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GutterCandy’s Top 20 Rock Albums of 2011

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GutterCandy’s Top 20 Rock Albums of 2011

Here are the 10 picks for 2011 albums of the year as we submitted them to the Village Voice “Pazz and Jop” Poll, plus 10 additional choices we felt were particularly worthy examples of last year’s “rock” music, regardless of sub-genre.

1. Electric Wizard Black Masses

These Satanic Brits are true sons (and daughter) of Black Sabbath for the 21st Century.

2. Chris Connelly – Artificial Madness

The ex-Revco/Ministry screamer turned Bowie-esque crooner here delivers his hardest rocking set in years.

3. GhostOpus Eponymous

Ghost offers up a debut album of melodic metal good enough to create a (Blue Oyster) Cult.

4. MagazineNo Thyself

GutterCandy icon Howard Devoto and the boys rock like it’s 1978 on this comeback effort.

5. A Pale Horse Named DeathAnd Hell Will Follow Me

Sal Abruscato, ex-drummer for Type O Negative, brings back the gloom and honors fallen comrade Peter Steele.

6. Blood CeremonyLiving With The Ancients

These doomy Canadian prog-metal occultniks remember that Tony Iommi actually started out with Jethro Tull, to our great benefit.

7. Rat SiloThe Great Northern Way

Rat Silo, featuring two ex-members of Canadian rock greats Sons of Freedom, get their funky hard rock groove back on their third release

8. Michael MonroeSensory Overdrive

The former Hanoi Rocks singer here expertly evokes rock’s glory days circa 1978.

9. Peter MurphyNinth

Ex-Bauhaus singer Murphy rises from the crypt for his strongest solo set in years.

10. PentagramLast Rites

Pentagram mastermind Bobby Liebling and guitar hero Victor Griffin get back together for a strong set of classic metal, with (gasp) strong melodies and a psychedelic bent.

11. The HorrorsSkying

The skinny Brit post-punkers go dreamy, and it works a treat.

12. Skinny PuppyhanDover

The original industrial rock act delivers a darkly cinematic soundtrack to the oncoming apocalypse.

13. Chelsea WolfeApokalypsis

The gothy Ms. Wolfe is an alluring Nico for the cell phone generation.

14. TearistLive 2009-Present

This L.A. electronic duo knows that minimalism nevers goes out of style.

15. Edward RogersPorcelain

Porcelain serves as an excellent collection of postmodern glam rock by this New York based Brit singer-songwriter.

16. The Devil’s BloodThe Thousandfold Epicentre

These groovy Dutch hard rockers are like the Jefferson Airplane on a Lucifer trip.

17. Bibilic BloodBlood Butterfly

Is it grunge, doom, sludge, or psych? Dunno, Suzi Psycho, but we like it!

18. Van Der Graaf Generator A Grounding In Numbers

These punk-prog masters just get better with age.

19. Red FangMurder The Mountains

The Portland grunge-metallers Red Fang have a knack for catchy tunemaking.

20. TombsPath of Totality

Tombs offer up spacey black metal with a tinge of shoegaze and side order of goth.

–Johnny “Gutter” Walker

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