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Greek to Chic on CBS.com’s Innertube

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As I posted yesterday, CBS has launched their Innertube video streaming site. The site will have some original content. The first of the original shows is Greek to Chic. The premise combines dating shows with home improvement shows. The 15 minute long program has the hosts Sandra Sanchez and Jonathan Redford visiting fraternity houses to choose subjects for dating and personal and home makeovers. They’re trying to turn them from Animal House to suave ladies men, but the subjects they choose seem a little low on any animal charm.

This really isn’t my kind of thing, but it wasn’t awful. The show used pop-up comments to make cracks about the people during the dating portion, which were marginally funny. There is only one thirty-second commercial about halfway through that could not be skipped. The only real annoying thing was the heavy handed product placement. The whole layout of the show was just like a regular TV program and didn’t really gain anything from the format.

If you like this kind of show then you will probably like this.

Greek to Chic is part of a full lineup of original shows produced exclusively for Innertube, the new broadband channel on CBS.com. One new program will be posted on the channel each day, Monday through Friday, making at least five new offerings on the site throughout the week. Programming will be archived and can be accessed at any time with Innertube’s browse function.

I do have to give CBS points for making an internet only show that is new five times a week and not connected to their regular lineup. This should be encouraged in my opinion because the internet audience is wide and wants more choices. Hopefully it will cause more quality web only programs to be created.

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  • scout

    I’ve had nothing but trouble with the innertube function. It frequently stops in the middle of an episode, and there is no way to get back to where you were – on my system, I have to completely reboot and then start over from the beginning, and it frequently happens again. No such problems with *any* other video streaming site.