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Green Lantern… a comedy??

Man oh man oh man… if this isn’t the reason for the existence of, I don’t know what is…

From CBR:

“Not only is the planned ‘Green Lantern’ movie featuring the Kyle Raynor Green Lantern character, but the executive in charge of making the Green Lantern movie wants to make it a comedy. The choice for the ring bearer?”

“Jack Black.”

Jack Black? Green Lantern a COMEDY? Now admittedly I don’t follow the comic book, but apparently Kyle Raynor is a rather controversial Green Lantern. Why not go with the well-established Hal Gordon or even John Stewart (currently GL on Cartoon Network’s very popular Justice League).

Can someone please explain to me why DC seems to be genetically incapable of getting their act together and producing decent superhero movies from their great archive of characters, while Marvel pumps out one killer movie after another?

Oy, it makes my head hurt…


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  • Soundacious

    I don’t put a lot of faith in the Jack Black rumor, probably because if I did I’d find it hard to go on livin’.

    Green Lantern, done properly, could rock so hard! A realistic portrayal of GL before he gets the ring could ground the movie and set up a sympathetic lead, like Peter Parker. Then you introduce your Guardians of Oa, major-league sci-fi stuff … clash of cultures, Farscape style. Finally, the ring-based special effects are exactly what computers were built for. (It looks artificial? Well, DOY! It’s a stream of emerald energy shaped by the power of human will, what’s it SUPPOSED to look like?)

    Will Warner Brothers fail to see this potential and screw it up? … Maybe, but I sure hope not.

  • Vic

    I guess the problem with a movie about a character like Green Lantern is that he’s not as well-known as a Spidey, Bats, or Superman, and it’s more of a financial risk to spend 100 mil+ (which the type of film you describe could hit very easily).

    Of course who the heck ever heard of Blade before the first movie. :-)


  • Bill Wallo

    I don’t follow GL much either, but the fact is that the character and the comic book aren’t comedies. I mean, Hal Jordan’s GL was like the most powerful being in the universe, went nuts, almost destroyed all of existence, and then died, wiping out virtually all the other members of the Green Lantern Corps (yes, there was an intergalactic GL group).

    Now that you mention it, all that could serve as some sort of existentialist comedy, after all.

    I don’t know. The whole “he can make anything he can think of with his ring, as long as it’s green” thing is probably what’s making them look for some laughs.

  • Vic

    Thanks for that background on Hal Jordan. I wasn’t aware of that.


  • Soundacious

    I don’t know. The whole “he can make anything he can think of with his ring, as long as it’s green” thing is probably what’s making them look for some laughs.

    Don’t forget all the killer punchline possibilities in the fact that he can’t affect yellow things! Urine is yellow! Hey, that’s comedy “gold”!


  • Soundacious

    Wow. I just learned I can mess up all the formatting on this page just by leaving off a closer tag.

    I shall use the power wisely.

  • Vic

    Hmm. Let’s see if I can close it.

    I won’t know if it worked until I submit the comment….

  • Vic

    Ah…. success!

  • JohnnyNova

    This is the worst news I’ve heard in the last 10 years.

    Thank you Warner Bros. Thank you so very much. I see everyting so much clearer now:
    As of now I will NEVER EVER set foot in a cinema screening a WB movie. I will NEVER EVER purchase a WB DVD and any chance I get to slander, degrade and verbally destroy WB in public I will grasp with both hands.
    WB, if they follow thru with Jack Black as Green Lantern, have just earned themselves an enemy for life. Damn their coke-snortin’ arses to Hell.

  • RJ

    I have a Jade ring. Can I play the lead? :)

  • Hal

    If they’re making a Ghost Rider movie, the Green Lantern should be made a movies star, in the new JLA game John Steward is JLA #3 in the rankings, only two other super heroes in history have made it higher than wonder woman on the JLA rankings, and they are Bats and Supes the two heroes whom have shaped the world time and time again in fantasy and in real life. Oh and it’s Jordan no Gordan, I’m a die-hard GL fan, heck I stubled in on this discusion while looking for a myspace song about Hal Jordan.