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GRAW 2 Demo Hits to Offer Taste of March Release

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Amidst somewhat of a lack of recent Xbox Live Arcade updates, Ubisoft should clear up some of those free-play blues with a single-player demo of its upcoming Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2.

Following directly on the success of the original title released in 2006, the high-tech squad-based franchise will be making a return to the system this quarter. The company has released the free demo on the Xbox Live Marketplace in conjunction with a full Gimme Danger trailer, detailing a number of new features and environments set to the song by Iggy Pop and the Stooges revisited by Frank Black and 3volution Productions.

The demo puts players straight into the game’s second mission, where Scott Mitchell must lead the Ghost team in Mexico on a mission of cleaning up a border camp.

The full game features a variety of different levels through which players will acquire a number of tools, weapons and abilities including controlling UAV Cypher and M.U.L.E. support drones. The new Cross Com 2.0 will allow players precise control over the technology while still being able to command their squad.

While the game has a prominent spot as a demo on the Xbox 360 format, the title is being planned as a multiplatform game. The 360 version releases in March along with a PSP and Windows version. A Playstation 3 version is scheduled for release in June.

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  • I thought the time limit restrictions in EA demos were bad, but this thing is ridiculous. What, maybe eight enemies and then a stifled fire fight? Incredible game, but I’m not even sure that qualifies as a demo.

  • I was quite baffled by that myself.

  • I was not that impressed with either or the GRAW 2 demos. The cover system was poorly designed in the single player, but then you get use to it and they remove it from the multiplayer. I reviewed the both on my site. Check my URL for the full read.