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Guilty Pleasure Chick Flicks – Part I

It’s that time of year when there are long nights, tired feet, and the nagging craving for popcorn and a movie while clothed in one’s ratty old robe and slippers that have seen better days. It isn’t exactly PMS, but you have noticed a tendency to want vast quantities of chocolate and your mood is vile. You’ve had it with the holidays, family, friends, and the whole world. All you want to do is veg out in front of the telly and watch mindless, preferably brainless movies. If they aren’t all that good even better. I call them my guilty pleasures.

Let’s face it, if you are like me, you hate football. I want something good to watch during those miserable afternoons when the only thing the world seems to want is pigskin. Sorry, I don’t go in for brutality, tackles, and intercepted blitzes – unless it is for a clearance sale at Louis Vuitton or something equally worthwhile. This is the first in a series of articles about chick flicks. Let’s just admit we watch them, crave them, and sometimes hide in the closet rather than admit we are watching a few of them.

Actually, I am showing great courage in sharing my guilty chick flick movie list with you. I will admit several of the films are quite good. Most have a pantheon of leading men. Face it, what's a chick flick without leading men? There are a few you really don’t want to acknowledge watching and may want to hide from friends and family.

Let’s start with the painfully bad movies first.

I will admit, Water is an acquired taste. For those who would rather not sample it, keep in mind it stars Michael Caine (anything Michael Caine, right?), Valerie Perrine, Brenda Vaccaro, and Billy Connolly. Produced by Beatle George Harrison, it is irreverent (for the 1970s), fast, tacky, a bit Monty Python, and has a punch line any rock fan of 1970s music won’t want to miss. Unfortunately the re-edited DVD version is a ‘better’ movie than the VHS version and is not quite as bad. If you like British humor, you may just find this one a keeper.

Troop Beverly Hills is self-indulgent Shelly Long. It is silly, really bad, and there are some rather funny parts in it, especially if you are a self-centered shopper who never gets around to finishing any project. Don’t let anyone know you are watching this one.

Drop Dead Gorgeous is so over the top it's fun. A mockumentary about a small town Minnesota beauty pageant gone bad with dead teens meeting creative fates, it has a strong cast including Kristin Dunst, an over the top Kirstie Alley and Ellen Barkin. I’ve noticed they are running it on one of the premium movie channels this month.

RV is considered one of the worst films of the year. That alone, plus the fact that it is a comedy with Jeff Daniels makes it to my list. Okay, it’s stupid, painful in places, and downright embarrassing. It is one of those movies you don’t want anyone to know you’ve watched once, let alone twice. But, casting aside our highbrow standards, it is quite funny in places. I like silly, slip-on-a-banana-peel escapism. Also, if you’ve ever known anyone who loved to RV, it helps. One of my father’s best friends loved it. I swear he has tales similar to some you see in the film. Just hold your nose and give it a try.

As far as I’m concerned Miss Congeniality II is a lot more fun that the first one. By now I guess you’ve noticed I like over the top comedy. I like Sandra Bullock. She’s probably my favorite chick flick comedian of the current era. William Shatner rocks. It is silly. I like silly.

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