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Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy Track Listing Revealed?

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A bunch of internet sites are suddenly buzzing with rumors that the track-list for the long awaited new Guns N’ Roses album Chinese Democracy has finally been announced. While there is no official conformation yet, this seems to be a promising sign that the album may actually come out on March 6th as Axl Rose stated himself in a lengthy post on the band's official website.

In my experience as a music critic, the announcement of a track list usually means the album has been handed into the record company. Many of the songs, listed below, are certainty in existence and several of the tracks, including the guitar-driven title track, were performed during Guns N’ Roses last few tours. This makes the likelihood of this track-listing being accurate a fair bet, and only risky in the fact that it is Axl Rose we are talking about here.

"Catcher in the Rye"
"Chinese Democracy"
"If The World"
"The Blues"
"T.W.A.T. (There Was A Time)"
"Rhiad and the Bedouins"
"Oh My God"
"Silk Worms"
"Ides of March"

The next logical question for fan-boys and fan-girls to debate is what the first single should be. Being a big Guns N’ Roses' fan-boy myself (I just traveled from Denver to Seattle to see the band in December) my vote is for the song "T.W.A.T." Out of all the songs I’ve heard or seen performed from the album (8 out of 13) "T.W.A.T." is easily the best choice, although the title's acronym may very well exclude it for being the first single for obvious reasons.

An internet poll I saw on a Guns N’ Roses' fan site had "Better" in the lead. However, I personally think "Better" is the weakest, but still listenable, of the new tracks.  Then again my tastes have always ran contrary to popular opinion. By the way, you can hear most of the songs on You Tube if you're so inclined.

I’m fairly confident that the first ballad from the record will be the sweeping "Madagascar." Based on the overwhelming popularity of "November Rain" I think Axl would be crazy (Oh wait, he is) not to put this out as the ballad. I only ramble on about these things because after ten-plus years of reviewing music, I have learned that a good track-list and good single choices can make or break an album. Given that Chinese Democracy has to live up to the same kind of hype that surrounded the second trilogy of Star Wars movies I think this warrants some serious consideration. Of yeah, and I am retarded for Guns N’ Roses!

I would expect, pending that this rumors turn out to be true, that we may see some cover art for that album next, and announcement about the first single sometime in February. If you want to be updated on all things Guns and Roses I highly suggest you visit gnrdaily as the countdown to Chinese Democracy continues.

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  • Spiderwolf

    The whole album is absolutley terriblewith the exception of two songs. I.R.S. is pretty good and Chinese Democracy is pretty good. But even those songs are nothing to write home about. Terrible album in my opinion.

  • Paul

    I gotta tell you. I love it. And I’m not biased, either. I was never a huge fan of Guns N Roses. But like anyone, the buzz was out. I never followed it, but just figured I’d wait. I mean, I had Appetite, but never had the Illusion albums. So when I heard Chinese was finally being released, I searched for the songs. Found them. And I’m beside myself at how beautiful and powerful it is. It’s probably a blessing I was never a die hard Guns fan, else I might have the same attitude as most who are- disappointed. But I’m not. I love this music. It’s amazing.

  • Captain Awesome

    Fucking Terrible Album.

    It makes the Spaghetti Incident sound amazing. Fucking sad, worthless and disenchanting to the holiest of GNR fans.

  • A.S.

    Hey check out Guns N Roses. This is a great site to listen to their music for free. Their new album Chinese Democracy is about to hit stores. As you can see they are a great band and by checking out this website you can get great in sites and information on them. We also have exclusive videos, pictures and lyrics from several of their albums. Check it out! =)

    Clear Channel Online Music & Radio Intern

  • Rob

    and now the cd is coming out Nov 23rd..

  • tim

    Chinese Democracy heard all the songs, andyes its a new band not the old GNR sound axle sounds as good as ever if not better, but you wont hear the old type of music
    if you want that then velvet revolver is the old GNR sound
    this is new and some will be very disappointed like me, but what 14-17yrs has music changed well it has and it has here, will it sell sure, there are new fans out there, who will want to see what the fuss is about,and apparently you wont have to wait another 17 years, a second album is done, recorded and awaiting a release date and they say the second album is always the hardest.

  • Dan

    lol shame.

  • Binji

    Poison sucks ass. straight up.

  • O.K.

    Chinese Democracy Starts in 42 minutes!

  • wastedyouth


  • keifer

    is guns n roses going 2 play any old stuff at the tour or not. coz i just read a thiny saying welcome 2 the jungle should open the tour

    the tour beta b good

  • A.R.

    This track listing isn’t even close

  • King Craig

    im sory but that track listeing is wrong , guns n roses have announced that SILK WORMS and RHIAD AND THE BEDUIONS or however its spelt , have been dropped . and nnounced that the only confirmed tracks as of febuary 2007 are / the blues i.r.s there was a time better catcher in the rye madagascar oh my god

  • Silly Kids

    You guys need to get over the hype. Axl won’t match it and we all know it.

  • paul

    this tracklisting is fake.

  • Foiled!

    Someone has closely guarded and blocked the new tracks. The downloads available are (purposely) botched audio, spoofs, and retitled other folks songs. Quite impressive, actually.

    You can still find live versions of most of the new songs off their several aborted tours, but they did make it tougher. It’s funny, because the purpose of blocking piracy is so that folks can buy the original and licensed content.

  • here is a live clip of
    . It is very Don’t Cry/ November Rain. Axl ballad hysterionics… his forte.

    Frankly, I’d rather hear him and Slash knock out Rocket Queen any day… but those times are gone for now.

    * I don’t think I have IRS. I’ll have to head over to Limewire and hook it up. I mean, I’d buy it on iTunes if I could… right? Just kidding.

  • Tro0PeR

    all one can say is if you listen to old guns material it sounds like a hard rock good band, now the leaked songs sound pretty much like garbage, not rock in any way more pop then rock. None of these songs will make it on charts or will be widely loved

  • XBOX 360

    short and simple….CD WILL NEVERRRRRR BE OUT…

    End Of Story.

  • axl is axl win or lose, dead or alive. if u have a genuine knack on music or the metal type of which W.A Rose has represented us (the intellectual rascals) it’s not difficult to figure out that Axl/GnR stuff is worth the waiting whatever the consequences would be. A phenomenal rocker lyk Rose is not always coming to every turn of generation longing for a real bad ass in rock n roll. So be it..welcome Chinese Democracy for better or worst. Axl Rose d best!!!

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    “yeah!!!!!!!!i think guns n’ roses was the very nice band that no one can’t know tyhis band because this band is like a crazy monsterwhen it comes in concert”

    Yea, Whatever he just said…*Smirk*

  • satan

    yeah!!!!!!!!i think guns n’ roses was the very nice band that no one can’t know tyhis band because this band is like a crazy monsterwhen it comes in concert

  • I think whenever it does it, it will be a news event like no other. It would be nice if GnR’s new album and Velvet Revolver’s both came out around the same time. Just think of the public bitchfests that would ensue.

    Right now I’m praying for that.

  • zingzing

    guns n roses… well, axl and his version, anyway. other than the fact that this has been in the works for so long, there’s no real reason to be interested i think.

    now, kevin shields talking about a new my bloody valentine, that’s something to talk about. iraqi democracy, maybe.

  • Brandon

    I’m the author and I want two point out a few things I noticed it the comments. Silkworms has been performed live, although not on the recent tours. If it makes the album is anybodys guess but the band probaly knows best, I never said this was a confirmed track list.

    Also, I can easily see Oh My God being on the album as that kind of thing happens all the time.

    While Madagasgar is a great track it is way to long of a track for the first single. They will go for a leaner track to get radio play. I think I.R.S. may have a shot here and has a great chourus.

  • dpungowiyi

    Guns N’Roses is gay, now that Axl.Rose fired Slash Duff and Matt, and made a new GN’R band

  • Vern Halen

    I can’t see any album living up to this level of expectation, publicity, and hype.

    But it would be cool if it did……..

  • GNRrox

    I’m pretty sure that both Dizzy and Axl have both stated in public that Rhiad and the Bedouins would not be on the album, and the same thing goes for Silkworms and Oh My God (which can already be owned, having come out on the End of Days soundtrack.) This sounds a lot more like some fan’s attempt to create some buzz, cause none of the names here are new, and axl saif they had about 15-16 done (in February) so I would assume he would put the new material out. And they haven’t played the three songs above at all on this tour, while many of the others have been featured. Then again, for all that logic, this is Axl Rose we are dealing with!

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    Aaargh…Come on! I mean, like, who really gives a shit about Axl and his ever changing studio band? G’N’R has been f*cking useless ever since Lies. Appetite… was the only album that was worth listening to and this new shit is exactly that…SHIT!! I’d rather hear a new release from Enuff Z’Nuff. Honestly, Velvet Revolver was basically G’N’R’ and that sucked major donkey balls… Aww, Fuck It…I’m wasting my breath!

  • ok found it, downloaded it, and listened to it (am referring to T.W.A.T.) and I am not dazzled. There is way better material on this. The better stuff leans towards the ballads, sadly. However, “the Blues’ is also great.

    Dig that track out from the internet and Madagascar as well. That will hold you until March. Also, I have been chasing this album and the evil Axl for 14 years. I truly do believe it is coming out this Spring.

    It is already the most expensive album ever produced. That is saying something, since it hasn’t come out out. Plus, they haven’t even started doing press for it. That will cost a penny or two. Most likely, Axl gets about 50 cents per CD sold. Can you imagine how long it is going to take him (and Geffen) to break even?

    They are going to take a bath on this because the best way to promote an album and band is to tour. We all know Axl can’t do more than three dates without canceling or riots. Seriously, look at every single tour they have done in the last 20 years.

    Man, good look being their promoter. The last show Axl canceled a couple of months ago was because they wouldn’t let Axl have a drink onstage. So, he canceled the whole concert. Anyone ever heard of solo cups? It is how every other rocker gets bombed on stage. In fact, I checked the band’s rider on the Smoking Gun and solo cups are on there.

    He has also canceled shows on this tour for not getting a lamb dinner. I digress, though. We know Axl is a duchebag… but the music is still pretty good.

  • That track listing sounds about right. I have about half of those songs. My money is on Madagascar for the big break out single. However, I have not heard T.W.A.T.

    I am heading over to limewire right now to see if I can find it. Normally, as a good tax paying citizen who wanted to hear music… I would just buy the CD. However, since it has been 14 years, I no longer feel obligated to wait for Axl.

  • axl

  • MARCH 6TH,yeah but what year 2020!!!!!!!!!!

  • All these songs suck,the whole album will suck,so put that in your hash pipe and smoke it……………SUCKER

  • Mark Saleski

    those crickets you hear in the background represent the people who are ignoring the new “Gun ‘n Roses” album.

    seriously, i’d be more excited if Poison put out a new record.

  • Vern Halen

    Al I can say is that it better be good. Remember when everyone waited a hundred years for the third Boston album? What – there was a third Boston album? And Axl’s waited longer, so it has to be that much better.

    Reminds me… I heard somewhere the guy from Iron Butterfly has been working on an album since IB broke up about….30 years ago. In A Gadda Da Vida extended mix, maybe?