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Greek Offers A Close-to-Real View of College Life

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In 2007, ABC Family released their original series, Greek. Now in its third season, the show seems to have successfully gained an audience that is hooked on the lives of students at the fictional Cyprus-Rhodes University.

Set in Ohio, the series follows these students through the trials and tribulations of their involvement with Greek fraternities, as well as the struggles and adventures of college life in general. Lighthearted and addicting, the show holds appeal for teens and their parents alike. Fans of Gossip Girl, The OC, and 90210 will love the relatability of the Greek characters. College kids everywhere will appreciate the “normalcy” of these characters in comparison to those living lifestyles of the rich and famous on similar shows.

Viewers may recognize the actress who plays the lead character, Casey Cartwright, as Spencer Grammer, real life daughter of Kelsey Grammer. Along with Grammer, other stars include Scott Michael Foster, Jacob Zachar, and Jake McDorman. Over the three seasons, the show has seen guest star appearances from the likes of Jesse McCartney and Lauren Conrad, among others. The undeniably genuine characters really make the show a “must-see.” Whether you can relate to Casey and the drama of running a sorority, her brother Rusty (Zachar) and his nerdy tendencies or Cappie (Foster) and his love for college parties and women, there is a character that will suck you in. The show would not be complete without the love triangle between Casey and members of competing fraternities, Cappie and the infamous Evan Chambers (McDorman).

In comparison to real college life, the show is a pretty close hit. There are episodes dealing with grades, jobs, family, homosexuality, romantic relationships, and the ever-pressing fear of graduation. The best part is the cleverly incorporated comedy of the show. Characters like Cappie will have you literally laughing out loud. The writers are definitely in tune with their characters and have not disappointed yet in three seasons!

The only downfall of the show is one that would only bother those who are actually members of the Greek system in real life. Sometimes the depiction of Greek life is a bit idealistic and shows the fictional houses getting away with things that could never happen in real life. For instance, one episode shows a girl quitting her sorority to help start a new one on campus. In reality, any member of a sorority knows that can never happen. The lavish bedrooms of Casey’s sorority, Zeta Beta Zeta, are also a little unrealistic. It sure would be nice in real life if all sorority rooms were big enough to hold two queen-size beds!

With one episode remaining before the mid-season break, viewers have been left with anxiety over whether Cappie and Casey will finally get back together for good. Seasons two’s finale last spring set this in motion and it has kept the viewers in anticipation throughout the first half of season three. This will be an episode not to miss! Greek airs Monday nights on ABC Family, but you can catch up with old episodes on the ABC Family website.

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