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Grey’s Anatomy Gears Up For Three-Part Finale

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Averaging about 19.6 million viewers this season and actually beating ratings juggernaut (and sister show) Desperate Housewives for a few weeks (thanks in large part to a certain bomb and the Superbowl), Grey’s Anatomy has become a bona fide hit for the, at one point, desperate ABC.

Its ratings have cooled down since its monster post-Superbowl numbers, but the show is still holding its own, which should be further proven in the coming weeks as May sweeps heat up and Grey’s Anatomy unveils its three-part Season Finale.

Grey’s, which was a mid-season replacement for the James Spader legal dramedy Boston Legal — a show that was not doing well in the 10:00 time slot behind Housewives — has enamored critics and audiences in the past year and a half. The show ended up netting much more of Housewives’ audience than Boston Legal did and allowed ABC to monopolize Sunday nights, including the hour before Housewives with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Patrick Dempsey, known for Sweet Home Alabama and Scream 3, plays Derek Shepherd, the love interest of main character Meredith Gray (of the title), played by Ellen Pompeo (Moonlight Mile and Catch Me If You Can). At the end of the first season, after Meredith and Derek have played out their romance, it is revealed that Derek is in fact married. This obstacle to their romance provided the major storyline for season two.

Other notable performers are Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild award winner Sandra Oh, whose Cristina Yang not only provides diversity to the show along with her co-stars Isaiah Washington (Dr. Preston Burke), Chandra Wilson (Dr. Miranda Bailey), and James Pickens Jr. (Dr. Richard Webber), but brings a sardonic wit to the show that balances out its inherent melodrama.

Other stars include Kate Walsh as Addison Shepherd, Derek’s tough but compassionate wife, Justin Chambers as the obligatory sexy hospital villan Alex Karev, T.R. Knight as the shy and lovable George O’Malley, and Katherine Heigl as the smart but emotional Izzie Stevenson. Katharine, whose character on the show is quite nice, is apparently, sources say — not so much. Heigl reportedly had a temper tantrum on set a few weeks ago — according to sources, she is nothing like her good-hearted character. I think it’s a load of crap, but you never know with performers.

Like Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy has come under a little scrutiny lately for its lagging storylines and cooling humor, as well as having many fans voice their disdain for Ellen Pompeo’s gratuitous “Mary Alice-esque” “A-wise-man-once-said” narration at the beginning and end of the show. Needless to say however, the show is still going strong.

Star Pulse reports what’s coming up on Grey’s Anatomy May 14 and 15:

“17 Seconds” – Finn gives a health update on Doc, Meredith has to work with Callie for the day and George must spend the day with McDreamy. Meanwhile Burke and Izzie are still searching for a heart for Denny. This is all going down on part one of the season finale on Sunday, May 14.

In the first hour of part two of the season finale — “Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response” — Izzie and George take care of Denny while the clock continues to tick for finding him a new heart. Cristina is in charge of an ER and Dr. Shepherd (the male one) find himself with his friend’s life in his hands.

In the second hour, “Losing My Religion,” Richard investigates a patient’s condition, Callie finally grills George about his feelings for her, and Meredith and Derek talk about Doc. Part two of the season finale of “Grey’s Anatomy” airs Monday, May 15.

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  • Steve

    Definitely a load of crap re: Katherine. Worked with her an indie movie in which she starred a few years back. Absolute sweetheart – you couldn’t wish to work with a nicer person. Everybody loved working with her because she was so down to earth. Probably the most non-diva Hollywood celeb I have worked with.

  • Don’t hate her because she’s beautiful. I have enjoyed this show, but I have been thinking that the writing has not been quite as snappy the last several shows. Has there been any changes in staff? I do love the Denny storyline.

  • du’Juan

    THIS SHOW IS GREAT!! I love ur column i think u would be a great journalist. The writing has not slipped to me. i love the show as much as i did since the 1st season actually more. The plot lines and everything to me is fantastic!! Y r the ratings going down/ maybe because of comments like those ppl!! If u really like the show as u guys claim (Not the writer) u should start being a little more vivacious about it. It’s been rumored by a little birdie that Grey is in a rock and a hard place. they (ABC) is actually thinking about canceling the show because of low ratings!! Yea i don’t believe this crud either just thought i would spread the message. so get ur friends and family watching please help save “Grey’s Anatomy”!! I f this is true (not) we have to tune in and make buzz about it even more.

  • It’s actually not true that ABC’s thinking about cancelling it–the show’s ratings have been great.

    What they ARE doing, is probably moving it to Monday or Thursday nights.

  • Jewels

    Tonight was fast and furious. The ending of the first segment of the 2-part finale completely surprising.

    The ER is filled with gunshot victims. Apparently a manager at a restaurant is the target for a crazed gunman who fires upon the staff putting them all in the hospital ER together. The man kills one girl, who is 12 weeks pregnant, her parents agonize on whether to keep the fetus alive inside of her, eventhough she is technically brain dead. Addison, upset over McDreamy provides an unsympathetic rant over the very bad idea of their plan and overly vehemently speaks out against the idea.

    Burke hauls Alex with him to recover a heart for Denny; chosing to take Alex over Christina, which natch, makes her very unhappy.

    The heart donor flat-lines, the heart deemed no good, but wait – there’s another accident victim, the brother of the flat-line but that heart scheduled to go to another recipient, who was signed up 17 seconds ahead of Denny. If Denny can be proved to be in worse condition, or dire straits and under immediate death unless he receives the new heart Stat, then he can get that heart over the other waiting recipient. To make matters interesting, the surgeon Burke must challenge for the one remaining heart went to school with him and finished second under him, and they just don’t like each other.

    Izzie gets desperate to save Denny after hearing the news, plus Denny signed a DNR in front of her and she just knows he’s destined to ‘go to the light’ unless she acts – by killing(?) him. Izzie coerces George to stand lookout as she cuts Denny’s heart life cord.

    Emotions get the best of Addison Shepard – she heatedly confronts McDreamy in front of the entire staff over Meredith.

    McDreamy and Meredith discreetly eye one another in the elevator, of course neither will break the silence.

    Doc, the poor dog – doesn’t seem that he’ll be around next season. Meredith and the vet doctor embrace, but it just doesn’t have the same passion as Meredith and McDreamy.

    Callie blurts out to George “I love you.” George looks at her, exiting the scene with the ‘we’ll talk later’ spiel.

    The show ends with the shooter that had hit the restaurant and shot up the staff appearing at the ER where he finally succeeded in gunning down and killing the manager. Burke, who had returned to verify Denny’s condition himself, happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time is gunned down as well, looking mortally wounded.

    It just can’t get much soapier than this; can’t wait until tomorrow night.

    To Be Continued.

  • Trish

    Jewels, thank you SO MUCH!
    I’d been searching everywhere for a synopsis for the episode.

  • joce

    i love the music on this show! anybody know where to find out who it is by???

  • Rebecca

    Cried my eyes out in tonights show. It was an emotional one. Trying to do research, does anyone know if Katharine Heigl will be returning next season or if she has been cut from the show? I was thinking maybe since she just made that new movie.

  • cece

    i heard that Katharine Heigl is going to be cut 🙁

  • Becca

    Does anyone know who sang the very last song in the finale? What a great song!!! I have to have it!!!! I am still sniffing!!! Sniff.. sniff!! Yes, I agree the music selection awesome.
    Heck…the whole damn show is awesome!!!!


    ps you can purchase the Grey’s sound track on Amazon though I think that is only season 1! Hope that helps…

  • Becca

    She better be! I believe she will be back! Grey’s without Izzy??? Ugh!

  • Nancy

    Snow Patrol, “Chasing Cars” is the song that plays throughout the final few minutes of the finale.

  • jc

    what song is playing when dereck and meredith do it, at the prom

  • LP

    Yeah…does anyone know that song that Meredith and Derrick get together, I can’t get it out of my head….

  • Mickey

    does anyone know what song was playing when shepard began operating on burke??

  • If you go to the official Grey’s Anatomy site on ABC.com, they list the music that’s in the shows. They won’t have tonight’s up this early, though.

    Also, I’m almost positive that although Izzie is no longer an intern, she will still be a part of the show.

  • Lexi

    So I’m in England, and of course they are eons behind in the land of TV……and we’re still in the first season of Grey’s! ughhhhh!! I arrived on Sat. the day before the 3 part Season Finale that i have been waiting for all year, as Grey’s is the only show i watch on TV. Could someone be a doll and keep me updated as to what is happening? I would really appreciate this. Jewels you did amazing with the first episode..did Deny die?

  • lp

    While there were many scenarios ongoing, I know many of us were watching the Denny-Izzy relationship. While it might be a bit unrealistic, it was such a great story line, and we were watching another heartwarming, difficult relationship develop.

    How could Denny be gone? We loved him- what a great smile, calming disposition for Izzie. And the faith he had in her-

    The writing, acting and directing of the finale was just magnificent and everyone should be commended.

  • Bliffle

    I watched this program with some interest when it started, but it’s been all downhill ever since. Going from one dreary plot contrivance to another. I saw a brief of the finale and had to laugh at the stupidity this show has sunk into. It’s just another hospital soap opera. Too bad.

  • Katie

    Thank you soooooo much!! What happened Monday night? I have been dying to find out…..

  • So, the interns try (regardless of context) to kill a patient, and the Richard decides to put these same people in charge of his nieces prom in the hospital, blaring music with hundreds of sick patients as “punishment?”

    Awful, contrived writing. Just awful. This was as bad, if not worse, than the entire cast ignoring that their surgery hall was blow up by a bomb with multiple people killed in the follow up episode.



  • Jamie

    Can anyone give a run down of the show from Monday night? I can’t believe they put the most important episode on TV on an off night. I taped it on Sunday night and didn’t get a chance to watch it until Monday night. The sick irony I could have been watching the 2nd part but didn’t know it!

    If any one could help out that would be great.

  • This is my Fav. show! I think it is great, I can’t figure out if I even want Merideth and Mc Dreamy together. I would really hate it if Izzy was cut she is one of the most fun characters and I see myself in her a bunch.

  • Katie

    Can anyone fill me in on what happened Monday night? I missed the whole thing…..

  • Pen

    Could somebody tell me what happened between Christina and Burke on Monday night? I missed it. I got to see her leaving his room after he asked her a question. What was the question?

  • Becca


    Was it after he got shot?

    This show is awesome.. I just hope it keeps up the Grey’s way and doesn’t fall trap to stupid overly dramatic drama like Desperate Housewives or ER. If they continue to keep it “real” this show will be a number one hit for many years like Seinfeld. I hope nobody leaves the show as each character supports the show perfectly with the personalities that they bring.

  • Billy

    i am a HUGE fan of Grey’S Anatomy!!!!! i haven’t missed an episode all season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont EVER CANCEL IT!!!!! =)

  • Pen

    Hi Becca,
    thank you for asking me. Yes, it was after Burke got shot. I just saw how Christina left the room, but never got to hear his question. Did I miss something big?

  • NERD

    Cant stop listening 2 chasing cars by snow patrol..perfect song 4 that episode..addicted 2 the god damn song!!

  • juila

    anyone know when the third season comes out?

  • jyll

    what is the name of the song that the season finale ended with

  • miki HABETI