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GS Megaphone- Beautiful World

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I will be the first person to proclaim my hate for modern rock, and it’s absurd pig-headedness to stick to being Creed, etc, clones. Right now it’s one of the driest genres, creativity wise. The only musical genre which could possibly rival it for lacking in creativity is the hardcore/punk scene. This creativity lapse seems to leak into whatever thinking they try to put into a band name.

GS Megaphone’s first cd, Out Of My Mind, had that typical modern rock artwork (a black and white photo of a guy yelling into, surprise, a megaphone), and from what few songs I heard, generic sound. Fast forward two years. Here I find much improved cover artwork (a rich black and white photo of a black child with a classy font) and a surprise in music. While this still gets categorized as modern rock, these songs are well written, fusing different influences.

Track one, “Reformation”, is definately the highlight of the cd. It may even be one of the best songs of the year. It has a strong middle-eastern sound with wild, pounding drums and crazy guitar solos. It clocks in over five minutes and is nothing but a roller coaster ride the entire way through. Occationally the vocals feel out of place, but they get better as the song progresses.

After that ride, only a few other songs offer that middle-eastern joy. Which is a shame. However, the rest of the songs have strong song writing to propell the album forward. Don’t be deceived. This is modern rock. Don’t expect anything else or it will be dissapointing. Beautiful World is just written and executed better than 99% of the other modern rock albums I’ve had the displeasure of hearing. The first track alone is almost worth the $11.98 cover price.

Most of the tracks have something cool to discover about them. Either an insane solo, catchy as hell chorus, weird twist, or whatever. However, this is modern rock! If you hate modern rock, you may be doing best to advoid this cd. But if you buy just one modern rock album this year, choose this one.


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  • travis newton

    ill just say that i personally know the guys in gsm and i know their hearts and from that aspect these guys have put out the most honest amazing group of songs(lyrically and musically)ever heard.they are entrancing,adrenaline pumping,neck breaking,awesomely produced and they can kick anyone on the charts easily out of their perch.peace and much love to gs megaphone.

  • Daz

    Great band, since i first heard them a couple of years ago i broadcast their music to a mostly secular audience and get great feedback- quite profound lyrics- hope another album’s on it’s way

    peace and love in Him……..

  • Joe Wood

    GSM is one of the greatest modern bands out there. Their lyrics are beautiful and there is always something new you can find by listening again. Musically they are awesome. I hope and pray that they come out with something else soon so I can leave it in my CD player for the next year or so. Keep Rocking for Christ GSM.

  • megaphone man

    i will say i was just introduced to gsm a few months ago and i would have to say i was blown away. beautiful world is probably the best cd i have ever heard. You can leave it in ur cd player and let it play over and over and over again and it is just as good as it was the first time u listened……i know i’m rambling, but i have one more thing to say…….LONG LIVE THE MEGAPHONE!!!!!!