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Grow Up, Congressman Wilson

If I were a fly on the wall in any house in the country I am sure that I would hear, at least once a day, a kid be told to "grow up" or "act your age." I know that when I was younger my mom would tell me that I was "acting like a five-year-old" or "acting like a baby." This is a type of scolding that people are supposed to grow out of, kind of like how you are supposed to grow out of diapers or out of training wheels. It is a change in a person that is expected, or our society will look down upon you.

Acting childish is in fact an insult that I think bears a certain amount of weight. So when Representative Joe Wilson of South Carolina, a 62-year-old man, shouted out in the middle of his President's big speech that was meant to set the tone for historic health care reform and said to the President, "You lie!" I was extremely shocked. You just don't do that. You never call the leader of the free world a liar. Especially not during a speech that was on virtually every channel on television and about a point on which the President was actually being very truthful.

There is, in fact, a specific section in the bill that says outright that there will be no care for illegal immigrants. It sounded as though Representative Wilson was being, well, pretty childish. His calling the President a liar over something that was truth shows that he was either lazy and didn't read the bill, or that he simply couldn't accept the dispelling of the lies that he and his fellow Republicans had spread.

Either option means that he didn't act his age. In the 24 hours since the speech and the outburst, the Democrat who plans to challenge Representative Wilson has received around $400,000 in donations. So I guess Wilson will have to really fight for a seat that he didn't win overwhelmingly in the first place. And if you lose your seat, I ask that you grow up and not act like a baby, Representative Wilson. If you had acted your age you wouldn’t be in this political timeout.

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