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Greens is short for dark green leafy vegetables.

Examples of greens include collards, kale, spinach, parsley, dill, cilantro, romaine and other lettuces, cabbages, carrot and beet tops, grasses (like wheatgrass), etc.

Greens are now being classified as a separate food group from vegetables.

It was proven that mixing fruits and vegetables in one meal could cause unnecessary gas and other food mixing issues. However, mixing greens with fruits does not cause these issues, hence the popularity of the green smoothie diet.

Most, if not all, greens contain a toxin. This toxin in small doses helps to strengthen the immune system, but it is cautioned to not eat the same green consistently for too long and perhaps rotate them in your diet weekly. It is suggested that the toxins in greens were natures protection from animals consuming too much of a particular green to the point of extinction.

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