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Guitar Hero: World Tour Mobile is Released for Cell Phones Nationwide

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Are you traveling by bus, car, or plane and still want to get your Guitar Hero fix? Do you want to get the best selling game on your phone, and play it anywhere? Are you tired of playing the copy cats (TapTap, I am looking at you) on your cell phone, and want to play the real thing? If you said 'YES' to any of the above questions, then I have got some mobile news that is great for you. Guitar Hero: World Tour Mobile has just come out on cell phones nationwide. That's right — the great guitar game is available for you hands right now.

Hands-On Mobile, the developer of the mobile versions of Guitar Hero, has created the newest version of their best seller for your mobile devices. Their previous iteration, Guitar Hero III Mobile has had over 2.5 million downloads, and is clearly a blockbuster in mobile gaming. In July, they also released Guitar Hero III: Backstage Pass to much fanfare. World Tour follows the October launch of Guitar Hero: World Tour for the PS3, WII, and Xbox360.


(Image courtesy of Hands-On Mobile)

Similar to the console version, World Tour Mobile will allow you to play the drums or the guitar, and lets you play against your friends or total strangers on-line. Create a profile, track your (or your opponents') stats on-line, and start to rock out with your thumbs out. With versions for AT&T, Verizon, Alltel, and T-Mobile, you should be able to get the game on your cell phone. There is an anticipated version for the G-1, and its Android OS, to be released in early January, 2009.

So if you want to rock with 15 songs (at launch) and more available each month, then download Guitar Hero: World Tour Mobile today!

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  • Richard

    Great – so we’re going to have to suffer from kids going Guitar Hero mad on their cell phones whilst trying to read a book on the bus on the way to work!

  • emily

    Guitar hero is freaken awesome and I want one mysef but I can only aford it on my cell