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Greatest Album Ever Made – Available For Free Online!

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It is a great, great honor to announce that The Greatest Record Ever Made, The Eric Noble Anthology, is now available for free download from my very own website, Mondo Irlando. Eric Noble is possibly the greatest songwriter to ever have written some songs, and that he chose my humble home for to offer his precious art makes me feel very aroused and also grateful.

Among the tracks available are his original recording for the Soundtrack Of Titanic, and also some collaborations with The Cure and The Proclaimers.

What follows is my grossly inadequate introduction to the album, as appears on The Site.

“Over the years, The Duke has heard some fine music, is what, but none of it has been anywhere near as glorious as the work of Eric Noble. Here, for the first time, is the complete Eric Noble Anthology, free for download. From hit single Herring On A Tuesday, to his collaboration with The Proclaimers, to a selection of never before heard Outtakes from The Real Eric Noble, the award-winning BBC radio documentary, this Anthology is probably the only music you’ll ever need to hear, up to and including stuff by The Beatles and so on.”

Click Here To Experience Something Approaching Death By Orgasm

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