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GUBA Launches Warner Bros. Titles

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Coming in cheaper than TV episodes for download on iTunes and offering some great movie titles, too, GUBA today more than proved its legitimacy when it rolled a collection of Warner Bros. Entertainment titles.

The unveiling of the premium content is the result of a deal recently inked with the entertainment giant that allows GUBA to offer for rent or sale downloadable content. The deal is similar to the one WB signed with BitTorrent, but GUBA made it out to the public first.

Content on GUBA from WB is pretty impressive and the prices are fantastic. Babylon 5 episodes are available for download at less than the iTunes' going rate and they even have The Jetsons. Movies such as Harry Potter and The Matrix have made their way to the site already, too.

Offering a mix of free and paid content, GUBA is a different kind of site. The mish-mash of offerings is pretty darn neat and the other features make the location a good one to shop.

The options for the paid programming include movie rentals that start at $1.99 for viewing during a 24-hour period. Films can also be purchased for prices starting at $9.99 and going up to $19.99. Those who buy films or TV shows (starting at $1.79 an episode) can keep a permanent copy, load the titles on to portable devices and even stream them throughout a home network.

GUBA execs are pretty happy with the deal, as they should be. "This new service brings premium studio content to an Internet audience in an easy-to-use and intuitive way, without the necessity of downloading additional software. For years we've been making access to online video easy – now we"re bringing that experience to Warner Bros.'s catalog of films and TV shows," said Tom McInerney, CEO and co-founder of GUBA.

The move is a great one for GUBA and an even better one for online viewing fans. With this door opened, the sky's the limit. Who knows, maybe those movies that get chopped before they hit the theaters can make simultaneous debuts online in their non-censored formats?

Wishful thinking, I know.

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