, along with Bill O’Reilly’s comments on his trip to a restaurant where he discovered Black people could actually behave.

I would put her comments in the same category as Imus’ “nappy headed hoe” debacle, but Imus was paid to be offensive and shocking. Unlike the Imus controversy, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, the self-proclaimed race saviors of America, have been completely silent.

Perhaps one can easily forgive Halle Berry. She is one of the worst actresses that have ever graced the silver screen. Many believe her Oscar was given because of reasons other than her acting ability. Perhaps using the Orville Redenbacher method acting on screen has earned her more money than I, or most people, will ever dream of.

Still, she should know when to keep her mouth closed. Like Imus, she did apologize. Unlike the Imus comment, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have had nothing to say about it. The silence on this issue by such race whores as Jackson and Sharpton should be of concern. Condemning one type of racism while being silent on another only makes the problem worse in America.

We understand that Jesse Jackson is, perhaps, anti-Semitic. Anybody remember his Hymietown past? Is there anybody who remembers Al Sharpton’s reference to Jews as “diamond merchants”? Certainly the liberals, who run the mainstream media, elevating Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to a status worthy of God, don’t.

Anti-Semitism is becoming a cool trend among the media elite. They believe that Palestinians who bomb schools and restaurants in Israel are just innocent victims and “repressed” minorities.

Jews have overcome negativity more than any minority. Despite the hatred against them, most Jews have become very successful. Perhaps jealousy is the main reason why anti-Semitism has become cool among race baiters and the mainstream media, but it certainly doesn’t make things right.

We need to combat all forms of racism in this country. The pick-and-choose method of speaking out against racism should be just as condemned as racism itself.

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  • daryl d

    Here is an interesting, objective read on Halle’s hypocrisy. Like all other racists, she constantly crusades against it.

  • D. Moore

    Didn’t Halle Berry cause an uproar in England for accusing a dj of being a racist when he made a little comment – I don’t remember what it was but remember it was harmless. She is the biggest no-talent that Hollywood has ever produced and since I am Black, I can say that the real reason she was given an Oscar was just because she was black. It was a slap in the face to real black actors and actresses because even though she didn’t display acting talent in the role, it was like an affirmative action sort of award. Of course, her career has gone on a downward spiral ever since and I’m surprised she doesn’t blame that on racism.

  • i guess there is nothing else to worry about than what halle berry says.

  • Come on people…my goodness! She is half white and half black and having a baby by a white man.

    Some people cannot let go of the fact that the world is not always operated by YOU! Why not spend this same energy explaining Nagasaki and Hiroshima. With this mentality, then you must agree that Japan has every right to drop a nuclear weapon in New York because it’s eye for an eye.

    Come on people…find something more interesting such as why are we arguing about Jews considering that the letter J is only a 400 year old letter and there were no Jews around during the time of Jesus. Oh yeah, that wasn’t his name either because, I repeat, the letter J is only 400 years old.

    I read some powerful comments at AL’s blog.

  • dude. i’m halle’s jewish cousin. and if you know halle she’s actually pretty funny

  • so halle. i hear you’ve got a jewish cousin. i’d love to meet her

  • daryl d

    It’s not Halle’s actual comments that people need to worry about. We know she’s talentless, stupid, and plays the race card ONLY when it’s to her advantage.

    Rather, it’s the reaction – or lack of – that’s scaring me. When Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are looked upon the media elite the same way Jesus Christ is looked upon by Fox News, there’s a problem. What is the message when they speak out about Imus and not this? Is pick-and-choose racism the way our country needs to operate?

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem


    Jew-hatred is the coming thing in the States. Here is the money shot in a long article by a fellow named “Opus Day” about Ann Coulter’s “perfected Jew” remarks and the resulting flap.

    “America is still quite friendly towards Jews, but the incessant attacks on Christianity by the likes of Deutsch, Forman and Abe Foxman have grown increasingly tiresome. Given this irritating behavior, and the historical fact that Jews have worn out their welcome in literally dozens of countries over the centuries, it is the height of foolishness for a small number of misguided individuals to demand that 80 percent of the American population remain silent about the tenets of its religious faith.” (emphasis added by Joseph Farrah of World Net Daily)

    Even a milquetoast Jew like Deutsch was too much for “Opus Day”.

    In the near future, that “worn out your welcome” line will be seen more and more often in the American media when talking about American Jews….

    The underlying message? “Shut up and be grateful we haven’t tossed you and your kind into concentration camps!”

    Jews in America are very sensitive to this kind of thing, and the vast majority of them will shut up. Of course the shvitzers, the ones who forget than managers are not owners, and that they are only managers, and NOT owners, will keep yapping and yapping until a truck without an exhaust pipe comes to pick them up.

    But don’t worry, Daryl.. The Jews in America, blessed with corned beef and kishke for brains will not figure out that they have the alternative to leave America until it is too late. So, you’ll be able to continue to argue their case for them.

  • daryl d


    Out of curiosity – you must have lived in America because you do understand the situation here. I’ve noticed the anti-semitism meter climb into the red zone within the past ten years. Maybe it’s because I ignored it before.

    But what is shocking about it is that the anti semitism seems to be coming a lot more from the left than the right. I know it has a lot to do with the Israel/Palestinian conflict and that the left thinks that the suicide bombers are innocent victims.

    What is upsetting about all this is that America has become a lot more racially sensitive in the past fifteen years, but anti-semitism is still considered okay here. Some people say, “But Judiasm is not a race, it’s a religion.” I say that’s not true.

    By the way, I had kishke before….EWWWWWWWWWWWW!!

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem


    When I was a kid, I loved kishke and hated another eastern European Jewish dish kashe varnishkes. My tastes have flip-flopped. I avoid i>kishke like the plague and can’t get enough kashe varnishkes when they are served up for a Sabbath or holiday meal.

    I grew up in America, Daryl. I always had a wanderlust, but until I was 16, the idea of living in any other country never even occurred to me. I, like many other Jews, was inspired to look at my roots by the victory of the Israeli army in June, 1967. The events that occurred on the Sunday before the Israel Air Force burst out and destroyed that of Egypt were the most important events that occurred in determining where I would ultimately live.

    If I were you, I would forget about left and right in trying to assess political sides. They are inadequate labels at best. From most of my writing, you probably would assume that I am a right winger. The truth of the matter is that my orientation is that of a syndicalist socialist, way over on the left. And for my money, the only successful syndicalist socialist system that ever evolved was right here in Israel in the days before the State.

    From my own point of view, most folks labeled “leftists” are really Stalinist in orientation – meaning that freedom is the freedom to agree with the regime, or with them. Any other freedom doesn’t exist. Dave Nalle lived for a time in the rotting corpse of a Stalinist regime, the Soviet Union, and I suspect he sees most “leftists” in a similar lens.

    Further, it is more helpful to abandon terms such as “anti-Semitism” – Arabs are fellow Semites – and use the original “judenhass” – Jew-hatred. It gets right to the point, and even better, reminds Jews (who do not really want to be reminded) exactly what is being talked about – the hatred of Jews.

    Judaism, to be precise, is a religion of memorializing – dat zékher in Hebrew. That is what it had to become in the days after the destruction of the Temple and the semi-sovereign Judean state and all of its institutions.

    But the religion of the Tribes of Israel is really what will be practiced in the future. And understand, that there are tribes other than Jews who are part of the People of Israel. So, if you want to be really precise in understanding who we are, you would say that we are a nation comprised of tribes who have a way of life memorialized in a religion called Judaism. That is a temporary definition that will change in the not too distant future as Tribes of our people emerge, and as our way of life ceases to be a memorialization of what was done 2,000 years ago.

  • student07

    i’m sorry, how is saying that someone has a “jew” nose, remotely racist? my father was black and had a jew nose! jennifer lopez is Hispanic and has a stereotypical “black” behind! what’s the big deal, we have far more pressing issues in america than to worry about who has what kind of characteristics or not! People seriously need to grow up! HOWEVER, the difference between Imus is that he made derrogatory remarks against a group of girls. “hoe” would be the operative word insinuating whorish or obsessive indecent sexual conduct. As well “nappy-headed” as a cultural dysphmism for americans of african descent.

  • Sue B

    Money talks and oil money buys immigration visas to desirable countries like the U.S. and enables Israel to be constantly attacked while ignoring the Moslem terrorism. The media also does not point the finger at the cause of much of the world-wide conflicts that are primarily driven by Moslems trying to extend their boundaries, put Islamic law into place, and wipe out non-Islamic peoples in the areas they invade – such as the on-going conflicts in eastern Europe and Indonesia.

  • James

    What’s wrong with being a diamond merchant?