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Guerilla Un-marketing

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I admire the audacity of this campaign by the Downhill Battle organization, even if I have reservations about its efficacy and advisability. Remember, the vast majority of major label employees are not fat cats, are not evil, love music, and have the artist’s best interests at heart. Obviously, that does not all apply all the way up, but I have a hard time justifying tossing my friends out on the street.

I completely disagree with the RIAA’s methods, attitude, perspective, sense of entitlement, but boycotting the labels seems an overly broad attack – like I said, mixed feelings.

More on the Downhill org here and here.

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  • Craig Lyndall

    This isn’t a very targeted campaign either. The radio thing and the lawsuit thing are completely different issues. Big radio is as much at fault as the RIAA for that side of it.


  • Tom Johnson

    What’s dumb about this is that I don’t think most people who are going to buy the CDs they’re putting these stickers on are going to care if the label pays to keep indie music off radio. If they’re buying Britney Spears, it’s probably safe to assume they either don’t even know what “independent music” is, or, if they do, they hate it.

    The other thing that’s dumb is that it only warns them about the labels practices. What would they like Britney Spears fans to do? Not buy the CD, of course, but what would they suggest they do instead? Any musical suggestion from those who support indie music is likely not going to appeal to Spears fans.

  • Eric Olsen

    Re radio: I don’t think the labels are so much paying to keep the indies OFF the air so much as they are paying to have their songs ON the air.