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Grey’s Anatomy: Save Me

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Opening with a voice over dealing with a child’s belief and faith in fairy tales that will surely befall them, tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy dealt with fairy tales dying and becoming reality and the difficulty in letting go.

Sandra Oh considers an abortion and books an appointment.

Girl couldn’t stop bleeding after a root canal. Apparently she’s an orthodox Jew who needs a pig valve to help her medical condition. However, she doesn’t like that non-kosher option. Her other option is a bovine valve, but the black guy hasn’t ever done that and is nervous.

A man who is delusional thinks that his seizures are visions. He proves to be epileptic, but his “visions” are eerily true. He requires brain surgery or he might have a hemorrhage. He’s worried about his visions disappearing.

Meredith hassles Dr. Shepherd for facts about him because she realized he spends the night with her but she hasn’t been to his house. She even threatens to withhold sex for facts. He proves not to be phased. But in the end she gets her facts. And sees his trailer.

A man who fell rock climbing can’t feel or move his legs below his thighs. But X-rays and an MRI show no reason for this paralysis. And it continually gets worse. So the boyfriend opts to go in and operate. Meredith couldn’t see anything, but her boyfriend figures there is a clot.

A breast cancer patient proves to be pregnant However, the baby wouldn’t survive if the cancer is treated. She has to choose between her life or her child’s.

They actually showed a nurse in this episode, as someone that George could woo to get laid. After calling him in to deal with a patient when no one else is around, George does get a date with this nurse.

The Izzy tries to make cupcakes like her mother, but cannot get it right. She refuses to call for help. But her psych patient with visions helps her. And she calls her mom after making them.

With the discussions on religion and acting on faith, I think we understand what the lesson is. Acting only on the safe and practical doesn’t always give you life, but sometimes you must act on faith.

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  • Had you read about the issues nurses have with the show, or had you noticed the absence on your own?

    It’s a fairly good show but I cannot stand the hackneyed voiceovers. It’s rather insulting…how about showing the same footage with just music and let us figure out the message?

  • Man, I watched two episodes of this show. I told my wife the title got me because as an artist, the book is a must have.

    This show is like Ally McBeal without the quirkiness meets ER without the pathos.


  • -E

    No, I hadn’t read what nurses had said about the show. I’m obsessed with Scrubs and notice that nurses play a part in that show. When I first tuned into Grey’s Anatomy, I noticed that they were virtually absent from the show, unless they needed to find a doctor to do something the doctor didn’t want to do…. Pretty sad really.

  • allison

    Does anyone know if there is a soundtrack or music compilation I can buy for the show?