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Hacked iPhones and The Daily Music and Tech News

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iPhone hacker trades hacked iPhone for a car

George Hotz, a 17-year old college student from New Jersey has traded in his hacked iPhone for a car and three iPhones. Hotz, with the help of four others, unlocked the iPhone and was able to use it on another mobile phone network other than AT&T's network. Hotz has posted the instructions of how to unlock the iPhone on his blog. Hotz traded the iPhone to CertiCell, a mobile phone repair company. T-Mobile has the only other network compatible with the iPhone.

Winehouse's father-in-law asks fans to boycott the singer's music

Giles Fielder-Civil, Amy Winehouse's father-in-law is asking fans not to buy the singer's albums because the royalties from the sales are fueling the singer's drug problems. Winehouse has recently cancelled tour dates in North America in order to enter a drug rehabilitation program. The singer was hospitalized earlier this month because of an overdose.

Ashlee Simpson and Fall Out Boy Collaborate

Ashlee Simpson and Fall Out Boy have collaborated on a track for Victoria Asher. Asher is the keytar player for Cobra Starship, who are signed to Pete Wentz's label. Pete Wentz and Fall Out Boy guitarist Patrick Stump worked with Simpson and Asher on the track.

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