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Gwen Stefani’s Solo Debut

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Gwen Stefani – Love, Angel, Music, Baby
Rating: 3 Stars

The solo debut from Gwen Stefani (No Doubt) kicks off with the 80s-tinged “What You Waiting For.” The same can be asked of Gwen Stefani. What took her so damn long to release a solo album? As soon as No Doubt burst onto the scene in 1996, the photogenic Stefani was called out as a star. She is No Doubt and her persona has dwarfed the other band members. Making fun of the situation in their video for “Don’t Speak” could not prevent it.

Perhaps she was waiting for 80s nostalgia to fully bloom, which is what this album capitalizes on. With music that may have been created by arcade video games, Stefani and a host of top producers including Dr. Dre, The Neptunes and 80s hitmakers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis have created a club masterpiece that will get people moving.

The lead single “What You Waiting For” will become the next “Get The Party Started,” both of which were written by super songwriter Linda Perry. “Rich Girl” is an hip hop update to “Material Girl” by Madonna, an artist that Stefani is channeling on a number of tracks. Other tracks feature guest turns from Andre 3000, New Order and Wendy and Lisa who were with Prince during the Purple Rain days. “Harajuku Girls” is a tribute to the cutesy Japanese schoolgirls, who she claims were her muse for this project. In that same MTV interview Stefani says she had to get this dance-pop album out of her system. But chances are it will be so successful that No Doubt will be leaving her system.

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  • Chip,

    This is up at Advance.net

    Click here.

    Let the artist / record company know, perhaps?
    – Temple

    Ironically, I’m listening to Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby’s Got Back.” Gwen’s got a lot, but not that 🙂

  • Dave

    Don’t stop?

    ..it’s Don’t speak.

  • Dew

    I bought this album with something completely different in mind: No Doubt circa Don’t Speak. Needless to say I am highly disappointed, even in the Dr Dre produced track.

  • “Don’t Speak” it is. Since it’s been a few days without change – I’ll do.

  • Lisa Garcia

    I’m a hardcore No Doubt fan and i really think Gwen needs to forget about this Whole solo thing and go back to NO Doubt

  • barney frando

    For those of you wanting No Doubt, look somewhere else. This cd is done tastefully artistic. She drives the tracks in a different direction than with her members. This is a classic way to present a solo project. Why would a solo artist show off their abilities doing the same style of music that she did with her band members. Kudos to Ms. Stefani for her solo project, one of the best cds this year…without a “doubt”.

  • i’ve heard a few songs. I like no doubt and these new solo tracks sound really good on my computer as I struggle to stay awake staying up doing something or other of a “work” variety. Played this to a friend of mine who likes No Doubt (and hard metal) and he said, “er, no thanks.”

  • Carl

    I had purchased this CD, and then returned it. I thought it was awful! the lyrics are lame! i had to beg the walmart lady to let me return it, since i had already opened it. I put my money towards something worth listening to- U2!


    That is either the greatest thing I read today, or…wait a minute, no it’s definitely the greatest thing I read today.

    Kudos for scamming the Walmart lady. Anytime a patriot sticks it the the man, it is reason enough for us to shout “Hail, brother!”, but what with this being the Advent season and all, I offer you a toast, as I raise my frosted glass of dairy free eggnog!

  • hollyj

    I have been a fan of Gwen’s since I met her and the band on the Tragic Kingdom tour. They were all great – in person and on stage.

    I have to say, I was very excited for her new solo album. Unfortunately, most of the tracks are entirely superficial and lack any sort of lyrical depth. It’s like totally like the fact that Gwen thinks she’s like 18 and omigod – not 35.

    Any bit of depth, originality and musical genius as demonstrated on the No Doubt albums has disintegrated. In her videos, she only seems to care about showing off her newly svelte figure.

    Sell out.

  • Beckie

    Gwen Stefani has been my role model for quite some time. I love her. I have one of her LAMB bags. As i went home with the Love Angel Music Baby in my hands i was expecting it to be AMAZING as anything that has to do with gewn stefani is. Unfortunately, that was not the exact case. No Doubt was a bit more punk, which is the music i like. Now its pop, a bit of rap. It’s disapointing, No Doubt.

  • Ex fan

    Gwen’s album is such a dissapointment!!!

    0 point on a scale from 1 to 10!


    I used to like her but now… oh, this is just god-aweful 🙁

    Waist of money. And time.

    And taste.

  • gwenfan

    This album is awesome!! I love gwen in no doubt better, but I’m happy with both.

  • nelson mauri

    gwen is a skant ho,this bitch has no class,please the worst sell out album in a long time,what happened to no doubt ska punk?this is another over produce hip hop shit thats very popular with the no brains crew,this is by far the farthest from art you have 0 taste if you called this art
    go back to listen to britney and 50 cent

  • Andrew

    If anyone’s listening to Gwen Stefani’s album, and expecting No Doubt, they’re going to be extremely disappointed. Subconsciously, I was when I bought it. I’d heard “What You Waiting For,” and I liked it, and I was ready for more of the same. I actually was out of my hometown and bought a CD player so I could hear the CD right away. I was really disappointed. Nowhere near the comforting realm of No Doubt was this album. Then, I played it again. I loved it! And, after all, what’s the point of a solo album if it’s just like one of the group’s? Love. Angel. Music. Baby. is definitely worth a second listen, once you understand that it’s not Tragic Kingdom.

  • Come on People!

    Let us not forget Gwen playing with Sublime! She has totally sold out in my opinion! She was quoted in saying:

    “I was in a band with all guys since I was 16-years-old. I’ve been in a f***ing rock band touring the f***ing world for 18 years.”

    My response is: Now you try things out with some Hip Hop flavor, turning your back on Ska and Rock?!!

    You are no longer my Ska princess, hopefully Gavin can cheer you up when you are thinking about Bradley Nowell turning in his grave!

  • that’s kind of harsh Mr Cole, what exactly has she sold out of/from?

    it’s a great cd, apart from that hideous second track, that “if i was a rich girl” horror.

  • Kim

    really….it’s bad? what else would you expect for some low life, white trash, talentless has been. How she ever got where she did with a bad voice and THE ugliest clothes i have ever seen – is beyond me….Dale Bozio (if you listen to crap like NO doubt you for sure remember Missing persons) has incredibly more talent than GS and she’s not fat!

  • jonnydee123

    Whoever wrote that review should be shot!You don’t know what you are talking about! She wasn’t inspired enough to make an album even when she did get the chance and from what i know she had a lot of fun when in No Doubt and that’s why she didn’t leave them. The “Don’t Speak” video was about a magazine cover situation in the band. Get someone who actually knows stuff to write an album review!

  • You guys are the most stupidest people in the world. I looooooooovvvvvvve my Gwennie Gwen Gwen. She has tried really hard on her albums and if it dont suit you dumbasses thats your problem but she is an amazing woman with talent, looks, and style. So to all of you Gwen haters you can all fuck off!!!!!!

  • Josh

    Yeah I totally agree she is one of my favoritest people to listen to. She is definitly a top 5. They are pretty stupid and that Kim is just a stupid low life peice of shit. lol. I loved LAMB and I cant wait for her next album and I really cant wait for her to start recording with No Doubt in January.

  • Pierre

    It’s not about turning one’s back on another genre of music. I’m sure that’s not her intention or what she thinks she’s doing contray to belief. One, this is about money, a new image is a good way to stay on top. Two, she’s been influenced majorly since making it to level she’s at now and now she’s able to do whatever music she wants. Besides, if you like No Doubt and don’t like her solo work, it’s not going to keep her up at night cause she’s gained a new legion of fans with this new pop thing. Therefore you might as well quit bitching and deal with it.

  • To my taste, Gwen’s solo album is a whole lightyear, no, an entire dimension ahead of No Doubt’s fun but retro sound.


    first of all to the ones that that commented on her age. im sure she is aware she’s 35, she’s singing 80’s style, you idiot. As far as her being a sell out, I think not. She was inspired by music that brought back memories… guess u have to have lived in the 80’s to understand…if you ask me sheez a bad bitch “dont hate!”

  • brittiany

    how can this album even be compared to no doubt. hey people theres a reason she made a solo album…because she didnt want to pump out the same thing…hello get with the program…i aint no holla back girl!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe

    Notice its all the dumb ass chicks that fall in line to rally for Gwen Stefani that probably never even heard of No Doubt until this album came out and they read about it. She IS and forever will be a sell out now. Theres no way you can deny it. She turned her back on her roots, she made this for the money, and that all there is to it.

    Bands pump out the same kind of music because thats the music they like and care about, shes done a complete 180 and was able to come out with this cd to feed the same people who love MTV and shows like Real World etc. She’s turned her back on all her fans who made her popular by listening to No Doubt and making her an icon for Ska and Rock.