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Hall Of Famer Eric Clapton to Release New Album Clapton Sept. 28

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Eric Clapton will release his 19th solo album, Clapton, on September 28, 2010.  It’s his first solo album since the 2005 CD Back Home (although he collaborated on a record with JJ Cale the next year, The Road To Escondido).

The 14-track set is co-produced by Clapton and his longtime collaborator Doyle Bramhall II.  Cale joins Clapton on the album as does drummer Jim Keltner.  In addition, there are guest appearances from Sheryl Crow, Derek Trucks, Steve Winwood, Wynton Marsalis, and Allen Toussaint. 

Clapton and Crow have often teamed up on stage at various performances and reportedly had a personal relationship at one point.  Clapton and Winwood were both in the band Blind Faith and recently did a string of dates together.  Derek Trucks Band has also toured with Clapton and performed at his annual concert to benefit the Crossroads Treatment Center he helped found in Antigua.

The record mixes covers of older and obscure traditional and country-blues songs as well as a handful of new original tunes penned specifically for the album.

“This album wasn’t what it was intended to be at all,” he said.  “It’s actually better than it was meant to be because, in a way, I just let it happen.  It’s an eclectic collection of songs that weren’t really on the map—and I like it so much because if it’s a surprise to the fans, that’s only because it’s a surprise to me, as well.”

  1. Travelin’ Alone
  2. Rocking Chair
  3. River Runs Deep
  4. Judgement Day
  5. How Deep Is The Ocean
  6. My Very Good Friend The Milkman
  7. Can’t Hold Out Much Longer
  8. That’s No Way To Get Along
  9. Everything Will Be Alright
  10. Diamonds Made From Rain
  11. When Somebody Thinks You’re Wonderful
  12. Hard Times Blues
  13. Run Back To Your Side
  14. Autumn Leaves
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  • Disc Jockey, The Jazzy Lady

    Paul, my experience on the air confirms that Eric Clapton is one of the MOST popular singer/composers of all the rest. Listeners are calling with requests and questions about him on a regular basis. The lists of other talented artists he has joined up with would not embarrass themselves creating an album with him unless they were pround to do so. I hope that, as you say you are a musician yourself, you are not just jealous of his talent and popularity. Maybe one day you will find your own nitch and not be so critical of others who have found theirs. I am also a big fan of his.

  • Ulisescervantes

    Clapton made sound revolution on 1965 when he plugged a Les Paul into a full overdriven Marshall. As soon as Hendrix heard that sound from Bluesbreakers LP, he got as many Marshalls as he could and changed the sound of electric guitar. Then Clapton was part of that wonder called Cream. Later he wrote Layla. Things he created from 65 to 75 were fundamental to later rock. The rest is a career full of great music, blues, covers, collaborations… For instance his rendition of dylans dont think twice at dylans 30th anniv concert is unforgettable for many.

  • “B.B. King, Mark Knopfler, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix, John Mayer, and J.J. Cale”

    Which of those names doesn’t belong on that list?

  • Gary Nicholls

    Why is it Mr. Dieterly, that Eric Clapton is so well respected in the music industry? Is he merely being patronized by artists such as BB King, JJ Cale and Mark Knopfler? (to mention just a few) I really don’t think so. As a musician myself, I can fully appreciate Mr. Clapton’s musical legacy and his numerous contributions to the music world. He truly deserves his place in musical history because he helped define it.

  • Wayne Marschall

    There you go Paul now you can go back into the cave that you obviously live. Clapton is a leader in his field not the best or the person who has contributed most by any measure however the guy has a gift thats obvious and like mason said if you like his product or not that’s just a preference, so unless you can make an informed educated statement your just embarrassing yourself. [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

  • Mason Satterwhite

    Saying Clapton has no talent is quite possibly the most troll-erific statement I’ve ever heard. Regardless of whatever beef you may have with Clapton his musical genius is well recorded and one needs to look no farther than his peers to see that the man is loved and appreciated in the music community. Any man who can convince B.B. King, Mark Knopfler, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix, John Mayer, and J.J. Cale to play with him in one lifetime clearly deserves a nod from anyone, regardless if they like his music or not. Any artist you like will appreciate Clapton if they have a brain in their skull. Currently, I believe he is the best acoustic guitar player in the world. Not in a technical sense as in “oh, look how fast he plays!” but in a musical sense. I have never seen anyone else coax so much emotion out of an instrument and hope he puts out many more records. Hope that was eloquent enough for you. Regards.

  • Paul Dieterly

    Nicely put Wayne. Are you the sort who goes by one name only, like Cher or Madonna or RuPaul? I can tell by your eloquent, well punctuated comment that I need to reevaluate the work of this hack who rode the backs of so many others to achieve fame. Why don’t you just go put “Layla” on the turntable right now [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

  • Wayne

    Mate [Edited], to not like Clapton thats a personal opinion, however to say the guy has no talent well that’s just plain stupid [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

  • Paul Dieterly

    Eric Clapton is a Rock and Roll footnote that won’t go away. Many in the music industry have done well with little talent. This guy takes the cake- he has none, yet people love him!