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Hairy Tales! Chronicles of a Hair Guru

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Rodolfo Valentin, known for his superb hair creations (founder & developer of Hair Infusions) such as hair extensions and Hair Infusion began his quest in 1984, before the service itself existed. Valentin collected and saved donated hair from his clients to perfect Hair Infusions, being branded as a revolutionary introduction to the Hair Industry.

Hair Infusion GuruHair infusions are made from 100% virgin human hair with its origin being Europe, South America, Africa, Russia and certain parts of Asia, especially China. These coveted beauties are available in a variety of texture, ethnicity and colors, from the lightest blonds to the darkest of brunettes to black.

The FYI ladies…the Hair Infusion method is the ONLY form of extension which maintains one’s own hair, while remaining damage free, beautiful & natural looking. All of Valentin’s hair products are created & perfected completely in-house, causing envy to rear its head among competitor; adding, removing, coloring, styling of one’s hair, hairpiece or full wigs & extensions can be customized upon special request. The consultation team — a complimentary courtesy offered to interested clients — invites women to witness what is provided first hand.

The positioning of Hair Infusions (by a certified expert of course) makes this a favorite among women, who travel from all corners of the Tri-State to seek out this virtually undetectable masterpiece.

While other salons might claim their methods to be the healthiest available, Rodolfo Valentin’s purpose goes beyond self praises…Valentin’s mission started in his heart! Valentin wanted to offer an alternative option for women who suffer hair loss due to traction, alopecia and chemotherapy. With this in mind, Hair Infusions were designed to cause zero damage to one’s own tresses, yet promoting natural hair growth. “Our salons are visited everyday by those who tried other methods and found themselves in desperate situations of drastic hair loss induced by inexpert operators and tacky products” –Rodolfo Valentin.

Completely handmade and reusable, Infusions offer dimension, layers, and most importantly…volume and length to one’s own locks; recognized as the only extension available in the industry today that can be applied to short (2” minimum required for application) hair and can be administered without heat unlike competitors. Infusions can be also used in combo with hairpiece to add a fuller more completed look.

“Come with the hair you have, leave with the hair you want “ – Rodolfo Valentin.

"Go for your heart’s desire, leave with your wildest dreams" — Media Maven ^_^

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