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Gumps For Presidents

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As Sarah Palin campaigns for the presidency while on her book tour, a great deal of attention is again being directed at her intellectual capabilities — or the perceived lack thereof. As we've already been down this path last year, I have to wonder if all this commentary about Palin doesn't speak more about the intellectual capacity of the average American. Are we busy proving to the world that "Stupid Is As Stupid Does"? According to the observations of Danish-American actor Viggo Mortensen, that play may well already be on the world stage.

Faced with several daunting issues which directly affect our future, we are instead continually focused on several relatively trivial issues. We deem Sarah Palin's inane ramblings to be fascinating reading as we continue to ignore the revelations emerging from the British investigation regarding their entry into the Iraq War. We have more to say about the self-destruction of Tiger Woods than we do about the destruction of the rain forests. We're riveted to dance-offs and talent competitions while we disdain to discover what the newer candidates stand for as they rise to challenge incumbents either in primaries or the main event.

I'm one of those who believes that Sarah Palin actually has a shot at becoming president even as I marvel at how dumb Americans can be for backing her. My belief is based both on demographic numbers (and not the Old Testament Numbers) and Obama's past performance. Rasmussen — as GOP-friendly a polling firm as exists — cannot hide the fact that the your father's Republican Party is dying just like he is. As their December 2009 poll shows, only 18% of party-affiliated respondents admit to remaining Republicans, trailing the pack behind Democrats (36%), Tea Baggers (23%), and undecided (22%).

If this were all the numbers to crunch (and they aren't by a long shot!), then Barack Obama could rest easy for now. But Rasmussen goes on to look at the independent voters unaffiliated by party membership, and those numbers would convert the finest Nobel Prize Banquet fare into gastric dynamite. Almost two-thirds of those polled admit to being either Tea Baggers (33%) or undecided (30%), leaving Democrats (25%) and Republicans (12%) trailing in their wakes.

"But wait!" you shout. "Tea Baggers aren't a party!" You are correct, of course, but think about what these numbers represent to those who are ambitious. If Ross Perot had pulled 33% of the vote in either of his campaigns, he would have been the Occupant of the Oval Office. Sarah Palin is already at 33%, and if the undecided were to merely split evenly among the parties, she would have 43% of the vote – or the amount Bill Clinton had to win in 1992.

Mark Karlin of BuzzFlash.com observes that "as ignorant as Sarah Palin is, she's got energy galore and a rough-edged passionate sense of victimization that appeals to the white low wage earners and jobless who are looking for someone to blame, and Sarah serves it up on a heaping plate of 'it's all the fault of the liberals.' "

Viggo Mortensen may well be on to something with his comments, for what other reason can one offer regarding Barack Obama naming a former Palin gubernatorial staffer to a Federal post in Alaska? Is he attempting to drain off some of this "energy galore"? Or is this nomination a reward or incentive for others to stab Palin in the back for personal political gain? If Obama were more of a hands-on president, one might understandably attribute such a Machiavellian move to him. But since he has adopted a presidential persona of "I'll just stand back over here and let you guys fight it out", he has to be seeking to refuel his flagging presidency with something, even if he has to siphon Palin's "energy galore". He'd be better off hoping that Michelle's Christmas gift to him is a "Mr. Fusion" like the one that powered the time-traveling Delorean in Back to the Future 2.

But instead of that movie, Barack Obama seems determined to reprise Forrest Gump. Like Gump, Obama's up against high expectations, prompting Politico pundit Lisa Lerer to pose the question "Does world expect too much of Obama?" He isn't helping himself very much by ducking another opportunity to bow to royalty, but that may well be due to the puny amount of US government debt being held by Swedish financial interests. According to the Department of the Treasury/Federal Reserve Board report of November 17, 2009, Sweden holds only $18.3 billion in Federal debt as of September 2009. Japan and OPEC respectively hold $751.5 and $185.3 billion, so one can see why Obama might well have thought it prudent to bow only to those who hold large amounts of the notes to the Empire. (Just for the record, he would also have bowed to Chinese President Hu if protocol allowed it, as China holds $798.9 billion of our governmental debt. None of these figures includes any US commercial debt, which remains at much higher levels.)

What pikers the Swedes are! No wonder Obama snubbed the Swedish king!

Back at home, where Obama might well be entertaining the notion that regal-like presidential grandeur requires his person to remain above the fray, visions of bipartisanship continue to hold his sway. But reality must be seeping in through the cracks of those visions, else why would Obama accuse the Republicans of political opportunism regarding their opposition to his plans to give away even more of Your Money to business interests (small ones this time) just to get you sorry mules employed? One can almost hear Obama channeling the least-popular third-Stooge, Joe Besser, when he whines at the GOP "Stop it! You're SCARING the American people!"

Such a pitiful performance is just one reason Sarah Palin is dogging your tracks, Barack!

Another thing Obama has to worry about is he's losing his magic touch with the public. Failing to deal in a timely manner with the issues plaguing Main Street while he still cavorts like one of Tiger's mistresses with Wall Street has everything to do with this missing mojo. Former Washington Post blogger Dan Froomkin — now with The Huffington Post — expresses his opinion that it's too late for Obama to actually do anything about what ails Main Street prior to the mid-term election. Says Froomkin, "actually lowering unemployment by then simply may not be possible."

Froomkin bases his statement on the observations of Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody's Economy.com, who predicts that unemployment about the time of the election will be "something close to 11 percent…assuming further action to stimulate a recovery." Such a condition, as Froomkin quotes Larry Mishel, president of the Economic Policy Institute, is "seriously bad news for congressional Democrats."

Barack Obama will thus get his wish for bipartisan rule – along Republican guidelines. The voters didn't get the change they voted for, so they will again vote for change. Time Magazine reports that a new Bloomberg survey shows 59% think country is heading in the wrong direction while a new Quinnipiac poll announces that Obama's approval rating on health care reform is under 40%. Heck of a job, Barry! Are you SURE you aren't on the RNC payroll? You sure are successful at tainting the Democratic brand like botulism in their vichyssoise killed the Bon Vivant Soup Company!

So when one cannot smite one's foes with the jawbone of an ass, why does one in turn decide to act like a jaw-boning ass? Obama has no one to blame but himself for his poor showing as POTUS, but he sees fit to dump on John Conyers, claiming that Conyers was "demeaning" him over the sorry health care reform bill and the Afghanistan Surge. This is the thanks one gets for helping to get Barry elected! I wouldn't call Conyers for help in 2012, Barack – despite the growing surety that you are going to need all the help you can get.

Obama's ineptitude and misfeasance have energized the Republican Party like his promise and campaign oratory sparked the Democrats. Far from being dead with a political stake driven through its pacemaker, the GOP is seeing opportunities to capitalize on public discontent. They are already attempting to convince certain Democrats that leaving office while on top is a better option than being defeated in the next election. I can't speak as to whether these assertions are rooted in reality considering the dire straits in which the GOP finds itself based on the Rasmussen polling, but there's no denying that the Republicans aren't going to let facts get in the way of potential electoral victory! It's their history, and history is destiny!

Political victory, for whatever motivation, is certainly within GOP grasp. Obama's pissing on the Left is certainly bringing about response deemed favorable by the GOP! Producing a mandate to buy health insurance while doing nothing about most of the industry abuses is causing one blogger to proclaim that without a progressive alternative choice, he will stay home rather than vote for Democrats next year. Another commentator declares that "I'm voting Green next year. The Demopublicans have betrayed us and don't deserve any votes now."

And people doubt Sarah Palin's chances in 2012. As if!

As Mark Zandi and Larry Mishel point out, Obama's about done. About all that remains is for Sarah to dish up the dessert while she rides into Washington on the wave of discontent that is building like a Sumatran Tsunami. What the creditors of the nation will do at that point remains to be seen, but I wouldn't doubt that they will have decided enough is enough and call in their loans. Thus, instead of being the next FDR, Obama will then have become the next Hoover. He will hand-off a worsened national condition to Sarah Palin – only she won't have Gump's dumb luck to assist her in dealing with it all. At that point, we as a nation of Gumps will have verified to the world the truth of the platitude that "Stupid Is As Stupid Does."

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  • Baronius

    “Instead of being the next FDR, Obama will then have become the next Hoover.”

    Great line.

  • Cannonshop

    36 “Civil War” Ruvy? you assume more active concern among americans than exists. WE’ve had poor leadership before (actually, going with Glenn’s choice of dates, more often than good since 1900.) AS a nation, we’re “Civil Warred out” and have been since 1865 or so. What we’re more likely to see, is the kind of death-spiral empires go into when they’ve lost all concept of ethical standards and gone into decline…which is where we are right now, but unlike Rome, our military’s not likely to step in and remove the Ceasar by force. WE’re more likely to see the kind of collapse Imperial China went through that led to their defeat in the Opium Wars (which in turn led to coups and counter-coups and the age of the Warlords-but without the Warlords.)

    I rather expect that when China offers the buyout, most people will sigh in relief and accept the chains gladly-they’re already most of the way there, relying on Celebrities to provide them with Moral, Scientific, Cultural, and other Guidance based not on those celebrities’ accomplishments, but on their ability to read a script. They even put one in the White House in 2008.

    The words are still there: Liberty, Free Enterprise, Courage…but they’re stripped of meaning and the meanings are, well…if not entirely gone, they’re going fast.

  • Glenn,

    I don’t agree with Roger on the details of what he calls “the final breakdown”, but he and I track on that opinion. You Americans have done yourselves in and there is no hope for real change – not even Sarah Palin, who will bring civil war to you all if Obama doesn’t.

  • Glenn,

    I wasn’t talking about personal hardship. I really do believe we’re experiencing the final breakdown.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Dan –

    First off, you’re paying too much attention to Rasmussen Reports because their polling results are consistently skewed towards GOP “I-told-you-so” dogma. For a little education on Rasmussen Reports, I recommend you read here and here.

    Rasmussen’s not as bad as Zogby…but they consistently lean the farthest-right of any of the major pollsters.

    When it comes to the Gallup poll, you should bear this in mind: “According to the polling archive of the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research, Reagan’s lowest approval rating was also 35 percent, in a Gallup Poll from January 28-31, 1983. The Roper Center lists Clinton’s low at a 36 percent, according to a Yank/Time/CNN Poll from May 26-27, 1993.”

    So Obama’s at least 11 points higher than Clinton’s got in 1993…and how did Clinton do in the 1996 election? And how about Reagan in 1983, and how did he do in in the 1984 election?

    And neither Reagan nor Clinton had to deal with the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. Well, actually, Reagan WAS dealing with what was THEN the worst since the Depression, but by nearly all accounts what Obama’s facing is much worse.

    Conversely, Bush was in the mid-eighties with his job approval rating after 9/11…and look where he wound up.

    So if you want to judge Obama’s job approval, do so by the election results in 2012…because the above poll numbers didn’t mean a whole lot when the 1984 and 1996 elections became landslides, did they?

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Rog –

    Glenn, the kind of economic setback we’ve suffered is one from which, IMHO, there will be no recovery.

    You really think this recession is worse than the Great Depression? Come on, Rog – you know better than that. Times might well be tough for you personally, but in the big picture it’s FAR better than it was a year ago.

  • Well, Dan is just doing his part, playing the devil’s advocate.

  • Ah, we can always rely on you to defend Obama, Dan. Like alcohol, he needs defense – even though there is none.

  • That’s a good one, Dan. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the use of crayons was banned.

  • In defense of President Obama, he must be doing something right.

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Sunday shows that 23% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty-two percent (42%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -19.

    He has also achieved an historic first.

    President Obama’s job approval rating has fallen to 47 percent in the latest Gallup poll, the lowest ever recorded for any president at this point in his term.

    There is probably no truth to the rumor that crayons, used by small children to create graphs of polling results, are scheduled to be banned from all schools receiving federal funds.


  • Glenn, the kind of economic setback we’ve suffered is one from which, IMHO, there will be no recovery. So no, I can’t compare the present situation with the past because all such comparisons are invalid. The capitalist system is undergoing its final death pains and a new chapter is awaiting.

    And it’s in that light that I evaluate Obama – not with respect to our past but our possible future.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Oh, and Rog –

    When I say to compare his accomplishments (in the recovery from the recession) to those of other presidents since 1900, remember that only ONE of those presidents faced such a situation when he entered office – and that was FDR, who faced a much worse situation.

    When it comes to the economy, NONE of the other presidents faced anything like what awaited Obama last January…and under Obama, the economy (INCLUDING the unemployment situation) is recovering in RECORD time.

    Is Obama really a laggard? I don’t think so.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Rog –

    1 – In late 2007 Obama stated that we needed more troops in Afghanistan…and – hold me to this – I suspect that if the current ‘surge’ doesn’t work, then he’ll bring them home.

    2 – A lowering of the medicare age to 55, allowing anyone whose income is less than 36K to buy into the FEHBP, taking away the insurance companies’ ability to deny coverage due to ‘pre-existing conditions’…these are a heck of a lot more than what we had before, and infinitely better than what the Republicans would have given us: “Let them eat tax cuts!”

    3 – Rog, he’s already doing better in this arena than any other president following a recession since 1900! Good grief – what more do you want? The government cannot force a business to hire workers. The government CAN improve the business climate so businesses WILL want to hire workers. That’s why he had to bail out Wall Street first.

    If Obama’s a laggard as you say, then what does that say of ALL other American presidents since 1900 whose recoveries from recession took significantly longer than under Obama? History, Rog – instead of following the American habit of “instant gratification”, look at how well he’s done compared to the other presidents…and THEN judge.

  • It’s not fair to say that “Obama’s a failure for America”. The American economy is busted and all your huffing and puffing, Glenn, will not make it otherwise. Obama, even with the best of intentions, cannot raise a dying corpse. And Obama does not have the best of intentions. I have my own personal measure for that. In 2013, I’ll be eligible to file for Social Security benefits. There will be no benefits to be had. The system won’t be merely broke or bankrupt. It will be gone.

  • rather than . . .

  • Three reservations, Glenn:

    1) The Afghani decision. Either not explained properly (to the public) or simply a matter of caving in (i.e., since we’re already there, we might as well continue).

    2) Healthcare “reforms” is a farce; again, way to compromised.

    3) The job situation should have been the first item on the agenda. Why did it take them a full year to wake up? Again, shows faulty thinking and lack of vision.

    In short, I see business as usual. And it’s not Obama that’s changing America but the movement of history, history that’s on the march. Obama is a laggard rather then a catalyst for change.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Is President Obama a failure? Then think on these facts:

    1 – Of the presidents who have supported universal health care beginning with Teddy Roosevelt (including FDR), Obama by far has come the closest to making it happen.

    2 – In every recession since the end of WWII, the interval of time between the bottoming-out of the stock market and the end of the recession has been at least six months. Under Obama’s leadership, the interval was cut to five months, despite this being the worst recession since the Depression.

    3 – The House just passed the most ambitious restructuring of federal finance regulations since the New Deal.

    4 – On Iraq, during his campaign Obama gave a timeline for the drawdown of the troops in Iraq…and we’re still on that timeline.

    5 – After every recession since at least 1900, it’s taken at least a year after the end of the recession for the economy to show positive gains for employment. Right now, we’re on track for positive job growth in February and possibly even January…which would mean that he accomplished such growth following a recession in HALF the time of any previous president since 1900.

    Is Obama perfect? Of course not. There’s many things I wish he’d do differently (like repealing the Patriot Act, closing Gitmo yesterday, and prosecuting American torturers). But in the big picture he’s performed quite well, thank you very much, despite being handed the biggest crap sandwich since the Great Depression…and he’s accomplished these things in less than a year.

    Now I’ll sit back and watch the right wing of the BC crowd gag and accuse me of being an Obamaphile (but in much less flattering terms) and describe how Obama’s gleefully digging America’s grave for all to see…never mind how clearly history and modern day facts prove them wrong.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Rog –

    Are we talking “sock puppets”? Gee, now the right-wingers wouldn’t do something like that, now would they?

  • So now, in addition to BC’s usual suspects, we have Redley, Phil, the Fatman and Donald (the Duck), – all brand-new posters – coming out in Sarah’s defense.

    May you come in droves and God help America.

  • Lazy, apathetic and ignorant come in a wide variety of flavors and colors in modern day America

    wipe the spittle from your mirror, pal!

  • Arch Conservative

    “I have to wonder if all this commentary about Palin doesn’t speak more about the intellectual capacity of the average American.”

    The same can be said for the fascination with Obama. How dumb must one to be to immediately succumb to such an empty platitude as “change we can believe in?”

    Obama and Palin are both empty vessels around which cults of personality have been built.

    Neither of them (despite Obama’s claim to have been a Constitutional Law professor) have an allegiance to the Constitution as I believe our elected officials should have.

    Lazy, apathetic and ignorant come in a wide variety of flavors and colors in modern day America.

    It’s OK if someone’s trashing the Constitution and limiting your freedoms as long as they have the right letter after there name. That’s basically what we’ve become The corporate state run media emenating from the idiot box in your living room tells you wha to to think, say, buy, feel, believe…. Practically the only decision we make for ourselves is which side to be on in the illusory two two sided political paradigm.

    The same idiots that bashed Bush are standing behind Obama while he continues the script, growing the government, the patriot act, afghanistan and Iraq, bailouts, signing statements, bernanke etc etc etc

    Not that Europe is any better. Most European nations are currently in the grips of a collective suicide pact known as the EU.

  • Phil,

    Thanks for the heads-up! Watching TV after going shopping last week (there is a three hour wait for the bus from ‘Eli, where we did our shopping, to our own village of Ma’ale Levona, so we spent a lot of time in the pizza shop nearby staring at the TV) we saw plenty of coverage of an Israeli woman winning a Nobel Prize in Sweden – while there was also sidebar coverage of Nobama going to Oslo to pick up his “Peace” of shit prize from the parliament in Oslo. I paid attention to the coverage of the Israeli scientist and did what I could to ignore the Kenyan. So I missed the fact that he went to Oslo – which is generally a dirty word in Israel anyway.

    Personally I don’t care which Scando-king Nobama insults. To me, they’re all alike – Lutheran figureheads atop empty churches with no power. But the author of the article should have noticed, the editor should have noticed, and Dr. Dreadful, who is part Norsky himself, certainly should have noticed.

    When you listen to Sarah Palin talk, you can hear Minnesota all over her accent. So it is no surprise that she knows the different Scando-kingdoms and their respective heads of state.

  • Donald Skjold

    Phil Smoley, you nailed it. Big, fat, ignorant error by the accuser.

  • fatman

    I always find it amusing how so many people continually call Sarah Palin ignorant, stupid etc…etc… when they themselves have accomplished nothing in life even close to what she has. It is no small feat to get elected as a Mayor and then as a Governor and then proceed to take on and end the corruption in what was the US’s most corrupt state and oh in the meantime garner 80% approval ratings and negotiate a pipeline deal that had only been talked about by the professional politicians and “statesmen” and other “smart” people for the previous 30 years and still while doing all that the ignorant Sarah Palin also took on big oil and beat them too. Amazing how such a stupid and ignorant person could do all that while all the smart people did absolutley nothing but dig Alaska into the hole it was when Sarah became Governor.

    The fact is that you people on the left are always more impressed with what schools somebody went to, what degrees they got, how smoothly they talk and whether they are good at repeating politically correct opinions, in other words style rather than substance iw what impresses the typical liberal/leftist. None of you on the left have even the slightest understanding of leadership nor the qualities that breed it and you certainly have no idea of how to spot leadership qualities in others. Sarah Palin is a natural born leader.

    I hope she does become the next POTUS if for no other reason than to drive all of you leftists to suicide, that would certainly cut our Co2 emmissions by a large amount.

  • Phil Smoley

    Dear BC Politics:

    Next time you attempt to smear the intellectual ability of someone, have some one check your own:
    “No wonder Obama snubbed the Swedish king!”

    It wasn’t the Swedish King [personal attack deleted]. It was King Harald V of Norway. Sweden is a different country. And by the way, the USA has 50 states, not 57, as our articulate President announced. [personal attack deleted] Palin knows the difference between Sweden and Norway, knows the names of the capitals, and who the kings are. You think they are the same country, apparently. Then you are arrogant enough to call her ignorant! How ignorant!

    I learned that from Sarah Palin’s website. You libtards may want to check it out to fact check your smear essays next time. Otherwise people may begin to question your intellectual assets.

    Beware, liberals: The Cuda is coming for you.

  • Redley

    What an article. You claim we’re a country of gumps, so we should defer to the wisdom of Viggo Mortensen.


    Is there something inherently wrong with background-checking a politician? What I find strange is that you seem to consider it odd; checking into the history and associations of any political official running for an election should be par for the course. I wish people delved into every politician’s past with the laser-like intensity they seem to with Palin; we’d be far better off as a nation and an electorate.

    @Dr. Dreadful

    Palin’s decision to resign has been made quite clear. Alaska’s ethics laws are formulated in such a way that the governor must deal with ethics charges personally, even if they are frivolous and end up being thrown out of court (which happened with all of so-called ‘ethics violations’ people charged her with following the election). Her legal bills ended up running over $500,000, and it cost the state of Alaska a pretty penny.

    So having accomplished much of what she campaigned on (including the big Alaskan Gas Pipeline deal that had been talked about for decades with no progress before her stint), she turned the reigns over to her Lt. Governor (who is aligned with her politically) and resigned to stop costing the State of Alaska and her family so much money. I’m sure there were some other reasons as well, but this one was most likely the primary one.


    You talk as if you know how she ended up getting elected in Alaska.

    You seem to have no idea how many heads she busted when weeding out corruption in her own party (funnily enough, Democrats were big fans of hers then) in Alaska. Prior to being selected as McCain’s VP nominee, she had approval ratings amongst Alaskans of around 80%. No politician gets approval like that without doing something right.

    I find it hilarious how suddenly with Obama, poll numbers are meaningless. This is after 8 years of wall-to-wall media coverage of poll numbers galore, as though the Bush Presidency lived and died by poll numbers. But now with the Obama Presidency, we are told polls are irrelevant.

    Pick a standard and stick with it.

  • he is turning your country into a fascist schmuckocracy where porn is king.

    You got that from “If you spread the wealth around a little, it’s good for everybody”?


  • Ruvy,

    The very fact you felt compelled to check into her background is sufficient enough for me.

    Nothing mere need be said.

    Mazal Tov.

  • Roger,

    I never said Palin is a statesman/woman. But being contemptuous towards someone who is a lot smarter than you want to give her credit for is just plain stupid. If you believe the bullshit that the liberal media has written about her, you are an absolute idiot, and you deserve to be made into an absolute idiot by events. That goes for both you and Baritone.

    I read her positions, and for the most part, she makes sense. But, like I said, I’m one suspicious SOB and do not accept her at face value. I’ve taken the trouble to check into her background – at least as much as one reasonably can from 10,000 miles away. She’d make a better chief executive than the idiot incompetent in office right now, that’s fer sure.

    But Obama isn’t “done” – not by any stretch of the imagination. This sophomoric fuck-head has the end of whatever remains of American democracy planned out for you all. And from the looks of things, none of you has the sense to see that or the fact that he is turning your country into a fascist schmuckocracy where porn is king.

    Hence, my little ditty about schadenfreude.

  • There are no saviors.

    Palin is stupid in that she knows nothing of governance and statesmanship. The special stuff that got her elected in Alaska was a tight ass.

    It’s interesting that most of Palin’s rabid fans actually know nothing about her from a political standpoint. Beyond her being a fundamentalist christian and her opposition to anything and everything liberal, when asked, a large number of her drooling admirers had no idea what Palin’s positions were on much of anything.

    Unlike pretty much everybody here, I don’t believe Obama is “done.” All the polling being done now is meaningless. Things change daily.


  • Saying “all the right things,” Ruvy? Give me a break! All you hear from her, all anyone who cares to listen wants to hear from her, is a voice of reaction. And given the ineptitude originating from the White House in these days, and yes, many days past, it’s a given.

    The point simply is, Ruvy, that Palin is no statesmen – never was, never will be. And that the American people would even contemplate the possibility and envisage her in the role of a savior – as badly as we need a savior! – is preposterous and tells how stupid we’ve become.

  • She is just as smart as you are, Ruvy, and just as deep. So it stands to reason you’re so enthused by her…

    Did I say I was enthused by Sarah Palin? She says all the right things, so far as it seems – at least so it would seem to me, coming from Samaria, with my big interest in bringing more Jews to the region. But I’m one suspicious SOB and took the trouble to check into her religious roots – the key to the woman is her church background. This is what you really need to check into, Roger, if you honestly want to understand what she is all about.

    I could sit down with her and talk turkey; but knowing what I do would make me want to handle her with kid gloves. The woman could be a time bomb of unmitigated disaster for us here in Israel. For you, I don’t know.

    Don’t presume to think you know my point of view, Roger. You don’t.

  • I think you’re reading mystique into something where there’s none, Dreadful. Stupid politicians abound, and that’s no kind of argument as to anyone’s smarts.

    Next thing you’re liable to argue that George W. was a genius.

  • But don’t think that Sarah Palin is as stupid as you paint her. She isn’t.

    Quoted for truth, Ruvy. A woman doesn’t become governor of a hairy, masculine state like Alaska without coming equipped with a certain array of smarts.

    Her major balls-up – well, hers or the McCain/Palin campaign’s – was to overplay the aw-shucks, down-home-where-the-caribou-roam act up against the Obama intellectual steamroller.

    Unsurprisingly, it was a massacre.

    What puzzles me is why she continues to play the hillbilly. Not to mention her bizarre decision to resign the governorship.

    She’s up to something, and I’m intrigued to find out what.

    Damn, though, if I could be anyone in the world but me, I wish I could be Viggo Mortensen. What a guy!

  • She is just as smart as you are, Ruvy, and just as deep. So it stands to reason you’re so enthused by her.

    May you and Sarah have a great many returns.

    And that reference to “little Jesus” totally escapes me. It’s just as asinine as anything you post these days. Or are you perhaps making snide remarks about X-mas.

    Well, if so, have a lousy Hanukkah.

    Just kidding.

  • All you need is a little Jesus, Roger. Stop whining.

    Oh, this is all so rich!!

    [Ruvy puts on his red and green Christmas caroling costume and sings]

    O schadenfreude, O schadenfreude!
    You make my day delightful!
    The mighty giant falling down,
    Pissing on everyone all around.
    The world is so unstable
    And those with brains unable
    O schadenfreude, O schadenfreude!
    You make my day delightful!

    Realist, you did a bang up job in your article. But don’t think that Sarah Palin is as stupid as you paint her. She isn’t.

  • Good analysis, Realist. You’re covering a lot of ground here, however, for a stand-alone article, almost too much too digest in a single seating.

    The pathetic part is that at the times of our greatest national/world crisis, we have no one better able or qualified than Ms Palin to be our savior. That was your main point, I take it, and it speaks volumes.

  • smiley

    Hail Victory…hail victory…hail victory…hail victory…hail victory

    just practicing